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[Herald 1893 is currently only a fragmentary record.}

COQUILLE CITY HERALD         Coquille, OR.
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[ P-1]  CCH  Tue,  Oct 10, 1893. (Vol 12, no 2)
[fm CCH microfilm, evidently the only existing 1893 issue]

Poetry  Lhc-ref   P-1  CCH Oct 10, 1893
For the Coquille City Herald.
       By H. B. Swafford.
Iv'e [print] traveled over many lands—
  Lands fair as e'er the sun shone on;
Where beauty smiles and wealth abounds,
  But none more fair than Oregon.

With rapture high I've viewed earth's scenes—
  Scenes which no human pen or tongue
Could half describe -- yet none more fair
  Than the fair scenes of Oregon.

Amazed I've viewed earth's awful hights [print]—
  As grand as e'er man looked upon—
But none more grand, none more sublime
  Than snowy peaks of Oregon.

Great Mississippi, and the rest—
  Grand rivers, I have sailed upon;
But most delightful sail of all
  Was up Columbia, Oregon.

Of luscious fruits I've had my share,
  These forty years I've traveled on—
But, bless my life, this beats them all!
  These luscious fruits of Oregon.

I have been where the few lived high—
  Where wealth could bid all want be gone;
But here the poor who will may feast,
  And none need starve in Oregon.

I have been where mean pests abound—
  Ticks, bedbugs, graybacks, snakes and so on;
But from all such we are exempt
  Away out here in Oregon.

The thunderstorms and wild cyclones
  Which sweep the trembling earth along,
"Hunt other game" and pass us by
  Away out here in Oregon.

A few of earth's heroes I've seen,
  Whose mighty fame must aye live on;
But none more worthy, none more brave,
  Than those who fought for Oregon.

I've seen fair women -- that I have;
  And we admire them, every one;
But none more fair and none more pure
  Than the sweet, brave girls of Oregon.

And then, the boys -- God bless them all!
  For we love them every one;
God bless our girls, our mothers too—
On the Big Road, Sept. 26,1893

[M.  there was space between each quartet, as it appears here.]

[M 2004:  For info abt author, who lived in Coq for a time, see  P-5  ]

Agric-fruit    name  P-2 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Marshfield Sun:  C. O. McFarlin is making preparations to gather his crop of

Allied   health  P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Marshfield Sun:  Manager Graham, of the Coos-Bay Roseburg railroad, was
confined to his bed Tuesday with a severe cold.+   [cp]

Novocom-log  Srh   Tot-Porter    P-2 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Marshfield Sun: Owing to the stage of the tides the big cigar-shaped raft was
not taken to sea last week. It will probably be taken out the last of this month.
The cradle is being put in place at Porter and work will soon commense [sic]
on constructing the other raft.   +   [cp]

Allied  Srh   P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Owners of stmrs Emily and Weott rcvd $3000 each, and officers and crews
$6000, for rescuing the British steamer Bawnmore last July.   Nfq    [cp]

Name  Landis  P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Legette Landrith, well to do Coos river farmer, skipped country after
collecting [M. did he, or just too many questions asked] insurance money
when barn burned down.  [lengthy.] nq

Tot-Coq  animal?  Transport  P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
New Blacksmith shop. Drane & McAdams, props. horse shoeing and plow
work a specialty; on corner north of Pioneer Feed Stable. nq

Tot-Coq   animal  transport  P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893
 J J Baker's Livery, Feed and Sale Stables   MP  single and double rigs, fine
teams, saddle horses.

Misc-item   P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893   
Marlin Safety Repeating Rifles. New Haven, Conn.  [M. not a local ad.]  nq

 misc govt   P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Info on Pensions, address letter or card to The Press Claims Co, John
Wedderburn, managing Atty, Wash DC nq

paper   P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893  J S McEwen & D F Dean, eds and props CCH
publ. every Tue.        

[county] Tax?   P-2  CCH Oct 10, 1893      equalization of assessments.

