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[Herald 1890.  Selected items; not a comprehensive record.]

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Compilation copyright (c) 2007 by Marilee Miller

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SEPTEMBER 30, 1890

health  crop-indir  Pr-59 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Dr Wood’s Liver Regulator   A Vegetable Panacea prepared fm roots and
herbs for cure of dyspepsia, jaundice, chills and fever, disordered digestion,
sick headache, general debility, other diseases disordered state of stomach or
inactive liver. Nq

Tot-Coq Pr-59 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Firm of Jenkins & Tennisson of Coq dissolved by mutual consent;  Tennisson
will conduct business; J T Jenkins, W J Tennisson (Sept 12)

RR  outside-news disaster?  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890
The dreadful explosion of dynamite at the Northern Pacific yards last night
[Spokane Falls, Wa] was the all engrossing topic of conversation in the city
today.  +   [lengthy]

County  Hermann  name  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890
County court; probate business.  Petition Ernest W Hermann, guardian of
Wagner heirs, minors, to sell real property.  /    J R Lightner, guardian
Lightner heirs, minors, to sell real property.   /  D P Strang executor for R M

County road prices  Locale  Tot-Yarrow  lbr  name-Giles
Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890
[county]  road matters B R Banning allowed $20 for services as bookkeeper
on Middle Fork wagon rd.; road bills pd for laying out Newport and South
Slough road, W Kern $15.60, W Steckel $15.60; D W Hayward $14 and
others.  /   Empire and North Bend road ordered  changed to conform to plat of
town of Yarrow.  /   E B Dean & Co lbr for district 2, $27.85 [as  typed ].   /       
   petition for road fm a point where Bandon and Fishtrap rd leaves Lampey
creek rd; survey  /
petition for bridge across Coquille at Laird’s place, postponed.   /    petition
for bridge on Middle Fork Coq at Rock creek; advertise for bids.   /   Sol J
McCloskey to supt fill on MP and Douglas county line road on Sugarloaf mtn.   
/   W T Lehnherr, supr dist 20; Wm Roberts appointed supr dist 20, place of
D. Giles.

County name-Bullard health school-Bunch Siglin prices 
Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16, 1890
[county]  fees pd. R W Bullard, justice fees.   Mrs M. Kerrigan, allowed $3.25
on account of James Waverly.  Dr Spoonogle allowed $5 for exam.  [cp>]Dr
McCormac, medical attendance on paupers and insane $32.50. [cp>] Z T
Siglin, fees as sheriff  $166.50   J J  Lamb fees as clerk $418.20.   W H Bunch
school supt   1/4 of salary $111.75.   Florence Smith exam of teachers  $3; 
Frank Bunch, same, $9.

/// excerpts from above
Giles   see   County road prices  Locale  Tot-Yarrow  lbr  name-Giles Pr-59
CCH  Sept 16,1890    [in  County]
school  Bunch    see   County name-Bullard health school-Bunch Siglin prices 
Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16, 1890    [on County]
Siglin   see   County name-Bullard health school-Bunch Siglin prices  Pr-59
CCH  Sept 16, 1890  [in County ] 
Health   see County name-Bullard health school-Bunch Siglin prices  Pr-59
CCH  Sept 16, 1890  in County ///

CBR novelty-wood  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890
[CBR piling wanted, advertised in this paper (see later for actual account)] 

RE Tot-Coq  school-indir  name  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890 
Agents for Elliott’s addition joining business sts; Agents for North addition
comprising those beautiful lots near the new college building now going up.
Sold on 1/3 down. Sherwood & Sanford.

Parker  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890  Capt Parker, t , yesterday.   

Tot-Coq Pr 59 CCH Sept 16, 1890     Many new houses being built this place.

Church  Pr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Bishop Morris to preach Meth. ch Wed 17th.

Health Tot-name  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890 
Dr. Dunham of Marshfield visited this place yesterday.  +

 Racism-indir  entertain  Pr-59 CCH  Sept 16,1890 
Senator Hamden’s colored minstrels Thursday night.  +  /
  [cp>] Senator Hamden will be in this place Thursday and give an
entertainment in the evening. + /
   [cp>?]  Senator Hamden’s show here Thursday night will be a treat, and
every person who does not attend will regret it.  +

Tot-name  Pr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Shedden F Wilson [as typed], Esq. Marshfield atty, t, business.

Name health Pr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Uncle Mike Krantz low, not expected to survive long, large cancer on neck
and face.

churchPr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Business mtg of Baptist ch members Sat at Universalist ch.

Name visiting   Pr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Miss Ada Snyder and Miss Sadie Hall t   yesterday enroute to Rsbg to visit.

