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Sept 11

Tot  Allied  RE    RR phy 1 CCH A Sept 11, 1894.   
[Ad ] East Marshfield, the coming railroad center of Coos County.  Lots are
now on the market.  Apply at Coos Bay Land Co, at East Marshfield.   [cp]

RR-other   RR phy1  CCH A Sept 11, 1894
[date?] [outside dateline] Mechanics blacklisted because of the Pullman Strike
have come to Canvas and propose to erect Palace Car shops at Hiawatha. Not
build Pullman cars, but Myers.     [cp]

CBR-extension  road  conditions  RR phy 1 CCH A Sept 11, 1894
Herald calls attention to authorities tt if  CB R RR is extended on present
project survey up Middle Fork, our wagon road will be ruined.  While within
6 yrs abt $20,000 used by county to make and keep open tt road.  If our rail
road is to be extended and wagon road ruined, why should not route be given
to RR for stipulated sum and that amt expended on C.B. wagon road to fit up
for use.  [cp]

Srh  RR phy 1  CCH A Sept 11, 1894  Stmr Bandorille due today fm S.F.

CBR-haul&passengers  machine   RR phy 1 CCH A  Sept 11, 1894
Train yesterday composed of 2 box cars, 2 flat cars, and passenger coach, all
filled.  The first 2 (flat) had scrapers and other RR construction paraphernalia,
while boxcars full to the roof w/freight and merchandize received via the bay. 

CBR-extension   animal  Spreckels   RR phy 1 CCH A Sept 11, 1894
RR Construction begins at once at M.P.  Nearly 100 head horses arr Sun fm
valley, while train yesterday took up construction needs.  Number of our
citizens been engaged to work on the road.  As far as our information now,
work tt of completion of track and Y at MP.  But prep sudden and so
extensive of scale, thus pointing to work on extension of the road eastward, as
results of visits of Mr. Spreckels and Capt. Samuels past few days.  [cp]

Srh  name  mill Tot   LR  lbr Prosper/Pershbaker 
 RR phy 1 CCH A Sept 11, 1894. [once typed as Nov?]
New stmr for this place, Alice  Blanchard, will leave S.F. on/abt 20th.  Capt
Bob Dunham in charge.  Tonnage considerably more than Bandorille. 
Schooner Coquelle arr and Joseph and Henry dep lower river last wk.  Mill
Prosper crowded w/lumber and Mr. Pershbaker sending it out as rapidly as poss.

Spreckels  Srh  Lhc  condit-progress  
RR phy 1 CCH A Sept 11, 1894  [once typed as Nov?]
Spreckles and T.S. Samuels, firm of J.D. Spreckels and Bros Co, S.F., visited
this section last week on inspection of their interests here.  They interested in
our RR and may do more toward pushing it to completion, besides becoming
otherwise interested in developing great untold natural wealth of Coos
County.  Our superb timber, inexhaustible coal supply, precious metal
deposits, and so forth, all so easily accessible from  our navigable waterways
and so convenient to markets of large cities on this coast.  Wonder is that
energetic capitalists have not explored and utilized our abundance before this.
It is coming to the front, however.   [cp]

Animal  pursuit-racing   Tot-Marshfield   Sup1-1 CCH Sept 11, 1894 
Coos Bay News: Some talk of bull race at the [race] track in near future nq

Animal    fish  Srh-bay  Sup1-1 CCH Sept 11, 1894
Large numbers of seals are reported at the entrance to the bay, and they are
playing havoc with the salmon.  A move is being made to kill the seals with
dynamite. +    [almost like item in RR phy 1 CCHA Sept 18, 1894, the latter cited
fm CB News.]

fish  condit   Sup1-1 CCH Sept 11, 1894   
[>cp]  No improvement in the salmon fishing, and the fishermen now say that
there will be no run of big fish this year to speak of.  In about a fortnight
silversides should begin to make their appearance. +  +  [nearly identical to item in
RR phy 1 CCH A Sept 18, 1894, the latter cited fm CB News.]

health Tot-NB-name   Sup1-1 CCH Sept 11, 1894   
Coos Bay News:  John Kruse been vy sick at home NB several day; suffering
acute brights disease, for time life despaired of; at last accounts improving
somewhat. Nq  [cp]

Fruit  prices  “first”  outside-Tot  misc-word-palm 
Sup 1-1  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Albany Herald: It seems Coos county is not to have the honor after all of
being the first place to undertake the growth of cranberries, but that the palm
[print] belongs to Marion county.  Mr. Simmons, residing at the upper end of
Lake Labish, has had an acre of cranberries in successful cultivation some
years and is going to increase the extent of his patch. He has sold his crop
every year at an average of  75 cents a gallon.  +