Silk Kanematz  expo  P-2 CCH Oct 10, 1893
[M2004.  This full article is now also in Bcooshistory Topical Kanematz.]
Head: OUR SILK EXHIBIT. Sub: Now an Attraction at the Exposition at
   The Oregonian of the 6th inst. makes mention of Prof. Kanematz' silk
exhibit from this city in the following words:
   Two exhibits have come in since the fair opened, both of them modest in
size but representing industries of great importance to Oregon. One of them is
a chunk of bituminous coal weighing 100 pounds, taken from a six-foot vein
within 21 miles of Portland. * * *
The other exhibit is that of silk cocoons and raw silk from the Southern
Oregon Silk Station, at Coquille City. This experiment station is under the
charge of J. S, Kanematz, A.B., who is endeavoring to introduce silk culture
into the state and make it one of Oregon's most valuable industries. Mr.
Kanematz says that notwithstanding the season was cold and wet and
unfavorable for silk culture, he has done very well and demonstrated the fact
that Oregon can produce as good a quality of silk as any country in the world.
In quality, the silk is superior to that produced in any of the eastern states. and
equal to any of the best in France, Italy and Japan. This silk is unparalled in its
tenacity. The cocoons are no larger, but are heavier, and each yields 3 per cent
more reeled silk than cocoons produced elsewhere. Silkworm eggs and
instruction in silk culture will be free to anyone who applies to Mr. Kanematz.
Here is an industry the women of Oregon can engage in, adding materially to
the family income and in the aggregate making an important source of wealth
for the state. +    [red tilde]
Business Directory-Tot  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
O E Smith, Surgeon Dentist, Marshfield. /J Bennett, atty at law, M'field.  [cp]/
John F. Hall, atty at law and real estate agent, Marshfield.  / C A Sehlbrede,
atty Rsbg.   / Dr T. Holden, Dentist, Marshfield.  /  F A & I U  Coq meets
every [second?] and fourth Thur. nights  D F Dean,Sec. /  also Bandon,
Sumner, Riverton, South Fork  F A & I U's lodge. / [ Riverton mentions: new
hall at Riverton.]

above, dissolved
health Tot-Marshfield P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893 O E Smith, Surgeon Dentist,
Marshfield.  /   Dr T. Holden, Dentist, Marshfield.

Tot-Marshfield  RE  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893   J Bennett, atty at law, M'field. 
[cp]   /  John F. Hall, atty at law and real estate agent, Marshfield. 

Tot-Roseburg  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893   C A Sehlbrede, atty Rsbg.  

Tot-Multi organize  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893
 F A & I U  Coq meets every [second?] and fourth Thur. nights  D F
Dean,Sec. /  also Bandon, Sumner, Riverton, South Fork  F A & I U's lodge. /
[ Riverton mentions: new hall at Riverton.]

Organiz  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  IOOF, Coq Lodge 53; Coq Encampment
IOOF 2o 25 [as I typed it] (Odd Fellows hall.)  /  Chadwick Lodge A F and A
M meets at their hall.  / Gar Gen Lytle Post   W H Nosler, Commander  H
Nichols adjutant.

Fish  Tot  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Coquille Fisherman's Union, Randolph, Oregon; meet every 4th Sat .

Tot-Coq  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Photographs Gallery 6 doors E. IOOF hall, C Wilkins.

Tot-multi  R E   timber  prices   P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893
 43x125 lots at Bandon, vicinity of parade ground, $125 ea. /  for sale 240
acres land Cunningham cr,4 mi fm Coq city covered with fine body of fir
timber. $6 per acre, terms easy.  /  240 acres North Prairie, 4 mi E of Langlois
stock ranch $5 acre.

Fair-expo   outside-Tot  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
World's Fair Accomodation, The Rosedale Hotel, 6414 Star Avenue  Chicago 
A G Goldsmith, prop.  [includes cut of map showing world fair grounds and

[county]  Politic  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
People's Party, committee W [or V?] S Fanderburg, T A Walker, B F Ross, C
Wilkins, W H Hull

Lhc   P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
[Head:] Voices from the Dead. John A. Logan: The cause of our depression is
money-famine and nothing else.    [cp]
     Senator Dolph ...continued the speech begun yesterday in support of the
repeal bill.  [M.  2 bills together, head: Democrats must Vote for Repeal or
Get No Return Tariff.  election laws repeal bill and also house decision on
disposition of some property of church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. [not
very clear what is happening or how court got charge of case, except tt evid.
LDS was bankrupt and receiver had been appointed. ]  nq at all
Agric-fruit  other-locale?  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Rsbg Review: 3 big fruit driers in vicinity Riddle, combined, drying 1000
bushels prunes every day; Riddle & Son's, Catching & Shepphard's, C W
Novelty-wood  name  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893
   Messrs. Sheridan & Cobb have a most beautiful specimen of maple burel
[print] brought to them by 0. Dodge, of Myrtle Point.  It is about three feet in
length, two in width and about three inches in thickness. It will be taken to the
Portland exposition.   +

