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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is quite a comprehensive list of news items, but does not include all items.

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                      Coquille, Or.

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June  7

ID-line   keywords   abbr. of newspaper name   editor's reference page #   date

natl Official-county official-state official-city school judge politic? govt
CoqB 01 June 7, 1901]
Federal, state, county officers.
McKinley, Pres; Teddy Roosevelt, vice. [others]
State  John H. Mitchell,  Joseph Simon  U.S. Senator
T. H. Tongue Congressman lst Dist    Malcomb Moody, Congressman 2d dist
T. T. Geer Governor      F. I. Dunbar Secy State.     C. S. Moore State Treasurer.   
J. H. Ackerman Supt Public Inst.     W. H. Leeds  State Primer.  [sic; = printer]   
D. R. Blackburn, Atty General.
R. S. Bean, F. A. Moore, C. E. Wolverton  Supreme judges.
Second judicial district -- J. W. Hamilton, Judge;  George M. Brown Prosecuting Atty.
 Coos.     T. A. Dimmmick Joint Senator     R. D. Hume Joint Representative    
A.H. Black  Representative.
L. Harlocker, Judge.     Stephen Gallier, Sheriff.     L. H. Hazard, Clerk     J. B.
Dulley, Treasurer.      J. S. Lawrence Assessor.     W. H. Bunch School Supt.     R. C.
Dement, Donald McIntosh Commissioners.
S. B. Cathcart Surveyor.     Dr. W. Horsfall coroner.
Precinct.  J. H. Cecil  Justice.     John Perrott, Constable.     City:  W. J. Fairman,
D. H. Johnson,  T. J. Little, Geo. 0. Leach, John Curren, J. E. Perrott - Trustees. 
N. Lorenz Mayor.  W. M. Way, Recorder.  Ed Jacobson,  Marshall.

[M. note: extracted from list above]  official-state? judge  CoqB 01 June 7, 1901
R. S. Bean, F. A. Moore, C. E. Wolverton  Supreme judges.
[M. extracted from list above]  official-city Tot-Coquille  CoqB 01 June 7, 1901  T. J. Little
[M. extracted from list above]  official-city Tot-Coquille  CoqB 01 June 7, 1901
W. M. Way, Recorder.

[M. extracted from list above] AHB politic  CoqB 01 June 7, 1901
A. H. Black  Coos Representative 

[M. extracted from list above] official-county health-provider  CoqB 01 June 7, 1901
Dr. W. Horsfall, coroner 

[M. extracted from list above] school official-state  CoqB 01 June 7, 1901
J. H. Ackerman Supt Public Instruction
[M. extracted from list above] school official-county name-Bunch
CoqB 01 June 7,  1901  W. H. Bunch School Supt

court Locale-CoosCounty  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
circuit court meets first Mon in May, Oct.  County court meets first Mon Jan,
Apr, July, Sept.

Tot-Coquille health-provider bldg mail-indir utility-indir ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
Walter Culin, M. D. Physician and Surgeon  Kronenberg Building Next door P.O.
Telephone 3.  [display ad]

Tot-Coquille business ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
A. J. Sherwood Attorney at Law, Notary Public.  [display ad]

Tot-Marshfield business ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
Hall & Hall Attorneys at Law, Notary Public, Marshfield, Oreg.  [display ad]

Tot-Coquille official-county? ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     I. Hacker, Abstractor of Titles, Coquille City, Oregon.  [+ text.  display ad]

Tot-Coquille business bldg ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     W. C. Chase Attorney and Counsellor at Law.  Upstairs in Robison's [sic] Building.
Notary Public.  [+ text.  display ad]

Tot-Coquille Tot-Bandon business b-act health-provider name-Strange ad 
CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     J. W. Strange, Dentist, Coquille City, Oregon.  Will visit Bandon the first 6 days
in February, April, June, August, October and December.  At all other times in Coquille. 
[+ text.  display ad]
Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat Srh-Dispatch Srh-Myrl Srh-White
Locale-CoquilleRiver Tot-Bandon Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Marshfield
RR-CBR ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
Stmr Dispatch. Tom White, Master.   Lv Bandon every morning except sun
7:00  arr Coquille 10:30 am, making connections w/train for Marshfield, stmr
Myrl for M.P.  Lv Coq C. at 12:30 PM every day except Sun, arr Bandon
4 pm.  Best of accommodations. not full quote.   [display ad]

RR-CBR RR-name Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield Tot-MyrtlePoint ad 
CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
CBR&ER regular trains Mon, Wed, Fri  lv M'field 9 am. arr Coq 9:5 [sic],  MP 9:45 am.
return, lv MP 10:28 am, Coq 11 am. arr Marshfield 1:15 am [sic].  G. T. Moulton,
Agt. Coquille. [M. note: obvious misprints in text.]  [display ad]

Paper Tot-Coquille business bldg ad CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     Job Printing of all kinds and in the latest styles at the Bulletin Job Office.  [+ text. 
display ad]

Tot-Coquille business bldg superlative ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
Hotel Coquille  John Curren proprietor.  Under new management. Strictly 1st
class.  [more.]  [display ad] 

Tot-Riverton Tot-Coquille transport-draying livery coal agric-crop item-feed
organiz bldg name-Dunham name-White name-Little ad
CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     Coquille Livery, Feed and Sale Stable (old Dunham & White stand).   T. J. Little 
2nd street opposite I. O. O. F. hall, also do general draying.  Agents for Campbell &
Bunton's Riverton coal.  [more]  [+ text. display ad]

Srh-ocean Srh-Arcata Srh-CaptNelson Srh-CoosBay Srh-freight enterprise-
OC&N enterprise-SO-co Tot-Empire Tot-Marshfield OT-SF OT-SanFrancisco ad 
CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     Steamer Arcata, Capt. Nelson, Master. reg.trips C.B.-S.F. carrying
passengers and freight at lowest rates, OC& N prop.  E. G. Flanagan, Agent,
Marshfield;  SO Co, agent, Empire.  [display ad]

Tot-Coquille item-liquor item-tobacco food ad  CoqB 01a June 7, 1901
     Hotel Coquille Bar  Finest wines, whiskies, beer, etc. cigars and soft
drinks.  John Curren, prop.  If you don't like Cyrus Noble, we have twenty one
other whiskies for you.  Club rooms in connection.  [+ text.  display ad]

health-provider Tot-Coquille school-indir item-stationery superlative ad 
CoqB 02 June 7, 1901
     Knowlton's is where you can get anything that is usually kept in a first-
class drugstore.  School books, writing tablets, lead pencils, Ink, etc.  [+ text. 
display ad]

 Food  Tot-Coquille logging organiz street business bldg ad  CoqB 02 June 7, 1901
Central Meat Market, Coq. Packing Co, prop.  Special terms to log camps and
large consumers.  B street opposite Odd Fellow's Hall.  [display ad]

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-CaptReed
Locale-CoquilleRiver Tot-Coquille Tot-Bandon  OT-SF OT-SanFrancisco
superlative ad 
CoqB 02 June 7, 1901
     The new, speedy, twin screw and elegantly fitted Stmr Mandalay Capt A.
Reed.  regular 10 day service Coquille River Oregon -S.F. passengers, freight.
apply to Capt A Reed on board steamer or N. Lorenz, Coq agent, M. R. Lee,
Bandon, Or.  Agent, E. T. Kruse 207 Front street San Francisco.  [display ad]

Item-liquor item-tobacco Tot-Coquille business bldg pursuit-pastime ad
CoqB 02 June 7, 1901
     Pure old McBrayer is our leader at the Bon Ton Saloon, Dave Carey, prop.
cosy club rooms.  The finest of all liquors.  Cigars, billiard and pool tables.  [+ text. 
display ad]

Item-tobacco fruit food name-Gage item-notions Tot-Coquille business bldg ad 
CoqB 02 June 7, 1901
     Cigars: domestic and imported    Tobaccos: chewing and smoking.  "The Clyde,"
C. A. Gage, Prop. Confectionery, nuts, notions.  tropical fruits, soft drinks.  [+ text. 
display ad]

