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Coq B 477-80  January 2 [or date?], 1903   
Jas Murray, employed by Johnson mill, accident.   

Mrs. T. J. Little, closed boarding house.  Now the Little rooming house, week, month, or
transient. b.

Tim Seeley, well known logger, t.   [<cp]      /       Jack Hosking, Dairyville, t. /      Wm. Hite,
Bandon, t.

P. B. Hoyt, barber Bandon, t.   

 Born Coquille January 10, A.J. Sherwood, a daughter.       

W. H. Logan, conducting private school Parkersburg, t.     [red dot]   

Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine, agent W. H. Short, Hotel Coquille.

E.L.C. Farrin, Marshfield attorney, t.         /
Geo W. Martin, b; roads.      /
John Golden, b.  /
Thos Hall b.

Judge Nosler, health, b.      /
Geo Hughes, Marshfield "corn king" t, health.    

 C. F. Andrews, Coquille creamery, bi.     /
  Entertainment Noble Outcast   i. 
Edyth Howell, bi.        W.A. Goodman bi.          T. Land, b.   

Eugene Robinson, Snook, brick smokestack at Lebanon. 

Thos Krewson, dry room, furniture factory.  Bi.    /
A. E. [as typed]  Simpson  b.  / 
Franz Thomsen b.     

 Chas Collier vs A. J. Barre, to recover rent b.  

Rebekah officers installed; Emma McDonald, Kitty Johnson, Mamie Slagle, Irma Lukens,
Bettie Skeels, Edna Lorenz, Mary Gage, Georgia Leneve, Grace Skeels, Emily Hersey, Ida E.
Rich, Mattie Dickson, Annie Lawrence, Georgena Hayes.

Geo Pike b.     /  John Fox bi.   /   Joe Bledsoe b.    /    R.S. Knowlton, bi.

Wm. Johnson residence, near Captain Butler place, b.

Postmaster Nosler informed Riverton P. O. discontinued.    

 K of P supper.    /
C.H. Fry has again been awarded the keeping of the county poor farm.  +

Coq B 481  January 9, 1903                           

Methodist  news, several names listed.      /
Miss Fannie Self married Jasper Osborn at T.W. McCloskey home; Sarah Wagner, Bert
McCloskey, Thos. Barklow.   

Odd Fellows install; list of names.

C.C.A. notes.  2nd term Academy opened Monday; D.F. Dean, Rev Allen, Rev Haberly spoke
to group. [ Other info.]

A Strange Wedding Tour.
     Something approaching the novel if not the unique, in the mode of wedding tours has been
introduced by a young resident of Coos county.
     Perhaps it was because the condition of the roads made the use of his automobile
impossible.  Probably his reason was that he was above steamboat navigation on the North
Fork of the Coquille, and possibly it was his desire to introduce something new.  Whatever
may have been his motive for the strange exploit, his host of congratulating friends were
surprised to see him on the day after his wedding board a saw log [print] and betake himself,
perhaps to a summer clime to spend the first happy days of wedded bliss in solitude, the most
peculiar feature of his departure being that he forgot his bride of yesterday and left her to sign
for his return.
     As he has not yet been heard from we can but wish him a joyful honeymoon, but we hope
that he will find that he has forgotten something and return to his lonely bride.    B.

Description of home wedding Walter Lawhorn and Frona C. Summerlin; Rev H.C. Allen.

Order of service at ME church.    

D. of H. lodge installs officers [ prominent names].

Financial statement Coquille school district amount received since June $964 amount
outstanding warrants general fund $1120.

Library fund $19.08.

Stewart & Westgate [ad; many many ads town and other in this paper.]

Coq B      482-3   January 9, 1903

D.S. Rouse, Riverton, t.   /   J.E. Rose, Myrtle Point, town.  /    Ben VanDecar and Chet
Huling, Myrtle Point, t.

    John Curren, Myrtle Point Hotel, town    /      Dick Rose, town, to North Bend.

Mrs. E. E. LaBrie, Grant Beale b.
Johnson’s mill bi.        /
 ME church dime social b.    /

Egnace Bargeron, Bandon, town.  [should be cp?]   /
Epidemic scarlet fever, t.  

C.A. Gage, Ed Rackleff bi     /
 W.C. Paxon, Mr. Sanford   bi.   

 Jr. Epworth league ME church, lists officers.  

Jack Hosking, oil well Dairyville bi.

Anton Anderson, Hilda Wickham, description of wedding i.        /   Married, Wm. S. Martin,
Willanch Slough. 
Miss Helen Maude Cope, Joseph Merrill Nye marriage.  [More if needed.]
H.L. Carl married Miss Ella Ellingson, daughter Captain Ellingson. [More].  Walter Lawhorn
married.  /       
Marriage licenses issued in 1902.     /
[Article about marriage Elisha N. Smith of Coquille and Miss Maud Deyoe, fanciful
description; Miss Daisy Dodge mentioned.  ]

 James Jordan, early settler other town.     

