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[Herald 1890.  Selected items; not a comprehensive record.]

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COQUILLE CITY HERALD          Coquille, OR.
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AUGUST 12, 19, 1890

Aug 12

Wages-working conditions  [Un-5]   CCH Aug 12, 1890.
 (fm Union-Labor column).  Eight hours constitute a day’s labor in all
departments of the public service except in the Post Office.  +   [cp]

health  Tot-Coq   Un-5   CCH Aug 12, 1890.
Dr. Owen, Physician and Surgeon. Office over new drug store in Coq. U.S.
Examiner for  pensions. not quote

Lhc  resources   sugar beets  attitude  boomer-outlook
Un-5    CCH Aug 12, 1890. 
[article lamenting fact tt there aren’t sugar beets grown in this section.]
    It is too bad that a section of country so rich in natural wealth, so abundant
in resources, with such extensive forests, vast coal fields, fertile soil and such
inexhaustible supply of the best and purest of mountain water as is found in
Coos county should be allowed to lie dormant and      +       [continued, but
not in this section.]   [cp]    [M. 2006.  Prob the rest is in Pr-27a, though
currently that's listed as separate article: What needed, Nosler, etc.]

RR   signs-times  un-6  CCH Aug 12,1890
Upper River. Two railroad surveyors were meandering about town Saturday
and caused much excitement among land owners.  For at times the speculative
real estate men would begin to fear that the depot would be far away from his
possessions, as the surveyors returned Sunday to Marshfield without giving
any one any information where the car shop, round house, station house, coal
sheds or telegraph office would be, we presume that the agents who handle
"'mother earth'" will do a small business for a few days.  +  [cp ]

Fair  Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
a question abt where fairgrounds are to be located. There's enough subscribed
if subscribers would promptly heed the call made for $5 a share. Hoping to get
it in Coquille City but only one place for it to be and --
    Messrs. Sherwood, Sanford and Lorenz purchased the ground. They can
sell it now to somebody else for double what it cost them, but this is the only
piece of bench land large and level enough for fairgrounds within a radius of 5
mi. fm Coq. City; pleading tt it not too late, so let's have a fairgrounds. [nt
quote.]  [M. note:  Obviously they didn't get it. Whether subscribers turned it
down or a vote of county people or fair board, it doesn't hint.] 

fruit  crop   climate   condit-outlook   Tot
Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
Coos Bay's Fruit Lands, not quote. Coos Bay has finest fruit lands in the
     We saw loaded peach trees on East Marshfield point of as large, fine
peaches as one could hope to see anywhere, and enough to excite the envy of
a New Jersey orchardist. The fruit was fully ripe, and we can vouch for its
superiority. We observed a grape vine that must have several hundred pounds
of fruit on it; also the finest of apples, pears, plums, prunes, etc., growing with
vigorous corn and potatoes. So much for East Marshfield's freedom from
severe winds, and Coos Bay's fruit lands.

Outside locale  other RR   Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
[articles abt what is in] Oakland Cal.  [M. or is it Oakland, OR?]  some of rr
routes to Portland.

Farm  fruit Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Farmers are beginning to bring quite a lot of nice apples and plums.

Tot-Coq   music Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
J J Wilson is advertising fine harmonicas. The best for the money anywhere. 
not quote.

Tot   Entertain Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890  
Star Comedy Co. "A Midnight Mistake"  Marshfield Aug. 23. not quote.

Mingus-indir?  health visiting  Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
Dr. and Mrs. Minnis of Roseburg, are visiting the bay. +  [M. note: could this
poss be Mingus?  I don’t see how, since he married later while living Coos.]   

church Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
Somebody has shanghaied the Empire City M.E. church, taking it to East
Marshfield.  +

Crops   farm  fair Un-6 CCH Aug 12, 1890
After all, the crops throughout the state are up to the average and in many
instances unprecedented yields are reported.  /      Every farmer in the county
should  prepare and take something to our fair. Each one do his part and the
fair will be a success.

Locale  early CBR  Un-6  CCH Aug 12, 1890.
  Lengthy entry on East Marshfield; what is there.  Nq
     [final entry on East Marshfield says:] The railroad from that place to the
Clawson place below Beaver slough on this river is to be commenced very
soon and rushed to completion, its rapid occupation may be readily assumed. 
[M. note: sounds like there is already right of way near Marshfield, while last
week’s paper sounded as though they had not yet surveyed or got right of
way.]  [cp]

Tot-Coq Un-6   CCH Aug 12, 1890
 [list of the persons who stayed at the Olive Hotel last week.  Dozens of them. 
Hard to believe they have tt many rooms.]

Fish oystersTot- Glasgow  condit-signs-times  un-7 CCH Aug 12, 1890
It turns out now that John Nasburg, T. J. Davis, and Johnny Manning after
their very commendable efforts in establishing an oyster bed in Coos bay have
to fight a large, rich corporation, the Glasgow townsite company, to maintain
it, and the opposition, it is claimed, is purely wonton [sic].  Right is right, no
matter who the parties are affected, whether rich or poor, high or low, or
whatnot. In this instance, it is said that the company, instead of stopping when
it got its wharf piling to the channel, kept right straight on across the middle
ground and the oyster bed till stopped by the strong arm of the law. We trust
that right and justice will prevail, and that Glasgow may thrive and prosper
with and by, and not to the exclusion of established enterprises, this one of
which, though proven to be established but fifteen months, promises so much.
+   [as typed.]

Paper  Tot-Coq  R E   un-7 CCH Aug 12, 1890
J. A. and D.F. Dean, proprietors of paper.  [Herald]   /   Sinclair & Harlocker
selling real estate. not quote.    

Streets  Tot-Coq    un-7 CCH Aug 12, 1890  
An occasional tree left in the recently cleared streets makes an eyesore.  [M.
2006.  Same item appears in Pr-   , dated Aug 10, 1890]

Utiity  Tot-Coq un-7 CCH Aug 12, 1890
The Occident Water company is removing the pump logs and replacing them
with iron pipe from the corner of Second and Taylor streets to the foot of
Second, there being several leaks in that line.  +

Tot-Coq  health un-7 CCH Aug 12, 1890
M. C. Hoppe is selling his barbershop because of poor health. not quote.  /  
   Mr. Lorenz's family, we are glad to state, are all over the measles, Henry
being able to take his place behind the counter in the store again.  +

Tot-Bandon  condit-outlook   RR-hopes   Un-7  CCH Aug 12, 1890. 
[Long article abt] Bandon.  What is there, its progress. nq
[End:]  Settlers, with whom I have conversed, are in a unit in the opinion that
a railroad from Roseburg to Coquille City will aid in bringing in people of
means to assist in the development of Bandon and the country adjoining.  +    

Tot-Coq  R. E.  Un-7 CCH Aug 12, 1890
[ad ].  Mrs.S. E. Robinson has again taken charge of her hotel, the Robinson
house and has thoroughly renovated the same.  not full quote.       /    There are
two hotels for sale in Coquille City by Sherwood and  Harlocker. And the
only reason the proprietor has for wishing to sell is that he has made all the
money he wants. [doesn't say which hotels.]

climate Un-7  CCH Aug 12, 1890 Beautiful weather.