School Tot-Multi name-Hermann name-Nosler name-Rackleff name-Brack name-Lamb
name-Mast name-Green name-Powers name-Hennessey name-Grow name-Bunch 
CoqB 02-04 June 7, 1901
                                Coos County School Directors
                                        and District Clerks.
     The following is the list of school clerks and directors of the school districts in
this county, the director named first being for 3 yrs, the second for 2 yrs, and the third
1 yr, with their post office address:  +                              [in parenthesis, school name]
1. Mrs. James Cowan, clerk; Robert Rooke, - - , H.H. Blake, Marshfield.   [?]
2.  W. T. Dement clerk; Mrs. Minnie Hermann, W. H. H. Renfro, Ben Crutchfield.  Myrtle Point.  (Hermann)
3. Alex Stauff, clerk; L. R. Woodward, J. D. Clinton and J. H. Barklow.  Arago.  (Arago)
4. T. P.Hanly, clerk; D. K. Perkins, Chas. Green, H. Clemens.  Parkersburg.  (Lampa)
5. Henry Harris, clerk; J. C. Whittington, B C. Shull, David McNair. Myrtle Point.  (Brown)
6.  C. M. Byler, clerk; Capt J. Magee, Mrs.Ella Morse, Mrs. R. W.Getty.  Empire.  (Empire)
7. M. D. Cutlip, clerk; T. J. Powers, E. L. Bessey, Wm Palmer.  Marshfield.  (McKnight)
8.  M. O. Hawkins, clerk; J. J. Lamb, J. J. Stanley, D. P. Strang.  Coquille.  (Coquille)
9. John F. Hall, clerk; J. T. McCormac, C. A. Johnson, F.  Haglestein.  Marshfield.  (Marshfield)
10. Mrs. M. A. Hastings,clerk; S. J. Miller, J. B. Dye, F. M. Gevrez.  Coquille.  (Cunningham)

11. J. G. Leneve, clerk; J. V. Hamblock, A. Farriss, A. E. Hadsell.  Parkersburg.  (Parkersburg)
12. Davis Jackson, clerk; J. A. Colver, W. I. Conklive, Alex Sunderland.  Marshfield.  (Catching Inlet)
13. J. M. Thomas, clerk; Mat [sic] Stora, Victor Anderson, Ike Breelund, North Bend. (North Bend)
14. J. V. Foster, clerk; C. H. Chandler, W. E. Craine, M. W. McCormac.    Riverton.  (Riverton)
15. S. R. Lushbaugh, clerk; C. F. Howsier, H. H. Brownson, J. W. Nosler.   Bridge.   (Big Creek)
16. W. S. Walker,clerk; C. C. Johnson, W. F. Ray, C. J. Ellord.    Marshfield.  (Willanch)
17. J. P. Thomas, clerk; C. T. Smith, P. Peterson, Mat [sic] Klocker.   Marshfield.  (Kentuck)
18. Frank Smith,clerk; Jas. I. Durrand, W. G. Lawhorn, L. Dufault [sic].  Marshfield.   (Flagstaff)
19. Joe A. Collier, clerk; Wm Williams, B. R. Banning, John McLeod.  Coquille.  (Strang)
20.  Ten Robison, clerk;  J. M. Bevers, Wm Strong, D. Morgan, Coquille.  (Fishtrap)
21. Edw Fahy, clerk; C. L. Humphry, J. Walstrom, Gus Carlson.  Bullards.  (Randolph)
22. F. A. Pierce, clerk; W. A. Flynn, W. H. Lyton, F. R. Taylor.    Fairview.  (North Fork)  Coquille

23. J. W. Mast, clerk; E. D. Myers, D. W. Baker, J. E. Clinton.  Lee.   (Lee)
24. J. L. Lewellen, clerk; Tom Wilson, Wm Rackleff, F. Sowash.  Myrtle Point. (Rackleff)
25.  Wm Bettys, clerk; J. L. Barker, G. W. Norris, B. B. Teters.  Fairview.  (Fairview)
26. C.W. Sanford, clerk; J. P. Davis, S. H. Crouch, Peter Peterson. Marshfield. (Haynes Inlet)
27.  G. P. Miller, clerk.  H . E. Wilcox,, E. P. Mast, Chas Heller. McKinley.  (McKinley)
28.  Ed Lamb, clerk, F. Harnish, J. D. Culbertson, R. S. Weekly. Gravel Ford.  (Gravel Ford)
29. S. J. S. Davison [sic], clerk; S. J Davison [sic], Mr Perkins, Chris Beryle [sic]  .  Bandon.   (Two-Mile)
30.  J. W. Catching, clerk; Jas Stork, Mat [sic] Matson, W. C. Harris.  Sumner.  (Sumner)
31.  Calvin Gant, clerk; John Gant, Ben Gant, J.  L. Wagner.  Rural.   (Rural)
32. M. C. Miller,clerk; F. E. Scofield, Wm Abernethy[sic], J. P. Stemler.  Dora.  (Dora)

33. J. D. Barklow, clerk; Geo Griffin, W. O. Copper, Wm Weekly.   Myrtle Point.  (Bald Hill)
34. O. E. Marsters, clerk; J. L. Knight, E. W. Jones, C. B.  Marsters.  Myrtle Point.  (Catching Creek)
35.  J. H. Clinkenbeard, clerk; A. M. Collver, E. R. Jones, L. D. Smith.    Marshfield.  (Daniels Creek)
36.  H. H. Rogers, clerk; E. R. Hodson, Anson Rogers, Frank Rogers.  Marshfield.   (Rogers')
37.  Mrs. S. Brewer, clerk; S. S. Endicott, P. Brack, S. Brewer.  Myrtle Point.  (Sugarloaf)
38.  Benj Rogers, clerk; Nels Munson, B. F. Adams, Wm Bowron.   Templeton.  (Templeton)
39.  Donald McIntosh, clerk; J. E. Noah, H. E. Bessey, Alvin Smith.  Marshfield.   (Coos R.)

40.  S. J. Sleep, clerk; W. M. Richardson, Martin Russell, P. Hennessey.  Libby.  (Libby)
41.  L.A. Roberts, clerk;  E. W. Hermann, N. G. W. Perkins, R. C. Dement.    Myrtle Point.  (M.P.)
42.  E. Jenkins, clerk; John Fish, E. Culver, D. E. Everden.    Bridge.  (Rock Creek)
43. E. L. Corman, clerk; G. S. Davis, Henry Radabaugh, G. W. Clinton.    Norway.   (Norway)
44.  Frank Willard, clerk; O. R. Willard, Ed Johnson, Chas Bunch.  Coquille.   (Roy)
45.  Mrs. Mabel Price, clerk; Y. T. [sic] Thomas, C. Rodin, J. H. Price.  Allegany.   (Allegany)
46. Chas D Steward, clerk; J. McAdams, C. M. Holton, C. T. Blomenrother.   Langlois. (New Lake)
47.  R. P. Carmon, clerk; Wm Wise, J. F. Massey, O. J. Grant.    Etelka.  (Rowland Prairie)

48. J. M. Weekly, clerk; Wm Smith, I. T. Weekly, J. H. Miller.  Gravel Ford.   (Shiloh)
49.  W. E. Richard, clerk;  Chas Cavanaugh, R. McCann, H . Gramby.   Marshfield.  (East Marshfield)
50.  J. A. Hansen, clerk; G. V. Gurney, H. S. Davis, L. B. Fetter. Remote.    (Remote)
51.  Z. T. Siglin, clerk; M. J. Bowron, Jas Wall, Fred Cummins.  Marshfield.    (Utter)
52.  R. C. Endicott, clerk; C. S. Warner, C. F. Waterman, R. H. Rice.    Bancroft.  (Myrtle Creek)
53.  J. W. Newland, clerk; C. M. Siegel, Axel Ruth, Chas Johnson.  May.   (North Inlet)
54.  Donald Charlsen [sic], clerk;  A. McNair, T. J. Thrift, A. G. Hoyt.    Bandon.  (Bandon)
55.  I. A. Shelton, clerk; W. J. Tennison, J. P. Clausen, J. B. R Shelton.   Coquille.   (Beaver Slough)  
56.  E. J. Masters, clerk; A. Matson, John Matson, J. S. Masters.  Sumner.    (Esterbeck)
57.  Annah [sic] M. Rozell, clerk; Howard Colver, Geo Wilson, John Goll.  Empire.  (South Inlet)
[M. note:  district 58, Sunnyside school, was left out in this list.]

