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Jan 5

Srh  health RR-n2 CCH Z Jan 5, 1897 
Schnr Free Trade struck by heavy sea while crossing Tillamook bar.  Man at
wheel injured and steering gear demolished. 

Tot-Coq  Xmas-item  Kanematz  (RR natl 2) CCH Z Jan 5, 1897. 
Prof. Kanematz will have public opening of new store.  His goods which
should have been here for holidays had been scattered and arrived piecemeal.
But at last he is enabled to enter the trade and offer great bargains.  [cp]

Jan 12

Tot-Riverton   Lhc-pop  RR-n2 CCH Z Jan 12, 1897
Riverton Jan  11.  A year ago had pop. 50, today 800 and still increasing. 
Now have 4 saloons, 1 church, 3 boarding houses, 1 lodging house, 1 general
merchant, and 1 meat market.  [says cp but I didn't have it.]

Srh RR-n2  CCH Z  Jan 12, 1897 
Triumph brought Schnr Antelope upriver.  Stmr Chilkat came to this place. 
[red check mark]

Health  B H explosion  disaster  (RR natl 2) CCH Z Jan 12, 1897. 
We hear 3 men were burned by gas explosion in mines at B.H. last week, but
get no advice of names or what they suffered.  [cp]

Srh  Stmr Moro   lbr  coal-indir      (RR natl 2) CCH Z  Jan 12, 1897.
 On Sun, as stmr Moro making attempt to go to sea, engines failed while on
bar and she drifted on to N. Spit.  For a time fears for safety were entertained. 
But this morning we learn that she is lying at dock.  Deckload of lbr was
removed, but having been put in to rafts and looked after, will again be placed
on board.  A small portion of coal thrown overboard.  As soon some repairs to
rudder, which considerably jammed, ready for sea. [cp]

Srh  Lhc  condit  (RR natl 2) CCH Z Jan 12, 1897.
 Fm Coast Mail.  49,100 tons Coos Bay coal shipped to S.F. 1896, increase
4,000 tons over 1895.  Ed’s note.  Now state that over again, and tell truly
how much of that was Coquille R. coal which you designated C.B. coal
because it was shipped that way.  [cp]

Srh  RR-n2  CCH Z Jan 12, 1897
 New stmr Albion.  J S Kimball, S.F. owner of Moro and Chetco , arr in this
river yesterday morn.  Capt Bob Dunham piloted her in; this first trip in this
river.  [red check mark ?]

other coal  RR-haul  Tot-Riverton  (RR natl 2) CCH Z Jan 12, 1897. 
Families transferred furniture fm train yesterday for Riverton.  Miners.  [cp]

Jan 19

other coal  Libby  (RR natl 2) CCH Z Jan 19, 1897. 
During 5 days ending Fri Newport bunkers shipped 2200 tons coal, largest
amount ever shipped fm tt mine in tt time.  We learn fm Supt Hennessey tt
shipment this week also large; to meet demand has increased # miners.   [cp]

Lhc  coal stat   Diller BH RR spur    
(spur 2)   CCH AA [<incorrect label?]  Jan 19, 1897  [M. date is verified].
  Vy long article by J.S. Diller on coal field of Western Or. [ the below, is last
part of that item.]   [cp]
B.H. mine w/J.L. Parker Supt.  Branch 44 1 ½ mi length built fm main line of
CBR near Coaledo.  Lg force of men employed chiefly in develop.  Mine not
yet entered fully its career as producer.  During 1895, 11,000 tons shipped. 
Stata [as typed] much disturbed. Incline greatly increases cost of mining coal. 
On surface B.H. bed has been traced along the strike for 8 or 10 mi. Newport,
now operated by Goodall Perkins and Co, SF, with Wm Campbell Supt.  18
degrees at Coquille belt and 45 degrees at B. H. show greater disturbance than
at Newport mine.  During summer 1895 only 3 mines in active op: Newport,
B.H., Timon.  Now there plenty of others.  [cp]

Kanematz silk  character public-spirit  (spur  2)
CCH AA [incorrect label?] Jan? 19, 1897. 
Prof J S Kanematz has twisted and dyed in several colors a goodly number of
skeins of his silk which he is tagging and giving to each customer who
purchases a bill of goods for the amount of 25 c or over at his store.  The silk
is wholly his own product at this place and from the egg to the dying and
twisting and shows what can be done in this delightful climate.  And what a
valuable acquisition this cultured and intelligent gentleman is to our

Kanematz store  his-credentials   item   misc-saying  
(spur 2) CCH AA [<incorrect label?]  Jan? 19, 1897.
[ Ad.]  In 1901, the Berlin Store will be closed was a remark made by one of
our fellow merchants as the profit they derive is so small. (Jan 26, 1897
paper). He says to take as compliment.  If we can’t sell, we are simply going
to give away. 20 yrs of the best of my lifetime in college and universities in
pursuit of art and sciences, honored by degrees of high scholarship, and then
twice in tours around world and in careful observation of mercantile arts:
algebra, geometry, trigometry [as typed ], astronomy, zoology, chemistry,
botany, and whatnot  [order changed somewhat, M.] and it seems almost
strange that we cannot solve the simplest arithmetical problem of gain and
loss.  Suppose there was a miscalculation, who is to lose?  If our mistake, we
will stand it like a man, and neither you nor the world will lose anything. 
Within a fortnight we will receive some gigantic landslides at panic prices. 
When they arrive, we will cut our prices on all things, esp. stationery, right
into halves of what we were already admitted the cheapest.  Respectfully,
JSK.    [cp]

other-coal  Homer-Srh    Tot   (spur 2) CCH AA [<incorrect label?]  Jan? 19,
Miners at Newport worked Sun. to get out sufficient coal for complete Homer

