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[Herald 1890.  Selected items; not a comprehensive record.]

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compilation copyright (c) 2007 by Marilee Miller

COQUILLE CITY HERALD              Coquille, OR.

AUGUST 26, 1890
Tot-Multi?  Or?[??}   Pr 34 CCh Aug 26, 1890
[ads] Al Devaul, barber;   /  Siglin & Luse, Real Estate, Marshfield;     /     R C 
Dement real estate;      /    Branch   Bon Ton Saloon, opp Olive Hotel, J Nasburg, prop.     / 
Marshfield  Beer.   /  Pioneer Market Robinson Bldg Coq, Johnson Bros.   /  
Coq River Bank A W McArthur, Pres. W L Blinn, Cashier.  /  J Wilson [lists
many prices].

Health  Pr 34 CCH Aug 26,1890
[“new”ads.]   Hibbard’s Rheumatic and Liver pills.  

Tot-Coq  paper-cut  anti-temperance Pr 34 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
X Change Saloon, Coquille City, Oregon, W.T. Stone, Proprietor. [cut of
horse and rider, horseman carrying banner].    /     We Carry the Finest Line of
Liquors ever Brought to Coquille City. When in town call and see us, one
door east of the postoffice. +  [M 2005  evid I didn't name the store.]   /    
Coquille City Brewery!  G. Mehl, Prop. Keeps constantly on hand a superior
quality of Beer in any quantity to suit purchaser. Give him your orders. +

Paper  Pr 34 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The Nationalist magazine, of Boston, mass;[gives prices,addr]

School  locales LBR 1 CCH August 26, 1890
School apportionment; fund received from state.  Coq. 421.95; Cunningham
Creek 40.60; Marshfield 471.25.  [at this point, 60 districts listed. School at]
Utter City 37.70. [There was a school district at a place known as Angora.]

IR  Transport  school    LBR 1  [loose BH-RR] CCH Aug 26, 1890.
Charley Stewart’s hack goes to and returns from Coquille City daily, loaded
with passengers.  This must be a popular young man, judging from the many
school mams [sic] he brought in Friday.  Upper R.  +

UR  condit  home-seekers Coq- valley  transport 
LBR 1  [looseBH-RR]  CCH Aug 26, 1890. 
Upper River Dept.  30 – 40 teams with families and homeseekers arrived last
wk, some passed on to lower river, some here.  All seem pleased w/Coq
valley.  Not q

mail  locale?   LBR 1 CCH Aug 26, 1890   
E. Bender Postmaster;  so much mail he obliged to be up considerable at
night, needs help.      [M. is this a Coq item?  Or MP? 

fair  Tot-Arago  LBR1  CCH Aug 26, 1890  
[fair grounds at Arago.  Wouldn’t be same as at MP. Must have passed it
around fm year to year.] 

bbb name  literary  [??]  LBR 1 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
[Radabaugh gave a reading.]

school  condit    LBR 1  CCH Aug 26, 1890.
Upper River.  Three-fourths of the school buildings in this county have been
supplied with improved desks and apparatus at a cost of several thousand
dollars. This shows that your people have the education of their children at
heart and that they are desirous to make their children happy and comfortable. 

UR  animal  fruit   LBR 1 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River. A large bear has been visiting Levi Gant’s orchard.

Paper  Tot-Glasgow   saying  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890
     (an answer)  The Coquille Herald undertakes to make strictures on the
affairs of Glasgow, which demonstrate [sic] that he is entirely ignorant of
the whole business.  Some one has been stuffing the susceptible editor.  –Mail.
      (reply)  The Herald, with “charity toward all and with malice toward
none,” intends giving facts pure and simple and we assure our friend in the
Mail that we have none but the kindliest feelings for the inhabitants of
Glasgow who are yet represented by 0 but when there is a 1 affixed and three
more 0’s prefixed we promise to treat them fairly always.  Content your heart
in peace – we are large, but not “stuffed.”  +  [cp]

health  Tot-Coq  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
Jas. Aiken is lying very low at the O1ive hotel with congestion of the lungs.  + 

School  church  Tot-Coq?  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The advents have commenced their academy a [sic; = and] boarding house
and two dwellings.  +

Tot-Coq   misc-word  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Devaul & Poore have formed a partnership in their barbershops and keep at
the old stand.  + 

Srh  mill  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The schooner Danielson arrived here Sunday evening and will load at Lyons’
mill. She brought the merchants new goods.  +

CBR  LBR 2  [looseBH-RR]  CCH Aug 26, 1890. 
Mr. T.R. Sheridan, president of the Roseburg-Coos Bay railroad, accompanied
by his family went in to the bay yesterday.  +

Fruit  Tot-Coq    LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890
G. T. Robison will supply this town and vicinity with prunes of the finest
quality. He will keep a lot at Wimer &
Campbell’s store.   +   

School  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
[several columns on tchr’s institute held; day by day; 54 teachers present   ]

Tot-Riverton  agric    LBR  CCH Aug 26, 1890
Riverton Items. Harvest is nearly all in. Potatoes and late gardens look well.   
/  Plenty of  ripe fruit now takes the place of berries, which are nearly all gone;
and only now and then can a few berry h pickers be seen gathering the
remnant of the season.

Tot-Riverton school  LBR CCH Aug 26, 1890    
School will close in a few days after a session of four months.