Novelty-woolen   enterprise  outside-mill/utility    Sup1-1  CCH Sept 11, 1894
 Salem Statesman: resumption of work at woolen mills places all the factories
in oper. at Oregon City; 200 hands employed there; paper and pulp mills have
250 men; 150 are working on the electric plant. Nq  

Outside-Crime  outside-Tot  Sup1-1 CCH Sept 11, 1894
Salem Statesman:  Abt 2 yr ago Burdette Wolf murdered Birdie Norton at Mt.
Tabor. He never captured. A Portland paper declares he was seen at scene of
murder last wk. nq

Other-mining  outside-locale   Sup1-1 CCH Sept 11, 1894
 60 machines for saving the gold in the sands of the Columbia have been sold
at Waterville, seller agreeing to take proceeds of ten days work with the
machine for the pay.

Fruit  paper?  Name Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894
[West Oregonian]  We had left on our table yesterday a small branch from a
prune tree growing in the yard of Peter Wise, bearing fruit which for size and
weight is hard to beat. There were thirty large prunes on the branch which
weighed over five pounds.

Other-mining  Lhc?  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894
[Bandon Recorder]  General Rollins still headquartering Bandon studying
mining resources of county.

name  Parker machine  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894 
[Bandon  Recorder]  Wm Thomas returned fm trip down the coast, bringing
up load of machinery purchased by Capt. Parker of the Crawford estate  
school  condit  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894   
[Bandon Recorder]  Prof J S Hodgin [sic] opened his school last Mon; fair
attendance; hard times have prevented a number of parents fm  sending their
children. Nq   [red dot]

name  fish   Sup1-2 CCH Sept 11, 1894
 [Bandon Recorder]  Charles Bailey, while on his way up the beach last
Wednesday, discovered a monster devilfish stranded on the beach about five
miles below Bandon.  Its longest tentacle measured 24 feet, and its body was
over 4 feet in width, giving the monster a spread of 52 feet.  It is believed to
be the largest specimen of the species ever found on the Pacific coast.   +

health  Srh  name Sup1-2 CCH Sept 11, 1894
[ Bandon Recorder]  Thomas Lockwood suffered severe injuries last Saturday
night by falling into the hold of the Bandorille while the steamer was at the
wharf. The hatchway had been left open, and when Mr. Lockwood boarded
the vessel he stumbled and fell into the hold.  He was badly bruised about the
head and shoulders, and has been under the care of Dr. Kime since the
accident.  It is probable that he will be about again in a few weeks, but will
not fully recover for some time.  +   [red ck mark]

log  name Parker   Sup1-2 CCH Sept 11, 1894    
Parker’s logging camp shut down last Saturday. +  

visiting  UR  name  Sup1-2 CCH Sept 11, 1894  
Mrs. Joe Dean returned Friday from a visit to her parents on the South Fork.   

Church  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894 
Rev C A Stine, Xtian ch nq    /    Services conducted by Adventists, Revs.
Henley and Sharp, able preachers. Nq  

Novelty-wood  Tot-Riverton Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894 
E E Dickson, of the shingle mill Riverton, up hunting for men for his mill nq    

School   Tot-MP  Sup1-2 CCH Sept 11, 1894 
Public School, MP, to open Mon Nov 12, under tutorship Prof. James H. Cox. nq   

Name  Sup1-2 CCH Sept 11, 1894  Mrs S B Barrows, nephew, b.  

Tot-Multi Health  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894  
Dr. Bogue, dentist this place today till 27, after which will be MP    nq at all

Church  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Rev O G Quimby, Baptist, to preach in Little ch Sat eve 15, Sun morn 11 and
7:30  public invited. Nq 

Srh  name  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894
The new steamer for this place, the Alice Blanchard, will leave San Francisco
on or about the 20th inst., Capt. Bob Dunham in charge. Her tonnage is
considerably more than that of the Bandorille.   [red ck mark]

Health  novelty-wood   misc-word  Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Al Wilson had right thumb crushed by feed-roller to the broomhandle saw,
and still laid off  nq;
In fact it was a narrow escape that he didn't lose the member instanter, or
receive much greater injury.  +

Climate   Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894 
temp Sunday  Aug 26: M'field  93, Coq 95,  beach 71;  Mon 27, Coq 90, Rsbg
101, Mfield 103; MP 103, town Bandon 83, beach 78. Tue, 28, Coq 83, beach

Tot   name  agric  misc-saying (re hospitality)   Sup1-2  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Wallace Hammack, who moved with his family from the Fishtrap
neighborhood some months since, returned last Saturday a week and finds his
"lines have fallen in pleasant places.”  He was very warmly greeted by his old
neighbors and friends, and the family has felt quite "at home " since their long
ramble to and through eastern Oregon. The Fishtrap friends have pointed Mr.
Hammack and family to their potato patches, fruit trees, etc., and told him to
freely share with them.  +

