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Aug 3

Agriculture  Tot  Rbc 11 CCH m Aug 3, 1897.
Ramblings from Rural. Our farmers are putting up lots of splendid hay.

Other coal, Riverton   Diller  Lhc  Rbc 11 CCH m Aug 3, 1897
Riverton Riotings. ]. S. Diller of the U.S. Geological Survey was here last
week and spent several days in and among the coal mines.  He was also
locating the various strata of sandstone and grave1 bed   [cp]

Climate  Rbc 11 CCH m Aug 3, 1897
We are now having our warmest weather of the  year.  Yesterday the
thermometer reached 78 degrees.

Courthouse    RR-depot/ haul Rbc 11 CCH m  Aug 3, 1897.
The steel cells for the jail were moved from the railroad depot to the
courthouse block beginning last Saturday, and deposited at the jail building
last evening.  W.W. Shields and brother J.C. did the job.   +  [M. is this temp
jail?  Courthouse work was stalled the last I heard.]        [cp]

Conditions   Rbc 11 CCH m  Aug 3, 1897
Labor Exchange. 15,000 unemployed men are said to be rapidly moving
Westward over the Kansas plains. They will
join the other thousands in like condition in Colorado and overrun the state
like a cloud of locusts. What shall be done with these unfortunates?  skip.   
They want employment.              [cp]

RR-haul. Courthouse  Rbc 11 CCH m  Aug. 3, 1897
The steel cells, sheriff's and treasurer's safes, and balance of court house
furniture arrived at this place on flat cars Tuesday afternoon. The cars were
side-tracked, and owing to the weight of  a large safe, 6 tons, and the cells,
about 8 tons, much careful labor attended their removal to the courthouse
block and into the temporary building.    [cp]

Other-coal  Libby   conditions   [Rnc11] CCH m Aug 3, 1897. 
The Newport mine has started up again.   Several miners from Riverton have
been employed and we understand some of the old hands are at work.  [cp]

other coal  Srh  clipa 1c  CCh pg 6 Aug. 3, 1897.  Riverton, Aug. 1.  All
bunkers full and await arrival of stmrs.

Racism  other coal  clipa 1c  CCH pg 6 Aug 3 1897
Riverton Riotings.  The colored population have left for Newport.  Peace be
with them. Actually, just a few days after body was found in river (at

Silk name   clipa 1c   CCH pg 6  Aug 3, 1897
Miss Annie Laird closed a season of silk culture a few days since.  Her
cocoons exceptionally large and beautiful.

Paper  name  locale clipa 2c  CCH pg 6  Aug 3, 1897
Hon.  J.H. Upton will launch the S. W. Oregon Reporter upon the journalistic
scene within a few days from Langlois, Curry County.   /
Aug. 3.  Hon. J. W. Upton, of Denmark [near Langlois], has secured a small
press and some printing material, and it is said he will soon establish a small
paper in readiness for the approaching political campaign.  +

Aug 10

Signs of times-conditions. [Rbc11] CCH m  Aug 10, 1897.
Roseburg Review.  No wonder the Oregonian thinks prosperity has struck the
country – it has a delinquent tax list filling 21 columns.  Those whose homes
are being sold may possibly view the case in a different light.

Fruit evaporator  Lhc  name-Sanford /Giles  novelty-brick  character-thrifty 
Loose 5  CCH m, n  Aug 10, 1897
[head]  Prunes in Coos County.
Our thrifty fellow citizen, R.O. [as typed; = R D]  Sanford, has permitted an
interview about his industry,    skip    Mr. Sanford has 6 acres planted in prune
trees on bench land, and which are now 6 years old.  They are set 20 feet apart
each way, which makes 523 trees.  Only 10 trees have been lost by dying or
accident since planting, and the trees have been healthy and thrifty up to this
time. These trees are grafted upon peach roots and no sprouts have ever come
up to annoy Mr. Sanford as they do in many orchards where they are grafted
on other roots.  Half are Petite variety, other half Italians. This is first year
have borne fruit in any amount.  Trees all bloomed recently, but only Petites
hit. These are heavily laden and breaking down, with fine size prunes , there
will be several hundred bushels thereon, very sound and evenly shaped. 
Italians were 2 weeks later than Petites and blossomed just as light frost and
cold rains and blossoms dropped off while Petites were further advanced and
tough enough to resist frost and escape destruction.
     Mr. Sanford has ordered castings, furnace (made of terra cotta), building
paper, wire for trays, and all other things out of  which to construct a two
compartment “Flickenstein Evaporator,” except about $5 worth of lumber and
the brick necessary for the furnace. He will build the dryer himself, with
assistance of carpenter and bricklayer. Has received 3000 brick from D. Giles
& Son of Myrtle Point.  Evaporator fm W. T. Jacobson of Portland, Or, who
manufactures them. The material which he furnishes will cost $65
f.o.b.Portland, shipped to Marshfield by steamer and thence to Coquille by
wagon.  It weighs less than 1000 pounds. He will put up the building himself,
15x16 feet, ceiling 12 feet high.  By paying $10 to .$15 per compartment extra
he can add as many compartments as he will ever need for the orchard.  The
capacity of each compartment is 20 bushels per day.   [skips in longer article]

Other-coal condit paper-attitude   (loose5) CCH n  Aug 10, 1897.
Jottings from Libby.  Libby Aug. 7.  The mine started up in full blast on the
26th, ult., and the prospects are that it will continue. SKIP  All miners,
laborers, carpenters, drivers, etc, have to sign an iron-clad agreement before
they can go to work at this place. This was a good camp under the
superintendency of Mr. Cambell, but now things have changed.  Signed
Parson & Peter.  [cp]

School  locale  loose 5 CCH n Aug 10, 1897
 Cunningham School Dist. # 10  27 scholars enrolled, average attendance 17. 
Teacher is about to receive $5 increase salary.    [ct x] 

Church  loose 5  CCH n August  10, 1897   . pastor of M.E. church South,
Myrtle Point.

Srh   lbr  mill  LR  crop  Pershbaker loose 5  CCH n Aug 10, 1897
The stmr Coq R arrived fm S.F. [skip]   she brought merchandize and gen’l
freight for this place and upper river points    [skip]   She took on 12,000 feet
of a special order of lumber from Lyons' mill  and will take 125,000 feet from
Pershbaker’s, besides considerable produce and misc. freight fm points on
lower river and Bandon.   [red ck mark]

Tot-Coq  RR  racism  prices  mill  (loose5) CCH n Aug 10, 1897. 
Tuttle Hotel.  Lyons’ property near Masonic Hall  Coquille City, Oregon  
Conveniently located to river and ocean steamer landing and to railroad depot    
first class accommodations, large and airy rooms, and table spread with the
best the market affords    Only white labor employed    Rates: per day $1  
regular boarders per week $4   transients $5    25 c for single meal.  S.J.
Tuttle, Proprietor.   [cp]

Lhc   clipa 1c  CCH pg 6  Aug 10, 1897
To editor of Herald.  Obstructions to navigation by driving pile, making
enormous booms and shoaling waters of Coos Bay and tributaries has become
a virulent disease liable to terminate W/ closing of Isthmus Slough, one of
finest shelters for vessels loading on the bay with coal or lumber.  Attempt to
be made to discover authorities who control navigation of our streams, also to
find out whether Black Diamond Coal Co, S. P. Co, and others who own coal
and timber lands adjacent to Isthmus Slough, have any rights to free
navigation of tt stream which the owner of Eagle Point, on said slough, is
bound to respect.  His boom extends beyond middle of channel and where was
20 ft. of water at a recent period there is now a decrease of 12 ft.  The slough
at the mouth has become very shoal, caused by this boom extending from a
deep Water bend on the western side, and washing away the eastern bank,
making it unsafe already to load a vessel of the usual draft above the mouth. 
The bill having commenced to roll, keep it moving and let good work go on
until we discover who controls the waterway of the Isthmus Slough. The U.S.,
State of Oregon, or a simple citizen of Marshfield who owns about 100 acres
of marshy mudflat on the Isthmus Slough.  Signed.  P.B.P.

RR misc  home-seekers   clipa 1c  CCH pg6  Aug 10, 1897
The Medford Monitor-Miner brings indictments against the Ore and Cal RR,
lst for swindling the govt. out of its land grants, so-called, 2nd.  for pretending
to make bona fide sales of this land to settlers and swindling them by not
giving them valid title. 3rd. for continually discriminating against our citizens
and businessmen in freight and passenger rates.  The Medford Monitor-Miner.

