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JUNE 1 - 29, 1897

June 1

Srh   RR-n4  CCH g/b  June 1, 1897   (CB News)  Capt Paton has sold his
interest in stmr Coq R to Capt Drisko.

Lhc  other-coal  RR-n4 CCH g/b June 1, 1897. Coal deposits in section lying
W. of Newport are begin to attract attention.  There are lg veins of good coal
that vicinity., (CBNews) 

Fruit  price  Ext 8  CCH g  June 1, 1897   A farmer sold some strawberries at
$1.00 gallon.  

Tot-Marshfield  other enterprise  Ext 8 CCH g June 1, 1897
   Fm Coos Bay News.  A meeting of the stockholders of the Coos Bay
Canning Company was held in Sengstacken's hall Monday.  A committee was
appointed to draft by laws.... 

Tot-Coq  other coal  RR-spur  Ext 8 CCH g June 1, 1897
Our coal mine promises extra well.  A few days more and the new track will
be finished, the engine located, and work begin [sic] in earnest.  We expect to
speak further of the mine in next issue.

Kanematz  silk  [advertising]  Ext 8 CCh g June 1, 1897
Prof. Kanematz of the Berlin Store is exhibiting a very handsome gold watch
and some cocoons in a showcase and he offers to every purchaser of every $l
worth of goods =- and for each additional $1 worth of goods another chance --
a guess of the number of cocoons.  And at a time to be announced, maybe in
July or August, the watch will be given to the one guessing nearest to number
of cocoons.  Call and see them and make a guess.  [topic-Kanematz-cp04]

Allied  Ext 8 CCH g  June 1, 1897
A.B. Spreckels and F.S. Samuels, the San Francisco capitalists who are
interested in the Beaver Hill Coal mine ano the Coos Bay railroad are
expected on the Bay. Important developments in railroad construction are
anticipated as to be the result of the visit.  fm Marshfield Sun.

Other coal Coq      (clip) (7) CCH Red 1 June 1, 1897.
  The track at the coal mine, connecting the new opening with the main track,
about 1100 ft, is nearly completed. The work has been done rapidly, many
citizens putting in several days of week.  [M. prob. Stockman]

Law (clip) (7) Red 1 CCH June 1, 1897.  [Nat’l Events.]  Law on comp. [all tt
in notes.]  

Fish outside-Tot  clip 7  Red 1 CCH June 1, 1897     Astoria fisherman asked
4 ½ c – canners offered 4 c.  

OR&N RR? prices  Srh   clip 7  Red 1  CCH June 1, 1897
The OR&N Co and the So Pac are again at war ; rates by steamer from
Portland to SF have been reduced to $10 for cabin and $5.00 for steerage.

LR Paper nurseryman  misc-word-crank  Rtx 3 CCH h June 1, 1897
Our "crank" friend, T. J. Perkins, nurseryman, of the lower river, was in town
Monday and made us a pleasant call.  Mr.  P. is on his tour as nursery agent
and supplying spray and pumps, etc, needs no recommendation from the
Herald.  Coos County has no better citizen.  Mr. P. will also receive
subscriptions for the Herald, the only live, all-home-print, all-home-brains,
and all-home-advocate paper in Coos County.  No patent or plate material in
it.  +

Kanematz  silk  [paper-cut-watch]  [Rtx3]  CCH h  June 1, 1897.]  [in addition
to article abt Kanematz’ cocoons, and gold watch, also an ad showing a
drawing of the watch.]

Court  RR suits  Rtx 3 CCH f June 1, 1897 
It is published that a special term of the circuit court will convene at this
in the month of June, to try and dispose of the long list of railroad cases that
cumber the docket.

June 8

conditions  misc-saying    RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897.
Employers of labor in CB are Republicans. The grinding quality they possess. 
(talks abt cases of Rep. Employees firing help for being Populists, voting
wrong way, or subscribing to wrong paper.)  Having reduced the pay for labor
to the
lowest notch, why do they not cease preaching prosperity and propagating
deceit?  Signed, Star Key.   [cp]

trusts?  Law  other-RR  RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897.  S.F. Star. U S Supreme
Court has decided interstate commerce commission has no power to prescribe
rates, min.  or max.  What was reason for act constituting comm?  Justice
Brewer delivered opinion (being appointed to position because in Colo  r.r.
strike 1884 he acted  as atty for R.R. while sitting on bench – just as he is
now.)  [cp]

trusts  Spreckels sugar  RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897.  San Francisco, June 1. 
Claus Spreckles (sugar interests) suing Hearst (Examiner) for alleged libel. 
Matter of an alleged deal by which Salinas and Watsonville sugar factories
passed into hands of the combine.  Not direct quote.

Other-coal  Srh-indir  RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897. 
Robt Marsden and Peter Loggie, under the firm name Diamond Block Coal
Co, of Riverton, have leased Bandon Block Coal Co’s coal mines for a term of
seven years.  The new company will take possession of the property and will
put in a store at the mines as soon as they can get a stock of goods up from the
city.  Mr.  Marsden has gone to San Francisco in the interest of the company. 
+  [cp]

Rackleff  crop  fire   RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897.  Captain W. E. Rackleff's
flouring mill wrecked by fire.

Srh     RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897 
Coast Mail.  New vessel Encore successfully launched under supervision of
Heuckendorff.  186 ft length, 36 ft beam, 14 ft depth of hold.  Will be rigged
as 4-masted barkentine and carry first cargo to Valparaiso, Chile.

Srh-jetty   name    RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897  D. Kern awarded work
contract for jetty.

