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Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903
People who have been worrying about the price of coal will not find consolation in the fact
that violets are only fifty cents a bunch in the cities.      [cp]

Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903    Prescriptions, Dr. Churchrnan.     /
Highest prices pd for chickens, Johnson, Dean & Co.

Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903  [Lengthy article on fire protection, recount of tale June 1892
Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903 Victory for miners, in east, an increase in wages recommended by
commission   [lengthy]  [cp]

Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903  [lengthy news about plans to have convention to nominate
successor to Thos Tongue; not vy  informative, gives number of delegates each county will
have in the convention; Coos , Demo 5.  Also lists #  Republican delegates fm each part of
Coos, Bandon, Burton Prairie, Coaledo, etc.]

Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903  good roads question. 

Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903   temperance, WCTU, M E Church, Mulkey, Dahuff.

Coq B b503 Mar 27, 1903   Lyons Store.  Free a load of  wood with each $2.50 purchase in
one day. Ladies, Misses, Children's Shoes reduced from $l.50 to 75c.

Coq B 504   March 27, 1903                           
Rev. Horsfall both services Episcopal church on Sunday [next].  

Mrs. Moon’s opening day, Saturday; grand opening, fine millinery.  

Stanley Jenkins, who has been attending school at the Academy, returned to his home at
Prosper last week.

Mrs. McClure, b.      /  
 M.L. Martin, expert piano tuner; orders by postal, prompt attention; Marshfield.  nq. 

Pink and George Laird b, school.             /
 Johnson Bros Soda Works, new building, b.

Mrs. Boyd who was so badly injured several weeks ago is able to be on our streets once more.  

M. A. Pierce large selection choice cats and kittens tt will be disposed of at a sacrifice.  nfq.

Dr. Snook, b.        L.G. Simmons, b.              Miss Maud Balch, b.      

Miss Lena Maddox, work for Bulletin, b.  /
New Drug Store, Golden building, Coquille. 

Large and Commodious, Elegantly Fitted Steamer.  Chico, C. P. Jensen, Master.  Regular
service between Coquille River and San Francisco, passengers and freight.  Jensen on board
steamer, E. Dyer, agent, Bandon. nq.  [red ck mark]          /
Steamer Chetco arrived Coquille River from San Francisco b.  Regular trips.  [red ck mark]    

Olives in bulk, Lyons Store.        /          Elegant line shirt waists, Mrs. Nolser’s. 

For rent, good 6 room house near Academy.  J. J. Stanley dlr.

J. W. Bennett, the Marshfield attorney, paid the county seat a business visit on Wednesday.  

Steamer Alliance arrived bay trip n.      [cp]   [red ck mark]      /
 Wm. Howell, Jr. b.

John Curren, Myrtle Point Hotel, leased upper story of Hermann brick.  B.  /
Aaron Wilson, Bridge Creamery in May; resign position Lyons Store, b, i. 

C. M. Skeels, sold furniture business to Arthur Ellingsen, purchased Wm. Rich grocery on
Front Street.  Rich to South America??   i

Telephone meeting at Arago.  L. R. Robertson, M. D. Morgan, Alex Stauff, R. L. Tyrrell, F.
W. Wright, C. W. Robertson. [ Lengthy, i.]

Henry Sengstacken, Marshfield, t.       /
 Dr. McCormac, Marshfield, b.           /
Miss Della Fox, b.    /    S. M. Nosler, b.   

John Hudson, Bert Wilson, b.; Coos Bay Wagon Road also. 

During first 15 day present month, Sheriff Gallier collected $65,000 on 1902 tax roll.    nq.  /
Nelse [print] Rassmussen, well known saloon man Bandon, t,  b.  

 Died Isabella Herron, wife R. V. Herron [print]; [more].

[Poem about: open the door to your heart, my lad.   ]
Parlor trick; [cut. ]    Fill glass almost full of water, place your hand over it, fingers forming
right angle.  By quickly stretching out the hand without removing palm you will create
airtight space under your hand to lift the glass. 


Coq B 505-8    June 5, 1903                           

For Sale.  A First class roadster.  Exceedingly speedy and in prime condition.  8 years old. 
Inquire at this office.  +

We the undersigned want it understood that the tickets marked Dispatch and Favorite are not
good on Steamer Antelope, and that when such tickets are purchased from Captain Panter
they will not be honored.  Signed: Thos. White.  John C. Moomaw.  +  {red ck mark]

Coq B b509-16 June 5, 1903  W C Rose has received fine line imported cigars fm Porto Rico,
bear stamp of factory.  Nq

Coq B  b509-16  June 5, 1903  A B Daley brief profile of;  father one of pioneer ministers,
Oregon.  [cp]