Name wagon fish  outside-Tot  Pr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890
Johnny Manning has gone to the district fair at Central Point with a wagon
load of clams, and will give the people of the interior a taste of Coos county’s
production.  +

Srh locale Hume fish health-indir  Pr-59 CCH Sept 16, 1890
tug Katie Cook returned to the Coq. last wk for supplies for Hume’s Rogue
River cannery; J W Hume gone down to conduct it in R D’s absence, latter
being off for Calif. mineral springs nq

LR  Tot-Bandon  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890
Lower River Dept. Mr Yager’s new hardware one of most complete
establishments Coos Co.
LR  Fair RE  Rosa  Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lower River Dept.   ...Work will commence on the fair grounds in the near
future. The location is almost one-fourth of a mile from town [Bandon]. Col.
R.H. Rosa has a tract of twenty acres cleared near the fair grounds and the
same will be laid out in town lots and put on the market soon.  +

LR  Tot-Bandon music Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ...487 guests registered up to 25th of mo at Tupper’s
popular hotel;  lately made improvements in enlarging and refurnishing hotel;
contains 40 neat rooms, ladies parlor richly upholstered and contain one of
finest pianos this country.

LR visiting Tot-Bandon-name   Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890
Lower River Dept. We miss our genial Judge Dyer on our streets, himself and
wife having left for a visit to Washington. They are expected to return some
time next month.  +  

LR Tot-Bandon  Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Lower River Dept.  ...Mr Benson new bldg 1st st; for milliner store.  

LR  Health name Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890   
Lower River Dept.  ...infant child Mr J Howell quite ill some time, but now

LR  Mill Tot-Bandon  Pr-60 CCH sept 30, 1890
Lower River Dept.  Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Col Rosa’s mill running to utmost capacity and still demand far exceeds
LR  health  Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ..Dr  J J Gussenhoven recvd appointment US examining
surgeon and filed oath of office.

LR  health climate beach  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lower River. Health Bandon vy good; complaints fm almost every town in
interior, Bandon rejoices in a climate which harbors no disease; this is prob.
reason there are still so many families coming in to spend a few weeks on our
glorious beach.   [cp]

LR  fish  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
Lower River.  Fishermen complain scarcity of salmon in river.

LR  church  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
Lower River.  Rev. Father Beutgen [sic] held services in Catholic ch last Sun

LR   organize ONG   Siglin  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
Lower River.  Co.K, 0.N.G. held monthly drill last Sun; disappointed as Major
Lovell was to inspect their company.  Gen.Siglin also promised to be at
Bandon. Co K is one of foremost Co’s in 2nd regiment.

LR Siglin county name  Pr-60 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ...Z T Siglin, our sheriff, to Bandon last Sat after Mr
Tupper to serve jury next term court.

LR health Tot-multi  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
Lower River.   Dr. Nickerson, dentist Marshfield, at Bandon some time; left
Mon for Randolph (2 day) before going 3 to MP.

health saying  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
The road to wealth cannot be successfully traveled without good health...Dr.
Henley’s English Dandelion Tonic exerts a specific influence over the liver,
excites it to healthy action, resolves its chronic engorgements, ...cures
indigestion and constipation, sharpens the appetite, tones up the entire system,
and makes life worth living.  +  [cp]

Tot-MP  RE  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
MP Real Estate Co; Luse & Co. Office in "Laconing Block" First St.
[property in Brown’s and Lehnherr’s addtns.]

outside-RR  Srh-indir-bridge-indir-govt  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
Public Control of Railroads. [sub-head,] The Voice [M, is tt a paper, or an
editorial opinion?]   
     Where to draw the line in determining what the public should own and
administer is what frightens many as soon as this question comes up... if a line
must be drawn, we suggest that it be drawn so as to include within public
ownership all those industrial systems which require from the public special
grants and exclusive privileges. This would include railroads, telegraph lines,
express companies, street car lines, elevated railroads, canals, bridges, docks
and wharfs, in addition to those already under public control, such as water-
supply, light-supply, the common highway and the postal system. The
objection that this is a long step toward socialism is met by the common sense
reply that we have already taken long steps toward socialism since the days of
feudalism and no one wants to retrace these steps... [more]  +   [cp]

Health  Pr-60  CCH Sept 30,1890 
...Prof. Bettina, an Italian celebrity, has just effected two wonderful cures; one
of leprosy and the other cancer 6f the stomach. The patient in either case was
virtually dying, and he tried innoculations  from one to the other, believing
that the bacteria in one case might destroy those in the other. It proved so, and
hundreds of cases are to be similarly treated.  Microorganisms are said to be
the prime cause of most of the diseases...  It is not so unreasonable on this
assumption that one kind might be an enemy of the other, and in the fight both
become exterminated.         +  [cp]

animal Tot-name  crop  Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890
thoroughbred Berkshire, also Yorkshire pigs for sale; also celebrated Japanese
buckwheat -- the boss buckwheat for cakes and bees [sic].  This buckwheat
new to Coos.  Geo W Wimer, Arago nq at all

Srh  Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890    Tides past 2 days vy high.

