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[Herald 1890.  Selected items; not a comprehensive record.]

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Jan 7

Tot-Coq  utility  boomer-improvements  RR u6 CCH Jan 7, 1890
The town is building up so fast that sewers are being talked of.  This idea
would have been laughed at two years ago, but now it looks very reasonable. 
+  [cp]

School  RR u6  CCH Jan 7, 1890    [ad for Healds Business College in SF ]  

Music  RR u6  CCH Jan 7, 1890   Band concert .  

Tot-Coq Srh  RR u6  CCH Jan 7, 1890    Wharf being built.  

Xmas    RR u6  CCH Jan 7, 1890  Christmas festivities in MP.

Disaster  boomer-improvements  misc-saying RR u6 CCH Jan 7, 1890
[long article abt ] calamities in various places.  Nq
...Toward the close of the year the people of our immediate coast have been
shocked and may have been bowed down with sorrow at the terrible
shipwreck of the Fearless. The forest fire that swept along down the coast and
the revaulting [sic] tragedy near Coquille City last summer, with the winding
up of a horrible affair, all bring to our minds that even in Coos county the past
year has been one of considerable catastrophe, and no doubt the events will be
recorded in history, and the year 1889 will be looked upon as the saddest to
the residents of this part of the coast that has ever been witnessed.  On the
other hand our county has prospered and there has been better times during
the twelve months past them [sic] has been known for a dozen years. 
Improvements have marched onward.  The future of the Coquille valley is
brighter than it has ever been.  Real estate has almost doubled in value during
the last year;  SKIP  If Providence favors when 1890 winds up her time for a
new year the records will show that Coos county has advanced at a still more
rapid pace than ever before.   +  [ cp]

Poem Tot-Bandon  CCH loose1-2 CCH Jan 7, 1890
[Poem called The Rigs and Jigs of Bandon.  Original poem about Bandon. 
Might be quite interesting if needed.  Several lines long.]  

climate  Loose1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890
The weather this past week has been unusually cold, just hovering around
freezing.  Snowing in mtns. n q   

Hermann congress   Loose 1-2 CCH Jan 7, 1890  
[Briefly abt bill by Congressman Hermann.]

Other-coal   needed   (loose1-2) CCH Jan 7, 1890.
Where are all the young men who were going to furnish Coquille City with
good stone coal?  Our people want it, and the person who first opens a good
mine can get a good trade in this place.  Get there, Eli.  +  [M. who is Eli?]  

Tot-Coq  health  Nosler  loose1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890
Mr. Knowlton, our new druggist who [M. is something left out?]  Judge
Nosler out, arrived New Year's and is opening a complete new stock of drugs. 
+  [later said he was from Empire. ]

Name  health  loose1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890  Alex Urquhardt is sick in S.F. 

Health   Loose1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890  Diptheria patients abt well.  

Tot-Coq  food   silk   Loose1-2 CCH Jan 7, 1890 
[Ad:]  With every pound of J. A. Lyons' natural leaf Japan tea you get a silk
handkerchief.  +
utility  timber  misc-word   Loose 1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890
The telegraph line from this place to Empire City is again up.  Mr. Schetter
worked like a beaver to get it from under the fallen timber.  +  

Church  Loose 1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890  Universalist ch.  Rev. S. B. Hollenbeak.

Mill  machine  Loose1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890
The mill of J. A. Lyons of this place has been thoroughly overhauled and is in
better shape than ever before for doing good work.  Her good new boiler will
make all the steam she can use.  + 

Locale  animal  climate  trees  Loose1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890
Kerrigan of Rinck creek [sic].  Lost cow, valuable Durham bull in storm.  300
lg trees blown down on his place.
Not direct quote.

Srh  disaster  Loose 1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890 
Eureka and Twilight boats in collision at SF  

Tot-Bandon  visiting name  Loose 1-2  CCH Jan 7 1890   
Col. Rosa and family have gone to California on a visit.

