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Historical Newspapers, OREGON

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OCTOBER  7 - 14, 1890

Oct 7

Tot-Names  CBR Isthmus-area Pr 70 CCH Oct 7,1890
Olive Hotel, C W Olive, prop.  [lists all arrivals at hotel by day;  among
them,] W Notley, city; H Geddes, CB; E.Feister, Coaledo; A Devaul, city; G
Edmunds, city;   Chamberlain, bay;  C Moon, city; E Sherwood, CB;  L E
Seely---- ; F Lane ---.   C Catlin, Rsbg;  J Wilson & wife, city; Sept 28.
Sept 29  [cp>] T Siglin, Coos bay; R Bedillion, Bandon;  W Shoemaker ---;
Gertrude Rose, Bandon.
Sept 30. Miss Hanscom, bay.  [illegible.]
Oct 1:   [cp>] J Gammill, Libby;  [cp>] W Sleep, Libby;  R Campbell,Bandon;
J Quick, Lampey Ck; E Johnson, Arago;   [cp>] J Price, Coaledo; J Fouts,
city;  A Henry, Arago; [cp>] S.Chadwick, Salem;  F Braden ---.  J Dean, city.
Oct 2:  H [as I typed it] Starkey, Coos Bay;  W Hayter, Arago; T Robinson,
city; V Halter, bay;  D Urquhart, city.
Oct3: Alma Bogue, Arago; [cp>] J F Dunham and wife, Coaledo; Mrs
Cathcart, bay; Addie  Snyder, bay;  W Hayter;  [cp>] K Miller, CBRRR
[sic];  [cp>] W King, CBRRR ; C Benner, Porter;
F.Kronenberg,city;  W Carfield [sic], Coaledo;  J Hill, CB;  C Metlin,C B.
Oct 4:  M Lyons, upriver; B Owens, ---.  C Moon, city; W Roberts, upriver;
Dr. Holden, city; J Tupper [sic], Bandon;  Miss Malehorn ----.       [after
this, in my handwriting, looks like it says:]
Oct 1,  [cp>] J. Laird, CBRR

Other school Pr 70 CCH Oct 7, 1890   Holmes Business college Portland Or.
music  town  Pr 70 CCH Oct 7,1890 
The young ladies' band of this place is learning to play very rapidly, and will
soon be able to play for "company."

Srh Pr 70 CCH Oct 7,1890.
 schnr S Danielson towed up to this place Thur by Triumph, which took
Eureka below.  [cp]

Tot-Coq   Pr 70 CCH Oct 7,1890.  Mrs Amelia Collier's plushes and new hats nq  

  Tot-Coq  saying  Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Al Devaul wants it  distinctly understood that he wont keep his barbershop open after
 midnight to furnish people with perfume.    +

 organization name?  Pr 70 CCH Oct 7,1890.
[cp>]  Hon Jas F Robinson and Gov. Chadwick returned to this place Wed fm
bay alter visiting Masonic lodge there.  

Names Pr 70 CCH Oct 7,1890
Frank and Stanley Graham, nephews of Johnny Lawrence this place arr. Wed
fm Libertyville, MO; former's wife and 2 kids accompanied nq

Misc-cosmic Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
The "Star of Bethlehem" is now visible in the northwest.  It is very bright and
can be seen at its best around 8 p.m. The newspapers were full of the
discovery about a year ago. It is seen from the earth ever [sic] 315 years.
You look at it now as in all probability you will not be here when it appears
again.  +

Outside-Music Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890   Beatty's Organs, Washington, N.J. nq