59.  S. E. Aasen, clerk; Nelson Smith, R. Mavity, J. F. Munford.  Arago.  (Halls Creek)
60. R. W. Bullard, clerk; N. A. Pederson, C. A. Goodman, E. A. Smith.  Bullards.    (Prosper)
61.  N. A. Kendall, clerk; Andrew Hansen, Abe Rose, John Beattie.   Bullards.  (Beach View) 
62.  E. L. Oltman, clerk; A. S. Wylie, W. S. Mask, N. E. Barklow.  Bandon.   (Bear Creek)
63.  J. H. Rookard, clerk; Thos Rookard, R. A. Cribbins, L. D. Belieu.  Bridge.  (Johnson's Mill)
64.  Mrs. Adella Cope, clerk; J. A. Cope, S. H. Smith, J. A. Abbott.    Bandon.   (Four-Mile)
65.  Mrs. N. B. Laird, clerk; E. N. Harry, J. R. Benham, Jas Laird.  Sitkum.    (Sitkum)
66.  Bert Hibbard, clerk;  John Shutter, O. Landrith, Wm R . Backus.   Lake.    (Lake)
67.  F. M. Miller, clerk; W. M. Hammack, John Browan, Thos Stillwell.  Arago.  (Excelsior)

68. Alex Simpson, clerk; P. A. Peterson, John Hanson, Wm Weir.  Marshfield.  (Larson's Inlet)
69.  W. B. Beebe, clerk; R. Marsden, A. H. Stulsman, E. E. Pardoe.  Marshfield.  (Beaver Hill)
70.  R. P. King, clerk; A. Cutlip, H. C. Bryan, A. Cribbins.  Oak.   (King Creek)
71.  A. L. Buell, clerk;  P. H. Elford, C. J. Musser, W. A. Neal.    Myrtle Point.   (Buell)
72.  D. M. Grow, clerk; Fred Poore, John Grandy, W. H. Moore.  Coquille.  (Coaledo)
73. C. H. Barklow, clerk; James Steven, Thos Barklow, Wm Widby.  Myrtle Point.  (Pleasant View)
74.  G. G. Swan, clerk; Geo Folson [sic; = Folsom?]  M. J. Krantz, Mrs. R.  M. Minard.  Gravel Ford.
(Pleasant Hill)
Joint No 2.  Peter Jordan, clerk; C E A [sic] Siestrom, Gust [sic] Carlson, Frank Brown.   Lake.  (North Lakes)

[article +, except possible punctuation.]  [M. note: Names of schools, in parentheses, are
not in article; editor added them from another source.]
[M. note: there were even more districts by 1908 papers.]
[M. note:  There are no spaces between lines of actual text.  Added here for easier reference.]

[M. note: extracted from list above] 
Tot-MyrtlePoint Locale-Hermann name-Hermann school  CoqB 04a June 7, 1901  
2.  W. T. Dement clerk; Mrs. Minnie Hermann, W. H. H. Renfro, Ben Crutchfield.  Myrtle Point.     (Hermann)

[M. extracted from list above]
Tot-MyrtlePoint Locale-Forks Locale-CoquilleRiver Locale-Rackleff name-Rackleff
school  CoqB 04a June 7, 1901
24. J. L. Lewellen, clerk; Tom Wilson, Wm Rackleff,  F. Sowash.  Myrtle Point. (Rackleff) 

[M. extracted from list above]
Tot-Marshfield Tot-Utter Locale-Isthmus name-Siglin name-Wall school 
CoqB 04a June 7, 1901  
51.  Z. T. Siglin, clerk; M. J. Bowron, Jas Wall, Fred Cummins.  Marshfield.    (Utter)

;M. extracted from list above.]
Tot-Coquille Locale-BeaverSlough Locale-Isthmus school  CoqB 04a June 7, 1901
55.  I. A. Shelton, clerk; W. J. Tennison, J. P. Clausen, J. B. R Shelton.   Coquille.   (Beaver Slough)  

[M. extracted from list above]
Tot-Marshfield Tot-BH name-Beebe school  CoqB 04a June 7, 1901 
69.  W B Beebe, clerk; R Marsden, A H Stulsman, E E Pardoe.  Marshfield.  (Beaver Hill)

[M. extracted from list above]
Tot-Coquille Tot-Coaledo school name-Grow name-Grandy name-Poore name-Moore 
CoqB 04a June 7, 1901
72.  D M Grow, clerk; Fred Poore, John Grandy, W H Moore.  Coquille.  (Coaledo)

RealE Tot-Marshfield Tot-BayCity Tot-Coquille Tot-Yarrow Tot-Ferndale Tot-MyrtlePoint RR-CBR-name-Bennett name-Lyons name-Thrift land prices  CoqB 04a June 7, 1901
Real Estate Transfers.  [head, centered, bold, larger than text;  narrow margins.]
[very short line-under]
     John J Kronholm to Elizabeth K Rogers, lot 4 block 26, Marshfield, $19 0. [sic].
     John W Benson and wife to Aldridge Benson, sw ¼ of ne ¼, and nw ¼ of se ¼, sec. 27
tp 23 r 12, $500.
     J W Bennett to John Kronholm, jr, lots 5, 6, 7 and 8 block 2, Nasburg add to Marshfield.
     Victor Rudnas [sic] and wife to Louisa Anderson, lot 1 and e [sic] and portion of 8
block 26, Marshfield, $1500.
     A A Fink and wife to J W Bennett, lots 1 and 2 block 11, Bay City, $25.
     U S to Edward Neeley, parcel of land in secs [sic] 20 and 29 tp 26 r 11, patent.
     J A Lyons Estate to T J Thrift, lot 12 block 14, North add to Coquille, $50.
     Thos W Symons and wife to John Groat, lot 25 block 20, Yarrow townsite, $300.
     J H Cecil and wife to J F Glenn, parcel of land in sec 36 tp 27 r 13, $50.  + 
[M. note: no periods after initials or other abbr.]

School name-Nosler Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield Tot-Bandon Tot-
Norway Tot-Sumner Tot-Parkersburg Tot-GF Tot-Bridge Tot-Remote Tot-
May Tot-Allegany Tot-Lee Tot-Langlois Locale-Oak mail 
CoqB  04a-05 June 7, 1901
     The following are the teachers of Coos County and their postoffice addresses:  +
     Myrtle Point:  Mrs. Daisy Short, Bertha Prey, Julia Braden, Kate Braden,
Bertha Braden, Minnie McCracken, Mollie Caldwell, Lillie Wagner, Florence
Robbins, Nellie Dement, Helena Hughes, Cleo Rose, Sara Rose, Alice Hartley,
Anna Britton.
     Coquille City: Irma Lukens, Mary Quick, Belle Rich, Claud Nosler, Mrs. C H
Nosler, M O Hawkins, Maud Balch, Marion Hanscom, Effie Collier, Mabel Lawhorn.
     Marshfield:  F A Golden, S J Sleep, Alf Johnson, W D Reedy, Mrs. P Wilbur,
Florence Twombly, Mrs. Ella M. Rood, Tilie Gamble, Jottie Watson, Maggie
Anderson, Mars MacDonald, Ida Gamble, Florence L. Smith, Willa Hall,
Bronte Coffelt, Marion O Reedy, J B Sneddon, B F Savage.
     Bandon: LeRoy Edmunds, J C Logan, Rose Bingamen, Isabel Lamont,
Maggie Murphy, Anna Logan, Pearl Davidson, A G Thrift, Lena Logan,
Jennie Denholm, Pearl Walker.
     Norway:  J H Barklow, Minnie McCloskey and Flo McCloskey.
     Sumner:  R E Cavanaugh, Leonard Marsters, Joe Byers, Vienna Masters.
     Parkersburg: Edith Howell, Florence Walstrom.
     Oak: G P Harrington, H G Harrington.
     Remote: Pearl Fetter.
     May: Grace Newland, May Newland.
     Gravel Ford: F S Bunch, R W Airey,  Mabel Weekly.
     Allegany: Carrie Rodin, Georgie Gould, Ida Rodin.
     Bridge: M O Hooten.
     Lee:  Lewis Brown, Lizzie Meyers.
     Langlois:    Marie Bossett.  [+ text, except punctuation..]

poem literary health-death health-provider lifestyle-sentiment(obit) people-attitude
CoqB 05a June 7, 1901
[Head; centered]   In Remembrance of Dr. S. L. Leneve.

