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[Herald 1889 is currently only a fragmentary record.]

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compilation copyright (c) 2007 by Marilee Miller


[M. 2008; keywords need updating]

Selected items.  This is not a comprehensive document.



November 19

Health-provider Tot-MP business  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
Dr.  D.  M. Brower, M. D.  Physician and Surgeon.  MP     /  Dr. J. J. Gussenhoven, Physician and Surgeon, MP.

Health-provider Tot-Coq  business  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
Dr. H. E. Dunham, homeopathic physician, -Hotel, Coq.  [M. what relation to Hark and Bob Dunnam?]   /   J. C. Stockman, M. D.General Practicioner.  Coq.  

Health-provider Tot-Marshfield business  Ru2  CCH November 19, 1889 
D. E. Smith Surgeon-Dentist [M. no doubt an oral surgeon, or tooth puller] in Marshfield.

Tot-Sumner RR local-other RR-spur RR-phy? Improve? other-coal log enterprise-OSI livery poesy  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
[M.  Lengthy, poetic article abt Sumner.  What was there, and other.  Detailed.  Who owned town ].  [it was a company town.]   [Under the Sumner article it says O.S.I. owns. ]
       Mr. Lyman Noble logs for company by contract and bought Mr. Merchant’s adjoining farm at $6000 and will put up as [as typed] barn to hold 200 tons [M. by inflection on tape, I implied it was a lot; verify figure if needed] besides stabling his stock.
   Mr. Noble delivers the logs at the railroad landing while the locomotive of the Co., hauls them to the boom.
   The O.S.I. Co. own and operate about seven miles of track, in and around Sumner, and are still building.  The branch of the track  is climbing the hills and it is supposed will eventually reach Coquille City.  But one locomotive has been used, this summer, but a second one will be put on next season.
   A good quality of good lignite coal has been discovered in some of the gulches of the valley, and will be utilized as locomotive fuel, or, perhaps, mined for shipment.  +  [M. 2005. A company town and logging RR.  There’s no way it could have been part of ITRR.]

Tot-BayCity mill-BayCity mill-Dean-indir  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
[Brief article on Bay City mill. Either Dean mill was already in operation there or else there was another mill at Bay City then. ]

Tot-Coq improve  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889  [the improvements in Coquille.]  

Crime road  Locale-CoosBay OT-Roseburg  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
highwayman held up coach on CB-Roseburg Route.  

Paper business Tot-MP  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
[West Oregonian publishing co at MP mentioned.]

Holiday-Xmas entertain music dance organiz? misc-word-festivities…amusements misc-word-festive…man saying? Character? 
Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
     Christmas is coming soon and quite an interest is being felt in regard to the
festivities and amusements on that occasion. The brass band will give a ball
and other important arrangements are being inaugurated to make the coming
Christmas more interesting than on any former occasion, so the festive young
man should engage his best girl and get ready for a jolly time. +

Entertain organiz? Drama Tot-MP  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
[Vy brief;  entertainment given by MP amateur dramatic society.   

Health-provider business Tot-Coq  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
Dr. Sponogle, physician and surgeon in Coq.

Paper Tot-Bandon business  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
Upton and Tupper have sold the Recorder to D. E. Stitt of Bandon. 

Enterprise-SO-co mill-SO-co Tot-Empire  Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
[Vy brief article on S 0 Co mill  Empire]

Paper name-Dean Tot-Coq business  Ru2 CCH. November 19, 1889 
J. R. [as typed] and  . F. [as typed] Dean are listed as editors and proprietors.   

Tot-Coq RE business house? Farm Ru2 CCH November 19, 1889 
     Mr. R. D. Sanford, our real estate man has one of the finest residence
properties in Coos County.  A look through his magnificent dwelling and
about his well appointed premises does one good.  A year ago Mr. S. had not
broken ground there but today there is no farm in Coos county that is so well
improved or has such good buildings.  +  [lengthy descr of places in Sanford

entertain? Music organiz? Name-Hume Tot-GB Locale-Ellensburg 
Ru3 CCH November 19, 1889 
     Gold Beach Gazette. R. D. Hume is now instructor of the Ellensburg band...  +

November 26

Srh-ocean? Srh-[?] disaster-shipwreck  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
[Lengthy;  wreck of the Fearless. ]

Holiday-Xmas Tot-Coq business bldg name-Lyons   Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
[ad:]  Lyons’ store of Coquille is filling with goods for the holidays.  

Mill-[?] Tot-Coq climate timber log lbr  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
The mill [Lyons?  Or Morras?] was idle a couple of days last week for want of logs. The raise in the river brought them plenty of good timber and fine lumber is being turned out at present.  [cp] 

Tot-Porter mill-Porter  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
[Lengthy; Porter mill and what is over there.]  [all that is in news notes.]  [cp]

Tot-Coq business bldg  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
     Work on our bank is progressing. A fine firs [sic] has been put in.   +   [M.   Sounds as if banks in Coq were not as recent as had been thought.  ]

Health-death health-contag locale-CoosBay  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
Another death from diptheria --that of a child -- is reported over at the bay.   [cp]

Entertain drama? Organiz? Holiday-Thanksgiving misc-word-entertainment 
Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
Coquille City Thespians will give an entertainment on Thanksgiving.  

