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Nov 5, 12, 19, 26;  Dec   3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 1895

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Tot  name  clipa 1b  CCH P Nov 5, 1895.
P.O. established Wedderburn, Curry Co. R.D Hume New Town.  
[M. correspondt?  or new town = Wedderburn?]

BH racism  Srh  clipa 1b  CCH P  Nov 5, 1895 
Marshfield Sun. 10 colored miners took passage on Arcata for S.F. They have
been in employ of B.H. coal Co.

RR  Tot-Marshfield  clipa 1b  CCH P  Nov 5, 1895
A large bldg 120 x 60 has been erected at RR depot for use as machine shop
(in Coos Bay)

BH  racism other-coal  Tot-Coq?  clipa 1b  CCH P  Nov 5, 1895
Several negroes fm B.H. will develop the coal mine that was started by the
cooperative company last winter, and see what there is in it.

entertain  P-27-29  CCH Nov 5, 1895  Star Comedy Co.  [other items. ]

Name  P-27-29 CCH Nov 5, 1895    G W Canning 

Crime misc-word  P-27-29  CCH Nov 5, 1895  light-fingered gentry in this
locality [ie, thieves]  [M. 2004:  not sure what locality.]  

Mill name  P-27-29 CCH Nov 5, 1895    Morras Bros.  Lilly Dean.    [M. 1
item, or 2?]  

BH   P-27-29  CCH Nov 5, 1895   B H (2)

Needed   Bom3  [was p-43]  CCH random Nov 5, 1895
[Head :] What Coquille City Needs.
     Every man, woman and child in Coquille is, or ought to be, intensely
interested in the progress and growth of our town. If there is a man, or woman
either, existing in this place, and breathing our free air, who is so destitute of
public spirit or town pride; so narrow-minded and selfish as not to care for the
public weal, or who takes no interest in the advancement of Coquille, it is to
be hoped that they will find it agreeable to themselves to emigrate to some
land of fossils, where everything and everybody are fixed in status quo, and
where the word  ‘progress” is not found in the vocabulary. But we prefer to
think that there are no such people in our midst; but that we are all alike
interested in pushing ahead. If so, what do we need?
     First, we need population.  Not ...a lot of people to come to this country
without means, expecting to find profitable employment at the hands of those
who are here already. An increase of population in this direction would be a
public calamity. But, for the development of the town and country we need a
large addition to our numbers. We need every acre of the rich bottom lands
lying along the Coquille valley adjacent to our town put into cultivation. 
Therefore we need men with families who have means to buy up these
uncleared and uncultivated bottom lands, and make this wonderfully rich
valley blossom as the rose. Few people have any conception of the
possibilities of these lands when once redeemed and placed under the plow.
All this can be done, and the best interests of Coquille demand it. It can only
be done by inducing thrifty people to come and purchase and redeem these
lands that now lie in a wilderness at our very doors. What are the enterprising
businessmen of our town doing to bring about these results? The move made
by our Bandon neighbors, if seconded by our people, would assist in bringing
about the desired end. Then it does seem that we ought to be equal to the task
ourselves of devising a plan, or plans, for encouraging such immigration. Will
not the people put their heads together and make some sensible move in this
     ...We think of many things that our town and country need, and which are
available if a proper effort is made.