Tot-Riverton mail  govt?  LBR CCH Aug 26, 1890 
We are told the postoffice commission has come; so Riverton will soon
receive mail at the post-office.    +

Name  Tot-Riverton     LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890    B. Vowell at Riverton.

other coal  school  Tot LBR 2  CCH August 26,1890
The Newport school numbers are nearly one hundred pupils and the interest of
all is manifest by the large attendance and material progress being made. They
have lately supplied their school house with patent seats and a beautiful eleven
inch globe. The walls are literally covered with useful charts, and altogether
the coal mine town of Coos county is foremost in her school facilities. Prof.
Ed T. Jennings, its principal, and his good work is known all over the county.  
+  [cp]

pursuit  LBR 2 CCH Aug 26, 1890
correction on last week’s Kid’s game with Bandon.

pop-Lhc   LBR 2  [looseBH-RR] CCH Aug 26, 1890.
The census of 1890 for Coos county was 8800 people.  The census of 1885
was 7444 people and the vote [registered voters?] of 1890 was 2025.  For
Curry county 1890 census: 4700;  1885 1532; vote of 1890 469 .  not quote at
all  [cp]

working-conditions?  [Lhc?]  [misc-word?]  Arago? [entertain]  
Pr 35  CCH Aug 26, 1890
upper R.  exercises fairgrounds Arago last Sat among best and most
entertaining tt taken place for some time this section of Coq valley. Knights of
Labor surrounded by 3 - 400 people;  J Henry Schroeder short pithy opening
address. Alice Schroeder sang and played beautiful song and universal verdict
that the execution good.  Mr.Bullard, the master workman, introduced Mrs.
Krekel, Cal, who been selected to speak on labor question.  Lady soon gave
evidence tt her wonderful mind had grasped and fully comprehended subject,
in vy eloquent and pleasant style presented ideas tt seemed to solve this most
important problem now being agitated in our country. Audience composed of
intelligent and thoughtful people of surrounding country, forcible propositions
ands solutions of the great question in fluent and intelligent manner drew
attention of every hearer. Joe Radabaugh read extract fm “Freethought” giving
expenses congress, portrays wretched state of  affairs in senate chambers.
Adjournment to beautiful grove near pavilion, partook of excellent picnic
dinner; after dinner and hour visiting, MP brass band struck up one of their
excellent airs in pavilion which called large mass people again, Mrs Krekel
address on liberalism. Arguments sustained the position taken by liberals
without the abuse of churches or orthodox doctrines so common to speakers
this subject. Not a word seemed to drop from her lips that could offend the
most zealous Christian, unless reason or agument [sic] should be a cause of
dissatisfaction.  past middle of afternoon, teams hitched to different wagons
and vehicles and all returned to homes feeling pleasant day had been passed

dairy  boomer  Pr 35 CCH Aug 26, 1890
John Stewart,  SF, contractor and builder of creameries, cheese factories in
town with view of getting up interest; he and his company prepared to put up
factories and machinery for same; never let this opportunity pass nq

Tot-multi   RE  prices  Srh-indir  anti-temperance  Pr 35 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Sherwood & Sanford real estate [Coq] [lists whole column of ] sales and
prices.   $6400.  302 acres 19 mi fm town, improved; $850  160 a. 4 mi fm
river landing, partly improved.   $4300 saloon, brewery, nice completed
dwelling, 7 lots Randolph.  [many others.]

School Pr-35a  CCH Aug 26, 1890
School Fund apportionments.
1.  Forks of Coq R.  49,70
2.  Capt. Harris   71.05
3.  Hall's Prairie    78,30
4.  Lampey Creek   84.10
5.  G A Brown     100.05
6.  Empire City   165.90
7.  S, Coos River (McKnight) 39.45
8.  Coquille City    421.95
9.  Marshfield   471.25
10.  Cunningham Cr    40.00

11.  Parkersburg     89.90
12.  Catching Slough  27.55
13.  North Bend    53.65
14.  Iowa Slough  53.65
15.  Angora    46.40
16.  Willanch Slough  36.25
17.  Kentuck Slough   76.85
18.  Coos City  53.65
19.  Robt. Strang's    18.35
20.  Fishtrap   81.20

21. Randolph   56.55
22.  N Fork Coq  (Moon)   46.40
23.  "    "       "      (Mast)    71.05
24.  Hon J H Roberts   46.40
25.  Fairview   68.15
26.  Haynes Slough   97.15
27.  Hon J S Coke      23.20
28.  Gravel Ford    56.25
29.  Two Mile    24.65
30.  Sumner    107.30

31.  Carolina    42.05
32.  Dora   55.10
33.  J O Barklow   52.20
34.  Elliott    75.40
35.  Daniels Cr.   40.60
36.  S. Coos R. (S C Rogers)   24.75
37.  Sugarloaf  Mtn    29.00
38.  Ten Mile   58.00
39.  Coos R. (L Smith)  36.25
40.  Newport  747.95

41.  Myrtle Point   258.25
42.  Rock Creek   39.15
43.  Norway   145.00
44.  J L Roy   53.65
45.  North Coos   104.40
46.  Four Mile   81.20
47.  Roland Prairie   30.45
48.  Innis Rose   40.60
49,  Bay City   63.00
50.  L B Fetter   33.35