 Shipping news.

WOW new hall above Mr. Hawkins store, dedicated. B.  [More]. 

C.C.A. (Academy) notes.  Principal operation on eyes, other.  

New Years Masquerade, [lengthy description; people] Leach orchestra, Mrs. Wickham
boarding house, Gartin & Woods restaurant.  G. S. Davis, M. A. Pierce, Wes Nosler.  Dick
Barrows, Almo Johnson, Miles Lammy, Gus Mael, Fred Poore, Mansell; Leneve; Rilla
Dunham; Hattie Dunham; Ned Dulley; Frank Burgess, Ed Pomeroy; Heber Seed; John Mael;
Ben McClure; Rose Leneve; Mrs. Hark Dunham; Miss Georgia Randleman; Gene Nosler; Joe
Harper, Thos Mehl, Roy Fox, T. C. Evernden, Chas Whetstone, John Benham, Ray Flanders,
Frank Dulley, Andrew Hayter. [More].

[Lengthy article on Coquille growth; mentioned ] Coquille academy, prospective creamery,
Montana Lumber Co, prospects.     

W. Tenbrook b    /   Wm. Doak.       /     Miss Ollie Langlois; FatherDonnelly.

A Good Roads convention held.

Rebekah’s entertain; Hazard, Woodford, Skeels, Paxter [as typed], Stanley, Will Lyons,
Coffey.    /
K of P installation, lists officers.

Fire on Steamer Favorite [description of] [was] Noticed by  "Sing" the well known celestial
who presides over the culinary department Hotel Coquille.  [red ck mark]

  Woolen mills bi.          

Council proceedings January 5.  Lorenz, Harlocker, White, Stanley, Mayor Sherwood,
Recorder Holden, Marshal Goodman.

Stoves, Cole’s Air Tight; Moore’s Steel Ranges; Bridge, Beach Ranges.  J. A. Lamb Co.  /
Lyons Millinery Store.  [Ad.]  /
Mrs. Geo Wickham, boarding house.  [Ad.]

E.C. Roberts, MPE, t.        /
Frank Norton, merchant Marshfield, t.  /
 S.D. Magnes, popular merchant, Marshfield, t.  /
Green Self home from Marshfield.  Bi.

Schnr Esther Buline on bay; Johnson’s mill.   

Jesse Hall leased Alfred Johnson dairy ranch above town. 

Ray Golden, co rep Blake-McFall.           /  
T. T. Land, brief. [M.  Would this be the same as poet T. C. Land?]

Arthur Flinn, Fairview, t.     /
E. S. Scales, pioneer and former capitalist Coquille, b.   /
Ed Dunlap, b.     H. L. Gray and E. T. Schroeder b.            U.L. Gray b.

Entertainment, "A Noble Outcast" noted drama, Mason hall, by Bandon talent.   

Miss Eva Hall married, daughter M M J. W. Hall, groom son of F. A. Stewart b.   /
Dick Rose, accident, North Bend i.

Coq B 484  January 16, 1903

County court proceedings.

[Lengthy, cute poem about a] boy who is curious because his mother is making little things,
but says it’s not for Jane’s doll; won’t tell him it’s baby.

Coquille boomer.   /              
Death Thos H. Tongue.  

Appeal for better observance of the Sabbath.  A. H. Mulkey, Adolph Haberly, H. C. Allen, W.
H. Myers.  [Lengthy articles.]

C.C.A. notes.  Claud Fox.  Other news.     

Miss Carrie Owen married W.E. Dungan; brother T. L. Owen; Chas Stauff mentioned;[
lengthy article.]

Lorenz Store [lengthy list of clothing and prices].

L.R. Robertson, Marshfield, t.  Thos Hall, Marshfield attorney, t.  John Golden, Marshfield
capitalist, t.

J. A. Collier, ice plant bi.       /
Albert Palmer, employee Lyons mill, bi.

Clyde Gage, Ed Rackleff, bi.

Allen Boyce, Clinton Malehorn, Dairyville, t; Clarence Boyce Bandon Life Saving station. 
Wm. Barrows, John Hamblock, James Morrison, Parkersburg, b.   [red dot]

Chas. J. Bradley, who has been employed as machinist at the Beaver Hill mines, left for
Roseburg last Saturday.  Charlie remembered the Bulletin in a very substantial way before
leaving.  +  [cp]


Coq B 485-90   February 13, 1903                           

[Lengthy article on] North Bend, also Yarrow and Porter mill.     /        A road being cleared
from Porter to Yarrow, description of.  Porter, immense mill rapidly turning out cargos to
meet ever increasing demand for lbr; many people employed. [Utility, dynamo at Porter,
North Bend, other.]  [M can’t tell if one dynamo or 2.]   [cp]

Mr. B.H. Burns, Coquille, one of milch cows had twin calves, a male and female.   /
Geo Daily, accident Hi King’s logging camp Daniels Creek; Dr. Horsfall, Geo. Beal’s launch.

