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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is a fairly comprehensive list of news items, but by no means includes all items.

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                                 Coquille, Or.

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June 14

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name-JoaquinMiller  paper literary? Poetry-indir Misc-money? OT-Texas
OT-Cali OT-LaneCoOR history oil lifestyle
CoqB 13 June 14, 1901 
                         JOAQUIN MILLER A MILLIONAIRE.
                               Stumbled Onto Land In Texas
                                              Oil Field.
     Letters have been received by relatives of Joaquin Miller at Eugene which
leave but little doubt that he has made a fortune.  It seems that a few months
ago he became tired of his California home and started for Texas with the idea
of hunting a new location without any particular section in view.  At any rate
he got off the cars at Beaumont, the an [sic; = then an] obscure and unknown
place, as it was still before the discovery of oil near there.  He located where
he thought he would be as nearly out of the world as possible, and to have
room around him free from molestation he bought a thousand acres at merely
a nominal figure.  But the poet was not to have the long-sought resting place
in which to spend his declining years.  All around him the great gushing oil
wells have been discovered.  Several of them have been bored on his ranch
and "Joaquin" of wandering fame has been made immensely rich, probably a
millionaire.  He is happy as a lord.  Once before he made his fortune on Wall
Street and as quickly lost it.  His new fortune has already made him liberal as
usual and he has already announced that he is bequeathing his California
home, "The Heights" with 100 acres near Oakland, to the school children of
that city.  The home will not be surrendered right away -- as his mother, who
is very aged, and his children will use it for some time.  Miller's parents came
to Oregon in 1852, settling in Lane county where his father died.  For a time
in the '60's [sic] he edited the Democratic Review.  --Capital Journal.  +

Law? Condit food fruit official-state prices  CoqB 13 June 14, 1901
[Eugene Guard]  Everything has been labeled vinegar, even if didn't contain a
drop of apple juice, consumer paid as much for inferior substitute as for real.
St. Food Commissioner Bailey says if consumers insist on pure apple cider
vinegar there will be saved to Or. fm $50,000 to $75,000 yr  now pocketed by
Eastern manufacturers.  Now must be labeled w/true name "Pure apple cider
vinegar," "distilled vinegar," or "vinegar made from grain and syrup."
[not quote at all].

Health-contag OT-Redding-Cali  CoqB 13 June 14, 1901 
     Redding, Cal, has several cases of smallpox.  +

Natl-filler Alaska-mining misc-money  CoqB 13 June 14, 1901
     The gold output of the Klondyke [sic] for the season just closed is reported to be $30,000,000.  +

Tot-Coquille? Item-metal item-rubber item-apparel business bldg 
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901 
     The I. X. L. store buys brass, copper, old rubber boots and shoes at the highest
market price.  Give them a call.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Oregon OT-Asia OT-Yokohama OT-Honolulu OT-SF 
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901 
     The battleship Oregon is on her way home from her Asiatic station [sic; no period] 
She left Yokohama the middle of last month and stopped a day or two at Honolulu and
from to [sic] San Francisco.  +

natl pursuit-pastime church temperance character paper-attitude lifestyle-habits
CoqB 13 June 14, 1901
                                    About Mrs. McKinley.
     Mrs. McKinley's life is a lesson in simplicity.  Invalidism, which she has
borne with cheerful fortitude, deprives her of many pleasures which she would
otherwise enjoy.
     She was the daughter of  James A. Saxton, a prominent banker of Canton,
Ohio, and was born in that city.  In the public school there and later in a
private school in Cleveland, she obtained her preliminary education.
     Then she attended for three years Brook Hall Seminary in Media, PA.  Six
months of travel in Europe completed her education and she returned to her
house in Canton an acknowledged belle.
     Her father, a man of practical ideas, said, "She must be trained to earn her
own bread if necessary and not to sell herself to matrimony."  So Miss Ida
Saxton received a place in her father's banking house, and it is said of her that
her face attracted boquets and notes in her window.
     She had many suitors, but Major McKinley, then a rising young lawyer,
was the most highly favored.  He won her hand and this acknowledgement
from her father.  "Major McKinley is the only man I have ever known to
whom I would entrust my daughter."
     They were married on January 25, 1871, in Canton.
     It is said that in the early days of their marriage she said [sic] that Major
McKinley would some day be President of  the United States.   They went to
house-keeping in the home which has since become famous.
     Their first child was born on Christmas Day, 1872, and was named Kate.
She lived to be three year [sic] old.  The second child, named Ida, died in
     At about the same time, Mrs. McKinley's mother died.
     The shock brought on a long illness, which left her an invalid.  Partial
paralysis had resulted and since then she has walked with difficulty and some
times she has been unable to stand.
     She was extremely ambitious for her husband.  In Washington for many
years as the wife of Representative McKinley she was greatly admired.  But it
is as the wife of the President and the first lady of the land that the deepest
interest has attached to her life.  She is fond of children and at one time
wanted  to adopt the little daughter of her seamstress and nurse, of a poor
widow.  She also desired to adopt Miss Grace McKinley, the orphan daughter
of the President's brother James.  She leaves [sic; = loves?] music and flowers
     She is denied the delight of reading to any great extent, but is fond of
books, and the President spends much time reading aloud to her.  She is deft
with her fingers and crocheting is one of her chief enjoyments.
     Mrs. McKinley was reared a Presbyterian, but became a member of the
Methodist church.
     At dinners her wine glass is always turned down.  She always sits beside
the President; even at state dinners, when custom assigns the President's place
at the table opposite her.  President McKinley will never allow anything to
separate him from his wife when she is able to attend public functions.  The
President's devotion to his wife is a touching tribute to her. --Ex.  +

