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Items have been selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.  This is not
a comprehensive listing.

Please see end of document for copyright information and explanations.

COQUILLE CITY HERALD           Coquille, OR.
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ID-line     keywords   abbr. of newspaper name and editor's reference #    date

Jan 7

Politic  condit  a-p 1 CCH R Jan 7, 1896 
Political bribery and corruption in our courts and political life.  [M. national?]

Srh Spreckels SO-Co BH-coal  a-p 1 CCH R Jan 7, 1896 
New steamer being put on Portland Coos Bay and S.F. lap to carry freight and
passengers, will be under management S.O. Co. Her name is South Coast. 
Still another big steamer, Czarina, to be put on rte to carry freight, passengers.
Under charter by  J. D. Spreckels.  [cp]

Jan 14

Srh   (a-p 1) CCH R Jan 14, 1896. 
New boat called Stmr South Coast. People spoke highly of it.  [cp]

Other-coal  (a-p 1) CCH R Jan 14, 1896. 
Company of enterprising businessmen of Bandon and lower river investigated
find of coal at Riverton and started new company.  Invested $150,000 to work
Riverton Coal mine.  [cp]

Lbr church  (a-p 2 CCHmemo)  Jan 14, 1896 
Lumber for new ME Church is on the ground. 

Kan  Tot-Bandon streets  (a-p 2 CCHmemo) Jan 14, 1896 
Mr. K. is surveying Bandon streets.

RR-passenger health-death  (a-p 2 CCHmemo) Jan 14, 1896 
Special train went to MP for a funeral.

Condit  (a-p 2 CCHmemo) Jan 14, 1896 
[First page tells of evils of hiring at such low pay.  2nd pg has long article on
buying stocks to get rich. ] [all that in notes]

Jan 28

Srh  a-p1 CCH R  Jan 28, 1896
 Bandon:  Stmr Antelope has made several trips this week while Dispatch
undergoing repairs. 
Srh  novelty-wool   (a-p 1) CCH R  Jan 28, 1896 
Woolen mills closed down several days on account of no wool.  The schooner
Eureka started them up again. 

Other mining  (a-p-1) CCH R Jan 28, 1896
 …and came down from his mtn home to visit his family.  His opinion of the
Sixes and Johnson mines including Salmon Mtn is still favorable. 

Bridge road  climate  (a-p 1) Jan 28, 1896    
 M.P. Sunday tt Middle Fork Bridge had been badly injured by the floods and
would soon collapse.

church  paper-indir   CCHX+    X+7  Jan 28, 1896    J S McCain b


Feb 8?  [date?]

Spreckels  Srh 
(a-p 1)  CCH R Feb 8?, 1896. J.D. Spreckels Co brought steamer Czarina fm
Pensacola Fla to run up the coast fm S.F. to C.B.  [cp]     [M2006. Feb 4 issue
missing; Feb 8 isn't a paper-day date.  Re-checked Feb 11 and 18 microfilm
but didn't find.]

BH  fire  (a-p 1) CCH R Feb 8?, 1896.  …week.  The new saloon bldg at B.H.
burned down.  Belonged to mine co.  [cp]
[M2006. Feb 4 issue missing; Feb 8 isn't a paper-day date.  Re-checked Feb
11 and 18 microfilm but didn't find.]

Srh-harbor-improve   name-Hermann,B  govt   (a-p 1) CCH R  Feb 8? 1896.
Among bills pending in congress for appropriation for money for river and
harbor improvements are the following introduced by Mr. Hermann:
providing an appropriation of improving navigation on Coos River in Oregon,
$5,000.  A bill providing apportion $200,000 for continuing improvements
entrance to Coos Bay.  $50,000 for continuing improvements mouth Coq R. 
Bill providing appropriation $41,000 continuing improvements upper Coquille
R. $338,000 for improvement of harbor at Port Orford.     [M2006. Feb 4 issue
missing; Feb 8 isn't a paper-day date.  Re-checked Feb 11 and 18 microfilm
but didn't find.]

Feb 11

Other-coal  Kanematz    Srh  (a-p 1) CCH R Feb 11, 1896. 
Bandon Block Coal Co has had Prof Kanematz drafting coal bunkers for their
works at Riverton.  They are having a little trouble about a rightofway but will
not be put to serious inconvenience, as they are offered free rightaway  [as
typed] to Riverton dock.  They [continued but not in this section]

Politic  (a-p2) CCH memo Feb 11, 1896. 
[A People’s Party seemed to be exploring the chance to unite with

Health  a-p2  CCH memo Feb 11, 1896  [Big ad]   Swamp Angel Medicine.        

 Health [M. ie, tombstones: death]  salesman church  paper   (a-p 2) CCH
memo [date? or] Feb 11, 1896. 
Rev. McCain preached at little Meth church;  also editor;  also marble
salesman.  [M. 2001 is this all one entry in notes, or several distinct b.