Condit-outlook Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
business and travel increasing rapidly in Coos.

///Parkersburg  Tot-Multi Coq  Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890    
Mrs Capt Parker, Parkersburg, a guest of Mrs. Olive’s Sat. [cp]
MP Tot-Coq Pr-61 CCH Sept 30, 1890     Mrs W L Dixon, MP, guest
Robinson house yesterday.

Music  Tot-Coq Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890   
Harmonicas and other musical instruments at great bargains, J Wilson’s   /  
Guitar and violin strings in variety and best quality. J J Wilson.        

Tot-Coq item misc-word  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890      New and nobby
clothing rcvd Lorenz.

Srh  Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890    schnr Coq hadn’t got to sea, bar rough.   [cp]   
/   schnr Del Norte arr. in river Thur.
Srh lbr mill  Pr 61 Sept 30, 1890  schnr Eureka arr Fri, loading lbr Lyons mill. 

Tot-Coq-area name  visiting Pr-61  CCH Sept 30, 1890  
Provit Dean, Sr, North Coquille, t  to see friends.  

Church Tot-Coq  Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890 
Rev H B Johnson, father of Johnson Bros this place, arr Sat fm his home
Douglas co.

Road-stage  name  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Dunham, Johnson& Co. have sold out their stage line to Roseburg to James
Laird. +  

Dairy  Tot-Coq Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890  
Plenty of Coos river cheese at Johnson Bros. market.   +

Crop Tot-name   Pr-61  CCH Sept 30,1890
Coos co potatos good price Rsbg; J P Stemler, Dora, took a couple loads out

Condit-outlook  Tot-Coq  transport  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
16 wagons and twenty-odd horses on Front st at one time Sat and looked as
though might be a jam.         [cp]  

Home-seekers wagon Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
4 wagon loads immigrants arr. Sat fm Harney valley; looking for homes.   [cp]

Bridge  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Dangerous co. bridges fm Fishtrap to MP and other.   
Misc name  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Mr. McArthur to Portland to attend organization st bd of trade.

Organize  politic-indir name  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Jas F Robinson and Ex-Governor S F Chadwick, arr Sat to visit Masonic

Tot-Coq Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Coq City express office and vy gentlemanly agent W L Blinn, bank cashier

Parker Tot-Coq Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
A combined front, with street awning, been put on bldg on Capt Parker lot,
now owned by L Harlocker on Front st, giving fine appearance.

Health?  Name  pursuit  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Dr. Winter is fishing with flies in rivers nq 

Mill  unknown-locale  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Charley Moon fixing up Tommy Norris’ sawmill and will soon have doing
excellent work he a genuine machinist.  

Tot-name  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890     W T Miller, Fishtrap, t .

Tot-MP  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890  
J W Wimer & Co new hardware bldg MP to be raised today.

Name  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Jas. Johnson and family and Alex Adams passed through town yesterday,
returning from a summer’s work at Bandon, to their homes near Myrtle Point.

Tot-Coq misc-word prices Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Rsbg Review gives Olive hotel this place the following good puff: "Food can
be obtained in the best hotel in Coos county, the Olive, at Coquille City for
twenty-five cents a meal."

Health Tot-Coq misc-word Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Dr Holden, dentist, is located adjoining east entrance Olive hotel.  Will remain
here permanently if proper encouragement, and he artist in his line.   /   Dr
Holden boss snag puller, able to extract without pain; also excellent hand on
plate work.    Nq

School  Locale Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Miss Gertie Rose, finished her school Four Mile, will go to one of valley
colleges to perfect education in short hand and some of higher branches. 

Vital stat Tot-name Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
married at residence of justice Sept 28,1890, Frank A Kelly and Miss Carrie
Thrush, Riverton; J A Simon JP officiated.

Name Tot-Coq visiting  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Miss Emma Miller and Willie Cox, daughter and grandson of MM   M W
Miller who founded Olive hotel, arr. Fri to visit relatives, fm Brownsville,
Linn Co; left here when were children and friends could not recognize them.