School   Bunch  Loose 1-2  CCh Jan 7, 1890 
Our public school will begin the 3rd Monday in January with Superintendent
Bunch and Prof. Robert Airey upstairs and Prof. David Strang and Miss Hattie
Kistler below.  It is likely a private school will be run in addition as there is
insufficient room in the public school building.   + 

Road  needed  misc-saying?   (loose1-2)  CCH Jan 7, 1890    
Coos County must have a good central wagon road tt can be rode all time a yr. 
Go fm Empire city to Coq.  Must be planked since gravel not avail.  [cp]

Needed RR   county  road  paper?  (loose1-2) CCH Jan 7, 1890.
Would it not be a good idea for Coos county to build a railroad from Coos bay
to Myrtle Point?  As the county becomes more densely populated the season
for wagon road travel will become less.  A county  railroad would certainly
prove remunerative, besides it could be regulated so that it would not fleece
the people as if owned by private capital.  Something must be done, and while
a county railroad would be an innovation, it doesn’t follow that it is not just
the proper thing.  There is nothing to hinder the scheme, and our county court
could not render the people of Coos county as great a service in any other
way.  + [cp]

Literary   Tot-Coq  name  Loose 1-2  CCH Jan 7, 1890
The Coquille City Literary Society will meet in Hunnewell Hall.  J. J. Stanley 
secretary.   Not quote.

Jan 28

RR  Lhc  road RR u7  CCH Jan 28, 1890
[article abt] plank road to Empire City.  never be enough use to pay for such a
thing.  [M.  It was only talked of, not done.]
     ...If as “progress” says  the railroad is certain to be built from Roseburg to
Coos Bay soon, then we had better let the plank road alone, for it would not be
used if we had a railroad,   SKIP     What we want is a good, substantial
railroad from Roseburg down the Coquille valley to Coos bay.  Douglas and
Coos counties could build it for a very little more than they propose to expend
in building a beast-killing, man-worrying road that will only serve till some
corporation builds a railroad over the same route that will go on robbing the
people to all eternity. It is manifestly the interest -- nay, duty  -- of a county to
help its people, and now Douglas and Coos have a show. They can build such
a road and carry the people and their traffic cheaper than the people
themselves could afford to, and pay for the road in seven years, in addition.
After that the two counties would have a revenue coming in that would enable
them to keep in good shape  all short neighborhood roads, and remit most of
the county tax.  +

Srh  Hume  Alaska  RR u7  CCH Jan 28, 1890
R.D. Hume has sold the steamer has sold the steamer Thistle to parties  who
propose to take her to Alaska. Whether  or not Mr. Hume will build another
steamer or conclude to depend on sailing vessels, we are unable to say.  +

Book  RR u7 CCH Jan 28, 1890  
Stanley is back! And has electrified the world by the announcement of his safe
return to civilization. +  [trying to sell a genuine Stanley book. Other
unreliable accounts available but not to be deceived because they are just
rehashes of old tales.]

Coq-river   transport name  RR u7  CCH Jan 28,1890
C. E. Edwards is agent for the Coquille River for the Whitley steel and ball-
joint mowers and Champion self-binders and sulky hay rakes. Also to the
Lansing steel-skein wagon which is warranted in every respect.  +  [more]

Mill  UR  name health   RR u7 CCH Jan 28, 1890
Upper River. The mill was idle a good portion of last week from the fact that
C. E. Edwards, one of the proprietors, was somewhat indisposed.  The plainer
[sic] and chip mill were run two nights.  +

UR   Tot-MP   RR u7  CCH Jan 28, 1890 
Upper River.  J. G. Fish is turning out some good boots...