'Tis hard to break the tender cord
  When love has bound the heart,
'Tis hard, so hard to speak the word
  Must we forever part?

Dearest loved one, we have laid thee
  In the peaceful graves embrace [sic];
But thy memory will be cherished,
  Till we see thy heavenly face.

He has gone from his dear ones his wife [sic],
  His children,
Whom he willing toiled for,
  And loved as his life.
Oh, God, how mysterious
  And how strange are thy ways,
To take from us this loved one,
  In the best of his days.

A loved one's voice is hushed in death,
  A faithful heart is still;
A place is vacant by the hearth
  None other e'er can fill.
His precious words of hope and cheer,
  His tender loving care,
What sacred memories cluster here,
  Around his vacant chair.

Our dear friend, loved so well,
  Has passed from us away,
To dwell 'mid scenes of heavenly bliss,
  Among angel chair for ayes [sic],
Forever hushed his earthly voice,
  To us so sweet and clear;
And, oh our home is loner now
  To see his vacant chair.
                   --Maud Flanders  +  
[M. note:  There are spaces between stanzas in the actual text.]

holiday patriotic event  CoqB 05b June 7, 1901
To Observe Flag Day [Salem] [more]

health-treatment health-provider? Item-liquor character-anti racism-ethnic interest
saying crime paper-attitude misc-word Locale-UmpquaRiver OT-Roseburg
Coq B 05b June 7, 1901
     Doctor Dayolheasala, and [sic] Indian specialist, jolly good fellow, and all-around
corpulent chunk of gentility, but with the proverbial lack of a "Happy  Hooligan."
He is firmly convinced that he has wandered once more into the unjust land of the heathen.
The doctor’s short visit in the town of roses has been marred by the thorny path of
justice, and the monotonous experience of trotting back and forth from one court to
another, might justify the eminent M. D. in producing a second version of “Bunyan's
Pilgrim Progress." His case involved many features and phases of individual rights,
chiefly that of an American citizen to enjoy himself on the ground that we should "eat,
drink and be merry" whether he be an Indian drinking French soda water on American
money, or a faded kobo [sic] of the Pan-American class, sipping the aqua pura of
the mighty Umpqua, using his clothes as a sieve to keep the bacilll [sic] out of the
gurgling nectar.
     To make a long story short, Dr. Don't-care-if-I-do, was arrested on the charge of drunkenness and disorderly conduct, case dismissed on B demurrer.  Re-arrested on
the charge of disturbing the peace -- case dismissed for want of prosecution.  Again
arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct -- jury deliberated three hours and forty
minutes -- not guilty -- three times and out. --Roseburg Review.  +

Item-apparel business bldg Tot-Coquille ad  CoqB 05b June 7, 1901
     If you want a nice pair of trousers, a pair to give good satisfaction have
them made at Slagle's.  +   

Agric crop health-provider Tot-Coquille business bldg ad  CoqB 05b June 7, 1901
     Grass and garden seeds at Knowlton's.  +

OT-Portland filler condit-strike  CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     Portland is experiencing a barber strike.  +

OT-Portland filler animal-dog Tot-Coquille lifestyle? paper-attitude street 
CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     Portland is becoming a dog-ridden city, says a citizen thereof.  In Coquille
dogs have the preference of the streets.  +

Natl Official- politic OT-Cali prices racism-ethnic? crime condit [Indian?]
CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     Governor Gage, of California, has offered a reward of $5000 for the conviction
of the lynchers of the Hall family, at Modoc, but residents of the vicinity do not think
the money will have to be paid.  +

War world health-death health-  CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     In the battle between the Boers and Britain at Vlakiontein [sic], May 29th,
the British lost seven officers and  55 men killed and five officers and 111 men
wounded.  Forty-four Boers were killed.  +

law lifestyle pursuit-sports natl church-indir OT-NY  CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     A Sunday blue law crusade has been launched in New York, the object
being to prevent Sunday sports. Already a member of the board of education
has been arrested for playing golf on Sunday.  +

RR-other RR-natl RR-SP Locale-Oregon condit improve?
CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     President Hayes, of the Southern Pacific Co, has been spending some time in
Oregon of late inspecting company interests, and it is stated on good authority that
will be of great benefit to the state are being considered.  +

OT-Portland organiz prices improve character  CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     The Y. M. C. A. of  Portland has raised $56,313 for improving their building in
that city.  The amount they set out to raise was $45,000, but the citizens, who have
seen the benefits of the organization contributed so generously that the amount was
overreached by $11,313 in one months’ [sic] time.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship? Disaster-shipwreck pursuit-racing
CoqB 06 June 7, 1901
     The cup defender Constitution was dismasted while on a trial spin last Tuesday.
The accident happened while the yacht was three miles off Narragansett  [sic] Pier.
As she had not yet been towed in when the dispatch was sent the appearances were
that she was badly crippled.  +

RealE Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield Tot-Ferndale Tot-MyrtlePoint locale- official-county
church name-Drane name-Border name-Bender name-Hall land prices 
CoqB 06 June 7, 1901 
                                              Real Estate Transfers.
     City of Coquille to P E Drane, lots 5 and 8 block 4, Elliott's add to Coquille, $100.
     Robert L Wagner to Oma L Wagner, lots 3 and 4 block 3, Border and Bender add
to Myrtle Point, $300.
     U S to Richard Green, nw ¼ of sec 22 tp 28 r 9, patent.
     Jane Hutcheson [sic] to Jas M Hutcheson, ne cor of lot 1 block 1, Marshfield, $800.
     Ellis Jones and wife to First Presbyterian Church of Marshfield, lot 1 block 7, Marshfield, $476.
     Martin Russel [sic] and wife to Samuel B McClelland, e ½ of lots 1 and 4 block 6,
Marshfield, $1200.
     Jas S Rea to John Waltermier [sic], lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 block 3, Elliott’s add to Coquille,
     John C Warner to Wm P Warner, parcel of land in tp 29 r 12, $600.
     Stephen Gallier, sheriff of Coos Co, to John F Hall, s ½ of se ¼ sec 21, n ½ of
nw ¼, n ½ of  ne ¼, sec 23 tp 27 r 13, $1000.
     Stephen Gallier, sheriff of Coos Co, to Henry Lacross, block 2 lots 3, 4, 5 and 6
block 5, [sic] Ferndale; lot 1 block 4, Border and Bender add to Myrtle Point; lot 8
block 8, lots 6, 7 and 8 block 6, Myrtle Point, $1100.  [price probably sic; nearly
     D B Keating to F M Friedberg, parcel of land in Warwick Donation Claim in Coos
County, $75.
     J D Bennett and wife to W W Bennett, parcel of land in secs [sic] 35 and 36 tp 28 r 12, $1000.
     W L Mast to Webb Mast and H W Mast, parcel of land in sec 2 tp 28 r 12, $1600.
     C A Bettilyon and wife to F S Wallace, parcel of land in sec 20 tp 25 r 12, $10.
     Wm J Becannon to W D Marshall, lots 2, 3 and 4 block 4, Cartwright add to
Bandon, $150.
     W D Marshall and wife to Nellie Jorgensen, lots 2, 3 and 4 block 1, Cartwright add to Bandon, $150.
     F N Gilbert and wife to A T Gilbert, lot 12 block 3, -- [sic] Ferndale,  1.  [sic]
     A T Gilbert to Claude Gatch, lot 13 block 3, Ferndale, $1.  [all are +]
[M. note: no periods after initials or other abbr.]