Coq B b509-16  June 5, 1903
    Good Times on CB, Portland missing a great deal by not cultivating trade.  NB is the new
town on Coos Bay, L J Simpson, oldest son Capt A M Simpson.  Lumbering NB, sash and
door; woolen mill 300 men, to open.  Streets NB descr., a pressed brick factory been started.
Franchise applied for electric car line to connect Marshfield, NB. [cp] [lengthy article; M,
evidently the electric line is Kinney’s rr??] 
     [part of same article;  all spoken by Daly.]   [sm part on Beaver Hill is cp]
     "The Great Central Railroad has a surveying corps in the field and are surveying between
North Bend and Empire City, a distance of five miles.  Empire is one of the old county seat
[print] of Coos and is the port of entry for Coos Bay.  Grading is going forward on the belt
line railroad which surrounds the bay.  This enterprise is under the management of Major L.
D. Kinney, who is the moving spirit in the proposed Coos Bay & Salt Lake Railroad.  Right
here I want to say that, as far as the Major's efforts are concerned, he is entitled to the good
will of the people of Coos, and of Oregon and has been brought into prominence without
costing the citizens one dollar.  +
     “The Beaver Hill and the Oregon Navigation Co. are operating their coal mines actively. 
Three colliers weekly arrive and load for San Francisco. There are on the average about four
steamers per week between San Francisco and Coos Bay, which taken in connection with only
one steamer every two weeks between Portland and Coos Bay, places the Portland merchants
at a very decided disadvantage in the shape of prompt deliveries.  +
   “The Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern Railroad, which is owned the Spreckles, [print for sp,
by left out] of San Francisco, operates between Coos Bay and Myrtle Pont, a distance of 26
miles.  A survey has been made for the extension of the road to Roseburg, a distance of some
80 miles.  The building of the line should command the earliest attention of the Portland
people, opening sections of Oregon, which only awaits the snort of the iron horse to awaken
into a hustling, bustling community.  +
   “Marshfield, Coquille City, Myrtle Point and Bandon are settling up rapidly.  The people of
Coos are pleased to learn that all danger to the state appropriation for the Lewis and Clark
Fair is past, and feel as if Oregon has emerged from a period of enforced inactivity and
sincerely believes that Coos and Curry counties will come in for a good share of the resultant
benefits. “  --Oregonian.  +

Coq B b509-16 June 5, 1903
     Mrs. J. R. Stillwell, of Arago, is about the most nervy woman on record when it comes to
hunting wild animals. Tuesday night of  last week she killed a large California lion after a
lively chase through a thickly timbered section of the country on upper Hall's creek.  About
11 p.m. Mrs. Stillwell was awakened by the noise of the lion and taking down a 45 x 60
calibre rifle and calling the dog, started in pursuit of the animal. The dog soon struck the track
of the lion and in a short time put him up a tree.  Mrs. Stillwell who was soon arrived [print]
on the scene and fired, the bullet striking the animal in the hip and knocking it from the tree
and was brought down by a second shot.  It then made its way into a thicket in a canyon with
the dog in close pursuit. A desperate fight followed in which the dog was badly worsted.  The
dog retreated and was followed from the woods by the lion which was bent on making away
with the dog.  Mrs. Stillwell was on hand with the trusty rifle and met the animal as it
emerged from the brush, but did not see it, however, until it was within about six feet of her
and almost ready to make a leap.  She lost no time in bringing the rifle to her shoulder and
sent a bullet crashing through the beast's head, the animal dying almost instantly.
      The lion had been considerable of a nuisance to the Stillwells, and lately got away with six
of Mr. Stillwell’s
sheep. --M. P. Enterprise.   +    [M. 2004.   Don't I already have this item fm another paper?]

Coq B 517  June 5, 1903                               

Coquille is calling for bids for proposed water system, bids from pipe manufacturers.

Annual report of city treasurer, receipts and disbursements from June 5 1902 to June 1, 1903. 
Receipts.  Cash on hand, water fund. $669.53.  To saloon licenses $2000.  To show $104.  To
peddlers $2.50.  To fines $38.50.  To warfage [print] $13.  To water dues $1952.  To rent
Barrows place $50.  To street and road tax $197.50 to street improvements fund $915.49. 
Total receipts $5942.11.  Disbursements.  By officers salaries $632.46.  By city election
$23.50.  By appraising water route $257.65.  By night watch $37.67.  By interest on loans
$360.  By electric lights $257.20.  By repairs to old water system $36.49.  By taxes Barrows
place $17.39.  By advertising bids and notices, water system $37.50.  By misc. $38.14.  By
cash on hand June 1, 1903, $2533.03.    Total $5942.11.  R. S. Knowlton, Treasurer.

Ira Buzan, Johnson Creek mining man, bi. [quartz mine.]   /  
M. Martin, Marshfield piano tuner, t Friday.

