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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is a fairly comprehensive list of news items, but by no means extending to all items.

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            Coquille, Or.  

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JUNE 21 -28

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June 21, 1901

Misc-money natl filler govt  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901
     Uncle Sam, it is said, is to coin a new 3-cent piece.  The new coin is to be
made of nickel, and its radical difference from all other coins with Uncle
Sam's mint mark ... it will have a hole in the center... [M. note: to help cashiers
recognize it.]  -- S. F.  Call.  +  [M. a San Francisco newspaper] 

RR-natl RR-outside  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901
 [lengthy article on the war on the Northern Pacific RR ]

paper-attitude natl? filler saying  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
Keeping everlastingly at it is what pays in advertising.  +

Condit-labor saying? Natl filler OT-Chicago 
CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     The Chicago servant girls are going to form a union.  Why not be
up-to-date?  +

Tot-Coquille boomer improve town-pride  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     Coquille is building and we are proud of it.  No boom, but a substantial growth.  +

Lifestyle? Character saying natl filler  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     The man who succeeds in this world is the man who has pluck and perseverance.  +

Racism-ethnic OT-England saying? Condit natl world filler paper-attitude  
CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     The Chinese question is not settled yet; England hasn't been able to grab the whole
pot.  +

Money natl filler invest OT-London  CoqB 18b June 21 , 1901 
     J. Pierpont Morgan has organized a bank in London with a capital stock of 
$1,000,000,000.  +

Home-seekers Tot-Coquille climate paper-attitude boomer 
CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     Looking for a place to locate?   If so Coquille is a steady growing town and a climate unequaled.  +

Dairy-creamery OT-Roseburg  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     Roseburg is to have a creamery right away, as the contract for the building has
already been let.  +

Tot-Coquille utility condit-improve boomer  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901
     Coquille will soon be supplied with electric lights.  Another step towards
improvement.  See us move.  +

Tot-Coquille holiday 4th-July entertain misc-word-grand-style misc-word-visitors...time superlative? 
CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     Coquille is going to celebrate the 4th in grand style.  Extensive preparations are
being made and all visitors are assured a good time.  +

Pursuit-baseball Tot-Coquille superlative  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     The baseball game next Sunday promises to be the best game of the season.  +

Condit-strike condit-labor natl paper-attitude [?]  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
     Labor strikers are in order and it is an every day occurrence to hear of a new one. 
It is even stated that a strike is expected among the choir boys in Portland.  +

World filler OT-England war Boer  CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
      England has not yet solved the Boer war question.  The Boers claim to have
15,000 fighting men in the field, and are determined to hold on to the last man.  +

War-indir govt? title history politic natl filler paper-attitude people-attitude 
CoqB 18b June 21, 1901 
    Gen. Grosvenor says that it was fear of being defeated that caused Washington
to declare against presidential third terms.  That may have been so, but the people
have several times emphatically endorsed that declaration for all time to politicians.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Oregon Srh-misc govt war prices state-pride misc-word-
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     The battleship Oregon is home again after making for herself a brilliant record. 
She will be put on the dry dock [sic], and repairs to the amount of  $250,000 will be
made.  The Oregon will always be the pride of the people of the state of Oregon.  +

Racism-ethnic law govt politic? Natl filler people-attitude immigration 
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     The Chinese in the United States are preparing for an organized fight to the Geary
Exclusion Act at the coming session of Congress.  The movement was started in
New York and is spreading to all the large cities.  +

Entertain contest 4th-July lifestyle  CoqB 18c June 21, 1901
Voting contest: vote to present  Grace Skeels 92, Nellie Fairman 32, Lena
Fairman 22, May Boyrie 18, Tillie Long 12,  Maud Balch 10, Lillie Way 10,
Susie Tuttle 10,  Laura Shelton 3.  Scattering 16  [for Goddess of Liberty;
voting not complete. ] 

Entertain holiday 4th-July Tot-Coquille misc-word 
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     The programme hasn’t been made out yet for the Fourth of July celebration.  + 

Name-Hazard visit friend Locale-CoosBay  CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Hazard visited friends at the bay the first of the week.  +   

Name-Sanderson health-death travel OT-RiddleOr 
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     Fred T. Sanderson and family returned from Riddle, Ore., where they had been
to attend the funeral of Mrs. Sanderson’s brother.  +

Holiday 4th-July entertain pursuit-baseball Tot-Marshfield Tot-Coquille organiz 
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     The main feature of the Fourth of July celebration is the match game of baseball
between the Marshfield and Coquille teams.  This promises to be a very interesting
game.  +

paper Tot-Coquille holiday 4th-July visit OT-Cali 
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     Samuel Winton, of Smith River, Cal., is in this city visiting with his daughter Mrs.
Joe Bledsoe.  He intends staying until the Fourth.  This office acknowledges a pleasant
call.  +

Tot-Coquille agric-pest Locale-CoosCounty paper-attitude 
CoqB 18c June 21, 1901 
     It is reported from several sections that the army worms which did so much damage
 in this sections [sic]… are in evidence again this year.  We have not seen any as yet
and we hope this may be a false alarm as they would do thousands of dollars worth
of damage, in this county, should they come this year as they did last.  +
Tot-Marshfield Srh-shipbuilding Srh-ocean Srh-CaptReed
CoqB 18d  June 21, 1901
[M. note.  The following were all in a single column with the heading: Marshfield Items.  
In order to keyword them, I have separated them here.  The column is signed by a
Marshfield Correspondent:  Thin Space.]
Marshfield Items.
     Capt Hans Reed has gone to San Francisco to make arrangements for the
building of  a large barkentine at his shipyard.  +