Natl filler machine? Condit-strike condit-labor Locale-PacificCoast
CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
     The machinists’ strike for a nine hour day appears to be making steady progress towards success in all sections except on the Pacific Coast, where it is to be feared the contest
will be a long one.  +

Poliltic natl filler condit-signs-times  CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
     Senators Tillman and McLaurie might get some valuable pointers on the resignation
question from Senator Platt, of New York, who joined Senator Conkling [sic] in resigning, expecting that both would be re-elected – an expectation that was not realized.  +

Agric crop climate  CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
weekly crop bulletin, [weather and temps, growing progress.]

Law official-state? church-indir Locale-Oregon saying? people-attitude 
CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
Arguments in Or. to test legality of Sunday-closing for barbers law.  "An act
to prohibit barbering on Sunday in the State of Oregon."  C M Idleman [a state
official] says there's no such word as barbering, and you can't enact any sort of
law for something that doesn't exist.   nq

Invention health-contag health-treatment natl-filler superlative? saying?
CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
     An Italian doctor has announced the discovery of a vaccine that will
permanently prevent those who use it from taking yellow fever.  Humanity
will be largely his debtor if he can make good his claim.   +

Invention? Misc-cosmic natl-filler Utility?  CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
     Scientists have ceased to regard anything as impossible.  Some of them are
now seriously discussing schemes to utilize the electrical forces in the aurora
borealis of the arctic regions to furnish man with power and light.  +

Name-Lenox health-death Lhc-stat??  CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
[Administrator’s notice estate of David Lenox]

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Reta Srh-CaptMcCloskey Tot-MyrtlePoint
Tot-Coquille business ad 
CoqB 06a June 7, 1901
The steamer Reta, W.T. McCloskey, Master.  lv MP every day except Sun at 7
am  arr Coq 9.30 am.   lv Coq every day but Sunday, at 1 pm arr MP 3:30 pm.

History Tot-P.Orford Locale-BattleRock war-Indian racism-ethnic mining-indir character? Lhc-Coos-descr Srh-river Srh-UmpquaRiver Srh-RogueRiver Locale-RogueRiver Locale-UmpquaRiver Tot-Scottsburg Tot-Empire Locale-CoosBay
CoqB 07 June 7, 1901
[head is centered across two columns of text]
         The Bloody Baptism of Battle Rock.
     Correspondent Portland Telegram.
     Port Orford, Or, May 5 -- June 9 will mark a memorable event in the history of pioneer life on the Pacific Coast.  Fifty years ago, on the morning of June 9, 1853, there landed on the beach just below the hills where Port Orford now stands nine men, whose thrilling experience constitutes one of the most interesting chapters of Oregon's pioneer history.
     Battle Rock, visible from every part of the town and far out at sea, by reason of its location near the center of the  beautiful crescent harbor, is separated from the shore by about 30 yards of smooth beach, under water at high tide.  It rises like a huge whale head toward the sea, sides perpendicular, to a height of 75 feet.  The rock tapers into a narrow path over its brek [sic; = back].  On top and commanding its approach, there is a flat surface of 150 yards in length by 75 yards wide, wide [sic], now mostly covered with a scraggy [sic] growth of myrtle and dwarf pine.
     Captain William Tichenor, evidently attracted by the beauty of the harbor, the vast forests back of it, and its favorable geographical location to the Southern Oregon mines, concluded to start a settlement, lay out a town, and build a road to the mines. The scheme also lured nine young men, whose names were, respectively, J. M. Kirkpatrick, J. H. Eagan, J. T. Slater, George Ridoubs [sic] [ M 2006  as also in Dodge's History; but in another place Dodge has Ridoubt], T. D. Palmer, Joseph  Hessey [sic; Dodge has Hussey], Cyrus W. Hedden,  James Corrigan and Erastus Summers.  They sailed from Portland on the old steam propeller Sea Gull, Captain Tichenor, June 4, 1853, landing at Port Orford June 9.  Their entire armament consisted of one United States six-shooting rifle, three old flintlock muskets, one old sword, one 38 caliber revolver, one pair derringers, about 50 pounds of powder and 10 pounds of bar lead, and one old brass cannon taken from the Sea Gull. Few Indians were in sight when they landed but Captain Kirkpatrick though the youngest of the party, took a proper estimate of the situation, based upon his knowledge of Indian cunning, for he had had the benefit of association and training with that most famous Indian fighter, Kit Carson.  Captain Tichenor continued his voyage to San Francisco, promising to return in 14 days with more men and provisions.
     On the following morning, June 10, a party of Rogue river Indians, accompanied by a big chief in a red shirt, came up the coast in a canoe, and, landing on the beach, began preparations for an attack.  The chief, beginning with a preliminary flourish of his big knife, indicating to the men on the rocks that he xas [sic; = was] after their scalps.  What follows is best told in the Captain's words, as follows:
     "The brass connon [sic; = cannon], commanding the approach, was loaded with two pounds of powder and two handfuls of lead slugs.  The fellow in the red shirt drew a long knife, waved it over his head, gave a terrible yell, and with at least 100 of his braves, started for us with a rush.  I stood by the gun, holding a piece of tarred rope with one end in the fire ready, as soon as the Indians crowded on the narrow ridge in front of the cannon, to let them have the contents when it would do the most execution.  The air was full of arrows, coming from 100 bows.  James Corrigan had picked up a pine board about 15 inches wide, eight feet long and 1.3 inches thick. He stood right behind me and held the board in front of us both. Thirty-seven arrows hit the board, and at least half of them showed their points through it.  Two of the of my men [sic] were disabled.  Palmer was shot through the neck and was bleeding badly; Ridoubt was shot in the breast, the arrow sticking in the breast bone, making a painful wound, and Slater ran and laid down in a hole behind the tent.  This left six of us to fight it out with the Indians who still kept coming.  When they crowded on the narrow ridge, the red-shirted fellow in the lead not more
than eight feet from the muzzle of the gun, I applied the fiery end of the rope to the priming. 
The execution was fearful.  At least 12 or 13 men were killed outright, and such a tumbling of scared Indians I never saw before or since.
     "The gun was upset by the recoil, and we never stopped to right it, but rushed out and at them, and soon cleared the rock of live warriors.  Then we counted 17 dead Indians on the rock.  And this was the bloody baptism that gave the name "Battle rock" to our old camp at Port Orford, on the 10th day of June, 1851.
     "Incredible as it may seem, there were two warriors that passed the crowd and were not hit by any of the slugs fired from the cannon.  One, a big, strong looking Indian, made up his mind that he wanted my scalp; he rushed at me with a big knife.  Corrigan shot him in the shoulder, and still he came on.  He made a slash at me with his knife, which I knocked out of his hand with my left.  When he grappled for his knife agian [sic] I pulled one of the derringers and shot him in the head, the ball entering one temple and coming out at the other.  He then turned and ran 20 feet, falling dead among the Indians killed by the cannon.
     "The other brave went for Eagan whose musket missed fire, as the Indian was in the act of fixing an arrow in his bow.  Eagen hit him over the head with the barrel, bending it.  Stunned from the blow, Eagen jumped at him, took away his bow, and then jumped back, turned his musket and dealt him three or four blows with the butt, knocking him entirely off the rock into the sea.
     "The next day a parley ensued, resulting in a truce.  The Indians were permitted to carry off their dead, about 23, except one, the fellow in the red shirt. An Indian gave the body a kick and with a grunt left it.  This excited the curiosity of the party when, on closer inspection they found that he had been a white man -- a former Hudson's Bay Company man.  Ship-wrecked and rescued by the Indians he had become one of them.  They themselves buried the body on the beach later on.  The Indians disposed of their dead by burning them.
     "The party repulsed two other attacks later on, each led by a big chief, picked out by the defenders' unerring rifle in turn, the death of each chief resulting in utter demoralization of the Indians.
     But each day brought more Indians to the scene; they guarded the white men closely; but the white man's strategy was superior to the Indians' cunning.  All of the party escaped.  Traveling by night through a wilderness of forests and swamps, with a few sea  biscuits for food.  They followed the coast line, crossed the Coquille river, and reached in an exhausted and famishing condition on the Umpqua, where Empire now stands.  There they found a few white men on the other side, who, launching their boats, took the nine ragged defenders aboard, set sail, and just as the sun was setting, July 2, 1851, they reached their haven of safety.
     After resting a few days, Dr. Joseph Drew and his associates took the party up the Umpqua, to a place, now Scottsburg, where they landed July 4.  There they separated but Cyrus W. Hedden, one of the nine heroes, settled down at Scottsburg, where after half a century, he still lives, and where, while looking in his garden, the white haired pioneer related his experience to the writer.
     Battle Rock stands today as it did 50 years ago; but no memorial no tablet marks the scene of the bloody tragedy, where a handful of white men fought a battle for civilization, blazing a path to the sea for future generations to follow.  Would it not be appropriate on this, the 50th anniversary, to erect a memorial tablet inscribing the names of the heroes and the date of the battle of June 10, 1851, to serve as an historic landmark for future generations? -- H. C.
     NOTE--  The statement above that Empire City is at the mouth of the Umpqua is an error.  Empire City being on Coos Bay.  +
[M. 2006.  The NOTE is part of text.  Quote marks sic; not clear where quoted story ends and writer's remarks resume.]