Gage County  Tot-Empire  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894   
Sheriff Gage was in this valley Friday, returning home Saturday.  +     [M. no
doubt to Empire.]  [cp]   

name  Parker  Srh  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894  
Capt. Parker went down to San Francisco on the steamer Bandorille.  +  [red
check mark]  

Tot-Prosper  name Pershbaker Mill  lbr  Srh    Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894   
schr Joseph & Henry departed, schr Coquelle arr in lower r. last wk. Mill at
Prosper crowded w/lbr and Mr. Pershbaker sending it out as rapidly as poss.
Nq            [red check mark]

Dairy  Tot-Coq  Srh   misc-word-butterman Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894
Samuel Martin, head butterman with C E Whitney & Co  SF, visited our
several creameries this wk. Butter has advanced in the city and our Coq butter
stands at head of list there, so his firm secured and forwarded imm. via the
bay per steamer, the stock on hand Sat -- abt a ton.

Crime  Tot-Coq /outside   mail   Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Valley Record: At Canyonville last week  J.J. Harris, and R.C. Harris and J.B.
Stevenson, enroute from Coquille City to Gold Hill, were arrested on
suspicion of being concerned in the recent  robbery of the Coquille postoffice
[sic].  They were thoroughly searched, exonerated, and let go on their way
rejoicing.  +

locale   health  log    Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894  
Charley Dye, upper r, who hurt badly in logging camp near Arago, crushed by
limb falling tree, was in town Sat on crutches. Badly hurt, but recovering
rapidly nevertheless. nq

Srh  name  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894
 Another steamer is being put on the run between this place and San Francisco
-- the Alice Blanchard -- with an old friend and favorite of our people as
commander, Capt. R. J. Dunham.  +   [red check mark]     

Health  Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894 
The many friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Dr. W. C. Owen,  now residing
in Missouri, will regret to learn of her very poor health. +

School  paper  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894  
tchrs should subscribe for [subscribe for, in print] The Western Pedagogue
(the Or. St. School Journal) and the Herald, both for $2.50 yr. Nq   

school  locales Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894   
Arthur Brown, tchr Middle Creek school past term, t.  Will teach Brewster
valley this winter. nq

Tot-MP/Coq   Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894 
M/M Roberts, MP, prospected our community with view to starting a hotel.  

Outing name Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894   
Mrs Vannoy returned fm prolonged visit to beach nq   

Tot  health  Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894  
Last chance bargains, Harkness & Scott closing out sale nq    /     Mrs.
Harkness quite poorly a few days, now better!

Srh  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894  
Stmr Bandorille due today fm SF nq     /     [later note on Bandorille says it
only left SF today. nq at all ]

Health  name Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894. 
Dr. Holden, dentist, will remain in Coq sev. days; former friends and patrons
will take notice nq     

Name  Tot-Coq carpentry  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Walter Colvin abt completed Geo Collier's nice new house east of town, and
will at once begin one for J C Watson, NE of town. Nq  

crop  locale  Srh-indir  Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894
Some fine onions were brought to this market this morning by James Hatcher,
of near Fairview. There will hardly be a necessity for shipping them any
longer from San Francisco.  +

Health  other-coal-indir  name Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Dr. Stockman vy ill most last wk, friends feared for the worst toward close of
wk; better Sun morn, continue improve since nq  

Name visiting travel  health  animal     Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11, 1894
Elbert Dyer and Master Lawrence returned fm the valley last Sun, Mrs. Dyer
extending her tri p to Washington to visit dgtr, Mrs Fagan, who sick; Elbert
gave his aunt Mrs Buck, a Denny pheasant, three of which he brought with
him. +

Srh enterprise  Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Coos Co Mercantile & Shipping Assn mtg, annual election, other.

RR  Srh   Sup1-3  CCH Sept 11, 1894  
[[2 RR constr. reports which believe I have, M note; also, report on no work
now being done at mouth of Coq R, none prob. done before spring; sum of
$25000 appropriated for mouth, $5000 for upper r.

name  Sup1-3 CCH Sept 11 1894   Jacob Croy, b.       
M/M James Dye, b [dont live here now but evid did].

RR  road  locale  condit  Sup1-3 CCH Sep 11, 1894  
[ article on if CBR extended up Middle Fork our wagon rd will be ruined;  M: 
assume I have]. 