Timber fair-expo OT-Buffalo RR-other RR-haul RR-phy Locale-Oregon boomer
machine?  CoqB 13a June 14, 1901
                                Oregon Timber at Buffalo Expo-
     The Buffalo Courier of May 24 [sic] has this about the Oregon timber
exhibit at the Pan-American Exposition at that city.
     Winches and rollers have solved the problem of moving Oregon's two big
timbers from the railroad cars to their place in the forestry exhibit.
     These timbers have been the cause of considerable worry among
Exposition officials, and for some time it looked as if they would have to
remain on the tracks or be shipped back home.  This the Oregon
commissioners declared should not be done, as they had been brought by the
direct request of Director-General Buchanan, who had promised to move
anything in the way of a log that Oregon could furnish.
     Col. Dosch, who is the general superintendent of Oregon's exhibits, says he
did not bring the biggest he could find, but when the two he did bring arrived
here the Director General was non-plussed.  One of them is a sawed log,
thirty-four inches square and seventy-four feet long.  The other is still in its
rough state, is not so long, diameter of six feet.
     As the railroad tracks could not be extended to the Forestry Building, the
only feasible plan for moving the big timbers was to put them on rollers and
move them with a powerful windlass.  +   

Saying timber OT-PA machine log invention  CoqB 13a June 14, 1901
     The sound of the woodman's ax [sic] may soon be a thing of the past.  In
the forest of  Potter County, Pa., a machine is to be tested which is claimed to
be capable of peeling bark, cutting down trees and then transforming them
into logs.  After being fastened to a tree the machine will peel it from the
ground to the branches then cut it down and saw it into required lengths.  +

Lhc-census pop OT-Russia war school-indir money? 
CoqB 13a June 14, 1901 
Population of Russian Empire 229,211,113.  Strength of army 860,000 men and
3400 guns.  Cost of guns; of education; finances.  Not quote at all.

World war OT-Africa Boer  CoqB 13a June 14, 1901  [War in Transvaal.]

metal-Steel invention OT-ReddingCali OT-NorthernCali OT-EasternUS OT-Chicago
prices?  CoqB 13a June 14, 1901
                                         New Steel Process Is Found.
     Redding, Cal., June 6.  --Geo. C. Carson, an experienced mining man of
Northern California, and recently superintendent of a mine in this district, has
applied for a patent on a new process for the manufacture of steel, which he
claims to have perfected.  Carson states that he has been approached by a
large Eastern steel organization with an offer of $600,000 for the secret,
provided the patent is issued and tests are satisfactory.  A testing plant will be
established near Chicago.  By the use of the Carson process, the inventor
states that steel of a quality much superior to Bessamer steel can be produced.

OT-Ashland oil  CoqB 13a June 14, 1901
     The Southern Oregon Oil Company received 500 feet of casing Thursday.  It is of
steel and 11 5/8  inches in diameter.  Five drills of different sizes are coming with the
machinery from Chicago, the largest one being 14 inches, which will be used first.  On
Saturday the company placed its order for a derrick with the Ashland Manufacturing
Co.  It will erect a 70-foot derrick and the order is for about 15,000 feet of lumber.
 –Ashland Tidings.  +

Paper paper-attitude natl filler condit-signs-times [?] literary? Item-goods Politic govt 
CoqB 13b June 14, 1901 
     The proper place for advertising is in a newspaper.  It goes into the homes of the
people and is read every day, and there is a reason for reading it.  It contains the news,
the news of the commercial world, the price of commodities, the record of births and
deaths, the news of politicians, the men who run the government.  In short, it is
indispensible [sic] to intelligent persons.  It is a medium, consequently, for sellers,
because it reaches all buyers.  –Ex.  +

Natl filler? Agric-trees? Expo log OT-BuffaloNY OT-CascadeLocksOR Locale-Oregon 
CoqB 13b June 14, 1901
     A curious specimen of strictly "hard" wood is on exhibition at the Pan-American
Exposition, at Buffalo.  It came from Oregon, and a chunk of it, weighing 300 pounds,
will be hard to beat in weight for its size.  This log was brought down from the
Cascade Locks and given in charge of Henry R. Dosch, to be taken with the other
specimens of Oregon woods to Buffalo.  How long ago it grew or the exact spot upon
which it stood when a thrifty fir sapling will never be known, having been petrified
centuries before Lewis and Clark struck the country.  One end of the low [sic; = log]
is sawed off to show the grain of the fir and to prove to the visitors at the Exposition
that it is solid clear through.  --Wood and Iron.  +

Natl Srh-river Srh-LakeErie Srh-ship Srh-pursuit-racing Locale-LakeErie
CoqB 13b June 14, 1901  
 novel race on LakeErie, 200 great steamers lined up   M. is this from same article? 
[jpg missing] river races where [  ] was occasionally perched on the rod to hold the
safety valve down.