Needed   Lhc-part  Bom 3, 4 Nov 5, 1895
[letter to ed.]
To the Editor of the Herald.
   --Dear Sir. In returning to Coquille City, after having visited so many
places, it must appear to anyone troubling themselves to think of our return
that Coquille has some points of superiority over all others in our estimation,
and such is the fact.  The Coquille has many advantages of climate and soil
and people. The climate and soil are there to stay, and though the people keep
moving -- i.e., coming and going -- still those also who are fitted for the
Coquille -- that is make themselves a homogenious [sic] part with the climate
and soil -- like the flowers and the trees, whether of native origin or
transplanted flourish and become in their relations to all around as though they
said this is the spot for me on earth.  It is some such feeling we experience in
returning to this lovely valley.  We come to stay, because the soil, the climate
and the people agree with us.
          With regard to our leaving, it was business and pleasure combined.
Business -- the settling up of a trusteeship and the continuation of a chancery
suit for the recovery of the “Barony of Bray, “confiscated at the end of the war
of the Roses, between the houses of Lancashire and Yorkshire in England
years ago.  I have thrown it up, upon receiving intelligence while in Auckland,
New Zealand, that the loss of valuable papers and documents I had in my
possession at Port Carling, Ontario, Canada, and which were burned at the fire
of the general store of C.W. Vanderburg, mill and steamboat owner, where I
was a clerk at the time and sleeping over the store, from which I barely
escaped with my life, and with the loss of all my valuables I had in my
bedroom at the time of the fire, 26th of November, 1878 or  79 (I forget
which). While in San Francisco I wrote to England to enquire whether the loss
of those papers would interfere with my chance of proving my claim, and
when in Auckland on my way to England received letters to say it lessened
my chance, which I had always considered very slight, as my grandfather had
spent upwards of L20,000, and my father nearly L14, 000, in the tracing up
from the Norman conquest in England the line of the second son of Isabel
Shaw, first Baroness of Bray, the heads of the heirs of the first son having
been cut off and placed on the gates of York at the time of the confiscation of
the estates. Upon the ascension of Queen Victoria to the throne, her majesty
promised to restore the confiscated property to those of the families who could
prove up, and my father’s father, knowing from certain valuable heirlooms in
his possession that he was of the family entered upon the claim for all he was
worth, but got nothing. My father walked in his father’s footsteps, giving his
substance for the shadow; I have quit the shadow, after having gone half-way
and am determined to enjoy the sunshine of the Coquille valley instead and
grow flowers and fruit...
     With kind regards, I am,
        Yours  respectfully,
         W. C. Wrenshall.

[separate item].
Messrs. W. C. and H. Wrenshall, who are so well and favorably known in
Coos county, and who left Bandon last July for a visit to other parts of the
world, returned last Friday and will stop for the present in Coquille. They
visited Australia, New Zealand, the Samoan islands and other points during
their absence. The Herald joins their many friends in giving them a cordial
welcome. It speaks well for Coos county that these gentlemen, of foreign
birth, after visiting all these grand countries should return to make their home
here in the balmy climate of Coos county and Coquille City...

[Coos boomer and Coq r. Nov 5,1895.]

Nov. 12

Name  P-27-29 CCH Nov 12, 1895    Susie Peterson. .  /  Dan Giles

Tot-name  P-27-29 CCH Nov 12, 1895  Mr. Quick, Riverton. 

BH  P-27-29   CCH Nov 12, 1895  B.H.  [cp]. 

Fruit  P-27-29  CCH Nov 12 1895  Huckleberry   

Novelty-woolen  P-27-29  CCH Nov 12, 1895      woolen mill.

Needed  Lhc?  Bom4, 5 Nov 12,1895.
Coq city needs.
     ...This week we wish to call the attention of our readers to another of our
needs. It ought to be apparent to everybody that we need a larger supply of
money as a circulating medium for the transaction of business. That the whole
country  is suffering from the effects of a money famine is a fact which goes
to the very marrow of every business man, as well as that of every laboring
man and producer.  It is no longer of any use to attempt to deceive people by
the stale, stock delusion, that there is plenty of money in the banks,  when the
press dispatches bring to our ears almost daily the news of the closing of the
doors of national banks because of the scarcity of funds, as was the case with
a national bank in Kansas City, which, on the 21st of  October, posted this
notice on their front door: “This bank is closed on account of the
stringency of the money market. “ No, there is no use attempting to disguise
the fact, we are suffering from a money famine. And while we, the people of
Coos county, may not be directly responsible for tie main fact, yet the
conditions might, and ought to be, greatly improved. Here in Coos county we
are somewhat isolated from the business centers of the Pacific coast, and are
in a certain sense a country by ourselves.  For this reason our business
methods ought to be so planned as to keep more money flowing in that flows
out. This can only be done by making our exports exceed our imports. There
is no place on earth where this can be done so easily as in Coos county. Of
course there are some articles which we must import; but our resources are
such that we can produce more of the necessary articles of consumption than
can be done anywhere else on this continent. What Coquille needs, therefore,
and the entire country as well, is the  development of our resources so as to
stop sending out money for articles that ought to be produced at home; and the
money kept here for the transaction and encouragement of home business and
trade. It is simply ridiculous for this country to be sending thousands of
dollars to Portland and San Francisco to purchase doors and sash and other
house trimmings when we have every possible facility for manufacturing them
at home, and thereby giving employment to many of our working people. Not
only ought we to supply our own people with these manufactured goods, but
we ought to be competing in the San Francisco market for the export trade of
this class of articles. Coquille City needs a sash and door and box factory, and
it needs it at once, before some other point grasps our opportunity. How much
more sensible it would be for our people to be sending this kind of
manufactured goods away to bring money back to this town instead of sending
out the scant supply of money we have to buy such goods for our own use,
and leave our own native timber to rot, and our mechanics to be idle?...