Srh  lbr Tot   (spur 2) CCH AA [<incorrect label?]  Jan? 19, 1897. 
4 masted barkentine Omega has taken out papers at this port and will hereafter
hail fm Coos Bay instead of S.F.  She cleared fm NB with 650,000 [doesn’t
say what, in my notes. ] [M. I question quantity.  If  talking abt a load of
lumber, weren’t ships smaller in tt day?]    [cp]

Health  other coal  (spur 2) CCH AA [<incorrect label?]  Jan? 19, 1897.
A serious accident occurred Bandon Block Coal Co Riverton.  Lg body of
rock broke fm roof, falling on a man and crushing him.  Doing well now.

County-division  CCHX+ X+9  Jan 19, 1897
Most people don't want county division.   [lengthy]  [2 or more items]

Jan 26, 1897

Other-coal  health accid   CCHX+  X+9  Jan 26, 1897  Bert Dean accid at BB


Feb 2

Agric-plants  Spur 2  CCH AA [<incorrect label?]  Feb 2, 1897 
[Mr. A. J. Johnson of Oregon Forestry Department is cataloging rare plants of
Calif and Western Or., incl. Coos co.  list & descr of plants]

Court names   CCHX+ X+9   Feb 2, 1897  Circuit court proceedings [long list
of taxpayers and what towns from, many familiar names.]

Govt-State-legislature  misc-saying  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
The brave Southern Pacific pinkerton squad [sic], to the number of 29 out of
39, "marched up the hill, and then marched down again."  High Private
Crawford, constitutional lawyer of Douglas [county], held the post of guide --
at the rear when marching up, and away ahead when marching down.  He
should be promoted to company cook, and he would doubtless supply blood
pudding and gunpowder and whisky [sic] for his gods of war.  +  [M.  a later
item -- see on this page -- reveals this is news of the state legislature..]

Srh  CCHX+ X+9  Feb 2, 1897    Capt Chas Kimball repr Stmrs Albion,
Moro, Chico

County-division  CCHX+ X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Grants Pass Courier.  (Ind. Rep.)  Bay county is the proposed name for a new
county to be cut off from Coos this session.  [lengthy]

Name-Giles  CCHX+ X+9 Feb 2, 1897  D. Giles, b.    /  S C Giles

Tot-MP county-division  misc-word  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Bandon Recorder.  Myrtle Point is rustling for honors in case the county is

Name  govt-state-legislature county-division  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Bandon Recorder.    Hon. J. H. Upton, of Denmark, was to town yesterday. 
He had started to Salem in the interest of county division, but on account of
the deadlock  concluded not to go.  + 

Tot-Riverton other-coal  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Bandon Recorder. The miners at the B B coal mines near Riverton got out 99
cars of coal last Saturday, this being the best run made up to that time.  They
been increasing their output.   

Srh  Tot-Bandon  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Bandon Recorder.   A. E. Withers, superintendent of light-house construction,
arrived here last Monday and will stop some weeks overseeing improvements
at the Coquille light station.  An oilhouse will be built and the grounds will be
fenced and other improvements inaugurated.  +

Other-coal  Libby  health accid  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Dick Ayres, of Libby, was taken with an epileptic fit yesterday, while tending
to his duties at the Libby mine, and rolled down the dump into the fire.  He
was extricated after the clothing covering his lower extremities was burned
off.  His injuries are serious but not considered fatal.  +

Other-coal  Tot-Riverton health  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
Bert Dean, who was badly injured at the coal mine at Riverton a few weeks
ago, is not resting well.  His sister, Mrs. Lily Cox, came up to spend awhile
[sic] with him.  +

Paper  Lhc-coal-stat  saying  CCHX+ X+9  Feb 2, 1897
The Herald is the only paper in Coos county  that published a summary of the
coal formations of Oregon and the mining industry of Coos county from the
U. S. geologist's report -- in preference to fooling its readers with plate matter
and patent outsides. +

BH health accid  paper-attitude  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 2, 1897
John Wyno [sic] and a Mr. Dewees [sic] were hurt in the mine at Beaver Hill
last Friday.  The former is probably fatally injured, being unconscious at the
hour we received the word.  He is a married man, and has five or six children. 
Both men were hurt by falling coal.  Mr. Dewees' foot is crushed.  What a pity
so many persons are getting hurt.  +

Govt-State-legislature  CCHX+  X+9   Feb 2, 1897
[head:]  To bring in absentees.
Salem, Or. Jan 27.  ...The Benson house...  Crawford of Douglas has
introduced a resolution requiring the 29 unqualified members to appear to

Novelty-wool Tot-Bandon CCHX+  X+9  Feb2, 1897  intent to enlarge
woolen mills [Bandon].  [more]


Feb 23

Srh  Un-17  CCH Feb 23, 1897.  [M. date is verified]
The new Stmr, Coq R, after her trial trip at SF Sat 1st inst, tried sea-going
qualities w/load of frgt and passengers for Gray’s Harbor, passing mouth of
our r, where she was built and took her name, on Thur last.  She gave a salute,
which was heard by several at this place. Coq R a splendid new boat, w/good
power and fine passenger accomod, and is advertised to leave SF for Coq R
direct abt Mar 1st. She will make this run regularly hereafter.