Paper organiz-indir Tot-Coquille business bldg  CoqB 13c June 14, 1901  
Eickworth & Co, prop. of Coq Bulletin.  Office 2nd st opposite Masonic Hall.
published every Fri morn. 

Health-contag OT-YoncallaOR  CoqB 13c June 14, 1901
     It is reported that there is [sic] nine cases of smallpox at Yoncolla [sic; = Yoncalla],
Oregon.  +

OT-Germany title war world Boer ethnic-origin? Natl filler 
CoqB 13c June 14, 1901 
     Considerable rumors that the Kaiser will plead for peace on behalf of the Boers.  +

Govt politic paper-attitude  CoqB 13c June 14, 1901 
     McKinley is being spoken of, by some of his friends for a third term.  What think ye?  +

Tot-Coquille condit-prosper house  CoqB 13b June 14, 1901    
     No empty houses in Coquille, and a great demand for more houses to rent.
We are going right along. + 

Fruit agric climate condit Locale-Coos  CoqB 13b June 14, 1901   
     Everything points to a large fruit crop in Coos county this year.  Coos may
be a little wet, but ...vegetation seldom fails.  +

filler racism-ethnic world saying war?  CoqB 13c June 14, 1901
     The Chinese question isn't settled yet.  The different powers are afraid of each other
getting the best of it, and with some it is getting "whole hog or none."  [sic]  [M. note:
 I thought this might be on immigration restriction, but probably it’s about the allied efforts
of the war in China]

School agric book superlative? OT-Corvallis 
CoqB 13c June 14, 1901 
     We are in receipt of the Annual Catalogue of the Oregon Agricultural College which
is a very neat book and contains a great deal of valuable information about the college.
This institution is fast gaining in popularity and is doing a good work.  +

Paper paper-attitude ad [?] saying [?] natl filler 
CoqB 13c June 14, 1901 
     Advertising is the foundation of business and when business men neglect this important
item their expectations of a successful business career will never be realized as this is
an age of progression and among the successful merchants of today you will find the
heaviest advertisers who have made their fortunes by dealing in honest goods and used
the newspapers in reaching out after patrons.  +

Misc-word-joint-keeper item-liquor lifestyle pioneer Locale-CoosCounty OT-Kansas health-sickness? 
CoqB 13c June 14, 1901 
     The report in the Abilene, Kansas, [sic] papers that both of the joint keepers at
Solomon City have gone crazy from drinking their own liquor, indicates that the
beverage must have been of about the same sort told of by a pioneer of Coos county. 
He said that upon his first visit to a saloon he was surprised when a man came in and
called for a drink of whiskey and had set before him a glass, a bottle and a whisk broom. 
He watched curiously to see what that broom was for, but soon found out, for when
the man had taken his drink he walked quietly over into the corner, swept up the sawdust,
laid down and had a fit.  –Plaindealer.  +

RealE name-Simpson Tot-Coquille Locale-CoosCoumty locale- 
CoqB 13c June 14, 1901
                                              Real Estate Transfers.
     Mary A Norton to Louis J Simpson, sw ¼ sec 9 tp 26 r 11, $700.
     P D Blake and wife to Geo F Twombly, sw ¼ sec 10 tp  27 r 12, $250.
     Henry Sengstacken to John N W Ahlskog [sic], parcel of land in secs 1 and 11
tp 24 r 13, $1600.
     J H Nasburg to C O Gilkey, lots 3 and 4 block 48, Elliott's add. to Coq.  $200.  +

natl filler oil condit? OT-Wyoming  CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     And now Wyoming has an oil boom.  It has just started, but those things grow fast if
they grow at all.  +

Church law? Lifestyle pursuit-sports  CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     Suburban New York preachers have appealed to the law to break up Sunday golf
playing in the vicinity.  +

Condit-strike condit-labor natl OT-Denver OT-Colorado 
CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     A strike of hod carriers for $3 and $3.50 a day of eight hours work has tied up building
in Denver, Colorado.  +

Govt politic? Lifestyle? Condit?  CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     The President throws a hot scare into Congressional ranks every time he mentions the possibility of an extra session of Congress this summer.  +

OT-China OT-Europe paper-attitude? Natl filler saying condit-signs-times 
CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     Verily, the world ”do move”.   It is announced that Li Hung Chang has persuaded the
Emperor of China to visit Europe in the near future.  +

Govt? politic title saying? Misc-word? War OT-Russia natl filler? 
CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     Hon. Theodore Roosevelt can add another laurel leaf to his garland.  The Czar of
Russia has been complimenting his fighting qualities.  +

Organiz? OT-England saying misc-word natl filler  CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     King Edward took especial [sic] pains to jolly a visiting delegation from the New York Chamber of Commerce. He doubtless thinks it a good plan to be solid with solid business
men.  +

OT-Spain war condit-signs-times condit-prosper natl filler 
CoqB 13d June14, 1901  
     Spain seems to have forgiven us for licking her – perhaps she has realized that is was
beneficial – and our Spanish commerce is as large now as it ever was and  promises to
increase.  +

Church health-insane? Paper-attitude Condit-signs-times lifestyle? Natl filler 
CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     Ordinary crazy men are locked up, and it puzzles many why Dowie, who claims to be
the reincarnation of John the Baptist, and Elijah, the prophet, is allowed to remain at large.  + 
[M. note:  John Alexander Dowie, a preacher who claimed a role of Elijah the Restorer.]

