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APRIL - MAY, 1897


April 6

Condit-attitude? Condit-signs-times climate Srh-Harbor-improve Srh-
dredging Locale-CoosBay novelty-wood-piles govt Fish 
(out4) CCH b/z  [or b  2?] April 6, 1897 
Encroachment of aristocracy upon rights of peo  ...no where more marked
than on Coos Bay.  Speculators built a crib in the channel if the bay where
there was 24 ft water at low water.  All complaint to proper dept in vain; govt
engineer locally is blind or owners have "pull."  It is shoaling channel;
dangerous obstruction foggy weather, conflicts with rights of fishermen who
catch salmon.  But eyesore must continue...because it is property of capitalists. 
Seemingly they have right to dam Coos Bay with piles and then commence
agitation for a dredger.  ...Before dredging, govt should remove crib and allow
disturbed mud to settle.

Condit-Prosper Locale-UR school  (out4) CCH b-z [or b-2?] April 6, 1897 
Upper River Dept.  We believe prosperity is near at hand if all put their
shoulders to the wheel and push the car of progress along.  We all have a work
to do, and it is to be hoped that our town will be successful in inaugurating
improvements..,. We need more school than we have public money to support,
and if prosperity should come there is no reason why we should not have 9
mo. of school this yr.  [cp]

Sugar trusts.tariff misc OT-Oregon OT-Cuba OT-Hawaii condit-attitude 
(out4) CCH b-z [or b-2?] April 6, 1897 
Fm Salem Capital Journal.  Oreg consumes 15,000,000 lbs sugar and doesn’t
make any.  Had sugar paid a duty it would have paid $78,000,000 to treasury. 
But it came in free under reciprocity treaty w/islands.  Americ people never
got any benefit fm this.  Diff between it and tariffed sugar on Atlantic coast
was clear profit to sugar trust.  Now new tariff bill to put still higher tax.
Imposition of more than ½ or ¼ c a lb tax on sugar is robbery of the common
people.  We ought to own Cuba and Hawaii and quit taxing ourselves for
benefit of sugar trusts.   [cp]

Tot-BH health-accid BH-Co  (clip7) CCH Red 1 April 6, 1897
Bert Johnson came on a visit home from Beaver Hill last Tuesday.  He still 
uses crutches as a consequence of his recent hurt at the mine.

Other-coal Tot-Coq.machine Srh-ocean Srh-CoqR(ship) 
(clip7)  CCH Red 1 April 6, 1897 
J.C. Wilson received his steam pump for the Stockman coal mine at the edge
of town, per steamer Coquille River last Friday.  The engine has been in place
and readiness for several days, and now work will begin in good shape.  Uncle
Jack is determined that the coal mine at this place shall be operated.

Srh-river Srh-CoqR Srh-Dispatch Srh-Antelope Tot-Coq 
(clip7)  CCH Red 1 April 6, 1897 
The river steamer Dispatch and Antelope were lately transferred to W R
Panter, G W Leneve, and D L Perkins, and on the 1st of inst.  reached Coquille
City under their new management.  Cap’t Leneve has rented property in this
city and will at once move his family here, from which point the steamer
Antelope, under his mastership, will leave this place every morning for
Bandon, returning in the evening, while the Dispatch, under Capt Panter, will
continue on her present schedule.

Other-coal Tot-Riverton b-act Tot-Coq  (clip7)  CCH Red 1 April 6, 1897 
J H Timon, owner and operator of a coal mine at Riverton, was in town last
week on business.

Apr 13

Other-coal Tot-Riverton commute tot-Coq Srh-freight? misc-word-rustler
misc-word-prospective.. advantageously  Ext4 CCHb/bApril 13, 1897 
J. H. Timon, owner and operator of a coal mine at Riverton was in town last
week on business.  Mr. T. is a rustler and is doing well, with the prospective
early increase of his mine output which he is working into the market very
advantageously.  [cp]

Tot-Libby Tot-Coq? other-coal transport-wagon enterprise-blacksmith
Ext4 CCH b/b  April 13, 1897
A.C. Wilson, proprietor of the new blacksmith and wagon shop at this place
and company blacksmith at the Newport mines...

RR-extension name-Graham CBR RR-name name-spreckels  Ext4 CCH b/b
April 13, 1897.
     Oregonian:  Robert A. Graham, manager of the Coos Bay, Roseburg &
Eastern railroad, left for San Francisco last night, accompanied by Joseph W.
Bennett, of Marshfield, attorney for the road.  Mr. Graham, while in San
Francisco, will meet Mr. A. Spreckles [sic] and will consult him regarding the
early completion of the line to Roseburg.   +  [cp]

Church  Ext4 CCH b/b April 13, 1897 
Easter services will be conducted at the Southern Methodist church 11 am
Sunday during which hour there will be no service at the Christian church. 
And an appropriate Easter program will be given at the Christian church at
night, during which there will be no service at the Methodist church.

Tot-Coq Srh-ocean b-act  Ext4 CCH b/b April 13, 1897 
Mrs. Aiken returned last Wednesday from a protracted purchasing trip in San
Francisco.  Her stock of millinery goods is large ... seasonable stylish ... and
were selected in person.

Trust condit politic oil?  Rbc6  CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
Fm Union Co Farmer.  53 of 66 U S Judges are corp.  attorneys.  Standard Oil
furnishes 16. Is there any wonder abt gov’t by trusts?     [cp]

Tot-MP Road Locale-UR  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
Upper River Dept.  Street improvements have been indefinitely postponed.  

Other-coal name-Ferry Tot-Riverton Srh-freight 
Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
Riverton.  Apr 12.  The first coal was dumped into Joseph Ferry’s bunkers last
Sat. He is now turning rooms, crowding the gangway on and having crosscuts
and air courses cut; in fact, Ferry mine has begun business operations and will
soon ship its first cargo of coal.    [cp]

Tot-Coq  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
 City Treasurer & Recorder’s Statements Assets and Liabilities. 