Mill  condit  Tot-Coq     clipa 1c  CCH pg 6  Aug 10, 1897
Lyons mill took a rest of a week, starting up again this morning.  A reduction
of 10% made on wages, which caused some discussion and parleying first, but
was acceeded to by most employees.

Srh  Alaska  clipa 1c  CCH pg 6 Aug 10, 1897
Stmr Farallon taken off S.F. Coos bay run and chartered for Alaska.  Truckee
will take place on former route.

Other-coal  clipa 1c  CCH pg 6  Aug 10, 1897
The B.B. mine has worked full time since starting up a week ago Mon.

Aug 17

condit-prosperity-outlook    RR  natl coal  trusts tariff     other-coal, Libby 
(RR natl 7) CCH pg 7 Aug 17, 1897.
Our attention called to current reviews by Dun and Bradstreet, which unite in
reporting 25% gain in business past week. We have been familiar w/these
commercial publications for more years than he is old, and are well on to their
service in the cause of truth, prosperity, and patriotism.  We admit prosperity
has struck some of us.  We admit also tt tariff given our farmers superb crops
of hay and grain and made a rich strike on the Klondike. These are all
palpable enough.  It has also raised the incomes of Havermeyer, Hanna,
Rockerfeller, and started mines in east.  68 c per ton duty on coal is distributed
pro rata among the miners, while consumer of those protected products are
supplied at greatly reduced rates.  Railroads, too, have raised rates on grain to
an amount equal to rise in prices.  All to advantage of farmers and consumers. 
Our local enterprises also feel effect of restoration of confidence and are
voluntarily raising the wages of employees, notably mines at Libby and the
mill at this place.   [cp]

Srh  name Tupper-rock?  RR n7 Aug17, 1897
 Mouth of Coq.  D. Kern building jetty to improve entrance.  Rocks taken
from one of the immense boulders of quartz, or something of that kind, which
contain seams of pyrite.  They are totally different from any rock deposits in
that region.  [p 2  358 tons of rock dumped 1 day.  Last month quarry output
exceeded 7000 tons.]

Name  other-coal, Riverton  Lyons, BB  
(RR natl 7) CCH p 7  Aug 17, 1897. Riverton Riotings.  Price Bros. working
Lyons mine. Have placed engine and pump in mine.  More work there is, the
better times we will have.  Still B.B. coal mines remain closed.  We are told
they will work this week.   [cp]

tariff  agric  (RR natl 7)  CCH p 7 Aug 17, 1897. 
Under tariff laws, wheat become so valuable a man near Walla Walla arrested
for stealing some.  Hang on to your pocketbooks, farmers.  [cp]

misc-money  conditions politics (RR natl 7) CCH p7 Aug 17, 1897.
 Silver is way down, wheat is falling, the gold dollar is up and booming. 
Hurrah for Mark Hanna and Johnny Bull.  [facetious.]   [cp]

BH    organize  (RR natl 7) CCH p 7 Aug 17, 1897.  Beaver Hill had a
Knights of Pythias.  [should be cp]

Spreckels Beet Sugar (RR natl 7) CCH p 7 Aug 17, 1897. 
Spreckels Beet Sugar Co. organized S.F. last week with capital of $5,000,000. 

utility [out7]  CCH o  Aug 17, 1897   [where is first of item?]  for the purpose
of laying drain pipes.

Outlook-conditions  mill  (outlook7 ) CCH o  Aug 17, 1897.  
Bandon Recorder.  Not the wave of prosperity, but the wave of adversity has
struck the mill hands at Coquille City.  Wages have been reduced 10%.  +  

Mixed-crop locale  church-indir   (outlook7 ) CCH o  Aug 17, 1897.  
Elder Hollenbeak was in last Thursday from Fairview with fruit and
vegetables. He disposed of his roasting-ears [sic; verified] before he reached
the heart of town, they were in such demand.  Watermelons do not promise so
well this season, but muskmellons will be extra fine. 

Paper  fruit name  (outlook7 ) CCH o  Aug 17, 1897.
 The whole Herald family thanks M. Alexson for a treat in the way of a large
basket of selected fruit last Thursday.  There were delicious ripe apples and
immense plums, one of the latter a "Bradshaw" measured  6 1/2 x 7 inches

U.R.  interest   prices  (outlook7 ) CCH o  Aug 17, 1897.
Upper River Dept.  It has been reported in town that I offered $4 per week to a
certain young lady to do the general housework for my family.  Now I wish to
state that this report is entirely false.  In fact, an ordinary girl and at the going
wages of the neighborhood, is good enough for me.   [signature?]

Other-coal  Srh  Tot-Riverton  machine    (outlook7 ) CCH o  Aug 17, 1897.
Riverton Riotings.  Riverton Aug 15.  Stmr Coq R took fuel from Timon
bunkers on her last trip.    /     Price Bros. are now working the Lyons mine.
They have placed an engine and pump in their mines. Success, boys. More
work there is,
the better times we will have. [M. written as it was.]  [M  Not certain whether
latter item belongs under Riverton, or Lyons was some place else.]

Fruit  name  loose 5 CCH n August 17, 1897.
A branch from a Petite prune tree was left at this office last week by Oliver
Sanford, taken from his father’s orchard,
having 82 pruned thereon.

Fruit  name  price  loose 5 CCH n Aug 17, 1897
I have choice Petite prunes which will begin ripening about August 25th,
which will be sold at the orchard near Coquille at 1 1/2 cents per lb, or
delivered in Coquille City or on board river steamers or cars at same price. If
you need choice fruit for canning or other purposes send in your orders.  R. D.

Name  courthouse  loose 5  CCH n  Aug 17, 1897
J. H. Cecil began the work of ditching ~ at the courthouse block yesterday.

Aug 24

Health BH accid miner  (RR natl 7)  CCH 7 Aug 24, 1897. 
Tue of last wk, Will Cox, who works at mines at B.H., met with a quite
painful accident and almost fatal one.  3 cars jumped the track and jammed
him against the wall, crushing his shoulder quite badly.  Bruising his body
considerably. Luckily no bones broken.  Came up to Coq. Fri. looking as if he
had had a month’s sickness, but was doing well.  [cp]

Srh  ship-Coq-R.  conditions  rates   (RR natl 7) CCH p7 Aug 24, 1897.
fm Bandon Recorder:  We are sorry to announce this is the last trip of the stmr
Coq. River to the trade of this section, and was adapted to our wants, but
circumstances are against us, and she goes elsewhere.  And like the vessel,
when we want to take a trip to S.F., we go elsewhere to find a vessel to carry
us.  Her leaving this route is already bringing its fruit, as freight rates have
increased to $3.50 a ton from S.F. to Coq. River, and like all other business
propositions that get cornered, you can not tell when the concern will take
another hitch in its benevolence and put on another dollar or 2 per ton.  She
goes on the route between San Francisco and Fort Bragg, under a year’s
contract.   [red check mark]    [cp]

poetry   RR condit (a-p 3-4) CCH p   Aug 24, 1897.
A Year of Prosperity
   November 4, 1896
Prosperity now in sight;
People howling with delight;
Flags a-flying, fireworks burned;
Still, the good times are adjourned.
   March 4, 1897.
Prosperity right at hand;
Hanna’s in front with a band;
Speeches long by all concerned;
Still, the good times are adjourned.
   April 4, 1897.
Prosperity surely now;
Special session, big pow-wow;
Tariff in the House is churned;
Still, the good times are adjourned.
   May 4, 1897. 
Prosperity here at last;
Senate has it, blow a blast;
All old schedules now are spurned;
Still, the good times are adjourned.
   July 4, 1897.
Prosperity surely – nit!
Trusts put their big feet on it;
“People say, “Well I’ll be durned!”
Still, the good times are adjourned.
   November 4, 1897. 
Prosperity not in sight;
Buckeyes voting all their might;
Hanna’s sorry now he blundered –
Good times due in 1900!
   --Cecil Leslie, in Cleveland Recorder.

Pioneer  (a-p-3-4)  CCH p Aug 24, 1897  Pioneer reunion .

School   (a-p-3-4)  CCH p Aug 24, 1897 [Article on] school fund
apportionment, Aug 24.

Tot-Coq  prices  (a-p-3-4)  CCH p Aug 24, 1897
Hotel Coquille, C.H. Butler, proprietor.
Having leased this new, commodious and modern hostelry I am now prepared
to entertain the traveling public in first-class style, with the very best of
accommodations and at most reasonable rates.  Tables supplied with the best
the market affords.  Sample rooms for commercial men, roomy and centrally
located.  Special accommodations and terms for Families and Theatrical
Troupes   Rates $1 to $1.50 a day. 