Tot-Coq  (a-p 2) CCH memo [date or?] Feb 11, 1896      Coq new hotel 1896.

Church    a-p 2 CCH memo [date? or] Feb 11, 1896  
Rev SS Barklow did mjssionary work in Moscow, Ida.  Glad to get back to
Coos co.

county-seat-issue   CCHX+  X+7  Feb 11, 1896    county seat issue.  Lengthy]

Feb 18

BH  Srh )Clip)  (5) CCH S Feb 18, 1896.
 F. S. Samuels, Secretary of Spreckels Bros, and one of incorporators of B.H.
coal  co, arr  on Homer and is looking at property.  [cp]
Other-coal  BB; Riverton (clip) (5) CCH S Feb 18, 1896.
 [where is first of article?]  [B.B.] are planning to build a number of tenant-
houses for miners as rapidly as poss.   /  [Article abt Riverton coal mines
mentions 3 diff companies.]  Bandon Block Co, Foster and Peterson mine, and
(  _) (probably  Timon) going at once.  Hopeful abt all of them.

County-seat-issue  (clip) (5) CCH S Feb 18, 1896.
Talking abt location of county seat.  Editor asking if wouldn’t be good idea if
citizens Coq. Had mtg to decide their first move in matter.

other-coal  CCHX+  X+7  Feb 18, 1896    [lengthy] BB coal mine


Mar 5

Labor conditions   (clip) (5) CCH S Mar 5, 1896.
2nd article on Union-Labor column.  Somebody trying to start initiatives and

Other-coal, BB and others    Kanematz  Parker ORR-spur  names
(clip) (5) CCH S Mar. 5, 1896.
Bandon Block Coal Co has elected following officers: Pres, T.W. Clark;  V.P.,
R.H. Rosa; Secy, Robt Frederick;  Treas, Rube Mast;  Directors, Robt Walker,
Capt. J. Parker, W. H.  Gleeves. (sp?)  Company has secured rightofway and
began work last Mon on RR.  They expect to have roadbed ready for
operation in 30 days and bunkers as soon as can be built. Co. is rushing
business and expects to be in operation and good shape in near future.  Prof.
Kanematz surveying and locating roads and bunker sites for BB.  Editor
suggests people should now elect him for Co. surveyor.

Srh  what-needed name (clip) (5) CCH S Mar 5, 1896. 
New steamer being built S.F. for Coq R. trade.  Vessel 131 ft length, 32 ft
beam, light draft adapted for coast trade.  Effort to get $2000 stock in vessel
taken on Coq. R.  Col. R.H. Rosa is soliciting the stock and will not be long in
securing amount.  People of this river will hail with delight a stmr to run direct
fm this port to Portland and S.F.  Of course businessmen of Bandon will
encourage the enterprise.  What will Coquille City do?  [red check mark?]

crime  Srh  county  Tot-indir   P-32 CCH Mar 5, 1896. 
Sheriff Gage returned on the Arago, Friday, with his prisoner, Johnny
Manning.  This will keep the hotel bill and contingent expenses up to the
regular figure. +   [Libby Items.]

Mar 17
Srh  other-coal-indir   allied  (clip) (5) CCH S Mar 17, 1896. 
[Article fm] Arago, lamenting silting up of river between MP and Arago. 
Boats used to go 15 mi above MP.  Mines blamed for allowing river to silt but
no suggestions on how to keep from filling. 

Srh  disaster clip  5  CCH S Mar 17, 1896
Missing stmr Rio De Janiero thought lost for some time, has turned up at
Honolulu, badly dilapidated.  She ran out of coal during 8 day storm and was
compelled to burn staterooms and masts for fuel.  Arr there Mar 3. 

Srh clip 5  CCH S Mar 17, 1896     Stmr Moro started on 5th, 1896.  [cp]

Paper  [cut]    Kanematz invention (clip) (5) CCH S Mar 17, 1896.
In this issue cartoon balloon, new kind of cartoon.  Herald indebted to Prof.
Kanematz for above suggested cartoon.  Prepared by new process of zinc
etching , of which the Prof. owns the right in this section. This is the first
effort, but with a little practice, will become practicable, and in his artistic and
intelligent manipulation, very serviceable to our local wants. Herald hopes to
utilize it for benefit of our people.

Mar. 19, [or date?]

crime  Srh  county  Tot-indir   P-32 CCH Mar 5, 1896. 
Sheriff Gage returned on the Arago, Friday, with his prisoner, Johnny
Manning.  This will keep the hotel bill and contingent expenses up to the
regular figure. +   [Libby Items.]

Vital stat  RR  Isthmus  P 32 CCH Mar 19 or date?, 1896
wedding of RR conductor Ed Raymond, and Miss Lilly Dunham at Coaledo. 
Nq  [more, but not in news notes] 

name logging  near-Coq  P 32  CCH Mar 19 [or date?], 1896   John Yoakam’s
logging camp above town nq.

