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[Herald 1890.  Selected items; not a comprehensive record.]

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SEPTEMBER 2-16,  1890

Sept 2

Conditions  LBR 2  Sept 2, 1890
The ten-hour law is practically a dead letter in Rhode Island.  Girls of 7 are
also employed. [cp]

conditions?  Saying  LBR 2  CCH Sept 2, 1890.
(national filler) lists wealth of our country, # who own what percent of our
wealth.  Says what good does it do to have wealth when a few people get it
all.  Not quote. [all tt in news notes.]   [cp]

Dairy  UR    LBR 3  CCH Sept 2, 1890
J. W. Wimer’s cheese said by several outsiders to be best tasting cheese in
Oregon. not quote, fm Upper River.

UR  school  locale  LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Upper River. Brown’s school house is receiving a new coat of paint externally and
 internally. [Lists who doing work.]  

Road  UR  LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890     
2 lines of stages now running over middle Fork to Rsbg. not quote.

UR  Crop  name-Giles  misc-word  LBR 3  CCH Sept 2, 1890
Upper River.  The threshing machines are starting up and one run has been made
at Daniel Giles’ farm three miles above town.  80 bushels of barley and 70 bushels
of oats to the acre was the result.  The Coquille valley takes the cake.  + [cp]

Tot-MP  music   LBR 3  CCH Sept 2, 1890  
The Enterprise brass band [sponsored by MPE?]

UR  Novelty-brick  name-Giles  health  LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Upper River: Sam Giles, the indefatigable brick maker, has been confined to
his room several days because of over-work. It is hoped he will soon be
around, as his services are greatly needed in laying up the new kiln now ready
to be fired.   +   

Other mining  LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890   
[ reports abt how rich Salmon mtn. mines are.]

Tot-MP  Hermann-name   brick  school  LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Upper River.  Hon. J. F. Roberts will put mechanics at work on his brick
building on the 2nd inst. This will be the first structure of  the kind in the
Coquille valley. The brick school house will soon follow and Hon. B.
Hermann will be ready ere long to erect a fine large structure on the southeast
corner of First and Spruce streets.  We are marching along.  +

UR  novelty-brick name-Giles  prices  Tot-MP?  LBR 3  CCH Sept 2, 1890
Upper River.  D. Giles brought a sample of his brick to our office last week
that is as good or superior as any pressed brick ever brought to this place from
San Francisco. It measured 8 1/4 inches in length (plump), 4 inches wide and
2 inches in thickness. The sample was as fair and true as if it had been dressed
with a plane and we understand that the whole kiln just burned is like the
sample. They are sold yard store $8 per thousand.  +

Allied  LBR 3   CCH Sept 2, 1890. 
[M.  probably first-known-mention of R.A. Graham.  (not many issues of paper
extant before this.)]
   [Upper River???]  The Railroad Goes!  Last Saturday at conference of the
leading citizens of the county in the railroad matter,  at this place, it was found
that so few remain to give right-of-way that it was deemed expedient to
commence suits against them and let the work go on.  Mr. King was to inform
Mr. Graham by telegraph that day and if favorable, all necessary material
would be shipped at once; otherwise a shut down and all hands stop work. 
Favorable report was sent, and it is fair to presume that in two weeks the line
between Coquille City and Marshfield will be literally covered with men and
machinery working with a will.  Manager King, Major Miller, J.W. Bennett,
T.R. Sheridan and E.G. Flanagan were the boys that set the matter in motion. 
They went to the bay Saturday afternoon.  +  [cp]

Hermann-name LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890   T. Mannell Hermann back in town..

Allied  name  condit  LBR 3 CCH Sept 2, 1890.
 Thomas Sheridan, Major Miller, Geo. Flanagan, and Mr. King, visited this place
 Friday remaining over night.  They came up to obtain the right-of-way for the
Roseburg-Coos Bay and Eastern railroad.  W.L. Dixon, Z.T. Johnson and Orvil
Dodge have been out soliciting the right-of-way, by order of the board of trade,
with good results.  We found some places where the railroad will play havoc with
building places, and domestic arrangements generally and even then people
were willing to give the right-of-way with only sufficient pay to move their
buildings and repair other damages to their homes that some of them had been
struggling to build up for a decade or more.  With one or two exceptions the
farmers are willing to encourage the railroad and exert every nerve to forward
the interests of the road.  So that practically the right-of-way is secured
between this place and Coquille City.  The Coquille valley board of trade will
meet Sept. 10th and at that time steps will be made to devise some means to
raise the funds to pay for moving such buildings.  President Sheridan and
party returned to Marshfield Saturday and they were well pleased with the
results of their visit.  It is surprising to see the difference in people, for while
some are actually damaged as above stated there are others that are not the
least bit hurt by the construction of the road and yet the latter class are the first
to kick and one man stated that a railroad would not benefit and that things
were better 25 years ago before there were any improvements in the country. 
Thank heaven there are but few such men in the Coquille valley. +    [M. note.
In a different column than the previous article, but has to be an Upper River
item.]  [M. 2001 --or else was frm the bay?]  [cp]

UR [farm animal fair ]  Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Upper River . John Berry, who been farming 2 mi above town for last 14 yr: crops
better this year than ever have been; Mr Berry lovely farm, fine orchard, way to
prosperity. He expects to start to Central Point, Jackson Co., with his celebrated
Billy Berry and other fine horses he raised, to attend district fair, in a few days; Coos
can be proud of such exhibition stock and we expect “Billy” will come home with
many laurels. nq.