51.  Utter City   37.70
52.  Myrtle Creek  24.85
53.  North Slough  46.40
54.  Bandon  147.90
55  Beaver Slough   27.59
56.  Stave Mill  26.10
57.  South Slough   79.75
58.  Summit   18.85
59.  Halls creek   58.00
60.  Pershbaker Mill  37.30                 [cp]

vital-stat  wedding  name  locale?  Pr 36  CCH Aug 26,1890
married at residence Mr H Hamby, 6 mi S of Bandon, Aug 20, Mr. John
McCue and Miss Rebecca A Hamby;  J B Marshall, officiating.
Tot-Coq  saddlery  Srh  Pr 36  CCH Aug 26,1890  
S. A .Ward, our saddler, received a large stock of goods from the city per
schooner -- among the rest a lot of linen lap-robes, ladies’ saddles, etc. Come
and see them.  + 

Tot-Coq  tin-mfg health-indir Pr 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890
    Mr, Gilroy, Kronenberg & Son’s tinner, made Knowlton the druggist 2 lg
tin receptacles for bird seed tt are marvels of neatness and workmanship; in
front windows of new drugstore.

Tot-MP  RE  Pr 36  CCH Aug  26,1890  J L Lewellen & Co, MP, real estate.

Names Health outing beach  Pr 36  CCH Aug 26,1890
 Mrs. G W Cartwright and husband, Capt Buchanan, ]ames Cartwright,
Master Lorin Dean, to beach;  Mrs C much improved.

School locale moving  Pr 36  CCH Aug 26,1890 
Belle Coleman’s school on Fishtrap closed last Friday, and she started for
Woodville, Oregon, on Saturday. It is with much regreat [as typed]  on the
part of the pupils that this efficient teacher leaves Coos county. She goes to
her former fields of operation to continue her avocation as a teacher.  +

Entertain music  name Pr 36  CCH Aug 26,1890 
THANKS.-- The Star Comedy Co., and the Trombone band wish to return
their sincere thanks to friends and especially ]o. Johnson and Hark Dunham
for favors; also the people of Marshfield for good treatment and liberal
patronage at their entertainment Saturday night.    +

Tot-Coq   saying Pr 36  CCH Aug 26,1890  [Ads.]  [more detail later issues.] 
N. Lorenz -- The World is Moving Because it Has to ...Now I propose to work
on the same Principle, and have marked goods down...  + 

Tot-Coq  Pr-36 CCH Aug 26, 1890   
 J E Martin, painter.    / Lyons store; furniture, summer dry goods, etc.

Tot-Name  PR 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890    T S Minott [as typed], Marshfield.

Health  Tot-Name  PR 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890  [cp] Dr. Sponogle, M’field. .

UR  Agric    Pr 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
Upper River. harvest has commenced; wheat, oats, barley good.    
UR school wagon name fruit  Pr 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890  Upper River.  ...    lg
number our people visited Bandon last wk, attended tchr institute; we going to
watch for Rob Dean when comes in w/wagon load melons.  

UR county   Pr-36  CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  Mr. Richards, co surveyor, upper valley official business.

UR Tot-Eckley  Health  Pr 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  Ed Haines, Eckley, town for medical treatment; sick some time;
considered in great danger; arr in vy emaciated condit; hoped however tt he
will recover w/rest and good care.

UR Animal  fruit  saying?   Pr 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  A large bear has been visiting Levi Gant’s orchard for several
days and nights. He tears down the limbs of pear and apple trees and does
much damage. This has occurred [sic] for several years and efforts have
been made to capture old bruin but without avail.  Parties from town were out
last week night and day hoping to rid the country of  this savage beast, but as
yet he is too wary to be caught.  +

UR  Road  transport  bridge  history?  boomer 
Pr 36 CH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  Five years ago there was but one carriage in this vicinity and
that was seldom seen on our streets. There were some light wagons to be sure,
but now every few minutes the rumbling of the wheels of some spring wagon
or carriage is heard upon your streets.  This may give some idea how fast the
upper Coquille is advancing. We are getting fine and substantial bridges and
good roads and our vast resources are inviting people in the interior to visit
our heretofore isolated region.  +    [cp]

UR  Rackleff  disaster agric Pr 36 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River. spot where W E Rackliff [sic] elegant residence stood looks
somewhat dreary since structure consumed fire last wk. 2 walnut trees at least
30 ft high stood nearby, vy badly scorched. Beautiful flower garden in front of
bldg not as badly injured as was expected to be. Some roses and other
varieties still look as fresh and lovely as though burning elements never been
so near, send forth their sweet fragrance still inviting one to halt as he passes
by; lg and thrifty fruit trees tt surrounded this beautiful home sufferers fm
intense heat and will be pity if do not revive former granduer [sic] and glory;
no insurance on bldg; $3000 would not cover loss. nq

UR  animal  farm  name  anti-boomer  Pr 36, CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  J W Caldwell down fm his stock.ranch Sat;   K Caldwell, one of
Coos best men gone to Douglas co to reside;  Coos can ill afford to spare such
as he   nq

PR-37 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Picnic organiz  Tot Pr-37 CCH Aug 26, 1890   K. of L. picnic Arago Sun
grand success  

ONG PR-37 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
ONG regular mtg next Sat eve   [Oregon Natl Guard]

Health Pr37 CCH Aug 26, 1890    Grandpa Goodman lying at point of death.  