BH name pursuit  P-32   CCH Mar 19 [or date?], 1896
B., BH baseball nine, Fred Von Pegert of BH.  [M. I don’t believe I have this}
[it says this in my notes.]

Other-coal near-Coq name  P-32   CCH Mar 19 [or date?], 1896   Stockman
coal mine.

Mar 24

Kanematz  school  (a-p 2) CCH memo  March 24, 1896. 
Prof. J S Kanematz, AM  credentials for co surveyor, grad fm St. Polytechnic
Institute of Olympia, Wn. With first class diploma as civil engineer. 
Graduated at age 18 fm the Hausknect’s German U. of Tokio, Japan.


May 1 [M. wrong date?.  or another year?]

Gage racism courthouse CCHX+  X+6    May 1, 1896    Gage – chinese wash
house jail wash.  [all tt in notes.]

May 5
County-seat-issue   clip 5  CCH S May 5, 1896   [first inside page]
[ 2-col.  article abt] why county seat should be located Coquille City.  [Cp?]

BH  miners-condit (Clip)  (5) CCH S May 5, 1896.
The Portland Telegram of April 28, says:  R.A. Graham, president of the
Beaver Hill Coal Co., near Marshfield, is in the city.  Mr. Graham came up a
few days ago to purchase supplies for coal company and also to attend to the
reception here of a gang of 51 Pennsylvania miners who have gone to work
for this company.  The miners are from Shamokin [sic], Pa.  They were
brought by Great  Northern as far as Spokane, where they took the O.R. & N. 
From here, they took the steamer for coast.  Mr. Graham reports mining
operations very active.  +   [cp]

Paper  P-32 CCH May 5, 1896 [what the editor of MPE says abt ed. Herald.] 

Kanematz paper-cut  P-32 CCH May 5 1896
   [First edition of Kanematz cartoons.  It is of a balloon.  Not vy good, but
might poss be used.  The one in CCH May 26, 1896 may be more useable. 
There seem to be only 3 altogether.]   [cp]

county  tax?   CCHX+  X+7  May 5  [semi-annual statement, county; taxes
and disbursed]

school name-Futrell  CCHX+  X+7  May 5, 1896  [J L Futrell purchases

courthouse   CCHX+  X+7  May 5, 1896    [public square block donated by
Elliott  - courthouse]

name-Loggie  health-burial/Knowlton    Tot-locale?/Coq   CCHX+  X+7  May
5, 1896
[ad].  Peter Loggie   Burial Caskets at Lowest Cash Prices.  Orders delivered
to R. S. Knowlton, Coquille City, will receive prompt attention.  +

May 12

Srh  novelty-wood  other-coal     (clip) (5) May 12, 1896. 
Coquille to S.F., gasoline stmr Moro, finally reached here.  200 ton capacity. 
Took out 25,000 broom handles, will take on 100 tons coal Riverton and other
freight Bandon, but no passenger service on this.  Disappointed quite a few
people.  [red check mark]


June 17

Srh harbor-improv  lbr other coal  BH  (a-p 2) CCH memo June 17, 1896. 
Bandon.  Complaint because CB got $95,000 and Coq River got $20,000 and
12,000 for upper river.  Arguments given showing Coq has more lumber and
coal going out than Coos Bay.  Complaints tt river mouth is filling with sand
and mud.  Only coal “Observer” says he hears of going out of C.B. comes fm
Beaver Hill and goes by rail to bay: River needs deepening.

Law health  (a-p 2) CCH memo June 17 [or date?], 1896  
An anti-smoking law was passed in 1893.  $5 To $50 fine for selling to
minors.  “But what of it?”  Shows no enforcement.


July 14

Trusts  politic  natl   RR phy 11-14   CCH U  July 14, 1896
 [Article fm Wash D C. ]  Hanna is keeping his hand over McKinley's mouth
to prevent any utterance of that humbug on the financial question until the
Demo convention is acted.
Trusts  RR  RR phy 11-14  CCH U  July 14, 1896.
[article on ] RR combine is ruining nation    [cp]  [all tt in news notes] 

Allied  lbr  other-coal RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 14, 1896
 A  man has contract for timbers for B.H. mine.  Getting out some fine
timbers.  W. McCormac coal expert from Libby, has just completed
examination on C.A. Peterson’s place and finds prospects of encouraging
character.  He and Peterson are both coal men of experience, and they predict
a great boom for our section at Riverton.  [cp]  [M. 2 items or one?]

RR logs  RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 14, 1896
RR is doing a rushing business in transfer of logs from this valley to the Bay. 