Gage name courthouse  (a-p-3-4) CCH p Aug 24, 1897
Sheriff Gage and deputies Clyde Gage and M.H. Hersey transferred the
county prisoners from the city lockup to the new jail last Friday at noon.
Deputy Hersey had thoroughly cleansed and renovated the cage prior to the
transfer, so that the prisoners are now in comfortable and clean quarters. +   

Other-coal (a-p-3-4)  CCH p Aug 24, 1897 Anthracite coal discovered, tested
in Klamath county. 

Tot-Riverton  food prices(a-p-3-4)  CCH p Aug 24, 1897
   The Riverton Hotel   Mrs. O.A. Kelly, Proprietor, Riverton, Coos County,
Oregon      Everything new and neat, and tables supplied with the best in the
market.  Regular board and lodging, $4 per week.  Single meals 25 c.

other coal  Srh  (a-p 8-10) CCH 8   Aug 24, 1897.
Jottings fm Libby.  Libby, Aug 21.  Mine is worked to its full capacity to keep
both steamers going.

RR conditions  (a-p-8-10) CCH 8  Aug 24, 1897
Headline:  Important Decision. An opinion of vital importance to railroads and
other corporations has been filed by the appelate court at Mount Vernon, Ill. 
Suit brought by former freight conductor of the road to recover $2000 on a
declaration charging that although plaintiff had been faithful employee of
company for 10 yrs, he was discharged without cause.  It is alleged tt the
defendent road and  other railroads have a custom not to employ a discharged
employee of the road.  Court affirms a verdict of $875 awarded to conductor. 
In its decision, court says, it is almost like depriving the conductor of the right
to earn a living by pursuit of an honorable calling.  A right inherent, of which
he cannot be deprived by any rule or practice of employers of men.  [cp]

Other-mining  (a-p 8-10) CCH 8   Aug 24, 1897.
Upper River Dept.  Sam Currier, supt  of famous Currier mines on Poverty
Gulch, paid our town a business visit.

Locales Isthmus   Srh-river   name  (a-p 8-10) CCH 8   Aug 24, 1897.
Article fm Star Key to Coq City Herald entitled That Isthmus Slough Boom. 
Mr. Samuel Archer’s farm is on opposite side of boom.  Grasslands being
eaten out because boom at Eagle Point has changed flow of the sand.  If he
were to put in piles the way Eagle Point’s McCormac has, it would close
Slough altogether.  Argument about what should be done.  

fruit  name  out 7  CCH o  Aug 24, 1897
R. D. Sanford has been receiving the machinery and materials for his fruit
dryer the past few days, and has the plant well underway. He has made his
purchases abroad because he can deal more satisfactorily.  [M.  I'm sure this
means in Portland or “outside” rather than overseas. There hasn’t been time to
get shipments from England..]

Other-coal  Hennessey  miners-conditions   (outlook7) CCH o Aug 24, 1897. 
Jottings fm Libby.  Superintendent Hennessey has built a stable and buggy
house for his private use.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea if he had some of the
houses fixed so the miners could live in them this winter without being
drowned out.  Or a
coat of whitewash would make them look cleaner.  +  [cp]

AHB  fruit (outlook7) CCH o Aug 24, 1897. 
A. H. Black & Co. have made large preparations to handle fruits such as
apples and pears.  The overwhelming crop coming on will afford large
shipments and it is very creditible [as typed ] in that firm to make
arrangements to save that product.

Aug 31

O&C  RR  road  suit  land-owners home-seekers  (a-p-3-4) CCH p Aug 31,
1897   O&C vs Coos bay wagon rd suit about erroneous setting aside of lands   
[M. 2006. Is this same item as in           ?]

Church  (a-p-3-4) CCH p Aug 31, 1897        Annual conferfence ME ch S 

Condit  misc-word  (a-p-3-4) CCH p Aug 31, 1897
Prosperity howlers have fallen back on big crops [to make good times, but this
has been tried and failed.]

Tot-Riverton  other-coal  condit  (a-p-3-4;5-7)  CCH p & q  Aug 31, 1897.
 Riverton Riotings.  Aug 10.  This town is now very quiet.  There are but few
miners here at present.  One saloon.  Even the butcher is thinking of closing
out.  +   [cp]

Kanematz  (a-p-5-7) CCH q  Aug 31, 1897
[Ad]  Removal! The Berlin Store    is now removed to the Gray Building  
Front Street    New Stock just received.  [Item also says]…and will spread like
a Green Bay tree.  Prof. Kanematz is managing the store very successfully.  +  
   Mr. Alexson supplied us with another basket of plums, including one still
larger than that mentioned a few days ago.  This one measured 8 ¼ inches,
and was as perfect in form, and free from blight or sting as if made from wax.

Gage  name courthouse (a-p 5-7)  CCH q  Aug 31, 1897 
Sheriff Gage and County Treasurer Hayes have moved to their new quarters at
the temporary jail building, on the courthouse block.  +    [cp]

RR  road  misc  (a-p-5-7) CCH q  Aug 31, 1897
   A tree fell across the railroad track last Wednesday below town and delayed
the trains.  Some of the magnates representing that highway ordered the road
supervisor to have it removed, but Supervisor Cecil maintained his
equilibrium and removed it as far as it obstructed the county road, leaving the
railroad authorities to open up their own thoroughfare. +   [cp]

Fruit-dryer  enterprise?  (a-p 5-7) CCH 1 Aug 31, 1897
S.P. Kimball is building at Dallas what is believed to be the largest evaporator
in Oregon.  The building for it is 64 x 80 feet, besides a storage room 16 x 30
feet.  It is an Allen evaporator and… is expected to dry 750 bushels of prunes
per day.  Roseburg Review.  + 

Politic (a-p 5-7) CCH 1 Aug 31, 1897    Republican “unpleasantness,” CB 

Fish  enterprise? (a-p 5-7) CCH 1 Aug 31, 1897   Salmon cannery

Lhc Coal-stat     (a-p 5-7) CCH 1 Aug 31, 1897     The coal fields of the
United States cover 194,000 square miles.    [cp]

 condit  Srh-river locale BH other-coal   (a-p-8-10)  CCH 8 August 31, 1897.
[For the Herald from “P.B.P. Deploring unlawful seizure of public highway,
in this case the river.  Govt not able to remove crib which obstructs navigation
in C.B].  Coos Bay has been and is yet a hotbed wherein there flourished a
transient lot of deadbeat contractors, bogus coal experts.  With an abundant
supply of labor, the efforts of this class of bilks has met with some success
because they never paid laborer if it could be avoided.   The coal industry has
received several setbacks in Coos Co. through entrusting its manipulation to
the hands of ignorance.   I have studied the progression of the B. H. Coal mine
and have witnessed the folly of excluding men fm working in tt mine, at its
inception, who were practical coal miners in Coos Co. coal.  Failing success
by importing colored men from the eastern states, the mgr has had to employ
(been compelled to would be more correct) practical miners and an expert
boss in Coos Co. coal.  In fact, he stands unequalled in tt line on Coos Bay.
     Capitalists in Calif. who have invested in coal in Coos co have been
unfortunate in placing the control of their mine in the hands of incompetent
men who knew no more abt coal than enabled them to take a shovel and
handle some of it.  With few exceptions, and they have been at Henryville,
principally, and some at Newport, an ignoramus has had control, the
consequence being a prodigality of money and material and the final failure of
the mine.  A practical mining engineer should always have supreme control
and not be subject to whims of an imbecile at coal mining.   Signed P. B. P. 

Srh   Lhc  locale?  [categories]  (clip) (9) CCH Red 5 Aug 31, 1897.
Oregonian: The steamer Bismark is at Astoria making preparations for her sea
voyage to Rogue River…  Bismark is not much of a sea boat.   [red check
mark]    /
     “A Trip Down the Bay” – ME.  [red check mark?]    /
Stmr Yarrow chartered for trip to government works.   [red check mark]

Health  BH  clipa 1d  CCH Aug 31, 1897
     A fatal accident BH mines. James Marsden lost life.  Blast set off by man
named Green.  M. had no notice.  Coal and rock thrown on M., crushing
bones.  Lived 24 hrs.  Son of Mr. Marsden of B.B . Coal.

 Kanematz   clipa 1d  CCH Aug 31, 1897   Prof. Kanematz, mgr of Berlin

Road  RR  misc  clipa 1d  CCH Aug 31, 1897
 US  Atty Murphy, Portland, instituted suit against the C B Wagon Rd Co –
also  O & C  R R  Co – to set aside patents to lands which were erroneously

Condit   clipa 1d  CCH Aug 31, 1897
[see also CCH P.]  The prosperity howlers have fallen back on big crops to
produce prosperity. For years over-productiveness source of all troubles.