Animal Tot-Coq  livery Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890  
stray horse -- bay, abt 7 yr old, 1000 lb, saddle marks, and left hind foot white
-- at J P Messer’s stable; claim property.
Tot-MP  name?  Pr 61 CCH Sept 30, 1890
The rumor that Mr. Dodge speaks of is not without foundation;  Mr. G. A.
Brown has effected a purchase of the Myrtle Point hotel for her daughter and
her husband Mrs.[sic] and Mrs. Mat [sic] Nystrom, who will take possession
at once. +

UR  Tot-MP  name  misc-word? Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
Upper River.  rumored tt MP hotel been sold to Mr Nystrum of  Marshfield.
W A Border will retire  fm house next wk; MM Border have kept excellent
house and traveling public will miss them.

UR  Capt Harris name health-indir? Organize  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
Upper River.  Capt. W H Harris, E Bender, J A Lehnherr, Harry Dalmas, Dr.
Elgin, Mr Rogers went to Coq Sat eve to attend Masonic gathering to
welcome Grand Master Robinson and Grand Secretary S F Chadwick.   [cp]

UR   CBR paper  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
Upper River.  If the Coos Bay-Roseburg and Eastern R.R. is built to Myrtle
Point by May 1st, 1892, this scribe gets a new $5 hat. Otherwise we must buy
one for a friend.  Who wants to make a similar wager?  We shall want a pair
of boots by that time; who wishes to furnish them? Nothing less than $10
boots will answer.  +   [cp]

UR  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
Upper R.  Wise & Bender to receive new stock goods. 

UR  temperance saying?  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
Upper R.  [  Last Sat. "crusade membership day" WCTU.  [lengthy] ]
     ...If the ladies of our town can save even one or two of our young men or
boys just entering manhood from the baleful influence of intemperance they
should feel rewarded for their labors. This is a reform that no one can say
ought against..  ...the one fact that temperance is a grand idea and one of the
noblest principles extant cannot be successfully denied and every well
meaning person should encourage it.   +

Srh  disaster  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890 
Upper River. Sol Wise, letter fm his better half describ. trip on ill-fated Ajax. 
     She stated that she and Girtie were asleep when the vessel colided [sic]
with the rock and the shock came near throwing them out of their berths.
There were four surf boats which were launched in a very calm sea but the fog
was so thick that one could not see the length of the vessel. They were not
allowed to take any baggage hence Mrs. Wise and Girtie’s clothing and
jewelry went down. They were about four hours making Shelter Cove and
when the wharf was seen Mrs. Wise thought it was the most welcome sight
she had ever seen. A small steamer that was only allowed ten  or twelve
passengers took the crew and passengers to San Francisco there being about
fifty persons on board.  +

Srh  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890 
Bandon Recorder. Messrs Waters and Wolfe commenced work on the life-
saving station Monday. 

Dairy locale Srh-indir  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Bandon Recorder  R Pomeroy, New Lake, hauling butter to Bandon for
shipment this wk; gets highest market price in SF; care and attention bestowed
on product.

UR  [climate ]  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890 
North Fork Items.  Fine weather but somewhat foggy; good crops, the farmers

UR crop  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.   Mr Self raised 606 bushels grain, largest crop ever raised
on tt place.

UR fruit  North Fork Items.  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30, 1890
J.B. Fox left for the bay yesterday with a load of cider. +

UR health  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.  ... Mrs Haskins ill, recovering.

UR  name  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.  ...Mrs. W P Mast..  

UR school  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.   ...North Fork school closes next Fri after 5 mo term.

UR church misc?  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890  
North Fork Items.  R G  Summerlin returned fm bay; went for license.  [M.
2005 marriage license, license to preach, or ??]

Siglin Pr-62  CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.  ...Taylor Siglin passed down the river a few days ago.   + 

UR  Srh log Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.  ...Jeff Benham cleaning out river; intends to log this

UR bridge name  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
North Fork Items.   ...McClosky & Brady have the Braden bridge almost

UR  RR  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890 
North Fork Items.  The people of this place are looking for the railroad
anxiously.  +  [cp]

CBR  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
 President Sheridan and Contractor Graham of the Coos Bay Roseburg
railroad arrived here from Roseburg Saturday afternoon. The latter had just
returned from San Diego from whence he had shipped the paraphrenalia [sic]
and stock necessary to the building of the road. They went on to the bay.  + 
LR  teams-wagons lbr Srh  Pr 62 CCH Sept 30,1890
Lower River Dept.   teams busy hauling lbr for bldgs of life saving station;
Messrs Waters and Wolfe contractors inform us they will commence building
as soon as lumber sufficiently seasoned.