Hermann  stage-road  public-official  health misc-word Coq Valley
Pr-51 CCH Sept 2, 1890
When Dick Braden brought his four house [sic] stage up in front of the Myrtle
Point hotel last Wednesday evening we heard a familiar voice and rushed
across the street to learn from whence it came, and found T. Manuel [sic]
Hermann shaking hands with friends and kissing his "cousins  and his aunts." 
By his letters of recent date Mr. Hermann had left the impression on the minds
of his friends that he was very weak and delicate so one can imagine the
surprise in seeing him in robust health or looking like a corpulant Dutchman. 
Mr. Hermann is the head of the western division of the Pension bureau at
Washington and will return in a few weeks to his duties. Manuel [sic] has
helped to open up the Coquille valley and his many friends are glad to see him
enjoying good fortune.  +

Health flowery obit saying   church  Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Died. -- Aug. 30, at one o’clock a.m. in Myrtle Point, Oregon, Roy Majory,
infant son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Majory, jr., aged 10 months.  Little Roy was
a bright and lovely child and a "pet of the household."  He suffered five days
and his heroic efforts to baffle the dreaded disease and conquer the mystic
hand of death was a wonder to all present. The last two days before his
innocent spirit took its flight it seemed that the thread of life was at its highest
tension and was ready at any moment. Nearly every matron in town visited the
little sufferer and tried their utmost to illeviate [sic] the agony and distress of
the sweet child but all in vain. The funeral services were conducted by Dr.
Easter at the Progressive Baptist Church. A large concourse of symdathizing
[sic] friends followed the remains to the cemetery. +

Srh  fish, agric Tot  climate  Pr-51 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Gold Beach Gazette.  Schr Berwick, Willig, master, arr. in river Fri; taken a
load of salmon, wool and tanbark, but detained on account fog.  

Srh minerals  locale?  Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890
300 tons borate lime shipped fm Lone Ranch mine last wk, per stmr..Emi1y. 
There a fine shipping point tt place, no difficulty in loading vessel.

Tot-name   Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890   David Roberts, Empire.
Tot-name Pr 51 CCH Sept 2 1890     Mr Beyers, Sumner, t, b. 

Fair paper Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
complimentary ticket to st. fair, but ed unable to attend. 

School  outside-Tot  Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
M B Gibson and 2 dgtrs thru town Wed for Salem where girls will attend
Mt Angel school.  

Wagon team outing-indir  Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890
good team of good sized six year-old horses, wagon, harness and camping tent
offered at bargain  $325.

Book Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Edward Bellamy is now engaged in preparing a drama based on his ideal of
society and government as expressed, in “Looking Backward.”  +

RE   Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
10 acres $500, l mi fm Coq; Sherwood &Sanford.   

RE entertain school-indir  Pr 51 CCH Sept 2, 1890
good traveling business offered for short time, to party with capital $250 to
take half interest in double stereoptican exhibition. Addr. Prof. Carl LaDee,

Road Tot-multi?  Pr 51 CCh Sept 2, 1890 
a road fm here to Lampey creek is next step, as this rd will intersect the MP
Bandon road and give people this place easy rte to Bandon and all other points
 on river, by land.

entertain Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Prof  J H Taylor and Mrs advertised for an entertainment this place this eve;
valley papers speak in highest terms; you will miss one of best amusements to
visit co. if you don’t attend.  Nq  

Home-seekers wagon  condit    RR  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Douglas co. informs us 104 wagons -- movers -- turned back and went away
this summer for want of wagon road down to Coos.  It is safe to say we have
lost upwards of 200 families who would have settled in the county this
season...  nfq
If railroad work is not coming to relieve dull times, Coos county will see the
closest winter it ever experienced.  +

Tot-Coq names locales  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890
01ive Hotel arr. Aug 17  W Mansfield, C W Majory, H H Luse Jr, MP.  W
Fairman, Randolph. S Cathcart, D Watson, M’field.  A Dunham, Coaledo; 
Geo Loggie, Empire.  E Bedelian [sic], Eureka;  H Lorenz, city.  R Noble,
Isthmus.  C Bailey, J Hodson, J Denhom [sp] CBRRR. Elijah Smith, NY;  J D
Black, Sumner; Miss Rose, Bandon; Miss Black, Sumner;  Miss Simpson,
N.B.  . Miss Noble, Miss Chester. Isthmus.
Aug 18. F R Weeks, Angora.  John F Hall, Marshfield; J Nasburg, G
McMillan, M’f’iel.d.  Jno O'Connor, Libby; Ira Taylor, Libby.  S H Hazard,
Empire;  Joe Dean, city.  S C Braden, MP;  W T Stone, city.  Miss
Clinkenbeard, Marshfield.  Miss Wise, Miss Border, MP.  Miss Halter,
Aug 19.  W L Hood ----    C T Self, city.  John Hall, H Sengstacken, M'field. 
S  H Hazard, Empire.   C B Self, city.  J F Dunham, Coaledo.  H McClallen,
Rsbg;  J D Black, Sumner.  Dr Sponogle, Mashfield, Mrs. Sponogle, same. 
Miss Ida Self, Mrs Lawrence, city. Miss Quick, Parkersburg; Miss Black,

Locale [??]    Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890  Gold Beach Gazette. [Tug] Katie Cook
departed for Crescent City mon, for cargo lumber, returning Wed;   /   Judge
Woodruff, Euchre Creek, sold his dairy cows to Isom Walker of Northern
Curry; the Judge goes out of the dairy business, thinks of breeding
thoroughbred sheep.    /   Chris Long has discovered a halibut bank close to
the mouth of the Coquille.   /    There is 12-14 ft of water on the Coq bar.   /  
Schr Mary Anderson is looking for the stmr Brother Jonathan, which was
wrecked in vicinity of Point St George 25 yr ago; stmr went down with abt
$2million on bd.  

above, dissolved

Tot-GB Srh outside-Tot lbr     Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890  Gold Beach Gazette.
[Tug] Katie Cook departed for Crescent City mon, for cargo lumber, returning
Curry-locale  name  dairy animal  Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Gold Beach Gazette.   ...Judge Woodruff, Euchre Creek, sold his dairy cows to
Isom Walker of Northern Curry; the Judge goes out of the dairy business, thinks of
breeding thoroughbred sheep.  