Hermann home-seekers govt  prices  CCHX+  X+9   Feb 23, 1897
Report circulated Binger Hermann will be appointed general land office
commissioner as soon as Pres. McKinley gets around to where he can make
appts.  Office pays $4500 a year.

Tot-Multi  blacksmith-enterprise  other-coal  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 23, 1897
A. C. Wilson, machinist at Libby coal mines and owner of the fine
blacksmithing and wagon shop at this place, returned home yesterday after a
visit of several days at this place.  Mr. W. is reappointed  to his position at the
Libby mines for another year.  +

Srh  CCHX+ X+9 Feb 23, 1897  Stmr Albion [mentioned]./    schnr Bessie

Name  CCHX+  X+9  Feb 23, 1897  J H Upton of Floras creek


Mar 9

Health  un-17  CCH Mar 9, 1897  [lengthy] cure, patent medicine.

paper  RR-n3  CCH a Mar 9, 1897  Publishers J. S. McEwen & D. F. Dean,
Editors and Proprietors.

Tot-Coq  name  RR-n3 CCH a Mar 9, 1897 
Henry Sengstacken came over last Wednesday and transferred the Wells-
Fargo Express Co.'s office from Mr. Lorenz's to Lyons' store.  W. S. Perry, we
believe, takes the management here.

BH  other coal, Coq  (RR natl 3) CCH a  Mar 9, 1897.
A Mr. Black and a Mr. Wilson moved to this place from Beaver Hill last
Wednesday with their families. Each have bought property here.  They will
take a hand in developing the coal mines at this place. [cp]

Prosperity-conditions  Rrnatl  (RR natl 3) CCH a Mar 9, 1897. 
Philadelphia Press.  No worse obstacle to a return of prosperity could exist. 
The railroads, in prosperous years, new work and maintenance taken together,
consume nearly half the iron manufactured in this country.  With prices
sustained at an artificial level, certain eventually to be abandoned, no railroad
would buy more steel rails than were imperatively necessary.  The purchase of
steel rails is a practical measure of the railroads, demand for iron in all its
forms.  With these purchases curtailed the general market for iron suffered.  + 

Tot-Coq  food    (RR natl 3)  CCH a Mar 9, 1897. 
Mrs. Shepard’s Boarding House. [M. later was Shepphard]. Cor. First and
Hall Sts  , Coquille City, Oregon    First-class fare, by the single meal, day or
time boarders.  A limited number of nicely-kept rooms, with clean and
comfortable bedding. 
     Comfortable sitting room.  Rates to suit the times and made known on

Srh  other coal   LR (RR natl 3) CCH a Mar 9, 1897.
Riverton Riotings.  Once more the mines have resumed work, the Stmr Albion
having arrived with a cargo of freight and departed with an entire cargo of
coal.  The Coquille River [ship] is expected in today.  She will also take a load
of coal.  The B.B. coal company is prepared to load even more vessels now
provided the stmrs make no faster time than heretofore.  [red check mark] 

Health RR-n3  CCH a Mar 9, 1897 
William's Pink Pills for Pale People   cured rheumatism   /  "Mend it or end
it."  Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.

Trusts  conditions  RR-n3  CCH a  Mar 9, 1897
Literary Digest,  December 12, 1896.  "Hatred against the holders of large
fortunes is growing fast in America.  Trusts, monopolies, and gambling in
railroad stocks have produced a greedy plutocracy, which cannot maintain
itself unless it is backed by a large armed force.

School  RR-n3 CCH a Mar 9, 1897
Coquille Collegiate Institute     new ownership     new faculty    $1000 library   
Rev. J. L. Futrell    Coquille City, Oregon.

Streets   Tot -MP   RR-n3 CCH a Mar 9, 1897 
Improvement of Spruce St  [M.P.] with plank or stone and gravel, and putting
down many sidewalks.
Srh  Tot -MP   RR-n3 CCH a Mar 9, 1897 
[new little river steamer, it's called elsewhere]
The new steamer Ralph sets as gracefully on the placid Coquille as a swan,
and everyone should feel pleased to realize that a shipyard is one of the
industrial functions of M. P.  Such energetic citizens as Capt. Bullard are a
credit to any town.   [red check mark]

Srh  RR-n3 CCH a Mar 9, 1897  This steamer Coquille River is looked for by
all.  [red check mark]

Srh Tot RR-n3 CCH a  Mar 9, 1897
 The Katie Cook has been thoroughly overhauled and repaired at Parkersburg
and ready for work soon.  [red dot]  [red check mark]

RR sked  (RR natl 3) CCH a Mar 9, 1897.
Regular trains Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will run as follows:
Leave                                                Arrive
8:00 a m        Marshfield                  12:30 p.m.
Arrive                                                Leave
9:30 a.m.       Coquille City               11:00 a.m.
1:00 a.m.        M.P.                           10:30 a.m.                          [cp]

climate  Srh  lbr  misc-word thick weather
CCHa/a       [ext-3]  March 9, 1897 
The steamer Coquille River, which was reported off Point Arena short of coal
last Tuesday, was  towed into port this morning by the Alliance.  The disabled
steamier was on her way down the coast with a load of lumber when she
encountered strong head winds.  So fierce was the gale tt for 24 hrs no
headway was made, though the engines were running at their greatest speed. 
All of the coal was consumed and over 1000 ft of the load of lumber went into
the furnaces.  The tug Sea Queen, which was sent from this city to find the
steamer, missed her in the thick weather, and the Alliance found her with fires
almost extinguished.  Examiner. Mar. 4