Politic [?] paper-attitude natl filler  CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     If the Senators from South Carolina really wish to get out of the Senate, they have only to place their resignations with the Vice-President, who will not advise their withdrawal.  +

Politic? Organiz? Paper-attitude people-attitude natl world filler OT-England book 
CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     It is said that remarks about the Prince of Wales in Mr. Carnegie’s book, “Triumphant Democracy.” [sic] made it advisable for Mr. Carnegie to have another engagement when
invited to accompany a committee from the New York Chamber of Commerce in a call
upon King Edward.  +

Church organiz [?] name-Booth  CoqB 13d June 14, 1901 
     The rival Salvation Armies will be consolidated, if plans for the reconciliation of Gen.
Wm. Booth, founder and commander of the original army, and his son, Ballington Booth,
who established the Volunteers of America, as a result of a falling out with his father, about
five years ago, are successful.  +

Name-Nosler RealE Tot-Bridge moving agric farm  CoqB 14 June 14, 1901   
     A. L. Nosler has purchased the Wes Nosler ranch, at Bridge, and expects to
move thereon in a few days.  +

School event? entertain Tot-Coquille  CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     The graduating exercises of the public school, we understand, are to take place
on the 29th, inst.  An appropriate program will be rendered for this occasion.  +

Paper Tot-Marshfield OT-Salem moving transport travel animal-horse
RR-outside health-accid
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     F. X. Hofer, formerly of the Salem Journal but now one of the proprietors of
the Coast Mail, at Marshfield, arrived in Roseburg Sunday morning and took the
train to Salem.  He will soon remove his family to Marshfield.  While enroute to this
city his horse accidentally fell down, badly bruising the rider's ankle.  --Roseburg
Review.  +

Health-sickness health-death health-treatment OT-Canyonville OT-JacksonCounty Locale-TolmanSprings travel Lhc-resources 
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     Mrs. Fred T. Sanderson received word yesterday morning, [sic] of the death of her
brother, Hiram Butler, at Tolman Springs, Jackson county, on June 21, 1901.  The
young man’s home was at Canyonville, but he had gone to the springs for his health. 
He was 23 years of age.  +

Lhc-stat? census pop OT-US Locale-Oregon OT-Alaska racism-ethnic [Indian]
war-indir govt  CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
Population of United States  [lists all states for 1900 and 1890.  Oregon is 413,536
for 1900 and 313,767 for 1890.]  [also lists # persons in military service, persons
Alaska and other territories, Indians on reservation.]

Natl govt politic CoqB 13b June 14, 1901
Pres. McKinlev says he not candidate for 3rd term.
OT-PortBlakelyWA Srh-ocean Srh-ship Srh-misc health-death crime racism-ethnic 
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     A Chinese cook on a Port Blakely schooner, killed the mate of the vessel
on the l1th inst. and held possession of a galley for 24 hours, then killed
himself rather than surrender.  +  

World war OT-Holland OT-Germany OT-SouthAfrica Boer
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     Berlin, June 10. --It is said that Queen Wilhelmina's recent visit here was
meant to obtain Emperor William's assistance to end the South African war,
both the Zwibund [sic] and the Dreibund [sic] being willing to go through the
Hague arbitration court and the emperor consented and the court began work
     None of the European powers approached Germany to participate in any
action aiming at ending the South African war.  Good authority [sic] now
think that the outcome of the arbitration court will be practically the ending of
the Boer war.  +

Tot-Parkersburg Srh-ocean Srh-shipbuilding  CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     The new schooner which is being built at Parkersburg, is rapidly assuming
shape.  +

transport-draying livery business bldg agric crop animal-horse item-feed coal
Tot-Coquille Tot-Riverton name-Dunham name-White name-Little organiz ad 
CoqB 14 June 14, 1901
     Coquille Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, (Old Dunham & White stand) T. J.
Little, Proprietor.  Second Street, Opposite I.O.O.F. Hall, Coquille City.  
    Best of Care and Feed given Transient Stock.  Rigs to let.  Hay, Grain and
Feed for sale at all times.  ALSO DO GENERAL DRAYING.  Agent for
Campbell & Bunton’s Riverton Coal.  [+ text]