Tot-Coq   RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897  New "Tuttle Hotel" is on Lyons'

Racism BH     RR-n5 CCH h/a June 8, 1897  
Marshfield Sun.  Wm Douglas and Henry Williams, two Negroes fm Beaver
Hill, who have been in jail since Fri last for stabbing Robt Hughes, were given
prelim exam yesterday before Judge Hyde   held to appear grand jury under
$1000, $3000 respectively.   Douglas admitted stabbing Hughes, but evidence
adverse to theory of self-defense.  Was held as accompl.  Robt Hughes not
able to testify (because ill) but Dr. says past danger point. Nq   [cp]

paper  county seat issue  Misc??  r-f2  CCH i  June 8, 1897
The "boy editor" of this city and correspondent for the Myrtle Point
Enterprise, is not authorized to advertise our courthouse cut for sale.  It was
ordered and made for the Herald , at the time that to cause us to "countermand
the order," and is therefore the property of the Herald.  It is not for sale;
neither is the editor.  We did not pretend to advocate the location of the
seat at Coquille City and then vote for a known enemy to that question, who
favored a division of the county in case the people spoke; neither did we
hurrah for "Bryan and free silver," and then vote for one of half-a-dozen
sound-money Democrats, so-called, in the county, who was [verified in print]
even dismissed from his state and county commission duties, and who either
directly or indirectly supported McKinley for President.  No, thank you; we
can attend to our own affairs and always be found where principle and duty
lead.  +

Agric  cannery  names  (CBR r-f2) CCHi    June 8, 1897.  The Coos Bay
Canning Company was organized Monday by electing the following directors:
J.B. Hassett, Harry Graves, Wm. H. Smith, John W Cruse, and H.
Sengstacken.  Work will be carried right along and the cannery will be ready
for operation when the fishing season opens.

SP  fares  (CBR r-f2) CCHi  June 8, 1897.The S. P. railroad has reduced their
rates from Portland to San Francisco to $10 first-class, and $5 second-class.
The fare by steamer is $6 and $3.  +  [cp]

Other coal Srh  (CBR r-f2) CCHi June 8, 1897. 
J.H. Timon, who has been in San Francisco during the past month seeking
shipping facilities for the output of his coal mine, at Riverton, returned home
last Sunday on the steamer Coquille River, having made arrangements with
J.S. Kimball & Co to ship his coal.  The steamer Moro will be kept on this
route, and the Albion will b4e used when needed.  And Mr. Timon was
informed that, if necessary, a new vessel, adapted to the Coquille bar and
river, the model of which has already been made, would be constructed for
this trade.  +  [cp]

Other coal, BB.  Wm Campbell.  BH  (Clip) (7) Red 1 CCH June 8, 1987.
 Riverton Riotings, The Bandon Block Coal mine is still lying idle.  The new
company will not start up until all debts are settled.
   Wm, Campbell, lately supt of the Bandon Block coal mine is now employed
at Beaver Hill.

Kanematz  Tot-Coq (clip) (7) Red 1 CCH June 8, 1897. 
J S Kanematz, proprietor of the Berlin store at Coq City, came down last Fri
and remained till Sun.  He had a sample of his goods with him.  He will return
in about a week. [Riverton Riotings]

Road  settlers conditions   Rtx 3 CCH f June 8, 1897
Telegram:  [doesn't say where; but outside news]  The complaint of the United
States vs Coos Bay Wagon Road company and numerous bona-fide
purchasers and settlers of lands purchased from the company, has, by order of
attorney general been changed so as to proceed against the company only for
the return of the lands it still has.  The government will look to the company
only for the values of the lands and will not disturb the titles of the innocent

Road  Rtx3 CCH f  June 8, 1897  Dora Doings.  The Coos Bay wagon road is
now in good repair for wagons.

Tot-Riverton   other coal  BH  Kanematz  LR  [Rtx3]  CCH h June 8, 1897.
 Riverton Riotings.  Riverton June 7.  The Bandon Block Coal mine is still
lying idle.  The new company will not start until all old debts are settled. 
   Wm. Campbell, lately superintendent of the Bandon Block Coal mine, is
now employed at Beaver Hill.  [cp]
   J.S. Kanematz, proprietor of the Berlin store in Coquille City came down
last Friday and remained till Sunday.  He had a sample of his goods with him. 
He will return again in about a week.
    Men who go prospecting for coal should not run, or go nearly crazy simply
because a wounded bear attacks them.  Try it again, boys, when you have
more ammunition.
Donna Ana      [all +]   

Courthouse  Rtx 3  CCH June 8, 1897 
Legal notices to and from the court, which are required to be posted at the
courthouse door, now read "at the courthouse door in Coquille City," and
accordingly occupying places at the entrance of the Masonic Hall, the
temporary temple of justice in this place.  +

BH  [Rtx3][CBRtax CCH h June 8, 1897.]  Wm. Campbell, of the bay, has
received the appointment of superintendent of the Beaver Hill coal mines.   

Gage  jail  court  [Rtx3] CCH h June 8, 1897.
Sheriff Gage has been having quite a family of law-breakers on his hands for
some days past, three of whom will continue boarders at his hotel till October
term of court.  [Evid  disposed of the old buildings and didn’t have a jail.  M.
Can’t tell whether hotel factual or facetious for temp jail.  But a later one
indicates they are just now moving the jail.]  [cp]

Other-coal  Timon  Srh  Rbc7  Red 2  June 8, 1897.
 J.H. Timon, who has been in San Francisco during the past mo. seeking
shipping facilities for the output of his coal mine, at Riverton, returned home
last Sun on the Steamer Coq. River, having made arrangements with J S
Kimball & Co to ship his coal.  The steamer Moro will be kept on this route,
and the Albion will be used when needed.