Sept 7

Crop  conditions  misc-word  (a-p-5-7) CCH q Sept 7, 1897. 
Astoria, Or., Aug 29 Governor J.R. Rogers of Washington… said to a reporter
Wheat is a good thing now, and doing much for the farmers.  I don’t believe,
however, the farmers will ever pay off their mortgages at their present profits. 
I have raised wheat myself. I don’t believe the reports from Kansas and other
states that farmers are paying off mortgages. It is bunkum.  Mortgages once
placed on farms stay there.  +

Climate  (a-p-5-7)  CCH q  Sept 7, 1897
Bandon Recorder.  At Portland…Aug 19 maximum temperature 102.  On
same date only 62 Bandon.

Paper  Politic  BH Graham Bennett  Srh-indir  (a-p-5-7) CCH q Sept 7, 1897
Letter to ed.  Dear sir:  This is to inform you that the Hon. Thos. H. Tongue,
our representative to congress, has paid this section of the country a visit in
the interest of the people [the people, italics]. He arrived consigned to R.A.
Graham, a prominent Canadian.  After being wined and dined by a select few
[select few, italics] he was handed over to Dr. C.W. Tower and a few of the
best of us [a…us, italics]. After that C.W. Tower, T.H. Barry, James H.
Flanagan and W.H.S. Hyde, prominent Republicans, escorted Mr. Tongue to
the government works below Empire City.  They returned at noon, and Dr.
Tower,  being busy professionally, turned Mr. Tongue over to J.W. Bennett. 
What Bennett did to him we are unable to say just now, but this we do know,
that he “railroaded” him on to the R.A. Graham, and Graham  shipped him off
on the steamer Truckee.  …Why they should guard him so closely we don’t
all understand, unless it was intended that he should only touch the high
places. [touch…places, italics]  signed, Plebian.  +  [cp]

RR  names  (a-p-5-7) CCH q Sept 7, 1897  Secretary J.B. Hassett of CBR        

Name  fruit    (a-p-5-7) CCH q Sept 7, 1897 
 Judge Schroeder has about 800 bushels of prunes this season, and is drying
20 bushels per day.

animal  RR-expectations [haul 4] CCH Sept 7, 1897.
…drove of beef cattle to market. If only we could get RR to Rsbg.  [cp]

other-coal  condit  [haul 4] CCH Sept 7, 1897.  Capital Journal.  Fed.
Injunction not affected the great coal strike.  [cp]

Srh   locale-indir   haul-4 CCH Sept 7, 1897
 Sections of river and harbor act of Aug 1889 amended and re-enacted      
shall not be lawful to take possession of or build upon in way to impair use of
jetties or dikes or navigable waters.  [M. presume this was published to refute
Isthmus boom problem.]

Joaquin Miller  haul-4 CCH Sept 7, 1897  [short comment fm Del Norte
Recorder abt Joachin [as handwritten] Miller.  [not complimentary] 

Srh  needed   Coq-valley  fruit  haul-4 CCH Sept 7, 1897 
chances of securing steamer for Coq River Trade not promising.  Valley has
ample resources to warrant enterprise and should stand together to bring
about.  Over-production of fruits  can't go to market, as we have no shipping

Other-coal locale   [haul-4 ] CCH Sept 7, 1897.
Fm CB News. A 5 ½ foot of hard coal has been found in South Slough
neighborhood.  [cp]

Fruit  agric-ranch  locale   Loose 6  CCH s Sept 7, 1897  Gravensteins fm J.
W. Noah ranch  S Coos R. Unusually lg, weighing over lb. ea. and perfect in
every respect. 

Fish  locale   Loose 6  CCH s Sept 7, 1897   salt-smoked salmon on Umpqua

Crop  prices  Loose 6  CCH s Sept 7, 1897
C.G. Millett’s wheat land Lane co. av. 27 bushels acre, sold for 80 cents
bushel.  Had 300 acres expects to plant 500 fall.

school  [out8] CCH r  Sept 7, 1897   citizens donating work to new
schoolhouse to help along

Locales  [N Carolina settlement]  agric  climate   surveyors  condit-outlook -
God-Providence  UR  LHC 
[out8] CCH r  Sept 7, 1897
Ramblings fm Rural
Rural, Sept 4.  Surely the farmers of the upper South Coquille, in the N.C.
settlement, have been highly favored by a kind and beneficient Providence for
they have succeeded in raising fine crops of grain, grass and vegetables; they
have filled their barns with the finest quality of hay, and have about finished
harvesting and threshing, and have stored in their wheat, oats and barley in
their granaries. They have also burned their slashings in due time, and were
ready for the gentle showers of rain which commenced falling on the 3lst, ult.,
which had the effect of extinguishing the forest fires and clearing the
atmosphere of srnoke.
Geological surveyors have completed their work in this locality and moved to
Rowland and Etelka.
Our orchards are loaded with the finest fruit imaginable. Who ever saw such
delicious Bartlett pears? They almost melt in one’s mouth! Yes, a “wave of
prosperity” has reached this locality, but it was sent by kind Providence and
not by McKinley & Co. RuRal   +

county   name  [out8] CCH r  Sept 7, 1897    County surveyor S.B.Cathcart

 Misc-saying    paper  politic   [out8] CCH r  Sept 7, 1897
A prospective change of political business management of one of the patent
outside circulars in this valley is on the taps
---  They can’t be any more hostile to the best interests of the county, whether
representing political shysters or class interests for the tip that is in them; there
is no principle at sake.   [M.  obvious refers to other newspapers?]

Pershbaker  Tot-Prosper   character  LR. [out8] CCH r  Sept 7, 1897
Adam Pershbaker, of Prosper, was up...on business.  We should hardly assign
Mr. P as "of Prosper,"  for he belongs to this whole valley and to each
individually, being a whole-souled, public spirited, unselfish citizen. Mr. P. is
talking "business," with a view to developing our section without dependence
on outside selfishness and greed.  He goes on the principle that what benefits
the whole helps him also.

Other-coal locale?  (outlook8) CCH r  Sept 7, 1897.
Coos Bay News.  Mr. Monroe informs us that 5 ½ foot of hard coal found in
South Slough neighborhood.  [cp]

labor exchange  Srh-indir  crop  (outlook8) CCH r  Sept 7, 1897.
Labor Exchange shipped 62 sacks of spuds to the city, Tuesday

Srh  Czarina  BH  RR shops (Clip) (9) CCH Red 5  Sept 7,1897
Marshfield Sun: A Diamond Drill was received on last Czarina for the Beaver
Hill Coal Co. The same is being put in order at the machine shops and will be
ready for service in the near future. +

Sept 14

Other-mining  Kanematz  [haul-4 ] CCH Sept 14, 1897. 
Prof. J.S. Kanematz will leave today on a trip to his mines on Johnson Cr. 

Outside-coal  condit  [haul 4] CCH Sept 14, 1897.
 Hazelton, Pa. Sept 11.  19 died 41 wounded  deputy sheriffs fought with
striking miners (mob). 1500 more men join strikers.  [cp]

Outside-crop   world-conditions haul 4  CCH Sept 14, 1897.  Panic spread
through Ireland as result of crop failure.  [cp]

Govt  misc   haul-4 CCH Sept 14, 1897  [article abt way dept armor plate
plant to be operated by U S Govt]

Tot-name  haul-4 CCH Sept 14, 1897  death of Mr. Lyons [lengthy]

Paper  Tot-Langlois  name  haul-4 CCH Sept 14, 1897
First # of Hon J. H. Upton's paper, the Southwest Oregon Reporter, Langlois,
has been received.  8 pg publication of 4 columns each and talks out like old
veteran he is, with no uncertain sound.

School e-5  CCH Sept 14, 1897
Tchr institute Bandon, lists Prof. Traver, Claude Nosler, Eva Hall, Lucy
Black, Mary Black, Florence Twombley, Belle Rich, Della Endicott,
Katherine Maddocks, Edith Howell, Mary Quick, Mrs. Clara Mansfield,
among others.

School  Loose 6  CCH  Sept 14 1897   [ long article on schoolteachers profile] 

Utility  Loose 6  CCH Sept 14 1897
Coq.City has had vy serviceable water works for many yrs, only city in county
having water supply system. Now being added to.    [ct]

UR  fruit  Loose 6  CCH Sept 14, 1897
Upper River. Prune drying is the order of the day with the up river farmers. 
There will be many fine tons of prunes packed this season. 