County   RR  name  [??] Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890
circuit court docket. Cal lbr co vs Lemuel Mortimer and S R Davis, suit to
foreclose mortgage. J M Siglin & W A Luse vs Jno F Gilman and wife;
motion to confirm sale of real property.   James Wall vs Daniel Ritzman, suit
in equity.   Chas Olive vs R D Sanford and wife, suit in equity.   [cp?] Thos
Minot vs Saml Archer et al --suit.   John A Lehnherr et al vs Casper H Myer et
al.suit.  N G Ostrom vs Margareta Ostrom, suit for divorce. [c[>] The
Glasgow Townsite Co. vs John Nasburg et al. --Suit.         [cp>] State school
Bd vs George Chard as admr of estate H Elliott et a; -- Suit. 
Sheridan Bros vs Joshua Whitebeck --Action at law.     [cp>]  CBR&ERR&N
CO vs Prosper W. Smith. -- Action.    [cp>] CBR&ERR&N Co vs Nelson
Koor. --Action.  Amy C A Miller vs W L Dixon and wife. --Suit.     [cp>] 
George Chard vs C H Dalrymple. --Action.    John P Olson vs Cal Lbr Co,
action.    Thos G Owen vs W T Cresson.       E G Flanagan and wife vs
Thompson T Golden et al.  --suit.        P C Durgin and wife vs Thompson T
Golden et al --Suit.     Franklin A Golden and wife vs Thompson T Golden et
al -- suit.    [cp>]  CBR&ERR&N Co vs Wm M Ross et al. --Action.   [cp?]
CBR&ERR&N CO vs D S Grow. --Action.

UR MP  agric   Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Upper River Dept.  MP bd of trade meets Tue night. [M 2004: I believe this
had to do with agric.]  
UR literary  entertain  Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
Upper River Dept.    For the long evenings coming on a literary society should
be organized.  

Paper  misc-saying?  UR  county  Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890   
Upper River Dept.  A large number of our citizens are off courting -- nearly
all are married men.  +   [M 2005. Not an item for "gossip", but a  pun about
those with business at county court at Empire]

 UR saying  Pr-70  CCH Oct 7, 1890  
Upper River Dept.  ...The Roseburg Review stung a Harnett. Does the Glass
Cow (Glasgow) give milk?  +  [cp]  [M. 2005  Roseburg Review, a newspaper
in Roseburg.  Harnett: reporter fm Oregonian newspaper writing up detailed
stats on Coos county.  Glasgow was intended as a promotion town but did not
live up to its rosy publicity.]

UR  Tot-MP  Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Upper River Dept.  Wimer & Hauling [sic; = Huling] hardware bldg on Cedar
st assuming massive appearance.

UR  Tot-MP  Dodge govt Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Upper River Dept.  Applications for pensions made out at Orvil Dodge's
office in Laconing Block, Myrtle Point. +    

UR  Tot-name  visiting  Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890  
Upper River Dept.   ... J A Lehnherr and family to visit lower Calif. 

UR Tot-name  health  Pr-70 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
Upper River Dept.   ...J C  Wimer,  John N Roberts, C E Edwards all suffering
sickness; to be hoped soon around again.  

UR Tot-name govt  Hermann  Pr-70  CCH Oct 7, 1890
Edward Bender and lady accompanied  T.M. Herman [sic] as far as L.B.
Fetter's Sunday, as the latter was off for Washington to assume his duties in
pension office.   +

[LR?]  name  moving Pr-71  CCH Oct 7, 1890
farewell party for Mrs J Hume who leaves on monday morning's stage for
future home at Ellensburg, Curry. 

LR  name  music entertain  Tot-Bandon?  Pr-71 CCH Oct 7, 1890.
Judge Dyer parlor, Prof Topping leading music for dancing [ lengthy
description.]   [M 2004: is this a Bandon item?]

Srh   Tot-Bandon  Pr-71 CCH Oct 7, 1890
The new ocean stmr;  Bandon ship yard within 3 wk will be scene activity the
hum of industry will gladden the ear of the progressive citizen. Capt. Harkins,
who has designed and  probably will control the new craft, was here this week
and effected arrangements for the construction with our famous builder, Capt.
Hans Reed. Captain Reed has the model completed and will at once proceed
with work on the patterns and when these are ready, will put a small crew at
the frames, etc  Shed will be needed for building;  stat on stmr;  coal carrying
capacity of 400 tons on water draft of 9 ft..  /fm Bandon Recorder. nq

RE Tot-Norway  name   Pr-71  CCH Oct 7, 1890
R C Dement Real Estate, Norway.
UR  Climate  animal  humor-misc  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890
Upper River. late rains, streets vy slippery [nq]    so much so when Uncle John
Barklow rode through town on a small long eared animal, some of the boys
called him Balem [sic].  +    /     late showers cleared atmosphere and
everything fresh and lovely amid pleasant odors of ripening fruits and rich and
abundant vegetation.  +

County officials  name  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890  E Bender, acting coroner.