June 15

Spreckels      sugar trust  prices [Rtx4]  CCH p1, June 15, 1897.
The cause of the trouble between planters of Hawaii and Spreckles combine is
the increased rate demanded by Spreckels on hauling Hawaiian sugar, namely,
3/8 c pound.  [cp]

RR-natl or?  Conditions  [Rtx4] CCH p1  June 15, 1897.
fm Capital Journal:  Colonel Eddy is still at the pleasing task of gulling the
public.  He says the Railroad commission saves Eastern Oregon $25,000 a
year by reduced rates, and $30,000 a year on the Southern Pacific by reduced
rates.  His mouth is so large that it makes no allowance for the opening of the
Columbia or the increased boat competition on the Wilamette [as typed]. + 

Srh- river     transport  [Rtx4] CCH p1  June 15, 1897. Team scared at wharf
by stmr Moro and damaged the wagon.  [red check mark]

Srh  ship-Coq-R.  Coq Valley attitude-outlook    river trade 
[Rtx4]  CCH p1 June 15, 1897.
The people of the Coquille Valley deserve a great credit mark for the way they
rustle freight for the Coquille River.  When she came in there was nothing in
sight, but she went out with a good load of genr'l freight.  That is right; stay
with the boat that will build up the trade of the valley.  Fm Bandon Recorder. 
+  [red check mark]]

Labor attitude; conditions  capitalism
[Rtx4]  CCH p1, June 15, 1897.  Fm Labor Exchange column, Inland Empire
quote.  Labor produces everything.  But in order to free itself from the
constant menace of poverty, the first thing is should do is quit producing
capitalists.  +  [cp]

BH  racism [Rtx4   CCH p1, June 15, 1897.
The 2 negros, Douglas and Williams, charged with stabbing Robert Hughes,
were bound over to appear before grand jury by Judge Hyde, Wed last. Fm
C.B. News.  [cp]

animal-livestock    RR  transport    Rbc 10 CCH j    June 15, 1897
Sixteen carloads of cattle, about 800 head, were shipped out of the valley from
Eugene by way of Salem yesterday... destined for Chicago.  W.E.Cuthrie,
shipper  [valley = coq valIey? or poss. eugene?]  [M2004: sounds like it was
Willamette Valley.]

Annie-Laird   silk-indir  Srh  health  Rbc 10  CCh j   June 15,  1897
We learn that Miss Annie Laird will return from San Francisco per next
steamer Coquille River.  We are glad to learn that she comes in improved

Climate  saying  Rbc 10 CCH j  June 15,  1897
[ Earlier hardest winter]. Drouth was broken this morning. -- skip  The people
seem so rejoiced that they have no need of umbrellas, being willing to accept
this Oregon weather in its purity and naturalness.

School  Rbc 10 CCH j    June 15, 1897
[ad ]   Sydney {sp?] School Furniture Co.
manufacture the celebrated "Beauty" automatic pupil’s desk and all furniture
necessary for the Schoolroom. Every desk of this company’s manufacture is
warranted for 15 years and any part that becomes broken or unfit for use
during that time will be duplicated without charge. Write for circulars and
prices to Mrs. Nora A. Good   Agent for Coos County Coquille City, Oregon.

Conditions-signs of times  misc-money  Rbc 10 CCH j   June 15, 1897
Inland Empire:  From the best authority we find that 90 percent of the entire
business is done on credit...The impossibility of  increasing our money
volume to any great extent is very evident.  ...It is of the greatest importance
that the people be supplied with plenty of money, or the addition to our
circulating medium of a sound and flexible currency in a sufficient amount to
meet all requirements, or the adoption of an adequate system of exchanging
products without inconvenience or loss.     [cp]

Agric-fruit  name-Locale   Rbc 10 CCH j   June 15,  1897
There is an unusually heavy crop of plums in W. B. Piper’s orchard on north
Coos River.  Some of the trees are breaking down with the weight of the fruit
and will have to be relieved of the strain or the trees will be ruined.

Pioneer-meeting   Tot-Empire  condit-signs of times  Rbc 10 CCH j  June 15, 
At the last meeting of the Pioneers of Coos County,  held at Coquille City, it
was decided that the next meeting be held at  Empire City and your humble
servant was elected president for this year.  Since then certain things have
transpired that will render it impossible to receive the pioneers at Empire and
give them the social good time which has  been the custom, as the population
has diminished to such an extent.  Empire, the oldest town in the county, was
a few years ago busy and prosperous. It now contains too few people to
entertain the pioneers. I would suggest that a change be made in the
arrangements. [Schroeder, pres.]  [M.   I’m sure I read later that they’d voted
to go ahead and ho1d it in Empire. ]

School  entertain?  Exams r-f2  CCH i June 15, 1897.
[Long article about program given at school.]  The public school at this place
closed a most successful term this Friday afternoon.  Several days of very
thorough examination had preceeded [as typed] those closing features and
withal, the pupils were not exhausted nor dispirited from heartily and
creditably participating in these public exercises.  The upper room was packed
with scholars, while about a score of visitors were provided with seats as
interested spectators.

Fruit  name  r-f2  CCH i June 15, 1897.
[not direct quote] [ Hon. J. H. Upton, Denmark, Curry co. heard Coquille had
orchards despoiled by pests. ]   I have so far been able to keep my orchard
clear of them by keeping close watch and cutting and burning all branches on
which the worm seeks a lodgement.  This worm is said to consume 6000 times
its weight monthly.

Crop  UR  r-f2  CCH i June 15, 1897.Upper River Dept.  Hay-making is in
full bloom, there being many acres now cut and the mowers singing on every

Utility  UR r-f2  CCH i June 15, 1897 H Orchard, waterworks man...has a
contract to supply [Marshfield] with water.  He will commence operations at
once.  Upper River [dept].