Allied  health  Ext 3  CCHa/a Mar 9, 1897
Marshfield Sun.  Wm Carlson, who was badly burned at the Beaver Hill
mines some 6 wks since, is spending a few days in town.  It will be a long
time before he will be able to go to work again.  [cp]

Srh  name  Ext 3 CCH a/a Mar 9, 1897
 Steamer Coquille River will leave S.F. for Coquille river about March lst.
Will receive passengers and freight for all Coquille river points.  C.F.

Other coal  Ext 3 CCH a/a  Mar 9, 1897      Superintendent Hennessey, of the
Newport mines.  [cp]

Srh Ext 3 CCH a/a Mar 9, 1897
The little steamer Ralph was launched last Thursday at M.P. Dimensions 50 ft
x 11.6 overall with 10.4 ft beam.  Her passenger cabin is a beauty and
comfortable.  It is 12 x 6 ft, of neat panel-work, stained, varnished, and
finished like street car work.  The pilot house is 6x8 and furnishes a vantage
point for viewing river scenery.  She will temporarily be supplied with the
machinery from the Cumtux, though she should be supplied with double the
power, and possibly will be shortly fitted with a new Westinghouse 29
horsepower engine. She is a 17 knot model.

Srh  Ext 3 CCH a/a Mar 9, 1897   Coos Bay News.  The Homer will resume
her trips to this port in the near future. [cp] 

Srh  Allied  Ext 3 CCH a/a  Mar 9, 1897 
Coos Bay News. A rumor is afloat that the steamers taking coal from the
Beaver Hill bunker will bring back a return cargo of rails from the city, to be
used in the extension of the C.B.R.&E. R.R.  [cp]

Srh  Allied  health  Ext 3 CCH a/a  Mar 9, 1897 
 Captain Roberts fell off the steamer Farallon while attempting to come ashore
at the rr bunkers Saturday.   [cp]

Srh  Ext 3 CCH a/a   Mar 9, 1897   
North Pacific Steamship Co's Steamer Chilkat will be dispatched fm Portland,
Or. on abt Nov 9,1896.  On the route fm tt point to the Coquille river. [M. ad
must have been pre-dated; perhaps it had been running ever since November]

UR Tot-MP  novelty-wood  supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897 
Upper River. J. N. Roberts put up a fine barber case for the new shop, made
from our beautiful myrtle and maple.  It is an elegant piece of  furniture.
Johnny  is a splendid workman.  Call and see it.  +

UR  AHB  Tot-MP  dairy  saying   supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897
Upper River. A.H. Black will no doubt do a large business in his butter
manufactory the coming season.  Some people will have his butter when it is
possible, and he gives satisfaction to the farmer.  +    /  A.H. Black is
becoming quite popular already as the chairman of our city board.  No one
need try to put up a job on his neighbor or the city and get it through the town
board while Mr. B. is at the helm.   +

UR  name  school  supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897
Upper River: Following school districts have employed teachers.  MP, L R
Travers, Julia Braden, Miss Fannie Endicott.    Rackleff.  Miss Daisy Giles. 
Sugarloaf,  L Hooten.   Bridge, Miss Della Endicott.  Bald Hill, T W Johnson. 
Rock creek, Miss Bertha Prey.  Myrtle creek, Miss Bertha Roberts.  King
Creek and Enchanted Prairie, John Leek.  [M.  evidently the King Creek was
not the Delmar school after all!]]  Remote, Miss Liddy [?? Or Lilly] Walker. 
Gravel Ford, Miss Minnie McCloskey.   Not q

Other-mining-indir  name  misc-friendship   supp-a CCH Mar 9, 1897
Comrade Quick received a nice present the latter part of last week from a
distance, being a handsome scarfpin, made from a nugget in its native
condition. He thinks he knows the donor, but received the present without any
word as to forwarded it and therefore reserves his judgment.   [as typed]

School  supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897   Miss Nellie Figg has been chosen tchr of
Fishtrap school for coming term.  

Tot-Prosper  name   supp-a CCH Mar 9, 1897 
 J P Goodman to Prosper yesterday to plaster the new residence of A

School   Srh  moving   supp-a CCH Mar 9, 1897 
Miss Fannie Moore, who has conducted one of the grades in Collegiate
Institute for 2 terms, leaves for her home at Meridian, Miss. on the steamer
Coq River this wk.  Miss. Fannie leaves many friends to regret her departure
fm our midst. 

Tot-Coq  Nosler-name  supp-a CCH Mar 9, 1897   B E Nosler has received
large and choice stock tobaccos and cigars.  

Tot-Coq livery blacksmith  Nosler name  supp-a CCH Mar 9, 1897
F A White has received his stock, now prepared to do shoemaking and
mending, harness repairing.  First st between Nosler's livery stable and
Wilson’s     new blacksmith shop.      