LR  Tot-Bandon name  Pr-62  CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Lower River Dept.  Alvin Munck’s fine residence nearly complete; promises
to be one of most beautiful in town. 
LR Tot-Bandon  Pr-62 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lower River Dept.   Dyer & Son’s [sic] general store doing large business;
carry full stock goods and sell at  popular prices.

Tot-Coq  mail  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
unclaimed letters at Coq Post Office (dated Oct 1) [as typed].  J H Nosler,
Post Master. : [M. none tt I recognize. 7 names.]

Tot-name  Tot-Coq?  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Olive Hotel Arrivals.  Sept 21.   D Johnson, city;  Jno Fouts, city.  W & A
Schroeder, Arago.  Al Devaul, city'  F Hoberg, Coos bay.  C Heald, Drain.  A
McArthur and wife, city.  E Crane, NY. Sept22: H Perry,up-river.  S Wheeler,
M’field. E.Hollawell, SF. A Devaul,city; J Mickelson, up-river.  T Golden,
Coos bay;  E Anderson, bay .  J Knight, River [as I typed it];  G.Loggie, Coos
Bay;  Mrs. R. Dunham and child, Bandon; Mrs. Lehnherr----.
Sept 23. C Raumer, Porter' T Robinson, city;  W Notley, cit y;  J Hall,
Randolph;  J Parker, L.River. H Moss, CB;  C Bingham, Cal; Mrs. Tupper,
Bandon; G McMillan and wife, CB
Sept24: L Roberts, up-river; C Fairman, L.River; J Bartell, up-river; [cp>] E
Price, Coaledo;  R Campbell, Bandon.  H Johnson, city;  [cp>] T Siglin,
Empire;  C Goodman and wife, Randolph;
H Hamden and wife, Portland.
Sept 25 :E Anderson, CB;  H Campbell, Portland;  J Parker, L. River. L
Roberts, up-river; W Fenton, Bandon; W Notley, city. F Golden, Coos Bay;  
[cp>] W B King and wife, CBRRR; 
[cp>] H Hamden and wife, Portland.  Mrs. Tupper, Bandon. 
Sept 26:  I Davenport, bay.  E Hollawell, SF. C Moon, Coos Bay;  Miss
McKnight ---- 
Sept 27. Wrn Notley, city.   R Geddes, Marshfield; E A Dill, Rsbg; [cp>] Ed 
Frester [sic], Coaledo;  [cp>]  C  M Adams, Coaledo; Al Devaul, city; G R
Edmunds, Fishtrap;  S A Braden----.
E E Sherwood, Marshfield;  J E Seeley, Marshfield;  C Catlin, Rsbg.   J J
Wilson and Mrs, city.

Pursuit saying?  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Word comes that a picked nine from the lower river is [sic] coming up to
scoop the Kids next Sunday. [baseball] ...There are some good players at
Bandon and on that part of the river and if a nine in the county can strip the
kids of their laurels, it will be the one spoken of.  A contest was had here last
Sunday, but the kids done up [sic] the picked nine 32 to 9 in six innings.  +

Animal Tot name  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Walter Oldland, Libby [lost a couple of horses; strayed].  [cp]

UR  climate farm  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
 Upper River Dept.  Fog, smoke and dust. /   Farmers threshing w/good yield. 

UR health Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890   
Upper River Dept.   ...Mrs. Prey poor health. 
UR Tot-MP  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Upper River Dept.  Inside J Wimer’s new  dwelling paint.  

UR  Church Pr-63  CCH Sept 30, 1890  
Upper River Dept.    Rev Hampton splendid discourse in German Baptist ch
Sat eve. 

Home-seekers UR  road  Pr 63  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Upper River Dept.  ...5 covered wagons thru town last wk; came over Middle
fork rd.; quite number of new comers camped around town there being no
vacant houses.
Giles health  UR  Pr 63  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Upper River Dept.  ...Family of D Giles, suffered sickness and affliction some
time past, now quite well.

UR  CBR  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Upper River Dept: President Sheridan and Contractor Graham passed through
town Saturday on their way to the railroad front.    +   [cp]

UR  Vollkmar Tot-MP   Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Upper River.  Wm. Volkmar painted front his hardware store and removed
scaffolding tt stood for over a yr; new sign embellishes front. 

UR  name locale wagon  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30,1890
Upper River.   ...J H Bogue of Halls Creek lost a wool bed between the coal
banks this side of Marshfield last Fri; fell off his wagon; who found, is the

Dodge Tot-MP Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Upper River.  Orvil Dodge’s collecting office been full of  business last 10
day and Judge Bender’s court has started up its mill to grind out justice. 