What needed  Lhc  Nosler  [Pr-27a] CCH Aug 12 1890 
[M. 2006. This probably continues an article in Un-5.  If so, requires small t.]
There are dozens of enterprises that might be successfully carried on causing a
continual stream of money to flow in here and develop as rich a section of
country as can be found anywhere on this coast. What's the matter with a fruit
cannery, a starch factory, a match factory, a box factory, a sash and door
factory or any factory that manufactures articles out of wood? We have the
timber, of the finest quality, and in unlimited quantities; we have coal in
abundance, which will produce the motive cower at a nominal cost. Then why
do we ship our lumber and coal away to be used in manufactories elsewhere?
Why not ship manufactured goods from here instead of the raw material, can
anyone tell?   [lot more; stat on what could happen if they planted sugar
...We must necessarily have a barrel factory as one hundred and twenty-five
barrels are used daily; [M. note, it had just been talking abt creameries and
cheese factories; I can't tell whether barrels for that or for everything produced
here.] at least sixty tons of coal per day would be used, necessitating the
opening of some of our coal banks. The daily expense of running this factory,
almost of every cent of which would be expended right here among us, would
be $2464.75.  [M. how many factories is he talking about; where does he get
the 2000 figure; looks like he's talking about combining beet sugar, creamery
end coal.]  W.H. Nosler.  +         

church Tot  [Pr-27a] CCH Aug 12 1890 
East Marshfield's new church is receiving s coat of paint.      [cp]

timber  disaster  locale  [Pr-27a] CCH Aug 12 1890 
Big fire on E. side of Isthmus slough. Some valuable timber is in danger if the
fire is not stayed in its progress. not full quote.

Srh  other local RR  machine?  Tot  [Pr-27a] CCH Aug 12 1890      
The Maggie Ross, Tuesday, brought up the locomotive for the California
Company's road on north Coos river. Although the engine weighed over 15
tons, it was landed on the Porter wharf in a trifle over four hours.  + 

UR Church  [Pr-27a] CCH Aug 12 1890      
Upper River.  The United Brethren will commence their new church building
the first of September. + 

UR  travel [Pr-27a] CCH Aug 12 1890    
Upper River    The hotels are crowded day end night; in fact it will be
necessary to enlarge them very soon as travel is increasing.   +

UR  church  Pr 27 a CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Upper River.  [lists Ladies' Aid Society. ]
UR name  Pr 27a CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Upper River.  J.W. Wimer fine residence on "Border Heights" east of town is
looming up rapidly.  +

Interest UR condit-progress  paper   Pr 27a CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Upper River. A banker was in town last week looking for an opening a branch
office of his bank here. We imitated [sic] that we would take a loan, but
we have not seen him since. We suppose he concluded that if editors
borrowed that they would soon burst any bank.  +
UR RE  Pr-27a  CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Upper River. Henry Luse and Isaac Billings have fitted up fine rooms in the
Laconing [sic] building for their real estate office.  +

UR pursuit  misc-saying Pr-27a CCH Aug 12, 1890
 Upper River.  ...  A skating rink was started some time since in the hall of the
Laconing block, but the rattling, roaring, tumbling, screaming, thumping,
bumping, and so forth was more than the sensitive nerves of our naturally
quiet citizens could tolerate, hence the skating was stopped.  +

Tot-MP   school  Pr-27a CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Upper. River. Citizens of MP have decided to build new school house. not

UR music   Pr-27a CCH Aug 12, 1890.  
[lists several choirs, bands, etc. Upper r.]

 Tot-multi  condit-progress  Lhc?  RR  Pr-28    CCH Aug 12, 1890
     The promising townsite of East Marshfield is attracting a great deal of
attention on the bay just now.  Last Saturday Mr Coberg, the gentlemanly
agent in charge, showed a Herald representative all over the site, and he
acknowledges that an eighteen year’s residence in the county, and a part of the
time spent in Marshfield, had not qualified him to judge of this lovely place as
a location for a city. It is situated east of Marshfield and gets its name from its
direction and proximity to the county’s metropolis. It is bounded on the south
by Isthmus slough where it has a good, substantial wharf; on the west by Coos
bay proper and on the north by Coos river and Catching slough, thus forming
a horse-shoe-like exterior. The ground is sufficiently rolling to admit of
excellent drainage, and the best of water is obtained at a depth of twenty (20)
feet. The streets are eighty feet wide and the alleys twenty feet, thus giving the
place the metropolitan appearance in that regard that is supposed to maintain
in all the near future. There is ample room for a. city of twenty thousand
people, exclusive of an extensive tide flat on the south and vest which is being
sold readily for factory sites, mills and business locations. Upon the whole
East Marshfield is destined to make a city and the rival that gets away with
her will have to get on a good move. The buildings going up show in every
stick and timber an abiding faith in its future by the settler’s [sic] there.
     That the railroad from that place to the Clawson place below Beaver
slough on this river is to be commenced very soon and rushed to completion,
its rapid occupation may be readily assumed [sic].   [cp]

Other RR  Pr-28 CCH Aug 12, 1890  
 ...much talk of the probability of Atchison-Topeka road will come here
[Oakland, Cal] via Mojave, much desired, as Cal now in hands of complete rr
monopoly.  Portland has  3 transcon rtes, Tacoma and Seattle 2.    [cp]

Nosler  beet sugar  needed  Pr-28 CCH Aug 12, 1890
[In addition to article by Nosler, also adds tt E H Dyer, experienced beet sugar
mfgr offers to put in plant w/300 ton capacity daily (he is supt Standard sugar
refinery Alvarado cal; will build $300,000 factory as soon as we will insure
him planting of 3000 acres sugar beets , cost of production and delivery to
factory would not exceed $30 acre, leaving $90 acre profit. A factory tt size
would keep 200 milk cows.  [M. to eat the silage left over, or???]   [article
continues, as I have on other pg.] [cp]

machine  mill locale  Pr-28 CCH Aug 12, 1890  
broken engine Bay City mill; new will an increase power.  [cp]

Road county  Pr 28 CCH Aug 12, 1890 .   
 co surveyor to locate rd fm NB to Yarrow, also relocated the road NB -
Empire, and locate a new road fm South slough to Newport.  [cp]  [also in

Srh road  mail  Tot-Multi  needed  PR 28 CCH Aug 12, 1890
Stmr Truckee to leave SF on abt 1st and 15 ea month for P. Orford and
Tillamook.  Gold Beach Gazette; we have first class wagon rd thru county,
daily mail; next move should be Wells Fargo at Bandon, P Orford, Ellensburg,
and G.Beach.   [cp]

locale?  Climate?  Timber  Pr-29 CCH aug 12, 1890 
big fire raging e. side Isthmus sl; valuable timber in danger fire if it not stayed
in its progress.