Tot-Marshfield  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
Articles of Incorporation of Coos Bay Commercial Co.  T S Minot, J A Luse
and D L Watson.   

RR-phy Misc-word-dandy  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
     Fm CB News.  A new caboose was finished at the car shops last week, and
pronounced "a dandy" by railroad men.  +  [cp]

Dairy Tot-Marshfield improve machine  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
Among various improvements at C.B . creamery is addition of elevator
connecting first floor with cheese room. 

Tot-Marshfield  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
CB Chamber of Commerce organized Sat.

Tot-Marshfield? enterprise-cannery fish?  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 13, 1897 
Mtg at Sengstacken’s hall to ascertain if it would be feasible to build and
operate cannery at Marshfield with local capital.

Church  Rbc7 Red 2  CCH April (13?) 1897 
Methodists. Rev. F. F. Gammage of Houston, Texas, arrived at this place last
Sat.  Mr. G. is a young minister of the M.E., south, and has been brought here
for missionary effort and as a helper on this circuit. 

Name-Graham Tot-BayCity mill-BayCity 
(out4) CCH b-z [or b-2?] April 13, 1897 
Fm C.B. News.  It is rumored…Bay City mill property has been bargained for
by R.A. Graham.   [see also CCH b/a, CCH b/b]    [cp]

Racism-Modocs climate  (out4) CCH b-z  April 13, 1897.
Redding, Ca. Apr 6. Only 100 members of  (Captain Jack's) Modoc tribe...in
pitiable condition verging on starvation.  Severe winter.

Sugar-beets locale-Coq. (out4) CCH b-z [or b-2?] April 13, 1897.
Letters to editor and articles on plans to grow sugar beets in Coquille region.

April 20

OT-Hawaii BH-indir name-Spreckels sugar-beets racism condit 
Ext4 CCH b/b April 20,1897 
     C.A. Spreckels, who controls the Spreckelsville Plantation, in Hawaii, has
discharged every white man on the place with the exception of two, and has
put Orientals in the places of the dismissed men.  A desire to reduce expenses
is given as the reason. [M.  may be fm Oregonian; hard to tell; in column of
outside news.]  +  [except spelling Spreckles.]

RR-Natl trust? Condit?  Ext4 CCH b/b April 20, 1897 
S.F. Star.  Old man Huntington has again been elected President of the
Southern Pacific.  The fact that he had to vote for himself to be chosen seems
to prove that the directors do not constitute an altogether happy family.  [cp]

Paper fruit  Ext4 CCH b/b April 20, 1897
New paper "Fruitage".  Publ Portland.  Not only the most valuable but the
only fruit paper of America which admits no reading matter to its columns
except that relating to fruits.  [above that:]
As fruit is rapidly becoming the leading industry of the Northwest, we have
made arrangements to do far more than our share toward pushing the county
forward in this respect and will do more of the farmers will show the proper
spirit of enterprise.

Animal-cattle RR-haul Tot-BH locale-UR  Ext4 CCH b/b April 20, 1897 
R.C. Dement shipped a car-load of beef cattle to Beaver Hill by Monday's
train. Upper River.  [cp]

Misc Tot-Coq  Ext5 CCH c April 20, 1897 
[There was a labor exchange board in Coq.]  

Climate fruit Tot-Bridge  Ext5 CCH c April 20, 1897 
Bridge, Apr 19.  The fruit trees are in full bloom. 

Courthouse enterprise-construction name-Kanematz Tot-Coq 
Ext5 CCH c April 20, 1897 
     Chas. H. Burggraf, architect, of Salem [skip] 
Mr. B. is the designer of our new courthouse and is superintendent of
construction of same. He present with Judge Schroeder and Commissioner
Weekly, who viewed the courthouse block and got Prof. Kanematz to locate
the center.  +    [topic-Kanematz-cp04] 

Church  Ext5 CCH c April 20, 1897 
Easter services [to be] held in Meth. Ch.

RR-extension condit-inducement name-Graham name-Spreckels Locale-
CoosBay OT-Roseburg RR-natl? OT-Roseburg  Ext5 CCH c April 20, 1897 
     The Coos Bay railroad.  It is probable that the people of Roseburg will
soon have an opportunity to say how badly they want the junction of the
Roseburg & Coos Bay and S. P. railroads at this city.  Arrangements are now
being made in San Francisco by Manager Graham and the J.D. Spreckles
[print] Company for the early resumption and completion of construction
work, so we are reliably informed.  It is, also, broadly hinted by promoters of
the enterprise that it will be much cheaper to form the junction with the S. P. a
few miles south of Roseburg, and that this will be done unless our people
offer substantial inducements to bring the road here. 
   The nature of the proposition to be made by the railroad company and when
it will be submitted, are yet matters not definitely settled upon, but we believe
that a reasonable proposition will meet with favorable consideration. 
Roseburg wants the railroad and when its early completion is assured our
property owners will assist its promoters to the best of their ability.  -Roseburg
Review.  +  cp]

Courthouse novelty-brick enterprise-construction character? Locale-CoosCo
OT-Roseburg  Ext5 CCH c April 20, 1897 
Roseburg Review column: Fred Patterson, the brick mason and contractor, has
gone to Coquille to bid on the new courthouse which is to be built there.  He
will give the people of Coos County a good job if he gets the opportunity.

Other-mining Tot-MP? Locale-[?]  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 20, 1897 
The M.P. Mining and Devel. Co. have been tunneling for 18 mo, having first
uncovered $2000 at what is called a “blow out” and it’s believed they are abt
on to main ledge, which promises to be rich. 