Conditions  r-f2  CCH i June 15, 1897
Bandon Recorder.  The advance agent of "prosperity" arrived in this section
June 1 and announced a decrease in the wages of from ten to twenty five
percent on some of our wage-earners. +   [cp]

Name  tot  r-f2  CCH i June 15, 1897R. W. Bullard will be postmaster of new
PO at Bullards Ferry;  P O is Bullards.

Poetry  CCHX+  X+10   June 15, 1897   Poem, "Our Mother Earth",  and a
2nd poem.

Name  CCHX +  X+10  June 15, 1897    J H Upton [mentioned]

Misc   CCHX+  X+10  June 15, 1897  postscripts  [obscure animal facts

June 22

fruit  RR-n6  CCH k  June 22, 1897 
Berries are very plentiful and 2 or 3 weeks earlier than usual.  Berrying is
indulged in by young and old.

Boomer  RR-n6 CCH k June 22, 1897 
The trade of our town could be doubled or trebled if the proper spirit obtained
a concerted effort were made.  [as typed; some words were skipped in print]

Crop  name  UR  RR-n6  CCH k June 22, 1897. 
Upper River.  Young potatoes are being sold at 2 c lb.  David McNair brought
a load of fine old potatoes to town last week.

Lhc: coal production stat, natl and state
[Rtx4  CCH p1, June 22, 1897.
Washington, June 16.  Report on coal production this country issued by US
Geological Survey: during 1896 Cal. And Alaska produced 93,000+ short tons
valued at $220,523; Ore: 101,721 tons valued $294,564. Wash: 1,195,000+
tons valued over $2,000,000.    [cp]

CBRtax county  [Rtx4]   CCH p1, June 22, 1897.
 Roseburg Review.  People demand that the railroad company pay taxes on
fair valuation of property.  To make valuation $10,000 a mile would be
treating RR co magnanimously, considering the valuation placed upon farm
and city property Douglas Co.  Let justice be done.   [cp]

other coal Libby strike  conditions
[Rtx4]   CCH p1 June 22, 1897. 
Strike on at Libby since Mon last wk.  30 –35 miners discharged by Supt.
Hennessey to further economize expenses.  While there were only 60 men
working 3 days in week, orders came from headquarters in S.F. to have men
put in the extra time in digging coal, furnishing their own oil, wicks, etc, and
haul it when needed.  But the men saw in this a trick which has been
successfully played on them before to force a reduction of their pay even on
the short time they worked each month, and they refused.  Hence the
suspension of mining for the time being.   [cp]

Conditions  industry farm  [Rtx4]  CCH p1, June 22, 1897.
Ohio, June 10.  So black and bitter is the misery in Ohio that native-born
mechanics are actually leaving their own soil to seek a chance to earn bread in
England.  This is the most terrible and impressive thing that has been seen in
the industrial and commercial gloom which deepens every day.  …  The great
Cleveland rolling mills have cut down the wages of men working by the ton
fm 20 – 45% in last 10 days.  Leaders of organized labor say more than
15,000 men out of employment in Cleveland today.  Wages are falling
everywhere in Ohio.  The condition of farmers is pitiful.  I know of many
cases in which farmers have offered to give up their farms for a clear
quittance, but they have to go through the pain of foreclosure, lose their home,
and still be in debt.  [cp]

Kanematz  name   [haul 3] CCH 2 June 22, 1897. Prof. Kanematz’ colony of
silkworms are now in their third age and will spin their cocoons about 20 days
later.  Miss Annie Laird is taking care of them.  [cp]

Srh   name  locale?  Name  haul-3 CCH 2 June 22, 1897  Stmr on the ways at
Wall Bros shipyard is receiving her planking.  She promises to be a model of
neatness and beauty.  Mr. Gilman is builder.   [red check mark]    [M. a
handwritten note says: most of these coming from June 22 CCH]

County  haul-3  CCH 2 June 22, 1897
Notice to contractors.  The county court of Coos County will receive sealed
proposals for the building of a box house 16 x 24 ft, 12 ft walls, at Coquille
City, and the removal of the steel jail cage now in the jail at Empire City to
Coquille City and placing it in said building.

RR-haul  logs   [haul 3]  CCH 2 June 22, 1897.  C. B. News.  Hauling of logs
on rr fm Coquille to bay resumed Monday.  [cp]

Nosler  Annie-Laird  health  Srh  Rbc 10 CCH j  June 22, 1897
We welcome the return of Mrs. Wes Nosler and Miss Annie Laird in
improved health from San Francisco. They reached home per steamer
Coquille River last Saturday evening.

Loggie.  Marsden.    Other-coal, Bandon Block. Rbc 10 CCH j June 22, 1897
Bandon Recorder.  Loggie and Marsden have taken charge of their lease, the
Bandon Block Coal Mining Company and Mr. Loggie started up mining
operations Monday morning.  Mr. Marsden took a trip to San Francisco last
week to look after their interests in that place.  [cp]

paper  condit-prosperity    Rbc 10 CCH j  June 22, 1897
The Herald stands for the interests, prosperity, and progress of the mass of
Coos County citizens, and if you are one of those who qo to make up the
mass, and have benefitted by its defenses, you should rally to its defenses and
cease to aid the enemy.  Patronize those who patronize you.

Poetry  CCHX+  X+10  June 22, 1897  poem

June 29

Fruit  name RR-n6 CCH k June 29, 1897 
Caterpillers. Editor of the Herald.  Enclosed please find specimens of the
chrysallis of the tent taterpillar or army worm -- "bombee migrans" -- that has
been doing such damage on the river this spring.         
     Calling the attention of orchardists to the fact that although they think
have destroyed all the worms there will still be enough left to completely ruin
the springs next spring [as typed], as each moth lays from 300 to 1000 eggs. 
By carefully looking over their trees now and destroying their chrysalids [as I
typed it], they will clear the valley of the pests.  Yours, truly, W. H.
Waddington.   [M note says  + okay except punctuation.]