Other-coal  prices  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Coast Mail: The payroll at the Newport mine last month was over $7000. A
considerable sum to be disbursed in hard times [sic].  +   [cp] 

Srh     P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893   Coast Mail:  
Bandorille in Tue u/cargo freight principal for the Coq; left Wed.   [cp]

Novocom-log  Srh  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Coast Mail:  The big raft did not get out and the National City left without it
on Monday.  Water on bar not sufficient to float tt mass of timber; delay
unfortunate, may have to stay inside for winter.  Nq at all

Condit  RR  outside-Tot  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
40 tramps got off train Grants Pass last Sat nq

Srh    novelty-wood, woolen mill  Tot-Coq-valley  P-3 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
     Sun: Bandorille on last trip fm Prtlnd brought down 100,000 shingles for
woolen mill Bandon.
     It is singular that shingles should be imported by that company, when
nearly every trip the Bandorille makes out of the Coquille river she carries a
consignment of shingles to some place or another, and they are of a first-class

County-court   P-4  CCH Oct 10, 1893   
C.B. News.  Postponement of circuit court will cost county several hundred
dollars.   nq  

Fish locale   P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
CBNews   Fishermen lower bay; Sun night Geo and Pete Olson had high boat,
catching 135 salmon. nq

Fish  enterprise  Tot  prices  p-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
CB News   Cannery Empire shut down a few days last wk, started again Sat;
trouble with fishermen has been settled, now get 15 c ea for silversides, with
free gear.

Agric-fruit  locale  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
CBNews.  Robt.Rooke, N. Coos river, “Coos River Beauty “ apples.

RR  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
C B News. The train arrived from Myrtle Point in an hour and 17 minutes,
Sunday. When the new portion of the road is ballasted, the trip will be made
in an hour. +  [cp]

UR  Tot   court   agric-crop machine    P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Middle Creek: harvest over, thresher come and gone; L A Lawhorn working
w/Heller Bros machine, called to Empire on jury duty.

UR  church  school  names    P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Middle Creek. Union Sunday School: J M Lasswell, A Brown, W P Lasswell,
Mrs L A Lawhorn, Mrs Edward Lasswell, Mrs J M Lasswell, tchrs and supts,
etc. / Elder S B Hollenbeak preached at school house wk ago Sun, and Rev
Bunch last Sun.

UR  crop   names P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Middle creek.  Lark, Lee and Fred Mast helping harvest vicinity Lee, North

UR conditions P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
 Middle Creek.  The people here have plenty of “confidence,?? but what they
need is more money. Give us plenty of the latter and we will have one of the
best-natured neighborhoods in existence.   Rumbler.  +

Temperance  church  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893    
Coq WCTU full session Meth. ch. Fri Oct 13, 1892 3:00. [M2004: as typed,
but shouldn't it be 1893?]

RR  P-4  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
The train this morning made slow progress between this place and Myrtle
Point, owing to the soft condition of the road. No accident happened,  though
a car got off the track once or twice. +  [cp]

Climate  agric  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
damage to farmers, late and heavy rains; grain and late hay, most prunes,
plums, peaches, potatoes seem lost.

Srh  misc-word  P-4 CCH Oct  10, 1893   
Stmr Bandorille storm-bound on bay full wk; left bay this am for river and
may be here as citizens read this; lg amt freight. nq

Church  names  Nosler  P-4 CCH  Oct 10, 1893
Parsonage committee repairs; L P Maury, J S Lawrence, T A Walker, J P
Messer, E W Stillwell. / mtg of First Universalist Society, W H Nosler

[county] tax?  P-4 CCH Oct 10 1893 
co bd of equalization to resume next Mon. 

Srh  home-seekers   outside-Tot  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Wm. Russell, prominent Oregon City man, in last wk via bay, Stmr
Bandorille; contemplates locating here.

LR  Srh  "first"  conditions  novocom-mill  LR  transport  prices
P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Some of the savings effected by the breakwater at the mouth of our river may
be surmised by the following: A resident near Bandon was the first that ever
brought a wagon into this section of the country on board one of the little
schooners that used to come in here at that time from San Francisco. He was
charged and paid $50 freight for it to the owner of the vessel, Messrs. Grube
& Rink, who owned the little sawmill near Judge Lowe’s place on the lower
river. He tells us he can now get the same sized wagon here for $5 from the
same place, and thereby effect a saving of 900 per cent on the freight of this
one article alone.  +

Other-mining  climate  locale  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Uncle Joe Hudson and son, little Joe, up fm their ranch on Sixes, Curry co,
driving thru rain; prospected their place, will work their mine this winter;
Little Joe had in a bottle 67 c worth genuine yellows, extracted fm nine
wheelbarrows of dirt. Mr Hudson’s place 6 mi fm the bridge on Sixes river,
and he crossed the river 28 times in tt S mi. on return home.  [note, says the
bottle was a brief prospecting on his own (boy’s) hook.]