Name RE Tot-Marshfield   Pr 29 CCH Aug 12 1890 
John Golden, Mf'd property sold to E H Gatliff, Manitoba, $3000.

Church  Pr-28  CCH Aug 12, 1890  East M’field’s new ch. painted.  [cp]

Name  animal  Pr 28 CCh Aug 12, 1890 
[Clark Bullard ad already in for cattle.] 

Name  Literary  Pr 28 CCH Aug 12, 1890 
Sale of Looking Backward has reached 347,000 U S.  Been out yr; 250,000
copies sold Britain; Edward Bellamy spends most of leisure hrs sorting and
labeling collection rare shells.

Aug 16 or ? , 1890
CBR   LBR 3  CCH Aug 16 or date?, 1890       
...work of securing right of way.          [didn't find original]  [M. is this the right
time period?]

Aug 19

Tot-Sumner   company-town   RR chittim    racism-indir 
Un-7    CCH Aug 19, 1890. 
Sumner is the only town in Coos county that can boast of a railroad and street
cars.  We noticed one of the latter with two large sacks of chittim and a “Jung-
C” on top.  It was drawn by a “flurney.”  [from Sumner Sop.]   [cp]

Tot-Sumner company town  racism  misc-word   Un-7    CCH Aug 19, 1890.
Sumner Sop.  We noticed all the men going round with woe-begone faces
Monday, and on inquiry we learned that the company had sent up a “ching-
chong” to preside over the culinary department of their hotel and they would
be obliged to “chew” there.  [M. comment: Apparently Chinese have been
hired to provide cheap services at Sumner.]   +   [cp]

mail roads un-7     CCH Aug 19, 1890. 
Roseburg Review.  The Coos Bay mail has been ordered carried over the
Camas valley and Coquille City route.   [cp]

Name- Loggie.  RR prospects  Un-7    CCH Aug 19, 1890.
Mr. Loggie is in town.  The railroad prospects bring men of influence to our
city.  +   [cp]

fruit Un-7     CCH Aug 19, 1890
Fruits are coming in in large quantities every day. Samples can be seen at the
various real estate offices.

RR  Un-8    CCH Aug 19, 1890.
[Head:]  The Railroad.  [Distinguished visitors was a side-head.  The rr is not
all in caps, but is centered.]
     The permanent survey and setting of grade stakes on the Coos Bay and
Roseburg railroad is completed to Utter City and the work has been pushed
right along.  The grading apparatus was shipped from San Diego a week ago
to-day, and is soon expected on the bay.  Grading will be in full blast in less
than ten days it is said and the road will be pushed to Coquille City.  +   [cp]

Pursuit  LBR1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
baseball scores of Kids team , who played. [M. Kids was name of an adult
team from Coq.]

Health  crop   misc   LBR1  CCH Aug 19, 1890
 It is said that a bunch of clover hung in a room will rid it at once of flies. Try
it.  +

Fish  LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
no fishing on Cog. except a few salters   and canneries will be idle to give fish
chance to multipy. not quote.

Novelty-wood  disaster  name locale? LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Price Bros. & Co’s shingle mill caught on fire Friday, but the blaze was
promptly smothered.   

Tot-Coq   LBR1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Franke [as typed] Poore has bought out Hoppe’s Barber outfit next door to
Johnson Bro’s market.  +

Srh  mill   LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
The Eureka finished loading at Lyons' mill, this place, Friday, and was towed

Lhc  LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890    Legh Harnett [sic]

school   Tot-Coq LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
What will Coquille City do for school room when public school opens in the
spring?  There will be from 300 to 600 children.   +  [M.  judging by later
statistics, this is hard to believe.]

Street  Tot-Coq  LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
a1l streets not cleared in ten days will be cleared by the city marshall at the
owner’s expense. This is an order from the city council.  +

Tot-Coq   LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Get our new shoemaker to build your footwear. He is a good workman.  +

CBR     LBR1  [LooseBH-RR] CCH Aug 19, 1890.
George Flanagan, of the bay, spent Thursday in this place.  George is moving
in the matter of securing the right-of-way for the Coos Bay -Roseburg
railroad.  +  [cp]

Tot-Coq  health  LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 Mr. Hoppe (of barbershop) had consumption and went to Calif. to see if he
can get well.  Family stays here, not quote.

School  LBR 1 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Anyone who wants to show up for teachers’ examinations in Coquille City
can do so. W. H. Bunch, Supt. not quote

Music  Tot-Coq   [Pr-29] CCH  Aug 19, 1890    harmonicas, J  J Wilson

Tot-Name   health   [Pr-29] CCH  Aug 19, 1890  
Wm Howell Parkersburg, down w/measles.

Fair   [Pr-29] CCH  Aug 19, 1890     encourage the fair by taking an exhibit.

Health name   Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
D P Strang, Jr, painful attack of cramp colic Sun afternoon.

Road? mail  Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890   mail problems.

Tot-Names  Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Mrs H F Tennisson, Randolph,t.          /     Walter Laird, Rsbg, formerly of
the Coq.    /     Chas Edwards, MP, business trip to bay.     /    Louis Roberts,
MP, t.    /  WH Schroeder,Arago.

Srh Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Tug Triumph brought schnr Eureka to this place yest.morn; lg amt of freight. 

 Tot-Coq health Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Knowlton, repainted inside New Drug store, counters, etc.

church  paper ?   Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 R J Dean took Rev Derrick and family Rsbg last wk, Derrick to attend annual
conf. ME ch,S.

Upton Tot RE  Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
J M Upton, Esq, Bandon, real estate.

Name  animal  farm Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Will Hite lost 3 fine young cows by a tree which he had been burning; fell on
them, at his place opp. town. Nq

Fair animal Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
 25-30 horses on fair grounds in few days; promises to be most interesting fair
ever held in the county.

Photo  school Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
McMillan to Bandon tchr institute, [M. to photograph, evid..]

Tot-Coq RE  Srh  machinery (novelty?)  Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
for sale, full rig for pile driving: 2 drivers, one on scow and other for shore;
Sinclair and Harlocker.

Srh  health name  Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Capt Geo Leneve taken ill Fri eve MP and father, Dr Leneve Coq, summoned;
getting along and soon able to take charge boat again nq.