Courthouse enterprise-construction Tot-Empire Tot-Coq prices OT-Salem
novelty-brick  Rbc6 CCH b/a April 20, 1897
   The contract to build the new courthouse at this place was let by the County
Court, in term at Empire City, last wks, to H. Snook, of Salem, for $11,625. 
The building  is to be brick, and this contract includes everything except vault
doors and jail work.  {also article abt the architect and superintendent of this
work. see CCHc. ]

Silk name-Kanematz  Tot-Coq? Tot-Bandon item-notions condit-outlook
racism-origin boomer  Rbc6 CCH b/a  April 20, 1897
   Mrs. Hattie Stowers of Bandon ordered 200 skeins of embroidery silk from
Prof. Kanematz a few days since, and later 50 skeins more.  She will prepare
some fine needle-work for exhibition to the public at the state fair and on othr
occasions.  Other ladies at Bandon desire to give a helping hand to put our silk
product before the world, and the Herald takes this opportunity to thank them
for their interest and thoughtfulness.  Prof. Kanematz has done wonders in the
silk industry, almost wholly without help or sympathy fm public, and the
proffer of Mrs. Stowers is very encouraging to him and will prove an immense
help toward advancing the industry of silk culture and advertising our section
and climate.  +   [cp]

Church  Rbc7 Red 2 CCH April 20, 1897 
Easter services.  Meth Sun AM & Christian church Sun PM.  Choir members -
- some sang in both.   

Apr 27

Crop sugar-beets  r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
[Article on ] growing and harvesting sugar beets.

County court  r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897  Coos court proceedings

Locale-UR RR-phy Srh-river Srh-CoqR condit-outlook condit-improve
r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
Upper River Dept.  with work on RR and river improvements going on, a hard
times ball will soon be out of order.   [cp]

Name-Kanematz Tot-Coq other-coal   r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
Prof Kanematz was engaged last Wed in locating a vein of coal at the mine
above town, to bring operations nearer to engine station.  The vein is 40
inches thick.

Other-coal Tot-Riverton b-act OT-Roseburg   r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897  
A Roseburg coal mining co has taken an interest in mines at Riverton and
lately visited to inspect the demands of the business.

Srh-river Srh-CoosR Srh-Ruth  r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
C. B. News  The Ruth will be ready to commence making trips on N. Coos
river this week.

County-court CBR-fares Prices condit? RR-passenger Tpt-Coq 
r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
County court proceedings  CBR&ER&N co. Fares paid for indigents on train
to Coquille City.  $2.30.  [cp]

Srh-ocean Srh-Arcata name-Graham Tot-Porter Mill-Porter Mill-CalifLbr
character  r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
Parties arriving on Arcata said it was rumored in the city that R. A. Graham
had purchased sawmill at Porter, and all projects of Calif Lbr Co in this
county.  This means that work will be resumed at Porter mill, in harmony with
the management of everything Mr. Graham operates.  [cp]

County-court name-Kanematz Tot-Coq  r-f1 CCH e/a April 27, 1897 
County court proceedings   [lists J S Kanematz as selling clothing.]

County-court suit courthouse enterprise-construction name-Giles prices Tot-
Coq Tot-Empire-indir Tot-MP-name Tot-Marshfield-name OT-Salem OT-
Roseburg OT-Portland 
Ext 5 CCH c April 27, 1897 
[part of court proceedings]
   Extracts of orders relating to procuring attorney for county injunction suit
(to restrain county court from incurring obligations to exceed the amount of
$5000).  removal of county records to Coquille City, temporary quarters, bids
and award of contract for erection of courthouse and jail, hiring
superintendent to oversee construction of same; sale of county property not
deemed necessary to remove.
   A.J. Sherwood employed as attorney for county in injunction suit.
   That the records of Coos County be removed to Coquille City from and after
12 o'clock midnight, on July lst, 1897, under and by direction of B.f. Ross;
removal to be made as expeditiously as possible.  All business to be transacted
at Coquille City from and after 12 o'clock after July 1, 1897.  Bids for
construction of courthouse and jail are as follows, to wit:
   D. Giles, of Myrtle Point, Coos County, Oreg ....  $16,487.
   H. Snook, Salem Oreg                               $11,625.
   C.W. Patterson, Marshfield, Coos County, Oreg....    9,900.
   Welch Bros., Salem, Oreg                            14,800.
   F. F. Patterson, Roseburg                           13,875.
   Stokes, Zeller, and Guerin, Portland, Oreg ...      13,922.
   John B. Shipp, Salem,Or                           13,500.
     Bids having been examined and C.W. Paterson [sic] the lowest bidder,
having notified the court to consider his bid off, the court awarded the contract
to next lowest bidder, H. Snook, of Salem, for the sum of $11,625, with W.T.
Gray and I.L. Patterson, of Salem, Oregon, as sureties, in the sum of $12,000.
   Chas. H. Burggraf engaged to superintend the construction of courthouse
and jail for the sum of $360, ie, for a period of six months.  J. Henry
Schroeder is authorized to receive bids and let contracts for such materials and
necessary fixtures as is not included in the contract [sic].   +

county Courthouse Tot-Coq Tot-Empire   Rphy16-20 CCH  d  Apr 27, 1897
[where is first?] and specification to complete the courthouse and jail subject
to the approval of the clerk.
B.F. Ross is authorized to advertize for sale lots l, 2, 3, and 4 in block 24
Empire City with the same buildings thereon and sell the same to the highest
and best bidder, provided that a bid be had for a sum to be determined by the
court , and sell all other property belonging to the county which he may deem
unnecessary or inexpedient to remove to Coquille City.  Same shall be sold for
cash or 90 days time with approved security.
     [Several of these have been new paragraphs.]  Conditions of sale shall be
such as will secure Coos County in the possession thereof until after county
seat is removed, to wit: Until August 1, l897, and that all personal property
not sold remain on the premises within the building free of charge until by the
county.   [M. is something left out?]  |

other-coal  condit Tot-Riverton racism-origin 
Rphy16-20  CCH d April 27, 1897
Riverton Riotings.  Riverton, Apr. 26.  Many of the B.B. coal miners went out
of the mines and refuse to work any more until they are paid up for what they
have done.  Most of the places vacated have been re-filled with colored
miners.   [cp]