A new broom sweeps clean. ...Seeing is Believing.  ...Lumber is King.  P. F. and L. Co.  W. T.
Kerr, Mgr, (successors to Lyons Store and Mill Co.).   [M note, not clear whether Lyons mill
been sold, or just the store property to new managers; nothing said about sale of mill].  Wool
growers, see W. T. Kerr.

For Sale – A cub bear about 2 months old.  Is very tame and docile and extremely fond of
children.  Will be sold cheap.  Wood, coal or farm produce taken in exchange.  Apply at the
Bulletin office.  +

W. W. Davis, Medford, to Coos; mining engineer, b.   /
Mrs. Clara Moore, and her daughter, Mrs. Nancy White, b.    /
J. A. Collier, our well known architect and builder, old Deauveraux place above town.  Bi.   

A. F. Linegar, Post Master.   /
City council proceedings.  Bills allowed.

H. J. Winters Graduate Optician of Oakland, Oregon, will make regular trips to Hotel
Coquille June 2-9, Myrtle Point 9-15; competent to fit the most difficult cases in glass fitting. 

Memorial day observance Coquille.  I.   /Maggie Leona Dean died; parents M/M Robert J.
Dean; sisters Mrs. Jessie Peart, Misses Lillie, Mabel, and Etta Dean.  Uncle D.F. Dean.

First message over new telephone line to Fishtrap.  I.  /
Tupper, Hotel Coquille, new sign by Urban Gray.  Bi   .

William Peart, the brother of Johnnie Peart, our local coal magnate, arrived here on Tuesday
evening on a short visit to his folks.  Mr. Peart has been away about four years and has spent
most of his time in the Greenhorn mountains.  Mr. Peart will return about Saturday.   +

Bon Ton Baking Powder at Drane & Ray’s; prizes of Chinaware given free with each can.   /
Hon. Thos Dimmick, bay side,  t.      /
Mrs. Balch, feathers, flowers, hat trimmings.  B.

R. D. Hughes has a gang of men at work clearing the right-of-way for the water works line.  
+   /
Born, Rink Creek, May 25, Walter Colvin, a daughter.    /
Dave Johnson, catcher Coquille team, slight accident.   B.   

G.W. Weber, Arago, t b.          /
F.S. Dow, rep. Sperry Flour, t     /
Smith Bailey, the Roseburg teamster, t, old road bad condition but passable.

Coq B 517a  June 5, 1903

[Lengthy article on ] Coquille Valley Packing Co, [description] store, D. H. Johnson.    /
Baseball sked for summer, professional teams.

The Godfrey family exhibited two nights this week under their own canvas.  They are giving
one of the very best shows on the road and their performances in Adin. [M. doesn’t say
where; is this a town, or does it mean additionally?] gave entire satisfaction.  The Professor is
hard to beat in the acrobatic line, and is ably supported by his wife.  The two little Godfreys
are exceptionally good in their parts, and many were the compliments given to them.  One
thing we wish to mention is the fact that the second performance fully equalled it it was not
even better than the first, [ this part as in print] and as announced the program was nearly an
entire change, we speak of these things because the custom is generally reversed, and when
we see a man dealing honestly with the people wish to give the benefit of it. – Exchanged.  +

Grand 4th of July, businessmen to turn out and plan.  

[Article on]  B. H. Burns and Geo. O. Leach taking over on city council from N. Lorenz and I.
Hacker, character description of outgoing, other.

(Special to Bulletin).  Binger Hermann will represent the First Oregon District in Congress,
succeeding the late Thomas H. Tongue.  Returns from the election, were still incomplete,
show this beyond a doubt.  Republicans plurality in the First District.  Indications are that it
will not exceed 2000, and 1850 is probably a nearer estimate. While the vote was unusually
light, the count is slow in many counties, and complete returns will not be obtainable before
tomorrow.  The following table gives the respective pluralities of Hermann and Reams in the
various counties, based on complete and incomplete returns, when they have been received,
and where no considerable returns have been received, an estimate.   +  [M note, shows est.
plurality for Hermann of 400 Coos, 50 in Curry.]

James Keane, the renowned actor, to visit Coos [Coquille mentioned.] [ 1 ½ col article giving
his profile; very little about appearance in Coquille except it is June 10, 17, and 24.]

Kansas city suffering heavily from flooding. 

[Article on ] Coquille vs Marshfield ball game, Coquille lost.  [Mentions] Hi Wright, M;
Nefzger, Johnstone, Coquille.

The telephone company is busily engaged in erecting their new telephone poles in the
business part of town.  The new sticks are 40 feet in height and are equipped with two cross
arms capable of holding 40 wires.  There will be 25 of these poles.  This will not only be a
vast benefit to the company but will help the appearance of our city greatly.  The company
expects [print] to occupy their new quarters in Rose’s elegant store very soon.  Miss Lily Way
will act as "hello girl" and it is safe to say that she gives unbounded satisfaction.  +

Next Saturday afternoon 6 members Marshfield Rod and Gun Club will try [compete] with
local club.  nq.  