UR Tot-MP?  Health  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
 Mrs. Peter Wise vy low rheumatism of heart for some time; many friends not
entertain hopes recovery.

///UR  Hermann politic [mail Tot-Multi   Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Upper River. Binger Hermann, Oregon’s wide-awake congressman has
secured an a increase of the mail service from Myrtle Point to Eckley. This
will be a bi-weekly after the first of October. 
UR  Hermann  politic-govt character Pr 63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
T. M. Hermann will return to Washington, D.C., this week and resume his
duties in the U.S. pension office.  Manual’s [sic] many friends are sorry to see
him leave, and yet all are glad to see him succeed.   +

//UR RE  Tot-MP  agric  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Upper River. J A Lehnherr sold 3 acres of his addtn to MP $l087.50; also
partly bargained off ten acres at same figures,$362.50 per acre; choice bottom
and well cleared.

//UR  crop farmer price  Pr-63 CCH Sept 30, 1890
Upper River.   For the first time in the history of this valley straw is in good
demand.  There is a considerable quantity being purchased of  farmers --
hauled and stowed away for winter use.  It sells for from 25 cents to one dollar
a load.  +

Tot health wagon names  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
old friend, E W Fahy, Sr, Randolph severely hurt few days ago, we informed
by Capt Tennisson; was thrown out of his wagon, one wheel passed over head
; unconscious for hours alone on road.  
Item-Sea shells price health-indir  Tot-Coq-indir Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
H H Nichols received by express Sat 10 magnificent abalone shells fm
acquaintance, old crippled man, at Los Gatos Cal.  Splendidly polished and
too pretty for any use. Old man has sent them here for sale $15 for the lot or
ranging $1-2 separately; see at  drugstore.  Nq

Tot-Coq name farm  condit  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lorenz improving place in big bottom opp. town; state says land swamp, but
he raised a fine crop; we trust swamp land people will not do as in one
instance Eastern Oregon, failing to prove land swamp, laid claim under the
desert [sic] act, thus jumping fm one extreme to another. nq at all

 Tot-name Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890  Col Rosa, Bandon, t   Sun.
Name  Pr 64 CCH Sept 30 1890    Will Hood spent Sat w/friends this place.   

Tot-name  Pr 65 CCH Sept 30, 1890  
J H James and J E Quick, Parkersburg, t  Sat. 

Animal name  Pr 65 CCH Sept 30, 1890     
Dud Johnson killed pig last wt tt at 10 mo. dressed 213 lb.  

Health name locale? Pr 65 CCH Sept 30, 1890     
Mrs. J  Root living opp. Arago vy low with typhoid fever.   

Tot-Coq  school  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890   
Academy is duly covered, and carpenters are working on inside now.

Parker Srh  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Capt Parker passenger to this place Sat eve by stmr Restless.

Music  entertain Tot-Coq  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Young Ladies’ Brass band this place gave dance Hunnewell hall Sat night.   

Locale name crop Pr 64 CCH Sept 30, 1890   
Grandpa Stone,  Rink Creek, bag of finest potatoes we have seen.  

Tot-Coq  Pr 64 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
Mesdames Hall and Lukens to open dressmaking parlor Hunnewell bldg

Health  name  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
on advice physician, J J Wilson will leave for Lodi, Cal soon; he still under

Climate anti-disaster  Pr 64 CCH Sept 30, 1890  
showers past 2 nights laid dust, cleared smoke, stopped progress fires in

Tot-Coq  Srh  Pr 65 CCH Sept 30, 1890 
New goods in all stores by the Eureka; boat is a favorite by shippers, or at
least they go their pile on "Capt. John." [cp]

Nosler other coal  noPr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Q. A. Nosler brought us a sample of the Riverton coal from a lower level than
any heretofore found. It has a good appearance.    +   [cp]

paper  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Mr Dodge’s good hand is to be seen in West Oregonian, the best issue ever
published of that paper being the last while he in charge.   

School prices Pr 65 CCH Sept 30, 1890
term private school will be commenced in public school bldg the 2nd Monday
in Oct by Prof Wilson late of Canyonville: Tuition $5 - $7.

Vital stat Locale  saying  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
born near Fairview, Sept 11m MM H W  Holverstott, a son; mother  and child
doing well, and H L having an iron constitution may pull through. This is their
ninth boy.   [most is +]  .