Coq R name fish  Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
Gold Beach Gazette.  .... Chris Long has discovered a halibut bank close to the
mouth of the Coquille.  

Srh  Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Gold Beach Gazette.   ...There is 12-14 ft of water on the Coq bar.  

Srh disaster locale  Pr-52 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Gold Beach Gazette.  Schr Mary Anderson is looking for the stmr Brother
Jonathan, which was wrecked in vicinity of Point St George 25 yr ago; stmr
went down with abt $2million on bd.

Srh animal   Tot Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
for sale: one young horse, Capt. Sligart [sic] stock, and some other colts and
one brood mare; E Corman, Norway.   

Animal Tot RE  Srh  school-indir   fair-indir  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890
 C W Bullard, Randolph, selling a farm and dairy ranch at bargain, adjoining
fair grounds Arago; 140 acres; l00 bottom, 40 level bench; 100 cleared; and
fenced; and one-half mile river frontage with good steamboat landing; 1 mi fm
post office and schoolhouse.

name  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890  Miss Annie Clinton, t.  

name visiting  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890   .
Miss Florence Smith was visiting Mrs A J Sherwood last wk.   

Tot-Coq food   Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
W R  Hall and family occupy corner just vacated by Mrs Hoppe opp. Root’s
bakery.    /      breads, cakes, pies most excellent quality Mrs Root’s bakery,

church name Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Christian church has purchased a lot of Mrs Lammy on 4th st, and will soon
erect ch. There.  

Tot-Coq Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
Mrs A G Aiken moved into the new bldg on Front st last wk, while Mr A W
McArthur banker, moves into Aiken dwelling. 

 Tot-Coq  paper  food saying?   Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Mrs U Root of the City bakery has the thanks of Herald people for numerous
samples of her pastery [sic] which we can unqualifiedly recommend.   .

Road stage  locale  name  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
L F Crenshaw, stage man -- mail carrier, gets here abt 10:00 evening fm Coos City;
passengers will find him good, careful driver.   [cp]

Livery Tot-Coq name Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Messrs. Dunham & White have purchased Gene Robinson’s interest in the livery
stable and now the firm consists of J. J. Baker and the two gentlemen named.  +  

Name  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890   Master Lorin Dean,  b.  

CBR  locale  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
The boys clearing the right-of-way for the Coos Bay-Roseburg railroad are up with
 the surveyors who have the grade stakes set and everything complete to Utter City.
 +  [cp]

Pursuit  fair Tot-multi  Pr 52 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
 Coq City Kid nine prepared and can beat any nine in dist. at coming fair Hall's
prairie a game of Baseball.  Where is the nine tt wants to play them?  nfq

church school Pr-53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
The frame of the Adventist's [sic] academy looms up to view in fine shape.
The work is being rushed as fast as possible and the building will be inclosed
[sic] and roofed before the rainy season sets in.  +

Lhc  mining or coal? [outside or area?]   Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Dr. Lawrence, a mining expert from California, passed through town last
Friday on his way to the mines. He came here, having been directed to do so
by Mr. Leigh Harnett.  --Brownsville Times.

Name book salesman  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Miss Ethel Simpson, dgtr W R Simpson of the bay, taking orders on "In
Darkest Africa," the true Stanley work, 2 vol, elegantly bound and in beautiful
print; nq at all

Names  road-stage  Srh  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Goodman & Co sold their stage line out to Johnson & Dunham last week,
while the latter company took off the steamer Coos on the bay side, leaving a
single stage and steamer line between this place and Marshfield, which is
quite sufficient. +

RE  Tot-Coq Srh  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
1 acre land for choice business lots, in the heart of Coq City, by Sherwood and
Sanford; has a good dwelling house, location one of best in town, being near
boat landing and adjacent to business houses.

Name salesman book  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Mr D Armstrong, brother-in-law to J F Dunham, visiting family of Mr D fm
SF; taking orders for Gatley's Universal Educator, volume tt should find place
every house Coos; most comprehensive and complete self-instructor we have
seen nq

//Name health?   crime   Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Dr Winters has returned to Coos; Ed Whitlock has broken jail and is at large. +
[M. as typed,  appears to be one item]

Mill outing  beach Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
J A Lyons' [as  typed ] and Dr. Lawrence's families at beach.

Pershbaker mill Srh  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
A Pershbaker extending mill wharf; mill is doing fine work. 

Locale?  Name  Pr 53 CCH sept 2, 1890
M R Jones finishing up dwelling, one of finest in Coos.  [M 2005 Coq? or?]

Srh outside-town   Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
 Jonny Snyder at Sealand, Wash; engineer on Stmr Restless. 

Name outside town    Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
Ward Felter has settled in Portland. 

Tot-Coq health  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Mrs Hoppe and children departed Calif Thur to join her sick husband. 

Srh mill  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890   
Schnr S Danielson towed below fm Lyons mill Sat.

Misc-word  entertain  ONG Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
The boss dance -- the O.N.G's ball on the 9th.  +  

Srh name Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890   
Capt. Hark Dunham was at the Antelope's wheel several days last week.  + 

Tot-Coq  fruit wagon Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
 Johnson Bros received 2 wagon load fine watermelons. 