UR Tot-MP  saying?  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890 
Upper River. MP hotel been closed nearly a wk as WA Border retires and
Nystrum takes charge.  MM Border have kept excellent house.  glad this
respected couple able to retire fm arduous duties incident to hotel keeping.   

UR  paper  RR   misc-saying Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890 
Upper River. The devil who lives in the West Oregonian office dated that
paper one month ahead in the last issue his only excuse is that he was trying to
keep ahead of the railroad.  If he should attempt to "take time by the
forelocks" again we will find that Mr. Short is long enough under the press of
necessity to print gimp tack heads on or near Satan's hip pockets with cow
hide forms less than No. 12.   +

UR  Tot-multi   Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890  
Upper River. G W Majory and family to start for Rsbg this wk, to assume
charge Cosmopolitan hotel Rsbg; Geo many friends this vicinity and Mrs
Majory conducted MP hotel 2 yr ago and Lehnherr house since first of yr.  3
daughters -- young ladies -- will be missed in society of  MP nq

health  Locale pursuit    Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
George Dye, Middle Fork, killed in hunting accident. [more if needed.]  body
brought to town and placed in J L Lewellen's undertaking rooms and after
being placed in casket was removed downriver and sent to his home at Coq.

Needed-Attitude   road-street home-seekers-indir Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890  
A gentleman thinks those owning lands in towns should open the streets, burn
out the stumps, and put down sidewalks; nothing will induce strangers to
invest in a town more than evidence of enterprise on part of land owners.  

novelty brick   LR  Tot-MP  Srh  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890      
Lower River Dept. Hon J H Roberts, MP, rcvd quite a lot of iron on the
Antelope last Sat for his new brick bldg.   

L R  RR  paper  saying  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
 Lower River Dept.   Mr Orvil Dodge of the up-river department wants to bet
a $10 pair of boots that the Coos Bay-Roseburg and Eastern R.R. will be built
to Myrtle Point by May 1st 1892. Holy smoke! That gentleman evidently
wants a sure bet. Why, we will bet that by that time Bandon will have electric
lights, be the terminus of some trans-continental R.R,. have several factories,
an A 1 ship yard, and cottages for every business man on the Coquille river
where they can send their families and save doctor bills. +     [cp]

LR name   Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
Lower River dept.  J M Upton left for Curry sat morn.  

LR misc-word pun-impression  LR Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
Lower River dept.  Dr Holden your resident dentist flying visit to Bandon first
of  wk; dr made a good impression.  

LR  Srh  climate  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
Lower River dept.  Hurrah for our new ocean stmr; will be finished by next
spring.  /   schnrs Del Norte and Eureka bar-bound this port.  [cp]    

LR  county  misc-word   Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
Lower River Dept.  Mr Tupper is courting in Empire.   [M.  ie, attending

LR  disaster  wagon  Tot-Bandon Pr-72 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Lower River Dept.   ...Miss Rena Averill's clothes caught on the wheel of the
Ocean House hack while getting out throwing her with the result that she
sustained a dislocation of the wrist.   .+ 

LR county  streets [Bandon]  Pr 72 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ...Cathcart, our surveyor, surveying our sts.  

LR Tot-Bandon food  crop Pr 72 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ...Bandon, one of best meat markets in Coos; Mr
Laugheed keeps vegetables besides.