Health Tot-Coq  Pr 37  CCH Aug 26, 1890
judge Watson’s aged mother guest at Olive sun eve  /
. Mr Hoppe, barber, got to SF OK though vy weak.
Tot-Coq-Name  Photo  Pr-37 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
C Wilkins, photographer, at MP next wk.  

Tot-Coq  food prices     Pr 37 CCH Aug 26, 1890   
15 lb sugar $1; 4 lb Rio coffee $1;  Lyons store, Coq.  

Tot-Coq saddlery  Pr-37 CCH Aug 26, 1890   
Ward, saddler, shop well stocked.

Flour  name  road   Pr 37 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Messrs Maxim and Wheeler brought the first Roseburg flour in over the
Middle Coquille last week.+

Road stage name locale   Pr 37 CCH Aug 26, 1890
L. F. Crenshaw, the stage driver to Coos City, is a careful driver and
courteous to passengers. He arrives here at 11 p.m.   +

School excursion Srh  sea-lions  programme  misc-wording interest
Pr-37  (and 37a}CCH Aug 26, 1890
[tchrs institute]
     ...After dinner about 170 boarded the tug Triumph, and, at one o’clock, the
boat steamed out of the river and over the bar. The weather was delightful, the
sun shining, a very light breeze blowing, and not enough swell to make but
one or two sick. As the boat approached the rock where the sea lions were
they tumbled off into the water, swimming off and roaring at a tremendous
rate. After going out about eight miles, the tug steamed back into the river,
having been out not quite two hours. All enjoyed the trip extremely, and, as
there were a number of hours yet until the evening entertainment, the beach
was soon alive with strollers; some to get a view of the sea beach, some to
walk with their best girl, and others for no worthier object than to dig clams...

     [opened Mon evening] interesting programme.  Quartette: ”Beautiful Star”;
Hon R H Rosa address in behalf citizens Bandon, welcoming tchrs to "Bandon
by the sea,” L. A  Reed responded; F S Bunch recited “My Katrina"; Prof R
W Airey address “Know and be Thyself”, well-listened to'  select reading C H
Holt, describing a sea bath taken by Farmer Stebbins who kicked a “lovely
wave,” closed entertainment. Tuesday:8:30 tchrs assembled for discussion
methods, committees appointed by Supt  Bunch: introductions    Miss Lavelle
Clinkenbeard, J. D. Black, Misses Minnie Butler, Minnie Wilkins and
Lucinda McC1oskey; recording secretary, Ed. T. Jennings; enrolling
secretaries, Sopha [sic] Tilman, H. M. Coke, Lucy Black, Minnie McCloskey,
Laura Wise, Rhoda Merrifield and Laura Turpen;  reporting secretaries: Miss
Alice CIinkenbesrd, L. A. Reed, Frank Weeks and Wm. Volkmar.  After
intermission Prof.Bunch told them success institute depended on their efforts
to enter freely in discussions. Prof Weeks, his methods of teaching
reading. Prof. McLean thought too much stress should not be placed on the
books to be used; tt children had been taught to read and read well with no
reader at all; had been taught reading fm a Child’s History and it was no
child’s history, either; had learned it fm the thicket of hard words found in the
Old Testament History , tt tchr must work for each individual in class. Oral
lessons introduced by G W Johnson, advantage in primary classes over old
methods.  After dinner, organization and govt of schools by F S Bunch.; no
tchr could govern a school who could not govern himself.  Nq  He believed
that mischief, the evil angel might be driven away by the good angel.  +   Ira
Taylor discussed subject penmanship; advocated use of dry pen in securing
position, as ink drew attention to pinpoint of pen, scholar thus losing sight of
the position needed  nq;  a hand in which the bones are mostly cartilage [sic]
should not use a pen but a pencil, therefore let the little ones use the latter. +
     Interesting programme, evening.  Excellent instrumental music by Profs
Taylor and Topping, and Mrs. Wise; Recitations, L A Reed, May Bunch;
event of evening: debate on: Resolved:  That the study Language is better for
the development of the mind than the study of mathematics." speakers
affirmative  F S Bunch, G W Johnson, L A Reed; negative R W Airey, Ira
Taylor, J J Stanley.   discussion animated; good hits made on both sides.

     Wed. Prof  J J Stanley topic bookkeeping; single entry may be learned in
one lesson .  Rev Mr. McLain physiology and hygiene showing what
influence eating, drinking and dressing had on health,  keep well as well as get
well.  Said nq / we cook by guess and get sick and then go to the doctor to be
treated be treated by measure, and good measure too.  By the money many
parents expend for school books and hog feed it would seem that they cared
more for their hogs' stomachs than they did for their children’s brains.  +

school  [tchr institute  cont]  Pr-38 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Mr. Bunch said it had been decided those teachers not attending institute
should not be recommended for state certificate.  committee on resolutions G
W Johnson, Lucinda McCloskey, J C Bogue, Tillie Volkmar, Lavelle
Clinkenbeard.  nq