Tot-Coquille official-city saying?  CoqB 14 June 14, 1901    
     Dave Johnson now wears the star as a city marshal, and has assumed a
dignified look which is quite becoming to Dave.  “Woe unto the law-breakers.”  +

crime name-Landis law [?] paper-attitude people-attitude  CoqB 15  June 14, 1901 
                                          A Communication.
Coquille, Or., June 10, 1901.
     Ed. Bulletin.  – Dear Sir: -- In your issue of 7th  inst., you make a labored
effort to lay the blame on the escaping of Landis to me.
   There are some matters connected with the case I deem of sufficient
importance to call your attention to.
     The McQuigg boys did not see Landis burying the body.  They said in the
first instance that they saw a man about 6 foot high, dressed in black clothes,
who was fifty years old or more, digging a hole.  When the body was
afterwards found and thought it was Landis.
   This description in no way described Landis.  They claimed they were
within thirty feet and saw him plainly.  This was about midnight of the night
the body of Eudaily was found, and I think Mr. Gallier is mistaken when he
says he saw me two or three hours afterwards.  At that time I stated that I
would not advise issuing a warrant then, but suggested that they keep watch
on Landis, and if he attempted to leave town to take him in.
   As to the issuing of warrant on inquest procedings, see Sec. 1666, Hill’s
Code of Oregon, which provides that warrant shall issue after the findings of
the coroner’s jury are made.  In this case other testimony was taken after
Landis had escaped, which pointed to him as the guilty party, and the
McQuigg boys then swore positively it was Landis they saw.
   Then on section 1576, Hill’s Code, which says:
    “A peace officer may, without warrant, arrest a person when a felony has in
fact been committed and he has reasonable cause for believing the person
arrested to have committed it.”
   Using similar language to your own:  “I supposed the sheriff knew the law
in the matter, and would do his full duty.  If Gallier knew that there was
reasonable cause for believing Landis guilty why did he not arrest him when
he attempted to escape.
   “I am not to blame for not calling the sheriff’s attention to the law defining
his duties; as he asked no questions, and I presumed he knew he could arrest
without a warrant.  It is no new thing to arrest without a warrant.  It has been
done in felony cases here in this county before.
   “It is an unfortunate affair, but not an isolated case, of a criminal escaping
by any means, and to try to make the public believe I am wholly responsible I
consider unfair and not warranted by the facts and circumstances.”
            Very Respectfully yours,
                  Walter Sinclair.  +

Tot-Coquille 4th-July superlative saying?  CoqB 15 June 14, 1901 
     Coquille is preparing to celebrate the fourth in grand style.  No pains will
be spared to make this the best ever held in the city, and visitors will be
assured a most pleasant time.   + 
 Tot-Dora 4th-July boomer? Entertain town-pride misc-word-country-brethren saying  
CoqB 15 June 14, 1901 
     Dora will celebrate the glorious Fourth this year.  This will be good news
to a great many, as when our country brethren celebrate they make it a point to
see that everybody has a good time, and Dora is well able to hold up the
standard.   +

Health-accid health-death Srh-ocean Srh-boat food animal-bird RR-CBR-name-indir
Locale-BlancoReef Srh-BlancoReef Locale-Oregon
CoqB 15 June 14, 1901 
                                             Drowned in the Surf.
     Charles and William Strahan and Theodore Flemming were drowned at Blanco Reef,
last Thursday.  The young men were gathering Murre [sic] eggs, and had anchored their
gasoline boat near the reef, and went to land.  While attempting to return the boat was
capsized, and all three were drowned.  +

Paper food vital  CoqB 15  June 14, 1901
     The Bulletin is indebted to Mr. And Mrs. Chas. F. Lorenz for a supply of
wedding cake.   +   

Moving RealE locale-MP(near) name-Albee name-Mack agric farm  
Coq B 15  June 14, 1901
     A. Albee has purchased the A. J. Mack place, about two miles this side of
Myrtle Point, and intends moving thereon immediately.  +

climate [?]  CoqB 16 June 14, 1901   rains of late delaying painting.    

Locale-LR Locale-CoquilleRiver visiting  CoqB 16 June 14, 1901    
     Mrs. H. Lorenz visited her mother, Mrs. Pomeroy, on the lower river, for
several days last week.  +

Machine Tot-J.Mill Tot-Johnson'sMill utility 
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901  
     A boiler and a lot of fixtures arrived at Johnson's mill last week, for the
new electric light plant which is to be established there.  + 

Visit OT-CrescentCity OT-KirbyvilleOR OT-JosephineCoOR Srh-ocean Srh-
ship-Mandalay transport  
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901   
     Mrs. J. P. Messer leaves today on the Mandalay, for Crescent City, from
where she will go to visit her sister, Mrs. Sarah Matheson, at Kirbyville,
Josephine county, Or.  +

Tot-Coquille b-act Tot-Fairview animal-sheep [?] OT-EasternOregon name-
Flinn  CoqB 16 June 14, 1901 
     Sherman and Arthur Flinn, of Fairview, were in town, Tuesday, on business. 
Arthur has just returned from sheep-shearing in Eastern Oregon, and reports fair
success.  +