Remember the big picnic on Saturday.    +   /
The Broiler, Marshfield, can give good meal on short notice nq.

More on meetings for 4th of July.  /
Home made taffy, Mrs. Nosler’s.     /
Mrs. Daniel Roberts, Myrtle Point, died.

Bert Johnson, ball player, b.   / 
Large crew of men and teams grading First St. b.i. 

 J. J. Stanley real estate to be in elegant suit of rooms in Martin’s new building; N.W. Leneve,
sign writer.  bi.

Coq B 518  June 5, 1903   
Mr. Ten Robison, of Fishtrap was in this city Wednesday evening.  He wore a broad smile on
account of the new telephone being completed.  +

The steamer Chico will bring up the machinery for the new Coquille Transportation Co’s new
boat being built at the Randolph shipyard.  From all appearance Coquille will soon hear the
schrill [print] whistle of the new craft.  [red ck mark.   red dot]

Ed VanDecar [print] who was so severely injured by being crushed between two cars, while
making a coupling at Beaver Hill, is getting along as well as could be expected .  His
physicians say that not more than one case in ten will ever recover, at last accounts he was
resting easy. [print.].   +  [cp]

Nebraska Storms, tornadoes, deluge of rain.  /
M. A. Pierce closing out entire stock of boys clothing at cost.  nq.   /
Loggers shoes, Strang’s.

For flues, Fire places and all kinds of Brick work, inquire of S.S. Sherwood, Coquille,
Oregon.    /
[Same cut as before, same ad as before for bicycles, except now it says Fish Bros.  Bicycle
Dealers, not W. T. Burton.]

June 12, 1903

Mens and boys sweaters, underclothing, shirts, collars and cuffs, suspenders, half hose. 
Perry’s store.  nq.  /
Letter about travels from Wm. Rich.  Mentions falling in with Mr. Dimet, son of Mr. Dimet
now living at old Kerrigan place. 

John Wilkes Booth said not killed, a man named Ruddy was killed instead.  Booth lived for
many years, conducted a store under the name of John St. Helen.  (Oregonian)  [longer

Bandon Items.  Wm. Gallier again resident of Bandon.       /      Chico freight for Bandon. /    
S O Co new mill near Prosper.       /     Steamer Dispatch, Favorite, Reta b.

2 men and black sand mines, also mentions Abe Rose and Lee Barrows, mining machine.  bi. 

Saturday one of the hottest days Coquille has experienced in 25 years 104 at 2 pm; fruit and
berries damaged.  One case sunstroke, several ladies fainted. 

Alfred Johnson, mill man, daughter.  b.   /
Coquille streets, no place to tie teams up. b.

Ed Sherwood, cattle drover.  b.        /
Peddler in Coquille, selling rugs; vs boost Coquille.  b.

Mail sked changed.  P F & L Co mill at Coquille [M. evidently Lyons was sold; funny there
wasn’t more notice of it; or has it just changed names under new manager and still is Lyons

John S. Coke married Annie Anderson.  b.  

Captain C. B. Hardin appointed commandant at Oregon Agric. College, Corvallis; Modoc
War Veteran. [more].

AOUW and D of H; one of the grandest reunions and basket picnic Coquille has enjoyed in
years. [Exercises of day, music, address, other; Myrtle Point, Bandon band.  Baseball, tug of
war, ect.]

P.W. Laird and Flora McCloskey, Coquille, married in Coos Bay bi.   /  
Died, A. A. Simons, logger. /
Landis Murder entry. [M note, On sep. sheet.]

Coq B 519 June 12, 1903                               
It is reported that Sam Rowan, of near Fishtrap has a very light case of smallpox.  All
precautions have been taken to prevent any further spread, and parties that have been exposed
are strictly quarantined.  +

Frank Morse and wife returned on the steamer Alliance from an extended visit to California.  
+   /
Marshfield vs Bandon ball game, Bandon won (M. 2; B. 14)

Court proceedings special term county courts[ lists the ] judges and clerks of election districts
by name.  [Many well known names.]  Coquille J. J. Lamb, I Hacker, J. P. Goodman, judges. 
M. O. Hawkins, C .A. Gage, W. C. Chase, clerks. ...   Coaledo Fred Poore, W. B. Beebe, F. C.
Getty, Judges;  Mat Anderson, G. Strohm, clerks [M.  Coaledo must have been where Beaver
Hill voted, no beaver hill, slough, or other nearby.]

See the Nobby Lace Hose, at Pierce’s. +    /
Mrs. Balch’s elegant line of ladies and children’s summer hats.  /
Fred Slagle, tailor, business b.      /
R.D. Jones, P F & L Co., business b.