Other-coal, Riverton     RR n6 CCH k  June 29, 1897. 
Riverton June 27.  The Diamond Black Coal Company are not [as typed; does
it mean now?] pushing business to their utmost capacity.  They will soon start
a slope, enlarge their crew, and place in more machinery, thereby enabling
them to double their present output.  [cp]

other-coal  Riverton  RR-n6  CCH k June 29, 1897 
 H Timon informed us that he would place an engine and other machinery in
his mine in a few days.  He is also proposing to sink a slope tapping the Ferry,
Timon, and Kight veins.  He proposes to form a joint stock company for that
     Once more the Peterson and Foster mine is resurrected.  M.  McCormac
and Co. are now engaged in extending the tunnel and placing the track, etc. 
They propose erecting bunkers above the town of Riverton.

Huntington Gila monster natl-RR (RR natl 6) CCH k  June 29, 1897.
 C.P. Huntington, the railroad Gila monster, may possibly go to China to build
a railroad.  It would seem the right thing for him to do, since if he attempts
American methods in that celestial land, off goes his head.  +   [cp]

Lhc  locale  Srh  RR-n6 CCH k June 29, 1897.
Culverson Branch No. 218.  Labor Exchange.  A big step forward is being
taken by a number of citizens of Cape Arago in the way of reclaiming their
independence through the Labor Exchange.  They have organized, as
indicated by above caption, and all preliminary arrangements are being made
as fast as circumstances will permit.  There has been $11, 250 worth of
valuable property deeded to the branch for waterfront ant rights of way, etc, as
a beginning, and there are thousands of acres of Coos County's best timber
and coal lands ready to be placed in the hands of the management for use to
the best advantage by the branch.  It is the purpose of the branch to commence
with the shipping of stave bolts and matchwood at the present, while
arrangements are being made to start the construction of a railroad which will
be necessary for the development of the resources which they have at hand. 
The preliminary arrangements are being made for the building of a steamer or
so to ply between San Francisco and Portland in the interest of the Exchange,
which will be conducted so as to benefit all branches along the coast having
deep water advantages.  There is still a possibility that one may be built in
county.  This is an enterprise which all should study up and interest
themselves in its success.

Lhc   name starkey misc-saying  [haul 3] CCH 2  June 29, 1897. 
To editor of Herald.  Having become pessimistic with reference to the
production of prosperity by a system calculated to tax people to death, and
augment the wealth of a few by special legislation in their interest, I enclose
few remarks on the early history of Coos County and the benevolent system of
some of our magnanimous philanthropists.  The tyrannical and dishonest
methods of this class of mountebanks in feeding their workmen on salt codfish
6 days a week, with a little fresh meat on Sun, then paying in trade dollars and
silver orders, when silver was at a discount of 10%.  …condition of Humboldt
bay, I now speak of its early history, was due to the fact that mill operators
kept no stores and paid their help every month.  Consequently, labor was free
from coercion.  Not so on Coos Bay.  Coercion was rampant, the truck system
supreme, and the attempt of the employer of labor to discount his own orders
for the payment of labor at 10% an accomplished fact.  …The history of Coos
County is a history of the hog game, a game to scare outside capital with the
dangers of the Coos Bay bar.  One of the late friends of Goodall-Perkins and
Nelson? Has attested to that fact. (Newport mine.)  To delay vessels on the
outside, and those within the bay; to reduce their earnings when owned
elsewhere; and to suppress opposition.  I witnessed a violent debate in Empire
City in 1864 between captain of a vessel and the boss of a sawmill.  2/3 vessel
owned by parties doing business S.F.; 1/3 by sawmill firm.  After vessel
towed in left at anchor several days, during which time vessels owned
absolutely by mill were towed in and loaded.  In this manner, the S.F. parties
were compelled to sell or be frozen out.  It was one of the coolest specimens
of a brazen cinch that I ever witnessed.
    American employer of labor on C.B. began early to discriminate against his
countrymen, notwithstanding fact that there are no better workers than they in
sawmill or woods.  Result certain: aim of acquisitiveness accomplished. 
Signed, Star Key.  [cp]   [M. freq contributor and always with a rabid cause;
M.  I think (speculating) eventually revealed as Robert Starkey.)]

Paper  Lhc  Haul 3 CCH 2 June 29, 1897 
Editor's Note.  Interesting reading today. Subject: correspondence on early
commercial investment and political despoiling of C. County, from which the
people are now about to declare a jubilee and freedom.  [M 2004.  Does this
refer to Star Key's article?]

Other coal character   [haul 3] CCH2 June 29, 1897  J.H. Timons, rustling
coal operator at Riverton, is pushing right along.  He is a whole corporation of
experts and legitimate business management himself, and makes business go. 

Outside coal  conditions    MisCBR1-1  CCH 3, June 29, 1897. 
Coal miners near Monongahela, Pa., have stuck against reduction fm 60 c to
54 c per ton, lowest ever paid in Pittsburg district.  Mark Hanna prexy of
company. This is the kind of prosperity inaugurated by McKinley, and voted
for by Coos Co. Republicans and some Democrats.

Racism&&  crop  trust     CBR1-1  CCH 3  June 29, 1897
Commissioner Fitzgerald reports 95 – 98% beet sugar industry this state
handled by Chinese and Japanese, and Hawaii says 14% of labor white. Yet
sugar trust upheld by advocates of a high duty in Congress, in pretended
interests of American labor.