Other-coal Tot-Riverton location-LR Srh-river? Srh-CoqR Srh-CoquilleRiver
(ship)  Rphy16-20 CCH d April 27, 1897
(Riverton Riotings.) Coquille River took away another cargo of coal from the
B.B. coal bunkers last Saturday.  J.H. Timon is having an addition of 50 feet
of bunkers built on the river.  This will make his bunkers 107 feet long with a
capacity sufficient to load any vessel that will call in.    [cp]

courthouse enterprise-construction Tot-Coq friend? Paper-attitude? 
Rphy16-20 CCH d April 27, 1897 
Chas. H. Burggraf, a popular citizen of Salem, and architect and
superintendent of construction of your new courthouse, will move to this place
during the work on that building.  We shall be pleased to have Mr. B. and
family among us.

Utility  Rphy16-20  CCH d  April 27, 1897  
[article abt construction water-works]

Utility Tot-Coq Locale-Southport  Rphy16-20 CCH d April 27, 1897 
Telephone Company is going to put in new poles between Southport and
Coquille City.

Courthouse Tot-Coq town-pride character?  Rphy16-20 CCH d April 27, 1897 
A call was made last Tuesday,  by posters at several points through town, for
volunteer help to clean off the courthouse block... As many as 65 persons
were working at one time... The scene was vastly different from what it has
been so long when it lay in its native wildness, clotted with brambles and
evergreens -- myrtles, firs,  hemlocks, etc. -- with a few upturned roots of the
giant growth of former years, and the great trunks prone and decaying, now
piled up and consumed with fire.  This was a gift of our good citizens to the
people of the county in appreciation of  their good will when the question
came up to relocate the county seat.  The patriotism, sense of justice, and
independence of the masses of  people can always be relied on, and a reflex
will not be wanting in response thereto from the good people of the
community.  The donation of a most desirable site in the heart of town by one
person, a block of 300x200 feet with wide and well-defined streets on all
sides, was munificent and creditable to a degree.  Then the public gives rent
free for one or two years suitable buildings for the courts and offices, vault for
safety of records, and now this little additional gratuity will go to assure the
people that their confidence has not been misplaced.  
[commas, punctuation not verified; and I have skipped around in longer

CBR RR-phy Tot-Marshfield  Rphy16-20 CCH d April 27, 1897 
Coos Bay News.  No 1. engine is being overhauled at the car shops and it will
be a few weeks before the necessary repairs are finished   [cp]

Courthouse Tot-Coq Tot-Marshfield  e-4 CCH e April 27, 1897 
(fm Coos Bay News.)  [M. couldn't tell even by reading.]  Plans for the new
court house at Coquille City were in possession of Judge Schroeder  -- [skip]-    
and those wishing to see them were permitted to do so, at the Central Hotel. 
[M. 2004; Central Hotel is in CB.]

MAY  1897

May  4

Trusts  condit?  Racism  r-f1  CCH e/a  May 4, 1897 
 Labor Exchange   More than 30 yrs ago question of black slavery settled. 
Today greater question confronts us.  ...Only way to battle against trusts and
the monopolies of capital is for people to form co-operative trust.  Best one is
Labor Exchange.  -- the Inland Empire.

Dairy Tot-Coq?  r-f1 CCH e/a May 4, 1897 
The creamery is receiving abt 10,000 lbs milk now and supply will rapidly
increase to capacity of plant.

Courthouse  geology-rock enterprise-quarry locale-UR 
Rtx 2 CCH f May 4, 1897 
H. Snook, contractor for the construction of the courthouse at this place,
arrived Saturday and viewed the situation, as well as interviewed many of our
citizens.  He left yesterday to investigate a rock quarry on the upper river.  +

Courthouse prices paper-cut  Rbc 7 Red 2 CCH May 4, 1897 
[ Cuts – 6” x 7” of Courthouse to be built.]  Date it should be finished Jan 1,
1898.  Cost including furniture $15,000.

[paper-cut] courthouse paper enterprise-construction misc-word-
e-4 CCH e May 4, 1897 
[Cut of new courthouse.  Cut says] Coos County's New Courthouse Coquille
City, Oregon.  [caption:]
   The Herald herewith publishes an illustration of the handsome new
courthouse to be built for Coos County in Coquille City this summer, as also a
description of the same, as to dimensions and style of construction, as given to
the Salem Statesman by the supervising architect, Chas. H. Burggraf  esq.,
Salem.  The cut is the property of the Herald, made to order for the interest of
its readers.  Signed by the editor of the Herald.
     [Head:]  Brief Description of Coos County's Temple of Justice.  [Sub-
head:] A handsome modern structure designed by a Salem architect and to be
constructed by Salem contractor.  [first one is all caps, second has first letters
of each word (except small words) caps.]      [M2004  I believe this is all + 
except the bracketed material.]
     Harmon Snook, of this, [sic] city who was recently awarded the contract
for the construction of the new Coos County courthouse at Coquille City, will
leave for that place today, and upon arrival there expects to begin operations
without delay towards pushing the new Temple of Justice to completion.
     Chas. H. Burggraff, also of Salem, is the architect of the new structure,
which is to be modern in every particular.  It will be two stories in heighth
[sic], besides a basement of ten feet.  The dimensions are 60 x 86 feet.
     The entire building will be of brick trimmed with stone.  The basement will
be used for the jail, sheriff's residence, and heaters.  The jail will comprise six
cells with large and convenient corridors, bathrooms, etc.
     On the first floor will be the offices of the county judge, county clerk,
sheriff, treasurer, assessor and surveyor, and recorder, also the county court
department, each roomy and well lighted.
     In the second story will be the circuit court room occupying a space 35 x
66 feet, with two jury rooms and the judge's retiring room in the rear.  At one
side will be a large consultation room for attorneys, and in another corner is
the county school superintendent's department.
     The county clerk's office is to have a vault 8 x 19 feet, extending partly
across one end, and directly beneath there will be a similar place for storing of
old records.  Other vaults on the main floor are in the offices of the county
judge, treasurer and recorder, each 6 x 6 feet.
     There will be a private stairway leading from the sheriff's office to the
circuit court room and also to the basement where the jail is located.
     The height of the main tower is to be 100 feet.
     The new building will be heated throughout by a hot water system.  It will
be finished with white cedars [as I typed it] and the counters and furniture are
to be of  Oregon myrtle, produced in that section.
     The cost, including the furniture, will be $15,000.
     The contract calls for its completion by January 1, 1898.
     The new edifice will stand on an elegant block in the center of the city
which was donated by a citizen to Coos County for the purpose.
     Mr. Snook expects to have 20 or more men employed on the work, about
one-half of whom will be from Salem.  All the material -- brick, stone and
lumber -- will be made in Coos County.  --Salem Statesman.  [all is +]