Tot-MP   Loose 6  CCH Sept 14, 1897
M. P., while having but one hotel, is amply provided with accomodation for
the traveling public, who always find a comfortable home with Matt.

Entertain  literary music  Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897  A "nickle" social had
literary and musical program  

Kanematz  misc-saying?  Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897  Not the cheap shoes,
but shoes cheap at the Berlin Store.

Tot-Coq  food   Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897   Will Ross opening a meat
market Gray bldg.  

Other-coal  Loose 6  CCH Sept 14, 1897  M. W. McCormac, master mechanic
at Libby mines, in town.   [cp]

church  Nosler  name-Easter Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897
religious debate between Nosler Church of Redeemed Israel   Easter Myrtle
Point Christian ch.  4 nites good audiences considerable interest created no
vote of audience but matter left to those who heard debate.   /
start made on new primary school.

School  Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897   start made on new primary school.   [M
2005.  This was with another item..  Any chance it not a Coq school?]

Fish   enterprise  Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897
Capital Journal.  So 0 Co filed as trade marks 2 labels salmon cans   Invincible
Brand Salmon, Arago Brand Salmon. 

Paper  agric   Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897
Subscribers can pay...subscriptions...Herald on Labor Exchange plan, bring us
good, marketable wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, eggs and chickens. We urge
esp. those who are back with their subscriptions to take this opportunity of
liquidating same. We want good, marketable produce for which we will allow
ruling market price.

School  Loose 6 CCH Sept 14, 1897  C.B.News school commences Monday.

other coal  Libby   name   (clip) (9) CCH Red 5 Sept 14, 1897.  M.W.
McCormac, master mechanic at the Libby mines…

Sept 21

Saying  conditions  [haul 14 ]  CCH u Sept 21, 1897.  [fm labor exchange;
where is first of  article?]  each worker will be remunerated according to his
toil and no idler will be enabled to roll in luxury at the expense of his
fellowmen.  +  [cp]

Fruit  Srh  price  haul-14 CCH u Sept 21, 1897
Coos Bay News: The outlook for disposing of the large apple crop of this
section, at fair prices, is encouraging.  Apples, nicely packed, were purchased
on the wharf at Marshfield, last week, by a San Francisco buyer, for 50 cents a

Fruit Haul-14  CCH u Sept 21, 1897 This is the season of the year when big
apples are displayed in the various resorts in town, and judging from
appearances, they are unusually plentiful this year.  +      vy lg  Gravensteins,
also other variety  E.J. Coffelt brought apple Red Beltegheimier [as typed]
variety to news office which measures 13 3/4 inches weighed 17 ounces.  He
has several young trees this variety just beginning to bear.  nfq

Fruit  name  locale   Haul-14  CCH u Sept 21, 1897
Sample box dried figs excellent quality fruit farm of S. T. Malehorn, Langlois.
His place 200 ft above sea level and here fruits of many varieties flourish
finely.  10 acres olives doing well;  lg prune orchard.  Experiment w/tea and
raised excellent quality.  Climate coast of  Curry milder than Willamette and
most fruits which flourish in Calif can be raised there.   Fm Oregonian

Tot  school  [haul 14] CCH u  Sept 21, 1897.  Randolph school 35 enrolled
Clara Mansfield, tchr.  Walstroms and McCues, pupils. [cp]

Tot-name visiting  e-5  Sept 21, 1897   Miss Agnes Rogers, of the bay, has
been spending a few days in town, the guest of Mr. Baxter and family.  +

Name  Kanematz  other coal  e-5 Sept 21, 1897
Kanematz coal mine.   Chris Long.  [M. 2004: one item or 2?]  [cp]

Organize  entertain  RR-passenger   e-5 Sept 21, 1897
Grand Master Gatch, of the Marshfield...passed through this place
on the train [for a social reception.]

Tot-Coq  e-5 CCH Sept 21, 1897  Chair Factory, Rawhide chairs, J B Fox.
name  e-5 CCH Sept21, 1897     Canning    John Bear  J T McCormac  jurors.

Court  Gage  e-5 CCH Sept 21, 1897.   Gage, Sheriff  Salary $60 a month.

Organize  entertain-pursuit e-5 CCH Sept 21, 1897
Eastern Star entertainment, phantom marchers by 16 of sweetest  prettiest
young phantoms in Coq.  Nq.

name vital stat  e-5  CCH Sept 21, 1897     Upton married. 

Church e-5 CCH Sept 21, 1897     Rev Stone, b.

Lhc  temp  e-5 CCH Sept 21, 1897  Salem labor exchange -- lg brick kiln.    
Town of Yarrow mentioned.   J W Bennett over on train.   Judge Fullerton to
hear S O Co  Coos case. [as also Sept 14.]    bicycle - quote from Albany. 
Elijah Smith  [as also Sept 14.] 
Lhc temp
A D Boone.    J S McEwen [politics].  Coq water works.   Orvil Dodge.   
Prune drying.  Ida, and MM J A Haines, Eckley.   Dement.   / 
Charley Metlin came over fm Empire last week.  /
Peter Loggie, train passenger.    W H Noble; McCormac, Libby mines.  
Canning.  F A White.  Deputy Clyde Gage (2).
Godfrey performers (local). 
Co court adjourned today.    Kanematz, mining.  [cp]   /   Prof Kinnicutt (2). 
New primary school.   1st Coos newspaper '74 -- Coos Co. Record, F P
McDevitt (2).      /          Sadie Maury, a sister of L P Maury.  [b more.]              
/       Majory, Bandon.   Ethan Mcduffee.  J P Easter.   Mr. Quick up fm
Bandon after 10 day outing.     School tchr Coq.

School e-5a Sept 21, 1897
Mrs. Clara Mansfield has finished a successful term of school at Randolph,
and is now engaged in finishing the Parkersburg school.  +  [cp]

county  tax locale name?     e-5a CCH Sept 21, 1897
County court proceedings.  Allan Urquhart, petition for tax deed to west half
of lot 2, Coaledo, granted.  Sheriff to execute and deliver deed to Urquhart.  
Nq   [cp]

Parker other-locale   e-5a  CCH Sept 21, 1897  Mrs. Capt. Parker and Georgia
to Crater Lake.

BH  Tot  e-5a CCH Sept 21, 1897    Riverton News.   /   Charley Cessna and
Archie Gibson of Beaver Hill were over here last Sunday. +   [cp]     /  Robert
Marsden left for Beaver Hill Sunday.  + [cp] 

Church e-5a CCH Sept 21, 1897    lengthy on Coq Episc church.    

Health name  e-5a CCH Sept 21, 1897    Lengthy on Pat Phelan accident.  [cp]

Condit-attitude     (loose6) CCH s Sept 21, 1897.
 Long article of interest to the people. (reprint) religious tone using carpenter
of Galilee making $1 for every working day and how long would take to make
“honest” million. Implication others don’t make honest million.   [cp]

Court  prices  names [categories]  loose Srh  [??]   6 CCH s  Sept 21, 1897
Court House    (court proceedings, misc.  payments) connected w/court house
some incl Stmr Yarrow transport courthouse furniture Empire to Marsh $2 50
D. Giles brick tiling cesspool and jail                                                54 50
Thos. Krewson digging and walling cesspool                                            62 25
J. J. Lamb   hardware/fixtures for jail                                                70 55
N. W. Leneve   lining vault, making pi4eon holes for clerk’s office
          and gate for sheriff’s office                                                                 4
M. H. Hersey    guarding jail                                                                     100
James Hayes  hauling furniture to wharf at Empire, and hauling
         prisoners fm Empire City to Coq                                                 14 50
R. W. Getty  hauling jail cells and safes to wharf, also furniture      67 15
Wm Rich, oil-lamp chimneys and shades for assessors /sherrifs offices      4

Tot  Srh  (clip) (9) CCH Red 5 Sept 21, 1897
Parkersburg .  After an absence of several years the schooner Lizzie Prien has

Srh fruit (clip) (9) Red 5 Sept. 21, 1897 
Riverton Riotings (Dona Ana). Sept 21.  Apples shipped to SF by Moro.  [red
check mark ]

UR?  other mining (clip 9)  CCH  Red 5  Sept 21, 1897.
Upper River Dept.  Gold mining – Salmon Mountain and Currier mines.

county    name  [clip10 CCH t  Sept 21, 1897]
County salaries
J.H. Barkiow 1/2 yr salary school supt $100
Ed Rackleff,clerk 1 mo salary    100
L.H. Hazard,deputy dlerk,l mo    66 66
W. W. Gage,sheriff,l mo    100
C.A. Gage deputy sheriff 1 mo    60
J.H. Schroeder judge 1 quarter 200        [all cp]

Tot  Climate  farming  fish  travel [category] [clip10 CCHt  Sept 21, 1897]
A little more rain than is desired for those who are not through threshing. +  /
   Bandon cannery will start soon.   /
Mrs. Captain Parker and daughter, Georgia, have returned fm a protracted
visit to Ashland...