Vital county official-county name-Hazard  CoqB 16 1901 
     County Clerk Hazard issued the folowing marriage licenses this week:  J. A.
Nowlin [sic] and Flossie Piper, Arnold Amstein and Jessie Perkins, C. F. Lorenz and
Mary L. Skeels.  +

Tot-Coquille school church Event? OT-MonmouthOR OT-TurnerOR
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901   
     Mrs. A. Wilson left for Monmouth, Monday, to attend the commencement
exercises of the State Normal School.  She will also attend the convention of
the Christian Church, at Turner.  +  

Utility Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Johnson’sMill transport Srh-ocean
Srh-ship-Mandalay machine? Business 
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901 
     Frank Morse and wife arrived Wednesday evening on the steamer Mandalay.  Mr.
Morse is the gentleman who will establish the electric light plant, at Johnson’s mill, to
supply Coquille and Myrtle Point with lights.  +

school organiz Event? OT-Portland OT-Ashland  CoqB 16 June 14, 1901   
Atty A. J. Sherwood to attend meeting board of regents S.O. State Normal, Ashland,
of which a member, then to Portland to attend grand lodge A F & A M as
delegate fm Chadwick lodge. not full quote

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay name-Rosa name-Nosler transport  
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901   
Arrive by Mandalay, Wed, W.W. Getchell and two sons, A H Thrift, F G
Kelly and wife, E L Montgomery, M/M B E Nosler, Miss McCloskey,  Frank
Morse and wife, Miss Sadie Fahy, Miss M. Garfield, Miss S. Garfield.  Miss
F. Rosa, Allen Hart, Mrs. E. C. Moss, Miss E Moss, Mrs.  Collier, Mr. Preutt
[preutt, sic.]

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-CaptMcCloskey Srh-dock Srh-boat-Echo
mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille Locale-CoquilleRiver machine 
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901   
     Capt. McCloskey's new boat, the Echo, is at Lyons mill wharf, and is
receiving her machinery and have [sic] the finishing touches put on her.  She
is a large and commodious boat and when she is put on the run she will be a
great convenience to the up-river people and the traveling public.  They
expect to have her ready for her trial run in about a week or ten days.  +

School Event Tot-Bandon name-Bunch entertain misc-word-sparing...pains
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901
     The annual Coos county teachers' Institute will convene at Bandon from
Aug 4th to 9th.  Several of the oldest educators from the state will be in
attendance, and County Superintendent Bunch is sparing no pains to make it
the best ever held in this county.  The citizens of Bandon will do their part in
the way of entertaining the visitors.  This will be, beyond a doubt, a very
interesting and instructive session.  +  

Pursuit-baseball  CoqB 16 June 14, 1901 [list of baseball].

Pursuit-baseball paper-attitude holiday 4th-July entertain Tot-Coquille
Tot-Marshfield superlative saying
CoqB 16 June 14, 1901
     One of the special features of the Fourth of July celebration, at Coquille,
will be a match game of baseball between the Coquille and Marshfield teams.
This promises to be the best thing in baseball that has ever taken place in the
county, and you will miss lots if you don't see it.  +

Road-Sidewalk Tot-Coquille courthouse  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
     A new sidewalk has been laid on the south side of the court house block.  +

Item-liquor law license Tot-Coquille  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901
     The city granted a saloon license to Jim Hayes...  +

official-county Tot-Coquille Locale-CoosBay  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901
     County Clerk Hazard made a trip to the bay...  +

Church Tot-Coquille moving?  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
     Rev.  M. 0. Brink and family have moved into the Butler residence in the
north end of town.  +

name-Panter lbr dairy agric farm Locale-LR Locale-CoquilleRiver 
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
     Russell Panter has received the lumber on the ground and expects to build a
large barn on his dairy ranch on the lower river.  +

Pursuit-baseball paper-attitude RR-CBR RR-phy Tot-Marshfield Srh-river
Srh-CoquilleRiver entertain excursion? Locale-LR Locale-UR Locale-
CoquilleRiver superlative saying 
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901
     The baseball game to be played here next Sunday is between the two
champion teams of the county.  If you miss seeing it you miss something
great.  The train will run from Marshfield, and the boats from up and down the
river, returning after the game.  +

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat Srh-shipbuilding Srh-inspector govt Locale-LR
Locale-CoquilleRiver Tot-Coquille machine  
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901
     The James Bros. [sic; no apostrophe] new boat which they recently built was
towed to the lower river, Thursday, from this place, after receiving her new boiler. 
The work of placing machinery, building cabins, etc., will be completed
immediately, and they expect to have her ready for the inspectors in July.  +

Tot-Coquille food business bldg name-Lyons character paper-attitude
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
     Drane & Henniger is now the name of the meat market conducted at
Lyons' store in this city.  Geo Henniger, junior member of the firm, is well
known here, having spent some time here in the past, but late of California. 
P. E. Drane will need no introduction to our people as he has been conducting
the market for the Lyons' estate for several years past and has gained for
himself a reputation that stands for honesty and uprightness.  We wish them
abundant success.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Albion lbr mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901  
     The schooner Albion loaded lumber at Lyon's mill, the first of the week [sic; no
comma] for San Francisco.  +
Tot-AragoTot-Coquille visit health-sickness health-treatment outing 
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901
     Jesse Clinton, of Arago, made this city a visit, Tuesday.  Jesse hasn't been feeling well
for quite a while and contemplates making a trip up into the mountains for his health.  +