UR Tot-MP misc-saying  RR u7 CCH Jan 28, 1890.
It is a luxury to step into Frank Poore’s shop and get "trimmed up.” As one
leaves, the tonsorial artist covers his customers with a beautiful spray of sweet
odor so fragrant that cloves or coffee grains are not needed when visiting your
lady friends.  Go and try it.  +

UR  Srh-indir  fruit  name-ferry  interest?   RR u7 CCH Jan 28, 1890
Upper River. Last Tuesday Joseph Ferry brought to the steamer landing five
barrels of cider and had arranged with the officers of the Ceres to take them
on board when that vessel came up that evening, but the Little Annie had sunk
the day before and the Ceres did not come up, but the water did and took the
five barrels of apple juice down the river and Mr. Ferry is loser.  +

UR  Tot-MP  entertain Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890
Upper River pleasant gathering at Dixon's hall to discuss public improvements
and have good sociable time. [descr. what happened.]    [not quote]

Locale?  School  RR  Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890
...Dr. Brower spoke in particular of the need of better school facilities, stating
that we should have a public school at least nine months in the year.  The hope
was expressed by all the speakers that a railroad would be built the coming
season from Roseburg to Coos bay and urged that all should soon join in a
mass meeting for the purpose of encouraging the enterprise...    +  [ last half a-
cp]  [M.  2005  I assume this is  MP item]

name  Srh machine Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890 
Mr. C.W. VonPegert will bring up his pile driver soon and put in a decent
wharf at our boat landing. This is as it should be.   + 

Agric  condit.  Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890 
Feed is very scarce and none for sale here about, while the demand is great.  +

Misc  literary  Pr-25 CCH Jan 28, 1890     
Coq. Literary Soc. to meet Jan 31. not quote.

Loggie  SO CO  other coal Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890
Mr. C. W. Loggie, manager of the Southern Oregon Company’s affairs...  +
[had coal expert with him and were looking at various deposits on the bay and
some on river. M. note].

School?  Bunch  Tot Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890
[Prof. J.C. Bunch already at Gravel Ford.]

Srh disaster  Little-Annie  Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890 
On Monday evening of last week the river steamer Little Annie, from this
place, run [sic] on a rock in the lower river and sank in a few minutes, but not
before she was run ashore just above the Bandon wharf. They are raising and
repairing her but some say it will cost all she is worth.  +
Tot-Coq-bank Pr-25  CCH Jan. 28, 1890
 Coquille City may justly feel proud of its bank. The firm, Early & McArthur
and teller Blinn come highly recommended, and in fact the two latter have
been here long enough that they have gained the esteem and good wishes of
the people of the Coquille. valley. Their building, a good substantial two story
structure, is complete. Four splendid offices are found on the second floor and
are elegantly fitted up. Below is the bank. A cozy fire place heats the room,
and gives it an inviting appearance. This and the bank proper is fenced in with
a railing of panel-work seven feet high, the upper portion being huge panes of
plate glass. It is well lighted in every part. The vault is large and roomy and
perfectly fire-proof. The walls extend well into the ground and are sixteen
inches thick with four inches of air space in the center. The safe is the finest
we have ever seen. It is perfectly fire and burglar proof. It has a time-lock and
all the powers that be could not open it till the time for which it is set up.  A
second safe is inside the larger one that has a double combination, so that
should a burglar hold up the banker he could not get more than the “day cash”
that is kept in the outer safe, without hunting up the person who held the other
combination, and not even that if the safe was locked, by the timer. The
banker is then powerless to open it. The mechanism was explained in a former
issue by which it is made burglar-proof. On the ponderous iron door of the
vault in gold letters is the name "Coquille River Bank".  It will be opened for
business about February 10th. Here’s to its success.  +

Health  Pr-25  CCH Jan 28, 1890
Coos Bay News. There are several cases of scarletina in town, but in a mild
form up to the present.   +

animal  Locale  [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890  
Coos Bay News.  Arctic owls are plentiful on the sand hills near North slough...    + 

school  Tot   [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890       
Prof. Brinegar is teaching at Arago this winter,  not quote. 

 crop  [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890
Lots of California potatoes in the market.
Who said we could raise spuds at 1/2 a cent? They are  2 1/2.  +

Tot-Coq   [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890 
[mentions Lyons' store , Johnson Bros market.]

Condit  Tot-Coq  boomer    [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890 
A few trees chopped down has changed the appearance of the eastern part of
town wonderfully.  If Coquille City would clear up all its streets the coming
spring it would show this to be the prettiest site for a town in Coos county. By
all means let us clear the streets.  +

Hermann?  Srh Tot [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890
[brief article ] Congressman fighting for appropriation for harbor of refuge at
Port Orford.