Climate  farming  crops  fruit  Locale [clip10 CCHt  Sept 21, 1897.]
Our farmers, after having filled their barns and granaries with hay and grain,
are putting in their time during this delightful weather in harvesting and
threshing their beans, and will soon be digging their potatoes, of which they
also have excellent crops. They are also engaged in taking care of their large
fruit crops --drying apples, canning and preserving pears, making apple and
pear butter, jelly, etc, is now part of the order of the day at Rural.  +

Other coal  Riverton  J. Ferry & [clip10 CCHt Sept 21, 1897.]
Riverton Riotings
Joseph Ferry is sinking a slope to the Timon vein on his place. He has already
faced up the vein below his slope and demonstrated beyond a doubt that he
has a feasible and practical project ahead of him. He will drive his slope about
150 feet before he strikes the vein. He is opening the vein near the B.B.C.
company's line about 30 feet above common tide water of the Coquille. He
will have as good, if not the best, quality of coal on that vein, inasmuch as he
strikes it at a lower level than has ever been touched before. All our citizens
wish him success.  +

Church [clip10 CCHt  Sept 21, 1897.] 
report on general conf. of ME chucrh fm Corvallis. /    Articles contained in
cornerstone of St James Episcopal church.

Accid  Phelan  train   team  BH hosp  RR  Porter mill [clip10 CCHt Sept 21,
A serious and prob. fatal accident occured last eve near MP.  team
unmanageable; special train deliv. him fm MP to Beaver Hill hospital in
critical cond. Phelan employee of Beaver Hill Mining & Railroad Co scaler in
Porter sawmill, which under lease to above company.    [cp]

Dairy indir  [clip 10 CCHt  Sept 21, 1897.]  For sale. 4-gallon cylinder churn,
almost new $2.  

Utility  Tot-Coq  blacksmith clip 10 CCH t  Sept 21, 1897      Water company
connected Wilson & Field's blacksmith shop.

Other coal    Tot-Coq  [clip10 CCHt  Sept 21, 1897.]
The Coquille Coal Co. will deliver coal at any point in town at $3 per ton. J.
W. Leneve is agent and will fill your order. [cp] 

climate  clip10 CCH t  Sept 21, 1897
 rain shut off early last week and gave us several fine sunshiny days, incl. 2 or
3 hottest of season. 92 last Fri, 82 highest before.

Tot-Coq  mill [clip 10 CCH t  Sept 21, 1897.] 
Lyons mill started up again. Mrs. Lyons administratrix of estate; Mr. Perry
and Mr. White will manage business affairs.

School  Tot   prices  [clip 10 CCHt Sept 21, 1897.]  Riverton School.  F.C.
Kinnicutt principal Tuition $1.50 mo.

Condit  [clip10 CCHt Sept 21, 1897.]
Labor Exchange. Accountant:[ M. must be name of publication.]  The system
of wage-earning is rapidly losing ground and will soon be supplanted by the
Labor Exchange or some other co-operative plan whereby  [continued, but not
in this section]  [cp]

UR  name  paper  land-seekers  supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897
Upper River.  Miss Daisy Dodge has charge of the typewriter in her father’s
office. She reports much land business before the U S Commission.   . [editor
observes he thinks more young men would file claims for land just because
Daisy there.]   [   M.  Evid in MP, not “outside."]

UR  music  Tot-MP  church  school-indir  supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897
Upper River.  Misses Daisy and Alta Dodge and Mrs. Conner bought beautiful
pianos fm Wise & Co.  MP stands well for vocal and instrumental music.  The
church singing is simply fine under management Prof Traver. not q at all.

UR transport  pioneer  animal? Tot-MP  Interest?  Supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897
Upper River. We are informed that several pioneers were reminded of early
days on this coast Sunday morning by a mixed pack train receiving its cargo
of merchandise at Herman & Brown's store.  There was a spotted Arabian
horse, a mule, jenny and some other animals that we will not name, besides a
lot of boys looking in on the unusual  sight.  Throwing the rope and cinching
the animals until it was time to slap him on the hip and say “whoa”, and then
turn them  loose, was interesting to the boys and brought to the minds of older
ones the days of Carribou and Salmon river.

Tot-name  pioneer?   Supp-c CCH Sept 21, 1897    Uncle Chris Long, Bandon

Bicycle misc-word  name  travel  Supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897
Fred and Is Nosler, our two crackajack [as typed ] wheelmen,will start out at 6
o’clock tomorrow morning via Marshfield to Empire, to Bandon, to Myrtle
Point and thence to this place by 6 o'clock p. m. -- making the round from 6 to
6.   +

School  name Supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897
The Collegiate Institute is growing popular and increasing its attendance at the
rate of  two or three new scholars each day. Prof. Nicholson will build up a
good school.  +  

logging  health  name  Supp-c CCH Sept 21, 1897
Fred Strang was hurt at Pike's logging camp. Cut hand with ax.  not q at all.

Kanematz  other mining locale   Supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897 
Prof. Kanematz returned from a visit up to his mine in a gulch between
Johnson creek and Salmon Gulch.  He named the gulch in which his mine is
located Yukon and reports outlook fine. not f q 

Vital stat  name  Supp-c CCH Sept 21, 1897
J M Upton, Esq. last wk wedded to the charming Miss Eleanor Augusta Reed. 

Entertain  music name  church Supp-c CCH Sept 21, 1897
Laura Fox is one of people who gave recitation and Miss Birdie Nosler
instrumental piece entitled “The Chariot Race” or ”Ben Hur” at a social given
at the little church Sat eve.   not q at all

School  Tot-Coq-pride  Supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897
 New temp. school bldg finished last Sat. Volunteer help fell far short of what
was promised or expected.
     It should have been a matter of pride and pleasure to have donated a day or
part of a day in providing shelter and more healthful and comfortable quarters
for the primary department.

Suit  Allied  Graham  county  names [mill indir] RR     supp-c  CCH Sept 21,
 Circuit court.  R A Graham vs Wm Notley, appeal fm Justice court.
CBR vs Fannie Dixon, W S Vandenberg, Geo F Ross, F E Lang, E A
Anderson, R D Sanford, A W McArthur, A L Nosler, D L Watson, Wm
Notley. [all listed separately as:] action at law.  CBR vs Lars Clemmensen
action at law.
J D Spreckels Bros Co vs W A Border, action at law.
CBR vs estate A Nasburg, deceased, action at law.
James Wall vs CBR.
Pacific Marine Supply Co. vs Alfred Morras et all, action at law. G Armstrong
vs vs Alfred Morras and Mark Morras action at law. Pacific Marine Supply vs
Alfred Morras et all, suit in equity.
J H Benson vs Lillie Graham et all, suit in equity.  [M. probably no connection
to RA!]

court  name  supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897.  [circuit court.]  Robert Marsden vs
Peter Loggie suit in equity.

Vital stat name supp-c   Sept 21, 1897   Born Coq Sept 19, to M/M Ed
Cunningham, daughter.  

Tot-Bandon  name supp-c  CCH Sept 21, 1897   Wrenshall Brothers of

Health BH  condit?  Supp-cCCH Sept 21, 1897
  A gentleman by the name of Wilks died at Beaver Hill Monday.  His death,
which resulted from a ruptured artery, was singular.  He was employed in the
mine and was struck on the leg.  The blow ruptured an artery, but scarcely
made a scar in the skin.  When told that his leg would have to be amputated,
Wilks said he would prefer death to the operation as he might as well be dead
as alive with his leg off.  Deceased was from the state of Washington and 65
years of age.  --Marshfield Sun.  +  [cp]

Name  Tot-Riverton  supp-e  Sept 21, 1897   [articles fm Riverton about
Marsden, Ferry, others]  [M. presume I have.]

Church   supp-e  Sept 21, 1897
[lengthy article on laying cornerstone Church of St. James the Apostle, Coq    
not q

UR  animal name    supp-e  CCH Sept 21, 1897 Upper River.  Wm Page,
stock man.

[Tot-MP  pursuit  misc-word  supp-e CCH Sept 21, 1897
Upper River.  ... The young men have a rink over Mrs. Dixon’s store and they
have a “rattling” time every few evenings.   

Locale  crop name supp-e CCH Sept 21, 1897   Upper River. ...Daniel Giles
went to Camas Valley, brought in load Snow Flake flour. Profitable trip.  