Coquille almost depopulated by ball games at North Bend, Marshfield.  nq.   /
Mrs. Will Grunaw, nee Lillie Dean; funeral Leona Dean.   /
Ten Robinson, enterprising Fishtrap farmer, t.

The central telephone office has been moved into the new quarters in the Martin building,
now occupied by the Rose confectionery and ice cream parlors.  From the looks of the amount
of wires strung on new poles one would think
this was a “big” city.  +

John Kroneberg, building new residence 2nd and Moulton Streets; Al Balch constr.    /
May Wickham and Della Fox, Bulletin, b.     /
"Bill Dad" Howell.    /
Jennie Woodford, Virgie Woodford, b. 
Thos Burrows, accident at North Bend.     /
Wm. Sugg, Anderson’s camp, t.

A crew of men are busily engaged in repairing the wharf.  The piledriver is here and will
begin operations immediately.  +

P F & L sawmill closed down Saturday to give employees chance to attend AOUW reunion.

North Bend is beginning to look like a city.  The large woolen mill building completed, about
10 business houses ready for occupancy, and 25 residence under way.   +

Dr. McCormac, Cedar Point, sawing logs, b.   /
 A. J. Sherwood, bd regents S O Normal school, b.

Trains are now running to the North Fork bridge toward Myrtle Point, that being as near as
the boats run to the town.  It is to be hoped that the necessary repairs will soon be made that
will give the Point a good train service again.  +  [cp]

Frank Schroeder, married Lara Christensen; Eva Schroeder, b.    /
Creamery building, new, Sam Nosler and W.H. Erdice, b.i.    [M 2004  -- doesn't say it's out
of town]   /
Johnson Bros interior soda plant; bi.

Coquille vs North Bend, Home team loses, 4-10.  [Lengthy article.]  Coquille played a clean
game.  Frazer Tupper, Hotel Coquille, b.

The nimrods at the head of Isthmus slough made a killing of unusual game Sunday, in the
shape of a large sealion [print], which had wandered a long ways from home.  A hunting party
were after this animal near town last week but lost him near the Bay City mill, George and
Fred Kruse and some other young hunters dispatched him Sunday and later hoisted him out on
the bank.  He was ten and a half feet in length and weighed over half a ton.  --Mail. 

Coq B b520-1   June 12, 1903  Dakota Ray, Indian(?) doctor (peddler),vs Coq.   [booster.] 
Patronize home industry.

Coq B b520-1 June 12, 1903  Dr. Walter Culin, went over to the bay Sunday evening, from
there he will take the Alliance for a trip to Portland. +  [red check mark]

Coq B b520-1   June 12, 1903.  Deputy Assessor Lawrence returned last week from Myrtle
Point and adjoining precincts, where he has finished his work.  He left for Beaver Hill
Thursday.  This will complete the assessing for this year. +  [cp]

Coq B b520-1   June 12, 1903.   4th preparations; will have balloon ascension, grand
excursion on CBR, cannon at day break, 2 day program, historical pageant, civic parade,
other.  Lists names serving on committees. Tickets avail for Goddess of Liberty contest.   [cp]

Coq B  b520-1  June 12, 1903  Extra quality, black Peau De Soie Silk, 24 in wide, $1.50. 
Pierce’s.      /  Nice piece silk, Persian Lawn,  Perry’s.

Coq B 520-1    June 12, 1903    [is  also put in with Landis. ]

M.D. Landis [Head]
Coos County Murderer Held in Indian Territory.  [sub head]
     Salem, June 6.  – requisition papers were issued today for the return of M.D. Landis,
wanted in Coos county for murder now under arrest in Indian Territory.  The crime of which
Landis is suspected was the murder of a man near Coquille over two years ago.  As soon as
suspicion attached itself to Landis he made haste to leave the country and after a wild flight
succeeded in making is escape from the officers.
     According to reports Landis is suspected of murdering and robbing 14 men and enticed in
to the woods to by timber land.  At the time of his alleged crime in Coos county, he was a
resident of Coquille City.  –Review.
     The crime for which Landis is wanted in Coquille was the killing of Eudailey, about two
years ago.  This was one of the worst crimes ever committed in Coos county, and is fresh in
the memory of the people of this place.
     After shooting his victim Landis opened an artery in his victims [print] neck and extracted
the blood that the body might keep until he could make his escape, by so doing he was aware
of the fact the decomposition would be somewhat arrested.  He was discovered burying his
victim by two boys, who informed the proper authorities, and the body was exhumed by the
sheriff and coroner: brought to town and an inquest held.  The murderer, Landis, called the
next morning, view the remains, and immediately made his escape.  Sheriff Gallier secured
the necessary papers and departed Friday from Portland to bring Landis back to the scene of
his crime, for trial.   It is not definitely known just when Sheriff Gallier will return, but
probably about the last of next week.  +