[Lengthy article on ] escaped convict, Ed White, escape from penitentiary; chase, being killed. 
Was sent from Coos in 1899; mother lives in Bandon.  

[Lengthy poem, humorous, on Pa’s Trouble.  (From Exchange).]

Coq B 491  February 13, 1903                           

Ellis Lyons, ex-deputy sheriff, ex convict, horse thief and slayer of Sheriff  W. W. Withers,
captured at Creswell; [from Roseburg paper; not certain where took place.]

[Poem, humorous, about a ride on a trolley car. ] [cp?]

(Marshfield Sun).  Robert Marsden, Jr. studying navigation and expects soon to be in
command of a brand new gasoline launch.      /          Floods on Coos River.

(Coast Mail).  Alex Wilson laid up rheumatism.         /          L.J. Simpson, health, a cold.  /   
G.W. Dungan, Eureka, visit brothers Coos.     /  E. W. Dean, passenger Arcata disappeared.   
/   Annie Smale launched; shipping.

(Coast Mail).  Mrs. Sarah Wilson of South Marshfield has proved herself quite a pedestrian. 
Being caught at Coquille City by the recent blockade of the railroad, she started out and
walked all the way to Marshfield.  +   / Health Officer Mingus reports two cases of smallpox
in town.  These are probably the result of the case that was not discovered and isolated in
time.  All precautions have been taken and there will probably be no more trouble. +  [cp]

Death of Mrs. Ida Harrington, obit, comment on character.  

C.C.A. Notes; certain students, certain course.

(CB News).  Mail service unsatisfactory.    /      A new Chamber of Commerce being
organized.     /    Born, Marshfield, February 10, Fred Nelson, a son.

Sheriff Gallier notices to taxpayers.  Fred Linegar assisting.  [All tt print.]   /
Ed Rackleff b.    /    Wilbur Hayter b.

Climate, flood, worst winter ever seen in Oregon, and details.  Fish from hatchery lost.

Mrs. Nellie Skeels, sm. Store b i.       /      Mrs. E. A. Balch, Front Street.    /
 Selling dry goods and some clothing; Nainsook, India Linens.  Arthur Ellingson, Opp.
Masonic Hall, furniture and Undertaking; lists prices bedroom sets and other furniture.

Mrs. R. E.L. Bedellion, Bandon, t   /
Mr. E. A. Balch store brief.      /
Arthur Ellingson store, b. 

Johnnie Nasburg, Roll Anderson and "Briggs" Johnson, Myrtle Point to visit.

 Born, C.O. Dryden, girl.   /
 Chas W. Angel and Ellen Rackleff, wedding  i.

Ted Wells, the well known brakeman on our local road, has accepted a position at Johnson’s
mill.  +  [cp]

IOOF present, Dr. Kime, A.G. Hoyt, Chas Lorenz, A.J. Hartman, all Bandon. 

T. W. Clark, Bandon woolen mills, t Tuesday enroute Bay. 

Nonda Anderson, well known logger, t.  /    Chas Bradbury, t, for Simpson Lbr.

New buggy sold cheap, J.B. Fox.  

Lena and Anna Logan, Bandon, Belle Ellingsen, Parkersburg, taking teachers exams this
week.  [red dot]

Riley Clinton, Fishtrap,  t.     /
.  M. McDonald, barber, face massage [this makes you feel like a millionaire.]

Lyons’ mill b.            /
Frank Smith, charge of Coos River hatchery, brought 905,000 Chinooks for Cunningham
Creek, 3 miles from town.  

Geo Laird b.      /
 Play put on by local people, [more] i.

Jas Laird, health b.      Geo Goodman health, b.      /  
Mrs. Nannie Fellows, t. 
Mrs. C.H. Nosler, Mrs. Aaron Wilson, Claude Nosler b; school.  

Dave Johnson, Hotel Coquille, b.     /
Warren Laird, W. J. Fairman, b.  /
C.B. Leep, Dr. Leep, store Coquille b.    

Teacher exam,  b.  /
Oliver Plows [lists prices].  H. S. Kribs.  

Maple syrup quart, half-gallon, gal.  Sorghum, gal.  New Orleans Molasses Bulk.  Teas
coffees, spices and extracts.  Perry’s Store.

Coq B 492  February 13, 1903                           
Services, Presbyterian church.   

February 20, 1903.