Home-seekers county? locale-Coos name-Baker [?]  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901 
[notice of final proof of claim Davis W. Baker]

Health-treatment health-sickness Health-provider Tot-Marshfield business bldg misc-word
ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901  
German Laxative Salt.  The Best Natural Aperient [sic]. approved remedy for constipation, dyspepsia, torpidity of the liver, piles, kindred ailments.  The Red Cross Drug Store,
Marshfield, Oregon. nfq

Item-apparel Tot-Coquille business ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901
     Millinery?  A complete assortment of Spring and summer styles at Mrs.
Suggs'.  [+ text; display ad]

Photo Tot-Coquille business bldg ad superlative ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901
     Your Photographs?  We can take it for you in the very latest styles...  Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Walker.  Studio over Sugg's Millinery Store on Front St.  [+ text;
display ad]

Item-apparel Tot-Coquille business ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901
     All kinds of Millinery at Endicott & Lyons.  Call and see our display.  [+ text;
display ad]

Lbr Novelty-wood-shingle novelty-wood-lath mill-Johnson mill-Johnson's RR-CBR
RR-haul Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat Tot-J.Mill Tot-Johnson'sMill Tot-Coquille
ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901
     Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Delivered by Rail or Water.  Johnson's Mill, Coquille, Or. 
[+ text; display ad]

Tot-Coquille business ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901  F. S. Slagle, tailor.  [more] [display ad]

Item-liquor item-tobacco business bldg Tot-Coquille RR-CBR RR-phy RR-depot
superlative? ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901
The ever popular Americus [sic] Club Whiskey and many other first class brands
of Liquors. Lone Star,  Capt. Oleson, Prop.  Front St near depot.  Nq  [display ad]

Tot-Coquille health-sanitary business bldg superlative ad  CoqB 07a June 7, 1901
     The Palace Barbershop   M McDonald, Prop    finest equipped shop in
Coos   Hot and cold baths.  [+ text; display ad]

Transport-draying agric crop novelty-wood-firewood food coal  RR-CBR RR-haul
Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat Tot-Coquille business bldg ad 
CoqBa 07a June 7, 1901
     The Coquille Barn.  W.C. Benham, Proprietor.  All kinds of Hauling at
Reasonable Rates.  Hay, Grain, Wood and Coal for Sale.  General Transfer to
and from Trains and Boats.  Hall Street. Coquille, Oregon. [+ text. display ad]

machine novelty-wood? novelty-metal? Enterprise-[?] Tot-Coquille business bldg ad 
CoqB 07b June 7, 1901
     Have You Any Machinery That Needs Fixing?  If so bring or send it to the
Coquille Machine Shop,  J . C. Wilson, Prop.  Patterns Made.  Turning Done.
Also wood Turning, Bracket Sawing, etc.  Prices Right.  All Work guaranteed. 
[+ text, display ad]

Item-liquor Tot-Coquille business saying? ad  CoqB 07b June 7, 1901
     Call for Magnolia Bourbon, Hunter Baltimore Rye  Yellowstone, "Bottled in
Bond."  Iler's Pure Malt.  John Curren, Sole Agent.  [+ text. display ad]   
Agric crop transport-draying Food prices prize Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver
Srh-boat RR-CBR RR-haul business bldg misc-word saying ad 
CoqB 07b June 7, 1901
Don't experiment with prizes; but get your prizes in the purchase of your
goods at Sanderson Bros. Cash Store.  These are strictly spot cash prices.
Free delivery to any part of the city, boats or trains.  Syrup --in a gallon
buckets 80 cts.  Half ground salt -- 50 lbs sacks 40 c, 100 75 c.  All kinds of
seed grains, wheat, oats, corn, barley, clover seed, etc. Try a sack of "Blue
Ribbon Flour" equal to Sperry's  Per sack 90 cts, per barrel $3.50. If you try it
you will use no other.  nfq.

Tot-Coquille item-hardware business bldg ad  CoqB 07b June 7, 1901
Hardware, J A Lamb & Co. [more] [display ad]     

Tot-Coquille business bldg ad  CoqB 07b June 7, 1901 
Hawkins' Store, opposite Bank building.  [more] [display ad]

Item-goods item-apparel Tot-Coquille business bldg food superlative name-Lyons
saying? ad  CoqB 07b June 7, 1901  
     Don't Stop to Think    Buy and than think afterwards.  Of course that might
be a dangerous course to pursue in all stores but with us you can buy with the
utmost confidence and receive full value for your money.  A new line of Dry
Goods, The Latest in Shoes, Nice Fresh Groceries.  Lyons' Store.  [+ text; display ad]

Mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille lbr name-Lyons ad  CoqB 07b June 7, 1901 
     The Lyons' Sawmill Is making a specialty of Local Orders either Large or
Small. Prices to suit the times.  The James A. Lyons Estate, Mrs. Emma M.
Lyons, Administratix.  [+ text; display ad]

Item-personal? Item-household Tot-Coquille business bldg superlative ad 
CoqB 07b June 7, 1901
     Jewelry -- We carry the Largest stock in Coos county. Rings, stick pins,
watches, clocks, silver ware; in fact everything that kept in a first-class
jewelry store.  Wilson Jewelry Co.  [+ text; display ad]

Tot-Marshfield Tot-Coquille Tot-Bandon enterprise-laundry health-safety ad 
CoqB 07b June 7, 1901 
     The Coos Bay Steam Laundry, Amstein & Johnson, Proprietors, ...No
injurious chemicals used.  N. Lorenz, Agent, Coquille City.   C. A. Craddock,
Agent, Bandon.  [+ text; display ad]

fruit climate?  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901  Strawberries are somewhat late this season.  +  

utility? Tot-Coquille needed? misc-word-talk-up  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     Talk up the fire department.   +

Item-maintenance item-hardware Tot-Coquille business bldg  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     Prepared paints at J. A. Lamb & Co.  +

name-Nosler Srh-ocean Srh-ship Srh-Mandalay  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901 
     Bird Nosler is expected home on the next Mandalay.  +

Name-Kribbs Srh-ocean Srh-Mandalay  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     H. S. Kribbs and wife returned on the Mandalay Friday.  +

