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OCTOBER, 1894 

Oct 2  paper missing

Oct 9

Name-Parker  Srh   Ext 1 CCH B. Oct 9, 1894
...Leo Codia [M. ship; spelled other ways in other histories; galleon Capt Parker
trying to salvage]  [topic-cp04]

Srh Tot-Coq  mill  Lhc  condit  "first"  boomer  Ext 1 CCH B Oct 9, 1894  
Wharf at this place last Thur. presented the liveliest scene ever witnessed and
a new industry inaugurated.  These serve as pointers of what may be in store
for us if we give a helping hand.  At noon there were present 4 seagoing
vessels, ocean steamers Alice Blanchard and Bandorille, schooners Ralph J.
Long and Antelope, all just in fm S.F. And 4 river steamers: Dispatch,
Antelope, Alert, and Myrl.  Stmr Bandorille had just arr w/cargo genrl
merchdze and by evening had received broom handles, butter fm creameries,
and produce.  Then dropped to lower river for further freight for trip to
Portland. By 2 o'clock pm Stmr Alice Blanchard had discharged heavy cargo
of genrl freight and finished receiving 75,000 ft lumber, 48 head beef cattle,
74 head hogs, butter, chickens, produce, and had started for S.F. Schooners
Long and Antelope were receiving lumber fm Lyons mill, and 4 riverboats, 2
on upper and 2 for lower river, were getting their usual complements of
passengers and freight to distribute along the route.  Altogether it presented a
busy as well as pleasing sight, and if it continues, we will have to do some
extending of our waterfront.  Shipment of cattle to city by water was first
effort of the kind and promises to be not only a permanent industry, but
considerably enlarged.

Disaster    Srh   Ext 1 CCH B Oct 9, 1894  
Examiner, 4th.  Earthquake at sea which causes schooners some problems. 

Paper  Srh name  misc-word-editorial-tripod    Ext 1 CCH B Oct 9, 1894  
Orvil Dodge, esq, came up fm city on stmr Bandorille last Thur and can now
be found at his old post at on editorial tripod of West Oregonian.

Name county    BH   Sup1-6  CCH Oct 9, 1894
John Norman vs C J Bishop -- confirmation of sale.  (circuit court
proceedings.)   [cp] 

novelty-wood   Sup1-6  CCH Oct 9, 1894   chittim bark

name  Srh-indir   govt-RR  Sup1-6 CCH Oct 9, 1894  Lasswell     /   [more]
letter between Winant and Lasswell on govt rr

school  locale Sup1-6  CCH Oct 9, 1894    
Julia Braden, school Brown schoolhouse, successful term.   

Photo  Srh  Sup1-6  CCH Oct 9, 1894
C Wilkins, negatives of waterfront at time of 2 ocean stmrs  2 schr and 4 river
RR suits   courts Sup1-6 CCH Oct 9, 1894
The subsidy cases trial in district court, resulting in a verdict for defendents, is
very satisfactory.  We shall recur [sic]  to it again when the news is all in, and
probably also refer to the terms of the subscriptions and the testimony in the
case. +  [cp] 

CBR  locale-out-MP  name-Ferry  fruit-indir  P-16   CCH Oct 9, 1894 
West Oregonian: The right-of-way gang on the railroad is at work near Joe
Ferry's orchard. [cp]  

Tot-MP  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894  Mr. Hawks, SF, soon to open bank in MP . 

Hermann  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894   W P Hermann, b. 

Fish Tot-Empire enterprise?  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894  
salmon cannery at Empire.

crime  Tot-Multi  Manning/Owen  Gage county  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894
John Manning and Charles Owen, charged with the robbery and burning of
the Sumner store, escaped from the confines of the county jail at Empire City,
Tuesday night at 11 o'clock.
   They were occupying the east and west cells, separately, and made good use
of  their escape by the use of saws and augers. The traces of their work shows
that Owen bored from his cell into Manning’s and from Manning’s cell they
passed through the door, the lock of which had been filed off, and then passed
into the corridor and out through the outside door. This door was fastened
from the inside as a guard occupied the corridor at nights. Wm. Haskell was
on guard at the time the break was made and fired three shots at the fleeing
prisoners.   Haskell was handicapped by his position as the large cell door
opened right between him and the criminals, thus forming a barricade until the
outer door was open. When this outer door was open they were free. The news
of their flight did not cause a great amount of surprise here as the insecurity of
the jail is well known. Sheriff Gage was in town the following morning and
had tracked the refugees to the hill back of town and will keep up a diligent
search until he finds them.
   Before his departure, Manning wrote a letter, which he left for Sheriff Gage.
In it he states his reasons for leaving and says, "You may catch me but not
until this term of court is over." --Sun. +

Name Srh?  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894
Alex Scott, [article on.]   [M. 2005.  Would this be the Scott who was [I think,
later?] with Bandon lifesaving service?]