Animal  interest  name Sup1-3  name Sept 11, 1894
A couple of young ladies from this locality last Sunday evening, while
walking from Mr. Burrows place to R. J. Dean's, were interviewed by a Mr.
Bear, who reared up suddenly to survey the charming trespassers upon his
shady reservations [sic].  This the young ladies did not appreciate and so took
a race back, and being a descending grade for a full half mile one of the young
misses made such speed as to run through her shoes and reach the place of
safety sans shoes. Mr. Bear disappeared and no harm was done; it seems to
have been a mutual misunderstanding; the young ladies were not after the bear
nor the bear after the ladies.  +

Srh  name Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894
Clyde Lightner came over from the bay last Friday and accepted a position on
the steamer Antelope.  +   

Church?  Name  locales  Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894
Rev. Mr. Crutchfield has elected to locate at Fishtrap, and came over from Mr.
Coffelt's, on Coos river, last Friday and prepared to furnish his house and get
it ready for occupancy.  +

Name  blacksand-mining   Tot  Sup1-4 CCH Sep 11, 1894   
Capt Tennisson, Randolph, t.  The gentlemen who expect to operate black
sand mines tt neighborhood are making preparation for it and expecting other
interested parties here fm east soon.   nfq      [M. one item, or 2?]

Tot-Coq  photo name pursuit-baseball  Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894  
Nfq C Wilkins, photographer, taken a splendid large picture of our Coq
baseball nine, incl Mgr White. [+>] The artists [as typed] work is good, and
the grouping and sharp-cut likenesses of the boys make it a picture to be

misc-word  item Tot-name Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894  
Mrs. J.P. Wilbur of Bandon canvassed this city last week for the "Morgan
Adjustable Patterns," of which she owns the county right. It is a most simple
and perfect system for ladies, and should find a ready sale.  +

Locale  other-mining  name-Parker  climate  misc-saying
Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894 
Capt. Parker, who was at the Salmon mountain mines on Monday, Aug. 26th,
was convinced that the temperature in the shade there was as high as 125
degrees, and chickens that would venture out into the sunlight would drop
dead from the heat. +   [red dot]

Locales  Srh  machine?  Name-Hume  Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894
 Tom Drew returned fm lower coast, where been 2 - 3 mo helping move Hume
bldgs at Gold Beach to N side of r, but will now take charge of the engine
which runs piledriver at jetty work on lower r.   [M.  presume means Coq R  ]

Allied   other-coal?  Name boomer     Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894  
[note on AB Spreckels, TS Samuels in town, boomer devel. Coos coal, etc. M
presume I have.]  [cp]

Outing beach  road  fish outside-Tots  Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894
 The number of visitors from Roseburg, Oakland and Yoncolla [sic] this
season at our beach was very much larger than usual. There was a good
number also from Myrtle Point and other places in our own county who
sought the beach for an outing.  People from the more prominent places
grouped together in their camps, hence the Roseburg people lived in what was
known as Roseburg street, the Myrtle Pointers on Myrtle Point street and the
Oakland and Yoncolla people at Oakland grove, which is situated on the
rising ground overlooking the entrance of the only road there is to the beach,
their proximity to which afforded them ample opportunity to go for clams,  
[blank in paper, torn evid. more seafoods listed] etc., which there abound.  +

RR  Srh   Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894    
Marshfield Sun: A schooner is expected to arrive this week with rails for the
railroad.  +  [cp]  

Health  road-bridge  Sup1-4 CCH Sep 11, 1894
James Eilsau. [sic], while running across the draw-bridge Monday, fell and
struck his chin on an iron bolt, inflicting quite an ugly gash.  +  

Health   travel Coq-Valley  Sup1-4 CCH Sep 11, 1894
F E Hicks returned fm trip to Coq country; been suffering rheumatism several
mo; trip greatly benefitted.  nq at all.  

Health travel disaster?  Sup1-4  CCH Sept 11, 1894
Mrs. Riggs, mother of J W Riggs, thrown fm wagon, severely injured; wagon
passed over portion of body; at last reports she rapidly recovering.   nq at all

BH   RR Srh-indir  novelty-wood  Sup1-4  CCH Sep 11, 1894
Marshfield Sun. The main tunnel in the Norman coal property is in 160 feet
and three shifts at work on its extension. The work of erecting a 400-ton
bunker at the mine began this week and as soon as the piles can be obtained a
bunker of a much larger capacity will be erected at the railroad wharf.   +  [cp]