LR  Srh  Pr-72  CCH Oct 7,1890   
Lower River. When will we be able to see our new passenger boats come
steaming down? We learn that the crew of the Antelope will handle the
Dispatch and the crew from the Ceres the Alert.  +

Fruit cannery  novelty locale  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7,1890
CB moving in matter of establishing fruit cannery and E. Marshfield promises
a site free of charge, just the place, at junction of CB, Coos river, Catching
and Isthmus sloughs; most sensible move yet; All those hills logged off are
finest fruit lands in west; peo have only to know good price can always be had
to convert these nearly worthless hills into magnificent orchards    n q

 Tot-Coq   silk Pr-73 CCH Oct 7,1890  light silk-finished shirts Lorenz.   

Tot-Coq  misc-word ulsters , nobby   Pr-73 CCH Oct 7,1890
Ladies and children's ulsters Lorenz; also Waukenphast shoes neat, nobby and

Tot-Coq Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890    plushes, hats, Mrs ColIier's.

Tot-Coq  name  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890   
B Vowell preparing to build new house on his lots this place.  [M 2004  I
thought a recent item said he was in Bandon??]      /  G W Norton will build

Name Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890        Geo Flanagan of bay,  t.

Health  Tot name  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Dr. Kelly moved to Riverton, genial society of doctor and his good wife
missed here.

Srh  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890   Schnr Coquille got to sea Wed, last.
Road-bridge locale  Pr 73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
bridge across N Fork at Bradens complete.   

Paper   name  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890  Jimmy Hill of Coast Mail, t.     

School  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
The Academy presents a very nice spectacle since its roof and belfry are on.  +

Vital-stat names   Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Joseph Schilling, Mary McLoed [sic] married Marshfield.

Outlook-condit  Tot-Coq  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Carpenters unusually busy; everybody having work done, many putting up

Locale-name    Pr 73 CCJ Oct 7, 1890    
Mrs Samuel Johnson of South Coquille,  t.     [M. 2005.  I thought this meant
immediately south of Coq; but in view of use of North Coquille in an item
below, perhaps it means on the South end of Coq R.]

Health name  outside-Tot  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
mother of Mrs Thos Minot died, Nanaimo Sept 24.  [cp]
Agric Locale  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
hazel bush growing in East Marshfield measures over a foot in diam.

Animal  UR Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Hardy Mast and Amos Hatcher killed an immense cougar on North Coquille
last Wednesday. It measured twenty inches around the forearm. +  

Church  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890   Rev W G Miller, Rsbg, will preach Coq a week.

School  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
Prof. Wilson open school in public school bldg next Mon; comes highly
recommended and there no good reason why should not have good school nq.

SRH  name  logging  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
work to commence on ocean steamer to run this river.  E Heuckendorff down
to Howell's camp to get out keel. 

School-indir  Srh  disaster Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
Freethought gives Prof. T. P.  Brinegar a rather funny notice: how low in
spirits he was on arriving in San Francisco after losing all his effects on the
wrecked steamer Ajax, and how he would like to exchange a trunk check and
some dear experience for ready cash. [M.is freethought a paper, or a

Animal  name    Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
All owing for services of my horse pay up to E Bender, A J Sherwood, or me, 
Jas Hervey not q

Organiz  politic  school  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890  
Willie Schroeder of K of L. lodge Arago sent petitions asking to give us the
Australian ballot system and to have state print school books at cost.  Every
friend of reform must see necessity.   nq    [M.    K of L,   Knights of Labor?]

Tot-Coq   Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
merchants Coq decided to close stores 7:00 every evening except Sat
commencing Oct 13,   Jno Kronenberg & Son, Wimer& Campbell, James A
Lyons, J A Collier, Johnson Bros, N Lorenz.

Tot-Marshfield  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890  
RJE [as typed]  Campbell now agent for CB marble works M'field; C W
Paterson, prop.

Vital-stat  name  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
 married at residence Mrs Rosabell Van Leuvan, Sept 27, by R W Bullard, JP,
Albert Farris to Alice Van Leuvan, all of Coos co.