Tot-Marshfield condit-progress  CoqB 18d June 21, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     More dwelling houses are being built in Marshfield this year than there has
been for the past three years, and choice building property is in demand.  +   

Tot-Marshfield  novelty-wood mill-stave disaster-fire 
CoqB 18d June 21, 1901
[Marshfield Items].
     A fire at the stave mill last Friday caused a loss of about $500.  The fire
originated from a hot box, but was discovered by the nightwatchman before it
had gained much headway.   +  

Tot-Marshfield school entertain dance food misc-word-a...time
CoqB 18d June 21, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     The Alumni Society gave a dance and banquet on Tuesday evening.  The
schoolhouse was beautifully decorated for the ocasion [sic] and nearly all the
graduates of the Marshfield high school were in attendance.  They all report a
lively time.  +
Tot-Marshfield health-death Srh-ocean Srh-Arcata Srh-CaptEdwards-indir
church CoqB 18d June 21, 1901
[Marshfield Items.]
     A large crowd was in attendance at the funeral of Miss Daisy Edwards, last
Friday, the body having arrived from San Francisco, on the Arcata, on
Thursday.  Services were held at the M. E. church, Rev. R. C. Lee officiating. 

Logging RR-spur  RR-phy RR-CBR? health-accid locale-WestMarshfield
CoqB 18d June 21, 1901
[Marshfield Items]
      Sam Senters, an employee at Noble & Son's logging camp, near West
Marshfield, was seriously injured on Tuesday morning.  Senters was acting as
brakeman on the logging train, and while coming from camp with a load of
logs the 2495 locomotive jumped the track and rolled into the ditch, carrying
the loaded cars with it.  Senters was caught under a log and both bones of his
right leg broken, besides receiving other injuries.  Bill Noble, engineer on the
locomotive, escaped injury.  +

Utility  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901 
[lengthy article on elec. light franchise, costs per light, etc.] [M. believe I
already have in Herald. ] 

fruit  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901 Cherries are ripening.  +

 Name-Sugg visit commute Tot-Coquille Tot-Sumner  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
     Mrs. V. M. Sugg spent Sunday, in Sumner, [commas, sic] visiting her brother and
family.  +

Tot-Fairview name-Nosler visit commute Tot-Coquille  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
      Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Nosler, of Fairview, visited in town over Sunday.  +

 Name-Chandler BH-co RR-co RR-CBR RR-passenger  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
     Manager Chandler came over on Wednesday's train.  +

Name-Nosler Tot-Bridge?  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901 
     A. L. Nosler and family moved to the Wes Nosler place recently purchased
by them, Wednesday.  +

Mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille lbr RR-CBR RR-haul  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901  
     Lyons mill shipped several carloads of lumber last week to Myrtle Point.  +  

Moving Tot-Bandon  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
     C. F. Lorenz and wife left for Bandon, Monday, where they will reside in
the future.  + 

Health-provider-indir Tot-Coquille condit-improve  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
     R. S. Knowlton is having some grading and fillings done on his lots
preparatory to building.  +

RealE Tot-Coquille condit-improve  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
     Attorney W. C. Chase intends erecting a neat residence on the property 
recently purchased by him of Ed Boyrie.  + 

novelty-brick Tot-Coquille  CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
     Thos. Krewson commenced grading the ground for his new brickyard,
Wednesday, and soon intends to be turning out bricks.  +  

Visit locale-CoosRiver OT-Portland CoqB 19 June 21, 1901 
     A. J. Sherwood returned from Portland, Monday.  Mrs. Sherwood and
family visited with relatives on Coos river during his absence.   +  
Church excursion Srh-river Tot-Bandon Tot-Coquille?   CoqB 19 June 21, 1901
Christian church Sunday school excursion to Bandon next month.