Health  school   organization? climate  Coq city council
Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
removal of all bodies fm old Masonic cemetery to new one, before rainy
season, then tt block for sale; good scheme to secure for new school house;
most beautiful place now within reach of the people.! Our city council being
equal to the emergency took up tbe water front business as soon as Mr. Von
Pegart was done [sic].  Mr. Lyons’ portion, and our water frontage is a thing
now to be proud of [sic]. work is 1st class; town had one section made low for
summer, while rest is higher than ordinary freshet. [ M ,does it mean after
VonPegart and Lyons improved their own wharves, city did theirs.  Or are
these separate items  on council agenda and VonPegert was speaking on
cemetery or school issue? ]

Srh  Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890     Arcata arr in bay yesterday.  [cp]   /
   Stmr Ajax arr in bay Sat, loaded and departed same day. [cp?]    ./ schnr
DelNorte to sea Wed, Free Trade Thur. [cp?]

Health Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890   J J Wilson, grippe

Name crime animal  misc-in-papers team Pr 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
 Old Ready Cash Bright is in jail at Salem for appropriating a horse and buggy
not his own. + 

Health  PR 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
W Goble, infant son died relapse measles nq. 

Log  animal disaster   PR 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
fire at Durgin’s camp vy little damage being confined mostly to his old camp;
some cattle burned in the woods nearby.

Fair race animal  misc-word  PR 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Any one wishing a match race may apply to F.P. Norton, Arago, Oregon. He
will try and rustle up a horse to accomodate most any one.  +

Tot-Coq? names  Pr-29 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
G. McAdam, E P Chandy, Z T Johnson, Bill Neal, Coquille, used “Something
Good” tobacco, drawing,  each $5, except Johnson $3. [M. prizes??]

name novelty-wood?  Tot  fish  PR 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Johnny Grimes and others while driving piles at Glasgow yesterday
encountered a shovel nosed shark nine feet and ten inches long, and they
succeeded in killing it with pike poles. +      [cp]

health  name  Pr-29  CCH Aug 19, 1890 
A G Balch, lost youngest child Elsie, relapse of measles; sweet little child.

RR survey   name  Graham  PR 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 The Roseburg and Coos bay railroad survey is completed to Myrtle Point and
the surveyors returned to resurvey doubtful portions. Major Miller and his two
sons are rushing things. Contractor Graham is expected daily now. +   [cp]

Tot-Coq  Tot-Names [??] PR 29 CCH Aug 19, 1890
guests at Olive.   
Aug 3. Ira Taylor,  J Gammill [cp], C Snedden, Libby. W H Bunch, MP;  J A
Dean, M Way, city;  S Goodman, cty. J W Wimer, Arago; D A Donelson
[sic] SF; W B  King, SF  [cp] ; C F Miller, CBRR. [cp]  E N Harry, Slocum. 
[Slocum evid.name of place.] Mrs Snedden, Libby; Miss Sleeper, M’field.
Aug 4. W Horsfall, M’field. R Walker, Bandon. J W Sugg,city; A W
McArthur, city; I Billing, M’field; G Langor[sic], Rsbg; O Goodnow, MP. 
T G White, Utter City; E Patterson, L H Zigler,Rsbg; Ed Corning, city. H H
Luse Jr, M'field; Mrs Horsfall, M’field; Mrs. McArthur, city.   
Aug. 5.  J T Jenkins, city; C C Lightner, M’field; J Lightner, Isthmus. [cp] 
John F. Hall, M’field. C F Miller, CBRR. [cp]  Ed Sherwood, Mfield. T
Lightner, Isthmus. CK Smith, Montano [sic]. Mrs J R Gilispee and children,
Randolph.  Miss Dietz, MP.
Aug 6. C Elliott, Rsbg; R Campbell, Bandon; C Edwards, MP; T Rand, Hall’s
cr; M H Hersey, Arago; J F Dunham, Coaledo  [cp];  Dr. J Cook, Empire. G
Eggar, Central Pt. J K Scott, Parkersburg; A J Seed, city; J Quick,
Aug 7. G R Edmunds, city.  A M Boyce, SF. Alvin Munck. Bandon; L L
Hermann, Lee. J T Morrison, Lee.  W Howell,Parkrsbg.  J W Sugg, city. D R
Lewis, Lee; C L Moon, Bandon.  C Majory, MP; S F Grisson, SF ; Al Devaul,
city; H Dunham, M'field; Mrs. Tupper, Bandon.

Tot-Coq  Tot-names   [??] [pr-29a]  CCH   Aug 19, 1890     cont.   
Aug 7, cont. Mrs Grow, Coaledo [cp]; Mrs Durgin,Isthmus [cp]; Mrs Figg, &
Sugg, city.
Aug 8.  A Perkins, City; V Halter, Curry co. J Livingstone [sic], Isthmus;
Jas Aiken, M,field,  C Metlin, M’field; C Miller, Rsbg; W Laird, Looking
Glass; J Laird, city.
Aug 9.  R Campbell,Bandon. J Wimer, MP; F P Norton, Mfield; C E Edwards,
MP; Paul Coke, Mfield; Judd Mills,Coaledo  [cp]; S H Wheeler,-——— .    J
A Lehnherr, L A Roberts, MP.  Hardee [sic] Mast, Lee. J N Sunderland, Lee. 
H H Luse jr, M’field. Jas Laird, city, CBWR.  [as  typed. I also don't show it
as cp.]  Jack Laird, city; Wm Howell, Parkersburg;  Miss M Giles, J Giles, M
Harriss [ as typed],    MP.  Mrs F G Kelly, city;  Mrs J D Sponogle, Mfield.

Health  name  [pr-29a]  CCH   Aug 19, 1890    
Coast Mail: son of Henry sengstacken died.
Srh  school  [pr-29a]  CCH   Aug 19, 1890    
Miss Grace Moore to SF for school on Ajax. [cp]

Hermann  school  [Pr-30] CCH Aug 19, 1890 
W.P. Hermann, clerk if district No. 2.   [M. election?]  {M2004.  I think
Binger orig given Dist 2 school so this is prob school.  Near MP.]