Fish P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1804   salmon fishing  

"first" lbr  Srh  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894 
1st cargo lbr to leave CB for foreign port, on new vessel Omega. 

Other-mining  Coq-R    P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894
 placer mine, Coquille country of Coos co, gold prospects didn't justify

Agric  Indian rhubarb  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894  indian rhubarb

Bicycle  P-16 CCH Oct 9, 1894     2 on bicycle, b.  [see also Nov 20, 1894]

Oct  16

Allied RR  condit  (loose3)  CCH C Oct 16, 1894
[fm SF Examiner] Head: Southern Pacific’s fight is Still Anarchistic.  Abt San
Joaquin valley road, influence tt SP can wield.  Banks at SF lg holders of
bonds/stocks.  SP lg borrower. Its managers have discounted future of the road
to secure imm profit for themselves.  Loaded with obligations they struggle to
meet.  And to get money it has pledged securities till the bank hold them u-p
to the limit of safety.  It is not surprising tt capitalists who hold these bonds
should hesitate to encourage an enterprise, the first effect of which would be
to lessen the value of collateral.  [cp]

Allied-BH-RR    log  (loose3) CCH C Oct 16, 1894.
 Const of winter quarters for both logging camp and coal mining crews at
Beaver Hill being pushed by large force.  It is a big thing, and the RR
company has showed enterprise and energy in the work.  [cp]

RR   Srh?  Locale  (loose3) CCH C Oct 16, 1894 
Railroad company has complied fully w/order of county court in opening
waterways at the piling at Green Point where waters of Beaver Slough had
been dammed back.  [cp]

name  P-16 Mr. Blacklock, former res. Coos. 

 Tot-Bandon Srh novelty-woolen P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894
Bandon news.   woolen mill, steamers,   Tupper house, etc.

Novelty-brick Tot-MP  Giles  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894
West Oregonian: Giles & son brick press shut down, kiln being built.

Road  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894  CB wagon road, etc. 

Tot  entertain  dairy-indir  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894 
B Recorder. Dairymens ball, Dairyville. 

Locale  health  name P-16 CCH Oct 16,1894 
[drowning of]  boy who was staying with Mrs. Yoakam on Coos r.

Names  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894  John Fox, Judge Schroeder 

Entertain? Music?  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894    musical novelty combination 

Vital-stat name  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894  Dr JC Bogue maried 

Name  locale  P-16 CCH Oct 16,  1894 
Prof T C Land of N. Carolina settlement, [more]. 

Tot  mill  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894  Price bros sawmill Riverton 

Names  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894   Orvil Dodge   /    G M Short.  /       Schetter.

RR  county Srh locale Isthmus-area  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894
The railway company has complied fully with the order of the oounty court in
opening waterways at piling of Green Point, where the waters of Beaver
slough had been dammed back. +  [cp] 

Elijah Smith  enterprise  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894  Elijah Smith   

Disaster  Tot-Marshfield  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894   Fire, Lando's warebouse.

RR  BH  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894
The railroad carpenters will go out to the Beaver Hill mine this week to erect a
store and a number of tenement dwellings.  -- Marshfield Sun. +  [cp] 

Srh coal  BH Graham  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894
A scowload of coal — 75 tons — was taken to the government works this
week. The coal came from the Beaver Hill mine, in which Manager Graham is
interested.  +  (M. Sun)  [cp]

Fish  enterprise  Tot-Empire  P-16 CCH Oct 16, 1894  Empire cannery.

Oct 23, paper missing

Oct 30

Other-coal?  BH  history   locales  names  (loose3) CCH C Oct 30, 1894. 
Glen Aiken is engaged in coal business and at present filling orders fm Beaver
Hill mine.  When supplying a patron Monday, he said that hauling coal
brought him back to old pioneer days when he was one of a company who
opened the Boatman bank and hauled the first load of coal ever shipped fm
C.B., just 40 yr ago.  Members of the company engaged in that enterprise
w/him were his brothers James and John, Frank Ross, Dick Learn?, B.F.
White, Doc Gaddis, and Sam Darlington.  Coal was hauled with oxen fm mine
at head of Coalbank Slough, where wharf had been built of poles.  It was then
loaded on lighters and taken to mouth of slough, near where RR depot now
stands, where a vessel was waiting to receive it.  James and Pat Flanagan, who
were living where Empire now is, handled the cargo and disposed of it in S.F.  
fm C.B. News.  [cp]

Srh  needed  town-rivalry?   (loose3) CCH C  Oct 30, 1894
those who claim to know say our breakwater at mouth of river will never
amount to much unless the jetties are strengthened like those at C.B. and run
out into deep water.  When this is done, we will have no more bars, as all mud
and sediment will be carried out to deep sea.  When this is completed, we will
have no necessity to get nearly all our exports, save lumber, as we do now, to
and from, Coos Bay.  We can export and import thru our natural highway, the
Coq. R.; thereby save all expenses and inconveniences.   [red ck mark]