Nov 19
Book   misc  clipa 1b  CCH P  Nov 19, 1895
  [Whole front page is on discussion of a book called The Coming

other-mining  locale   clipa 1b  CCH P  Nov 19, 1895 
[Varying articles in this and last few papers about Poverty Gulch, the Salmon
Mtn mine, and other gold mining.]

RR  BH  clipa  1b  CCH P Nov 19, 1895 
Train was later yesterday than ever before since road has been in use, by
breakdown of the engine at Beaver Hill.  All right now.

Srh   other-coal   condit   clipa 1b  CCH P  Nov 19, 1895
...Lila & Mattie, Capt.  Robt Lindgredge(sp?) master, sailed into the Bandon
Bar last Wed, towed up river to a coal mine where she loaded 75 tons of coal,
the lst ever shipped fm this new mine.  Mr. Timons has leased the mine for 20
yrs and is opening it up in good shape.  The stmrs Bandorille and Barclay
Bolden (sp?) are using coal from the Riverton mine and both pronounce it by
far the best coal yet opened in Coos Co. If this mine works as Mr. Timons
expects, it will prove an incalculable benefit to the entire county.

Nov 26

Book misc Invention  labor-conditions  clipa  1b  CCH P Nov 26, 1895
[continuation about The Coming Revolution.  Inventions which have blessed
humanity are made accursed of the millions.  The]  [continued]


Labor-conditions  (outlook2)  CCH Q Nov 26, 1895.
 [continued]servant machinery makes the servant man superfluous.  That such
effect of machinery is self-evident, with labor-dispensing power.  That labor
shares no part of the gain, is certain.  It is a mere commodity.  +

Blacksand-mining [out2] CCH Q Nov 26, 1895  
[Brief article about] old Lane black sand mines now completed their flumes. 
Beginning to operate.]

Other-coal  machine  [out2]  CCH Q Nov 26, 1895. 
Engine moved up to Barrows Coal mine last sat.  Mr. Wilson is putting in
steam pump, and elevator.


Dec 3

Paper  church-indir?  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895  J S McEwen & J S McCain.

Needed  school  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895   what city needs. School  

History locale  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895  
[ history of]  N.Carolina settlement  [M.  locale of Rural, later Powers.]

Paper  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895  
Gravel Ford Greetings. Empire Cityisms. Bandon's Budget. [M. like the rest,
name of column; not abt Bandon budget but bandon affairs, various school
news, etc.)

crime  locale  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895  
Coos Bay stage robber convicted (Camas Mtn robbery Aug 26).   [M. . also
note on same in U.River dept.]

health Srh  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895  death Capt Winant.

Name  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895     Dan Giles /    Robert J Dean.

Other-mining county condit?  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895
Divilbiss mines, b -- Sheriff''s sale of

Entertain literary?  Locale  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895
Demorest medal contest; entertainment: gives names recitations, etc.

Name  Kanematz-indir  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895  Annie Laird, b

School name  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895   Prof. Kinnicutt & dgtr.

Gage county  P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895   Sheriff Gage, b. 

Srh misc-word character P-30 CCH Dec 3, 1895
 Capt Manly Roberts of the Blanco 2 reg. trips between M'field and Empire
daily; she is daisy of a boat and captain most genial man on bay.

Srh      name  [out2]  CCH Q Dec 3, 1895. 
Capt Manley Roberts still runs the Blanco fm Marshfield to Empire, 2 reg
trips and return each day.  She's a daisy of a boat and the captain is the most
genial man on the bay.  Just the man to ride with and enjoy the trip.  Don't fail
to go on the Blanco.