Other-coal  Srh   RR phy 11-14   CCH U  July 14, 1896
Riverton, July 13.  The Bandon Block Coal Co. has cargo of coal in bunkers
and are now prepared to load any vessel that can pass over the Coq bar on
short notice. They’ve completed their road and placed T rails the entire
distance.  It is a fine road, and has splendid coal.  The Moro will load at their
bunkers on the present trip.  We are told it will be shipped to J.S. Kimball of
S.F. and they will ship a cargo to Portland.  The BB Block Coal Co means
business and have come to stay.  [cp]

CBR  BH     RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 14, 1896
 RR commission report.  During last week of June official inspection made of
CBR, extending from Marshfield to M.P, having a Branch at BH, a town of
600 inhabitants where are the B H coal mines.  RR is 32 miles in length, built
abt 3 yrs, well constructed – tracks of 56 lb steel, bridges standard, well-built,
and substantial.  The motive power and equipment are sufficient for the traffic
demand and are kept in good condition.   [cp]

July 21

World news   RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 21, 1896  Yokohama had big tidal
wave.  Est loss of life 50,000.

Tot  name  RR phy 11-14 CCH U July 21, 1896  Capt. Parker, wife, and
daughter Miss Georgie arr fm S.F.

Other-coal  RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 21, 1896.
Our Riverton coal seems to be knocking the bottom out of Wellington coal at
S.F.  Reasons: our coal is equally as good and only 1/3 the distance.  [cp]

July 23? [Or?], 1896 

pioneer  Nosler-name  CCHX+  X+7   July 23, 1896   [GAR and Pioneer.  W
S Nosler, presiding]

July 28

Kanematz   RR Phy 11-14  CCH U July 28, 1896   Prof. Kanematz’ silk
station is a busy place.  A million little insects are chewing the raw material
and getting ready to spin their cocoons of the flossy fibre. [cp]

Animal Srh    RR phy 11-14  CCH U  July 28, 1896   A whale came ashore at
Bandon Sun morn.  Capt Hans Reed prepared to utilize the catch.  It is over 30
ft long, a Greenland whale or right whale.  About 1/2 grown but will bring its
captor not less than $200.

Other-mining  RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 28, 1896
MP Mining and Development Co seems to be excellent prospect.  Beginning
to attract attention of mining men.

Other-coal  Srh  RR phy 11-14  CCH U  July 28, 1896.
Bandon coal co will ship a cargo of coal this week.  And must have another
cargo ready by next Sat.  We have learned the last shipment made by this
company gave the best satisfaction of any coal handled of J. Kimball of S.F. 
The people of that city are going wild over Riverton Coal.   The Bandon
Company will soon be the largest, strongest, and best equipped company of
coal operators in S. W. Oregon.   [cp]

Srh  other-coal  crop  RR phy 11-14  CCH U July 28, 1896
Stmr Moro came into the river and reached this place Sun.  She will take
produce, lumber, 150 tons coal at Riverton, and other freight.  [cp]


[date? Sept?]

Lhc  condit-outlook-prosperity  Rbc 4  CCH T  [date? Sept?] 1896
Judge Dyer estimates more than 3/4 butter shipped fm this count yet our
dairying and creamy [as typed] manufacturing are in infancy. 3/4 and prob of
4/5 of beef cattle,  hogs, and sheep, and a large proportion of lumbers go out
from the Coquille Valley. And the coal industry is just beginning.  By the time
this place has grown as old Marshfield, the Coq. Valley will only have
reached a grand degree of prosperity, an evidence of inexhaustible wealth and
greatness. [cp]

Allied   other-coal  conditions  Rbc 4 CCH T [date? Sept? ] 6th 1896.
Libby miners have worked 12 days this mo. Peo. are crowding into camp fm
BH.  [cp]

Paper  Rbc 4 CCH T [date?  Sept?  ] 6th, 1896     [Editors in politics; strongly
Populist paper.]

Graham   RR  Rbc 4 CCH T [date? Sept? ] 6th, 1896
R.A. Graham, mgr. of our RR, has left  a quantity     [M. end of tape]    [cp?]

Sept 15

Srh  RR phy 11-14  CCH U  Sept 15, 1896.  CCH U Stmr Moro is again in the

Srh  RR phy 11-14  CCH U  Sept 15, 1896
 Stmr Fawn is now licensed boat on Coquille R. to carry passengers and
freight.  Whether the boat will lay at Coquille City or Bandon, owners haven't
decided.  Capt George Leneve, veteran river pilot, will be in charge.

BH  name  CCHX+  X+7  Sept 15, 1906    [Mrs. Ivy Pike BH.]


Oct 13

Politic  haul-2 CCH V Oct 13, 1896 
Bryan's letter of acceptance to the notification committee acknowledging his
nomination by the people's party.  William J. Bryan.