RR-hopes  misc-saying  condit?  [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890
A Citizen of Coos.
[says he’s opposed to private railroads and to subsidies to private railroads]
How then, is the road to be built, you ask.  I say by the people. A railroad
from Roseburg to Coos bay would cost perhaps $800,000, but let us put it at a
million dollars. Now, in view of such an enterprise, to be absolutely owned by
the people [people in italics] of the two counties it would be a small matter for
Douglas and Coos counties to float a million dollars worth of bonds, put their
hundreds of idle men to work and in a short time have a. railroad that would
pay for itself in, at least, ten years, after which the profits could be applied to
the current expenses of the counties which would almost do away with our
direct taxation (which will ere long be looked back upon as a relic of
barbarism any way) and set an example that the world would soon follow
after. The people are working up to the necessity of running their own
business and stop delegating it to corporations and then paying them all their
hard earnings, except a scanty living, for doing what they are as imminently
calculated to do as any soulless corporation can do for them.  A Citizen of
Coos.  +

Cosmic locale [Pr-26] CCH  January 28, 1890  
Coast Mail. Parties have visited the meteor on South slough and find that it
has the appearance of melted lava. There is a diameter of about two feet


Feb 4

RR  road  crime-swindle  Pr-26  February 4, 1890
[Another article pleading for Coos-Douglas RR ..   she talks of Coos Bay
wagon road  swindle and doesn’t want any more of this sort of thing. Coos
Bay road is fraud. Afraid RR would be too.]

Tot-Coq  climate road Srh  lbr mill  Coq-jail  Pr-26  February 4, 1890
The present storm is unparalleled in the history of the country. Devastation
and destruction is everywhere along the stream, caused by the unprecedented
overflow.     Loss in Coos co. will reach $l00,000 or more, abt 1/2 in damage
to county bridges. Coquille jail or cooler wrecked and laying on side near
former location. !Wharf and road damaged. Water up in Hunnewell bldg 5ft
deep and a few inches deep in Collier hardware.  R. Lyons lost some lumber;
principal damage to mill and lumber in yd.  Mill machinery all under water;
lumber raised up till wrecked roof.  Lumber in yard mixed with debris and a
mess.  nq

Health  Tot-Randolph  climate  [Pr-27 ] CCH February 4, 1890
 [Tells of landslide that killed Grandpa Thrush and Miss Mary Russell at
Randolph.    [lengthy article]

health  [Pr-27 ] CCH February 4, 1890
The grippe never got in its work so effectually before in this place as it has the
past few days.  +  
Climate-storm  mail  Pr-27 CCH Feb 4, 1890      
bottled up here for 3 weeks; no mail fm outside county; no idea of extent of
losses to outside of county.

Health  name  Pr-27 CCH feb 4, 1890  Dr. Dunham [mentioned]

Animal  condit [because of storms, etc]   [Pr-27 ] CCH February 4, 1890 
What are the people going to do for beef?  There are absolutely no fat cattle to
speak of, and the few the people have can’t be got to the towns where they are
needed.  +

climate  [Pr-27 ] CCH February 4, 1890 
weather has cleared up and now it looks a little like summer. [not quote.]  

Parker  visiting? Name   [Pr-27 ] CCH February 4, 1890 
Capt. Parker was a visitor to this place Friday.

Tot-Coq name   bank  [Pr-27 ] CCH February 4, 1890
We made a mistake in the officers of the bank in our last.  Mr. McArthur is
president and Mr. Blinn is cashier.