Srh  disaster?  (loose3) CCH C  Oct 30, 1894
Antelope reached this city safely.  Fears pervaded tt upturned brig Lucas was
our schooner Antelope, but crew of former have been rescued and her loss
established, while our good ship Antelope has been heard from in port.  [red
ck mark]
BH Srh   (loose3)  CCH C (Oct or Nov?) 1894.
Coast Mail.  First screened coal was brought down fm Beaver Hill mines this
week and is a fine looking quality of coal.  Tests which have been made on
ocean stmrs been entirely satisfactory and demands for fuel is likely to be
large.  [cp]

RR (loose3) CCH C (Oct 30?), 1894.  [M: in these  1894 papers, train schedule .] 
[all tt in news notes.]

Kanematz  (loose3) CCH C (Oct 30 or?) 1894. 
Bandon Recorder.  J.S. Kanematz of Coq City is in town… making surveys
for parties here.   [cp]

Legislature  Politic Tot-name   P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894
WS Vanderburg, will be senator at legislature (state); he fm Marshfield.  Thos
Buckman, Mfleld, repres.

Church  name?   P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894 
[lengthy on] Christian Workers, signed by SF Abernathy. 

Kanematz  photo  silk  P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894  
Prof. Kanematz has taken photographs of his silk station. +  [cp] 

Novelty-wool  P-17 CCH Oct 30,.1894  woolen mill  

Novelty-wood  P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894  myrtlewood novelty 

Name Tot-Coq?  P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894  AG Aiken, postmaster.

Names   P-17  CCH Oct 30, 1894   
Geo T Moulton /   John Kruse. James Watson. 

Health locale P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894  chicken pox, N. Fork.

Other-county  crime misc-word   P-17 CCH  Oct 30, 1894.
The Douglas county sheriff and deputies are being led hither and thither after
Manning and Owen, our prison escapes [sic], whom they are led to believe are
in that section.  +

Church  P-17 CCH Oct 30, 1894.  Fr. Desmarias.

Tot  school P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  Angora school, Belle Rowley, closed Fri. 

Name  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894     G M Short.   /   Orvil Dodge

Fish Tot  enterprise  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894   cannery Empire.

county jail  crime  P-18  CCH Oct 30, 1894
The county jail at Empire City is now enclosed with a fence 12 feet high. This
will shut off outside interference with the birds within, and make their security
more probable. +

Outside-county-or?  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  Ex sheriff Weider b  

Tot-Empire mail  name  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  
postmaster Empire, Chauncy Byler. P0 prob. Moved to Sengstacken store.  
[M. 2005.  Must have been a Sengstacken store in Empire as well as

Hermann  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894   Binger Hermann. 

Joaquin  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894   Joaquin Miller.

fruit RR-haul  locale?  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894
 [hopeful item on apples at beach, presum Bandon,] to be shipped by CBR to
eastern states   just now clearing land for an orchard.   [cp]

CBR suit P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  CBR cases on appeal to supreme ct     [cp]            

name? Beach   P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  other beach items. Chas Dye

outside-county  crime  Tot-Empire  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894 
Sheriff Patterson of Jackson county and Sheriff Cathcart of Douglas have
succeeded in capturing the Coos county fugitive from justice, Chas. B. Owen, who
escaped from the jail at Empire City during the term of district court, about three
weeks ago. The capture was made by the local police at Sacramento Monday of
last week. He was going under the name of "C. J. Goodwin", and was the victim of
a decoy letter. Manning was [sic] still at large. +

Tot-Coq  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  N Lorenz to occupy former store of Harkness.

Names  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894   Dan Giles     /   S D Magnes  

Tot-MP crime  enterprise  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894 
Wells Fargo robbery, MP [more]. 

Paper?  Name  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894    Grace McEwen  [dgtr of J S??] 

enterprise  name politic  mill  P-18  CCH Oct 30, 1894 
GW Loggie, former mgr SO co Empire city mill, candidate for repr. on
republican ticket in Washington. [cp] 

Hermann  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  Mannel Hermann

Other coal  locale?  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894 
M Sun.  Frank Baker sold all his interests coal business to partner, Lawrence

Disaster Tot-Marshfield  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  ruins of Lando warehouse fire.

Other-mining P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894  [lengthy on] Gold Beach mining, also Coq.

Other-coal  BH  history  name?  P-18 CCH Oct 30, 1894
A G Aiken, filling orders fm Beaver Hill mine; he cites history of Boatman
claim.   [cp]  [M. 2006. This must be same item as Loose 3 with same
keywords and date.]

Other-mining  CCHX+  X+8  Oct 30, 1894
gold mining in Oregon.  [lengthy.  Includes Coq area as well as non-local .]

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