Srh misc-word  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890  
The steamers Dispatch and A1ert are daisies and will be running in a few days. +

Name  Tot-Coq  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Ole K Solem and John Mikkleson [as typed] have leased the Leland [hotel]
with the privilege of buying.  +  

Tot-Coq fair  condit?  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Coquille City fair grounds have "busted." Those having paid on stock can get
their money back at the bank.  +

Health  Tot-name  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
 died at his home Coq Aug 28,Milas [sic] Goodman, 74 yr. 

Health Tot-name Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890   died, near Norway, Aug 28; Ada Bell,
dgtr James and Louisa Barklow,2 yr, l0 mo, 20 da.

Vital stat  name  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
 married MP Aug 23,J H Moody and Emma King, E Bender, JP officiating.

RE Lehnherr  Tot-MP  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
John A Lehnherr has opened real estate office MP bargains; John has the
property of his own, and will make it to interest intending buyer to deal with

Paper??  Outing locale  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2,1890 
 R J Dean family returned Thur fm outing Middle Coq. hills.

Fish Srh-indir  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
 plenty of salmon in river; boats caught as high as 20/night last wk. 

Music entertain Tot-Coq  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
"Listen to the Mocking Bird" with banjo accompanyment [sic] and bird
imitation at Masonic hall Tuesday evening, Sept. 2nd.  +

school  locale-multi   Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Mr H M Coke, just closed 7 mo term school Harris district, began a 4 mo term
on upper N.Fork this wk.  

Tot-Bandon name?  Saying  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Alvin Munck bldging fine residence Cartwright's addtn Bandon; form of T,
fine bay windows [nq], just as though a bachelor wanted the world for room.
It is something else he wants.  +

Outside town  misc-word-typo  name health  Pr 53 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Mrs S E Harkness returned fm Grants Pass Wed, accompanied by her mother,
sister, and Mr A L Scott, member of firm of Riddle & Scott, merchants at the
Pass; Mrs H [nq] and little Oudrey [sic] were reduced somewhat from
wrestling with chills.  +

Mail Pr 54 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
mail arr. fm Rsbg to Coq at 12 midnight and departs 12:10 Empire City;  arr
fm Empire 11 pm and departs for Roseburg 11:10;  Mail arr fm Bandon 12
noon, departs for MP 1;  arr fm MP 11 and departs for Bandon at 1 pm.    [cp]

CBR condit Pr 54  CCH Sept 2, 1890
Right of way, -- The people who demand damages for right-of-way for the
railroad will in nine cases out of ten lose more than the amount they get.  It is
the cry: "It spoils my place," but try one of them and see if you can buy the
spoiled place for the figures it was held at before the road or its prospects
advanced the price. No one can afford to incur the displeasure of a railroad
company whose road runs through his lands, and especially when the
company knows his interests have been doubled by the building of the road.  +  

Misc  condit  racism-indir  CCH  Pr 54 Sept 2, 1890
Alien Non-resident ownership will, in the course of time, lead to a system of
landlordism incompatible with the best interests and free institutions of the
United States. The foundation of such a system is being laid broadly in the
western states and territories.  +  [cp]

Organize entertain   politic?  Pr 54 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
The First Nationalist club of Coq will meet Thur, address by Mrs Mattie P
Krekel; all should come and hear this speaker on subject of Nationalism.    

Literary?  Entertain  Tot-multi  Pr 54, CCH Sept 2, 1890   Taylor's Evening
Party will play tonight Sept 2; Thur, 4th, MP. Sat, 6th, Newport; Tue 9th,
Bandon;  Thur 11th, Dairyville; Sat l3, Port Orford; Wed l7th, Ellensburg.

RR novelty-wood  Pr 54 CCH Sept 2, 1890
[ads for] RR piling being advertised  [M. see later paper for full article]  [cp]