Prosperity-conditions  other coal  CBR1-1  CCH 3 June 29, 1897
To Editor of Herald.  Some Republican party newspapers tell us not to be
looking for prosperity because that party had elected its president, but to get
shovels and go to work.  As sample of good Rep. Party prosperity, Newport
Coal mine been closed down and a lot of shovels idle.  Owners of mine, one
of whom member of U.S. Senate, desire that their employ6ees should taste of
the coming prosperity fm Rep. Standpoint.  They made order tt company men,
tracklayers, must work 10 hours and not 9, as heretofore.  Also gave out that
employees must find their own oil and lampwick, a rule which may be called
innovation in coal mining.  Also ordered coal miners to work 10 hrs.  Those
who understand business of coal mining, the last order absurdity.  Coal miner
prepares his coal for a shot abt noontime, then all fire their shots or blasts,
then go to dinner.  After dinner, they load coal into cars.  Between cleaning
coal and loading, better part of afternoon consumed. When having no more
coal, miner leaves mine for day.  Miner working contract, so much / ton, the
absurdity appears when it seen he would have to sit down amid black damp
and powder smoke for the mere purpose of enabling Calif giant intellects on
coal mining to keep their hired men one more hr. in mine.  Why did owners of
mine not proceed in regular way, and uniform Rep. Party practice, and reduce
pay of their hired men?  But no, they not want it said they were reducing pay;
so adopted a subterfuge that gives same result.  Signed, A Miner.

Other coal  CBR1-1  CCH 3  June 29, 1897
Coal mining operations Riverton taken on new lease of life and energy. 
Mismanagement has thrown Bandon Block Coal’s interests into other hands
and we have reason to believe Loggie and Marsden will push enterprise for
success.  In addition, others have organized will open the Kight vein
beginning this week.  This is a 6 ft vein of the best coal yhet found in
neighborhood, and with such practical coal mining experts as Peterson and
McCormac at the lead, must prove a success.  We wish them unbounded

Other coal  Parker  Locale?  CBR1-1  CCH 3  June 29, 1897
Captain Parker is interesting himself in opening a coal mine over on South

Srh  dairy  Locale?    CBR1-1  CCH 3  June 29, 1897
   Launch Umpqua, while going fm this port to Umpqua, broke down Tue
night off Fish Rock.  Picked up by schooner Moro fm Coquille R. and towed
home, arriving here today.   Gasoline launch Umpqua was new craft bought
by Al Reed, Gardiner, where she was to be used in carrying milk to the

JULY 1897

July 6

Mill  fish? cannery  Srh   RR Phy 15  CCH l (=L)  July 6, 1897
Coos Bay News. The Lackstrom mill property has been purchased by the
cannery company, and necessary improvements in wharf and building will be
made immediately.

County  Tot  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L) July 6, 1897 
Deputy Clerk Lou Hazard occupies his desk in the temporary office in the
Leneve building.  He is much of a stranger in this town and valley, not having
visited here before in many years.  He will bring his family here in a short

Allied  4th-July   RR phy 15  CCH l (=L)  July 6, 1897
The cannonading at Beaver Hill Saturday night in celebration of the Fourth
reverberated here almost as plainly as if at our doors.  The blasts were made
with dynamite.  [We previously read that a Coquille Ordinance forbade
fireworks in city limits.]   [cp]  

Racism  4th July  other coal  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L)  July 6, 1897
 Riverton.  Article abt murder or drowning of colored miner Charley Stinson. 
Battering and bruising of several others on 4th of July, celebrated with
drunkenness, riotousness, etc.  His body was found in the river.
   Up to going to press, no addt’l news.    [cp]

Fruit  misc-word  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L) July 6, 1897
 Berries.  There are all kinds, very plentiful this year.  Going a-berrying is
its height and is profitable.

Srh  CBR1-1  CCH 3, July 6, 1897. 
Did you know that all best steamships in our merchant marine were built on
the Delaware? That America has not 3000 vessels going to sea, and all
steamers, ships, barks, barkentines, brigs, schooners, and sea-going coal
barges included, and this includes Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts.   Fm
Philadelphia Maritime Journal.

Other-coal  Tot-Libby  entertain  food  music 4th July  conditions   other-
mining    CBR1-1  CCH 3  July 6, 1897. 
Libby, June 3. [M. does it mean July??]  Libby celebrated in good style today
w/clambake.  Declaration Independence ready by Samuel Sleep; music
furnished by Libby Senior Band.  Strike here entered a new phase this week.
Company posted notice ordering mine to be shut down indefinitely.  Men now
in position of Bacon’s philosopher.  Calmly viewing the calming storm from
the shore.  Also ordered to vacate houses within 10 days.  Currently rumored
that P. Hennessey, our Supt., has been offered position in Calif gold mine w/
larger salary and surroundings more congenial.  Some families selling out
household goods and going in search of greener fields.  Signed.  Cobweb .

4th July  Coq   courthouse  RR-passengers   e-3  CCH a insert   July 6, 1897
While there was no special observance of the 4th at this place...Coquille City
began to boom on the 2nd inst.  on the arrival of the train with the county
archives and officials to the new county seat.  Cannon spoke in thunder tones
of the consummation of the event.  While the same echoes through the hills
proclaimed the dawn of Independence Day -- the day of all days to the hearts
of patriots -- and which was kept up mostly by the smaller clatter and bangs of
crackers and rockets.  Saturday night a display of fireworks was made at the
courthouse block, which was witnessed by a large crowd of our citizens. 
Some display of flags and bunting was made, though not liberal.

Other-coal  condit  (loose4) CCH4 July 6, 1897
Marshfield Sun.  Oreg Coal and Navigation Co. has served notice on miners
who refuse to work, to vacate premises they occupy at Libby within 10 days. 