crime name-Landis official-county official-city?  CoqB 20 June 2l, 1901
     Coquille, Ore., June 19th.
     ED. BULLETIN:  -- In regards to the escape of Landis, and Mr. Sinclair's
endeavor to give the people the impression that I am to blame in the matter, as
expressed in his article in last week's Bulletin, I have this to say:
     Now, in regards to the law, which unfortunately for all concerned we did
not fully understand, we depended upon Mr. Sinclair, as an attorney, and
supposing him to be the legal deputy district attorney, to enlighten us.  Had he
known the law he would have known that he could not have acted as deputy
district attorney unless appointed by the district attorney.  Now, as to me
arresting Landis, when the body of Eudaily was found the Justice of the Peace
J. H. Cecil was notified, and the McQuigg boys told him that they recognized
the man who did the digging as Landis, whereupon Mr. Cecil told Sinclair
such, in my presence, at Cecil's office.  Cecil asked him if they should not
issue a warrant then, and Sinclair replied that they (the McQuigg boys) would
have to be there to swear to the complaint.  So it was decided by them to
empanel the jury and go after the body, which they did, and when they
returned from the scene they brought the McQuigg boys with them, and after
leaving the body in the old Collier building went to the Justice's office where
Sinclair proceeded to examine the witnesses.  His method of examining the
witnesses before him was such that he seemingly forced the answers from
them that he wanted.  He did not once ask them whether or not they
recognized the man as Landis.
     During the proceedings when he asked a question and the McQuigg boys
answered him, he would say: "That's not Landis; that evidence wouldn't
convict him."  He would also say it in such a harsh and gruff manner which
would naturally frighten the boys who were giving testimony before him.
   In fact, he seemed to be so positive that it wasn't Landis.  Why did he not
accept this evidence? And after refusing to recommend the issuing of a
warrant, saying that there was no evidence against him (Landis), how could
the sheriff be expected to take the responsibility of arresting him.
     The district attorney's office is supposed to be, and always has been a
bureau of information for the sheriff, coroner and all other public officers. 
Now, I am under $40,000 bonds.  Supposing that I had attempted to arrest
Landis after having been refused a warrant and directed by the deputy district
attorney not to arrest him, and Landis would have been shot dead in the
attempt, Sinclair, I dare say, would have been the first man to have made
trouble for me and my bondsman. Had Landis been shot the greatest evidence
would have never come to light, as his running away proved, without a doubt
that he was the guilty man.
     Sinclair did not act as a man who wanted to get at the truth in the matter,
but would declare almost every time he was approached that it was not
     As to him telling me to watch Landis and if he attempted to escape to arrest
him, he positively did not say it, as there was no such conversation passed
between Sinclair and myself, and Sinclair knows it.
                          Steve Gallier.   +

Vital  CoqB 20 June 21, 1901 
Marriage licenses issued to Eugene Hamblock and Etta Carman,  W.W. Deyoe
and Annie R. Guerin  

Pursuit-baseball humor paper-style saying? Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield Tot-MyrtlePoint
misc-word-clamdiggers misc-word-titterings  
CoqB 21+ June 21, 1901
[M. note:  this is 2-column article on baseball games, written humorously.]  
 [M2006  Below is all one item even though some sections are double spaced here for
easier reading.]
Coquille Team Win
The Most Hotly Contested Game of Baseball this Season was Played Here
Marshfield Vs.  Coquille.
   The most important game of baseball of the season was played last Sunday
afternoon between the marshfield [sic] and Coquille teams.
   The weather was little warmer [sic] than necessary, but nevertheless everyone
was satisfied.
   It was decided that the national cudgel should be wielded first by the
Marshfield team.  When it was known that the visiting nine were to have first
bat a wave of suppressed titterings passed over the roof of the grand stand. 
The country maiden all dressed in white clapped her hoe-handle scarred
hands; the city maiden waved one of Lorenz's ten-cent handkerchiefs with a
triumphant wave.  Then there was a calm and five hundred voices cried out:
"play ball." 
   Denning at the bat and Ferry on deck, screched [sic] the score-card man. 
The umpire said, "Play ball!"
   Denning marched to the plate with the air of a hungry chicken freshly filled
dough dish.  A moment later he sent the ball over the second-baseman's head
and hurriedly made first base.  Then Ferry picked up the bat and knocked out
a hot liner, which brought Denning in, himself making the second.  Saunders
died at the bat, followed by Sneddon.  Ferry somehow managed to sneak in
thus scoring two runs for the visiting team.  By this time something like
seasickness took possession of the home team and the Coquille contingency
groaned a doleful requim [as I typed it].  By chance the third man went to the
bench amid wild cheers.
   Baxter was first to the bat for the home team, and as he stood over the plate
he swung the bat one moment then permitting it to rest peacefully in a
horizontal attitude over the plate as if to indicate where he wanted the wily
pitcher to put the ball.  The ball accidentally hit his bat and allowed "Stiffy" to
make first.  Nefzger was the next.  He grabbed the bat, looked wise and after a
few passes, all was over.  Lorenz, the giant of the Coquillers, then sauntered
toward the plate, swung a few times and sent the ball over the short stop's
head bringing Baxter in and making second himself, only to be assassinated
by John Benham who died at the home plate.  Thus ended the first inning --
the score attending 2 to 1 in favor of the visiting team.
   The Marshfielders then came in but died without scoring any more.
   The home team came in feeling very jubilant.  They were retired without
scoring.  Anderson managed to get in the way of the ball in this inning,
receiving it on the head.
   The "lop-ears" then took possession of the field and allowed the
Marshfielders to score one more run.
   In the last half of the third inning Hunt convinced the Marshfielders that
Coquille was still in the ring by scoring another run.
   In the first half of the fourth the "clamdiggers" failed to score, and retired to
the mudflats amid groans and cheers.  In the last half of the fourth Baxter and
Nefzger both scored, amid howls of delight, making the score stand even.
  In the first half of the fifth the visiting team failed to acquire any wealth and
retired to the field.  Coquille scored one in the last half and the game stood 4
to 3 in Coquille's favor.
   The sixth inning was uneventful both teams scoring one apiece.
   Marshfield scored twice in the first-half of the seventh, while in the last half
Coquille scored four times.
   The Marshfielders then came to the bat and laid a big goose egg.  Coquille,
in the eighth, managed to bring in three more tallies.
   In the first of the ninth Marshfield made a gain of three and died, Coquille
not playing the last half.  Thus the game ended with Coquille as the victors --
the score being 12 to 9 in their favor.  +