Road  [out2] CCH Q Dec 3, 1895.
Expecting wagons will soon have to be put in on CB Roseburg wagon rd for

Srh  [out2]  CCH Q Dec 3, 1895.
[cut off; perhaps it says Captain] who was running the Bandorille, died.  They
said they could use a better boat but  you couldn't find a finer captain

Dec  [date?]

Name logging RR-spur  enterprise?  P-30 CCH Dec 3 [or 10?], 1895 
Mr. Phelan, mgr E B Dean co, logging rr for.

School?  Music  P-30 CCH Dec 3 [or 10?], 1895   vocal music classes Coq
and other

Name Tot  P-30 CCH Dec 3 [or 10?] , 1895     Mrs Tenbrook, former hotel

Xmas  Tot-Coq  health P-30 CCH Dec 3 [or 10?], 1895 
[Xmas ad for] Mrs. Gray's.  [another ad for] Gray s new bldg, Front st, opp.
RR depot; New Drug Store is locate in. office of Dr J Burt Moore. His res. is
Hatch property near Messer's.     [part cp]    [1 item, or 2?]

Needed  novelty-wood  P-30 CCH Dec 3 [or 10?], 1895    mtg about sash and
door factory. 
Novelty-woolen P-30 CCH Dec 3 [or 10?], 1895   Bandon Woolen mills.

Dec 10

Animal crop name? P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  
Grant Harry's stallion, Relieve, Jr. poisoned by colic fm wild parsnips.  Horse
was favorite in Co. and loss heavy one to Mr H nq.  

Crime  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895   Durrant case.

Novelty-woolen  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895   Bandon woolen mill.

 School  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  other schools Co.

AHB  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895    AHBlack co.

Srh  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895    5 schnr towed to sea fm Bandon last Mon;
record.  [cp] 

Srh  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895    jetty works

Tot-Bandon  School? entertain  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  Bandon lyceum

Tot-Bandon Novelty-woolen P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895 [Bandon] woolen mill

Tot-Bandon-Names  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  Mr. Loggie    /  Elbert Dyer

Tot-Bandon Novelty-wood  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  myrtle novelty [Bandon

Tot-Bandon  Church  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  ME church  [Bandon news]

Tot-Empire Name, health P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895 John Tenbrook ill Empire

Tot-Empire  Music school  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  singing school [Empire]

Tot-Empire officials  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  marshall 

Tot-Empire  P-30 indebtedness [Empire]

school   name  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  Prof Kinnicutt  (2)

needed  novelty-wood  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895   sash and door factory mtg  

name Srh  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895   Winter Davidson [name]; jetty works  
[M.  1 item, or 2?]

Srh P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  Bandorille recently wrecked on bar. 

Blacksand-mining name P-30 CCH Dec 10,1895  Lane black sand mines to be

Tot-multi-name  P-30  CCH Dec 10, 1895   Wm Gallier, now of Bandon,
former Coq.  

Paper Tot-name visiting  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  Clarence Dean, son of D.
F. Dean, over fm Empire to visit coq.

Mill Tot-Coq  name  P-30  CCH Dec 10, 1895  Morras bros mill 

Spreckels sugar factories  needed  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895 
Claus Spreckels sugar factories. Under "what needed" Coq. [cp]

Other-coal  Tot-Riverton?  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895   J H Timon, Riverton

Name Srh locale  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895  Bullard, ferry 

Lhc  other-coal  enterprise  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895 
 Prof Gust Sched, San Diego, writing descript. and illust. the coast country;
says we make mistake by allowing corps to swallow up coal lands and other
enterprise.    Nq    

Tot-name  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895   R D Sanford  
Fish  enterprise?  Locale  P-30 CCH Dec 10, 1895    Siuslaw cannery men.

Ad  paper   Labor-attitude  [out2]  CCH Q  Dec 10?, 1895. 
Ad:  For the great revelation of monetary sin.  Shylock.  Apply at this office
also for the supplementary Shylock, entitled the anarchy of wealth, an
exposure of the plot of Rothchild to destroy a Republic.  {M. 2004, Shylock is
no doubt a pamphlet or other printed document.]