May 11

Utility  Rtx 2 CCH f May 11, 1897 
F. E. Nelson will resign position at electric light works.  (Marshfield Sun)  

RR-suits RR-right-of-way  Rtx 2 CCH f May 11, 1897 
several suits by RR for right of way of judgments.  [should be cp]

fish? Enterprise-Cannery locale-[?] misc-word-shy  
Rtx2 CCH f May 11, 1897
Coast Mail: The cannery project is still going ahead:  it is now only three
votes "shy" of the number required before the property is organized.  These
may be secured today and in that case there will be an organization meeting
held soon.

Locale-UR utility Tot-MP needed  Rtx 2 CCH f May 11, 1897 
Upper River Dept.  Electric lights and water supply is [sic, verified] being
agitated by our sister towns.  Is it not time Myrtle Point would wake up and do
something in this line?

Other-coal condit-progress Tot-Riverton name-Spreckels BH-co Srh-ocean
Srh-freight Srh-bar Srh-trade condit OT-SF 
[Rtx2]  CCH f May 11, 1897 
     We were reliably informed that the week following April 28th, the output
of coal by the Bandon Block Coal Company increased from 12 tons to 30 tons
per day, leaving a neat profit to the company.  It is truly gratifying to know
that when properly handled this mine is a financial success, and it means
much to the people of this valley.  The company, which has spent many
thousands of dollars in opening this mine, is greatly encouraged and believes
this will soon be among the best paying mines on the coast. 
…We were informed that much of the coal fm this mine (Bandon Block Coal
Co) has been bought by Spreckels Co and sold in S.F. market as Beaver Hill
coal, which certainly speaks well for its quality. Every effort shall be made to
secure continued improvements of river bar, which still a menace to shipping. 
+  [cp] 

school Lhc-census Locale-Coos  Rtx 2 CCH f May 11, 1897
Coos county's school census.  2043 males, 1982 females -- total 4025.  Curry
County enrolls 409 males and 340 females for total 749.

Courthouse suit? Enterprise-construction? Court crime 
Rtx 2 CCH f May 11, 1897 
     Up to going to press, the injunction proceedings against the construction of
the court-house have not been finally acted upon.  The court overruled the
demurrer that the county's attorneys had prepared an answer, and the hearing
of the case was postponed until after the disposal of the Russell murder ease 
[sic;  = case]. +

War.OT-Japan Srh-ocean Srh-dock Srh-warship 
[out5] CCH f/a May 11, 1897 
Japan will expend $213,000,962 in the next 8 years on new war ships,
armament, and dockyards, if plan of her naval dept be carried out.  This will
give 67 ships, 11 torpedo boat destroyers, and 115 destroyers.

Courthouse suit Locale-UR Tot-Coq  (out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897
Upper R Dept.  Our citizens were sorry to learn that the erection of the new
courthouse has been indefinitely postponed.

Climate Tot-Coq? Tot-Bandon  (out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897.
Bandon Recorder.  Sun Apr 25 was  hottest day for many years.  In Coq City
it reached as high as 94 in the shade.

Name-Kanematz. Tot-Coq item-yardage prices  (out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897 
Good dress gingham, checks and stripes, 6 c a yard at Berlin Store.

Srh-ocean Srh-CoquilleRiver(ship) Srh-CaptDrisko Srh-Homer 
(out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897. 
Steamer Coq R -- Capt Drisko, formerly on Homer, in command.

Novelty-Brick health-provider  (out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897. 
A brick and tile mill of modern make and comparatively new, for sale or trade
for property in or abt Coq.   Dr. Moore.

Entertain excursion beach pursuit-baseball Tot-Bandon Tot-Coq Srh-river
Srh-CoqR Srh-CaptPanter  (out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897
Capt Panter of stmr Dispatch gave free excursion to our people in Bandon and
return last Sun.  It was a charming day, which fact induced a large crowd to go
to the beach.  A large scow enabled the steamer to tow half again as many as
stmr would carry, and there must have been 200 persons in the crowd. 
Baseball game played by Coq and Bandon, kid nines  Coq 21 Bandon 11.