School    name  prices  supp-a CCH Mar 9, 1897 
  Mrs. Boutell is clerk of schools, salary $25.  She is intelligent, efficient,
painstaking official.    Term of 3 mo summer school agreed upon beginning
3rd Mon, or Mar 22.  13 applications for tchrs, every one qualified. Prof. M.
O. Hawkins selected principal;  salary $55 mo, Claude Nosler for intermediate
grade at $45 mo, and Miss Mary Quick for primary school at $35 per mo.

Novelty-woolen  Srh    supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897
 Bandon Recorder. The woolen mill was short of wool again this wk and
obliged to shut down a day or 2 until stmr arr.

Other coal  Srh   supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897
Riverton:  Stmr Albion departed w/entire cargo Riverton  coal.  Coq River
expected in today, will take load of coal. BB prepared to load more vessel
now.  [M.  I think I already have.]  [red check mark]

School  supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897
Minnie McCloskey will teach Gravel  Ford school.  M O Stemler prob. get
Shiloh school.  

BH health  supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897   Wm Carlson badly burned BH mine. 
[M I assume I have]   [cp].

entertain  music  name    supp-a  CCH Mar 9, 1897
Entertainment of    Coq Dramatic Club featured play “Little Goldie,” or
”Child of the Camp."  Geo Leach, Frank Strang, Anderson Lamb, S. M.
Nosler, Fred NosJer, Miss Birdie Nosler, Miss Marie Nosler, Mrs. Lou
Nosler, Leach's orchestra all participated.

March 16

Srh    name-Moulton   misc-word  crop  un-17    CCH  Mar 16,  1897   [M.
Date is verified]     
[where is first?] [lengthy] and we hope that she will receive the
encouragement which she and her owners merit. Capt.. Paton, who built her,
is master, and knows what he is talking abt.  He met his old friend and “pard”
of several yrs back, our fellow-citizen J.T. Moulton, at this place, and the two
stuck as close as bros for a while on old memories.  Boat left abt 2:30 pm for
Riverton where she was…
   She rustled some frght here incl 125 sacks potatoes fm M. Kroll, J.C.
Watson and others, and some other frght.

AHB un-17  CCH Mar 16, 1897.  A H Black, b.  [M. 2005.  Is this the same
item as supp-a Mar 16, 1897?]

Srh other coal   Un-17 CCH Mar 16, 1897
Riverton Riotings.  Stmr Coq R took coal from B.B [Bandon Block Coal]

Health un-17 CCH Mar 16, 1897.  [Lengthy ad on] pills (cure anything!) fm
Coq. Pharmacy.

Tot-Coq  Srh-indir    sm-enterprise  Ext 3  CCH a/a  Mar 16, 1897. 
[ad.]  chair factory Coquille City    opposite city wharf.  Keeps on hand and
makes to order first-class rawhide chairs.  Manufactured fm best hard wood. 
J.B. Fox, proprietor. 

Politic  saying  condit  Ext 3 CCH a/a  Mar 16, 1897
   Article abt Oregon House of Representatives.  John H. Mitchell's re-election
to US Senate.
Whereas it is clearly shown and proven ... that it was impossible to compel
their attendance without great danger of bloodshed, and loss of conflict with
armed thugs who were sympathizers of John H. Mitchell, and presum acting
under his directions ... Resolve by members now in attendance that we will
return to our respective homes ... awaiting the call of the governor.

Srh  harbor stat.    Coquille-River boat   river   other coal  crops.   
[peo1-1  Mar 16, 1897 cont  CCH a/b] 
New steamer Coquille River, Capt Paton master, reached this place last
Saturday at 12 o'clock, with about 100 tons freight from S.F. for this place and
the upper river, all discharged here. She was warmly welcomed by our
citizens, who seemed to be given the freedom of the craft for inspection. She
is the largest boat that ever came to Coquille City. 150 ft long, 32 ft beam
built of light draft to suit our coast river bars. She is said to have carried 455
tons fm Grays Harbor to S.F. on a draft of 12 ft. Her length is a disadvantage,
as our river is tortuous and narrow, and she has to make curves slowly. Her
time this trip was creditable, being an average of the regular river boats. Made
Coquille river in 42 hrs fm leaving SF. bay. Passenger accommodations
roomy and neat, salon and dining rm capacious and neatly arranged. New,
clean and safe, serve as big advertisement for our river.  Boat was to take on
200 tons of coal (at Riverton) as part of her return load.  Some freight incl.
125 sacks potatoes. The steamer dropped below our wharf to the city property
in order to turn, but she made the turn all right. [article also refers to problems
of this boat and port problems.]

School  organiz   misc-saying  [peo1-1 Mar 16, 1897 CCH a/b] 
The school board has received the deed to Block 57 from the Masonic
fraternity,  to be occupied by a handsome new bldg at an early date!  District
No 8 has reason to be proud of so eligible and attractive a school site.

misc    vital-stat     paper  DF Dean
[peo 1-1 Mar 16, 1897 CCH a/b]  Parties wishing marriage licenses can obtain
the same through D. F. Dean at Coquille City. Apply with witness at least a
day or 2 before the documents are needed.

Srh  Moro   novelty-wood   other coal
[peo 1-1 Mar 16, 1897  CCH a/b ]   The steamer Moro came to this place fm
S.F. last Wed. and discharged considerable freight.  She received a large
quantity of broom handles fm the factory here and 100 tons of coal from our
Stockman mine, at this place, the first large quantity shipped from here.  [red
tilde in margin]     /
    The Moro took a mixed load of coal fm Coquille City, Lyons mine and
Timons mine at Riverton. Steamer Coquille R. took on a load of coal off the
B.B. mine.