     The teachers then gathered at Tupper’s rock and ugly and pretty faces alike
were caught by
McMillan’s camera.  +
        Nq  [M. then the part abt Tug Triumph over bar]

     entertaiment for evening; full orchestral music well rendered; vocal duet,
May Bunch, Sopha Tilman, "In the Starlight."  select reading by Chas Holt;
violin and guitar duet by Profs Taylor and LaDee.  Rev McLean, lecture
”Vacation Glimpses of the Orient."  Descr. of other countries common these
days but Rev McLean exceptional merit; trips along Bosphoros [sic]  and
Ottorman [sic] empire, good descriptive powers. Up to this time, the work of
the institute had been one of uninterrupted success and delight, and, now, we
dislike very much to speak of anything in of a dissagreeable [sic] nature.
Some fifteen or twenty roughs, from different parts of the county, in the rear
of the hall, just as the speaker had reached the most interesting portion of his
discourse completely stopped the lecturer by stamping feet, clapping hands,
whistling, etc. We must say that the whole disturbance was shameful, a
disgrace to Bandon, and a gross insult to the institute and those who took part.
In justice to the people of Bandon however we might add that
the ring-leaders will be prosecuted and all such disturbers taught a wholesome
lesson. Frank Bunch in gave a recitation on bangs [as typed]] which was filled
with iron-clad statements and hard fisted arguments.[M. or????   meaning?? ] 
Prof. LaDee sang a specialty song, "Since Kate Learned how to Play."  The
professor was encored and sang a Dutch dialect song “Eukerem vas de Game”
and the audience was dismissed after singing by the choir.

morning devoted to subjects orthography and geography.  Miss May Bunch
discussed former topic; tchrs took active interest [both branches], discussion
with enthusiasm. Miss Alice Clinkenbeard, geography, recommended map
drawing and oral lessons. After dinner Prof Airey, his methods of tching
history; oral methods for beginners; advocated tchrs understanding the branch
thoroughly and adding to pupils’ knowledge by explaining points not found in
the brief work. To fix in minds of learners, appeal to sense of [illegible] as
well as hearing.  Prof Bogue grammar; oral lessons   discussion.   good
program in evening full orchestra music; Miss [illegible] sang "Homeless
Tonight." “Dot Baby of Mine" by L.A. R... [ illegible]  Mrs Tower, solo, and
encore “Little Annie Rooney”.  Hon John Gray lecture "Is Oratory A Lost
Art?" Recitation: F Bunch, “The Farmer and the Wheel,” filled with laughable
[illegible] uations [=  quotations?] and ludricous [sic] expressions was well
received.  Prof. La Dee Guitar solo and barnyard imitations were most
laughable in the extreme and received much applause. Being encored he said
he would give the audience a [parody?] on “In a Prison Cell.” It was titled:
"The Silent Cell.” He gradually worked his way toward, the door and in a
moment he was gone and the audience were left to enjoy their self [sic] as best
they might. Evening entertainment closed with quartette: “Come Where The
Lillies [as typed] Bloom.”

8:00  tchrs called to order, Prof R M Porter’s methods tching arithmetic;
advocated principles (understanding of) first, and [then?] pupils from these
making their own rules.
Resolutions Committee: Resolved, tt thanks due Col Rosa for use of his
commodious hall for mtgs.  tt thanks due people this city for interest and
courtesy.  tt thanks tendered to supt and exec. committee of institute.  tt thanks
due Mrs Wise for acting as organist.  tt thanks due Pros LaDee, Topping,
Taylor, Mrs Eganhoff, furnishing with music;   tt thanks due to Rev McLean
for discourse Vacation Glimpses of the Orient."   Tt thanks due to Capt
Snyder for the vy pleasant excursion over the bar.  Tt thanks due to hotel
proprietors who reduced rates for institute;  tt thanks due stmr and stage cos
who favored with reduced rates    tt thanks due Mrs Dr Tower for music.   
Resolved tt thanks due Hon John A Gray for deeply interesting and highly
appreciated lecture "Is Oratory a Lost Art?"
   54 tchrs present; Alice Clinkenbeard, Ed. Jennings, Bertha Clark, May
Clark, Ida Greenum, Ethel Simpson, Carrie Coke, Lucy Black, F. S. Bunch, W
H Bunch, L A Reed, G W Johnson, May Leek, Ira Taylor, R M Porter, F R
Weeks, Gertrude Rose, Ida Haines, Ruby Haines, Lucinda McCloskey, Jessie
Smith, Nellie Figg, Chas Holt, Alice Holt, Nora Bunnell, Rhoda... [rest of list
is cut up, illegible].

Tot-Coq   Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Sugg & Jones, dressmakers (Ola Sugg, Ne1lie Jones)     /    A J Wimer, W N
Campbell Red Front grocery store. /  Robinson House, Coq Mrs S Robinson,

Tot-Marshfield  photo    Pr-39  CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Coos Bay Photo and Crayon Co, Marshfield, McMillan and Bratt.

Tot-MP Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890    
Lehnherr house, MP, Jennie Majory, proprietress.     

Tot-Coq prices  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
New Boarding House, Coq, 4th door east Odd Fellows bldg; newly furnished
and first-class accommodations and lodging $4.00 wk, board $3.50 wk, meals
25 c.  U. Root, prop.

Tot-Marshfield  Pr 39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Coos Bay Marble and Stone Works, C W Patterson, prop, Marshfield.  

Tot-Coq photo    PR 39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Photographs, Wilkins.  gallerv 6 door e. of Odd Fellows 

Music item   Pr-39 CCH Aug 25, 1890  Beatty’s Pianos.  [M. a natl brand]
Tot-Coq RE   Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890   [name?   ] & Harlocker, real estate.