Locale other mining  supp-e CCH Sept 21, 1897    Salmon Mtn and Currier

Tot-MP music  supp-e CCH Sept 21, 1897  Upper River. 
... Brass band an institution of  the past.  Boys have disbanded, divided up
property,  and stopped blowing. Town will miss them vy much. [more to
article; seem to have been some problems, so they decided to quit.]

AHB  Tot-MP  entertain?  supp-e  CCH Sept 21, 1897
[article abt Us Girls, describes going into various MP stores  Interesting article
to write up for what went on in stores, atmosphere. nq]
     We concluded then to go to the elegant establishment of A. H. B1ack &
Co.  Of course “Roman” and "Bart" were gallant and cautious, and we were
permitted to ask all kinds of foolish questions about prices, etc. (such as we
always ask when we have no money), but some other girls came in and we
found that they had a little prestige over us -- we could tell that by Roman’s
smile -- so we called on Grandma Chas. Roberts, who had charge of the candy
store. Grandma is a lovely elderly lady, and she had Uncle Charley wind up
his great music box, and we listened to sweet and pleasing music, drank
lemonade and ate candy at Johnny's expense (we hope) until the curfew rang
out the warning and we went home. If we are successful in this editorial work
we shall take a more extended ramble some pleasant evening and report more
fully.  +

Sept 28

lbr  church  r-f3-5  CCH v  Sept 28, 1897    Lbr has been delivered fr new
Episc church.

Graham  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897    R. A Graham, manager of the Coos
Bay, Roseburg railroad, was in Coquille City yesterday.  +  [cp]

Tot   Prices  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897   
cash at J. W. Leneve's store.          Oregon Flour, per bbl           $4  75
                                                       Rolled Oats  13 lb                       50
                                                       Granulated sugar 16 1b           1  00
                                                       Best Green Coffee  5 lb           1 00
                                                       Best Rice        1 lb                        5 1/2
                                                       Arbuckle and Lion coffee pkg    15       [cp]

Church-indir  Tot  fruit  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897    Elder S. B.
Hollenbeak, of Fairview, last Wednesday shipped a wagon-load of
watermelons and muskmelons to Beaver Hill.   +  [cp]

Nursery  name  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897    Jim McAdams, representing S.
T. Malehorn's nurseries in Curry County, visited his old friends at this place
last week and took many orders for fruit trees. 

Crop  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897    Spuds beginning to be harvested

Fruit dryer outside  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897
A cooperative fruit evaporator and cannery at Azuza, Cal., is one of the
possibilities of the near future.  Sm experim. evaporator in use 2 yrs proven
successful.  Feature/evaporation vegetables.

Names Tot  Agric  r-f3-5 CCH v  Sept 28, 1897
Uncle Dave Stone and Alex Cardwell were down from their Fishtrap home
last Wednesday.  They give a good report from the crops in their little valley. 
The farmers ...have saved all their grain, and fruit and vegetables are being
cared for.  The crops are even in excess of what the most hopeful were
looking for, the yield of grain being enormously heavy and of the best quality. 
Oats has averaged 100 bushels to the acres.  Barley was superb.  G. W. Wimer
got 137 1/2 bushels of barley to the acre, and had 4 1/8 acres.  Other crops
turned out proportionately fine.  +

Tot  road  farmers  conditions?  (CBR r-f3-5)  CCH v  Sept 28, 1897 
Gravelford, Sept 23.  I.T. Weekly  Says good road mean good prices.  That
heretofore a famine or failure in one part of the world serious but now that
there are good roads and rrs it can always be shipped in to other parts so now
is not a problem.  Pleadings for good county roads so farmers can market
more sporadically rather than all showing up just before rain makes road
useless.  Nq  [cp]

Outside coal  (CBR r-f3-5) CCH v  Sept 28, 1897.  Hazleton, PA Sept 21. 
Peace has been restored in the anthracite region.  More than 2/3 of strikers
now working.  [cp]

Spreckels  politic locale 
[Haul 14 ]  CCH u  Sept 28, 1897.
Whiff of anarchy town bd of Marshfield.  …”The town board met Wednesday
evening and after passing on several bids, approved the same; *** [in print]
and after some debate denied the petition of J.D. Spreckels and C. H.
Merchant for a vacation of certain streets, alleys and lots in the Railroad
addition to Marshfield.”  We surmise the absence of criticism of action of bd
for reason tt big fight on between gop bosses, local and outside capitalistic
powers and rabble ward strikers of each, or the other fact, it “doesn’t know
where it’s at” because Spreckels and Merchant are slow to hand over the
“retention fees” which are usually “in such cases made and provided.”  [M.
2001. This must be abt same date as Herald had been told they ought to accept
fees fm politicians, an entry made about that same time period??]  [cp]

Bicycle  misc-saying?  Name  Haul-14 CCH u Sept 28, 1897
[Humorous article abt Capt Butler [of hotel, no doubt] learning to ride bicycle
by taking several headers.]   sports his skinned nose and scratched cheek like a
veteran of the war does his brass coat and blue buttons.  [as typed.] 

Kanematz  haul-14  CCH u Sept 28, 1897  Prof. K. dissolved a partnership
and will run Berlin store alone.

Fruit   fish  Haul-14 CCH u Sept 28, 1897  C.B. News  lg quantities apples fm
the Coquille being shipped to city via Marshfield.  Cannery 4000 cases

Tot  road  Haul-14 CCH u Sept 28, 1897  Myrtle P. - Dairyville road relocated
over good, easy grade.

Climate garden  Coq-valley  Haul-14 CCH u Sept 28, 1897 
Upper R Dept.  The gentle rain returned on last Sunday evening to bless us
once more with those refreshing showers for which the Coquille valley is so
famous and of which there is always an ample supply allotted to this, the
garden spot of the world.  +

Utility  names  [haul 14] CCH u  Sept 28, 1897.  Salem, Sept 23.  Marshfield
Water Company filed articles of incorporation.  Nq     This company proposes
to engage to construct, purchase, own, operate and maintain water works for
the purpose of supplying the town of Marshfield with water from such points
and in such manner as it shall see proper, and to sell water in the county.  +    
Corporation capitalized $30,000 divided into 300 shares par value $100 ea. 
O. Orchard, James H. Flanagan and J. W. Bennett incorporators.  nq.  [cp]

RR-haul  logging  [haul 14] CCH u  Sept 28, 1897.  Two trains of logs ea day
for a week fm Pike’s logging camp have been adding to business life of this
section.  {cp]

Tot-Coq  haul-14 CCH u Sept 28, 1897  Joint business house Jacobson and
Gilham, corner of Front and Hall st, rapidly nearing completion.  Quite large,
Jacobson side being 3 stories high.

School  Haul-14 CCH u Sept 28, 1897  Bandon public school 157 pupils in

Other coal  Tot-Coq  Loose 7  CCH t x  Sept 28, 1897
[Head ]  Coquille City’s Coal Mine. An attache of the Herald having received
an invitation to visit and inspect the coal mine just east of our city, took
advantage...  A great deal of preparatory work has been done and an addition
of some length made to the already long tramway which is the means of
conveying the coal from the mine to this city. A tunnel has been run a distance
of 100 feet and the vein of coal tapped is an exceedingly valuable one, the
coal being second to none in the county. The mine is the property of J. C.
Wilson, of this city, but at present leased by Messrs. J. W.  Sugg, J. S.
Cornwell and Joseph Waltermeier, who have done a great deal of preliminary
work and are now about on the eve of reaping the benefits which they richly
deserve. The name of the organization is the Coquille City Bituminous Coal
Mining Co., and the future success of the property in point of value is well
assured.  A 12-horse power hoisting engine has been placed at the mouth of
the shaft and already has drawn many tons from the mine. At the point
inspected  -- the end of the tunnel -- the vein shows a face of about five feet,
but the actual width has not yet been ascertained.  It is the intention to develop
this fact [as typed], when the work of rooming out will be commenced and the
output of the mine will be considerable. Mr. Wilson is to be congratulated on
the possession of such a valuable property, and it is to be hoped in the near
future the shipping facilities from our city to San Francisco will be such as to
warrant extensive development of  the mine, and the employment of many
men as a consequence who will be well remunerated for their labor.        [red

Srh  Moro disaster  name  (clip) (9) CCH Red 5 Sept 28, 1897.
San Francisco, terrible catastrophe, explosion of a tank of gasoline on the
schooner Moro.  Being prepared for voyage, gas tank misplaced. Stream of
gasoline hit light in cabin and caught fire. No one hurt.  Owner, J. S. Kimball.
Captain, Jorgeson.