RR natl(electric) [peo1-1 Mar 16, 1897 CCH a/b]
The first car on the Albany electric street railway line made its trial trip very
successfully Saturday evening.

Utility  allied Srh    People 1-1 CCH a/b Mar 16, 1897. 
 The Beaver Hill bunkers are to be fitted with arc lights, on the outside, for the
accommodation of vessels loading at night.  (Coos Bay News).  +   [cpo]

Tot-Coq  prices [peo1-1 Mar 16, 1897 CCH a/b]
 Hotel Coquille.  S. J. Tuttle, Prop.
   Having leased this new, commodious and modern hostelry, I am now
prepared to entertain the traveling public in first class most
reasonable rates. Rates $1 to $2 per day. Special accommodations and terms
for families and theatrical groups.

Courthouse  novelty-brick [peo 1-1 Mar 16, 1897 CCH a/b] 
Notice to contractors. Sealed bids will be received for erection and completion
of a brick courthouse to be build at  Coquille City.

UR  name  RR    Peo 1-1  CCH a/b Mar 16, 1897.  Upper River.  Charley F.
Dodge of the railroad.

AHB  crime  supp-a  CCH Mar 16, 1897
Upper River.  A. H. Black, one of our staunch business men, was called to
Roseburg last week as a witness before the grand jury in a case where a man is
charged with forgery.  +

Disaster  name Tot-Coq  supp-b  CCH Mar 16, 1897
A blaze broke out on the roof of F. A. White's residence, in the Spurgeon
addition about noon last Wednesday from where the pipe passed through the
roof.  Mrs. White discovered it and turned on a stream from a small spray
pump. Neighbors also came to her relief and soon had the fire extinguished.
Damage nominal. 

Tot-Multi other-coal   Srh   supp-b CCH Mar 16, 1897
 J C Wilson secured a 110-horse power engine and other machinery last week
at Prosper which reached here Sunday on a scow towed by the little steamer
Maria. It was delivered at the mine above town yesterday and Uncle Jack will
soon have work moving at a lively rate.  +  [red check mark]

Tot-Multi  Srh  other-coal  supp-b  CCH Mar 16, 1897
Peter Loggie, one of Bandon’s enterprising citizens, came up last Saturday on
the new steamer Coquille River.  Mr. L. is officially connected with the
Bandon Block Coal Co. and was interested in loading the new steamer on her
reaching Riverton from this place.  +  [cp] 

Allied  locale  other-coal  supp-b  CCH Mar 16, 1897
Neil Monroe, an old and respected citizen of Isthmus slough, on Coos bay,
was on a brief visit here yesterday, including a call on his old friend, Mr.
Strang.  Mr. Monroe went to Riverton on business. It seems he has a bid for
coal lands on the bay from a syndicate at Seattle. Mr. Monroe has been a
resident of Coos for 30 years and this was his first visit to Coquille.  +  [cp]

School  Tot   supp-b CCH Mar 16, 1897  Sumner: Miss Mary Black will teach
the Lee school this summer. +

Name  other-mining?  Allied  supp-b  CCH Mar 16, 1897
Coos Bay News.  Fred McLain and E. G. Flanagan returned Monday from a
visit to their mining property on the upper Coquille. + [cp]  

Allied  Srh   supp-b  CCH Mar 16, 1897
Coos Bay News  The Beaver Hill bunkers are to be outfitted with arc lights on
the outside, for the accommodation of vessels loading at night. + [cp]

Mar 23

Srh climate coal  boomer  Un-17  CCH Mar 23, 1897. 
   The vessels seem to get in and out of our river during the prevailing storms
quite as safely, regularly and easily as on other rivers and bays of coast tt
make more pretentious.

Health  Un-17 CCH Mar 23, 1897 herbal remedy of the Shakers.

Other-coal  [out3]  CCH b Mar 23, 1897.
 100 men are working in and about the Riverton mines, which are moving
steadily ahead.  [cp]    

misc  condit-signs of times  [out3]  CCH b  Mar 23, 1897
We have never thought one raised in Oregon should necessarily be ignorant
from the effects of isolation and solitude.

Roads   condit-attitude  [out3]  CCH b Mar 23, 1897
The general sentiment of people is in favor of better roads all over Coos Co.

Health Out 3 CCH b Mar 23, 1897
Article on counterfitter of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.  Manufactured his own
and sold to druggists at a discount.  ["Pink Pills" available at every drug
Srh  misc-word-barbound   Out 3  CCH b Mar 23, 1897 
All stmrs running to Coos Bay, except Arcata, were barbound several days. 
All went out Sunday.

Srh   Tot-Coq   other-coal  (outlook3) CCH b Mar 23, 1897.
Stmr Albion came into river Wed.  morn and to wharf…brought large amt of
freight and departed in eve...for Riverton, where she would take on coal.  [cp]

climate  foods  [out3]  CCH b  Mar 23, 1897 
Snow covered ground 1/2 to 3/4 " last Sat morn (some saved and made ice
cream later in day.)