.Novelty-sawmill  lbr   Tot  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
Carl Nelson, A B Sabin building sawmill on small creek half mile N
Dairyville; water power, expect turn 1400 ft lbr per day.

UR health  misc-word  noble boy  character  name Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
Geo Dye, whose tragic death is portrayed by Mr. Dodge in our up-river
department, was a noble boy and his parents and brothers have the sympathy
of this entire community where they have lived for many years. He was buried
at this place on Saturday. +

Fair  Tot-multi  Pr-73 CCH Oct 7, 1890
annual mtg of S.W O A. society stockholders, held fair grounds Sept 12, 1890,
decided to hold fairs at Bandon, board instructed to sell property at Arago to
pay debts. Auction (public) Sat Oct 18, 10:00 to commence until following
sold:  the pavilion, stable exhibit stall, grand stand, judges stand, fencing, 1
scraper, 1 harrow, 3 pumps, etc.  Attest: J Henry Schroeder.

Fair Expo  name  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890
Master Lorin Dean is taking in Portland exposition. 

Crop    name  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890 .     Grandpa Stone, fine vegetables.   

Tot-name  Pr 74 CCH Oct 7, 1890    L Atkinson, Angora, t.  

 Tot-name  Pr 74 CCH Oct 7, 1890    John  Quigley, Libby, t   

visiting  name transport  Pr 74 CCH Oct 7, 1890 
Elbert Dyer and family visiting at R E Buck's last wk.     /  R E Buck started
to Rsbg Thur w/load passengers.

Politic   Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890
 Senator Mitchell has favored us with numerous public documents. +  

Hermann  Politic Pr 74 CCH Oct 7, 1890  
Congressman Hermann and Secretary Rusk have our thanks for valuable
public documents. +

Pop-stat  SF  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890 S F population almost 300,000  [cp]

Church  Srh  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890     
Elder Edmunds to city by next schooner sailing fm here; business.  [cp]   

visiting Tot-multi-names  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890
MM John Grimes Marshfield visiting J W Leneve family Coq thur.   

Tot-Coq  Pr 74 CCH Oct 7, 1890     Martin, shoemaker, good, honest job

Fair  name anti-boomer  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890
J D Garfield and family returned fm various district and state fairs last Wed;
says Coos co was left out totally in all.  

Srh-fish  entertain-pursuit-sport-fishing Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890   
Boys are catching all trout can carry home in evening; only bite after dark,
beauties as high as 3 - 4 lb.   [cp]

Road   conditions  picturesque-speech  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890
Travel over roads immense past 2 or 3 wk; stage will be beseiged after it has
on every soul that can be got in, on and about it by a crowd anxious to go. 
Another stage then brought out and quickly filled and then another; almost
beyond question to get one's luggage carried w/him.  [cp]

Srh  other-coal  OC&N  Pr-74 CCH Oct 7,1890
Capt. Donaldson, Oregon Coal and Nav. Co stmr Ajax lost on 18th off Shelter
Cove, yesterday presented by Messrs Parrott & Co agents of Canton Ins. Co,
with valuable gold watch accompanied by $200, in appreciation services he
rendered at time of wreck.  Vy probable tt Capt Donaldson be given command
of the Wilmington. --SF Call nq   [cp]

Oct 14

county court  Rackleff  lbr name  Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890
Circuit court proceedings; drawn on grand jury, [among others], T M
Dimmick, Fred Haglestein, Joseph Noyes, Ed Rackliff [sic], J H James.  
David Campbell excused fm jury this term.  R  J Cussans, T A Walker, Geo
Cammann sworn as bailifs.     some cases : Cal. Lumber Co.     J E Noah.   
Chas Olive vs R D Sanford;      [cp>] T R Sheridan vs Joshua Whitebeck.

Dora  climate   Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890
Dora items.  Late rains have cleared smoke away.   

Dora fruit  Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890  Dora items.  ...Winter apples fine this section. 

Dora  health Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890  Dora items.  ...Uncle Mike Krantz vy low. 