School   names Sup1-4  CCH Sept 11, 1894
school report of distr 19, for term ending Aug 31, 1894 [M. doesn't give name
of school. ]  Ella Cooper, tchr; enrollment 14, av. daily attendance 13, # days
taught 58 1/2.  Libbie E Gabeler, Sarah Strang, Mamie Williams, Bertha
Williams, Eddie Twobig, Cleo Strang, Florence Williams, Nellie, Alice
Twobig ...   n q at all

  politic? Church-indir   Character-attitude  paper? Misc-word-fellow-citizen/fiend   
Sup1-5  CCH Sept 11, 1894
[Head:]    Pass Him Around.
     Some weeks ago a man named O. A. Phelps came to this city and lectured
on two nights, the first night on freethought, and the next on Populism. At the
close of his first nights [as typed] lecture several questions were propounded,
of historical and scientific character, which the lecturer proposed to explain or
answer. As the meeting was about drawing to a close, Rev. Mr. Stine of this
city propounded a question or two, in substance thus: “Did you, Mr. Phelps,
ever hold a public discussion in Kansas with Mr. Churchill?"  Mr. Phelps was
uncertain that he had. Mr. Stine then asked if he had discussed with a Mr.
Fortune, in the same state. Mr. Phelps admitted that he had. Then said
Mr. Stine,  there was a man named Phelps, a freethought lecturer, who
publicly discussed with these persons named, who was the guest while at that
place of the family of a Mr. Carnahan; that this man Phelps alienated the
affections of the wife of Carnahan, broke up the family, and later joined the
woman and lived with her as man and wife.  Mr. Phelps was taken aback and
tried to explain, but utterly failed to do so.  Then to establish the identity of
this man Phelps, and the truthfulness of the charge made by our fellow-citizen,
Rev. Mr. Stine, communication was opened with the secretary of the Masonic
lodge at Douglass [sic], Kansas of which lodge Mr. Carnahan, the deeply
wronged husband, is an honored member, the result of which correspondence
has been to confirm Mr. Stine's expose of this fiend as having deeply wronged
a happy family, robbing the husband and children of a happy home, and the
mother of her honor and love, and later proved false to the woman who had
been deceived in a moment of weakness and forsakes her [sic].
     A private letter from a nephew of Mr. Carnahan, the woman's former
husband, writes of date of August 27, 1894: "Mrs. Carnahan told my mother
when here during the trial of her son that she (Mrs. C.) long ago saw the error
of her way, and that if she could live but one week with her family in the
former relation she would be ready to die."
     The secretary of the Masonic lodge at Douglass, Kansas, of date August
23, 1894, writes to the secretary of the lodge here thus:
     "I am in receipt of your letter of inquiry dated Aug. 11, 1894.  In reply I
have to say:  That a fellow by the name of Phelps, a free-lover or free-thought
lecturer, did, through his influence, cause the wife of Mr. S. P. Carnahan, a
member of our lodge, to desert her home. There is no doubt but that after
leaving her home she joined this fellow Phelps. How long these relations
existed I do not know. I have never talked with Bro. C. on the matter, as it
occurred [sic] before I came here. I have no doubt but what Bro. Stine has
struck the right man, and he is correct in his charge if this is the same Phelps;
and he no doubt is the same man, as Bro. Stine would recognize him, having
lived here at time the [sic] matter occurred.
     Bro. Stine is a Mason, but not a member of our lodge.  I have always
known him as an aggressive man, ready to denounce wrong wherever he finds
it. Please convey to Bro. Stine my thanks for his denunciation of a villain.
Yours, fraternally,
   G. Nagle, Secretary.”
     Mr. Phelps spoke at Bandon after leaving this place, and then departed, we
have been led to believe, for the California coast country. The HERALD
believes he is the same as has been charged with this great crime, and if there
is no written law to reach him and mete out to him a due punishment, there is
a way for the general public to be warned against him that he may have no
resting place sufficiently long to repeat his deception and practice his devilish
machinations to the hurt of others.  Look out for him and pass him along. The
newspapers will be his Nemisis. +

Sept 18, 1894

RR-extens      condit-outlook   CCH B    [ext-1] Sept 18, 1894. 
    We believe when our RR makes connection w/outside world, will be one of
best paying in  country.   [cp]

RR-extens  Graham  misc-word (...passed  ...dirt) 
Ext-1 CCH B  Sept 18, 1894
Graham passed up road on a special last Wed. on way to S.F.  Dirt will fly on
the extension, no doubt.  [cp]

Srh   CCH B  ext-1  Sept 18, 1894
Arago? Where for this river's trade, the Alice Blanchard said to have carrying
capacity 3000 tons w/same draft as Bandorille.  [as typed]

Kanematz  Tot. CCH B ext-1  Sept 18, 1894. 
Prof. Kanematz made a business trip to Sumner.  +    [topic-cp04] 

Blacksand-mining  Ext 1 CCH B Sept. 18, 1894.   [Reference to ] big mining
deal abt sale of black sand claims.  [M. 2006. Is this another item from same
date in CCHX+ X+8 ?]