Srh river   outlook  [out2]  CCH Q Dec 10, 1895  
 Tug Triumph towed 5 schooners out over the bar on Mon. of last week on
one tide.  That not only good work, but shows the Coq. Bar to have been
vastly improved by the work done there.

county  prices     [out2] CCH Q Dec 10, 1895  Cost of keeping inmate at poor
farm, Coos Co. 56 c day per month.

Srh river  [out2] CCH Q Dec 10 1895 
Bandon, Dec 6.  5 schooners towed out to sea last Mon by tug Triumph.  This
breaks all previous records for Bandon.

Srh   [out2] CCH Q Dec 10, 1895  Bandorille wrecked.

Spreckels  sugar-beet-factory [out2] CCH Q Dec 10, 1895
Spreckels looking for establ of 2 more beet sugar factories on the Coast.  [M.
presum not in Oregon.]  [should be cp]

Other-mining  [out2]  CCH Q Dec 10, 1895  [Article] Up Among Mines, abt
Sixes gold.

Dec 17

Tot-Coq   [out2]  CCH Q Dec 17, 1895  New hotel is nearing completion.

Dec 24

Names  Nosler  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895 
 Samuel M and Oscar Nosler, brothers, and sons of W H NosIer, married
(Oscar Miss Birdie Elliott, latter Miss Lulu Moulton).

UR music entertain  saying?  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895
Upper River Department. That masque ball next Wednesday is attracting
much attention. The M.P. band will do all in their power to make it one of the
best. + 

UR  health Tot-Corbin-indir  saying?  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895   Upper River
Department.   ...Mrs. Corbin obit, [brief but interesting] nq 

UR  CBR vital stat  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895    Upper River Department.  ...E.
Allen Dodge of CBR  married.  [cp] 

UR paper  misc-word-title  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895     Editor Connor, [M. for
use in enveraments].

Entertain  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895  Godfrey, [charming?] entertainment.  Nq 

Name vital-stat P-31  CCH Dec 24, 1895    Geo. Laingor married.

Novelty-wood  name  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895   
Walter Colvin, myrtle novelties [M. a nice item].

Name P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895  Maury  [M. a nice item.]

Other-coal  name P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895      Gleaves, Samples of coal.  [cp?] 

Other-mining name misc-word-title  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895  
Ira Buzan, mining [M. also for enveraments]

 Disaster Tot-Coq  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895  [ lengthy] on fire in Coq.   

Tot-Name  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895      J  J Stanley, of Empire City.  

Health plant  P-31 CCH Dec 24, 1895   cure for nettle sting.
Other-mining  BH-indir  condit P-31  CCH  Dec 31,1895
[References to BH mine in Wanted, prince or duke, signed Euclid.] [cp]
          [M.2001.  That item is on p-32: I didn’t copy here. Part in news notes
doesn’t refer to BH, but I may have meant to use it as a humorous comparison
on (gold) miners’ low pay.] [M 2004: main headline must have been: 
Wanted, Prince or Duke.]

Xmas Misc-word-title  BH-indir  other mining condit-signs of times  interest?  
politic  saying
P-32  CCH Dec 24, 1895 
[Prince or Duke, some good for enveraments. humorous.]    [M 2004: Must
have actually been 2 articles by Euclid; one Dec 24;  and another Dec 31]

[sub head.]   From the Gold Mines   Christmas Looked for by the Miners.
Johnson Creek, Dec. 20. --Rain and snow.

     A Merry Christmas to you, HERALD!

     So Christmas is coming! It will come to rich and poor, to kings and slaves,
all alike. It comes to Grover’s crystaline palace filled with all the luxuries that
a nation can afford, and to the poor miners isolated storm—bested huts, half—
buried in snow, as well. How indifferent Nature is to us all! But what a
wonderful difference rank can make.
[M note: goes on to say he’s going to Europe to find prince or duke to wed to
his daughter because a millionaire would not be in favor of paper money, but
solid gold and so presum miners would make more. if such were supported.]
   Yonder, in the depths of the snow-capped mountains, and in the blasts of the
wild storms, remember that there are honest miners toiling away for gold. Yet,
as you say, Mr. Editor, if the results of their hard labor must all go to England,
and not by their own faults, but through the frauds and rascalities of the
Clever Grovelands -- then let the music of Buzzard’s Bay swell, “a third term
    ...Perhaps you would like to know why it is that you, honest toilers,
laboring and by the sweat of your brow for half a century can hardly support
your families today, while a lucky man like myself may become a millionaire
within a few months, and that without much labor, either.  Who said that
Nature is just to all men? ...It is because you are potato diggers, while I am a
gold digger, and because you say that one pound of my product is equal to
16,000 pounds of your crops!  This is what makes me rich and you poor, and
that is why I stick to my principles. See? [more.]  Euclid.