Tot-Coq  Tot-names  Pr 54 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Olive Hotel, Mrs A L Olive, prop.
Aug 24 E McDuffey, city; Jas Whetstone, C Price, city;  Mrs E A. Watson,
Rsbg; Miss E King, Marshfield; Cy Goodman, city.  W B Bunch and family,
GravelFord; L N Roberts, MP; Will Price, city;  W H Green, Al Barnum, Levi
Snyder, Gurley Boak, Tug Triumph, Bandon.  Miss Volkmar, MP.   Emma
King, Isthmus.  Mrs Watson, Coos city.
Aug 25.  Bert Tuttle, city.  T R Sheridan and family, Rsbg.  H Dunham,
Marshfield.  C Wickham, city;  J W Wimer, MP. G Majory, MP.  A Dunham,
MP;  T Sheridan, Rsbg  [cp]; C Robinson, Arago; H Dalmas, MP;  W B
McClelland, Empire. Dr. Sponog;e, M’field.  S Hazard and wife, Empire.  L
Rogers, Scottsburg.  Dr Turney, Rsbg.  Mrs Hanrahan, SF.  Mrs Sponogle,
M’field.  Mrs Lando, 3 children and maid, M'field.   Miss Stauff, Marshfield. 
Aug 26. A Rose, Randolph; C L Moon, Bandon;  W Melton, Empire; C
Edwards, <P.  A Devaul, city.  R Graham, W B King, M’fie1d.  [cp]   Ed
Finn, F Sutler, F Batter, M’field.  [M. note, they were all under Graham and
King, were they with them, but listed separately and can’t tell  whether
coincidence?]  Mrs Sherwood, M’field. Mrs Dunham and child, Bandon. 
Miss Watson, Empire.
Aug 27.  W King, CBRRR  [cp];  R Campbell, Bandon.  J Tupper, Bandon; J
A Lyons, city. G Friend, Ferndale.  J Hodson, Marshfield.  E N Harry, CBWR
[cp]  [M.  CBRR?  or was there an organization??]  Miss McCormac, Astoria; 
J  Lyons, L Lyons, city. 
Aug 28. O Harry, CBWR;  G Edmunds, city;  J Whetstone, Al Devaul, city; 
A W Sefton----  Ira
Sefton----    Jas Whetstone, city;  H  H Luse, MP; [M. now F Batter,
Marshfield, not listed with other RR people.]  E Flanagan, Mlarshfield.  Dr.
Turney, Rsbg; A McArthur, city.  C Miller, W King, CBRRR  [cp].   Mrs
McArthur, city.
Aug 29.J Moon, Fairview; W McClelland, Empire; E Harry CBWR; Dr
Wlinters, M’field;  G Friend, E Goodman,Ferndale; N Harry----  ;  Levi
Snyder, A Barnum, G Brock, Ed Green, Tug Triumph, Bandon;  Mrs Moore.
Coaledo.  Mrs Hume and son, Bandon.
Aug 30. Wm McClelland, Empire;  T G  Robinson, city; A Devaul, city;  J 
Mikkleson, MP; O1a K Soliem----   G R Edmunds, city;  F Schetter, Empire; 
H Luse, MP.  F A Sheridan, Rsbg.  W B King, CB&RRR. [cp]    H H :Luse.
MP.  H J Dunham, city.
Aug 31. Chas Wickham,  J Whetstone, E McDuffee, city;  Al Devaul, city;  F
P Norton, Marshfield. G M Seely, Rsbg; May Hanscom, Isthmus  [cp] ; Mrs F
Norton, M’ field; Ethel Simpson.

Pursuit  Srh  Tot-multi excursion  Pr 54 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Kid base ball nine played Parkersburg boys there Sun, 20 - 15 in favor of Kids;
stmr Reta came up and carried our boys free of charge and returned them in
good shape in evening; Frenchy, engineer on Restless, umpired.

Paper  health   Pr-55  CCH Sept 2, 1890 Editor Dean sick last wk.   

Tot-Coq harness  Pr 55 CCH Sept 2, 1890      new goods Ward’s harness shop. 

Music entertain  Pr 55 CCH Sept 2, 1890
 "Joy Bells,"  "Trinity Chimes," and popular airs played on two banjos,
Tuesday evening, Sept. 2nd.  +   

Tot-Coq  Pr 55 CCH Sept 2, 1890
Mr Weston the engineer and surveyor last wk laid out and platted Ed Taylor’s
place in town; Ed is a townsite addition man now.

Tot-Coq name-Leneve  paper-indir Pr-55  CCH Sept 2, 1890
 Dr S L Leneve’s residence, near Herald office, nearing completion, painter
commencing Fri.  

Health Coq R Pr-55 CCH Sept 2, 1890 
Dr. Sponogle visited the river professionally several times last wk; Our people not
forgotten the dr’s skill; excellent physician and surgeon.

Graham  RR  Pr-55  CCH Sept 2, 1890
Messrs. Graham, Burnett [sic] and King of the Roseburg-Coos bay railroad
were in town Tuesday, the former bound for San Francisco.  +   [cp]

Church  Pr-55  CCH Sept 2, 1890
first quarterly conference ME ch S, for Coq City station, will be held 2nd
Sabbath and Saturday before; Laughorn Leitch,P.C.; T P Haynes, P.E.   /
    1st quarterly conf. ME ch S., for Coq circuit, embrace the first sabbath  in
Sept and Sat before;
Will Fenton,P.C.  T.P.Haynes, P.E.   /
    Appointments Rsbg district ME  S: Roseburg dist T P Haynes, P E [M.
presiding elder]; Roseburg circuit,W B Smith; Myrtle creek circuit P A
Moses; Grants Pass, to be supplied; Jacksonville circuit R C Oglesby;
Applegate circuit  W B Swafford; Coq station Laughorn Leitch; Coq. Circuit 
Will Fenton; Linkville circuit, J W Bryant.

Tot-Coq  saying?  Novelty-wood or carpentry?  Pr-55  CCH Sept 2, 1890
porch on C W White residence a model of neatness and elegance and must
catch the artistic eye; finest piece of work of the kind seen in town; M R Jones
did the work.

Sept 16

UR  locale-name   Pr-55  CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upper River Department.  W B Marsters, Catching creek.  

UR Tot-Empire-name  music fair entertain  friendship 
Pr-55  CCH  Sept 16, 1890 
Upper River Department.    ...Geo Camman and Geo Wilson, Empire, been
taking in fair and having splendid time w/MP musicians; they played leading
instruments in Band at fair, and with Miss Georgina Camman furnished music
for ball in pavilion Sat night; These young people have hosts of friends in this

U R Giles-name health Pr-55 CCH Sept l6, 1890
Upper River Dept.  Mrs. D. Giles afflicted w/sore throat, believed by family tt
it is the diptheria going the rounds in the home of these people; Dr attending
pronounced it tt, while others dispute; every precaution taken to stop the

UR organize names  Hermann  Pr-55 CCH Sept l6, 1890
Upper River Dept. Hon W Sinclair mastered at GAR, with officers: J H
Roberts, J P Easter, A H Snyder, jr;  S H  Miller, chaplain; Jas Waln [sic] [M.
could it mean Wall?];  John F Millinburger; T. M. Hermann;  Orvil Dodge;
Conrad Haradon.  