Tot-Coquille? Health-sickness [?] travel OT-Tolman’sSprings OT-TolmansSprings
OT-  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901
    Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Sanderson arrived home from Tolman’s Springs, Jackson county,
last Friday, where they had been, for some time, [sic] at the bedside of Mrs. S.’s brother,
who was very sick.  +

Road-Sidewalk Tot-Coquille paper-attitude  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
     There are several very a bad sidewalks in Coquille which should receive
the immediate attention of the property owners.  +

Tot-Coquille business bldg condit-improve  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901    
     The bank building has had a neat sign painted along the top of the building
which adds greatly to the appearance of the building.  +

Health-provider health-sickness health-insane official-county OT-SalemOr 
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901  
    Deputy Ed. Gallier and Dr. Walter Culin left Sunday morning for Salem, having in
charge Fred Hare, of Curry county, who was adjudged insane and sent to the asylum.  +

Vital  CoqB 16a June 14, 1901  [lengthy article on Lorenz, Skeels marriage.] 

Church entertain?  CoqB 16 June 14, 1901
Church reception for Christian church preacher.    

Tot-Coquille official-city health-provider-indir name-Way name-Chase  
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
city council; [several prominent names], Dave Johnson, marshal, R. S.
Knowlton Treasurer; W. M. Way failing to qualify as recorder,    W. C.
Chase to succeed himself.

RR-CBR RR-right-of-way mill-Panter Tot-Coquille RR-depot  road-street-plank
CoqB 16a June 14, 1901   
     On application of C.B. R. & E R. R. they were granted a right-of-way
across the Panter mill property, not to exceed 14 feet on the widest end, on
condition that they would open a street from "C" street to the depot, planking
it and having it ready for travel by January 1, 1902.  +

crime name-Landis official-county Locale-WA  CoqB 17 June 14,1901          
     Sheriff Gallier received word from a town in Washington that a man
answering Landis' description had been seen in that vicinity.  Ed has gone to
investigate.  +  [M. note: Ed Gallier, deputy.]

Entertain-show organiz enterprise-show Tot-Coquille  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901  
     Zamloch, Tuesday evening. +
Moving? Tot-Coquille name-Tozier OT-SF  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901
     F.A. Tozier intends leaving for San Francisco.  +
 health-sickness  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901
     N.W. Leneve is getting along nicely and is steadily improving.  +
Srh-ocean Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-tug-Triumph Srh-ship Albion
CoqB 17 June 14, 1901
     The tug Triumph came up Wednesday and towed the schooner Albion to sea.  +

Church  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901  no services at Christian Ch till further notice
Name-Simpson Tot-NB Tot-Coquille  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901   
     L. J. Simpson and wife, of North Bend, were registered at the Hotel Coquille,
Thursday.  +

visiting Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint(near)  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901
     Miss Della Endicott returned, Monday, from a visit to her parents above Myrtle
Point.  +

Climate fruit  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901
severe frosts first of week, no damage to fruit crop.

Church Event  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901 M.O. Brink revivals at little church.   nq

Name-Sugg visit Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901
     Mrs. J. W. Leneve and Mrs. V. M. Sugg returned Wednesday, from a visit to
Marshfield.  +

Entertain-show enterprise-show travel organiz  CoqB 17, June 14, 1901 
     Zamloch, the world renowned magician, will be at Masonic Hall on Tuesday,
June 18.  +

health-sickness  CoqB 17 June 14, 1901 
     G. T. Moulton has been quite sick for some time past, but at present is slightly
improved.  +

tax prices Locale-CoosCounty county official-county  CoqB 18 June 14, 1901 
     Coos County had $21,592.64 due her in delinquent taxes up to June 1st, 1901. 
Sheriff Gallier says that taxes are coming in at a pretty good rate.  +

Tot-Marshfield enterprise-painter RR-CBR-name RR-phy RR-depot Tot-Coquille
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901
     Joe Rochon, of Marshfield, came over, Monday, and is engaged in putting
the finishing touches on the new depot.  +

health-sickness visit Tot-Coquille Tot-Bandon name-Lamb name-Lowe 
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901
     J. J. Lamb went to Bandon, Monday, returning Tuesday, to visit his old
friend, Robt. Lowe, who has been very ill.  +

Health-sickness Tot-Bandon name-Lowe  CoqB 18 June 14, 1901
     Robt. Lowe, of Bandon, who suffered a stroke of paralysis, the first of last
week, is improving, and hopes are entertained for his recovery.  +

Road road-street mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille name-Lyons name-Dean 
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901   
     The road between Lyons' mill yard and Front street is being graded.  R. J. and
Bert Dean are doing the work.  +

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Dispatch misc-word  CoqB 18 June 14, 1901  
     The steamer Dispatch , which has been off the run, undergoing repairs, for some
time past, [commas, sic] went on its usual run Monday.  +