D. S. Rouse, Riverton, t.            / 
E.C. Cole, genial phone man, several days on river this week.  [all tt print].    

Clyde Gage, Ed Rackleff, b.        /
 Ignace Bargeron, Bandon, t.      [should be cp?]  

Green Self, health, b. 

 Wm. Abernathy, Dora, b; sawmill.

Supt. Maclay [print] and Chas. Wickham and family, of Beaver Hill, paid Coquille a pleasure
trip Sunday. +  [cp]

25 c to sharpen shears, McDonald’s barber.  nq.   /    Knowlton choice onion sets 12 ½ cents a

Change in E. B. Dean Co, C. H. Merchant still receiver.  [Lengthy article.]

A. Johnson, Johnson’s mill Coquille, R. T. Twombly Marshfield agent; [lengthy article.]  

Coquille Boomer.            

[Lengthy article] on Geo Washington, father of country, and Americanism.  171 ann. of birth
Geo W.

[Lengthy article on ] education in Coos, school system, etc.

E. S. Gordon, new packing house North Bend.   /
Rambler and Columbia bicycles ordered, second hands available.  W. T. Burton.

Henry Johnson, lower river, t.    /  
Coos Bay Steam Laundry, N. Lorenz, agent.

County clerk hazard Ex-Assessor Lawrence to bay.

Dr. Mingus and Attorney Seaman, of Marshfield, came over on Monday’s train.  + [cp]  

Apples in quantity, P. E. Drain [as typed].      /            Dispose of stock at cost, J. Wes Nosler. 

Wm. Norris, Grant Beale, Mrs. LaBrie, b.        

Climate, coldest in years. [more].

$1100 will buy elegant home in center residence portion this city.  Inquire at this office.  nq.  /
New scenery, Masonic Hall, Gray.     /
Geo Pike, Alfred Johnson, Sr. b. (2)

J. L. Thompson, Miss Lelia Border and Miss May Mars, all of Bandon, went to North Bend to
witness the driving of the first piles for the new woolen mills Tuesday.  +

[Another ad for] Burton says Bicycle Emporium.      
New township maps of Coos county received.

Judge Harlocker, b.i.          W.C. Rose, bi.   

A.B. Daley, t;  Al  Johnson, mill; Riverton Lbr Co.  [M. one item, or 3?]         

No senator elected yet as we go to press, and apparently very little prospect of one being

John Curren, Myrtle Point Hotel, t.              /
New cabinet office, National Government.  

Mrs. Skeels, town, sale.  B.     /
Thos H. Tongue estate, b.      /    Van Decar t, b.

Bert Wells, Wm. Abernathy sawmill, b.    /
Presbyterian services.

Teachers exams certificates.  May Boyrie, Bella Ellingsen, Ruth Todd, Nettie King, Pearl
Walker, Frank Dillon, Nellie Kerrigan, Effie Collier, Winnie Hall, Effie King, Lena Logan,
Lena Fairman, Sussie [print] Tuttle, Kate Stekel, Florence Carter, Laura Escott, Daisy Reedy. 
Louis E. Brown applied for state papers by exam, Miss Rose Mulkey for life diploma by
recommendation, being Normal graduate.

Coq B b493-6  February 20,1903  Winnie Hall, health, breast cancer, b.
Coq B b493-6  February 20,1903  No services St James Episc till March.
Coq B b493-6 Feb 20,1903    Wm Norris, b   / 
J J Stanley received new typewriter, a Pittsburg Visible [M. not a portab1e;  does splendid

Coq B b493-6  Feb 20, 1903  I N DeLong, for many yrs engineer at Prosper sawmill, now one
Coq prosperous farmers, last night in town --mix up with Odd Fellow's goat.  [M.  ie, initiated
at lodge]

Coq B b493-6  Feb 20, 1903  CCA Notes; students names, school stat.  /
Coq B b493-6  Feb 20, 1903   musical instruments all kinds, Wilson Jewelry.  b.

Coq B b493-6  Feb 20, 1903  [vy lengthy article on N B Woolen  Mill, Mr. Simpson, Mr.
Clark; Bandon to lose mill.]

Coq B b493-6  Feb 20, 1903 
(Coast Mail). Died -- At the Insane Asylum, Salem, Oregon, Monday February 9, 1903.
Bertha S. Kranick, aged 31years, of  heart failure. The unfortunate lady was a resident of
Beaver Hill, until her mind gave way and she was adjudged insane.  She was taken north on
the last trip of the Homer, accompanied by her husband. He was returning on the Homer, but
while the steamer was bar bound at Astoria he heard of his wife's death and hurried back to
Salem to see her buried, returning to Astoria in time to catch the steamer.   +  [cp]

Coq B b493-6  Feb 20, 1903  Clement F. Miller, the first child born in the city of Chicago, a
veteran of the Civil War and civil engineer of distinction, passed away last week at the
residence of his daughter, Mrs. John Lablanc, in Alameda after an illness of many years
standing.  This is the same Col. Miller who visited the Bay with R. A. Graham at the time of
the inception of the C B R & E railroad. -- Coast Mail.  +  [cp]

Coq B b493-96 Mar 6, 1903   [2 col. list of bills that passed the last legislature.]