Condit Tot-Coquille salesman  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     Coquille has more than her share of commercial men this week.  + 

Name-Watson crop CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
First class hay for sale at Chas. Watsons [sic].  +

Name-DeNeveu RR-CBR RR-passenger Tot-Coquille  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
      Mrs. T. J. DeNeveu [sic] was a passenger over on Wednesday’s train.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Dement health-birth  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     Born – Near Myrtle Point, May 24th, to the wife of Clay Dement, a son.  [+ text]

harness business Tot-Coquille  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
[2 sets harness  F. Long]  [M. note: many F Long ads in news locals.]

name-Nelson Tot-Marshfield visit Tot-Coquille  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     Fred Nelson and wife, of Marshfield, paid this city a visit, Tuesday.  +
Item-tobacco salesman b-act Tot-Coquille?  CoqB 07c June 7, 1901
     Emil Judell, the "Rendezvous" cigar man was doing the town this week.  +

Tot-Coquille? Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Endicott name-Lorenz visit
CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Miss Della Endicott and Miss Edna Lorenz paid Myrtle Point a visit on Monday.  +

Name-Lowe Locale? House improve  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Dave Lowe is improving his property considerably by giving his house a coat of paint.  +

Tot-Coquille house  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Mrs. G. R. Wickham and family moved in to the Alvin Collier residence, Monday.  +   
Item-liquor law business Tot-Coquille  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901 
     Jim  Hayes has notices posted asking the city council to grant him a liquor license.  +

Transport Livery harness prices Tot-Coquille business bldg ad
CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
F. Long & Sons  light carriage harness -$37, now $26, one set left.

Entertain-show Tot-Coquille travel  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Prof. Zamloch, the magician [sic; no comma] is on his way up the coast, and will
probably show at this place next week.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-CoosBay Srh-ship-Alliance organiz name-Lyons travel Tot-Coquille OT-Portland  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Mrs. W. H. Lyons, [comma, sic] left on the Alliance to Portland, where she goes as a
delegate to the Eastern Star Lodge.  +
Vital lifestyle  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     C. F. Lawrence and Miss Marie Skeels will be married, next Wednesday evening, at
the home of the bride's parents.  +

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Fawn machine? Srh-James
CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     The James boys brought the Fawn to town Monday to receive a new boiler, which
was placed in position Tuesday.  +
School locale-HallsCr locale-Hall’sCreek Tot-Arago
CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Teacher wanted --  To teach school on Hall’s [sic] Creek, School District No. 59.
Write or apply to J. F. Munford, Arago, Ore.  +

Item-headstone Tot-Coquille business bldg ad?  CoqB 07d June 7, 1901
     Stewart & Westgate has purchased the marble and stone works of F. A. Tozier,
and will continue the business at the old stand.  +

Tot-Coquille Tot Bandon locale-CurryCo moving transport  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     Atty Crawford and family moved to Coquille City last week, Frank Moore moving
them as far as Bandon, says the Port Orford Tribune.  +

Church entertain CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
Children's day Program, Christian church.

Mill-Johnson Tot-J.Mill Tot-Johnson'sMill condit-prosper Srh-shipp Misc-word-five-quarter-time
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     Johnson's mill has been working on five-quarter time for some time past.  This is
required on account of the large shipments they have been making daily.  +    

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat Antelope Srh-CaptLeneve Srh-name-Perry
health-sickness  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     Vale Perry is captain of the steamer Antelope this week, Capt. Geo. Leneve being at
the bedside of his brother, N.W. Leneve, who is seriously ill.  +

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Dispatch Srh-boat-Favorite
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     The steamer Dispatch goes on her regular run next Monday, after having been tied
up for the last three weeks receiving a general overhauling.  The Favorite will then be
taken off the run for repairs.  +

Church Tot-Coquille  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
Revival meetings, "Little Church", M. O. Brink. 

Tot-Coquille  item-metal item-[?] item-apparel business bldg ad 
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     The I.X.L. store buys brass, copper, old rubber boots and shoes at the
highest market price...  +

RR-CBR RR-spur RR-phy mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille interest?
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
      The spur which was recently put in at Lyons' mill is being taken up, the
grade being so steep as to make it impossible for the locomotive to pull out
the loaded cars.  An attempt was made Monday to haul a car out, but after
getting halfway up the incline, refused to go any farther, running back with
such force as to throw the car off the trucks [sic], and tearing up things generally. 
We understand that the grade will be made more level before cars can be
hauled out.  +

Pursuit-baseball  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Lengthy list of baseball games, past and to be.] 

holiday 4th-July Tot-Coquille  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     The finance committee of the Fourth of July celebration will commence
selling subscriptions this evening.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay Srh-CaptEllingson church-indir name-Nosler
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
Arrivals by Mandalay, Fr., Mrs.M Shoemaker, Alva Lee, Rev C E Crumley,
Capt O. P. Ellingson, H S Kribbs, wife, J.T. Nosler, wife, H A Curran, Miss C

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-shipbuilding Srh-CaptMcCloskey Srh-CaptMcClosky Locale-Roy machine  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     Capt. McClosky's [sic] new boat was launched from Roy's shipyard on
Sunday.  She was brought to town Tuesday where the new boiler was put in.
She is expected to be in running order in two weeks but will not be put on the
run to up-river points until after she is inspected next month.  +.

Tot-Coquille RealE? RR-CBR RR-phy RR-right-of-way RR-depot
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     The town board will be asked at the next meeting to give a strip of land 12
feet wide and about 80 feet long, of town property, for a street, so that teams
can have access to the new railroad depot.  We understand that Mr. Collier
will donate the balance of right-of-way needed, and it is to be hoped that the
town board will grant the request.   +

Dairy-indir RealE Tot-Coquille(near) Locale-CoquilleRiver OT-LewistonID
transport  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
     Silas Banning, who, some time ago, purchased the Romander place across the river,
arrived with his family from Lewiston, Idaho, on Thursday evening.  The trip was made
by private conveyance, and they were thirty-one days on the road.  They were
accompanied by a Mr. Briggs and family, who came to look at the country.  +

Health-sickness job Tot-Coquille house  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
      N. W. Leneve suffered a stroke of paralysis, at his home in this city,
Monday evening.  He has been engaged for some time past painting A. J.
Sherwood's residence and after returning home from the days work he was
stricken down.  This is the third stroke which Mr. Leneve has received.  At
last accounts he was improving, and we hope to see him about again in a few
days.  +

Church Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Coquille  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
Rev. S. S. White, new pastor MP Presbyterian; will hold some services in Coq

[M. note.  In order to keyword the items below, they have been separated.  But they
were all in a column under the single label: Marshfield Items.  The phrase does not
appear before each successive item, the way it's shown it here.  There was no space
between items.  This submission was signed THIN SPACE. [a correspondent's pen
name.] ]

Tot-Marshfield school  CoqB 08a June 7, 1901
Marshfield Items. [head, centered; medium margins.]
School closes this week.