Feb 11, 1890

Health Tot-Coq  later-crime  CCHX+  X+8  Feb 11, 1890
Doctor Sponogle, Physician and Surgeon, Coquille City, Or., U. S. Examining
Surgeon for Pensions.  +

Health Tot-MP.   CCHX+ X+8   Feb 11, 1890
D. M. Brower, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, Myrtle Point, Oreg.  Calls
promptly attended day or night.  +


July 8

LHC  Coal-stat    Coos vs outside coal  Legh-Harnett   Dunham  Dale
 Un-1,2  CCH July 8, 1890
Headline:    Our Coal. [caps]. [Sub-Head:] An Important Comparison.
     Mr. Legh [sic] Harnett, in his investigations of our coal reserves and the
character of the coal itself, gives us some particulars,      [skip] ...  as the facts
given, show very decidedly the great benefit our county will receive from this
gentleman's visit.
     Our vast coal resources, so far as minerals are concerned, in Mr. Harnett's
opinion, are likely to prove most important to us in future [sic]. This opinion is
based upon the excellent character of our coal which according to the assays
given by reliable parties in the east and in San Francisco, proves itself equal in
many respects, and in some superior to either the Nanaimo,  Wellington [British
Columbia] or Bellingham bay [Washington] coal which everybody knows, has been
regarded for years as the best coal of the whole coast. This is indeed, a very
important point to prove; one our citizens have never dared to hope, not even
to suspect; yet the figures given, prove it true beyond question. We will now
give the assays as furnished by Mr. Harnett, the sample selected, being the
Dunham coal, located on the Isthmus [sic] between Coquille City and
Coos bay.
    Fixed Carbon.....................45.18
      Volatile Carbonaceous Matter.....41.32
      Sulphur........................    .450
                 [sic. M. actually totals more than 100%.]

     Again, on the hill, about a mile to the southeast, belonging to Capt. Dale, is
another large deposit of coal which assays are quite as well [sic].  These are the
      Fixed Carbon....................43.75
      Volatile Carbonaceous Matter....42.40

     Now for the foreign coal:

[highest in fixed carbon. Also lists figures for Wellington and Bellingham
bay.  M. Note, does not belong here as is not part of Nanaimo list]
       Fixed Carbon..................46.31
       Volatile Bituminous Matter....32.16
       Water......................... 7.98

[Bellingham bay has slightly more bitumimous matter, 8.30 water, 12.66 ash. 
Wellington, 1.00 water, 14.03 ash.]

     In comparing these figures to test the character of our local coal with that
having a high reputation in the markets of the coast, our readers must
remember that water, ash, and sulphur are the deleterious elements in coal as 
constitutes a dead loss. Generally, however, they decrease as depth is obtained
on the vein. Nevertheless, while our coal is taken absolutely from the surface,
it is 1ess defective in actual merit than the coal from the older and thoroughly
developed mines  mentioned, and is at the same time superior in the gaseous
or burning elements.
     This is the strong point in the argument and must not be overlooked. By
bringing these facts before the capitalists and commercial men of the world,
through the columns of the Oregonian, Mr. Harnett will confer a benefit on
our section which can scarcely be appreciated at present.    +

Health Un-2 CCH July 8, 1890
[somebody who was given up by the best physicians but is now cured by a
product called the Microbe Killer. They believe it is a permanent cure. not quote.]

Name-Pershbaker  Tot-Randolph  condit-signs of times 
Un-2 CCH July 8, 1890
Hereafter A. Pershbaker the Randolph merchant will positively keep his store
closed on Sunday. [no commas.] Like other people, he wants a day free from
toil and care. +

Wagon road  RR   interest   Un-2 CCH July 8, 1890
Coos Bay wagon rd. is not as bad as Herald had said it was, or at least the work
could not have been done any sooner. They couldn't have done it because they
didn't have work force available and also Douglas County wasn't working on
their end of it.  [not quote].      
     If the railroad people use the same kind of logic it will be ten years before
they get their road through.
  [M.  who is source? sounds like he's saying work couldn't have been done
sooner but says the part about the rr. logic. Plus, it didn't say wagon road, it
just said road.]  [M 2004 then why did I type the way I did?]

Tot-Marshfield  name   Un-2 CCH July 8, 1890
[ad for] J. G. O. Mayer, house sign fresco and carriage painter.  Sign of the city
paint shop, Marshfield, Oregon. not full quote.

Tot-Coq Un-2 CCH July 8, 1890 
[Johnson Brothers store is listed as the Pioneer Market.]