Coq B  b493-6 Mar 6, 1903     married at Empire city, Herman D Jerritt and Miss Edna
Magee, Rev Wm Horsfall officiating. Bride dgtr M M Jas Magee, one of Empire City’s
charming and popular young ladies.  Nq
    ...The groom is a civil engineer and came to the bay in connection with the Great Central
operations, being first assistant engineer, and has been living at Empire with his mother and
sister.  +   [cp]
     couple will reside SF.  Nq

Coq B b493-6  Mar 6, 1903   Death Mrs. J B Snedden, one of most respected and esteemed
citizens Relief Hill died of blood poisoning superinduced by childbirth; dgtr of Joshua
Penrose, Relief Hill.  (Nevada City  Cal Transcript.)  wife of  Jack Snedden, Libby, well
known on bay.

Coq B b493-6  Mar 6, 1903  CCA   Notes,  students, classes.   /
Coq B b493-6  Mar 6, 1903  Senator Dimmick.  home fm Sa1em. 

Coq B b493-6 Mar 6, 1903   Wm Lackstrom, Marshfield, John Johnson, Ferndale, bidders on
new bldg Robt Marsden to put up.    nq

Coq B b493-6 Mar 6, 1903
(From the Coast Mail).  D. W. Small is grading on the belt line at the first cut this side of 
Pony slough.  The ground there is sandy and works fairly well, while further up on the line it
is still too wet, especially in the clay cuts.  With the With the advent of good weather and the
increasing power of the sun, the ground will soon be in condition for the prosecution of the
work to better advantage.  +  [cp]

Coq B b493-6  Mar 6, 1903  beginning with this issue, J F Wyatt, E C Holland, Editors and
Managers [of paper]  /
Coq B b493-6 Mar 6, 1903  [lengthy article on D D Pierce business firm.  /
Coq B b493-6 Mar 6, 1903  Little Hotel reopened.   

Coq B b493-6 Mar 6, 1903  M E Church Conference.   /       Death of Green B. Self.   I.
Coq B  b493-6  Mar 6, 1903  [lengthy article on wedding John R Wilson, Miss Myrtle H.
Nicholson; bride is cousin Mrs. Fred Slagle and J  J Stanley.

Coq B 497  March 6, 1903   

[Lengthy article on] Mrs. Partington, and her Son, Ike, drama last Saturday evening Masonic
Hall, [full description of play, of]  local characters: Leach, Gage, Hite, Wickham, Lamb,
Harrington, Collier.

Walker & Nosler, General Draymen.    /        Johnson, Dean & Co meat market.   /
Coquille Creamery, S.M. Nosler, Prop.   /         Coquille Valley Packing Co, Myrtle Point.     
E. S. Dean, D. H. Johnson,  E. F. Davenport (successor to Johnson, Dean & Co).  [latter, 2
items or 1?]

Italian prunes at Strang’s.  

 Attorney L. A. Roberts, Myrtle Point, t.     /    Wm. Ward, Myrtle Point, t.   /.              Chas
Adams, Wm Corbin, Myrtle Point, t, b.

T. W. Clark, of the Bandon woolen mills, passed through town Monday from a business trip
to North Bend.

John Nasburg, b O. T. Roher, James Mast Property. /
G.W. Ake, International Correspondence School, Scranton, Pa, several days on river this
week; headquarters Marshfield.  B.

John Herron, Will Cox, Sell Ireland, Marshfield, t; b. condition.

Jas Dunlap, Norway, t.             J. P. Beyers, Sumner, t.            / 
 J.W. Hall and family, moved to Johnson’s mill.   

Mrs. E.A. Balch, ill, improving.         /
A. E. Simpson, W. A. Goodman, b. / nn C. W. Fulton, Jessie Hall, b.

Alfred Johnson, our well known mill man, has been laid up for several days with a "game"
leg.  + 

Placed large order with Portland firm for bicycles, W.T. Burton Bicycle Emporium.

Fred Wilson, Sumner, t.   Sumner will soon have telephone connections to Marshfield;

Winnie Hall, medical treatment, b.        /
Dr. Horsfall, Marshfield, t.  /
Robert Bullard, Bullards, t.  