Tot?  names  P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
One of handsomest residences in county lately built for J P Tupper; substantial
bldg, artistically finished to look light and graceful. Designer-bldr Mr. Loggie,
now a permanent resident Bandon.  [M.  Tupper Coq,or Bandon house??]

Climate  Srh  Misc-word   P-4 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Heavy storms; 10 day.  Many vessels driven back to SF bay and other points. 
Many barbound or refused to go.   Nq at all.

Pioneer-reunion music  health character?  Harris  names 
P-5    CCH Oct 10, 1893
Resolutions by Coos pioneer assn; thanks to MP for generous and cordial
manner in which received and  entertained us at this 2nd annual reunion;  Hon
J A Gray, interesting and instructive address one of best features of mtg. Mrs
C W Tower, songs.  Resolved, That we express our appreciation, and extend
our thanks to the Libby band, Ladies’ Military band, of Roseburg,  Trombone
band and Myrtle Point band for the excellent music rendered during the time
of our meeting. Resolved, That our sincere sympathy is extended to our
venerable president, Capt. W.H. Harris, that he is unable to preside on this
occasion, and hope he may speedily regain his usual good health and live long
to honor our reunions by his presence.   Respectfully.
         Alex Stauff,
          Isaiah Hacker
          Fannie C. Dixon               +           [cp]

Crop P 5 CCH Oct 10, 1893
West Oregonian: A car load of tanbark was shipped from this place Tuesday.
We trust this is a beginning of a profitable industry  which might be carried on
in this vicinity as we are informed there is  [sic] large quantities of bark
growing around here.      +  [cp]

Silk Kanematz fair  agric P-5 Oct 10, 1893 
 Prof. Kanematz is informed that there is no award for a silk exhibit at the
state fair, held at Salem, as the board of managers were not aware that silk
was cultivated in this state. While there will be no award, the state agricultural
board will make favorable mention of it in their report.  +  [cp]

Church  poetry moving  character?  P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Rev H. B. Swafford honored us with his views on “Oregon" before leaving 
for California. His poem appears in the Herald today. It contains several good
points in his own clever style of stating them, and will be kindly received by
his many friends here.   +  [cp]  [M.  see poem on pg P-1]

Item misc-word  P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
J C Doane, representing “marble on steel” cooking kettle and utensils,
canvasing co. for introduction of his goods; headquarters Marshfie1d. nq

Dairy prices  music  P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Five shares Coq Creamery stock, 2 good milch cows, one heifer and one
spring calf, all for face value of the stock $l25. Nfq    Also one good $l30
organ for $50;inquire this office nq

Name  Tot   Vital-stat  P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893
married: Kentuck slough, Oct 1, 1893 by Judge Watson, Thos Lenet and Clara
Baker; Marshfield Sept 30,by Justice Hyde, Andrew Hendelin, Mary.Johnson.  
. born Coq Oct 6,1893, MM Leroy Curry, daughter.   Born MP Oct3, Prof and
Mrs A N Knight, dgtr.    died, at Rsbg Oct 1,1893 Tom Corwin, infant son of
Judge and Mrs J C Fullerton, age 9 mo.   Died Halls cr, Sept 28, Evaline,
infant dgtr MM Smalley, age 18 mo.   died at Angora, Sept 28, Ida, beloved
dgtr MM Thos Rookard,15 yrs.

Organize Coq name P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Coos Co FA & I U mtg Coq Oct 13 l:30, W C Wrenshall, secy 

Airship Joaquin-indir fair  P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
George Miller of Eugene expects to have his skycycle perfected in time to fly
to San Francisco for the mid-winter fair. +

Health Tot-Coq  P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893
James Brooks, young man this place, taken seriously ill with cholera morbus
and thought to be beyond relief; sm. Bottle Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhea Remedy, which promptly cured him; he says would have died but for
remedy.  Farley & Slagle; Tenn.  sale by S L Leneve, druggist.  Nq  [M note:
then would town be in Tenn, or in Coq?]   [cp]

Health P-5 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
[ad.] Gladstone has a Clear Head...Smith’s Bile Beans. nq

item tinware  Tot-Bandon  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
John H Yager, hardware ,stoves, tinware, lamps ,etc, Bandon.