Enterprise-Cannery locale-CoosBay  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
not quote   [M,  seems to be cannery on the bay.]

RE business Tot-Coq  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
Sherwood and Sanford are selling real estate not quote.

Holiday-Xmas Srh –ocean Srh-freight Srh-trade? Srh-Montesano Srh-river Srh-CoosBay Tot-Empire Locale-CoosBay paper-attitude 
Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889 
     Manager Loggie gives the people of Coos bay a free excursion to Empire per steamer Montesano to inspect his company’s Xmas stock of goods which are being sold very little above cost it is said.  This is a little the best advertising scheme barring the newspaper channel, we have seen.   +   [cp]  [M. 2004  doesn’t say what he manager of:. would it be S.O. Co store, or?]

School Tot-Coq needed  Ru3 CCH November 26, 1889  Plea for more school rooms in Coq.


Dec 3

Tot-Coq business bldg enterprise-carpentry?  Ru3 CCH December 3,1889
      Work on the bank building is progressing nicely, and enough is already seen to show that it will be a very pretty and substantial building.  + 

Tot-Coq bldg organiz? Literary  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889 
     The Coquille City Literary Society will meet in regular session in Hunnewell hall. +

Locale-[?] Mill-[?]  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889 
     Supt. White thinks he will be able to start the mill up again in about one week..  With her new boiler and necessary repairs it is thought she will do better work than ever before.   +   [M. is this a Coq mill?]
Tot-Coq house enterprise-carpentry  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889  
J. A. Collier residence being built. Very fine home.

Tot-Porter Mill-Porter  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889  Porter mill  [lengthy]

Tot-Coq dance music holiday-Xmas organiz  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889 
masquerade Ball Christmas Eve given by Trombone Band of Coq. not quote.    

Health-contag  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889  [more on diptheria.]
Health-contag school  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889 
The schools are closed on account of the diptheria scare.   [cp]

Locale-MorrasMill Tot-Coq vital  Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889 
     Born:  at Morras Bro’s mill Tuesday November 26th, to the wife of Alfred
Morras, a son.  +

Name-Hermann politic govt home-seekers-indir land 
Ru3 CCH December 3, 1889 
[M.2008.   during years Binger Hermann in congress or in land office, often descr. of his activities, mostly about bills he favors, etc. Little personal descr of him.]

December 10, 1889

Health-contag health-treatment OT-Philadelphia character? 
Ru3 CCH December 10. 1889 
     The following prescription has been used very successfully for many years by the Sisters of Charity in Philadelphia    for diptheria and scarlet fever.  It is pronounced the best remedy yet found by those good people.
Sulfate of zinc   1 grain
Solid extract of digitalis   1 grain
One-half teaspoon sugar
Mix all with two tablespoons of water.  When thoroughly mixed add 4 ounces  of water.  Take teaspons [as typed]  full every hour for 12 hours for children one-half.  Another consists of pure alcohol diluted one-half with water to be used as a gargle and a small quantity drunk 3 or 4 times a day.  [M. 2008.  first recipe doesn’t say whether to be drunk or gargled.]  +  [cp]

Entertain  Ru4 CCH December 10, 1889  [M.  The 1889 papers are absolutely full of “entertainments." ] 

Paper Tot-Bandon  Ru4 CCH December 10, 1889 
J. M. [as typed]  Upton and other man sold Bandon Recorder to D.E. Stitt.

Item-apparel entertain dance? Tot-Coq? Business bldg  Ru4  CCH Dec 10, 1889 
Masquerade suits are available fm Tom King at Leland Hotel. not quote. [M. doesn’t say whether Leland Hotel in Coq.  M. 2008.  Yes, I believe it was. ]

Tot-Coq business bldg  Ru4 CCH December 10, 1889  [M.  already ads for] Lorenz store.

Music organiz? Tot-Coq town-pride  Ru4  December 10, 1889 
Coquille should be proud of its band.

Srh-ocean Srh-seashells item-collection fish-indir Misc  Ru4 CCH December 10, 1889  
     Uncle Henry Camman at his home in Empire has the finest collection of  curios from the ocean to be found on the Pacific Coast.   SKIP  has taken years of toil   SKIP    it would take several wagons to haul   SKIP hundreds of thousands of pieces.  SKIP  collection of vertebrae, mollusks, barnacles, crabs, starfish all the way fm 4 -18 points. Several people have been shown part, but
editor of paper only person so far to see all of it.  +


Dec  24, 1889

School  Locale-UR name-Volkmar character  Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889 
     Upper River Dept. Miss Tillie Volkmar's school at this place said to be progressing nicely.  She is considered a good teacher.  + 

Tot-MP holiday-Xmas business bldg  Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889  
A Christmas tree in Wise and [??]  store. 