RR-haul  court  Haul-2 CCH V Oct 13, 1896 
A special train came over Sun afternoon bringing a number frm the court. 
Jurors.  [should be cp]

Blacksand-mining  Haul-2  CCH V Oct 13, 1896
J. B. Rossman, connected with his father and brother in black sand mining at
Bandon, passed through town on his way to St. Paul.  In an interview with
him, he gave very good reports.  Informs us that with their new machinery for
concentrating and their own chemical process of working the concentrates,
they are able to remove 85% of the flour gold fm the black sands.  Machine,
which will start up first this week, will be able to work 70 tons/day and the
sand which they are now operating yields from 20 c to $2.50.  [M.  per ton, or
per day?]

Srh  other-coal  lbr   Tot--Coq    [haul 2 ]CCH V Oct 13, 1896.
Stmr Chetco arr at our wharf yesterday morn.  She will load chiefly coal and
lumber.  [cp]  [red check mark]

County-seat-issue  haul-2 CCH V Oct 13, 1896  
County seat question is forced on people again.  Same arguments for locating
same at Coquille City that were used before, are as good now.  We expect to
hold it on the first ballot, but any vote cast now will only poss obviate
litigation.  It is to the interest of every citizen in the county that the county
seat should be located at a central position in the county.  The people have
decided it once, but at the inspiration of a few persons, it hasn't been bandied
in the courts yet to make some fees and embitter citizens of our county. 

Novelty-Woolen   Haul-2 CCH V Oct 13, 1896
Visit to Bandon Woolen mill quarters in S.F. was an inspiration.  They are a
full 6 wks behind in orders and inquiries come thick and fast.  It pleased us
immensely to found our woolen mill was so well established in trade already.

RR-haul   Srh  logs  condit-signs of times  [Haul 2] CCH V Oct 13, 1896 
Fawn broke shaft Sat.  and had to lay off for repairs.  In meantime, Antelope
has been secured to make runs and service goes on.  The log trains have
resumed business, the differences between the principals in each case having
been solved by the success of rafting the logs around to the Bay.  [red check

Srh   Haul-2  CH V Oct 13, 1896  Gasoline schnr Chetco picked up a schooner
that was going ashore near Point Benito, and returned to S.F. with her.  [red
check mark]

Tot-Bandon   Srh  other-coal  animal  novelty-wood  [haul 2]  CCH V Oct 13,
Bandon Oct. 13.  Sunday morning our wharves presented a busy appearance,
there being 6 steam vessels alongside, namely, Stmrs Moro, Chetco, Dispatch,
Fawn, Antelope, and Triumph.  Moro crossed the bar at 1:30 bound for S.F.
with coal between decks and a deck load of calves and hogs.  500 cords
matchwood awaited a market.  [M. Dispatch, Fawn, Antelope: riverboats. 
Triumph, tug.]   [cp]  [red check mark]

Alaska-mining  condit?  Srh  climate  outside-locale  misc-word spoken  haul-
2 CCH V  Oct 13, 1896 
...[schooner Prosper] built on this river, had been in commission to Alaska and
was reported missing recently.  She had sailed for S. F. with important cargo,
also with miners returning home.  Was caught in storm off coast and not heard
from again until spoken off Mendocino on the 3rd.  Has since reached The
City, and the miners give a black eye to the mining operations and prospects
in Alaska.    [red check mark]

Oct 27

War politic misc-word-shylocks  condit   CCHX+   X+4    CCH W  Oct. 27,
Brief article says war with England is threatened by Amer. Representatives of
English bondholders and the shylocks in the event Bryan is elected.  It is not
an idle threat.  Money Power is desperate and will not surrender its clutch on
the throats of the American people.

SO-Co Graham politic  county-seat-issue  condit   misc-word   CCHX+   X+ 4  
CCH W  Oct 27, 1896.  
The S.O. Co and R.A. Graham favor county seat remaining at Empire City.
Former, composed of non-residents, and the latter we believe still under the
folds and protective care of the British flag, being a Britisher.  All are for
sound money too, and for J.W. Bennett, and we await the decision of the
people of Coos Co to know whom they will serve, themselves or the money

County-seat-issue courthouse CCHX+  X+4  CCH W  Oct 27, 1896
   …Already had a vote on courthouse in June but some people still arguing
whether best interests can be served by locating county seat at Coquille.  [M.
apparently there is item in paper, rather than just my comments??]  [all tt in
news notes.]

travel?  RR condit  CCHX+   X+ 4   CCH W Oct 27, 1896. 
Travel is now so important on our RR it looks like another coach should be
added and a daily service operated.


Nov? [or Oct?, or date?]