[M note:  the roster was actually in 2 side-by-side columns]
Marshfield  Denning, 1 b  
Ferry c & lf
Saunders 2b
Sneddon lf
Wright p
Magary rf
Hutcheson, cf
Short ss
Byler 3b

Coquille  Baxter 2b
Nefzger p
Lorenza 3b
Benham ss
Johnson c
Anderson 1b
Hunt lf
Ryan rf
H Benham lf

[names and positions quoted but I didn't include the various stat. and scores.]
Runs by Innings
Marshfield 2 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 3 - 9
  Coquille 1 0 0 2 1 1 4 3 * -12

Struck out by Nefzger, 16.  Wright, 11.  Passed balls, Ferry, 4;  Saunders, 2s. 
Bases on balls, off Wright, 1; off Nefzger, 4.  Bases on balls, off Wright, 1;
off Nefzger, 4.  Two base hits, Johnson, 1; Lorenz, 2; Saunders, 1; Wright, 1.  
Umpire, C. Page. Offical scorer, Henry Weider.

   The gate receipts amounted to $157.50.
   Umpire Page understands his business and was impartial in his decisions.
   Nonda Anderson got a tap on the head from a ball thrown by Wright.
   Jimmy Hutcheson tried to dodge under a down-and-in curve when he got it
on the head causing a little delay while he received a sponge bath.
   Nefzger pitched an elegant game.
   The "small boy" did the usual amount of "guying."
   "Johnny" forgot he was playing ball part of the time and took some time in
"chewing the rag" with the spectators.  Keep cool, Johnny.
   "Fingers" hasn't forgotten the game and played good ball.
   "Gravy" Magary walked off with the credits of the field.
   Saunders is all right on second.
   Catcher Ferry, of the "clamdiggers," had a finger badly torn, in the game.
   "Old Iron Horse" Johnson only had three fingers knocked out of joint and
one badly torn, during the qame, but he still played on.
   "Billy, you're wanted at the telephone!"
   Byler's specialty is batting (the air).
   A Coquille girl fainted, in the grand stand, when Jimmie got hit alongside
the head with the ball.  Jim must have a few lady acquaintances over this way.
   Denning played good ball, but Willie's twirls fooled him somewhat.
   Hank did good work with the club.  Good boy, Hank, you're improving.  +

pursuit-baseball  CoqB 21+ June 21, 1901  
Baseball Schedule.
June 23d, Myrtle Point vs Marshfield, at Marshfield.
June 30th, Coquille vs. Myrtle Point, at Coquille.
July 7th, Marshfield vs. Coquille, at Marshfield.
July 14th, Myrtle Point vs Marshfield, at Myrtle Point.  +

coal Tot-Coquille superlative?  CoqB 22 June 21,1901 
     The Peart Bros. are making good headway with their mine and are taking
out a good deal of coal.  The coal taken out is of very fine quality.  +
official-county crime name-Landis travel OT-WA  CoqB 22 June 21,1901 
    Deputy Sheriff Ed. Gallier returned from Washington, Saturday, where he
had been to investigate the report that Landis had been seen in that
neighborhood.  +

Health-provider health-insane health-death travel OT-Roseburg OT-Salem
State-asylum  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     Dr. Culin returned from Salem [fm taking Hare to asylum], last Thursday.  
T. A. Walker, who had gone to Douglas county to attend the funeral of his father,
accompanied him from Roseburg.  +

Pursuit-baseball  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901  [several baseball items.]

RR-CBR RR-phy RR-Co? RR-name Tot-Coquille  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     The railroad agent at this place moved into his quarters in the new depot,
Saturday.  This is a great advantage over the old depot as it has a large and
comfortable waiting room and plenty of freight room.  +

Entertain-show enterprise-show Tot-Coquille superlative?  
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     Zamloch's entertainment Tuesday evening, although greeted by a small
house, was up to the high standard that he has obtained.  His tricks were
enjoyed by everyone while Billy's appearance was an occasion for a good
laugh.  +

Name-Lyons outing transport OT-Roseburg  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     Wm. Lyons left yesterday, in a private conveyance, for Roseburg, where he
will meet his wife and accompany her home.  Anderson Lamb went as far as
that point, and will make a pleasure trip to Portland and other cities before he
returns.  +

Tot-Marshfield official-city crime condit ounty-court judge 
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     Marshal Carter, of Marshfield, came over Monday, bringing over Thos. Eagan, who
was tried by Justice Hyde for stealing a coat and vest from a dwelling, and was placed
under $400 bonds to await the action of the circuit court.  He was up before the last
circuit court for burglary.  +

Tot-Coquille dairy-poultry business bldg  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
Drane & Henniger, Coquille, Or will pay cash for any amount of chickens
from 1 to 100 doz. [nq]  

Utility Tot-Coquille  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901  sealed bids asked for waterworks

Paper fruit CoqB 22 June 21, 1901   
     This office is indebted to Matt Kerrigan for a treat of strawberries.  Mr.
Kerrigan has four acres of the choicest berries, and is finding ready sale for
them, having calls from different parts of the county.  +  