Paper  book literary  prices  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
$1.25 to Pacific Union, 622 Clay St, SF, will get tt splendid workingman’s
[paper 1 yr and a copy of "Looking Backward."
Tot-Multi  Srh  RR boomer   PR 39 CCH aug 26, 1890
Ysrrow.  townsite [ad. M: not same as later ads, but part cut out in clipping]
Yarrow! The most centrally situated town on Coos Bay. Owing to its position
it is bound to ultimately be the [ illegible] Terminus of All Roads [illegible ]
to the Bay.  [illegible   ] deep water, and within [illegible ] point on Coos Bay. 
Lots now for [ illegible ] site on exceptionally easy terms, [ illegible ] one-
third in one year, and [ illegible] per cent. [Coos Bay?] Real Estate &
Development Co. P 0 box 178. Marshfield, Oregon.  + [cp]

Outside-fair fruit  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The Southern Oregon Fair Will Be Held at Central Point, Jackson County,
Beginning Monday, September 22nd, 1890 and continue Six Days. Over
$7000 offered for Premiums and Purses. +  [open and free on Mon, lst day of
fair; fruit growers exhibit will take place mon]  every facility offered to those
wishing to camp on grounds; for booth and other privileges, apply to secy at
Jacksonville. Robert A Miller, Secy.

Tot-MP  name  RE  Pr 39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Luse And Billings MP Real Estate, MP, OR, Office in Laconing [sic] block,
First st; [property in Brown’s and Lehnherr’s additions; acre property
adjoining town.  
Tot-MP  Pr 39 CCH Aug 26, 1890    J H Roberts, genrl mcdze MP

RR  Tot-multi?    Pr-39 CCH Aug 26,1890
East Marshfield, The coming R. R. Center of Coos County. Lots are now on
the market.  For further information apply to the Coos Bay Land Company at
East Marshfield, Oregon.  [M.  this and Yarrow have been in intermittently,
but not in all extant issues.]  [cp]

Tot-Coq  Srh   Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
[ads]; Jno Kronenberg & Son, Coq.  /  Wrenshall & Wrenshall boat bldrs Coq.

Area-business directory     [Bennett, Nosler; health]  [??]
Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
[ads]. Dr W C Owen;  D M Brower MD, MP; Dr J J Gussenhoven, Bandon; O
E Smith, Surgeon Dentist M’field;  McMillan Bros Instantaneous
Photographers Marshfield, Oregon+  /  John F Hall atty and real estate,
M’field;    Jno A Gray, atty Marshfield; A J Sherwood atty and notary, Coq.   /  
Lane & Lane (L F, John) Atty; land cases; Rsbg. /  W. Sinclair, atty Coq; T C
Owen, Atty Marshfield.  /  J W Bennett, Marshfield.  [cp]    D L Watson,
Empire;    /  J H Nosler, Notary Public, Coquille City, Or.;  H A Wethey,
Painting and graining Coq.   S E Harkness watchmaker and jeweler Coq.   / 
[fuller info here or else in later 1890 papers]  Dr H E Dunham.

health Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
[ads]. Dr W C Owen;  D M Brower MD, MP; Dr J J Gussenhoven, Bandon; O
E Smith, Surgeon Dentist M’field

photo Tot-Marshfield  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890  McMillan Bros
Instantaneous Photographers Marshfield, Oregon +

name RE Tot-Marshfield Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
 John F Hall atty and real estate, M’field

outside-Tot  Lane  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Lane & Lane (L F, John) Atty; land cases; Rsbg.

Tot-name  Pr 39 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
Jno A Gray, atty Marshfield.   T C Owen, Atty Marshfield.  J W Bennett,
Marshfield  [cp].

Tot-Empire Pr 39 CCH aug 26,1890   D L Watson, Empire

Tot-Coq  Pr 39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
A J Sherwood atty and notary, Coq.           W. Sinclair, atty Coq.            J H
Nosler, Notary Public, Coquille City, Or.
H A Wethey, Painting and graining Coq.   S E Harkness watchmaker and
jeweler Coq.  

Health name Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890   Dr H E Dunham.

[ads of those that aren’t in later papers]

area-business directory, cont
health  Tot-Coq   Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890   Dr L B Lawrence, physician and
Surgeon, Coquille City, Oregon.

Health Tot-Marshfield Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Snedden F. Wilson Atty at Law. Marshfield, Coos County, Oreg. Office over
Sengstacken’s Drug Store. +

ONG  organiz  Tot-Coq?  interest  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Company H  ONG meets Masonic bldg sat night after each full moon.

Fish Tot-Randolph Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Coq Fisherman’s Union Randolph.

Organiz  Pr-39 CCH Aug 26, 1890  GAR  Gen Lytle; H H Nichols,
commander.  /
  AF and AM Chadwick Lodge  S A Ward, WM.  /  IOOF Coq No 53   J C [as 
typed ] Dean, NG.