Misc  organize  P 6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Co. 0, 0. N. C., at Marshfield, is mustered out.+   [M.  Ong =Oregon Natl

Church  locale  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
bay papers: Rev Horsfall will continue to reside at tt place nfq

Church  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Rev C R Blackwell,Portland, new minister this circuit by ME conference.   / 
Meth parsonage put in repair for family of new minister; J S Laurence did
work. nq.

Tot-Arago-name  Srh  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Mrs C F Bullard,San Rafael, Cal, arr on Arago to reside w/son, Clark Bullard,
at Arago. nq .

Organize Tot-Coq  Nosler P-6  CCH Oct 10, 1893
floor mgrs F A & I U ball next Sat night, Masonic hall, C Harrington, C
Strang, Nelse Lammy, W H Nosler.

Misc   mail?   P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
New form of postal money order to be issued this date, will not go into use
this office till present supply old ones used.  

Health  Tot-name  misc-word-fellow-citizen  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Fellow citizen, D P Strang, taken down suddenly last wk w/cholera morbus
and for 2 - 3 days suffered much; has started on duty again.    [cp]

Novelty-wool  Tot  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
handsome residence abt being erected at Bandon for Clark, pres of Woolen
mill, and another for Mr. Palmer, vice pres.

Name  Coq-R  health  saying  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
[M. 2005; this was in with a Bandon entry.  Is "here" Coq or Bandon?]    
Frank Poore, formerly on river and well known here, several days last wk;
looking well as ever -- nothing poor about him except he is racked
w/rhumatism [sic], poor fellow.

Visit health outing  Srh   P-6  CCH Oct 10, 1893
Judge Stewart, Mrs, dgtr, 2 sons, left Bandon on Bandorille Fri Sept 22 for
Portland; greatly pleased w/visit and say they will make our beach their great
summer and health resort for the future.

Book  fair  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Agent wanted for sale of “Bancroft's Book of the Fair” in Coos; Bancroft Co,

Other-coal  Tot-Coq  RR-spur  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Coal --  well we should say so. It is not only abundant, but the best on the
Pacific coast and as good as the best in the city markets. This is what our co-
operative mining company has struck less than a half mile from our town
limits. A tramway is being constructed to bring the coal down into town.   + 

Srh  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Govt engineers, river and harbor improvements, needed.

Organize  humorous story  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
[Head:] Flag Presentation  [Sub:]   The Women’s Relief Corps Surprises Gen.
Lytle Post, G.A.R.  [humorous story, lengthy abt a flag presentation.]   [ M.
get at library in full.]

climate  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
monthly weather report, Bandon mean temp 56; max temp 69 on 15th, min
temp 41  l8th, 23d; total precipitation 7.O8,above normal 5.29in; prevailing
wind N.;  greatest precipitation 24 hr, l.25 on 20th. Clear days 8; partly cloudy
9;  cloudy 14; rain 11, thunder storm 5, l9th, 2Oth. Geo Bennett Or Weather
Station     nq

health P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Hill’s Double Chloride of Gold Tablets destroy desire for tobacco, Ohio
Chemical co.   

Item  Music P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Chicago Cottage Organ the popular Organ.

Health  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Prentiss Rectifying Pill for Constipation; Ladies Complexion. Nq

Tot-Marshfield P-6 CCH Oct 19, 1893 
CB Marble and Stone Works, C W Paterson [sic] prop.

Tot-Multi  food  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Marshfield Pioneer Market and Family Grocery, Lorenz Bldg, Coq

Tot-Coq food item  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Johnson Bros; fresh and salted meats, bologna, head cheese, vegetables,
canned goods, coffee, sugar, teas, tobaccos, cigars.  nq

Fruit-outside  P-6 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Judge Riddle, southern Oregon fruit grower, will have 200,000 lb in prunes.  