Srh-ocean Srh-CoquilleRiver(ship) OT-SF Srh-Czarina Srh-Homer Srh-
CaptDrisko Srh-river Srh-CoqR Srh-freight boomer? Character? Crop condit
needed? Misc-word-hustle saying town-pride? 
(out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897 
Fm Bandon Recorder.  Coq R came in Wed eve 55 hrs fm SF   with Capt
Drisko master.   D. was on Homer  3 years Czarina 18 mo   reputation being
genial and obliging man and a lst class skipper.  ...The more business the boat
gets the lower freight rates will .  Order all goods shipped on the Coq R as we
have mgng owner's word as well as Captain Drisko's that freight will be
delivered anywhere on river as cheap as any other steamers running to this
county.  Again we call to attention of shippers ...all  produce raised and
shipped fm this river will be credited to us if sent out by our boats, but if sent
by some other route will get credit.  Get in and hustle, gentlemen, for our

Srh-Harbor-improve Srh-river Srh-CoqR  Tot-Bandon govt-works novelty-
wood-piles  (out5) CCH f/a May 11, 1897 
Sealed bids will be received by undersigned  at Bandon Or ...for the following
piling to be delivered at Govt Works at Bandon.     

Locale-UR CBR right-of-way suit farm prices 
CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897.
Upper River Dept.  [CBR & ERR & N CO: notation above item.  M.]   W.W.
Endicott was awarded $500 damage by jury for RR. right of way through his
premises.  This was surely small enough.  While it does not destroy much land
it virtually ruins the little farm for which Mr. Endicott paid about $1500.
Srh-river Srh-CoqR Srh-Fawn Tot-Bandon Tot-Coq 
CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897
Stmr Fawn has been put in repair and resumed her run fm this city to Bandon
and return.

Natl-coal condit-strike condit-hard-times prices paper OT-Pittsburg 
CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897
Letter from Pittsburg.  Miners making 20 to 75 c per day     300,000 laboring
men fm Pittsburg vicinity;  not one-tenth of whom have steady employment
even at low… wages.  Remainder…  work at intervals, and iron mills are
cutting down wages as fast as… dare.  …Men went out on strike, but forced to
go back and stand cut or starve.  From everywhere else… (same thing).  Yet
our paper, though occasionally refers to hard times, is advertising many
products and life seems quite pleasant.  No reference to starving or

School Tot-UtterCity  CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897.
Miss Nina McGaffey secured the school at Utter City [teacher]. 

Srh-CoosBay Srh-[?] Srh-shipbuilding Tot-NB 
CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897
Fm C B News.  the new vessel being built NB prob launched end of month.

Srh-ocean Srh-river law? Condit govt paper-attitude 
CCHX+ X+5 CCHf/b May 11, 1897
Fm S.F. Star.  Gasoline vessels much used in harbor and as sm freight vessels
in ocean.  But craze for regulation of private matters by public law threatens
to drive them off the water.  (Were often running w/just one man and govt reg 
now required an engineer on board in addition, who must pass exam and red
tape).  If Congress would mind its own business, the states could attend to

CBR right-of-way suit  CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897
 CBR & ERR & N Co vs J M Endicott  – verdict of jury for defendant. 
Damages $510.

Srh-ocean Srh-Webfoot Srh-Omega Srh-freight lbr OT-SF OT-Australia 
CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897 
Schooner Webfoot sailed to S.F. w/.cargo 380,000 ft of lbr.   /  Barkentine
Omega sailed with cargo 684,000 ft lbr, has arrived at Freemantle Australia
after passage of 97 days.

Srh-ocean Srh-Homer Srh-AliceBlanchard travel? OT-Astoria OT-Portland 
CCHX+ X+5 CCH f/b May 11, 1897 
Passenger rate war on between Homer and  Alice Blanchard.  Agents of Alice
Blanchard have posters quoting rates to Astoria and Portland $5 cabin $2.50
steerage. ..  Now is the time to travel.

May 18

Tot-Rural Tot-Powers condit-prosper fruit road   Rtx2 CCH f May 18, 1897 
      Rumblings from Rural. …You see we have heard that a huge “wave of
prosperity” was soon to reach our coast and we are putting our roads to good
order that its progress may not be impeded.  Such a prospect for a bountiful
yield of fruit, I have not seen for many a day.  Most of the trees were literally
covered with blooms and the fruit is now setting nicely.  +  [cp]

School Lhc-census election  Rtx2 CCH f  May 18, 1897 
Coos County has 71 public schoolhouses and 2098 legal voters for school
purposes.  Curry County has 18 schoolhouses and 520 legal voters.

Utility Tot-Coq  Rtx 2 CCH f May 18, 1897 
Mr. Whetstone, superintendent of waterworks, last week replaced the old
wooden mains on Hall street between First and Second with a small
galvanized iron pipe.

Fruit Paper  Rtx 2 CCH f May 18, 1897 
Tthe "Lady apple, a small fruit but very prolific and palatable.  [brought to
editor by John Rowan]  Branch measured 27 inches and had 30 sets or
bunches of blossoms averaging six blooms each, or a total of 180.

School Tot-Marshfield town-pride? character condit-prosper 
Rtx 2 CCH f May 18, 1897 
The Marshfield school is very prosperous, having pushed to the front under
the united, energetic, intelligent efforts of the school board and Prof. Golden,
the efficient principal. ...since the new school house has been occupied, and
will now rank with the best in the state.   

Srh-ocean Srh-Farallon OT-SF name-Graham  Rtx2 CCH f May 18, 1897 
Coos Bay News: R.A. Graham was a passenger on the outgoing Farallon
Friday for the city.  [cp]

Politic natl condit paper-attitude?  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
[national item]. It is plain Populists will not make unreasonable demands. 
Democrats will make all reasonable concessions.  Free silver Republicans will
throw down everything to accomplish a union of forces.
   As to U S Senator, the reform people will have no choice between a man
who will use influence to turn state to hands of Mark Hanna or man who will
vote to return greenbacks and issue $5000,000,000 in bonds.  They will have
neither.  Conference by reformers come up with “propositions on which
practicable action may be had.”  [cp]

Trust OT-Pittsburg  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Pittsburg, May 9.  Rumor tt beam pool has collapsed, though local
manufacturers will not discuss.  Pool was composed Carnegie Steel Co,
Lackawanna Steel, Illinois Steel, Chenango Steel, and Jones-Laughlins.  [cp]

Courthouse enterprise-construction condit Tot-Coq OT-Salem 
Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Capital Journal:  Mr. Snook, the Salem carpenter who got the contract for
building the new courthouse at Coquille City, has returned quite discouraged. 
He has spent nearly $100 traveling back and forth, only to find that the county
commissioners, court had to annul his contract.  This is not due to any fault of
Mr. Snook nor of the county court, but because warrants are already out for all
the taxes levied and delinquent, and that the court has made an error in setting
aside enough money to build courthouse of  these taxes that are already drawn

RR-exten locale-CoosCo OT-Roseburg  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Roseburg Review  Judge E D. Stratford…tells us peo there [in Coos Co] think
RR co prepared to push their line to Roseburg this yr.