Natl saying conditions  Pr-39 [and 39a] CCH Aug 26, 1890 
[lengthy natl filler on money sharks.]
...The miners of Pennsylvania, who during the past winter have subsisted on
mush alone; the farmer, the laborer, all those who toil to-day that they may
live tomorrow, are but choice morsels for the [money] sharks of our
civilization.  +  [cp]

Other RR   timber  other-mill  locale?  fair  interest paper? 
Pr-40 CCH Aug 26.1890
"The widest plank on earth" is on exhibition at a railroad depot in this city.  It
was cut at the Elk river mill, and is sixteen feet in width.  It will be among the
Humboldt exhibits at the world’s fair in Chicago. --Humboldt Standard.  +

entertain  Tot-Coq  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
On Wednesday evening the Star Comedy Company gave "The Midnight
Mistake" free to a large audience at Masonic hall.  It was really a rehearsal at
which they wanted to try some new hands.  All did remarkably well.  +

outside-Tot  road misc-word  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Mr Henry Adams, Myrtle creek, taking in Coos co, says middle Coq wagon rd
to Rsbg is the finest mtn road he has seen in state, and Coos portion best of it.  

Srh  animal interest  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The crew and passengers on the Restless on Tuesday, afternoon, coming up to
this place, had some fun with a large fat buck which they lassoed as it was
swimming across the river. They came near to having to take water as it was
inclined to clean them out when they got it on board.  +

School  other coal  Tot-Libby Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The Newport school numbers are nearly one hundred pupils, and the interest
of all is manifest by the large attendance and material progress being made.
They have lately supplied their school house with patent seats and a beautiful
eleven inch globe. The walls are literally covered with useful charts, and
altogether the coal mine town of Coos county is foremost in her school
facilities. Prof. Ed. T Jennings, is principal, and his good work is known all
over the county.  +  [punctuation sic]

Name animal Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
[Clark Bullard is still advertizing his cattle at Arago]

Pursuit Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Baseball game published last wk wrong; Coq City Kids beat Bandon nine 33-
17 with only one inning left. Nq

Outside-Tot  Pioneer  outlook  history   Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Mr. A. J. Davis, the original settler on the townsite of Marshfield, and who
left this county resettling in Butte Montana, some thirty years ago, recently
died there a millionaire six times over.  +

Vital-stat  locale?   Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
married, upper Sixes, Aug 17, Edward Masters and Miss Annie McBride,
Curry co.

Tot-Riverton  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Several lots bargained for in Riverton

Tot-Riverton   paper  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
[M. evid Riverton items.]  What has become of Lodi? ...as one passes along the
 river, he can see tt he has erected new house nearby where the other stood;
between burnouts, hay-baling, building, little wonder he has no time to write.  
Tot-Riverton Angora beach  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
[M. evid Riverton items.]   Mrs King and Miss Britenbucher, Angora, guests at
R P King’s last wk; all have gone to beach.  

Animal Tot-Riverton pursuit-hunting  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
A bear hunt is talked of by the boys round here. +  [Riverton]

Music name Tot-Riverton  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
[M. evid Riverton item.] enjoyable time had at social singing at B Vowel's the
other night.

paper. Prices Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 J A and D F Dean, eds and props;
subscription per yr, in advance, $2.; publ. every Tue. 

Area-Business directory [??}  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
   [ads noted more full in later papers:] Chicago Cottage Organ Co.      Irving
Cook Commission merchant.;     A 1 Schooner Parkersburg;    Coq Mill &
Tug;      the Flentge Drugstore, NGW Perkins, MP;      Pioneer Stage Line
Johnson & Dunham;      Coq Mill & Tug, general mcdze, lumber, towing by
tug Triumph, J Parker, Chas F Doe, Parkersburg;      gallery Marshfield, J W
Riggs;    Mrs Wilkins Bakery 6 door E of Mr Lorenz store.    New Blacksmith
shop Hughes and Drane, props.   Olive Hotel Mrs A L Olive, prop.   C A
Sehlbrede, Atty  Rsbg;    J F Weston Civil Engineer and Surveyor, M’field;   
J J Wilson jeweler, watchmaker, optician, Coq.
Condell’s a Big can baking powder, N Lorenz.   also ad for J M Upton place

above, dissolved
Area-Business directory  
Music  item  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  Chicago Cottage Organ Co.
Commission house Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890       Irving Cook Commission

Tot-Parkersburg  Srh  lbr mill  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890    
A 1 Schooner Parkersburg;    Coq Mill & Tug   /
Coq Mill & Tug, general mcdze, lumber, towing by tug Triumph, J Parker,
Chas F Doe, Parkersburg

Health Tot-MP  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  the Flentge Drugstore, NGW Perkins, MP

Transport name  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26,1890   Pioneer Stage Line Johnson & Dunham

Photo Tot-Marshfield Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890   gallery Marshfield, J W Riggs

Tot-Coq food Pr 40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
 Mrs Wilkins Bakery 6 door E of Mr Lorenz store. 

Tot-Coq blacksmith  Pr-40  CCH Aug 26, 1890 
New Blacksmith shop Hughes and Drane, props.

Tot-Coq  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890   Olive Hotel Mrs A L Olive, prop.  

Tot-Roseburg  name  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  C A Sehlbrede, Atty  Rsbg;  

Tot-Marshfield  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
J F Weston Civil Engineer and Surveyor, M’field

Tot-Coq  item  health  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890  
J J Wilson jeweler, watchmaker, optician, Coq.

Tot-Coq food  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Condell’s a Big can baking powder, N Lorenz.

Tot-Bandon-name  item Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
[ad for]  J M Upton place Bandon.