 RR-CBR RR-phy RR-co road-street Tot-Coquille job 
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901
     John Curren has the contract, from the railroad company, for removing the
building and grading for the new road, from the depot to "C" street.  He has a
force of men at work and intends to make short work of it.  +

Music literary entertainment church lifestyle? Superlative Locale-Coos Tot-Coquille
saying?  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     A musical and literary entertainment will be given at the Masonic hall, tomorrow
(Saturday) night, under the auspices of the Presbyterian Choir.  Some of the best talent
in the county will take part in this, and you will miss a rare treat if you fail to attend.  +

Name-Scott name-Lamb friend OT-Arkansas Tot-Coquille Locale-Oregon OT-WillametteValley people-attitude boomer 
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     Matt Scott, an old acquaintance of J. J. Lamb of this city, and a late arrival from
Arkansas, arrived in this city Friday.  Mr. Scott has been in the state about six months,
and after being around considerable [sic] in the Willamette valley says he is highly
pleased with this section.  +

Tot-Coquille OT-Creswell OT-Eugene OT-Drain travel visit item-headstone 
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901
     E . L. and O. A. Tozier, of Creswell, brother and nephew respectfully [sic],
of  F. A. Tozier who for several months conducted the marble works in this
city, arrived here Wednesday on a visit to the latter only to find that he'd
departed last Monday, for Eugene, via Drain.  They left the same day for
Roseburg, on their return home.  +

Fair Tot-Marshfield entertain? Agric? Paper-attitude 
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     The directors of the district fair have decided to hold the next fair, in
Marshfield.  The fair was held there last year and was a success in every
particular and we would recommend that the whole county go in together and
make this the best ever held in this district.  It would be well for every part of
the county to have booths and send exhibits.  We wish the management every
success in their undertakings next year.  +

Utility Tot-Coquille job business bldg Tot-J.Mill Tot-Johnson'sMill RR-CBR RR-haul
novelty-wood-poles locale-LR locale-CoquilleRiver machine misc-word  
CoqB 22 June 21, 1901
     Frank Morse, the electrician, and helpers commenced wiring Hotel
Coquille last Monday.  He intends to commence "wiring the town" as soon as
the poles arrive which he has ordered from the lower river.  More machinery
and supplies arrived by Wednesday's train.  He expects to start on the plant, at
Johnson's mill, the first of next week, and work will be pushed rapidly to
completion.  +

School Event  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
Graduating exercises of public school to be on 29th; class composed of
following:  May Boyrie, Lena Fairman, Nellie Fairman, Clarice White, Susie
Tuttle, Luman [sic] Rich, Francis Walsh. nfq  They are preparing a very instructive
and entertainment program and it should not fail to receive the attention and hearty
support of our citizens.  +

Church [?] health-safety? lifestyle  CoqB 22a June 21, 1901 
     For a man that claims immortality, John Alexander Dowie, alias Elijah the prophet,
shows a remarkable fear for his personal safety.  +  [M. note:  see also item in CoqB
13d June 14, 1901.]

item-notions item-apparel Tot-Coquille business  CoqB 22a June 21, 1901 
New silks, ribbons, belts, at Mrs. Sugg’s.  +

item-apparel Tot-Coquille business bldg  CoqB 22a June 21, 1901 
     New straight front and French corsets at Mrs. Sugg’s.  +

Utility Tot-Coquille official-city law tax paper-attitude 
CoqB 22a June 21, 1901 
     At a meeting of the city council Monday evening, the question of the new water
system was fully discussed, and  after consideration the recorder was instructed to
advertise for bids on $14,000 worth of 20 year 4 per cent bonds.  The council decided
that this important step could not be delayed any longer, and as soon as the bonds are
sold work will be commenced on the system.  This is a commendable move and we think it
will receive the hearty support of our citizens.  The council in order to clear any question
as to the legality of the electric light franchise pased [sic; = passed] the ordinance granting
it.  The marshal, Dave Johnson, filed his bond, which was accepted, and he was sworn
into office.  +

holiday 4th-July Tot-Coquille entertain organiz  CoqB 22 June 21, 1901 
     The Fourth of July committee has selected the Collier grove as the
celebration grounds.  +

Character health-sickness govt? natl filler saying  CoqB 23 June 21, 1901
     The people of our country are rejoiced to learn of the improving health of
the beloved wife of our chief executive.  [M. note: Pres. McKinley]  She is loved by a
nation for her humbleness of spirit and the plain manner in which she holds in
esteem both the rich and the poor alike.  +

Natl filler politic? Condit? misc-word Saying?  CoqB 23 June 21, 1901
     Senator Quay once made a hit in his office by posing as a workman, with a
dinner bucket.  He has now bought a farm.  Will he try the roll [sic; = role] of "The
man with the hoe?"  +

Natl filler airship automobile invention ethnic-origin misc-word saying 
CoqB 23 June 21, 1901 
     A Connecticut man has invented a combination flying machine and automobile.
It isn't a case of Yankee ingenuity , however, as the inventor is a German-born
Yank.  +