Srh-natl Srh-ocean law govt  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Order sent fm Washington, forbidding gasoline or naptha launches to carry
passengers, has been withdrawn, and owners of those craft happy again.

Condit other-coal natl racism-origin  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Wilkesbarre, Pa. May 6.  Legislative committee investigates starvation wages
paid to miners.  Many testified much less work than year ago.   Importation of
foreigners who work for less than English-speaking miners.  They also
attributed more accidents to these careless, inexperienced men. 
   It was apparent even miners making the highest wage were earning barely
enough to live upon by exercising the strictest economy.  [cp]

Novelty-wood-broomhandle Tot-Bandon  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Alonzo Davis is putting an addition on the broomhandle mill in shape of a
long shed running south fm main bldg. (fm Bandon Recorder)

Dairy Tot-Coq?  Ext 6 CCH f/c May 18, 1897 
Skimming station now running regularly. [MP]

Name-Graham CBR RR-extens Srh-freight locale-UR 
Ext 7 CCH f/d  [red 17] May 18, 1897 
Rumor has it that R A Graham will soon arrive overland, having shipped
$100,000,000 by steamer to commence railroad construction.  (Upper River
dept.)   + [cp]

Other-mining Locale-JohnsonCreek Locale-SalmonMtn 
Ext 7 CCH f/d  [red 17] May 18, 1897 
Placer mining Johnson Creek    /
    Ash Moore superintendent of Salmon mountain mines brought $400 gold
dust to town…fm those famous mines. [week’s run w/partial cleaning].

Politic agric paper OT-Albany OT-Salem 
Ext 7 CCH f/d [re 17] May 18, 1897
Albany Democrat.  Salem papers keep up cry for extra session legislature. 
Outside capital city [crops important, other things not matter.]

Srh-[?] Srh-shipbuilding Tot-NB  Ext 7 CCH f/d [red 17] May 18, 1897 
New vessel just completed NB prob be launched Sat 29th.
RR-haul lbr Tot-Coq mill-Lyons locale-CoosBay OT-SF 
Ext 7 CCh f/d [red 17] May 18, 1897 
7 carloads lbr shipped fm Lyons mill via the bay to SF.  First by that route in
quite a while.

Fruit(pests) locale-CoqValley locale-LR 
Ext 7 CCH f/d [red 17] May 18, 1897 
     Caterpillars are ravaging the fruit trees in some sections of our valley. 
They struck this neighborhood pretty hard, but our citizens have been fighting
them to good advantages, while they have done much damage on the lower
river.  +

Other-coal RR-spur geology-rock Tot-Coq 
Ext 7 CCH f/d  [red 17] May 18, 1897
A new lead of coal has been struck at Stockman place at edge of town.  Uncle
Jack Wilson much pleased. Strike now 40” thick, and 12”, with a thin seam of
slate between.  Work to begin tracklaying at once.

Srh-ocean Srh-Homer Locale-CoosBay OT-Astoria Srh-AliceBlanchard Srh-
freight [? satire]  condit?  Ext 7 CCH f/d  [red 17] May 18, 1897 
Call [paper]:  The tramp stmr Homer has at last found a definite place to run
on route between here and Astoria, will run opposition to Alice Blanchard.  A
regular rate war now in order and peo will be able to send freight to Or in a
few days for $1 a ton, while passengers may be carried for nothing, with meal
ticket thrown in.  [M. facetious, or sincere?]

Misc Agric enterprise-coop  Ext 7 CCH f/d [red 17] May 18, 1897 
Labor Exchange depository now ready for business.  Bring along deposits
such as bacon, potatoes, …chickens and anything you may have to deposit. 
Business bound to succeed if people will only…push it along.

Law health-misc street Tot-Coq  Ext 7 CCH f/d [red 17] May 18, 1897 
All citizens notified I will officially…inspect premises of each within
corporate limits of…Coq City... and... request.... comply Ordinance #6
requiring all premises to be cleansed of standing or waste water, rubbish,
garbage, offal, etc.  [fine for non-compliance].  …Urge…citizens…nail planks
on sidewalks and [replace broken boards with new.]

Misc condit enterprise-coop  Ext 7 [red 17] CCH f/d May 18, 1897 
Labor exchange (not merely that one trades butter for blacksmithing. But that
he gets a receipt for his deposit and then can ask anyone else who has
deposited for services of that value.

Condit Saying? Enterprise-coop? Paper-attitude? 
Ext 7 [red 17] CCh f/d May 18, 1897 
Inland Empire.  Capitalists are as much a product of labor as anything else,
and it may be truthfully said that labor is the father of its own tyrants and
oppressors.  Let working men quit producing capitalists by working for
themselves only.

Srh-ocean Srh-CoquilleRiver(ship) Novelty-wood-broomhandle lbr mill-
Lyons Tot-Coq  Ext 7 [red 17] CCH f/d May 18, 1897 
Steamer Coq R…took on several thousand broomhandles and a lot of lbr here
from Lyon’s mill.  