Coq B b522 July 17, 1903
[Nationals vs All Americans, ball game,  evid. 2 local teams, prob like all-stars, drawn for
occasion. Must have been businessmen rather than pro league, evidently.]  Names: V R
Wilson, Josh Leach, “Stiffey” Baxter, Dave Colllier, Dr. Culin; Capt. Olson; Lenegar [as I
typed it, should be Linegar] and Gage (Clyde).  Dr. Snook, Piper Johnson, Fraze Tupper;  C
M Skeels, M McDonald; Dud Johnson; Wm Rose; M O Hawkins; Billy Mansell; Jack Lamb;
Will Lyons; Henry Lorenz;; Slagle bros; Lou Hazard.  [M.  entertaining artic1e. 2 col.]

Coq B July 17, 1903.   (b522) co court proceedings;  labor on road crew.    bills. E Mingus,
attending case of small pox Fishtrap  $20.  [<cp]     /   John Peart 5 tons coal court house and
haul freight $18,75.   Coq River Electric, lights ct house  $30.00.  J H Wandling, 14 da
nursing small pox patient $49.  V N Perry, 3 mo salary  janitor $120.  W H Bunch 3 mo salary
School Supt and postage, $256.90.  T J Thrift 3 mo salary assessor  $250.    J S Lawrence , 72
days work deputy assessor,  $212.   Gallier, 1 mo salary sheriff $166.57  E M Gallier 1 mo
salary deputy sheriff $60.   L H Hazard 1 mo salary co clerk $125.  R H Mast, 1 mo salary
deputy Clerk $75.  J B Dulley, 1 mo as county treasurer $66.67.  [Several persons paid
viewers Beaver Slough diking matter. [cp?]]

Coq B b522 July 17, 1903.  Co Court proceedings.  Resignation of Wm Horsfall, MD,
coroner, accepted.  Dr. E. Mingus appointed to fill vacancy.  [cp]

Coq B b520  July 17, 1903  Flanagan & Bennett Bank, Jas H Flanagan, J W Bennett, R
Williams, Geo. Winchester and Bennett Swanton  [as typed].   [cp]

Coq B b522 July 17, 1903   Dairy Produce. [as typed].  Sweet cream and milk.  Ice.  Coquille
Ice and Cold Storage Co.  nq

Coq B b522 July 17, 1903  Phoenix Family Flour, Merritt Mercantile Co  Eureka,

Coq B b522 July 17, 1903  Call and see our Universal Stoves. ; Oliver Plows; Champion 
Mowers, Hoes, Rakes. Mitchell Wagons. Sherwin-Williams Paint.   T H Mehl & Co.

Coq B b522 July17, 1903  Rev. Horsfall services St  James Episc  [Coq].  Sun morn, eve

Coq B b522 July 17, 1903  H J Moon, Rsbg, repr N. Y. Ins. Co, b, t.    /
Henry Martindale, Camas Valley, accident; uncle to Benham bros, Coq, b.  i.   / 
 Narthrops [print] Perfumes and Toilet Soaps, Mrs. Nosler’s.    /  
 Shredded whole wheat mush .Drane & Rays.

Coq B b522  July 17, 1903  A B Daley,  t.       /
Geo Baxter. P.Orford, foreman P 0 Tribune.   

Mrs. Nosler just received beautiful line black dress goods, also a line of silks. nq

Coq B b522 July 17, 1903  C D Dryden and wife, Mrs. D F Dean, outing, Dean health.   /
Elders Holt, Anderson, tent mtg near Masonic hall.  

C F Allen, Mfgr, machine, black sand mining Randolph.   

Lovely ice cream and soda at Mrs. Nosler's, and private room to serve it in.

Coq B 523-6 July 17, 1903                           

Albert Johnson, soda manufacturers, to marry.  bi. 

M/M B. F. Lawrence visiting parents; Ben one of best positions on Daily Oregonian.  bi.    /
Full line bedding, pillows, blankets, comforters, sheeting, pillow case tubing.  Hersey.

Haying in full blast.  Farmers taking advantage of good weather. 

P F & L Co have assumed charge of the wood business at their mill and all orders prompt
attention.  nq.

Bids for constr. reservoir and other waterworks.   /
Carl Hughes married Miss Georgia Leneve, daughter of M/M Geo Leneve; he works Pike’s
camp. [More.}

Baseball notes; Manager Bedelion of Bandon team.  League standing
    Won    Lost
       6     2    Bandon   
       5     2    Marshfield
       4     3    North Bend
       0      8    Coquille

City council proceedings. 

5 year old son of Captain Moomaw narrow escape drowning; employee Lewis saved.  i.