Other-coal  condit  paper   (loose4) CCH 4, July 6, 1897 cont. 
To Editor of Herald.  One of Marshfield newspapers, having stated tt Goodall-
Perkins and Co had abrogated a former rule.  I forgot to mention in my last
communication that no credence should be placed in any statement made by
that paper in reference to the troubles of labor unpublished in its columns [as
typed], esp in connection Newport Coal mine. In trying to compel miners to
work 10 hours , their object knowing tt some men will work all day and part
of night, enabling them to send out plenty of coal on certain days, is to show
that miners are making big wages.  On this taking place, they will attempt a
reduction of wages.  Mines are being shut down when bunkers are full, and
men being allowed to go in and get coal ready.  Easy to see through scheme of
their bosses.  Signed, Miner.  [cp]

Srh   (loose4) CCH 4 July 6, 1897.  Arrivals fm Portland by Alice Blanchard,
Sat June 26.  Stmr Czarina, June 25.  [all tt in notes]   [cp]

July 13

Fruit  name  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L) July 13, 1897  We thank Mr. and Mrs.
Drane [or Drain?} for some choice cherries.  They sent some branches
illustrative of the heavy crop of the luscious fruit.

UR  county   RR phy 15  CCH l (=L)  July 13, 1897
Upper River.  It is quite a convenience to citizens of this vicinity to be able
leave home, visit the county seat, transact a reasonable amount of business
and return in one day, as they can now do.

UR  conditions  food  RR phy 15  CCH l  (=L)  July 13, 1897   Upper River. 
M. P. having a sugar famine.

Fruit  prices  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L)  July 13, 1897
Blackberries are selling on our streets at 20 c per dozen. (?)  [paren and ?
apparently in print.]    [M. 2004. A dozen berries?  Or boxes of?]
Racism  other-coal   paper-attitude  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L) July 13, 1897.
Resolution of Negro miner case.  Oh well, having a drunken brawl.  All
charges disposed of.  [cp]

Racism  other coal  conditions   RR phy 15   CCH l (=L) July 13, 1897
Libby.  And now it is Negroes who are to take the place of the white miners at
Libby.  This fight that is on bodes no good to the Libby community nor the
surrounding country.  The corporation had a model community: temperate,
moral, peaceable and religious, supporting church societies, Sunday schools,
temperance and literary societies, and in every way progressive good citizens
and now this is all to be broken up for the experiment of inflicting a little
authority and pretended economy.  [cp]

Tot   enterprise  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L) July 13, 1897    Marshfield Sun. The
express office at Empire City has been discontinued.

Other-coal  conditions   Tot  RR phy 15  CCH l (= L) July 13, 1897. 
Marshfield Sun.  At a meeting of the miners at Libby Tuesday it was decided
to go to work under the terms of the mine owners.  The same was
communicated to headquarters in S.F. by wire and word returned for Supt
Hennessey to continue under his former instructions.  This means that a new
set of men will be employed in the mine.  [cp]

RR  logs  RR phy 15  CCH l (=L) July 13, 1897.  Coos Bay News.  Engine
No. 1 was repaired at the car shops last week, and the hauling of logs from the
Coquille was resumed.  [cp]

Condit  outside-coal   (loose4) CCH 4 July 13, 1897. 
Pittsburg, July 6.  Great wage struggle of coal miners inaugurated throughout
Pittsburg district.  By preconcerted arrangement of district board, UMW
meetings held in every mining settlement represented at Saturday’s
convention, and miners instructed to participate in great struggle that has
begun.  [cp]

Other coal  (loose4) CCH 4 July 13, 1897.  New company at Riverton, Loggie
and Marsden’s Diamond Block Coal Company, getting out 50 tons/ day now
and will at once extend operations to meet demand.  [cp]

Srh  name  (loose4) CCH 4  July 13, 1897 
New stmr Ralph, for service on upper river fm this place to M.P., made trial
trip down to this place last Fri.  Many citizens visited her and critically
inspected her merits.  She promises to be good boat, making good time, and
has extra-neat, comfortable cabin for passenger service.  Capt. Clark Bullard
owner.  [says cp but I had to add it.]  [red ck mark]

July 20

Other-enterprise  other coal  RR phy 15 CCH l (=L) July 20, 1897.  It is
rumored that the O C & N Company has bargained for the Eastport coal mine. 

County  racism  Allied   RR phy 15 CCH l (=L) July 20, 1897.  Sheriff Gage
brought over the county prisoners Sunday and has temporarily ordered them
in the city lock-up till the steel cell is moved to this place and put in the
jail building, which will probably take a couple of weeks.  The prisoners J. N.
Russell and two Negroes, Henry Williams and William Douglas [continued,
but evid not in this section]   [cp]

Srh  other coal  Lhc  (loose4) CCH 4 July 20, 1897. 
Stmr Coq R took on 250 tons of coal, 80,000 ft lumber, 42 head cattle, 10,000
broomhandles, 3 tons butter, 2 tons woolen goods, and 8 passengers last trip. 
[cp]  [red ck mark]

Other coal  (loose4) CCH 4 July 20, 1897.  C.B. News.  Rumored tt OC and N
Co bargained for Eastport Coal mine.  [cp]

Other coal  (loose4) CCH 4 July 20, 1897.  Most miners left Newport last
week in accordance with notice given by company.  Generally believed work
resumed at mine shortly, but OC and N Co has not yet announced its
intentions.  [cp]

Srh   loose 4  CCH 4 July 20, 1897   Stmr Homer made last trip to bay for
present.  Received 5 yr. Contract fm French govt to carry mail from S.F. to
Tahiti at $10,000 besides what she can make in freight and passengers. 