Other-coal  Srh  [haul 2] CCH V Nov? 14, 1896. 
J.H. Timon, after a long and tedious delay, has now resumed mining.  There
are 2 schooners on their way here.  Mr. T. now has as fine a coal tunnel as can
be found in this county, and what is greater importance is that he has struck a
better quality of coal than has hitherto been found.  [cp]

Srh  climate?  Disaster?  Haul-2 CCH V Nov? 14, 1896 
Schooner Berwick on beach S. of jetty is gradually being taken off  and she
will be put in such a position that the high tides will take her off.  After
undergoing thorough repairs and painting.  [red check mark]

Nov 3

Tot-Newport  other-coal-indir  roads  name condit  CCHX+   X+ 4  CCH W
Nov 3, 1896. 
A miner, who among the many others at Newport, trudge considerably to
Marshfield to trade, complained that Marshfield papers are bragging abt the
good roads between tt place and Empire, yet they get trade fm Empire. 
Moreover, the gen’rl public gets no benefit fm the expensive improvements.  
But we see by the same papers it is a fine drive for the horsemen and sporting
men, lawyers and gentlemen of means.  Why is not some of the ashes fm the
dump put on the rd to Libby?  If it had been thus, Mr. Bennett the friend of the
miners, might have reached Libby at less cost than $200 at the time of having
an attachment served on the coal company in order to secure their wages. Nfq

Tot-Riverton  road  other-coal  CCHX+  X+ 4  CCH W Nov 3, 1896. 
Riverton.  Several accidents there.  Work was resumed on new road to
Bandon Company’s mine.  Timon closed his mine for a short time.

Nov 17

Tot-Coq  other-coal  name  CCHX+  X+ 4  CCH W  Nov 17, 1896. 
Johnson Bros have the agency for Timon’s coal, best on the market.  Coal on
hand for ready delivery.

RR locale  climate  CCHX+_    X+4  CCH W Nov 17, 1896. 
No trains have come to this side of Cedar Point since last Friday.  The track is
underwater between that point and this place, and between here and M.P.

Srh disaster-shipwreck name-Nosler Srh-ocean Srh-CaptReed climate OC&N other-coal Srh-freight  [?] CCH W Nov 17, 1896
Stmr Arago, the well known and favorite passenger and coal carrying vessel of the Oregon Coal and Nav. Co had attempted to sail fm Coos Bay during heavy fog and while crossing bar came in contact with several heavy swells which threw her from the channel against the breakwater, causing a leakage from which she sank stern first, in a short time, and was dashing to pieces. Boats were lowered, in one of which several persons started for shore. But she capsized on the way and all were drowned but 2, Israel Nosler and the purser. 8 were reported drowned at first, but later said number 12. 2 tugs responded to the rescue and life-saving crews on the bay from this river. The fog hung so densely no object could be seen but a few feet away. Capt Reed clung to the rigging till rescued and his official services were ended.

Srh-ocean Srh-Moro Srh-[?] machine OT-SF Srh-trade 
[?] CCH W Nov 17, 1896 
[where is first?] all right, and double the power of the Moro. When her new machinery is brightened up some with use, she will make quick trips to and return from S.F.

Srh  Tot-name  disaster   Haul 2 [date? Nov 17?], 1896 
Arago wrecked.  16 persons drowned.  Townsman Israel Nosler saved, but Ellis McGraw drowned.  News as it comes to us from the Bay. 

Nov 24

BH accid  health racism  (spur 1) CCH X Nov 24, 1896.
 Early last week an accident at B.H. mine.  A colored miner.  Accident
occurred while he was going down the slope in a car, from which he was
shaken out and dragged. Dr. Cross listed as co. physician.  [cp]

RR-phy  climate (spur 1)  CCH X Nov 24, 1896.
The first train over for a wk on account of high water came fm Marshfield
Sun.  Construction train making repairs of damages. [cp]

Srh  climate  Spur 1 CCH X Nov 24, 1896 
Capt. Payton, builder of new stmr Coquille River, came up yesterday.  He will
prepare to sail for the city and have engines and machinery placed in her.  He
will await the lull in the storm.    /     Schnr Coquelle reported to have fared badly
after leaving this river during storm.  Stmr Chilkat overdue. 

Crop  Spur 1 CCH X Nov 24, 1896  Market for wheat because of the shortage
in Europe.

Srh  Spur 1 CCH X Nov 24, 1896  The Coquille will be connected with
Portland again, and with way ports.  [red check mark] 

Srh  climate health  Spur 1 CCH X Nov 24, 1896 
Parties who had been on the Alice Blanchard that she had been so injured in
the storm they refused to go any farther on her, although they had taken
passage to the city.  Fm Portland to Astoria.  Chief accident seems to have
happened just opposite our coast.  In quite disabled condition, made her way
to Port Orford.  A dispatch fm S. F. last Thur gives the story fm her master. 
[red check mark]
Srh crop novelty-wood  lbr  fish   Spur 1 CCH X Nov 24, 1896
Chetco? took no coal this trip, having a full load of products and
manufactures.  260 sacks potatoes, 92 boxes broom handles, 7,000 ft lbr, 1535
cases canned salmon, 70 cords matchwood, and barrels of woolens.  {red
check mark]