Dora-area  farm  misc-word  Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890 
Dora items.  ...Weekly Bros good long run w/their thresher; C Heller brought
up the rear and did quite a lot of threshing; Lark Mast is the scared man when
it comes to a flea plantation.  [M,  meaning?]
Dora-area-name  Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890  Dora items.  ... F E Scoffield

Dora-indir  crop  road  wagon  Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890. 
Dora items.  ...  [cp>]   people hauling flour fm Douglas; free road and flour
$3.50 bushel.

Fair  beach  Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890 
movement to have new fair district organized of Douglas, Coos and Curry;
fair to be held alternately on Bandon beach and in Douglas co; [M. evid now
closest district fair is in Central Point region;] early connection of project
would be success.  --Roseburg Review. n q at all

City council  sidewalk  Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890
city council mtg Sat eve ordered sidewalk 6 ft wide plank not less 1 1/2 " fm
Odd Fellows hall to Wilkins gallery, along w side and north end block 19, east
side block 20, east on south side Third St to section line or boundary Elliott's
addition. [property owners have 30 days to construct.]

fish  locale    Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890
CB News: trout fishing Coos river better this season than for several   n q at

Fish locale misc-word. PR-74 CCH Oct 14, 1890
CB News.  only a few silver salmon been caught on bay so far, but good run
chinooks; late rain ought to bring silver salmon in lively.  [cp]

Srh Pr-74 CCH Oct 14, 1890 
CB News Tug Columbia; Capt Magee been transferred to tug Hunter.

Agric  RE farm locale  outside-Tot  Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890
CB News   C S Hilborn sold farm Coos river to Col. J A Munday, Vancouver
Wash, price $8000.

Vital-stat name  Pr-74 CCH Oct 14,1890
C B News: P.L Banks and Miss Hattie E Hale married at residence Gen.
Siglin, Marshfield, Oct 3, Judge Hyde, contracting parties fm SF.  

Srh RR mill locale     Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890 
CB News    A wharf is being built for the use of the Roseburg and Coos Bay
railroad a short distance above the old mill at this place.  Preliminary work has
also been commenced on the track across the marsh.  +  [cp]

Vital-stat  school  Bunch  Tot      Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890
married at residence J C Bunch Gravel Ford, Oct l5, Frank S Bunch and May
E Leek; also Robt Airey and Miss Hattie M Bunch, T W Johnson J.P.
officiating.  all well known, being tchrs of reputation and experience. Nq

outside-tot condit-attitude  Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890
E W King, late arrival fm Concordia, Kansas...says Kansas has gone back on
the people and he has come to find a home in the "far west."  An old
acquaintance E B Miller this place.  [cp]

novelty-brick  Giles  conditions  disaster-prevention Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890
Some parties in this place are talking of getting a brick machine similar to that
of D. Giles at Myrtle Point. It is certain that brick is going to take the lead as
building material on the Coquille.  It is only a question of time when the
wooden part of all our towns will go up in flames.  +    [cp]

health  Tot-Coq  Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890
Midwifery  Mrs Joseph Frost, Coq; inform ladies of Coq tt she is at their
service. Calls at residence promptly answered. Nfq

Tot-Coq  Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890   
Mrs  W R Hall, Mrs A Lukens, Dressmaking parlors Hunnewell bldg, front st 

 Photo  Tot-Marshfield  Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890  
Coos Bay Photo and Crayon Co. Headquarters Marshfield.  Life Sized Photos
in Crayon, Copying and Viewing, McMillan & Bratt.   +  [except format]  

Tot-Coq items prices  Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890  
any person buying $100 worth goods spot cash at my place, given a ticket, as
soon as 1000 tickets are distributed Grand drawing will be held; lists prizes: 
watches, saddles, rings, other incl prices. Nq  [M 2004  but my notes don't say
what business]

Name?  Outside-Tot?  misc-word-tonsorial-artist  Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890  
Phil DeMotta, Roseburg tonsorial artist, may locate here.[more.] nq

conditions Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890  
Occasional tramp strikes Coq, while some to be pitied, some pay you to watch
them; steal. should be well for every town to create fund; set aside portion pay
tramps for street work; give them going wages until can find work elsewhere;
humane and no decent tramp could object.      nq at all

LR  name RE prices health-indir  Pr-75  CCH Oct 14, 1890  
Lower River Dept. Mr. Tupper sold property Marshfield $5000 to Dr. Tower;
last yr same prop, offered for $1600.  [as  typed.]