Tot-Coquille business bldg pursuit-baseball art character? Boomer? 
CoqB 23 June 21, 1901
     The show windows of N. Lorenz’s large dry goods establishment in this
city, were very beautifully decorated Sunday in honor of the Coquille and
Marshfield ball game.  The crimson and white, and orange and block [sic]
were in abundance.  This shows a marked degree of enterprise on the part of
this firm, and Manager H.N. Lorenz informs us that he is greatly pleased at
the advertising value which they have received from their windows.  The
work was artistic and reflects great credit on the decorators.   +

CoqB 24-26, open

June 28, 1901

World Srh-misc agric OT-Holland  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
Holland to reclaim Zuider Zee [lengthy]

4th-July entertain  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
[4th of July program, same as in CCH]   

mill-NB mill- lbr Lhc-stat locale-CoosCounty Tot-NorthBend  
CoqB 27 June 28, 1901
     The total lumber shipments as made by Coos county mills for May, as reported
in the Oregon Lumberman, was 4,034,347 feet.  The North Bend mill leads with a
shipment of 1,575,000 feet for that month.  +

4th-July Tot-Coquille boomer character  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
     Coquille can and will make a success of the celebration of our nation’s
birthday, next Thursday.  Every citizen should feel interested enough in this to
make it a success in every particular and one which will long be remembered
in the history of our town.   +

Enterprise-cannery needed condit-induce fruit boomer paper-attitude?  
Tot-Coquille superlative  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
     A fruit cannery establishment would be a good industry to have established
in our city.  This is the best location for such an establishment, in the state,
and we see no reasons why some effort should not be put forward to induce
such an enterprise to come.  A town that is growing as fast as Coquille is
needs to have more manufacturing industries so as to give employment.  No
town will have these things unless a good strong effort is put forth to induce
the promoters ... We truly believe that Coquille is a first-class location and a
united effort on the part of our citizens might induce such to come.   +

Utility? Racism-ethnic War misc-word-end...muddle saying  
CoqB 27 June 28, 1901
     The cable news says a satisfactory end of the Chinese muddle is in sight,
but, unless our memory is at fault the same thing has been said several times
before.  +

4th-July item-fireworks Tot-Coquille business bldg  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901  
     Fireworks, at Rose’s.  +

fruit superlative Tot-Coquille business bldg superlative  
CoqB 27 June 28, 1901  
     Largest supply of tropical fruits ever brought to Coquille, at Rose’s.  +

Visit Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Lyons  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
     Miss Bertha Endicott, of  Myrtle Point, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. S.
Lyons,  in this place.  +

Health-provider-indir visit Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay 
CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
    Miss Winn Taylor  arrived  on the Mandalay on a visit to her sister, Mrs.
Walter Culin and family.  +

Tot-Coquille organiz food school Event  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901   
     The J. G. W.’s will serve ice cream Saturday afternoon and after the
graduating exercises also.  + 

RR-CBR RR-name-indir moving Tot-Parkersburg  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
      Mrs. Wm. Strahon [sic] passed through town Tuesday enroute to
Parkersburg where she will reside in the future.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay job  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901 
     Chief Engineer King of the Mandalay was accompanied by his wife on this
trip.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Toye Tot-Bandon B-act  CoqB 27 June 28, 1901
     D. R. Toye, of Myrtle Point  made a business visit to Bandon, Wednesday. +

Animal-horse Tot-Coquille name-Schweers  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901 
     For Sale -- One good bay mare -- fine work animal.  Inquire of H. T.
Schweers, Coquille, Ore.  +

Tot-Coquille condit-improve business bldg  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901  
     Contractor Morgan is busy making the frames for the plate glass front in
C. W. Martin’s fine new storeroom.  +

Item-liquor Tot-Coquille business bldg  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901
     Jim Hayes opened up a saloon last week in the Alexson building and
keeps everything on hand in the line of fine liquors.  +

Misc school-indir item-personal?  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901 
     The latest business-venture which has been launched in this city is the
importation of "rats” which is being conducted by a young schoolmarm.  +
[M. note: rats = objects to puff out a woman's hair.]

RealE Tot-Coquille  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901
[R.D. Sanford still advertising Real estate, not q.] 

road-wagon Tot-Coquille name-Nosler  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901 
     For Sale! 13-inch Bane wagon, good as new, also 1 3-seated covered hack
in good order.  Inquire of  J. T. Nosler, Coquille, Oregon.  +

Church temperance speech  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901 
Rev. Hyatt will deliver a Gospel temperance sermon [at Methodist Church South].

RealE condit locale-CoquilleValley home-seekers Tot-Coquille 
CoqB 27a June 28, 1901
     Experience teaches that out of 30 homeseekers who come to the Coquille valley,
only about five buy.  Its so [sic?] everywhere.  Sanford gets three of the five and
would get the other two if he had the right property.  +

out of 30 homeseekers who come to Coq valley,  only abt 5 buy.  Sanford gets 3
of the five and would get the other 2 if he had the right property.   nq

 Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay name-Day name-Lee name-King  
CoqB 27a June 28, 1901
 Arr. on Mandalay:  Miss W. Taylor; Miss C. Lorentzen, J. B.  Blacklock and
wife, E. Dyer, Chas Hendrickson, R. H. Day, J. J. Sullivan, M. R. Lee, Mrs.
C. M. King and daughter.