Other-coal, BB   Peter-Loggie  RR-spur   climate   (spur 1) CCH X Nov 24,
 Bandon Block Coal Co has its long trestle nearly completed.  Built under
supervision Peter Loggie, who ensures an excellent piece of work.  The high
waters washed out sidewalks between this place and the mines.  [M. must
have been item from Riverton, not Coq.]   [cp]

Other-coal, Tot-Coq  need-coal SF  (spur 1) CCH X. Nov 24, 1896.
 The Northern Coal Company is a cooperative organization of practical miners
who have taken charge of the mine of the Stockman place above town under
the Wilson lease and will operate it.  They offer to furnish coal to the citizens
in any quantity.   [cp]

Srh   spur 1 CCH X Nov 24, 1896
 Chilkat didn't leave Portland on date intended, as some repairs found
necessary.  [red check mark]

Other-coal  Srh-indir   (spur 1)  CCH X Nov 24, 1896.
 It is said there is a shortage of coal in S.F.  An opportune time to send down
quantity from this section.  [cp]


Dec 1, 1896

Tot-Coq  health   Ext-2  CCH Y  Dec. 1, 1896   
 [where is first?] notions that will fill the bill.  He will occupy Dr. Moore's
fine new store room, and enlarge the variety of stock as he gets settled.

RR exten  Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 1, 1896     Another effort seems in hand by
RR management to extend line coming summer to Rsbg.  [cp]

Allied entertain  organization Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 1, 1896    Foresters Grand
Masquerade Ball.  B.H.   [cp]

Srh climate   Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 1, 1896
   Stmr Manzanita has visited coast harbors to survey and repair damages off
the late storm.  At Coos Bay, she placed bouys, including one at end of jetty.

Srh  spur 1 CCH X Dec 1, 1896
Stmr San Bonito wrecked off Point Arena  43 member crew.  35 saved.  8
drowned.  [red check mark]

Srh  Dunham  spur 1 CCH X Dec 1, 1896 
Capt. Dunham of Stmr Chilkat expects to make round trips between Portland
and this place, taking in way ports, coming and going in 12 days.  Another
gasoline schooner, the Bessie K. belonging to same company owning the
Moro and Chetco, had started for this place fm S. F. early last week, but for
some reason returned to the bay.  [red check mark] 

Srh  spur 1 CCH X  Dec 1, 1896 Proposals for extending S. Jetty on Coq. R.

Srh  mill  spur 1  CCH X Dec 1, 1896 
Stmr Coquille R. sailed for S. F.  She took 200,000 ft lbr fm Pershbaker mill,
and some other freight.  Drawing 8 ft fore, 8 1/2 aft.  Capt Payton, builder,
was the guiding hand.  Good luck attended her.  Gasoline schooner Chetco is
due in in a day or two and will have a big load, including 19,000 lbs
machinery for black sand mines.  These mines have fallen into new and
experienced hands: no more prospecting work.  And will now operate with
confidence. The firm is Orfinger and Fresh. [sp?].  They are capitalists who
will hardly be hampered in the prosecution of the work.  [red check mark]
Kanematz  Tot-Coq  holiday   (spur 1) CCH X Dec 1, 1896. 
Prof. Kanematz has completed all necessary arrangements to go into
merchandizing and within the next fortnight will open a handsome stock of
holiday goods and [continued, but not in this section.]  [cp]

Dec 8

Outside-silk  Kanematz-indir  Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 8. 1896
[Front page article on ] silk industry in America.  Millions of dollars invested
in silk manufacture in US.  Statistics, but isn't fm this area.    [topic-

Other-coal  Srh   Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 8. 1896
    ...Coal Co organized as mentioned in last issue of Herald, to develop mines
east of this place, will take out 100 tons for shipment on Chilkat. to Portland.
(Dec. 1)     [cp]

Allied Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 8. 1896       B.H. people elected alderman and a
recorder.  Not going to have marshall. [cp]

Other-coal  RR-spur  Srh  racism  Tot-Riverton   . Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 8.
Dec 7.  J.H. Timon is erecting new bunkers on the hill w/capacity of 250-300
tons.  He reports an average output of over 20 tons coal/day.  As soon as the
bunkers are completed he will put out not less than 50 tons/day.  The
schooners Eureka and another schnr have sailed fm S.F. for coal fm his mines. 
The Bandon Block Coal Co. have their hill bunkers nearly covered and inside
of 2 wks will be ready for reception of coal.  When rails and tracks are
complete a locomotive will be placed on the track from the hill bunkers to the
river bunkers, hauling 5 ton cars.  J.B. Tuffer [sp?] is erecting a new boarding
house for miners near BB. Co. bunkers.  Colored men have saloon adjoining
BB Co land.  [cp]

Timber  other-coal  name  Srh locale  Ext  2   CCH Y  Dec. 8. 1896 
Joseph Ferry has let the contract of getting out timber and erecting trestle,
chute, and bunkers for his mine.  He will build bunkers on hill close to river
and run trestle fm bunkers to river, where he will place chute to convey coal
onboard the vessels.  Mr. Price took all hands down to work on tramway and
bunkers of Riverton Coal Co. situated on Wm. Panter's place.  Mr. Price now
runs the little stmr Maria between this place and their coal mines for
accommodation of the men.  [cp]

Dec 15

Srh   Ext 2 CCH Y Dec 15 (or22?], 1896. 
[Riverton col. of same paper says Dec 23]  Last night abt 9:00 little stmr
Bessie Kay for this river, ran ashore S of S jetty and a little way fm where
schnr Berwick was stranded sev. weeks ago.  The vessel seems in no danger
and will have to be taken off as was the Berwick.