Srh  [out3] CCH b  Mar 23, 1897  Arrivals by Homer of March 18

Misc saying?  Srh climate  [out3]  CCH b Mar 23, 1897
A hole has been forced through jetty at Bandon by fierceness of storm fm SW. 
danger of sand in channel. Vessels seem to get in and out our river during
prevailing storms quite as safely, regularly and easily as out of other rivers
and bays on coast that make more pretentions.

coal trust    sugar and beet sugar trusts (clip) (6) CCH a/c March 23, 1897
Indianapolis Journal: "The coal barons wanted $40,000,000.  That was only a
bagatelle.  They simply advanced the price of coal $10 and ordered
40,000,000 tons mined... The trust system encourages just such legerdemain. 
[cp]    /
     (Clip)  CCH a/c March 23, 1897 [About this time there seems to have been
quite a flap about sugar trusts and beet sugar business.]  [cp]

paper (clip) (6)  CCH a/c March 23, 1897.
[running feud for some time between other papers and CCH.  Name calling
abt how the Herald reports the news. ]

BH  name  novelty-wood ( Clip) (6) CCH a/c March 23, 1897
The four sons of A. H. Schroeder are getting timbers for the Beaver Hill Coal
Co. two miles below town. (Upper River Dept.)

allied  Srh    coal    (clip) (6) CCH a/c March 23, 1897. 
The Coquille River carried 325 tons of lump coal and 65 tons of fuel out this
trip on a draft of 10 feet 3 inches aft and 9 feet forward.  It is estimated that
she will take 400 tons of coal, besides her 60 tons of fuel, on a draft of very
little over ten feet.  (Bandon Recorder.)  [red check mark ]   [cp]

Climate agric  (clip) (6) CCH a/c Mar 23, 1897.  …been a hard winter on

County seat issue (clip) (6)  CCH a/c Mar 23, 1897.
We see by the Coast Mail that the courthouse question is still hanging heavily
on the mind of the editor of that journal. It is commendable to see parties
contest for and use all fair means to obtain prestige, but after being defeated
twice, it would look more generous in [print] our friends at Marshfield to
throw up the battle and acknowledge that the majority should rule.  That
would be Americanism, and would be much better than to keep up a strife that
will engender a bad feeling among the people of the county.  Marshfield first
agitated the county seat question, and since the people have decided that
question it is bad grace for a few to scoff at the decision of a large majority of
the county.  Myrtle Point would make a very good location and the people
would be glad to have it – if they should get it by fair and honorable means;
but as it has been settled by a large majority, the more thoughtful and candid
element desire that the question should be dropped, and they would rather see
friendly feeling cultivated between the citizens of this place and Coquille City. 
The energy of the people favored by natural resources is what makes a
thriving town, and we know that while the new county seat has many
advantages, our own  town is surrounded with lasting resources that will make
it a lively and good town in proportion to the energy, industry, and skill of its
leading inhabitants.  So let us stop howling and endeavor to advance our
interests and develop some of our great advantages.  Upper River Dept.   +
Climate (clip) (6) CCH a/c Mar 23, 1897. 
The snow which covered the ground to a depth of 1 or ¾ of an inch last
Saturday morning lasted until about 10 o’clock.

Allied Crops   Srh  (clip) (6) CCH a/c Mar 23, 1897. 
1100 sacks of potatoes were shipped below on last steamer.  Coos Bay finds a
market for several 1000 sacks of spuds in San Francisco every winter.  (CB

 County-seat-issue  supp-b  CCH Mar 23, 1897 
[article on the court house question still hanging heavy on mind  of Coast Mail
journalist. Fairly long.]   [M:  do I already have?]

utility  vital-stat  locale  supp-b  CCH Mar 23, 1897
The Mail’s reporter of Empire says: It is reported that Fred Schetter, the
pioneer te1egraph operator, has taken unto himself a wife, and was registered
at the Vance House at Eureka last week.  +

AHB  crime   supp-b  CCH Mar 23, 1897
A. H. Black, of Myrtle Point, has been at Roseburg as a witness in the Hollis
forgery case.  +

Mar 30

Conditions  prosperity   Srh   e-3  CCH a insert   Mar 30, 1897
Comments by Sun's correspondent to Bandon elicit picture of:   [M. not sure
about this]
Photograph taken our river front [M. now this is Coq editor] a few days since
in which three of our river steamers, the tug Triumph, and ocean steamer
Moro and schooner Antelope, figured, with another ocean steamer, Coquille
River, due.  That's not so bad, and goes to show that our transportation
facilities have advanced considerably even these past hard times.    + [all
except the very first line.]   [cp]

Srh    Homer  crop  other coal  Newport  Rbc 5 CCH Mar 30, 1897
The Empire, which sailed Sunday, had 1300 sacks of potatoes on board, and
the Arcata took 1400 more on Monday. The Homer took 600 tons of coal on
her last trip from the Newport bunkers, which is said to be the largest load she
ever carried.   +   [cp]

crops  Srh  Rbc 5 CCH Mar 30, 1897
The Coos bay Farmers have quite a lot of potatoes yet on hand,
notwithstanding the large quantity shipped below. They look for better prices
by the end of the month.