May 25

Dairy Tot-Coq?  RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897 
Amount of milk delivered at skimming station increased 100 % during past
week, butter increasing
other-coal Tot-Riverton  RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897 
 Riverton, May 24.  The Bandon Block Coal Mines have changed hands. 
Robert Marsden will take charge.  [cp]

Other-coal Tot-Riverton Tot-Bandon?  RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897 
(Bandon Recorder).  Robt Marsden and Peter Loggie are abt to lease for a
term of years the Bandon Block Coal Co’s mine at Riverton.  [cp]

Condit-Attitude enterprise-coop church-indir saying? 
RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897 
Labor Exchange.  If philanthropic millionaires who build churches and
subscribe to soup houses, really mean to be of material use to the toiling poor,
why don’t they encourage such humane schemes as the Labor Exchange?

Natl Name-Elijah-Smith  enterprise-SO-Co locale-CoosBay OT-NY OT-TX 
RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897 
Elijah Smith, of New York, Texas, and elsewhere, president of S.O. Co. was
in this place early last week.  [cp]

BH-surr Isthmus locale-BeaverCr politic-indir other-coal 
RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897.
Capt Dale returned fm city last wk and is preparing to build a few houses and
make improvements on property adjoining Beaver creek coal mine on the
Isthmus. The mine property of R C Chambers and Co.  Mr. Chambers is state
senator in Utah.  (CB News)  [cp]

Politic trust RR-natl RR-SP anti-character  RR-n4 CCH g/b May 25, 1897 
Roseburg Review.  No man should be elected to legislature…who is not
pledged to vote for an honest measure to regulate R.R. freight rates.  The S.P.
Co has been allowed to rob the people in the past – future must be looked
after.  [cp]

Saying lifestyle natl-filler  Ext 8 CCH g  May 25, 1897 
     The shirtwaist girl with the frizz-iron curl and the straw bed, weird, queer,
now walks the street with a smile that's sweet, and her necktie under her ear. 

Locale-UR Tot-MP fruit  Ext 8 CCH g May 25, 1897 
Upper River.  A few ripe strawberries have made their appearance in Myrtle

agric(pests) Tot-Riverton  Ext 8 CCH g May 25, 1897 
Riverton Riotings.  Vera Zana asks in the Marshfield Sun for some method of
destroying the caterpillars. We recommend first: take an old sack and crush all
the worms that are gathered in clumps.  Go around each evening and crush
what you have collected.  2d.  Spray your trees with a solution of one pound
of London purple to about 80 gallons of water.   

Fruit(pests) locale-Coos  Ext 8 CCH g May 25, 1897 
Our fruit men are fighting the caterpillars at all points.  The pest has been very
aggressive in some localities.

Name-Kanematz  Tot-Coq silk  Ext 8 CCH g May 25, 1897 
     Prof. Kanematz's silkworms hatched out this morning -- to the day and
almost hour set by him for the event.  +  [also in opic-Kanematz-cp04] 

Orher-mining locale-JohnsonMtn  Ext 8 CCH g May 25, 1897 
Collier Bros. mine up on Johnson Mountain.

Name-Kanematz Tot-Coq silk item-yardage agric-wool? 
Ext 8 CCH g May 25, 1897 
[Ad.] Our ability as expert dealer [sic] in silken goods is well proven by the
phenomenal sale Of our silks during the past week. 
  We have no more of the Rhadames, Armurh, Pointelle, and Pon-Gee, but still
there are a few left of Habutai, Surah, Taffeta, Changeant, and Satins which
we are still holding down at the prices of free wool.  Come early and don't be
disapo't'd [sic, verified ].  Berlin Store.

Misc-money natl  (out6) CCH g/a May 25, 1897 
Complaints abt free silver not having same value as silver coins of same
weight.  Let us not be diverted from the one great issue -- restoration of free
and unlimited coinage of silver equally with gold at ratio of 16 to 1 without
consultation with other nations.

Govt locale-CoosBay politic? Srh-ocean Srh-dredging Srh-Harbor- improve 
(out6) CCG g/a May 25, 1897 
Senate passed joint resolution to permit War Dept to contract for dredging
work Coos Bay, instead of building a dredge as required by statute .  It is
inferred that House will concur as soon as it takes up genrl legislation.

Paper  (out6) CCH g/a  [Fm start of 1897 papers.  J.S. McEwen & D.F. Dean
Editors and Proprietors of CCH.]
Travel Srh-ocean Srh-river Srh-CoqR Srh-freight Srh-CoquilleRiver(ship)
disaster?-shipwreck(almost) other-coal Locale-CoqR Tot-Coq Tot-Riverton
Tot-Parkersburg Tot-Randolph Lhc-Coos-descr? OT-SF saying? Character 
(out6) CCH g/a May 25, 1897 
Letter to paper fm Southern Cal.  After embarking on stmr Coq R we started
off...nicely...when we stuck on a sandspit just a short distance fm Coq.  By aid
of Dispatch and an old root on opposite side of  river, with rope attachment set
free for short distance.  After arriving Riverton and taking on good load coal
made another start, only to fetch up on mud a 2nd time. Here, by aid strong
hauser, released again, then went well till passed Parkersburg, where we stuck
for sure and had to spend Sunday night stuck in mud between Parkersburg and
Randolph.  Sunday night tug dragged us off.  That part of trip more like sleigh
riding than boat riding.  When we were in deep water again we anchored and
spent 2nd night on river.  Mon morning pulled up at wharf, as there wasn't
enough water on bar to even let us slide out.   We had to stay there till Wed,
when we started out being nicely jolted up, as old boat would bump bottom
with fall of every swell.  We got to deep water all right, and all fine some time
when one by one we hunt our passenger bunks.  Trip was one of finest ever
made between Coq and S.F.  Ocean smooth, engine didn't miss single stroke,
for kindness I don't think the crew of the Coq R can be equaled.

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