UR other mining locale  Pr-55 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upper River Dept.  ... Newt Divilbiss thru town last Wed down fm Salmon
Mtn mining dist. We were shown beautiful gold brick made into breast pin tt
he taken fm quartz in Divilbiss bros lode; brick was 1/8 in thick, 1/2 in in
length, 1/2 in wide. Co. has lbr on grounds to build 1000 ft of flume and
arrangements being made to put in 2 arastras and we expect results will
astonish many who have not visited tt section.

UR name  Pr-55 CCH Sept l6, 1890
Upper River. . Mrs F M Decker, charge of Lehnherr house and has rush

UR  fair Pr-55 CCH Sept 16, 1890     [more comments, lengthy, on fair.]

UR  RR  novelty-wood  Pr-55 CCH Sept l6, 1890
Upper River. Bids are being forwarded from this place to W. B. King,
superintendent of construction for the Coos Bay and Roseburg railroad,
proposing to furnish ties for that road.

Name health character mill Pershbaker  Tot-Coq?-cemetery   
Pr-55 CCH Sept l6, 1890
card of thanks fm Mrs Von Pegert gratitude on death of husband    /
    On Thur last C W VonPegert old-time resident Coos fell fm 2nd staging of
the gin of his pile driver while driving piles Pershbaker mill, crushed on deck
below, living but a few seconds; never conscious, prob. neck broken by fall;
[more]  funeral Odd Fellows cemetery Coq Sat; age 50, leaves wife and 2
sons; good man and one of most useful citizens Coos co ever had.

Tot-Name land-holder  Pr-55 CCH Sept l6, 1890
Jonathon Quick, Parkersburg witness in proof of a settler’s claim.  

Fair agric  Tot-multi beach  Pr-55 CCH Sept 16, 1890
Mtg of stockholders of S W O A society Arago Fri eve decided to open
grounds at Bandon, hold fairs there; success can be made there as everybody
will go to beach and best of accommodations can always be had.

Srh  Pr56  CCH Sept l6, l890
Capt Hans Reed will commence contsr of splendid ocean stmr for Coq-SF
trade; Capt Harkins.  [nq]   Speed the day of her completion.  +   [cp]

RR locale misc-word apparatus Pr56  CCH Sept l6, l890
The R.R.  --The surveyors on the Coos bay, Roseburg and Eastern railroad are
at Green Point and coming this way with all possible dispatch.  They are near
enough to Coquille City that all hands board and lodge in town. The work of
clearing away the logs, brush, etc., for the road bed is well up on the isthmus
and being pushed this way. The apparatus for grading is due and will be on
hand very shortly.  +  [cp]

Health  Pershbaker-mill  fish Tot-Randolph  Pr56  CCH Sept l6, l890
died at Pershbaker’s mill, near Randolph, Sept 9, Howard B, son of MM 0 H
Getchell; funeral Coq; Mr G away fishing on Columbia and just arr. this place
enroute home when was aroused fm bed to be told of sad news fm his home.

Fair  Tot-Arago?  Condit  Srh wagon  Pr56  CCH Sept l6, l890
7th annual fair of Southwestern Oregon Agricultural Soc. closed at Arago Sat
eve after run of  3 day; attendance small and interest light, owing to dull times
likely, coupled w/fact tt accommodations are limited. Depending on caprices
of steamboats and stages to board and lodge at towns several miles from the
grounds deterred many from attending...  +

fair item  [ Sugg&Jones silk dress.  Mrs. Cpt Snyder. Mrs Lorenz.  Mrs.
Majory;.  [Ribosene work; Kenington work. Arascene work] 
Pr56  CH Sept l6, l890
prizes. Mrs J S Lawrence, Coq, sheet and pillow sham lst,  calico quilt, 2nd. 
Mrs Boutell, Coq, patch quilt --; machine quilt 1st;  floral painting lst; crochet
scarf 1st; needle work, ----; 
landscape painting 2nd.  Mrs J C Eperson, Arago, quilt, ----; rug, lst; lace ----. 
Mrs Alice Reed, Wilbur, sofa pillow, lst; banner 2nd;  drapery,lst.   Sugg &
Jones Coq silk dress, lst.   Mrs S B Hatch, Coq, sofa pillow 2nd; spread 2nd;
knit spread 1st; white apron ----.  Mrs Capt Snyder, Bandon, crazy cushion,
1st.   Mrs. Scoffner, M’field, paper flowers 2nd. Mrs M E Lillie, Arago, sock
yarn, 2nd; rick rack apron 1st; lace(2 piece) ----.  Mrs Hammack [sic], of
Arago, knit dress, lst.  Miss Emma Lorenz, Coq,  banner ----;  landscape
painting, lst.  Miss Ella Hodson, M’field, skirt 1st.   Mrs Majory, MP, pillow
sham lst; crochet tidy lst; loaf bread ----.  Miss Mary Cripps, MP, pin cushion
1st.  Mrs Garfield, M’field, tinsel and arasene work 1st; arasene work ---; 
Ribosene work 1st;  Kenington work 1st;  drapery for Gipsy table. 13 yr old
child, Coq, crochet work -----.  12 yr old child, Coq knit lace, lst.   Mrs Luse
(81 yr old), M’field, hand sewing, lst. Mrs Hunnewell, Coq, wreath lst; quilt
1st.  Mrs P E Dean, Coq, lace 1st.  Miss Mabel Martin, Coq, crazy quilt 1st. 
Mrs S L Robinson, Arago, yarn, lst.   Mrs M H Hearsey [sic;= Hersey],
Arago, quilt 1st; log cabin cushion 1st; embroidery 1st.  Miss Jennie Leneve,
Coq, scarf, 2nd.