Politic  natl-coal  condit Ext 1 CCH B Sept. 18,, 1894
[Article on front page tt comes fm] Veteran, S.F. (Sept 23) [as typed].  You
will get govt jobs vy readily if you vote Rep. ticket and join hands w/worthy
men who seek to punish coal mine anarchists who will not vote for better
times and a raise in the price of store truck.     [cp]

Fish Srh Tot-Empire  enterprise utility-indir    Ext 1 CCH B Sept. 18, 1894
Bandon Recorder.  Salmon cannery at Empire City overstocked w/fish Wed.
word telephoned over for Coq. fishermen to salt catch until cannery catches

Natl-RR  trusts   condit  RR phy 1 CCH A Sept. 18, 1894.
[Article fm] Allen Nebr news.  Innocent purchasers of stock and bonds of
American RRs should be protected and their earnings returned to them, all
except such as has been robbed from them by railroad wreckers, and Goulds
and Vanderbilts should receive their share of the value of the roads.  Some
such carefully drawn law that would give RR investors their rights and not rob
people of theirs, is the demand of the hour.  We believe some law will be
passed into effect as soon as voters understand question and discontinue
practice of electing RR attnys to legislative office.  [cp]

Animal Fish Srh-bay   RR phy 1 CCH A  Sept 18, 1894
C.B News.  Lg number seals at entrance to bay.  Playing havoc w/fishing. 
Move now made to kill seals w/dynamite. [almost like item in Sup1 CCH Sept 11,
1894, except that one didn't cite C B News.]

Fish condit RR phy 1 CCH A  Sept 18, 1894
No improvement in salmon fishing, and fishermen now say no run of salmon
this year.  [but next page says ]  [if continued,  in different section.] [almost
identical to item in Sup1 CCH Sept 11, 1894, except that one didn't cite C B News.]

Names   health  Sup 1-1 CCH Sept 18.1894
J B Fox.   J A Lyons; Wm Rich; N Lorenz; Kronenberg; Knowlton; S L
Leneve; Walter Culin; Dr J T McCormac;

CBR  county   prices  Sup 1-1 CCH  Sept  18, 1894    
CBR got $2.25 fm county for carrying of  paupers.  [cp]

Hermann county racism prices  Sup1-1  CCH Sept 18, 1894
[ fm County court proceedings]   Chas Hermann. George Quicley [as typed],
on request, is relieved of care of Indian woman, Libby, and Geo Wasson
authorized to take charge of her, for which he receive $8 per mo. nfq

county  names  Gage Sup1-1 CCH Sep 18, 1894
 [ fm County court proceedings]    J H Minard; H W Dunham, constable; A H
Fish, T J Thrift, jurors.  R J Cussans, Justice; John S Coke jr  dept DA;  J B
Dully, Thos Coke, witness;  W W Gage, witness. J H Cecil, justice.

County Gage crime Sup1-1 CCH Sep 18, 1894
[ fm County court proceedings] W W Gage, sheriff, capturing Manning and
Owens $22.00  

county names enterprise Sup1-1 CCH Sep 18, 1894
 John F Hall, referee Siglin vs Coos.  Edward McAdams, L A and  J R
Roberts, scalp bounties.  H Sengstacken [M. note; these are all fm County
court proceedings; Jas Wall, E B Dean & Co., R W Bullard, Ed Fahy [also in]
this list, as is SO co. (some listed more than once.) ],

name  Allied  locale  Sup1-1  CCH Sept 18, 1894
 Mrs  A G Aiken, Mr. Chas  Olive, J S Jones, of Isthmus slough, b.

fish  name  Allied-Holm Tot-Marshfield  "first"  Sup1-1 CCH Sept 18, 1894
   largest salmon ever seen on CB brought in by Geo Olsen and displayed
Holm's Market; dressed weight 72 lb.  nq at all       fm CB News

Locales  health  Sup1-1 CCH Sept 18, 1894 
"Veratries" furnishes the Marshfield Sun these items from Myrtle Point:
Mr Bryan, Catching cr, vy sick some time; severity of attack, age 83, make
recovery doubtful   nq at all  

Locales dairy Sup1-1 CCH Sept 18, 1894
"Veratries" furnishes the Marshfield Sun these items from Myrtle Point:   ...  
...Here is something for Coos river to put in their separator: At the regular test
at the Clover Leaf creamery last week, Jim Brown’s herd of eight cows tested
10 per cent, and they are just common mountain long-horns. 