Organize name politic-name Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
masonic lodge had vy interesting and largely attended mtg here Sat in which
Grand Master and Grand Secy --Ex-Governor Chadwick for whom lodge was
named, participated. Nq

Srh  CBR  Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
A dispatch from San Francisco this morning announces the departure from
that place to-day of the steamer Wilmington for Coos bay. She is supposed to
be coming with R.R. hands for the C.B.R. and E.R.R.  +  [cp]

CBR  racism Pr-64  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Work is still progressing slowly on the R.R. Grading has not commenced, but
the company have [sic] a world of machinery set up ready to commence and
have, it is said, 500 Chinamen coming...  Sunday evening 30 head of fine,
large work horses arrived in this place from San Diego to be used on dump-
carts.  The survey is completed up to Norway or thereabouts, and cross section
work is well out from Marshfield, while the work of clearing the site for the
road bed is near this place coming from the bay. Active work will be on, in a
few days.  +  [cp]

Srh CBR Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
The navigation of the Coquille river will be equal to a branch railroad into the
Coos Bay-Roseburg road at Coquille City. It makes the lower river and the
coast country tributary this place. When they get the coast road it will be a
question of what place gets it.  +

Srh disaster OC&N other coal  Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
lengthy on wrecked Ajax, same place Blount's reef as stmr Northerner went
down in which 400 persons drowned 1858. Ajax was finest vessel in Oregon
Coal and Nav Co fleet; she carried 800 tons coal, had made 80 round trip,
seldom varying an hour in arrival and departure fm schedule time, valued at
$120,000.  Capt. Donaldson, her commander, came out here 5 yr ago in an
English ship, and been in company's employ, working up fm quartermaster. 
Formerly had command of Arago and Arcata, relieving Capt  Jessen [sic] of
latter when he took command of the Humboldt.  Capt. Nelson says he is
splendid navigator, and tt he would have no hesitation in giving him command
of a vessel if he is exonerated fm blame when investigation held by US
officials nq

Tot-Marshfield  Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
CBNews J D Garfield and Henry Sengstacken abt to erect 3-story bldg on
their lot near Western hotel.  

Locale fish  Pr 65 CCH Sept 30, 1890    
boats on Coos river making big catches salmon, several boats getting better
than 100-200 /night.

mill  Tot  crime Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
CBNews. Charles Rogers while asleep in his bunk at the Porter mill, had his
gold watch worth $110, stolen from his person and also about $15 or $20
taken from a trunk. The thief evidently believed in doing a clean job, and had
no doubt heard of -- "Porter to the front."  +

County name Rackleff  Hermann Giles Bunch Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
jury list for circuit court [.among others], Ed Rackliff [sic],  J F Noyes, J D
Barklow, W P Hermann, D Giles; J L Lewellen, Sam Decker, J P Stemler, J H
James, M L Randleman, Thos Drane, J P Tupper,  D F Dean, R D Sanford, J
H Bogue, J D Benham, R C Dement, David Campbell, Fred Hagelstein, A
Nasburg, T M Dimmick, J L Ferry,  J R Bunch.

Bicycle saying disaster name?  Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Is Dunham, who was on the ill-fated steamer Ajax, writes: The steamer struck
reef at 9:45 a.m. 10 miles off shore. We took to the small boats and reached
shore (at Shelter Cove) at 6:45 p.m., being [illegible]; out just nine hours. No
one saved a solitary thing that was not on him. I consigned my bike to
McGinty.   [cp]

Racism health  Parker's-mill crime Pr-65  CCH Sept 30, 1890
The Chinaman who attempted suicide at Parker's mill several years ago has
been about town a good deal of late, and on Wednesday night he got wild.  He
imagined that a couple of ladies had entered his room and he came out yelling
and snorting like a drunken Comanche.  It seems that he was robbed of $3000,
had his wife stolen and had a brother die way back in China land, and it all
out-ba1anced his mind.  +  [cp]

//Lhc?  Sayings other-coal  condit? Pr-65m 65a  CCH Sept 30, 1890
Lodi  [M a correspondent] At Newport.
    ...We (my friend and I) have been nearly everywhere on the bay in the last
day or two: Bay City, Marshfield, Porter, North Bend, Glasgow, Empire City,
Rocky Point and to-night are at Newport at a party dancing like poppets in the
devil's dream.  Eight feet are generally consigned to each set in the ball room. 
The management here have generously given us sixteen. We are being well
treated; the people have probably never seen the like before, which may be the
reason we have had an excellent midnight supper, served in a house some
distance from the hall.  The music is good; the dancing is good, and we are all
in a good humor.
     Newport is one of the brightest watch fires in the Grande Ronde [Grande
Ronde in italics] of the labor sentiment of Coos county.  We are surrounded
tonight by the brawny arms of labor; we are communing to-night with men
and women accustomed to the hardest manual labor. We are all on a level --
no red tape, no affectation. Men dressed as fashionable beaus to-night, clothed
in the coal stained habiliment of the miner tomorrow A liberty loving people
is my people; a laboring people is my people, for the vagrant breezes of
liberty and freedom nestles in my very hair, and I’d rather grasp the coal
stained hand of a miner than the gloved one of a mi1lionaire.  Toil on, friends
in Newport, and while you heave the coal, or drive the drill you have the
conscious dignity of. knowing that ere long you will be the acknowledged
rulers of the-land, when the death gardens will no more be planted with
forgotten ghosts, when the harvest of labor union will wave, when a chaplet of
contment [as typed; must mean contentment] rests on each miner’s brow, and
a garland of peace and plenty enshrines the portals of his home. Goodnight.

county Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890  
Sheriff Siglin was out with the circuit court venire last week. +    

Tot-name  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 S Danielson, Randolph, t. 
Tot-name Pr 71 Sept 30, 1890  Louie Roberts,MP,  t. 
Tot-name novelty-brick  name  Pr 71 Sept 30, 1890  D Giles, MP brick man, t.

health  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 Paul Coke to Calif to study dentistry.
Tot   Road-mail  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890  mail service MP -Eckley increased.

RR  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890
The R.R. surveying party are a jolly set of fellows.  +    [cp]  /

UR  other mining? Or coal?  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890
Mr. Frank Batter has been coal prospecting on the upper river. + 

Tot-locale  novelty-wood   Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
Price  Bros &Co have abt 200,000 of finest shingles ever made here at their
mill.  [M. Riverton? Or Coq?]

Tot-Coq  saddlery  Pr 71 Sept 30, 1890    S A Ward, the Saddler.

Tot-Coq name?  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
A Leach preparing to build on lots in Notley’s addtn.  

Other coal Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890      
It takes 2240 lbs of unscreened coal to make a ton.  

Tot-Coq Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890     
John Snyder has his house, occupied by Mrs Anderson and family, painted in
fine style. 

Nosler  Tot-Coq  paper-indir  name   Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890  
 J Wes Nosler has moved to town and occupies Mr. Mehl's cottage opp.
Herald office.

Tot-Coq  other coal   Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890    
 The Olive hotel has laid in a supply of Riverside coal for the winter, and it is
of a superior quality. +

School Coq  Tot-outside  Tot  Pr 71 Sept 30, 1890
 Mr Wilson fm Riddle, bought property Coq; is a tchr.

Paper  health outside-RR-accid  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
The papers of last week contained news of eleven railroad accidents in which
the death list was from six to fifty persons.  M but not local news.]

Tot-Coq  mill   health  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
Dr. Holden, our dentist proves to be old acquaintance of Supt  White of Lyons
mill and N Lorenz, merchant. 

Enterprise?   Srh Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890    
Mr Zice, machinist, Mr Gilroy, tinner, and Ed. Nelson putting finishing
touches on the new boats last wk.
Agric fruit   health Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890      
Many children on the river are troubled with something like cholera infantum.
The fruit season accounts for it.
Health   Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890     Dr Davis, Rsbg dentist, will be here Oct 7.

Names  fair visiting   Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890    
Judge and Mrs Dyer of Bandon to state fair on Wed; will visit their dgtr Mrs
Buckingham, while in the Willamette.

Entertain  racism-indir  names  saying Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
E.A. McDuffee and Burt Buzan have become members of Senator Hamden’s
colored minstrels, and are on the road. The former will blow the bass drum.  
+  [cp]   

Church outside-crime  Pr 71 Sept 30, 1890   
Ernest Mosher, son of Rev Mosher, Coos river, drowned near Portland; foul
play suspected nq    

Tot-Coq sidewalk  saying?  Pr 71 Sept 30, 1890      
Mrs. Harper has put in some substantial improvements at her place --
sidewalk, fence and new gate of the squeaky sort. Miss Bee will see that a
lubricant is duly used.   +

Fruit-cannery  needed  inducements(condit)  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
A fruit cannery on this river is one of the things that offers the greatest
inducements.  [hope active steps will be taken soon.]

RR survey  Tot-Coq  mill    Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890
 The permanent survey of the Coos Bay-Roseburg railroad reached this place
Wednesday. They followed the bank of the river through this place running
between Lyons’ store, Leland and Robinson hotels and Leneve’s drug store
and the river. It will frustrate Mr. Lyons’ plans as it will run snug against the
north side of his mill where he calculated to give his mill machinery a solid
site on the hill.   +    ;cp]

Tot-Coq boomer-progress    Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890 
upwards of 20 residences under construction Coq 

Animal  name  Pr-71 Sept 30, 1890      [Clark Bullard ad for selling cattle.]

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