Agric fair names  Pr 56 CCH Sept 16, 1890
vegetables, fruits, jelly, etc  Mattie Wimer, Chas Wimer,Wimer Bros, E H
Beyers, U F Disher, Mrs M E Lillie, Mrs P Robison; , Mrs C T Robison, J H
Schroeder, citrons;   turkey  barley  J F Schroeder;  Russian sunflower   J F
Schroeder;   Mrs Dyer; Mrs Buck; G R Edmunds; Price Robison, P H Bogue,
Mabel Martin bread, Mrs A Devaul bread, J W Wimer cheese, John Clingon,
E Bunnell, Albert Clinton, Ella Schroeder.

Fair animals names Pr 56 CCH Sept 16, 1890
Livestock, first premiums. Chicken, brown leghorn, C Hite.  Berkshire boar,
sow pig, and pigs, Geo W Wimer;  Grade Short-horn calves, Geo W Wimer.
Short-horn Durham bull Geo W Wimer. Brood mare Geo W Wimer. Trotting
stallion, Joe Nay.  Percheron, Clydesdale,Coos Co Breeders Assn; band of
cattle, 2l head, fm Douglas co got premium and diploma.

Fair animal racing names   Pr 56 CCH Sept 16, 1890
races. 3/8 mi for 3-yr-olds F P Norton “Nellie,” W G Cleveland, "Laura 0,”
Jas Aiken (winner) “Oregon Boy.” Time 37 1/2.  3/8 mi. free dash free for all:
Frank Norton, Arago  A L Hutcheson, Wolf Creek Baldy;  Alex Hall, Sam H.
After 2 dead heats between Arago and Sam H, stakes withdrawn and race
declared off. Time 37.

Tot-Multi   Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, l890 
[ Dunham [several] , Siglin, Luse, Sheridan; Majory; King-CBR   Porter-
locale    Dr Sponogle. Loggie.  CBR.  others] 
Olive Hotel. arr. Sept 7.  T Stone city;  G  Roberts, M’field;  W Benham, city  
J  Moody Roseburg;  M. Roberts, M’field; C Edwards, MP;  J Whetstone,city; 
G Waters, Bandon; Peter Zice, Bandon;  C Tetters [sic], Fairview;  L Curry 
city;  R Dunham, city. E Gallier, Bandon. Z T Siglin,  Empire. L Madden,
Parkersburg.  Mrs. Mast Bandon.
Sept 8. T Robison, city; E Hall, Fishtrap; L Coon city; W Teutsch, Creswell; 
C Langdon, city.  G Roberts M’field;  J Manning, M’field;  M Roberts
M’field:    H H Luse M’field;  A Cunningham, city;  T Wilson, city; F
Poore city.   J Nasburg, M’field;  J Anderson, F Haynes, M'field;  A Hartman,
Coos R;  W B Smith, Rsbg;    [cp>] T  Sheridan and family, Rsbg. 
Sept 9.T Stone,city;  J Blaking, USLSS  [M2004:  I presume U S Lifesaving
Service];   J White, USMR;  T Henry, Ferndale;  C Moon, M'field;  R
Campbell, Bandon; W Mellon, city; G Majory,  MP; 0 Doyle, city; T
Brinegar, Coos R; W Benham, city;  [cp>] J Dunham, Coaledo;   C
Tomlinson, Coaledo.  S E Harkness, city; A Wimer, city; J Clinton Arago; S
Hazard, Empire.  Dr Sponogle, M’field; Mrs Dunham, Coaledo.
Sept 10: C Minard, Bandon; C Edwards, up-river;  S Choats, Coos Bay.  S E
Harkness, W Benham, city. C Adams upriver; Jno Fouts, L S Coon, city.  H
Dunham, Bandon.  J Norton, CB;  G Camman, Empire; E Sherwood, bay;  J
Manning, Coos Bay.  E Hall Fishtrap; C Bradberry -- .  H Luse,upriver.  But
[as I typed it] Stone, city; D Campbell, bay. D Cetchell, Randolph. L
Garrigus, wife, and 4 dgtrs, bay.   [cp>]W B King and wife, CBRERR&NCo. 
Mary Harris, up-river;  Eva Rookard, upriver.
Sept 11 G Aiken, city. H Dalmas, upriver. C Hall, Fishtrap. J Snyder, CB; 
Prof Seymour, SF.  C Fairman,Randolph.  Dr Dunham, bay; H Lamperts,
Coaledo;  J Fouts city;  0 Roberts upriver;   I Hacker Empire;  Thos Whoten
[M. would this be Heaton??], bay. W Wallace, G Wallace, Porter.
W J Moon ----.  R Campbell, Bandon; G Wolfe CB;  T White CB; But [as I
typed it] Stone city.
R Hayne ----.  J Asher, Porter. A Masters, Porter.  [cp>] G Loggie, Empire.  E
C Flanagan and wife, CB; M Roberts and wife, CB. Annie Perry, Empire. 
Mrs E Getchell ----  Mrs B Getchell----/
Sept 12.  J McCloed, city.    J Kruse, Coos bay;    T Dimmick, J Snyder, S
Choats, CB. G T Robinson, city. J Black Sumner; R Campbell Bandon.  A
Tenbrook, Empire; L Smith, CB; W Pullen, upriver; [cp>] H Dunham,
Coaledo; W Wallace, Porter; M Roberts, CB; R Walker Bandon; W Marshall,
Langlois.  W Notley, city; J Mills, Coaledo.
Sept 13. L Curry, city; Wm Notley, city; W Teutsch, Creswell; M Kerrigan,
city;  A Cunningham, city.  F Tupper, Bandon.  J. Lewis, Parkersburg.  J
Bennett, city. J Moulton, city.   E  Getchell, Parkersburg;  J Walstrom----.  H
Dunham, Coos bay.  A Sefton Jr, city. W A Thomas, bay. C Pike,city.  T
Dimmick, city.    [cp>] J Holbird, C Taylor, Ed Drew, J Devohlen, C
Tranbly, S Miller, J Hodson, F Sifers, G Barley, H King, M Lyons, RR
Survey.   J Black Sumner;  A Tenbrook, CB; W D Wise, Prtlnd; J Wilson and
wife, city. J Mills and wife, Coaledo.  Flora Quick, Ida Quick, city. Mrs
Tupper, Bandon; Mrs Kelly, Riverton;  Maud, Sybil, Sola Reed, upriver.