August 14, 1903

Another kiln of lime burned at White Swan mines, Cheney Creek, Josephine Co. [lengthy]
lime worth $15 ton when made.  Descriptions, use, location.

White blackberries growing in profusion this summer, from East.  Not local.  [M 2004.  A
national filler?  Or import of east product here?]

All the extensive lbr mils at Cour d’ Alene [print] City on fire, entire destruction town
threatened.  More than $100,000 property already destroyed.

Hunter used knife on bear; Andy Hickson, [lengthy.]

Huge easel, 8 foot height, containing one of the most beautiful collections of woods ever
displayed in Portland, received from Coos Bay by Oregon Info Bureau. [More].  Maple burl,
curly white maple, chittem wood [as typed], alder, myrtle slab, curly red fir, vertical grain fir,
curly myrtle, slash grain fir, curly red maple, curly white cedar, slash grain spruce, vertical
grain red cedar, white cedar burl, white cedar, and black myrtle.  (Oregonian).

City council.  Councilman G. W. White resigned.    W. H. Mitchell, Seattle, contractor for

[Lengthy article on election of Pope Pius X.   ]

Sad accident Fishtrap, Otis Brewer shot by accident, Dr. Culin called, too late, brother Perry,
M/M. Brewer  [more.]

Bancroft Items.  Deitz [as typed] and Fish’s camp.  Misses Lizzie Price and Lena Holcomb,
Coquille, visit.  Will Deitz b.  [M. 3 items, or 1?]    /    School progressing Lena Fairman
teacher; roll honor Elsie Appleton, Pearl Otto, Alice Hillis, Ida Appleton, Leola Rice, Orville
Rice, Wesley Appleton, Roy Appleton, Ella Rice.

Steam Feather Renovator coming to Coquille.   /
Rev Horsfall, from bay, t Wednesday.    /
Mrs. Chas. Lavine, of Beaver Hill, was in town Wednesday shopping.   +  [cp]

Thos Heaton and Wife, outing.     /
Martin Alexson, new building on Front street about completed.


Coq B 527 August 14, 1903                           
Chas Lorenz and wife, Bandon, b.     /
Ethan McDuffee and family, home last Saturday after 2 years in California.  /
Burgess Colvin, Humboldt, visit parents, b.

Wanted – At Bandon Woolen Mills, Bandon, Oregon, girls to learn weaving.  Can make $50
to $60 per month after thoroughly learned.   +   [M 2004.  I thought woolen mills were out of
Bandon by this date.]

Homer Sheppard, McKinley, t,  b.   /
Chas Adams and wife, Myrtle Point, t.    

 J. J. Stanley family outing.   /   Gertrude Johnson, home from outing.  
Riverton boy, accident, Dr. Russell Coquille.   /
Dr. Culin, local agent Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co.

Water melons and Mush [print] melons at Roses’.      /
Virgie Woodford, back to Medford.     /
M/M. Frank Snow, McKinley, t.     /
 Hank Martindale, accident, amputation.

Elegant line white goods just in Pierce’s.  Linens, Organdies, Nainsooks, Piques, Marsaillos,
English Long cloth, Curtain Swiss, Persian Lawns.

Social gathering, McKinley schoolhouse, August 29; basket social; school fixtures. 

Bob Eager, from San Francisco, to play ball.  b.   /
  Clyde Collier, accident with fork; Dr. Russell called.

W.H. Mansell, General Drayman.  Sole agent for Riverton and Peart’s Coal; leave orders at
Little’s Stable.

Roseburg-Myrtle Point Stage Line leaves Myrtle Point 6 am Roseburg 6 am arrives daily
Roseburg 8 pm Myrtle Point 8 pm.  B fenton, prop, Myrtle Point; phone Roseburg Main 246. 
Myrtle Point Main 27.

Blanco Hotel, Marshfield, Hillis Short, Prop.

Myrtle Point, Coquille 2nd teams at Coquille Sunday morning 10 o’clock August 16.  Play for
purse $50.  Admission 10 and 15 cents.

[W. S. Holcomb wrote lengthy obituary about Almina Hoag; her family Quakers, her religion;
Evangelized Indians of Michigan; attitude and thought at turn of century.  ]

May Wickham, Dell Fox, Bulletin, b.   /
Geo. Russell.  M.D.  Physician & Surgeon.  Office in Martin Building   All Calls Promptly
answered Day or Night.

Ball game, very exciting, Matrons and Maids.  Mrs. Wyatt and Nellie Fairman; Mrs. Tupper
and Eva Schroeder.  Mrs. Gage and Florence Atkinson.  Mrs. Thompson and Grace Skeels. 
Mrs. Hite and Minnie Nosler.  Mrs. Slagle and Edna Lorenz.  Mrs. Leneve and Ollie Ray. 
Mrs. Boyd and Dolly Skeels.  Mrs Linegar and Susie Tuttle.  Charley Baxter, umpire.