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Mandalay Srh-CaptReed Srh-freight Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver
job condit  prices  CoqB 27a June 28, 1901 
     Capt. Reed had a “strike” on his hands when the Mandalay came in to unload
her cargo this trip.  A lot of boys who have been  employed, in the absence of men,
as longshoremen, [commas, sic] demanded a raise in wages.  He offered to pay men
50 cents but boys only 40 cents per hour.  No serious damage was done and the
steamer got unloaded.  +  

disaster Locale-Isthmus RR-CBR phy RR-accid  health-accid  RR-handcar
Tot-BH Locale-BHjunction  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901.   
     What might have been a very serious accident was narrowly averted by the
quick action of section crew at the Junction the first of the week.  The crew
was going home from work when the [sic] met the locomotive coming round a
sharp curve, between Beaver Hill and the Junction, the men jumped from
handcar and received no injuries but the car came in contact with the engine
and was badly smashed. +

Road-wagon name-Hacker  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     I. Hacker has a road cart for sale.  +

moving Tot-Coquille  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
     James Cartwright moved into the Hatch residence, Monday.  + 

Item-tobacco salesman? Tot-Coquille misc-word-doing...town
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
     Alick, the cigar man, was doing the town the first of the week.   +  

Literary Tot-Coquille  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
     The free reading room will be closed the 1st of July until October 1st.  +
Tot-Coquille misc-word-tonsorialist business racism-ethnic 4th-July
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     McDonald, the tonsorialist, will have a bootblack, in his shop, on the 3rd
and 4th.  +   [M. note: a colored bootblack; see CoqB 29 July 5, 1901]

Utility Tot-Coquille paper business bldg  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
     Frank Morse will occupy the Martin building, next door to the Bulletin
office for a time.  + 

Tot-NB name-Simpson commute OT-Portland  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
L. J. Simpson and wife of N. B. in town on way to Portland.

Fish enterprise-fishing Tot-Bandon Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver  
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     Costella & Vandecar, the Bandon fishermen, brought some fine halibut up
on Tuesday's boat which  were readily disposed of.   +

Name-Sugg OT-HoquiamWA job  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     J. W. Sugg and Lee Goodman returned to this city Monday from Hoquiam,
Wash., where they had been employed the last three months. 

Srh-ocean Srh-bar Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-tug-Triumph fish
Tot-Bandon  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     The tug Triumph took a party of fisherman over the bar, at Bandon, and they
returned with over 100 halibut.  The largest catch for some years.  +

School visit OT-Portland  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     Miss Elsie Tillman, who has been attending school at Portland for a year
past, was visiting in town over Sunday.  She expects to return to Portland next
week.   + 

Official-county road? [?] farm Tot-Coquille Locale-CoquilleRiver Locale-LR 
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     County Commissioner, Mclntosh passed through town, Monday enroute to
Bennett’s ranch, on the lower river, where he will make some repairs on the dike.  +  

County official-county health-provider health-sickness  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
     W. A. Goodman has been selected to superintend the Coos infirmary for
the year commencing July 1st, 1901.  +

Mill-[?] Tot-Coquille Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-[?] Srh-boat Srh-dock?
Srh-[inspection] govt?  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     The mill boom at this place is a busy spot just now, several river steamers
are lying there and being overhauled and completed so as to be ready for the
steamboat inspectors in July.  +

Tot-Bandon-name church music entertain Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver  
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     Mrs. Minnie Bryan, Mrs. Fred Mehl and Mrs. A. J. Hartman, of Bandon,
came up Sat to take part in the Presbyterian choir entertainment, and returned
on Sunday morning's boat.  +

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Antelope job novelty-woodwork  
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
The owner of the steamer Antelope has had men employed for some time past giving
her a thorough overhauling.  She will also be repainted and some of the old wood work
[sic] torn off and substituted with new.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield OT-WA RR-CBR RR-passenger  bicycle 
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
Atty S. D. Pulford, of Myrtle Point, passed through town on Wednesday’s train on his
way to Marshfield, from where he will proceed to Washington.  He intends going the
greater part of the distance on a bicycle.  +

Locale-LR Locale-CoquilleRiver RR-spur RR-phy RR-haul logging  locale-
HatchetSlough Tot-Riverton 
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
Sturtevant & Crane, the lower river loggers, received three car loads of railroad iron,
logging trucks, couplings, etc., on Wednesday’s train to be used in logging on Hatchet
Slough, below Riverton.  +

Name-Lyons organiz visit transport OT-Albany OT-Portland OT-Roseburg 
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lyons arrived home Monday from Roseburg.  Mrs. Lyons is just
returning from the grand lodge of the Eastern Star which recently convened at Portland,
and a visit to her sister, Mrs. W. B. Smith, of Albany.  W. H. drove out to Roseburg
to meet her with a private conveyance.  +

Excursion RR-CBR RR-passenger entertain pursuit-baseball Tot-MyrtlePoint
Tot-Marshfield  CoqB 28 June 28,1901
[Excursion fm MP to Marshfield to witness ball game.  Not a financial success but a]
very good game and was enjoyed by those in attendance…   +

RR-CBR RR-haul Tot-Coquille animal-pig food-indir Srh-ocean-indir OT-SF  
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     P. E. Drane shipped 120 hogs to San Francisco by today's train.  +

health-birth Tot-Coquille church-indir?  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901  
Born, in this city, June 26, 1901, to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hyatt, a son.  +

Locale-McKinley  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901  Homer Shepherd, McKinley 

School Tot-Coquille name-Hall  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     We omitted the name of Miss Winnie Hall, in our list of public school
graduates last week. +

Climate fruit  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
dry winds of last days disastrous to remainder of strawberry crop.  