LR Tot-Bandon  condit-outlook  Pr 74 CCH Oct 14, 1890 
Lower River Dept.  ...Bandon improving fast.   

Srh Tot-Bandon  Pr 75 CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept.   ...Capt Reed residence nearly finished; Mr Gauntlett
painting it.  Mr. Averill's bldg nearly complete.  

LR  racism  school  Pr-75  CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept.  Mr G W Irwin passed through Bandon with fifteen Indian
children last Saturday.  He was on his way to the Chemawa [sic] school near
Salem with them where they will receive an education.  
LR  Rosa county   Pr-75 CCH Oct 14, 1890   
Col. R. H.Rosa and Mr Cathcart left for Empire City last Sunday.  +  

LR   Srh  climate misc-word  Pr-75a CCH Oct 14, 1890 
Lower River Dept. Schnrs Del Norte, Eureka, Danielson barbound this place;
schnrs Parkersburg and Free Trade in sight   

 LR Srh Tot-Bandon  Pr 75a CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ...Mr Bryant down to Bandon last Sat to supt. bldgs of life
saving  station; he has charge all units co and will make quarters Bandon  nq  

LR Srh Pr 75a CCH Oct 14, 1890  Lower River. ..  Capt Blumenrother.

LR  RE Tot-Bandon names  Pr-75a CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept .   prominent citizen, Robt Walker, concluded to put tract of
land bought fm Mr. Averill on market; choicest location in town for residence.  

LR name  outside-Tot  Pr-75a CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept.   ... Henry Rhoner [sic] left for Humboldt co, last Mon.
LR Tot-Bandon  Pr 75a CCH Oct 14, 1890 
Lower River Dept. ... Messrs. Tupper and (Alvin) Munck won't let you go
hungry or dry.  Nfq    [M. 2005.  Tupper had hotel.  Munck must have had
saloon or?]

LR name  animal  pursuit-hunting  paper  Pr 75a CCH Oct 14, 1890 
Lower River Dept.  ... Chris Long lucky this wk; caught 2 bears in his traps,
but we did not get a smell, Chris. 

LR  animal  pursuit-hunting  Pr 75a CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept.  ...   Ducks plentiful on flats; have to get up early to shoot.

LR  other-coal   condit  Pr-75a CCH Oct 14, 1890
Lower River Dept.   SF facing lamentable prospects of coal famine. Supply
last 9 mo nearly 100,000 tons short of tt 1889 and nearly double tt amount
short of  supply for same months 1888.   Nq
     We have the coal to supply the world for ages to come. Come and get it.  + 

RR natl  misc-saying  condit  Pr-75a CCH Oct 14, 1890
Huntington, RR magnate, perfected big deal between his lines, Union Pacific
and Southern Pacific, and Missouri Pacific, all go under one management;
precludes competition.  People may expect to be fleeced under ownership and
control private individuals.  Nq    [cp]

Conditions  paper  name?  Pr-76 CCH Oct 14, 1890
J H Upton, [2 columns on] Union-Labor Column "The Ills We Have."      [cp]

Conditions other-coal  outside-Tot  Pr-76 CCH Oct 14, 1890
Council of Federated  Trades, necessity of centralizing the wage earners of
whole land; council is compelled to establish branch offices throughout coast
tt direct communication may be had.  Nq
    Even as far north as Nanaimo, in the coal districts, the wish is expressed to
federate with us. Why? Because they realize that we can benefit each other in
the struggle for existence. Los Angeles has crept under the protecting wing of
the federation,  as also San Jose, Sacramento, Stockton, 0akland, and
Portland...     +  [more].

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