4th July   condit-signs-times   Un-2 CCH July 8, 1890
The fireworks on the night of our Fourth of July celebration were simply
disgraceful, not to the committee, be it understood, who purchased them, but
to the San Francisco firm who supplied them. [this part is +]  Committee paid
$75 and observation made tt whole was not worth as many cents. Citizens of
Coquille can appreciate the full extent of the swindle. A sample of San
Francisco's honesty in trade. [They prey on people far away from home because
they don't dare sell things like that at home.  ]
     Not one rocket burst in the air.  No more than half a dozen rose fifty feet
from the ground.  +  [pleading with committee to sue the company that sold
them to them.]
Lhc  Legh Harnett  coal stat   Tot-Coq   condit-outlook
un-2   CCH July 8, 1890.
    We beg to call attention to the results already springing from Mr. Harnett’s
labors among our coal deposits, which appear in to-day’s [sic] issue.  No
other man visiting the county ever brought these things so strongly before the
public and the best of it is, every word can be verified.  It is evident now that
the coal on Dr. Stockman’s and Mr. Barrows’ properties should be thoroughly
developed as they immediately pertain to our towns.  Mr. Harnett is equally
diligent in informing himself of other important matters, so we already get a
glimpse of the good he will finally do in our county. +

climate   health un-2   CCH July 8, 1890.
 7 people died of sunstroke fm the hot weather in Louisville Kentucky. can't
say that ever happens here. not quote.

health  un-2  CCH July 8, 1890.
Dr. Wood's Liver Regulator. A vegetable panacea prepared from roots &
herbs, for the cure of dyspepsia, jaundice, chills & fever, disordered digestion,
general debility, and all other diseases arising from a disordered state of the
stomach or an inactive liver.  For sale by all druggists and general dealers.  +

Name-JF-Dunham  health  Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
Capt. J. F. Dunham was reported dangerously sick of inflammation of the
bowels last week, and serious apprehensions were felt by his many friends,
but reports yesterday say he is coming through in good shape, by the aid of his
good brother, Dr. H. E. Dunham.

Lbr  church   Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
fm Coast Mail. Lumber has been ordered for the new Meth. ch.   /
[Already an M.E. church in 1890 in Coq. [would be south]]

4th  entertain     Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
[lengthy descr. 4th Coquille City; Newport; tells what programs were.]

school Tot-Coq  Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
Prof. C. W. Dalrymple one or the best educators in Oregon, wishes to start a
private school in this place. He will rent the Hunnewell hall, fix up Black
boards etc. also put in patent seats and desks for 60 - odd pupils], provided he
meets the proper encouragement. In other words he wants about 65 pupils for a
first class school, with one assistant to commence about October first. We trust
our people will subscribe to this school for wherever the professor has taught he
is in great demand. Thoroughness is his watchward [sic] and it is something sadly
needed in our schools, generally.  See Mr. Hunnewell or J. A.Simon, Esq., and
subscribe to the school. Subscriptions can be forwarded to this office.
[whole article, sic.]

Tot-Coq  food Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
Mrs. Wilkins keeps on hand breads, cakes and pies at a reasonable rate. 
Bakery.  6 doors east of Mr. Lorenz store. not quote.

 Tot-Coq  name-Uriah-Root  prices  Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
New Boarding house!  Fourth door east of Odd Fellows’ building. This house
has been newly furnished and first-class accommodations can be had.  + 
[board and lodging $4.00 week; board $3.50 week; meals 25 c. not quote] 
U.Root, proprietor.

Tot-Coq  item anti-temperance   Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890  G. Mehl Brewery.   

Tot-Coq  health-indir   misc-word    Un 3 CCH July 8, 1890  
M. C. Hoppe, tonsorial artists; also hot and cold baths. Next to Johnson Bros

Tot-Coq items  Un 3 CCH July 8, 1890   
Lyons store: new dress goods, sateens, embroiders [sic], domestics,
tablecloths, parasols.   nq

Tinware  metals  item  harness novelty-wood  pursuit-sport  Tot-Coq 
Un 3  CCH July 8, 1890
John Kronenburg manufacturer and dealer of tin. copper. sheet iron.   Also has
stoves, oils, paints, crockery, harness, woodenware, guns, fishing tackle, etc.