County Gage character   Sup1-1 CCH Sept 18, 1894
"Veratries" furnishes the Marshfield Sun these items from Myrtle Point:    
[cp>]    ..Sheriff Gage was in town last Friday with a pocket full of
executions. This. kind of work does not please our kindhearted sheriff, but it's
in the line of duty. +   

RR-exten  prices? sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894
[Contains lengthy "if we had our RR extension" article, gives prices they paid
for travel to various points.  [M.  I don't think I have this one]  [cp]

health  other-coal-indir   Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894  
Dr. Stockman is still better.  +  

Tot-Coq climate  Sup1-6 CCH Sep 18, 1894 
City bastile moved to dryer quarters for winter use.   Nfq    

Coq-R Srh  fish  cannery  enterprise Tot-Empire  Sup1-6 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Our river is said to be teeming with salmon, equal in quality to anything
before nfq; abt 1000 salmon were sent over to Empire cannery fm the Coq   

Tot-Multi-Name    Sup1-6 CCH Sept 18, 1894 
Mrs. Ed Galllier, Bandon, parents M/M Tuttle, Coq.     

Health  Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894   
large # citizens victims cholera morbus past 10 day, now recovered.   

Blacksand-mining  Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894 
Dr. Donald, of black sand mining , to greet coming associates.  

Tot-Coq Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894      J B Fox, Johnson Bros.    

Paper?  Name fruit  Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894  
R. J. Dean brought in two or three extra fine apples from Mr. Stevenson's
place yesterday and placed them on our table. One of them weight [as typed]
an even pound.  The others were not so large, but were so perfectly shaped,
free from blemish and deliciously flavored.

Srh  Tot-Empire name   Sup1-6  CCH Sep 18, 1894  
stmr Arago left Empire city Mon:  Jos Lando, Jacob Lando, Elbert Dyer, 0
Dodge, other.

Utility   name Sup1-6  CCH Sep 18, 1894 
B.Recorder.  Ed Gallier, work on hose cart for Bandon fire dept  

Srh  log UR   Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894   
 Capt Littlefield rcvd orders to begin snagging operation on upper r.    

Fish  Srh cannery enterprise  Tot-Empire  prices   Sup1-6  CCH Sep 18, 1894     
fishermen delivering their catch to stmr Dispatch for transport to Empire
cannery; 15 c ea silversides, 35 chinook pd.
Animal  Misc  misc-word  Sup 1-6  CCH Sep 18, 1894   
B. Recorder.  G.E. Moulton's boy, Frank, was out hunting on the glades the
other day when he spied a deer and banged away at his game. The boy had the
satisfaction of seeing his deer fall, but was astounded on going up to it to see
that instead of one deer he had two. He had “double banked" the game, one
bullet serving to kill both deer.  +

Vital-stat  name  sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894  
born, M/M Ed Lasswell, dgtr; on North Fork.    /   married, Lester Smith and
Callie Tennisson, Sept 8, at Empire; Judge J H Schroeder officiating.  married,
Benjamin Peterson, Miss Leonora Kenyon.

Tot-MP  church  Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894
 West Oregonian. Dunkards holding meetings their church below town.   /   
Revs R C Blackwell and J H Bogue started Wed for Meth conference Eugene
next wk.   

Name school  Tot-Bandon  Sup1-6 CCH Sept 18, 1894
West Oregonian.  Miss May Merriman engaged to teach in school Bandon, to
begin 1st Oct.  

Name  Sup1-6 CCH Sept 18, 1894  West Oregonian. ...Chas Roberts, b. 

Utility  name  Sup1-6 CCH Sept 18, 1894
At the meeting of the city council last Monday evening a franchise was
granted to Orvil Dodge and S.M. Dorman to furnish the town with water. The
franchise granted a year ago expired the first of this month as no work had
been performed.  By the terms of the new franchise, work must be begun by
the first of January, 1895, and be finished by the first of July following. The
town is to be furnished free water for fire purposes and for a drinking fountain
on the public square.  +

UR    [school  name  church]   Sup1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894  
N and E Fork items. Gravel Ford school will close in 2 wk.   /   Walter Calvin
up on business    /   Geo Kellar   ./    Ida Hammerlof elected secy of N Fork
Sunday school.

Blacksand-mining  Sup 1-6 CCH Sept 18, 1894  Capt Tennisson, black sand

Names  health  Sup 1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894       [M note, sept 18, I didn't
finish getting the names I might want.]  assault on Matt Nystrum.  J B Fox.
;other names.

[fish name  Pershbaker}   sup 1-6  CCH Sept 18, 1894 
Veratries, other.  Adam Pershbaker,  stat on salmon, many other. John
Nasburg to Coq.   odd fish found in bay.

Isthmus-indir  name  bicycle  P-8-14  CCH Sept 18, 1894
Friday last Mr. and Mrs. Caddy Lockwood came up from Bandon and went
over to the bay on their wheels.+    

Srh mill  Tot-Coq  P-8-14  CCH Sept 18, 1894
   tug brought up schr Lillie and Mattie to Morras mill, where will load with
lbr for SF nq   [ cp?  ]  

outing  names  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Mrs. Harkness, Grandma Vannoy, Mrs Scott,  Zetta Messer, Edna Lorenz to
beach nq at all   .