school health-contag condit-signs-times entertain dance 
Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889 
[Diptheria still in town. They’re still holding [masquerade] balls and
entertainments in spite of closing school on account of scare.] not q.  [cp]

Lhc Srh-river Srh-BeaverSlough Srh-[?] Locale-BeaverSlough Tot-Coq Tot-
Arago land-indir Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889 
     Modern maps of this county give Arago and Coquille City as being on a big lake with the river sinking, but coming out again about Beaver Slough.   +   M. does this mean basin all the way from Beaver Slough to Arago?  Ie, plate?]     [cp]

Name-Parker Tot-Parkersburg-indir  Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889 
[Brief entry abt] Capt Parker

Tot-Coq food business bldg  Ru4 CCH Dec 24, 1889  Johnson’s Bros market.

Entertain organiz?  Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889 
[ M.  already articles about] Star Comedy Company

Utility invention? RR-phy RR-other street other-mining 
Ru4 CCH December 24, 1889 
     Electricity promises to be the coming medium for transmission of power, not only for street railways but also for mining industries; and it is hard to imagine an agent for transmitting power which is more easily handled and the apparatus for which is, on the whole, more economical and inexpensive.

locale-[?] Dairy-poultry prices paper-attitude? 
Ru5 CCH December 24, 1889 
It is singular that no one goes properly into the poultry business in this part.  Eggs are 40 cts. per dozen and cannot be obtained for that. With good hens of the right age and properly cared for eggs can be had at this season as well as any other.

Needed fish  Ru5 CCH  Dec 24, 1889  
We must see to it that Coquille has a salmon hatchery.   [statistics on what it would mean to Coquille, what salmon industry in Oregon is.]

RR-hopes boomer Locale-CoosBay OT-Roseburg needed? Locale-SouthernOregon 
Ru5 CCH December 24, 1889 
     A railroad from Roseburg to Coos bay is said by knowing ones to be an assured fact for 1890. This would mean a genuine and permanent boom for Southern Oregon. --Review.  [cp]

Name-Hermann Locale-CoosCounty Tot-MP business bldg  Ru5 CCH December 24, 1889 
     Hon. Binger Hermann will next spring erect a commodious store building in the town of Myrtle Point, Coos county.

Name-Hermann business bldg organiz novelty-brick Tot-MP 
Ru5 CCH December 24, 1889 
     G. W. Orcutt, the architect, showed us the plans and specifications for the building this week, and we are satisfied that it would be a credit to any town in Oregon.  The building will be of  brick, a portion of it 2 stories high. The lower rooms will be used for store purposes, and the upper story for the I.O.O.F.  Myrtle Point is fortunate in securing this structure. --Roseburg

December 31, 1889.

Health-contag  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
Diptheria has shown no signs of further spreading and the patients are getting along nicely.

Tot-Coq business bldg  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
New building in Coquille will house soda works, not quote  [M. a soda shop,
or actually a bottling works?]   /

Tot-MP organize Tot-Coq? Music  RR-u5 CCH December 31, 1889 
The Myrtle Point and Trombone bands have pledged to work together in more harmony. [lengthy article.]

Tot-Parkersburg mill-Parlersburg mill-CoquilleMill&Tug Srh-river Srh CoqR
Srh-ocean Srh-tug-KatieCook name-Parker lbr  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889  
[ad for]  Coquille Mill & Tug Company. Dealers in General merchandize and all kinds of Lumber. Towing by the tug Katie Cook.  J. Parker and Charles F. Doe, Parkersburg. Not direct quote.

Tot-Coq?  Food business bldg  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
pickled pork and corned beef of the best quality at Wimer & Campbell's. 

name-Hermann politic govt?  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
[Brief entry abt] Congressman Hermann.

Other-mining locale-SuckerCreek locale-IronMtn 
Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
find of rich quartz on Sucker Creek on Iron mtn. not quote.

Tot-Dora Locale-ElkCreek climate timber farm 
Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
Dora Items. Saturday’s storm filled the roads with timber.  M. J. Krantz's barn roof alighted on the picket fence.  It blew over on Elk creek, too.

Mill-Minard locale-MinardMill log Tot-Dora  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889  
Dora Items. Another logging camp is to be started near Minard’s mill in the spring.

Natl enterprise? Srh-canal Srh-harbor OT-OaklandCali OT-AlamedaCali 
Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
[lengthy on what’s down at Oakland, Calif right now. Lists Calif. Jute mill, a
tidal canal which will place Alameda on an island and give Oakland harbor a
tidal flow to the training walls.]  [more]

church character? Locale-UR Tot-MP  Ru5  CCH December 31, 1889 
Upper River Dept. Those excellent people, the Dunkards, are holding protracted meetings in town.

Climate  Ru5 CCH Dec 31, 1889  Snow thinly on valley and covered hills. nq.

Mail Tot-Coq  Ru5 CCH December 31, 1889 
list of names for whom there are unclaimed letters at P0  nq

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