Tot-Coq  Names  [??] [M 2004  some names should be noted] 
[Pr-30] CCH Aug 19, 1890
Arr.Olive Hotel among others
Aug 10 Mrs. Dunham, Bandon ; Mel Nicols, E A McDuffee, city; A. Sefton,
Jr., Fairview; W H Price, Jas Laird, city; W A Weeks, city; E Sherwood, 
M'field;/   Aug 11. J Lewis, F. Darmody, Randolph; F Jones, Arago; Frank
Gray, MP; G Hayne, M'field;  Dr. Sponogle; J K Scott, Parkersbrg.
Aug 11. H I Clinton, W L Cox M'field; A Dalrymple, Empire; J Randleman ,
Bear Cr;  H Kemp,  SF; N H Berry,MP; G L Dean and father, M'field .
Aug 12. E E Hollawell, SF;  J L Bullock, city; J F Carter, M'field; H 
McClallen, Rsbg; Al Devaul, city; Miss Fahy, Rsbg;  Miss C Guerin, Rsbg.
Aug 13. J Lando, M'field, also SB Cathcart, J Nasburg, H Clinton, M Wall, J
Snyder. W L Hayter, Arago; W Jenkins, city; W Clark, Rsbg; J F Dunham,
Coaledo; Dan Giles, H Dalmas, MP. J Haines, SF; J B Gilbert, Empire; Mrs
Lando, M'field; Mrs Dunham, Bandon; Miss Nasburg, M'field.
Aug 14. W L Hood, SF. E Hazeltine, Rsbg; R Campbell, Bandon; A
Cunningham,city;  C Bullard, Arago; G May, M'field, as also J Wall, C P
Miller. T Sheridan, Rsbg   [cp]  H Dalmas, M P; G Flanagan, M'field;  Mrs
Sponogle, M'field; Mrs Tupper, Bandon; Mrs Majory, MP; Mrs Wise, Miss
Wise, Miss Roberts,MP.
Aug 15. E Hazelton, Rsbg, W A Luse, M'field, as also J Lando, S Catchcart,
D L Watson.  G W Loggie,Empire [should be cp] ;  G Majory, MP;  C
Bullard, Arago. G Book [sic] Chicago. T Alexander, Rsbg. C Inglish, 
Aug 16. C W White, D Jobnson, city; C Gladding, SF; E Goodnow,W
Volkmar, MP.  R Hayter, W Horefal [M2004 typo?], W J Moon, M'field. J F
Dunham, Coaledo; J Ott, SF; W Kennedy, Sumner; W Jenkins, city; Mrs
Dunham, Coaledo, Miss Dunham, M'field, Miss Haines---. Miss

Pursuit names   Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
2d match game baseball Bandon 9,Coq kids, [M2004 -- I think there was an
adult team called the Coquille Kids] took place J A Collier's field, Coq, Sun;
[score] 33-l8 favor of Kids. Coq. D Johnson, C Price, S Norton, E Norton, G
Robinson, B Buzan, C Baxter, C McDuffee, R Anderson.    Bandon Edw.
Mars,  F Lowe, Wm Langenfield, Robt Ward, G Williams, J E Perrott, A T
Livingston, R Fredericks, J T Mars. John W. Leneve, T Blumenrother,
tallymen, stranger whose name we did not learn, umpired.

Name Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890  W A Luse, t, last wk.

Locale Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890  John Wagner, t,  N. Carolina settlement.

Health Pr-30 CCH Aug 19,1890 
measles, town, mainly confined to one family.

Other-mining or coal or?  Pr-30 Aug 19, 1890   
mining experts in our office asking questions abt rock, other specimens.

Srh?  RR  paper  character  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Paul Coke, one of Coos county's most promising young men called at our new
office Saturday. He informed this department that a telegram has been
received at Empire to the effect that the contractor on the Roseburg and Coos
bay railroad was shipping from San Diego the fixtures and grading apparatus
for doing the work.  +    [cp]

Other mining  Locale?  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
[lengthy more on] Ed Green, Geo Divilbiss, Salmon Mtn, Johnson Cr mines;
who  knows but tt bonanza yet remains in hills of Coq. and Sixes.

Health county Tot-Coq church-indir names   Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
horrible tragedy, Mrs Addie Mackay, wife Frank L Mackay, Coq, married
only couple mo, shot herself in suicide [lengthy and dramatic article], near
Universalist ch; Coroner Butler.

Misc-Activity?  National Music  Pr-30 CCH Aug 10, 190- 
Ex-Mayor Daniel F Beatty, of Beatty's celebrated organs and pianos,
Washington, NJ, home fm extended tour around world.  

Health  name  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890     
born near Bandon, MM Frank Barrows, a son.

Tot-Bandon  Srh  vital-stat-wedding?  Rosa   Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
B.Recorder. Mrs Josephine Jensen, new bride?, Capt Jenson, moved into
Rosa's bldg,  Bandon.

Tot-Bandon  Srh  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890. 
Bandon Recorder.  Capt Harkins,schnr Nora K Harkins, may constr. new stmr
at Bandon, Capt H Reed  nq at all   [cp] 

RE Tot-Bandon  novelty-wood  condit-prospects  Pr 30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 Bandon Recorder.  M I Swift and family, Jackson Co, recently arr.; purchased
24 acre tract of W M Boyd and is erecting bldg which will reside in until
builds house. Will establish shingle mill and box factory, on small scale for
present; the more self-supporting institutions, the better prospect for future of
Bandon and vicinity. nfq

War Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 rumors of war over Behring sea troubles  [more] [cp]

Tot-Sumner climate  health  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Sumner Sop. Beautiful weather; John Dalluable cut deep gash in foot.

Tot-Sumner  fruit  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
 [Sumner Sop.]  apples begin to ripen

Tot-Sumner  health visiting  Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
[Sumner Sop].  Miss Abbie Hudson quite ill; Mrs Maggie Hodson visiting

Visiting name   Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 [Sumner Sop.]   MM G F Boutell were guests in our town Sun.

Tot-Sumner  Vital-stat   Pr-30 CCH Aug 19, 1890
[Sumner Sop.]   Wedding   , Mrs Levar and Rev Roork.

fish  CCH Aug 19, 1890    [Pr-31]
No fishing on Coquille this season, canneries idle, to [increase] fish.

Fair  outside-town  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890 
[ see ad for] district fair, Central Point, Jackson Co. nfq

Name  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890   F Schetter and son, t.  

Tot-names Pr-31  CCH Aug 19,  1890  
 Prof Jennings and a young Mr. O’Connell of Libby called on us yesterday. +.

Tot-names Pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
John F Hall, Esq, and Ed Ohman, M’field, t.  [cp]  

Health  name  Tot-Coq  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Mrs 0 W Cartwright quite sick at Olive Hotel
Bicycle  names school?  Tot-multi? Pr 31 CCH Aug19, 1890
Is. Dunham came over from Coaledo yesterday on his cycle. It is safe to say
that he was on a chase of the school marms to Bandon.  +   [cp?]

Tot-Bandon  names   [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Siglin & Luse purchased Bandon property to plat and put on market.  [cp]

Misc  outside-church Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
   Tallest spire in world, cathedral at Ulm. begun 1377, finished this yr, 500 yr
in bldg; 530 ft high.

Srh  health name  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Charley Post died on stmr Truckee P Orford [more]  

Road  names Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Joe Johnson, Johnny McCulloch in fm Rsbg Sat eve; interested in stage line to
Rsbg, jolly good fellows.