Racism  outside-Tot  P-7   CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Astoria is organizing perfectly against the Chinese.  +  [cp]
School outside-Tot  misc-word inmates P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1892  
The deaf mute school at Salem will have 41 inmates.  + 

Novelty-woolen outside-Tot   P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
woolen mill, Albany, contract fm Philadelphia for 4000 US Army blankets.  

health  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
   Bald Heads. Skookum Root Hair Grower. ad.  [N.Y, not local company or

School?  Condit-signs of times P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Prof. M.V.Rork will speak on the issues of the day at the several places and
dates here named: Coq City Fri and Sat Oct 13 & l4 [lists other towns, as well]

Commission-house P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893     
Irving B Cook, Home Supplies a specialty, S.F. (for consumers)

Paper-cut  item  saying  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
A Good Seamstress is a Household Necessity. Seamstress Sewing machine,
Nat'l Sewing machine Co, Belvidere, Ill; [incl. cut of machine and table]

CBR  schedule   P-7  CCH Oct 10, 1893
Tuesdays and Fridays Trains leave Marshfield at 7:20 a.m., arriving in
Coquille City at 8:45; at Myrtle Point at 9:30. Returning, the train will leave
Myrtle Point at 9:45 a.m.; Coquille City at 10:15 a.m.; arrive at Marshfield at
11:45 a.m.    +  [cp]

Climate  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  Rain and mud.  /      Sunshine again.  

 Food prices Tot-Coq  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Lard, Johnson's Bros., $l.50 can.

name  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  Jason Randleman.  

Health moving  Tot-multi  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Dr. Brower, MP, has located at Ashland. 

Crop Tot-Marshfield  harness  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
trade grain to Anderson at Marshfield for harness.

Names RR-passeng  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
0 Dodge and Grundy Short passed over to the bay on today's train. +  [cp] 

Tot-Bandon-name P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
B. Vowell moved to Bandon, put up neat res. there.

item Tot-Coq P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  
Red Seal baking powder, Harkness & Scott, Lorenz

climate  P-7 CCH Oct 10,1893  S W winds thur-fri last wk

church  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Rev Blackwell, Portland, new M E minister this circuit, this place Sun night

 outside-Tot  Tot-multi  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
S J Tuttle and family returned fm Petaluma; now at Bandon (family) and this
city (Mr)

Tot-Coq  P-7  CCH Oct 10, 1893  Johnson's Bros.  /    Knowlton.

Name  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  John Koon returned fm SF this a.m. 

Srh P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893    Stmr Antelope laid over Sun for repairs.  

Climate P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893   rains so heavy river almost banks-full.  [cp?]  

Church P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Rev Mr Thornton, new Methodist pastor, and family, arr.  

Name  Srh  animal  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
 J Henry Schroeder expects to shop [M.2004. as typed; prob means ship] a lot
of hogs on stmr Bandorille for SF; will go in charge this trip.  [cp]

School paper-clubbing  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
 tchrs, subscribe to Western Pedagogue (Oregon St School Journal); tt and
Herald both for $2.50 yr.  

Srh  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893 
light house, Bandon, will be great advantage, will be commenced on or abt Dec 1.

Silk Kanematz  plants  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Our silk expert, Prof. Kanematz, informs us that a good number of persons
have ordered mulberry trees, with a view to going into silk culture, including a
larger number from Myrtle Point and vicinity than from this locality.  +  [cp]

Srh  freight-rates  Tot  food other-coal    P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
until further notice, schooners Parkersburg, Ralph J Long will bring freight to
Parkersburg warehouse (storage free); rates flour, iron, salt,coal, all kind
freight of low value,$l.50 ton; all other freight $2 ton nfq  [cp]

church names  entertain  music Nosler  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Sunday School entertainment, Meth; Miss Umra Lukens [sic] choir,
recitations, other; Vera Seed; Rena Leneve; Maud Nosler; Zetta Messer; Josie
Lyons; Eva White; Jessie Simmons; Capt Lockwood; Miss Lilly Lyons; Alice
Jenkins; Lilly Way; also a "fish pond".

Tot-Bandon  church  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  Bandon Recorder: Wrenshall
Bros at work on new church. 

Tot-Bandon climate  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893  Bandon Recorder.   ...Bar rough
this wk.

Tot-Bandon-name   health    P-7  CCH Oct 10, 1893 
Bandon Recorder.  ... S D Barrows vy ill typhoid; a little better but quite low;
Mrs Barrows sick.    

Health Tot/outside P-8 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Gus Erickson, former resident bay, drowned Columbia river; Emily Erickson

Tot-Bandon-name  Srh  moving  outside-Tot  P-7 CCH Oct 10, 1893
Bandon Recorder.   ...Mrs. Euphemia Dyer, daughter Ethel to make home
Calif for a while; goes via Marshfield and will be joined by husband near San
Jose, who will go down on the Bandorille.

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