Fruit food item  Tot-Coq  Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
Miss Ida K. Kronenberg dealer in Confectionery, Fruits, Stationary, Soda
Water, etc., etc.  Coquille City.  +

Roads  mail    Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
  [there were 2 roads, the Coos Bay wagon road, old; the stage road, new; to
Roseburg.   See further in Roseburg paper, for route and schedule, if I have it.
M.]  The mail has changed from the old Coos Bay wagon road and comes to
this place from Camas Valley via Middle Coquille.  From here it runs to
Sumner and then on to the bay.  John J. Baker, our livery man, is carrying it,
and has a good passenger trade.  +

Arts? Penmanship  school   Un-3  CCH July 8, 1890
Ira Taylor the pen man, will soon open a writing school in this place. Mr.
Taylor is a fine artist as his samples in the many windows of the business
houses of this place will show.   +

Tot-Coq  un-4 CCH   July 8, 1890
[ad for] Sherwood & Sandberg over the bank Coquille City. [M.  would mean
in that bldq.]         /         A. J. Wimer and W. N. Campbell have the Red Front
grocery store Coquille.

Arago   dairy-cheese  un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
 J. W. Wimer Arago Oregon manufactures English Cheddar and Young
American cheese.   He says he’ll fill orders from all parts of the county. not
full quote.

Tot  RR  un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
[ad for:]  East Marshfield, the coming R.R. center of Coos County.  Lots are
now on the market.  For further information apply to the Coos Bay Land
Company at East Marshfield, Oregon.  [M.  Some are all in caps and some are

Tot-Coq   Lorenz un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
N. Lorenz, headquarters at Odd Fellows’ Hall, Coquille City.   /
    All in favor of a big boom! will say I propose to sell out at cost my entire
stock of dry goods, clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, etc., no humbug! I mean
what I say. [sic].  [M note. evidently goes with the Lorenz item.]

Outside-town fire un-4 CCH July 8, 1890 
Seattle had another disastrous fire on the first.

Tot un-4 CCH July 8, 1890  Coos Bay is to have a Chamber of Commerce.

Name-Nosler  travel   un-4 CCH July 8, 1890 
Judge and Mrs. Nosler will start on a tour of California Thursday.

Tot-name-Preuss  4th July   un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
Mr. and Mrs. Preuss of Marshfield took in the celebration at this place.   [cp] 

Paper  4th July anti-temperance?  Health  un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
   Our editor was taken very ill the afternoon of the Fourth and has been very
little with us since.   [M. 2006.  A polite way of saying he drank too much? 
Or really mean sick?]

Tot-Bay-area  name  4th-July RE  un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
Mr. Frank Hoberg assistant general manager or the Coos Bay Land Company.
he spent the 4th in Coquille. not quote.

Srh locale   un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
The steamers Lillian and Mink are doing a land office business on the

Srh  Coq-R  un-4  CCH July 8, 1890
The schooner Eureka arrived in the river yesterday and came up to this place

Tot-Coq  dairy  item anti-temperance  un-4 CCH july 8, 1890
Fresh butter milk on draught at the "Banner" Saloon. 

Tot-Coq food   price  un-4 CCH July 8, 1890    
J [as typed] Knowlton sells the best soda water. 5 cts. a glass.

Church  pursuit-baseball  character-indir   un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
The ladies are desirous that the boys desist from ball playing near the church
during Sunday school hours. Come, boys; respect the ladies.

Pursuit-baseball   un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
There is quite a rivalry between the Kid base ball nine and the seniors. Four
contests resulted in so many victories for the "children" and the old boys are
getting their Irish up.  +

Tot-Coq?  name-Parker  un-4 CCH July 8, 1890
[M,  apparently a Coquille item.]  Capt. Parker is erecting a business house on
the Hubbard lot opposite the Robinson house, this place, 20 x 50 feet to be
occupied by Mrs. Aiken’s Millinery store. Frank and Henry Collier are doing
the work.