Tot-Marshfield  food business bldg  CoqB 08a June 7, 1901 
[Marshfield Items.]
     Bryden Bros have returned to the bay and will open up their bakery.  + 

Tot-Marshfield food business bldg  CoqB 08a June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     W. G. [sic] Perkins has sold out his interest in the grocery business to
Chas. Stauff.  +

Tot-Marshfield enterprise-foundry item-metal  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     The first casting was made at the Nelson & Co's iron foundry.  +

Tot--Marshfield Srh-ocean Srh-ship-LaGironde lbr RR-CBR RR-depot
mill-Johnson Tot-J.Mill  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     The schooner LaGironde is loading lumber at the railroad depot from
Johnson's Mill.  +

Church Tot-Marshfield CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     The Presbyterian Church is now on its new foundation, and services will be
held Sunday.  +  
Tot-Marshfield Locale-WestMarshfield enterprise-carpentry? house RealE
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     Grant Beale purchased twelve lots in West Marshfield, and will erect
cottages thereon.  +

Tot-Marshfield health-sickness  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
 [Marshfield Items.]
     Will Woodward, who has been suffering from erysipelas [sic], is improving.  +

Tot-Marshfield vital-stat Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Arcata OT-SF
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
      Jesse Luse and bride (nee Miss Lillie Anderson) returned on the Arcata
from San Francisco, Thursday.  +

Locale-CoosBay Srh-ocean Srh-shipbuilding Srh-CaptReed superlative name-Reed 
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
      Capt. Hans Reed returned to the bay this week and will immediately
commence the construction of a four-masted barkentine.  She will be the
largest vessel ever built on the bay.  +

Tot-NB Srh-ocean Srh-shipbuilding Srh-ship-Alumna Srh-shipp Srh-freight
Locale-CoosBay lbr  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
      The schooner Alumna, which was recently launched  from the North Bend
shipyard, was towed to the lower bay, where she will complete her cargo of
l,000,000 feet of lumber.  +

Health-sickness health-death church Tot-Marshfield  CoqB 10 June 7, 1901   
[Marshfield Items.]
T J Davis stricken with paralysis last Wed, after much suffering passed away Thur. 
Active worker Salvation Army.  Funeral Friday, Capt  Crabtree office.  Not q

Tot-Marshfield Srh-CaptEdwards-indir health-sickness Health-death Srh-ocean
Srh-ship-Arcata Srh-freight OT-SF lifestyle? Character school friend
misc-word-nervous-affection misc-word mourn...loss misc-word-sympathy...for
CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     The sad news was received, Tuesday, of the death of Miss Daisy Edwards,
at San Francisco, Monday.  She was taken to the city on the last Arcata,
suffering from a nervous affection [sic], and her death was unexpected.  Miss
Daisy was a beautiful and accomplished young lady, and leaves a host of
friends to mourn her loss.  She was about 19 years of age and graduated from
Marshfield High School.  Much sympathy is manifested for the bereaved
parents.  The body is expected to arrive on the next Arcata.  +

Tot-Marshfield animal-horse pursuit-racing fair  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     Ten trotters, five runners and two pacers are in training at the race track, and more are expected.  +

Tot-Marshfield fair  CoqB 08 June 7, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     Arrangements are being made to hold the fair at Marshfield again this year.
Vice-president London is expected to arrive this week.  +

CoqB 09 open

Health-treatment  health-provider? Item-liquor crime OT-Roseburg interest
character-anti racism/ethnic-indir 
CoqB 10 June 7, 1901
     Doctor Dayolheasala, the fake doctor who was selling a concoction for the
cure of all ills, in this place a short time ago, was arrested in Roseburg three
times last week for being drunk and disorderly.  +

paper lbr mill-Johnson health-accid Job Tot-J.Mill Tot-Johnson'sMill
Tot-Coquille  CoqB 10  June 7, 1901
     Aaron Wilson, of this office, met with an accident while visiting Johnson’s
mill, last Monday, which for a time was thought to be very serious.  While
passing a lumber chute in the mill some slabs were thrown down, which
struck him in the back with such force as to render him unconscious for some
time.  He was immediately brought to Coquille and taken to his home, when it
was ascertained his injuries were not serious, and he will be around again in a
few days.  +

Health-sickness health-death church Tot-Marshfield  CoqB 10 June 7, 1901   
T J Davis stricken with paralysis last Wed, after much suffering passed away
Thur.  Active worker Salvation Army.  Funeral Friday, Capt  Crabtree office.
Not q  ([Marshfield Items.])

County money official-county  Coq B 10 June 7, 1901    
County warrants endorsed prior to Apr 1899 to be paid by county treasurer, no
interest after May 31, 1901.  J. B. Dulley, treas.  

Paper Tot-Coquille  CoqB 10 June 7, 1901
Coquille City Bulletin is county official paper.

Animal-horse interest fair OT-Paris superlative entertain  CoqB 10 June 7, 1901  
[smallest pony in world, called Prince Asha  4 yr old and 15 ½ at withers; belongs to
French troupe of dwarf acrobats giving exhibition Paris.]

crime name-Landis official-county paper-attitude Locale-Siuslaw Tot-Dairyville Tot-Coquille Locale-CedarPoint OT-Elkton lifestyle-boy name-McQuigg 
CoqB 10-12 June 7, 1901 
                                       IS STILL AT LARGE.
                                       Landis Reaches the Sius-
                                              law Country.
                                Reward Raised to $1000 – Small
                                  Hopes of His Capture – Sheriff
                                          Gallier Explains.
     Since our last issue reports of all descriptions have been in circulation regarding the whereabouts of Landis, but all trace of the murderer seems to have been lost until
Tuesday, when Sheriff Gallier received a telegram from the Sheriff of Lane county
stating that Landis had been seen and identified, in the Siuslaw country,  by
someone who knew him well.  As Landis formerly lived in that neighborhood,
it is very probable he will remain there for some time, and as the country is
not very thickly settled the chances of capturing him are very few, at least
until he thinks it will be safe to come out and make for other parts.
     Word was received in town, Saturday, that a man answering the description
of  Landis had been seen in Dairyville that morning.  Dave Johnson and Dave
Carey immediately left for there, but no trace of the suspect could be found.
They returned Wednesday.
     News received in town, Saturday, that a man supposed to be Landis had
been arrested at Elkton,  but the report has since proved false.   Upon receipt
of that news Deputy Sheriff Ed Gallier left for that place, whereabouts are not
known at present but it is supposed he has gone on to the Siuslaw.
     Much blame has been attached to Sheriff Gallier for ever allowing Landis to
leave Coquille City, but in a conversation with Mr. Gallier, yesterday, he
makes the following statement:
    “That at the time the body was discovered and suspicion pointed to Landis
as the murderer he went to Attorney Sinclair (who acted as deputy District
Attorney in that case), for advice in the matter, and asked if a warrant for the
arrest of Landis, on suspicion, could not be issued, and was informed that he
had better wait until after the inquest.  A few hours later he again asked
Sinclair about securing a warrant.  Sinclair then stated that Landis could not
be held on the statement of the McQuigg boys who stated that they had seen
Landis burying the body, but to wait and see if more evidence could not be
secured.  In the meantime Mr. Gallier had parties shadowing Landis, and
supposed that as Sinclair was an attorney and knew the law in the matter, he
was doing his full duty.  If Sinclair knew that Landis could be held why did he
not inform Gallier to that effect and not otherwise?”
     Four hundred dollars was raised by subscription this week for the capture of
Landis.  With the $500 offered by the county and $100 by Sheriff Gallier, this
makes a total of $1000 reward.
     Too much credit cannot be given the McQuigg boys, who found the body of
Eudaily, for their promptness in reporting their discovery to the authorities,
and but for them Landis would no doubt be enjoying the respect and society of
respectable people with no suspicion resting on him and no thought of his
being guilty of so fiendish a crime.  Various remarks have been made lately as
to the unreliability of these boys, but as everything points to the truthfulness
of their statements, and until Landis is captured and proves himself not guilty,
their story stands as facts.   +

War world racism-ethnic   CoqB 12 June 7, 1901
[war news from Pekin, China]

War world racism-ethnic  CoqB 12 June 7, 1901 
[war news from Tien-Tsin, China.  British, German, Japanese, French troops.]

Tot-Coquille name-Lyons health-provider-indir official-city
CoqB 12 June 7, 1901
City council report; [lists a number of well known names].  W H Mansell, Ed
Jacobson, A.B. Dean, A Albee, Lyons Estate, C M Skeels, W C Chase, R S
Knowlton, N Lorenz [was qualified as mayor], W J Fairman, John Curren, T J
Little, D H Johnson, J E Perrott, qualified as members of the common council,
and entered their duties.  W M Way hasn’t arranged his bonds so could not
qualify as recorder of the city.  Nq

Natl filler literary poem  CoqB 12 June 7, 1901  [Poem.]  Wind of the South.

Natl filler science  CoqB 12 June 7, 1901  Why the Snow is White.

natl filler poem literary  CoqB 12 June 7, 1901  [poem.] The Hungry Cat.

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