Srh  mill  locale?  Rbc 5 CCh Mar 30, 1897
The Excelsior loaded lumber at the Bay City mill for San Diego. The
“Excelsior is the second largest steam schooner on the coast and carries cargo
of 500,000 feet of lumber.  +

Labor Exchange.  Condit-Attitude  Anti-trust   Misc Rbc 5  CCH Mar 30,
100’s letters are being received at Natl Headquarters monthly.  Labor
Exchange seems to defeat monopoly by overcoming it...Inaugurate system
enabling members to produce, distribute and exchange wealth without aid of
the capitalist.

fish cannery  Tot  Rbc 5 "needed"  CCH Mar 30, 1897
Several Marshfield citizens have stepped to the front to encourage the
establishment of a cannery at that place, for the
purpose of canning fish, clams, etc., which has passed the talk stage. This is
an effort to bring the enterprise to a focus.  +

courthouse   Rbc 5 CCH Mar 30, 1897
[Ad:] Sealed bids will be received...for erection of a brick courthouse.

Politic  [out3] CCH b  Mar 30, 1897   Populist party

Trusts  tariff   condit   (outlook3) CCH b  Mar 30, 1897. 
Oregonian: The courts and legislatures seem equally powerless against trusts. 
How would it be to stop favoring them with tariff laws?  It seems absurd to
build a trust up with tariffs and then attack with the stuffed clubs of
injunctions and restraining laws.  [cp]

[outside-church]  politic  [out3] CCH b Mar 30, 1897
Toronto, Ont.  Mar. 23.  Archbishop Tangevin of Manitoba - Roman Cath.  
[people] who voted for Liberal candidate in recent by-election will be refused
burial in consecrated ground if they die in that condition.

Trusts  RR&  [outlook 3] CCH b  Mar 30, 1897. 
[Head:] Traffic Pool Declared Illegal.  Washington, Mar. 22.  Supreme Court
has decided case of US against TransMissouri Freight Assn against the RR’s. 
It reverses decision of court below and holds anti-trust law 1890 applicable to
RR transportation.  Chicago, Mar. 24.  Every western freight pool and
combination having headquarters in Chicago is apparently approaching
dissolution.  [after the court decision.]  [cp]

interest?  Joaquin Miller [outlook 3] CCH b Mar 30, 1897 
Joaquin Miller says he will write no more and Fitzsimmons says he will fight
no more.  These are 2 great startling statements, and 2 wonderful men have
retired.   [M. this has already been placed in cz.]

trust   lbr  prices  (outlook3) CCH b Mar 30, 1897.
S.F. Mar 22.  Another lumber trust forming – trying to organize a trust in
hopes of raising prices of lumber fm $4 to $6 per 1000. (reports tt it was tried
before and failed, and trust disintegrated.) [cp]

Srh    Tot-Coq & other     condit-outlook [out3]  CCH b Mar 30, 1897
The Sun's correspondent from Bandon says last week 5 vessels, 4 stmrs and 1
schooner, crossed the bar within 30 minutes.  Two were bound out and 3
incoming.  This calls to our mind that a photograph was taken at our river
front a few days since in which 3 of our river steamers, the tug Triumph, and
ocean stmr Moro and schnr Antelope figured, with another ocean stmr the
Coquille River due.  That's not bad, and goes to show that our transportation
facilities have advanced considerably even these past hard times.

Allied Srh crop other coal    (clip) (6) CCHa/c  March 30, 1897. 
The Empire, which sailed Sunday, had 1300 sacks of potatoes on board, and
the Arcata took 1400 more on Monday.  The Homer took 600 tons of coal on
her last trip from the Newport bunkers, which is said to be the largest load she
ever carried.   +   [red check mark? ]  [cp]

Srh  crops   lbr  mill locale  (clip) (6) CCHa/c  Mar 30, 1897. 
The Coos Bay farmers have quite a lot of potatoes yet on hand,
notwithstanding the large quantity shipped below.  They look for better prices
by the end of the month.
   The Excelsior loaded lumber at the Bay City mill for San Diego. The
Excelsior is the second largest steam schooner on the coast and carries a cargo
of 500,000 feet of lumber.

Tot-MP?  Novelty-wood  name supp-b  CCH Mar 30,  1897
 C. E. Schroeder and Chas. Dietz have been running their steam furniture
manufactory at this place considerably this winter. Mr. Dietz is a skilled
workman, having built pianos in Ba1timore in his younger days, and Mr.
Schroeder is an ingenious mechanic also, and we expect to see some nice
work turned out of this shop.  [M.  I suspect this is an Upper River item.]

Name  supp-b  CCH Mar 30, 1897   [article abt.Robt Ahr. ]   /     [ Many items
in these papers I don't have, abt people    ]

Hermann  home-seekers govt  supp-b  CCH Mar 30, 1897  
 [ article abt general satisfaction at appointment Hon Binger Hermann to land
office at Washington D C.

School  church  supp-b  CCH Mar 30, 1897
 Prof Conway of the Collegiate Institute occupied the Southern Methodist
church last Sunday morning but indisposition occasioned a cancellation of his
appointment at night.  Rev. Mr. Smith, pastor, at Dairyville.   nfq

Health  name   supp-b CCH Mar 30, 1897  Ethan McDuffee at home in vy
poor health  not q    

Crime  supp-b  CCH Mar 30., 1897    Bold robbery at Bandon in a saloon.  

Tot-Bandon  supp-b  CCH Mar 30, 1897  Mr. Kellner, the cigar maker, came
up from Bandon last Wednesday... +

Hermann home-seekers  govt  CCHX+  X+9    March 30, 1897
Universal satisfaction expressed at appointment of  Hon. Binger Hermann to
general land office at Washington.  [more]

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