Condit 4th-July Tot-Coquille business prices  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901
     Owing to the necessity of having more help McDonald, the barber, will
charge 25 cents for a shave on the 3rd and 4th of July. + 

Tot-Coquille OT-Medford visit  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901  
     Mrs. H. G. Nicholson, of Medford, is visiting in this city with her sister-in-law Mrs.
Fred Slagle.  She expects to remain some time.   +

Visit church Tot-Coquille OT-DouglasCo  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     Miss Florence Winnifred, Douglas county, arrived in town the first of the week, and
will spend the summer with her sister Mrs. C. A. Hyatt.  +

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Antelope Srh-boat-Favorite improve beach 
CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     The steamer Antelope is now taking the Favorite's run while the latter will be put
up on the beach and have some very much needed improvements made on her.  +
Photo Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint business  CoqB 28 June 28, 1901 
     F. E. Hicks, the photographer, will return from Myrtle Point, today
(Friday) and will locate in his stand in Wilkin's gallery.  +

saying school Tot-Coquille lifestyle?  CoqB 29 June 28,1901  
    Following is the yell of the graduating girls of Coquille:
    Look out for your son,
    Look out for your son,
    For the graduating girls of 1901. 
    See! +

Pursuit-baseball  CoqB 29 June 28,1901 
[baseball, scores and other news, incl. Ideal baseball team].  

Climate agric  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901
Cool weather set back gardens, but improving w/summer weather now [nq ] 

School  name-Nosler name-Hall name-Wise  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
Teachers for school, begin 1st Mon in Sept.  M.O. Hawkins, principal, C.H.
Nosler, Miss Laura Wise, Miss Eva Hall, Miss Joey Beyers.... very able corps
of teachers have been selected.

Animal-chicken dairy-poultry food crime paper-attitude saying Tot-Coquille interest 
CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
Trouble with someone stealing hens.  Cut heads off and made off with hens. 
[fm woodshed of Mesdames Walsh and Whipple of the restaurant.]  nq   
[quote fm here on>:]  Now anyone who likes chicken so well as to steal an old
setting hen is surely getting it pretty bad.  If the culprits will kindly leave word
before they come the people will try and leave them hens that are not setting. 
Strong suspicions point to certain parties, and if a suspicious move is made by
them they will be made an example of.  +

school name-Nosler music literary Event name-White  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
Commencement exercises, recitations and etc and participants:  Revs C.A.
Hyatt, Stine.  Mrs. Lyons and Irene Lamb, duet instrumental, Miss Nellie
Fairman, Clarice White, W. Dale Strang, Lena Fairman, Susie Tuttle, Grace
Skeels, May Boyrie, presentation of diplomas by Prof. C.H. Nosler.  music by

School Event speech  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901
[descr. of speakers to talk at teachers institute, Aug.]

Entertain church item-bell  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
entertainment, Presbyterian church, funds to go toward purchase of new bell.  

Organiz war-indir entertain  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901
GAR encampment; old veterans gather.

Tot-Marshfield? Locale-CoosBay visit OT-SF  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
 Marshfield Items.
     Miss Phelan, a sister of mayor Phelan, of San Francisco, is visiting on the
bay.  +

4th-July Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Coquille Tot-Marshfield animal-horse pursuit- racing
entertain  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
large number of Marshfielders will attend the celebrations at MP and Coq NQ. 
/   Some horse races on the afternoon of the 5th constitutes the Fourth of July
celebration at Marshfield this year.  + 

Srh-ocean Srh-Alumna Srh-lifesaving Srh-bar Srh-CoosBaybar job? disaster?
health- condit  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
2 sailors on Alumna tried to jump ship;  drifted on tide, tide turned carried
them to bar, rescued by life saving sta. and returned to starting point.

Harness-livery Tot-Coquille name-Long  CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
Great Sale of Harness F. Long & Son.; [prices for harness.]   

holiday 4th-July Tot-Coquille name-Long name-Way entertain contest 
CoqB 29 June 28, 1901 
Goddess of Liberty: Laura Shelton 200, Ethel Johnson 160, Grace Skeels 96,
May Boyrie 73, Nellie Fairman 39, _illie [illegible] Long 34,  Lena Fairman
23, Maud Balch 10, Lillie Way 12,  Susie Tuttle 10.

Lhc-pop census  CoqB [29? date? June 28?], 1901
[M. note: where is first?]  [without] any city with a population of  25,000 or more:  
Arizona, Idaho, Indian Territory, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North
Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. 
-- U. S. Census Report. +

Srh-harbor Srh-bar Srh-river Locale-PacificCoast Srh-dredging govt politic
paper-attitude condit  CoqB [29? Date? June 28?], 1901  
     The congressional committee on rivers and harbors is visiting the Pacific
Coast seaports, and are, of course, being royally entertained by the places
which have an ax [sic] to grind.  The next congress, no doubt, can be looked
forward to as being one which will make the appropriations for the work.  +

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