UR  church  Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upriver Dept. efforts made funds for Presbyterian ch.  

UR Name Giles health   Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upriver Dept.  ... 3 of Daniel Giles’ family been suffering sore throats since
funeral of their lost [sic] child, but convalescing.

UR animal fair  Pr-57  CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upriver Dept.  ... Percheron and Clydesdale stallions attracted attention and
admiration at fair, and owners of these splendid horses have reason to be

UR other-mining  Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upriver Dept.  ...  Quartz supposed to contain gold, silver, copper, discovered
Will Hood’s ranch 12 mi above town on S branch Coq R, samples in cabinet
our office. [M. Coq Herald or MPE?] 

UR dairy [fair?]   Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, 1890 
Upriver Dept.  ... J Wimer’s cheese at fair spoken of highest terms by those
who sampled; Coos can compete w/world in manufacture this useful and
staple commodity. 

UR Tot-MP fair  team Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, 1890
Upriver Dept.  ...City crowded every night during fair; all that could find
accommodations came up evenings and stopped overnight. Every team and
hack avail out on road ea morning and eve to convey passenger to and from
fair grounds.

UR  paper other coal  boomer? RR  Pr-57 CCH Sept 16, 1890
Upper River Dept. Rev. McLean brought to our office a piece of lignite coal
from a ledge near Riverton that is pronounced very good by parties who have
had much experience in coal mining.  As the railroad construction progresses
prospecting will be done and no doubt Coos county will be the wealthiest
section in the state within the next decade.  +  [cp]

Fair misc-word-backwoods-county;  Capt Harris. R D Hume   animal [??] 
Pr-58 CCH Sept 16,1890
(district fair, cont)
races. 2 yr old trotting match  mile heats, 2 best of  3.   Hylander, by Henry
Stanley of Camas Valley; Clattawa by J D Garfield, M’field; Clattawa won
2nd and 3rd heats; Time 3:27.
    Entries 1/2 mile dash, free for all: Arago,Wolf Creek Baldy, Oregon Boy,
Bill Nye (by Capt Harris), Sam H.   Arago lst, Oregon Boy 2nd, Sam H a
good third. Time 50.
   trotting contest,4 yr old and under. Lady  S S Bailey;  Barney (won 2nd and
3rd heats) by Elbert Dyer.
   Novelty race 1 mi dash   Arago, Oregon Boy, Wolf Creek Baldy, Bill Nye,
Sam H.  Arago first to 1st and 2nd quarters, Wolf Creek Baldy at 3/4 and
finish, winning the race.
   trotting contest free for all mile heats 3 best of 5.   R D Hume, John. . F P
Norton, Sir Walter (winner).Time 2:51

   Fair notes. The finest piece of work in our judgement [sic] exhibited was
that of a beautiful peacock in arasene and tinsel by Mrs. J. D. Garfield. The
bird was as lifelike as possible.  +
   The fruit and vegetable exhibit was too small to mention, though of fine
quality what there was. +
   J. W. Wimer had one of the finest young bulls in Southern Oregon on the
grounds, but owing to press of business could not stay and keep him there, so
in the absence of the animal when the
awards were made no premium was given. The animal would be entitled to
the best premium in any fair. +
    The course was better than ever before, though as a rule the flyers were
generally young and little trained. As a result no very fast time was made. The
trot in 2:51 was fair for a backwoods county. Sir Walter, it is said, can make it
in 2:30.  +
    The Berkeshire [sic] pig belonging to G. W. Wimer [sic] and from his
registered thoroughbreds, weighs 193 lbs at 5 months old. Better or prettier
stock than G. W. Wimer’s can’t be found.  +
    The dance in the evening of the last day was an enjoyable one, but not very
largely attended.  The fair can’t be said to be a great success, nor a failure,
financially, as it paid its own expenses. +

Srh  Hermann  Pr-58 CCH Sept 16,1890
The following to the Coast Mail is self-explanatory:
Washington, D.C.
Sept. 8th, 1890.
Ed. Coast Mail: River and harbor bill has passed and forwarded the president
[sic].  Coos bay and Coquille remain as they passed house. Congratulations.
Binger Hermann.   +  [cp]

Minstrel racism entertain music  Pr-58 CCH Sept 16,1890
Look out for them. Hamden's Refined Colored Minstrels with their fine band
and splendid orchestra will appear in Masonic hall in a grand minstrel,
musical and specialty entertainment, full of fun and enjoyment, introducing all
the latest songs, dances and specialties, headed by the king of comedians,
Senator Hamden, and supported by a first class company. If you want to enjoy
a good laugh and witness a good show don’t fail to be present.  Popular prices
of admission. Reserved seats on sale at the post office store.  +  [cp]

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