Pursuit-baseball Tot-Marshfield Tot-Coquille superlative 
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901  

Pursuit-baseball Tot-Marshfield Tot-Coquille superlative 
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901 
     Remember the baseball game Sunday between Marshfield and Coquille teams. 
Hottest game of the season.  [sic]  +

Name-Nosler visit b-act OT-SF OT-LA OT-LosAngeles 
CoqB 18 June 18, 1901
     B. E. Nosler and wife returned Wednesday from a visit to the latter’s parents at
Los Angeles and a business visit to San Francisco.  +

Temperance Event church organiz Tot-Coquille 
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901 
     We are requested to say that the anti-saloon league will meet at the Little Church
next Monday evening at which a special program will be presented.  +
RR-CBR RR-spur RR-phy mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille  CoqB 18 June 14, 1901
     Work of regrading the new side track [sic] at Lyons' mill has been going on
during the past week. The old one was too steep for the engines to pull out
loaded cars.  +

Health-provider name-Strange music organiz  CoqB 18 June 14, 1901   
      Dr. Strange desires a full attendance of all the members at the Choral
Society, next Saturday evening...  +

holiday 4th-july entertain health-provider-indir lifestyle-contest prices saying?
CoqB 18 June 14, 1901   
     The committee in charge of this matter [Goddess of Liberty Contest for 4th of
July celebration] decided to leave the choice of this office to the young lady receiving
the highest number of votes. A ballot box has been placed in Knowlton's drug
store and ballots are sold at most of the stores in town at five cents per vote.
The funds raised by this contest will be used toward defraying the expenses of
the celebration.  The votes will be counted every evening at 8 o'clock.  The
voting closes at 8 o'clock on the evening of June 29th.  Help swell the fund by
voting for the lady you desire to fill the place.   +

pursuit-baseball  CoqB 18a June 14, 1901  baseball schedule. 

Log Tot-Randolph novelty-wood-pole utility Srh-ocean Srh-freight OT-SF
CoqB 18a June 14, 1901.
     Wm. Jenkins, the logger, has his crew busy, back of Randolph, getting out
electric light and telegraph poles for shipment to San Francisco.  This is a
growing industry at that place as several schooner loads have been shipped
lately.   +

OT-GrantsPass OT-TurnerOR visit church event
CoqB 18a June 14, 1901
     Mrs. J. M. Hunter left for Grants Pass, Monday, where she will spend a month
or so visiting with her parents.  Rev. Hunter leaves the first of the week for Turner,
where he will attend the annual convention of the Christian Church.  +

Official-county health-sickness health-insane health-provider OT-CamasOR
Locale-CurryCounty Locale-Hare OT-GrantsPass utility name-Hare
CoqB 18a June 14, 1901
     Sheriff Gallier received a telephone message from Camas, Thursday, informing
him that a man was wandering around the woods at that place who they thought insane.
  The sheriff ordered them to capture him and bring him down, which they did, and
it proved to be Fred Hare, of Hare, Curry county.  His wife says that he started from
home a few days before for Grants Pass, expecting to find work, and that he was
apparently in sound mind.  It is supposed that he lost his way and became insane.
Deputy Sheriff Ed. Gallier and Dr. Walter Culin took him to Salem, Sunday.   +

Music literary church event organiz  CoqB 18a June 14, 1901
     A musical and literary concert will be given under the auspices of the Presbyterian
choir, at the Masonic hall, on Saturday evening.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay utility machine Tot-Coquille OT-UkiahCali  
CoqB 18a June 14, 1901
     Allen Hart, of Ukiah, arrived in this city, on the Mandalay, Wednesday,
and will assist Frank Morse in putting up the electric plant.   + 

Road locale-Coos Tot-J.Mill Tot-Johnson’sMill Tot-Coquille? Official-county? Log lbr  
CoqB 18a June 14, 1901 
         We have heard good reports from the citizens of the different road districts in
regards to the county roads, and the supervisors have been complimented very
highly for the work they have, and are doing.  Coos county has got lots of room in
which to improve our thoroughfares and with competent men in these places, has
taken a long stride towards the goal.  We believe the only solution to this question, in
Coos county, is to have the roads planked.  Supervisor Flanders, of this district, has
in the last year demonstrated this to be a fact by experiment, having planked about
1000 feet, between this place and Johnson’s mill, which, before this was done,
was considered the worst piece of road in the county, and in the rainy season was
impassable.  He informs us that it has proved a success without a doubt.  Mr. Flanders
deserves a great credit for the manner in which he is handling the road question in his
district.  +

History organiz book literary locale-  CoqB 18a June 14, 1901  [publication of  ____  
edition of Oregon Historical Quarterly.]

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh--boat-Favorite locale-CoquilleRiver
Srh-CaptLeneve Tot-Coquille Tot-Bandon
CoqB 18a June 14, 1901
Stmr Favorite  Capt. Geo. W. Leneve lv Coq 8 am lv Bandon 1 pm    arr
Bandon l0:45 am.  Arr Coq 4:45 pm

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