Other-mining (a-p 1) CCH R Dec 24, 1895. 
Marshfield Mining and Milling Co quartz mill known as Devilbiss mill on
Salmon Mtn district.  [M. I thought Divilbiss was on Sixes, but Salmon mtn
was beyond MP.]

Xmas  entertain  [out2] CCH Q Dec 24, 1895.
There will be no public Xmas tree Empire City this year, but several families
are going to have trees and gatherings at their residences.   /
       [M. Vy litle abt Xmas in this issue except some reports of balls and
private Xmas trees.  Very little "public" info.]

Invention. Interest?  [out2] CCH Q Dec 24, 1895.
 Wonderful invention.  Gasoline flatiron.  Can also be used for making a cup
of tea or warming water or milk.

Tot-Coq   [out2]  CCH Q Dec 17, 1895  New hotel is nearing completion.    

 Disaster Tot-Coq  [out2] CCH Q Dec 24, 1895      Fire in several buildings in

Other-coal  name  (outlook3) CCH Q  Dec 24, 1895.
 …K.H. Galice (?sp?) who is investigating our coal beds in this valley as an
expert, last Fri.  evening brought us a nice sample of coal from the lower river
where he has uncovered an 8 ft vein.  He regards it as good coal for steam and
domestic purpose.  [cp]

Srh   locales  [out2] CCH Q  Dec 24, 1895
 Stmr South Coast makes reg trips fm SF up Columbia River, calling at
Eureka and Coos Bay.  So. Or. Co., E. G. Flannigan [sp?], agent.                /          
The..steamer South Coast has been put on the coast trade from S.F. to the
Columbia R, calling at C.B.

Dec 31

Other-mining  BH-indir  condit P-31  CCH  Dec 31,1895
[References to BH mine in Wanted, prince or duke, signed Euclid.] [cp]
          [M.2001.  That item is on p-32: I didn’t copy here. Part in news notes
doesn’t refer to BH, but I may have meant to use it as a humorous comparison
on (gold) miners’ low pay.] [M 2004: main headline must have been: 
Wanted, Prince or Duke.]

ap-RR  health  (a-p 1) CCH R Dec 31, 1895. Brakeman on CBR RR injured
while coupling cars at Marshfield.  Died of his injuries at B.H.  [cp]

paper  fire  (a-p 1) CCH R  Dec 31, 1895.  …came to us this week,
notwithstanding the fire.  Printed in Sun office at Marshfield. Reduced in size
but readable. [M. note say respect to fire in Coquille; M 2001.   I thought it
was Coast Mail fire.]

Kanematz  other-mining  (a-p 1) CCH R Dec.  31?, 1895.  [Article abt] J.S.
Kanematz at mines. [all tt in notes] 

Health  law  (a-p 1) CCH R Dec 31, 1895     couldn’t use sawdust on floors of
clubrooms and things. 

Srh  Xmas  music  entertain streets  (a-p-1) CCH R Dec 31, 1895
Upper River Dept. The steamer was loaded Christmas when she landed here. 
Trombone band on board and saluted the town with music.  They hesitated
some time before taking the muddy streets of town. None got down over ankle
deep, however.  But it took the boys till after dark to get their shoes dry and
blackened for the dance.  The band did well.  The M.P. boys were ready to
receive them, and intended to meet them at the boat.  But the mud was so
deep, there being no sidewalks, they tarried on the hill until their guests
waddled in them.  Each of the bands played some nice selections.

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rephrase in your own words.  Exemptions: you may copy for public use
(in whatever item it appears), the [sic] sign, which is not in actual text but shows
preceding words or phrases verbatim, and also those bracketed parts which
suggest corrections for typos, unusual words, or probable misspellings.

Parentheses are usually verbatim in the text.

See also Keywords and Explanations.

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