Health Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 Dr. Pierce’s Pellets; unequaled as a liver pill

Book--catalog  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890
[ads not previously noted]. Montgomery Ward & Co Buyer’s Guide.

Book  salesmen Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Agents Coin Money Selling the Peerless Edition of THE PILGRIM’S
PROGRESS!  The History Co, 723 Market St  SF [more to article].  

Tot-Bandon  transport  Pr-40 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Ocean  House, Bandon, R.H. Baily [sic], Prop., Free coach to and fm the
Pr41-49  open

Tot-Coq  Pr-50  CCH Sept 2, 1890  bargains, Lyons’ store

[???]  Gammill   condit  RR??  Saying   Pr-50 CCH Sept 2, 1890
[vy lengthy article signed Lodi, addressed to] John Gammill. ]
I would rise and come to the van, with this assertion: When the labor question
is permitted to flow in an even channel uninterrupted by the rocks and shoals
of personal ambition, self interest and individual aggrandisement, it is the
grandest system under the dome of heaven. To understand its true sentiment a
man must be a co-worker with its varied arrangements, his hands must be
stained and his brow damp with the sweat of labor; no begloved and
bejeweled dignatary [ssic] has equal show with such a man in the law of labor;
no "favorite of fate in pleasures lot caressed" has any right to dictate terms of
life to a man of labor; no capitalist has any right to balance his money against
the mind and muscle of his penniless neighbor.   ...no railroad syndicate,
railroad king, sugar king, lumber king, or coal king has any right to wear a
crown -- claimed and won, usurpingly...    +   [cp]   [M. note  I didn't find any
previous mention of Gammill and labor politic.  Is he a rich man?]  [M 2004 
among other things, Gammill eventually worked for Graham or BH; does that
mean he thought of as tool of capitalists?]

Church religion politic? Nosler   Pr-50 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
[lengthy article called]  To the clergy, by W H Nosler, in which he says]
throughout Christ’s ministry he preached socialism, pure and unadulterated;
he taught us to bear one another’s burdens;  to the rich man he said: “Sell what
thou hast and give to the poor.... If Elder Wells [who preached in Meth  ch
Coq for services] and all other ministers of the Gospel would not stop to prove
such declarations as  that “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,”
but go on and preach the changing of present conditions, much more good
would be accomplished.  For instance, if they want less of ignorance let them
preach, universal education by the nation...  

UR  Tot-names    Pr 50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  Judge Dyer [of Bandon] visited our city last wk.    /   Atty
Sherwood [Coq] was in town the fore part of the week.  /   We notice the
pleasant countenance of J.T. Moulton [Coq?] on our streets quite often of late. 
Church UR  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  Rev McLean delivered 2 vy interesting sermons, sun morn-eve

UR [MP] home-seekers  RE  character Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.   ...many home-seekers visiting Lewellen & Co; they are lively
and wide awake men.   
Dairy  UR Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Upper River.
 ...persons fm interior remark J W Wimer’s cheese.best they tasted in Oregon.

UR  Tot-MP-names   Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  Rufus Horton, Allen Dodge finishing touches with paint to Hon
J H Roberts’ dwelling. 
UR item RR-hopes  paper  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.   ...When Sol Wise presents this department with one of those
fine hats he has in his store we will mention it in these columns and wear it
down to the railroad front, and not before. +  [cp]

UR School name  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  ... Brown’s schoolhouse paint inside-out; Lewis Strong and Ben
Shull directors nq at all. 

UR transport mail  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  ...Two lines of stages now running MP --Rsbg; Jas Laird
making ready to carry out mail contract and convey passengers over middle
Fork rd.  [cp]  

UR Tot-MP  saying?  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.  ...J W Wimer’s new  bldg approaching completion elegant
structure, an ornament to the city   nq
.  Threshing machines starting up; one run made at Daniel Giles’
Pr 50 CCH Aug 26. 1890
 Upper River.  Threshing machines starting up; one run made at Daniel Giles’
farm 3 mi above town; 80 bushels barley 70 bushels oats to acre; Coquille
Valley takes the cake. [cp]  

UR Music entertain health  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890
The Enterprise Brass Band advertised they would give social dance Sat
Aug30, owing to funeral MM Majory’s little child postponed party until Sept

Giles Name novelty-brick health UR  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890
Upper River.  ...Samuel Giles, the indefatigable brick manufacturer, has been
confined to his room several days because of over-work. It is hoped he will
soon be around, as his services are greatly needed in laying up the new kiln
now ready to be fired.
UR  name Tot-Eckley  other mining  Pr-50 CCH Aug 26, 1890 
Upper River.   ...Geo Guering [sic; prob Guerin] down fm Eckley; still
enthusiastic abt Salmon Mtn mines; assayer says best rock fm that district.  

UR novelty-brick Tot-MP  school Hermann boomer  Pr-50 Aug 26, 1899 
Upper River.   ...Hon J H  Roberts will put mechanics at work on his brick
bldg on the 2nd;  This will be the first structure of the kind in the Coquille
valley. The brick school houses will soon follow and Hon B Hermann will be
ready ere long to erect a fine large structure on the southeast corner of First
and Spruce sts. "We are marching along."   [M. 2005I thought Lonaconing
block had previously been mentioned; were there other (non-brick) bldngs
there before Hermann's brick opera house and hall?]  [M. 2005. Roberts
brick bldg was later A.H. Black]

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