Other-mining  name  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890  
We are in receipt of specimen of ore fm Hennesy [sic] & Co’s mine Salmon
Mtn. Ore looks fine, immensely rich silver and chrome, boys got out upwards
100 tons ore, 1000’s more in sight. 

Pursuit  Tot-Coq food name [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890  
[more on] Kid Nine [baseball team]; return thanks to ladies of this place for
their beautiful suits; to Johnny Jenkins and Will Tennison, Banner saloon, for
an excellent dinner at the Robinson House Sun afternoon for themselves and
opposing nine, and to Mrs Lorenz, Mrs J L Kronenburg, Miss Ida Kronenberg
and Mrs MM Goodman [as typed]  for splendid oyster supper at Mrs Lorenz’
residence in evening. nfq

Mail  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890  
mail routes moving along; when winter rains begin will be problem [more] 

Name Tot-multi   Pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
Will Kennedy, Sumner, at Olive Sat.    

Names Pr-31 CCH aug 19, 1890    Johnny Morgan; W A Dickson   

Tot-names  locale?  Pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
R 0 Kirkpatrick, visit dgtr Mrs A G Balch, return home Big Cr

Animal   Tot-name  Tot  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
J M Perkins wants good brood mares, Parkersburg.

Fruit paper  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Mr.G.R.Edmunds has our thanks for a lot of nice blackberries.  +

Health  Tot Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Mrs Dr Sponogle home M’field after visit Coq. 
Progress Tot-Coq   Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
goodly # our peo. preparing to build, active work tt line soon looked for.

Tot-Coq  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Frank Poore barber shop; clean shave, hot-cold baths.

Sugar trust  [Lhc?  Agric] Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
sugar trust last yr made clear profit $l30 million on capital of $60 million, of
which $40 million watered down stock nq  [cp?]

Name  vital stat   [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890   R H Mast and bride. 

Outside-Tot moving  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Mrs Chas Elliot, dgtr Nellie, fm Rsbg visit; will move back here permanently
in couple mo.   

Tot-name  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890        S H Hazard, Empire, t.
Fruit  crop  Tot-multi  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890
G R Edmunds, Fishtrap,  t every other day vegetables, berries; leave order
Lyons store.

Other RR  outside-crop  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
President Oaks: gross earnings Northern Pacific RR last yr $22,600 million
[as typed], expects to be $3 million more this yr; expects rd to haul 10 mil.
bushels of wheat to Tacoma and 20 mil to Chicago; yet we told RR don’t pay.
Nq   [cp]

Health  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890   Will Howell abt recovered fm Measles.

Health Tot-Coq  paper-indir Pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Dr. Leneve office, near Herald office, abt complete. 

 Item  Tot-Coq    Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890    fishermen rubber boots, Lorenz.

Entertain picnic  excursion   lodge?  Srh   Tot-Arago?
Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890
 K of L [M2004  I presume Knights of Labor] picnic at Arago, stmr Ceres.   

Entertain  Pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Midnight Mistake, Star Comedy Co, M’field Sat night.

Srh  school  Pr 31 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Antelope fairly loaded down w school marms yesterday, going to tchr

Health  locale? Organize? [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890  
died, at home Cunningham, Samuel Wright, 82 yr; buried Odd Fellows

Misc?  name   pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Siglin& Luse, W W Douglas, accomplished stenographer and type-writer, and
keep him busy.   [cp]

Books  name  misc-word pr-31 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
Mr. Englerock is canvassing for one of the best and most interesting books
ever published.  He will call on you and you want to get this valuable book. +

Srh excursion  pursuit  entertain  names  [Pr-31] CCH Aug 19, 1890
JOLLY CROWD. --On Saturday evening the steamer Restless started from
Bandon with a covered barge for Coquille City, carrying as merry and jolly a
crowd as one could wish to see -- all off for the base ball game between the
Kids and Bandon’s nine.  Dancing and all sorts of amusements were indulged
in, and the entire passage, lasting till one o’clock Sunday morning, was very
pleasantly spent. The following are the names of the party.  +
W Langenfeld, Wm Lucas, J Vowel, 0 W Williams, 0 L Nosler, W Fairman,
W S McVay, C Edmunds, J S Averill, J T Mars, J E Perrott, G E Mars, J W
Hawkins, R H Rosa, Wm Wamsfield, J McNamara, A J Marsh, F Baraga, S
Brown, Mr Keifer, E Smith, T Lewis, T Blumenrother, Frank Lowe, F.
Helgren, E Erickson, and Misses 0 Rose, M Moore, E Gauntlett, Viola
Gardiner, Kate Pierce, Mary Koontz, Mrs Rosa, Mrs Lewis.

CCH  Aug 19, 1890       [Pr-32]

Natl     Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890       Lengthy quote from Abe Lincoln

Mail road  Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
Rsbg Review:  mail carried over Camas valley-Coq route  

Tot-Name   Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Lloyd Cox, M’field, in Rsbg few days;

Tot-name   Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
Miss Mollie Fahy, Bandon, visiting Anna Mosher, home this wk.  

Paper [outside-name]  Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
H T McClallen left for Coos co Tue, will report news for Review.

School  Tot-Sumner  Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Sumner school term closing Aug 8,1890
Lulu Boone ,Henry Keenedy [as typed], Elvin Kennedy, Eva Wilson, Myrtle
Laughorn [sic], Creed Beyers, Joe Hudson, Chas Dully, John Hudson,
Delmer Dyer, Millie Crawford, Mary Black, Joey Beyers, Vienna Masters,
Leonard Masters, Alice Laughorn, Inez Hudson, Andrew Masters, Daisy
Musick, Ernest Davenport, Lilburn Boone, Bert Dully, Willie Dully, Linnie
Masters, Ethel Boone, Elmer Norton, Ernest Norton, Aug Matson, Zoe
Wilson, Millie Beyers, Archie Boone, Frank Dully, Ned Dully, Bessie
Davenport, Edith Davenport, Clara Wright, Ziddie Laughorn, Fred Wilson,
John Matson, Nellie Crenshaw, Mintie Dully, Albert Matson, Ada Kennedy,
Chester Dully.  [also gives grades earned]. Honor roll: Ernest and Elmer
Norton, Vienna Masters, Inez Hudson, Andrew and Linnie Masters, Alice
Clinkenbeard tchr.

Tot-Coq Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   Al Devaul, barber. 

Nosler  land-seekers Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
J W Nosler, Coq, listed as witness in land grant petition

Tot-Coq  Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
occasional tree left in recently cleared streets eyesore.   [cp]  [M. 2006. Same
item appears in Un-7,  Aug 12, 1890]

Tot-Names  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
WW Whittington, upper Coq     /     H H Baldwin, Bear Cr, t.    /   Mrs D P
Strang Jr, home fm Prtland.   /      S E Harkness, cosy cottage Henry St,

Name  pursuit sports  fish  locale? Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Will Tennisson and family left Wed for wk’s hunting and fishing on Middle

Utility  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Occident Water Co removing pump logs and replacing them w/iron pipe fm
corner 2nd & Taylor to foot of 2nd, there being leaks.  