The celebrated Spearhead Carolina rice, best in city; 2 and 5 pound sacks,  Strang’s.   /
Ladies you will find the most delicious ice cream you ever flopped your lips on at Rose’s.    + 
3 papers garden seed 10 c, Knowltons; northern grown.       /
Lyons mill, Riverton mill, b.

Alex Snyder, sold interest in Steamer Favorite to Captain White.  He will still handle throttle
on boat.  [red ck mark]

Roy Twombly, Marshfield, t.; agent Johnson’s mill b.          /
T. J. Thrift, John Lawrence, to bay.             Clyde Gage.  B.            /    Archie Boon,
irrepressible George Pike b.

Log Cabin Maple Syrup, Strangs.    /    Fresh fruit on every boat.  Josh’s Place.     /
1000 dozen chickens wanted by Johnson, Dean, & Co.   

Bert and Fred Tuttle t.          Henry Clemens, Parkersburg, t.  [red dot]     /
 J. P. Barkdoll, Norway farmer, t.     /
Donald McIntosh, county commissioner, through town enroute to lower river on business.

Dr. Mingus paid Coquille a professional visit Monday.  +   [cp]

Alonzo Wright, who has been employed at Beaver Hill for some time past, paid Coquille a
visit on Monday.  +  [cp]

M/M S. W. Upton; Goodman; b.            /
 Chas H. Flinn, former school teacher Coos Bay, looking for a school b. 

J. M. Walker and Fred Nosler have purchased draying business Mansell & Son. [More].

Geo. E. Pike and Alfred Johnson returned last week from a business trip to Portland.  While
there Mr. Pike purchased a fine road engine and also a donkey engine.  These machines will
be used in Mr. Pike’s camp at Seven Mile.  +

Coq B 498-9  March 6, 1903

     W. C. Rose, our hustling telephone operator, has been circulating a petition this week for
the purpose of raising money to put a telephone line into the Fishtrap country.  He has met
with good success, having subscriptions to the extent of $170.  The line will cost about $300
and will be five miles in length.  This will not only be a great convenience to our up-river
neighbors but will prove of great value to our merchants.  When the 'phones are installed the
switching will be free of charge.
     The use of the ‘phone will save many unnecessary trips, as instantaneous communication
will be available at all times.  The ‘phone system in this city is being rapidly improved.  New
instruments are being constantly added and the service is excellent.  +

For medicinal purposes or family use, get a bottle of Commodore Royal or Old Kentucky
Bourbon.  Captain M. Olsen, Agent.   +  

Mrs. Wilkins, Coquille daughter Mrs. Geo P. Topping.  B.   /
J. Curtis Snoot, Dentist.  Coquille.

March 13, 1903

Palace Chop House, W. J. Elleson [print] prop.  Marshfield.  Good meal any hour of day or

In order to test vigilance of night guard on prison wall [penitentiary] 2nd Warden E. A.
McPherson went over wall, through shops, climbed out again.  Risk of life, if discovered by
guards, who didn’t know of attempt.  But now guards are charged with neglect of duty; didn’t
see him and another man.  n q at all [lengthy.]

S. B. Cathcart over Friday of last week to finish survey for proposed new city water system. 
Cathcart has moved office to county seat and now occupies room in court house which was
built for his office.  nq.

D. S. Perkins, M. H. Hersey, IOOF initiation; Little Hotel supper.  

Shipping news, efforts being made to pull steamer Crescent City off Fish Rock.  Bi.

W. H. Bunch and family moved to Cherry Creek; Rural Academy; steamer J. Warren for
upper River to Gravelford.
Rev D.A. Jackson U B church.  Gravelford.  Fay and Jas Hervey visitors Gravelford.   R. W.
Airey, Mrs. Watkins; Jas Bright baby died Gravelford.  Gravelford news.

Ruby Merchant, daughter C. H. Merchant, death and funeral for.

F.J. DeNeveu, chief accountant with the railroad company for several years past, has severed
his connections with the company and intends leaving for Portland shortly.  +  [cp]

(Coast Mail).  Shipping news: Western Home, Captain Lembke; Annie E. Smale, loading. 
Maiden voyage steam shnr Aurelia.

(Coast Mail).  Chas Morton, accident C B M & L Co.

( Coast Mail).  J.J. Burns, who has a contract for grading streets at Yarrow, was in town
yesterday.  He is about to send part of his outfit to work on the Bangor townsite.

Coquille boomer, telephone to Fishtrap i.