RR-hopes  misc-word  un-4   CCH July 8, 1890.
There is no doubt that we are on the eve of getting a railroad from the interior
to Coos bay, but that most of the blow and sputter is wind is equally as
evident.  There is some good legitimate company in the field, and it would
seem that its advent was the signal for all sorts of monkey moonshine and if
one listened to all he could not hope to find so secluded a spot for his final
resting place that his grave would not be crossed with a few railroads.  As to
where the company is, who its members are or which way they will come are
enigmas.  +   [M.  Apparently this means everyone knows there will be a
railroad but so far no company has made progress beyond the talk stage?? 

what-needed   Srh   coal  condit-outlook  un-5  July 8, 1890.
 If we had a steamer running to San Francisco capable of carrying 500 tons of
coal it would give an impetus to business on the Coquille that would go on
even to other and more extensive enterprises.  Such a steamer can be made,
and the means for its construction can be raised easily enough if the proper
hands are sent out to solicit.  +

School locale  Un-5 CCH July 8.1890
[School report for Fishtrap district tells what results students got on exams]

Srh   Tot-Bandon  misc-word-moddle   Un-5 CCH July 8.1890
The new steamer Dispatch is the fourth vessel that has been built at this place,
and we are happy to state that a three-masted schooner will be constructed at
this place as soon as the present vessels are completed. Mr. Hans Reed will be
the designer and builder of the vessel. The moddle [print] has been completed
some time since and some of the timbers prepared. --Bandon Recorder.

School  Tot-Coq   misc-words-bespeak a good patronage
 Un-5 CCH July 8.1890
The Academy of the Seventh Day Adventists is to be 40 x 60 for the present,
and work will be pushed so as to have school begin the first of November. The
site is a magnificent one, and these people have some of the best schools in
America, and will become an important factor in building up Coquille City.
They are thorough educators and will, ere another year, have a large and
flourishing school. They are building full heighth [as typed]  for a large
building and in such a way that it will be no trouble to enlarge the building as
business increases. We bespeak a good patronage for the school.  +

Dora Gravel Ford     JS Coke  RR-dreams  fruit   church   
Un-5   CCH July 8, 1890. Dora Items.  J.S. Coke will move to Brewster
Un-5    CCH July 8, 1890. Dora Items.  Hurrah for the R.R.  [M. they must
still be speculating, though perhaps Graham had announced his first plans.] 
Un-5  CCH July 8, 1890  Dora Items.  Fruit crop will be light in this section. 
Un-5  CCH July 8, 1890  Dora Items.  We have a good Sunday school at
Gravel Ford, and Rev. Campbell preaches every fourth Sunday at 11:00

Roads mail   name-Dunham  prices   Srh  Locale  Un-5   CCH July 8, 1890.
  Pioneer Stage Line! From Coquille to Utter City, carrying the U.S. mails,
freight and passengers. [capitals on all important words; first phrase in all-
caps.]  Stages will leave Coquille City every day, except Sunday, at 5 a.m. and
1:00 p.m.,  connecting with steamer each trip for all points on Coos bay. 
Leave Utter City every day, except Sunday, at 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 
Passengers by morning stage can visit Marshfield and Empire City, having
two hours in each place, returning to Coquille City, the same day.  Fare,
$1.00.  Always go with the Mails and make Connections.  Johnson &
Dunham, proprietors.  +

Tot   racism   Srh  un-5    CCH July 8, 1890.
[  there are ads for] the new A-l schooner Parkersburg; the Leland Hotel, S J
Tuttle, proprietor. The Olive Hotel, Mrs. A.L. Olive, proprietor.  Lehnherr 
House, MP, Jenny Majory proprietoress.  [more to all these ads.  Lehnherr
house adds No Chinese Employed.   [cp]    ]              Hughes & Drane new
blacksmith shop Coq.       Robinson House, Coq. J. S. Edmunds, prop.


[M. 2008.  Selected topics.  This document is not a full or comprehensive list of newspaper items for this year.].  

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