Tot-Coq  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   JGO Mayer, house, sign, carriage painter.

Tot-Coq   health  Pr-32 CCH Aug 19, 1890      
M C Hoppe, selling barbershop cause of poor health nq  

Srh  bridge court    Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
why co court could not grant a draw bridge across the navigable waters of the
Coquille, has been tried elsewhere and act of legislature had to be invoked in
every instance nq  

[??]  lodge?   Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Mrs Mattie Krekel, MP, Arago (K of L picnic), Coq City, Dairyville, Bandon,
M’field, N Coos R, Empire [gives times].  [M2004  meaning uncertain as

climate  disaster  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
fires in woods past wk ; how to prevent; best way to burn out the dense
patches brush and rotten logs in winter when damp. 

Outing  Beach   name  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
H T Schweers family home fm wk outing Bandon beach.

Health  Tot-Coq-name  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Lorenz family, over measles, taking over store. nq.

Tot-Coq  Sugg Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Mrs J W Sugg, Miss Nellie Jones, dressmaking, Lorenz bldg formerly
occupied by Sherwood & Sanford.  

Tot-Coq  saddlery misc-word  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Coq, boss saddler, S A Ward.

Srh  school  excursions  road  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Arrangements for 1/2 rates on stmr and stage lines for tchrs who attend
institute Bandon 18-22 .nq at all  

Srh   disaster  locale   Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
One of life rafts of stmr Alaskan, wrecked off Cape Blanco 2 yr ago, picked
up by Fred Jarvis on beach above CB, brought over to use on new stmr
Dispatch. [cp]  

Srh disaster outside-locale  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Yaquina Bay, wrecks of splendid stmrs Yaquina Bay and Yaquina City, now
have disappeared fm [in or near] harbor there.  

Tot-Coq blacksmith   Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
J W  Hughes, blacksmith, building elegant and commodious residence Henry
st, will add greatly to tt part of town, situated on hill at foot of tt st, commands
the grandest view of any portion of town.

Lodge picnic name  Pr 32 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Knights of Labor basket picnic Arago Sun Aug 24; Wm H Schroeder, Joseph
Radabaugh, Misses Ella Schroeder and Annie Stockman [signatures on article,

Tot-Bandon   name RR Coos boomer  needed  home-seekers  saying    
Pr 32  CCH Aug 19, 1890
[in article on Bandon, mentions author of article boarding at Ocean House:
also names Chas Moon, Ed Gallier, Isom C1inton. some are residents, some
visit.]  [lengthy.]
      [commenting on ocean house.]  In fact, throughout the whole of this
Coquille country the people appreciate good living and treat the weary
traveler in a way to be remembered, both as regards luxury and price. The
boom has no effect on the necessaries of life here. According to the bill of
fare, the whole of this section of the Coquille, from Camas valley to the sea, is
one of the best and cheapest sections of the Pacific coast to travel through.
...Settlers, with whom I have conversed, are a unit in the opinion that a
railroad from Roseburg to Coquille City will aid in bringing in people of
means to assist in the development of Bandon and the country adjoining.
Summer residences will be built and the varied industries which are yet
dragging their slow length along will receive vigorous propulsion. Here on
this Pacific coast, the toil worn [sic, no hyphen] immigrant from the east of
the Rocky mountains may view the glory of setting sun -- setting in the west --
setting as it seems into the bosom of the great Pacific ocean, but rising in the
far Orient.  Like him I may say "my task is ended; my journey is completed;
so farewell,"  [Signed] LeGarcon.   [cp]

Other coal  outside-name  Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Nicholas Luning [sic] the well-known millionaire banker, broker and money
lender died at the Palace hotel, San Francisco on Monday night of last week at
the age of 68 years. He was the principal owner in the Newport coal mine. 
Fatty degeneration was the cause of his death.  +   [cp]

Tot-Coq Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Mrs S E Robinson has again taken
charge of her hotel and thoroughly renovated;  pleased to see old time
customers and as many new as are desirous of first class fare at reasonable
rates. nfq

Tot-name Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890  Grandpa Cartwright, Bandon, t.

Salesman Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Charley Smith is traveling and selling
goods for Boots, the jewelry man. +   [M2004: local, or outside, dealer?]  

Animal  name Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890  
 [Clark Bullard already advertising to sell cattle.]

Tot-Coq food   Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890       
Wimer and Campbell groceries are sent at once to your house. nq at all.

Books  name Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890 
 “In Darkest Continent” title Stanley’s forthcoming work; Miss Simpson CB
will give you opportunity to secure valuable and long looked for account of
wilds of Africa.  nq

condit-outlook  home-seekers?   road  Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890 
A big crowd of Texas immigrants bound for Coos and who were camped in the
Umpqua, left before the road was opened, and will not be able to see the best
part of Oregon. Coos county has lost upwards of one hundred families this
season that would have settled in the Coquille valley had the road been open.  
+  [cp]

natl-world-news  racism-nationality  Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890  General
News. The Mormons are corrupting the Indians up in British Columbia +       /      
Russia expelled 100,000 Jews, coming to US.

Outside town outside-health enterprise AHB-indir  animal
Pr 32a CCH Aug 19, 1890
W A Walker, of firm of Staver & Walker, the Portland Machinery merchants,
accidentally shot and killed near Eugene Aug 12; young man mistook him for
a deer.

LHC  world-stat  Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890
General News.  of entire race 500 million well clothed, wear garments of
some kind to cover nakedness;  250 million habitually go naked, and 700
million only cover the middle part of body; 500 million live in houses, 700
million in huts and caves; 250 million have no place to lay heads.

Politic  Pr-32a CCH Aug 19, 1890 
General News. Australian system of voting. not more than 250 votes may be
cast in same precinct; if more, must be divided before next election. No
peddling tickets allowed. Names of all candidates printed on each ballot; on
receiving ballot voter retires to one of a # of booths furnished for tt purpose,
prepares ballot; may vote straight party ticket by striking out names of all
parties except desired; then ballot folded and deposited in box; no person has
any means of ascertaining for whom other person voted. [M. not done here in
US that way?]
[M 2004  book   Oregon didn't have this system, it was advocated and I
believe enacted.]  [a handwritten note says: M. not done with]

Other mining  locale [Pr-33] CCH August l9, l890
Ed Green and George Divilbiss were around our streets last week.  They claim
there is a bonanza at the Salmon Mountain mines. +  

Hermann  friendship  misc-word inst  [Pr-33] CCH August l9, l890
T. Mannell Hermann left Washington for his Coquille home on the 16th inst.
His many old friends will be glad to meet him when he returns.  +

Crop  Hermann Coq R Pr-33 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Wash Hermann has demonstrated the fact that tobacco can be successfully
raised on the Coquille.  +

Tot-Coq  Sugg  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Ole Sugg, Sugg & Jones Dressmakers in Coq. not quote.