Our heart is swelled with gratitude and our voice is choked with emotion like a muley cow
with a turnip in her throat.  The world is after all a happy one, and as we gaze from the
window of our editorial monastery on the sun-kissed landscape, sweet visions of honey and
milk, humming birds and molasses, brick cheese and brosial nectar dance before our
astonished vision like a call before a circus procession.  Last Saturday one of our subscribers
came up and paid in cold cash, in cold blood, three years in arrearage [print] and two years in
advance.  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."  +

CoqB  b500  Mar 13, 1903.
      Times were fairly lively around the railroad wharf and bunkers yesterday. Engine No. 2
had her smoke stack, whistle and other trimmings scraped off while backing out of the coal
bunkers, through coming in contact with the swinging doors.  She went to the shop and No. 3
took her place.
     Then the schooner Esther Buhne [print] was boarded by a couple of semi-intoxicated
sailors from another vessel, who wanted to have a friendly and convival visit with the crew.
When the mate ordered them ashore they told him where he could go, and when Captain
Olsen came on deck and repeated the same order they directed him to the same place.  The
captain then dove back into the cabin and came up with a gun in each hand, and the invaders
lost no time in getting ashore.  Then they told him what they thought of him.
      Later, the schooner Annie E. Smale, which has finished loading, was boarded by a
representative of the ship carpenters who are alleged to have claims against her.  He took his
stand by the captain with a handspike, and announced his attention [print?] of holding the
ship.  At last accounts he was there yet. --Coast Mail Mar. 8.  +   [M. note. This paper
(Bulletin) quotes the Coast Mail as saying Annie Smale finished loading lumber at rr wharf;
doesn’t say what became of man.  M. does this mean ed. Coq B. didn’t know what became of
man because Coast Mail didn’t say, or that M observes this notice?]           [cp]

Coq B b 500  Mar 13, 1903.
     J. J. Walters has brought suit at Portland, against the Great Central Railroad Company,
operating in Coos County, to recover $1429,85, [print] which he claims is due him as
commission, and attachment papers have been issued by the sheriffs [print] to attach the
property of the defendent company until the case is settled. 
     Walters stated in his complaint that on August 22, 1902, he was engaged as chief of the
bureau of information [print]  and colonization of the Great Central Railroad Company, and
that a part of his duty was the sales of stock of the company. He further claims that he was to
receive a commission for his work, and that he sold $15,050 worth of stock for which he
received $175.85. He alleges that 10 per cent is a fair commission, and this on basis asks for a
balance due of $1429.85.  --Coast Mail.   +   [cp]

Coq B b500 Mar 13, 1903  [Lengthy article about Hotel Coquille, J P Tupper, incl. descr. and
Tupper character.]  /
   [Lengthy article about The Emporium,  Z C Strang, desc. store and character Strang; also
Marshall Way.]

Coq B b500 Mar 13, 1903  J W  Wimer killed by falling tree [not now local res.; once at MP,

Coq B b500 Mar 13, 1903   [President Roosevelt attention to Pacific Coast, stops on coast
tour, Portland, other. lengthy]

Coq B b500 Mar 13, 1903  
    Last Sunday evening while returning from Bandon Mrs. E. Boyd, of this city, met with
quite a severe accident.  In company with several others she was sitting on the after-deck,
when a gust of wind blew over a piece of scenery used by the Star Comedy Co. The falling
piece struck Mrs. Boyd on the back of the head and although the piece was very light the
knock rendered was sufficient to cause unconsciousness, which lasted about an hour and a
half.  Kind and willing friends exerted every effort to relieve the sufferer. A physician was
telephoned for and met the boat below Riverton.
    On reaching this city the lady was removed to Mrs. V. M. [as typed] Sugg's home.  We are
more than pleased to state that the lady is progressing nicely and will soon be herself again.  +

Coq B b501  Mar 13, 1903  Scrubine -- latest thing for scrubbing and cleaning; saves labor.
10 c cake, Strang's.   nq
Coq B b501  Mar 13, 1903  Ben VanDecar, MP, b.    /  
Good roads convention, Dora, Wed.    /
C M Skeels and W T Burton, each sold furniture business to Ellingson.

Coq B b501  Mar 13, 1903  Mrs. M Wooten, principal Bandon school,  b.  Miss Katherine
Maddox new principal.

Coq B b501  Mar 13, 1903   Norway creamery to open, C B Davis b.    /
Coq B b501  Mar 13, 1903  Chris Rasmussen, Bandon,  novelty Myrtlewood, H L Brown.   

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  Temperance, M E ch.       /            Ministerial Assn organized, in
Coq;   Also, Haberly;  temperance , A H Mulkey.

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  Will Cox returned  to Marshfield last Monday, after a several days
visit in town. +   [cp]  

Dr. and Mrs. Mingus paid the county seat a short visit on Monday  +   [cp]

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  W C Sanderson, well known Bandon merchant,  t.     /  C E
Huling, MP merchant,  t. 

Jack Laird, ill, b.   /
John Buckley, well known  logger, b.

Coq B b501  Mar 13, 1903  Mrs. Nosler's New Store has elegant line fancy A.F.C. ginghams;
never better line of chocolates and Easter candy in town. nq

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  Creamery meeting at Norway, H L Carl.