Heppner since its disastrous flood.  /
London wants Oregon apples.  Outsell California apples by $1 box.  I.    /
America Cup race, Reliance wins.

GAR encampment, San Francisco.  Father Donnely, Marshfield, only catholic priest so far to
attend the National Encampment [more].

[Teacher institute, Bandon 2 pm Monday August 17, 1903.  Attendance.]
Wm Gamble              Pearl Fetter                 F.A. Pierson                  D.A. Grout
Rose Mulkey             R.F. Robison               Asa Smith                      Mrs. Bingaman
Letta Cooper            Myrtle James                Edvarda Erickson          Emily Wall
Ruth Todd                Belle Ellingsen               Fancy Getty [typed]       Inez Bunch
Myrtle Shannon        Minnie McCracken       Minnie McCloskey         Florence Robbins
Margaret Murphy     Pearl Walker                Mrs. Flo Laird                Lizzie Myers
Margaret Anderson   Lizzie Myers                Mabelle Kyle                  Lena Holcomb
Inez Lusk                  Mrs. Geo Ross           Mary Quick             Phocion Bryen [print]
Ida Rodine                Ida Gamble                 L.E. Brown                     D.P. Strang
Chas Nicholas           Florence Walstrom     Gertrude Strowenjans      B.F. Savage
Nettie King               Lena Fairman              Mabel Weekly                 Mrs. Wilber
Nellie Brown            Bertha Braden             G.P. Harrington               Chas Rodine
Anna Britton             L.R. Edmunds             W.H. Bunch                    J.C. Logan
May Boyrie             Anna Waldvogel          Susie Tuttle             Agnes Gulorson [typed]
Chas Flynn              Nellie Kerrigan            Lena Logan                      Mollie Caldwell
Hattie Wells             Nellie Dement             Mildred Wilson                 Effie Collier
Mabel Lawhorn        Florence Carter         Grace Bridges                   Kathleen Stekel
Rosa Gibbs              Dora Escott                Bertha Prey                      Winnie Hall
G.F. Dillion              J.H. Barklow              Mary Black                      Anna Logan

[List also of activities of the teacher’s institute.]

Coq B 528 August 28, 1903                           
Go to the Eclipse for flour and seed or anything you wish to eat.   +  /
Ed Roberts, MPE, t.      /          
G.W. White auction sale August 29, general household.  [M. Doesn’t say whether his or

Clyde Gage, b.    /      Earl Steel, Thomas Heaton, b.     /    John S. Lawrence, b.  /   Fred
Linegar, b.    /     Jake and John Fouts, Allen Collier, b.        /     Stewart Lyons, b. 

Bert Johnston, ball player, left for home Portland.

Those F. P. military forms at Mrs. Balch’s.    /     Beads, chains, ropes Mrs. Nosler’s.

Olympic, best flour in Coos county, Ray’s store.    /
  The Eclipse, dry goods, boots and shoes, groceries, rubber boots and umbrellas.  R.B. Ray.    
 Meats, sausage, P. E. Drane, Front Street, Coquille.

A. G. Aiken, Marshfield, t, mining.      /
Bud Holland, wife, May Wickham, outing.   /

Geo Topping, Bandon, b.            /
 M.M. Fred Slagle, Miss Edna Lorenz, Jack Lamb, b.

Christian church, revival coming.

J. W. Cook’s moving picture show entertained crowded houses at this place Monday and
Tuesday evenings of this week.   This is a show of more than usual merit.  The pictures are up
to date and his apparatus of the latest patterns.  His illustrated songs, as sung by Bert
Richmond who also played the piano accompaniment was one of the special and pleasing
features.  This was not Mr. Cook’s first time here and is safe to say that those who saw him
hope it will not be his last time.  +

Presbytery of Southern Oregon, to meet Marshfield Aug 27, 3 day. [More].

(The Sun).  Colonel R.H. Rosa, enterprising mill man, Bandon, bi. [Czarina brought pipe for
Marshfield water Co, mains laying to North Bend.]

Little Vernal Forty, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Forty, of this place, is probably entitled to the
honor of being the youngest and smallest deer hunter in the county, if not in the state.  Last
week he went out hunting alone, with a Winchester rifle and killed a large deer, although he is
but seven years old, and but little larger than a pound of soap.  –Port Orford Tribune.

Woman in Eugene healed of blindness in one eye by prayer from Lord, as she lay on
operating table to have the "useless member" removed by surgery.

First national Bank of Coquille, Oregon Board of Directors R. C. Dement, A.  J. Sherwood, L.
Harlocker, L. H. Hazard, Isaiah Hacker, R. E. Shine. [Got their authority to commence
business of banking on June 23, 1903.]

Captain Burns, Copper Queen, gas schnr washed ashore, likely will be saved.   

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