Tot-Marshfield  photo  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Coos Bay Photo and Crayon Co.  Marshfield, Or.    All styles of fine
photographs. Life size photos in crayon. Copying and viewing. McMillan and
Pratt.   + 

Road  miss-word  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
The Middle Coquille wagon road is complete -- Whoop la! Now let the teams
loose. It will soon be the rainy season and if used much this fall it must be
done soon. We now have two wagon roads open to Roseburg.   +  [cp]

Balloon  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Arthur Cosgrove made a balloon ascenscion [as typed] at Portland last week.
He cast loose and started down in a parachute when he could not hold on
longer and let that go falling 150 feet. He gasped once and died.  +  [also in cz

Needed?  Pr-33 CCH Aug 19, 1890
[Bandon Recorder, talking abt putting up a single [means shingle?] mill and
box factory at Bandon. Mr. M. I. Swift and family fm Jackson county
involved. see if needed.] not quote.

Health  name  Pr-33 CCH Aug 19, 1890  James Aiken is sick with asthma.

Tot-Coq  Nosler  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Accordians cheap at the New Drug Store. /     Will NosIer (W H)   new
proprietor of the Leland [hotel].           /       Coquille City has secured Wells,
Fargo's express and the office will be kept in the bank at this place.  +

Rackleff  UR  disaster  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Capt. Rackleff's fine residence above M.P. burned to the ground.

Other coal Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890  
Mr. Day, the coal expert, was in town Saturday.  [cp] .

Health Dunham  Srh-indir  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Capt. and Mrs. J. F. Dunham were in town Saturday, Mrs. D. having
recovered sufficiently from the injuries from being thrown some time ago in
this place as to be able to drive out.  + [M. note, only been a short time since
they said he was vy ill.] 

Tot-Coq   Parker RE   Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Capt. Parker is having a fine little office built between the new building soon
to be occupied by Mrs. Allen's Millinery store and the barbershop.  We hear
that Sinclair & Harlocker will occupy it with their real estate office.

Srh  excursion  pursuit  entertain  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890
The steamer Restless started from Bandon with a covered barge for Coquille
City carrying a merry and jolly crowd. They were coming up to the Kids and
Bandon nine baseball game.  Dancing and also amusements were engaged in
during the passage as they came up.

Tot?  Pursuit  social  Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Kid baseball nine [an adult team, named Kids] of this place [Coq] got beautiful
suits and they thank the Banner saloon for dinner and some ladies for a supper.
 [M. is Banner saloon in Bandon or Coq?]

SO Co  other local RR  Elijah Smith  Srh  Locales?   Pr 33 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Distinguished Visitors. --Elijah Smith, president of the Northern Pacific
railroad, and largely interested in the Southern Oregon Improvement
Company,  accompanied by manager Loggie, is visiting the river and went
below yesterday. It is the intention of the company to build a railroad from
Empire City, on Coos bay, to this river, and this is the cause of the present
visit.  They are looking at the terminal point at Beaver Slough.  +   [cp]

Money war  condit   Pr 34 Aug 19, l890
Oregon and Calif want govt to reimburse for difference in gold and
greenbacks paid to garrisoned troops during and just after the late war, which
they advanced. This would never do.  Everybody lost by govt’s depreciated
currency; but would bankrupt country to make it all good nq

Politic  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
[somersaults on politics on silver question 4 yrs discussed.]

Paper  literary  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
West Shore, weekly... To publish such an elegant, high class illustrated
weekly on the Pacific coast must take a greater supply of brains, hard work
and perserverance [as typed] than would be required in the more densely
populated portions of the country. West Shore will celebrate its first
anniversary as a weekly by enlarging its page to admit of better artistic effects.
[to be made aug l6, and paper printed in 5 colors], will be peer of any colored
illustrated journal in world, new dept added for boys and girls, conducted by
Emily A Kellog [as typed], lady well known as writer for juvenile
publications; Ella Higginson, ed. of women’s dept. has natural reputation as
poet and writer.  Original humorous dept contributed by brightest wits in
country; independent and pithy editorials giving enviable reputation in
newspaper circles. Pacific coast has reason to be proud of West Shore, should
be found every house and place of business. [M.  doesn’t say where

paper  fruit  Pr34 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Mr. J.B. Fox has our thanks for a fine jug of cider.  +

entertain  Tot-Coq  Pr 34 Aug 19, 1890  
free show Masonic hall next Wed night.  

Tot-Coq  Pr 34 Aug19, 1890   
get our new shoemaker to build your footware; good workman.  / 
   Frank Poore has bought out Hoppe’s barber outfit next door to Johnson
Bros.’ market. /
Sinclair and Harlocker great many sales.   /       JGO Mayer, house, sign,
carriage painter; 35 yr experience, no superior in Oregon.          /          John
Nasburg, bay, looking after interests here

Name  Coq R.  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Johnny Manning and wife visited the river towns Friday. We acknowledge a
pleasant call. +     

Moving Tot-Multi  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890   
Mr W R Hall family moved to town again, spent summer at Norway.  

Name  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890     Miss Rosa Nasburg t. 

 Unknown-locale>  Novelty-wood  disaster   Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890
Price Bros Co’s shingle mill caught on fire Friday, but the blaze was promptly
smothered. +  [prob Riverton]

Animal name Locale Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
Alex Smith, 2 yoke good oxen; for sale, Halls Cr.

Srh   Mill  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890 
The Eureka finished loading at Lyons’ mill, this place, Friday, and was towed
below. +   

Lhc  Pr 34 CCH Aug 19, 1890    
Legh Harnett went over to the bay Wednesday morning and will write up that 
part of the county for the Oregonian. +   

Health name?   Pr 34 Aug 19, 1890
Mrs. J.S. Coke who has been stopping with her daughter, Mrs. L.Harlocker,
for some time was very sick Wednesday, but was soon up again. +   [cp]

Road  name  Locale Pr-34 Aug 19, 1890
Tom Alexander has been waiting at Sumner for the completion of the middle
Coquille wagon road to move in. He came down last week to see the prospect.
+  [cp]

Srh  Tot-Coq  planked-streets   misc-word   Pr 34 Aug 19, 1890   
The city dads made a mistake in planking the steep approach to the river. A
team cannot pull half a load up it now, and when the rainy season comes it
will be full worse. A team can hardly hold a wagon even with the brake on. +  

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