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  R-I-P-A-N-S Tabules.  Doctors find.  A good prescription for
Mankind.  The 5-cent packet is enough for usual occasions. The family bottle (60 cents)
contains a supply for. a year. All druggists sell them.   +

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903   Presbyterian services.

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  
    The Pittsburg Visible Typewriter.  The only perfect writing machine made.  The writing is
in plain view of  the operator all the time -- simplest and strongest construction, rapid action,
easy touch, adapted to all kinds of work -- best for tabulating and invoice work, universal
keyboard, removable type action, instantly cleaned.
    Treble the life of any other machine for good, clean work...Pittsburg Writing Machine Co.
208 Wood St.    Pittsburg, Pa.  [cut of machine].+  

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  I Hacker, Abstracter of title, Coq.           /     J Curtis Snook, D D
S, dentist, Coq.    /   Dr. Nancy White, Physician and surgeon; office over bank; office hrs l0-
l2am,2-4 pm.  Walter Culin, MD  Physician and Surgeon.Coq. Kronenberg Bldg, next door
P.0.   Telephone 3.

Coq B b501 Mar 13, 1903  Stmrs Dispatch, Tom White; Favorite, Capt. Levi Snyder; Echo, T
W McCloskey, master.  Stmr Welcome, H L Carl, Manager.  Reta, Bert McCloskey, master.  
[red check mark]


Coq B  502  March 13, 1903                           

Academy Notes.  Academy Entertainment financial success.  Class news.     

Telephone to Fishtrap, enthusiastic meeting [lists many many names.  lengthy article.]  

Curry county, interview with Captain E. B. Burns; fishing industry, sheep raising, farm,
shipping, mills, quartz mine, other stat.

Chas Moomaw and Miss Leta Mae Barrows married; [lengthy article].   /
The Carson Nonpareil glove is the article for hard use.  At Slagle’s.  +   /
Miss Annie McDonald position as clerk at M. A. Pierce’s store.  nq.

Mrs. J. T. McCormac, Marshfield, t.       Wm. Howell, Jas Murray, John Benham, Herbert
Waggoner, trip.        Fred Nosler, Rich residence opposite C. M. Skeel’s home; b.     /
H. Wright, to Alaska, b.       /              Aaron Wilson b.

Schnr Jesse Minard [mentioned.]  [M 12005.  Or Miner?]     /
Mrs. B. J. Breatherton, Bandon, appointed assistant keeper light house mouth Coquille  

Henry Benham, b.              J.W. Savacool, H.T. Schweers, b.        /
Lyons Millinery.

Captain E. B. Burns, Rogue River, t.  Copper Queen.     /
 Len Johnson, Fishtrap phone line, b.  /

Politic, special election representative vacancy death of Thos Tongue.    /
Gertrude James, b.          /
Mrs. S.E. Wilkins, died b.

The Coquille Transfer Co., of this city, began the construction last week of a fine steamer at
their ship yards at Randolph.  This steamer will be equipped with the latest patterns of
machinery and is intended to handle a portion of the trade between this place and Bandon.  
The boat will be a double decker with ample room for the accommodation of the public.  This
boat will be ninety feet long, twenty foot beam and a stern wheeler.  Captain Panter, who is at
present running the steamer Antelope, will have charge of the new boat for the company. 
Captain Panter is a well known boat man of this river and is capable of handling the new boat
for the company.  They have placed an order with the Marine Iron Works, of Chicago, for her
machinery.    +  [red ck mark]

Golf, Negligee and fancy shirts at Slagle’s.  +     Suits cleaned and pressed at Slagle’s. +
Will Schroeder, Arago merchant, t.       /     
Mercerized satin skirts; Pierce’s.     /
ME special services.

Bert Gould, North Coos River, t,b. 

 E. C. Cole, popular telephone man, t, during stay installed "hello" machines in residences of
Lee Goodman, J. F. Wyatt and Wickham boarding house.  nq.

James Murray, Hotel Coquille dining room, b.          /
Eugene Robinson, death of his daughter; Ranier, Oregon he now lives.

Last Saturday evening the Star Comedy Company, of this city, played to a crowded house in
Bandon and gave the same satisfaction that has characterized them in the past.  The troupe
chartered the steamer Favorite and the craft was well filled by the many who wished to visit
the city by the sea.  After the play the crowd enjoyed a pleasant dance.  Sunday morning
many of the visitors paid the beach a visit and more than enjoyed themselves as the day was
an ideal one.  As usual our sister townspeople extended every courtesy to their hosts.  The
boat left for Coquille at 1 p.m. and all were unanimous in their praise to the Bandonites for
the pleasure afforded them.   +

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