Tot-Coq  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894 
W Tuttle renovated and refitted and are refurnishing their home for boarders, 
well qualified and experienced persons tt business.   nq.

Logging Isthmus entertain  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
A grand dance came off at Dunham's camp, near Coaledo, last Saturday night.
It was largely attended from adjacent neighborhoods, including seven couples
and several odd visitors from this place. The enjoyment was complete. +  [cp]         

Tot-Coq-name character  other-mining  outside-Tot 
P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
John J Fox, this city, who mines with Wimer Bros near Waldo, fortnight visit
parents, returned Sat.   John is one of Coq most worthy young men, and
faithful and trusted employee  nfq

Kanematz  locale  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894 
Prof. Kanematz made a business trip to Sumner last Thursday.  +    [cp]  

Names  P-8-14  CCH Sept 18, 1894    Aunt Billy Way, b.   /     Mrs. Buck, b.  /
   Belle Harlocker  

Name other-mining  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894      Miss Ray Collier and Ruby
expected home; have spent sev. mo at Collier Bro mines nq

Srh  racism?  Fish  Enterprise?  Coq R  misc-word  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
 Stmr Augusta, fm Portland, arr our river Sat. last with hands and
appurtenances [sic] for running Gilstrap's salmon cannery. nq

Anti-character  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Several of our ladies have been indulging in wool-pullings recently. We will
give no names, at present --  the husbands might object, and some of them
have no whiskers. +

UR  locale?  beach   P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894 
Mrs. Hoffman, upper r, expects to put up handsome bldg on lots she owns at
beach, where will reside and accommodate visitors at quiet home at beach
with board and lodging nfq  [M. would this be fm the pioneer Hoffmans?]

Nosler  animal  health  agric-indir  P-8-14  CCH Sept 18, 1894
Judge Nosler had a lively experience one day last week, being energized by a
swarm of yellow-jackets. He was out in his garden, got close to a fence and
there disturbed, unwittingly, the little golden-laced warriors, who attacked and
drove the enemy back. The judge suffered intensely from the stings for about
24 hours, when the pain ceased, swellings abated and the judge became
"himself" again.  +

health moving character Tot-Bandon  title: Bandonians 
P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Sam D Barrows, Bandon, who been ill so long, go with family to S.Cal; much
missed by Bandonians, for been in long a respected enterprising citizen tt
place and won confidence and esteem of all. He is practical contractor and
builder, done much for substantial improvement tt place; no indications
permanent recover, hence change climate.

Names RR  condit-attitude  Srh-indir  govt  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Edward and J N Lasswell  /   [also lengthy  letter fm JJ Winant abt comments
of Lasswell regarding govt. running of trains  and other businesses instead of
private capital.]   

Graham  RR passenger name  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Mrs. Manager Graham came over Sunday on a special train and spent part of
the day with Mrs. Seeley.  +  [cp]  

RR racism  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
A special train passed up the road last Friday evening having aboard 17
Italians and a quantity of construction material. +  [cp?]

Srh  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
New stmr for river trade, Alice Blanchard, carrying capacity 3000 ton, but
with same draft as Bandorille.   [cp]   

Outside-county crime  AHB-indir  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
It is said Sheriff Cathcart of Douglas county, who passed through this section
last week, was on the inquiry for R.F. Hollis, the absconding agent of  the
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. at Roseburg.+  [cp] 

Name health  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Mary Grace Bennett, wife of  Hon JW Bennett, died apoplexy M'field.  [cp]

beet sugar   needed  Coq valley  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894 
[beet sugar boomer for Coq valley]  [cp?]  

Lhc-stat  RR needed  beach  P-8-14 CCH Sept 18, 1894
On beach: 1000 persons daily, with advantages of RR travel will be more.  Nq
at all   [cp]

Crime Gage county  P-15 CCH  Sept 18, 1894 
W W Gage, Sheriff, capturing Manning and Owens.  $22.00.  (county court)   

Outside-Tot  pursuit  food  condit?  P-15 CCH Sept 18, 1894
Roseburg baseball team sending flour in to cover expenses of recent tour of
conquest.   [M. 2004.  Was this during a flour famine, or what is meaning?]

Blacksand-mining  Pershbaker  Tot  CCHX+ X+8   Sept 18, 1894
Marshfield Sun.  The two principal black sand mines at Randolph have been
bonded by eastern capitalists, $500 being the amount paid down on each.  It is
the opinion of Adam Pershbaker that the sale will be surely consummated.  +
Sept 25  missing

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