Srh  river-harbor- improvement-bay  name    (clip) (8) CCH 5 July 20, 1897.
The improvement of Coos river will commence this wk under supervision
Capt Polhemus.  Intention to remove rocks which obstruct navigation, as well
as snags, and Capt Polhemus determined to accomplish greatest possible
benefit with limited appropriations at his command.   [red check mark? ]

Srh  Tot-NB name (clip) (8) CCH 5 July 20, 1897.
Work commenced on new vessel at N.B. shipyard.  3 masted schooner w/
length of keel 132 ft, 11 ft depth of hold; to carry 400,000 ft of lumber. 
Simpson furnished model and Heuckendorff will have charge of construction. 
Capt. Olson, of Daisy Rowe, will take command of schooner when completed.

Other coal Timon  Diamond
(clip)  (8) CCH 5 July 20, 1897.  J.H. Timon is now sinking a slope and has
already turned out some of best coal yet taken fm tt vein.  Diamond Block
Coal Co. engaged in picking a slope; will give them a fine supply of coal.

BH  shipp  Czarina
(clip) (8) CCH 5 July 20, 1897.  Marshfield Sun: Owing to a cave in at B.H.
mine, steamer Czarina delayed several days waiting for cargo.

July 27

River -Srh  Lhc  Rbc 11 CCH m  July 27, 1897
. Bandon Recorder. Stmr Coquille River took out this trip 35 tons coal, 
40,000 feet lumber, 3 tons butter, 5 tons general freight, 11 bales of goods
from the woolen mills, 16,000 broom handles, 20 cords matchwood, and 65
head hogs.  Hogs were from Coquille Creamery.

Other-Coal  Coq  Rbc 11  CCH m  July 27, 1897
The gentlemen who had in hand the opening of our coal mine at this place but
recently were forced to relinquish the same because of the failure of proper
support till they got to the point of paying effort, have returned to work and
will now, undoubtedly, succeed.  A few days work will certainly discover the
merits of the cause.

Health  BH accid    Rbc 11 CCH m  July 27, 1897. 
An accident in the mines at Beaver Hill last Friday caught out young
townsman Joe Lammy and hurt him pretty seriously. About two carloads of
dirt and sandstone fell on him, crushing and bruising him pretty badly, but
luckily without breaking any bones or fatality.  He is improving rapidly at last
account.  [cp]

Other-coal, Libby,  Riverton. Name misc-word ? character  Rbc 11 CCH m
July 27, 1897. 
M W McCormac leaves Riverton for Libby and becomes machinist at the last
named place.  Vice A. Wilson resigned.  Mr. Mc is a popular and good

misc  Eugene Debs  misc-saying  (clip) (8) CCH 5 July 27, 1897.
Article by Eugene Debs in the New Time magazine: our competitive system is
utterly cannibalistic.

Srh  Harbor improvements-bay. Name  rock  (clip) (8)  CCH 5 July 27, 1897. 
Capt. Polhemus, governor-engineer of harbor improvements at the bay. Up to
the 1st, as much as 90,000 tons of rock put in jetty at C.B. since beginning of
work last Dec.  Last month 16,000 tons put in place, breaking record on that

BH accid  health  animal?  (Clip)  (8) CCH 5 July 27, 1897 
Beaver Hill last Wed., man named  Joe Manicho killed by mule kicking him
between the eyes.  Accident in mines at B.H. last Friday caught out Joe
Lammy and hurt him seriously, Abt 2 carloads of dirt and sandstone fell on
him, crushing and bruising him pretty badly, but luckily, without breaking any
bones or fatality.  He improving rapidly.   [cpo]

racism   Tot-Riverton  crime (clip) (8)  CCH 5 July 27, 1897. 
One J.B. Williams (colored) brought fm Riverton last Thur by constable and
jailed on charge of assault w/dangerous weapon on another colored man. But
dismissed as not being sufficient cause for a case. 

Other coal   geology    (clip) (8) CCH 5 July 27, 1897.
Some of govt geological surveying corp in this city, included inspection
Wilson coal mine east of town.

Kanematz silk  Coos boomer  (clip) (8) CCH 5 July 27, 1897. 
Prof. Kanematz exhibited yesterday some of 1st crop of silk cocoons this
season, a sight worth seeing.  Some interesting data given us by the
gentleman. These cocoons largest grown anywhere in world.  Av. 130
cocoons/ pound, while first propagation of the same breed of silkworms, a
cross of 2 Italian colonies 2 years ago, av. 230 – 240/ pound. Cocoons
generally av. 230 – 300 / pound.  These are large and shapely and of cream
color. These cocoons were completed in one day shorter time than usual,
being 34 days.  And of the host of them, all were finished excepting 2 cocoons
which from some cause had fallen behind.  This should establish SW Oregon,
and esp. Coos-Curry counties, as adapted to silk industry and should inspire
an earnest effort to make it business of profit and usefulness.

Srh  name  (clip) (8) CCH 5 July 27, 1897. 
Rsbg Review: Neat little steamer of Wall Bros launched Thur at M.P. 
Christened Emily in honor of John Wall’s daughter.  She is magnificent little
craft, being of a perfect tug pattern. 

natl coal  conditions   prices   (Clip)  (8) CCH 5 July 27, 1897
Roseburg Review: Coal miners are striking against reduction of their wages
now earning $2.87/ week.  Hanna thinks they're taking very unwise course,

Oil  trust?  Misc-word  condit  Clipa 1c  CCH pg 6  July 27, 1897  Labor
Exchange: It claimed Std.  Oil Co has cleared $41,000,000 during past 15 mo.,
tolerably fair profit for these panicky times.

County Graham Srh? Tot-Empire courthouse  
clipa 1c CCH pg 6  July 27,  1897  
[part of county court record.  A proposition of R.A. Graham to remove effects
of Coos County from wharf in Empire City, for sum of $100, to Coquille.
Court accepts bids of R. Graham and T. Heaton as best and lowest bids.
(something to do woth removing jail to Coquille).]

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