Srh  Ext 2 CCH Y Dec 15 [or 22?], 1896  
Bandon Recorder. 13 ft water on the bar an hour before high tide when tug
crossed out to tow in schnr Parkersburg.

Courthouse  name-Schroeder  CCHX+  X+7  Dec 15, 1896   [contemplated
county bldgs at Coq;  (ie, for courthouse)] 
J. Henry Schroeder.

Name-Giles  Tot-Riverton  food  CCHX+  X+7  Dec 15, 1896 
[Giles Bros are building at Riverton, John Giles meat market]

Dec  date?

RR-n2 CCH Z  Dec [date?]  1896 
Xmas  paper  entertain  RR-n2 CCH Z  Dec [date?] 1896    [Apart fm a couple
masquerade balls, nothing to indicate in the paper it's Xmas.] 

Srh  other-coal  lbr  RR-n2 CCH Z Dec [date?], 1896
Schnr Antelope and Eureka both at Riverton to take on coal for S.F. and
former will also come here for deck load lbr.  [red check mark]

Dec 22

Utility  needed   Srh    Ext 2  CCH Y Dec 22, 1896   [was typed as 23]
Riverton.  Time has arrived when we should make move of constructing
phone line between this place and Coquille.  It has become absolute necessity. 
Moreover, it would be a great benefit to businessmen of both Coquille City
and Bandon.  Would obviate a day's delay in orders and also notify us of
incoming vessels.

Srh  Allied  item  Ext 2  CCH Y Dec. 22, 1896  
S.F. Dec 11.  B.H. Coal Co's Czarina had her trial trip yesterday.  More than
exceeded expectations.  In consequence, director of [--?]  Iron Works are
jubilant.  When the stmr reached S.F. in tow of tug Fearless, engine room to
all intents a wreck.  Since then vessel thoroughly overhauled and yesterday
over the measured mile she logged better than 10 1/2 knots per hr.  When she
is fitted with patent corrugated propellers Capt Driscoll expects his vessel to
beat 11 knots fully loaded. [cp]

Srh  climate  misc-word  Ext 2  CCH Y Dec 22, 1896
 Stmr Chilkat detained for a while on Columbia R. Ice and cold snap caught
her.  Then she was barbound at one or 2 points coming down, owing to the

Dec 29

Srh  OC&N  RR-n2 CCH Z Dec 29, 1896 
Stm schnr Allliance under charter by O.C. & N. Co and will make reg trips to
this place.  Alliance is brand new stmr, this being maiden trip.  Accomod 54
passengers.  Under command Capt Hardwick.  ]red check mark?]  [red tilde]

RR-natl  (RR natl 2) CCH Z Dec 29, 1896. 
Complaint tt RR is assessed higher in some states than others.  [cp]

Dairy  RR-n2  CCH Z Dec 29, 1896.
 ...News in Dec.  Annual mtg of stockholders in creamery Assn held.

Srh  Tot-NB  RR-n2 CCH Z Dec 29, 1896
 New vessel to be built at N.B. will prob be 4-masted barkentine for foreign
Srh lbr  RR-n2  CCH Z  Dec 29, 1896 
Barkentine Omega left S.F. for this port last week and will load lbr at N.B. for
Freemantle Australia.  [red check mark?]

Srh  RR-n2 CCH Z  Dec 29, 1896.
Alert struck snag while towing scow loaded w/cattle on Catching Slough last
Thur, and rapidly filled with water, sinking soon after she struck.  Christensen
and Johnson put a force of men to work Sat. and floated her.  Afterwards
beached and repaired.

BH  health-accid RR-spur   (RR natl 2) CCH Z Dec 29, 1896.
Boy fm B.H. hurt in tunnel Mon. Narrowly escaped with life.  Had given
helping hand in adjusting something abt the cars, 8 of which loaded and going
out of tunnel, during which he got tangled and bruised.  Is now in hospital. 

Other-coal  Tot-name    RR-n2  CCH Z Dec 29, 1896
  Coal prospect opened on Mrs. R. M. Strang place 2 1/2 mi this place, 1/2 mi
fm river.  Vein of splendid coal over which is strata of clay and slate 28"
thick, then another 4 ft vein of coal w/rock roof overall. 

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