Bicycle interest name  wagon  saying?  lbr   supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Capt. Butler, who has mastered the bicycle, and tamed that listless and
voiceless steed to his use, as he supposed, finds now that he has to use both
crupper and martingale, for the past week he suffered headers both forward
and backward. While going up to his farm last week, as he struck the planking
of a bridge from the approach the momentum was greater than the resistance
and the captain went ahead of his steed and independently of it, lighting on his
head and suffering some scratches.  But while somewhat disfigured he was
still in the ring and would not own that he had spent his time in vain. In town,
a day or two later, he was making good time on his wheel and tried to obviate
a collision with a wagon loaded with lumber. He guided around to the rear of.
the wagon, not aware that the lumber extended away [sic] back of it, and so at
full pace dashed into the lumber, the wheel going under and the captain in an
acrobatic flight over, without making close connection, hence coming out
second best again.  Still the captain is game, and sports his skinned nose and
scratched cheek like a veteran of the war does his brass coat and blue buttons. 
[M. is this sic,  or did I transpose?  I believe I recall it being sic.]

Coq-valley log  RR-haul  supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Coos Bay News.  A good many spruce logs are being brought over from the
Coquille.  One load Friday was composed altogether of spruce.   [cp]

school  supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897   Bandon Recorder: 157 pupils school
there    not q

climate   supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897 
The gentle rain returned on last Sunday evening to bless us once more with
those refreshing showers... 

Other mining  locale?  supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897   Salmon Mtn mine, Geo
Wheeler, fm Painter & Wheeler claim.

name  transport  health  Supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
R. G. McQuigg was considerably bruised up and badly hurt several days ago,
having been thrown out of a vehicle in which the team became unmanageable.
He has been confined to his home ever since and is slowly improving.

Tot-Coq  character?   Supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
J W Leneve proving the liveliest and most popular merchant in his lines

Music  organization  name Supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Geo Leach, cornet solo, Jim Whetstone and Clvde Gage violin duet, Eastern
Star next Sat. night. not q

Health  names  Supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Comrade McDuffee has recovered from a late sick spell and is almost a boy
again.  +   /     Miss Fanny McDuffee returned last week from the bay where
she had been staying with Mrs. Olive for several weeks.   +

Bicycle  name misc-word-twain  supp-d  CCH Sept 28, 1897
The Coquille cyclists, Fred and Is Nosler, made the circuit from this place via
Marshfield, Empire City, Bandon and Myrtle Point, a distance of  93 miles,
last Wednesday, as announced in the Herald that they would, except in the
particular of starting at 6 a.m. Fred had been almost persuaded not to
undertake the run, but later made ready to "go", and at 7 the twain were on
their way over the wagonroad [sic] toward Marshfield.  They reached
Marshfield, 22 miles, in an hour and forty minutes; from Marshfield to
Empire, 6 miles, in thirty-five minutes; Empire to Bandon, 30 miles, in four
hours; Bandon to Myrtle Point, 26 miles, in two hours and forty minutes; from
Myrtle Point to Coquille City, 9 miles, in fifty minutes. The distance,
therefore, of 93 miles was covered in nine hours and forty minutes.  ...The
total time between leaving and returning was 10 hours and 10 minutes.  +

Health  name   supp-e CCH Sept 28,1897.  Death of Clark A Bullard.

AHB  travel  locale  outing  supp-e  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Rome Black and Joe Morrison returned from their coast trip last Sunday,
having gone as far south as Elk river.  They report a pleasant trip.      [red

School   supp-e  CCH Sept 28, 1897
 Miss Bertha Prey closed a successful 5 mo term school  near Bancroft 
.(Upper River)

Other coal  name supp-e  CCH Sept 28, 1897
[vy lengthy article about Coq Coal mine.]  An attache of the Herald, having
received an invitation to visit and inspect the coal mine just east of our city,
took advantage of the opportunity... Names: J C Wilson, J W Sigg [as typed  =
Sugg?], Conwell, Walter Meyer.  Coq City Bituminous Coal  Co. [M 2005.
Not sure tt it in Coq, however.]

school  supp-e  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Bandon Recorder: public school progressing nicely with 157 pupils attend. not

Church  health  Srh  supp-f  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Rev. C. A. Stine, of the Christian church at this place, went to Bandon
Saturday to fill appointments to preach on Sunday. Word was received by the
boat Sunday at noon that an accident had happened to Mr. Stine Saturday
night, and that he was badly hurt about his head and shoulders from a fall.  As
we learned it, Mr. Stine had been at Mr. Shoemaker’s residence, which is
reached by a stairway from a sidewalk or plat constructed over the mudflat
near the steamer landing.  At the foot of the stairway the platform is very
narrow and uneven, and as Mr. S. reached the place in the dark he made a
misstep and was precipitated to the hard gravelly beach below, a distance of
about 14 feet, striking on his head and shoulders. When found he was
unconscious, but recovered later and was believed not to be seriously hurt. He
is about 64 years of age, and somewhat crippled and infirm from wounds and
service during the late war, hence his escape from serious and possibly fatal
injury by this fall is quite remarkable. News brought by Capt. Vale Perry of
the Dispatch yesterday was to the effect that Mr. Stine was doing well, though
his collarbone was broken and he was bruised and cut on the head. He was
feeling better and conversing with friends who called upon him.  Mrs. Stine
accompanied him to Bandon and was on hand to render attention to her
injured husband.
LATER -- Rev. Stine and wife returned per steamer near noon today. Mr. S. is
in great pain, suffering intensely from internal tearing of the flesh from the
bones, besides the fracture of the left shoulder-blade, the collar-bone, three
ribs and the painful bruising of his left shoulder and head.  +   [red check

Bicycle  Tot-Coq  bridge  health  supp-f  CCH Sept 28, 1897
Last Saturday evening Miss Pearl Baxter and miss Agnes Rogers, the latter
from Coos Bay on a visit to friends here, were coasting on their wheels from
the hill on the west side of the long new bridge down to and on e bridge. Of
course the way looked altogether safe and the young ladies were having a fine
time. However, on this particular run, the calculations were not
mathematically correct, for it was found that the coaster and a pedestrian
could not pass on a single track, and to avert a collision at such a rate of speed
appeared impossible. Our old friend W. E. McDuffee was on the bridge close
to a side railing, and Miss Rogers was also keeping close to the railing till they
were so near together that neither could with safety turn out.  Miss Rogers did
take the chances, however, and turned, but was going at such speed that in
turning the corner on the bridge, where the roadway runs south, the wheel
dashed against the railing, which is three feet high, and through under it
[print], while the rider went circling through the air over the railing, landing
on the soft, marshy ground 22 feet below. Besides this great fall, Miss Rogers
y struck between two stakes, standing about three feet apart, and missed them
entirely, or she must certainly have been killed or very badly hurt. The
accident was witnessed by Comrade McDuffee, Miss Pearl Baxter, Mrs. D.F.
Dean and Sam Nosler. The last-named hastened to the young lady’s rescue,
who seemed to be stunned by the fall, and raised her from the ooze in the
marsh.  She proved to be all right, except some badly rent clothing, and was
quickly heard from in the ejaculation:  “Well, but what’s become of my
wheel?”  The thought it must be broken to pieces and seemed to occupy first
consideration in her mind [as in
print.]  If the fall had been just a few feet further along the lady would
certainly have been killed on striking the hard earth.  The witnesses were quite
overcome with fright, Mr. Nosler being the first to rally sufficiently to render
     Miss Rogers took yesterday morning’s train for home, and remarked to this
reporter that she had sustained no injury, and was feeling as well as ever.  +   
[last para cp]    [M. doesn’t say what happened to bicycle.]

Music entertain name supp-g  CCH Sept 28, 1897 
Prof. Nicholson and wife are booked for a mandolin and guitar duet at the
entertainment next Saturday night, and probably a recitation or select reading
from the former.  +

Tot-Coq  Nosler supp-g  CCH Sept 28, 1897
 L. L. Dietz, a practical watch repairer will soon open a shop.  In meantime
will do repairing at home of Judge Nosler.  Nq

Allied  name   RR  supp-g  CCH  Sept 28, 1897.
In a supreme court at Salem Monday  of last week the following action was
taken from Coos County: “Z.T. Siglin, respondent, vs Coos Bay, Roseburg &
Eastern Railway and Navigation Co., appellant, appeal from Coos county:
ordered on stipulation that appellent have leave to file an abstract of the record
in this cause in lieu of the transcript.    [no ending quote.]

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