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Coq B 529  Sept 4, 1903

Largest fir tree in the world, in Oregon, wood fm is to be used to build Oregon St Building at
World's Fair. St. Louis.  [lengthy]

A schnr built at NB launched Sat.

The railroad surveyors report a grade of only 2 tenths of 1 percent between Elkton and Drain. 
They are working at Scottsburg now. – Gazettte.   +  [cp]

Probably by middle of month SP will be burning coal on its passenger engines out of
Roseburg.  Coal been used by SP as far north as Ashland for some time; but this being
replaced by oil as fast as engines can be adapted.  Be some time before oil burning engines
out of Roseburg as requires considerable time to construct tanks and procure necessary
engines.  (Roseburg Review) nq.   [cp]

E.C. Howard, editor and manager, is quitting Bulletin. [M. After gap in paper, Howard is
again listed alone rather
than the other fellow with him].  Now Stanley is to take over again.   [M. was Holland,

Coq B 530-36  September 4, 1903   
Chas Bunnell married Jessie Hancock, Holcomb officiating.  Virgil Hixson and Martha
Snead, Judge Harlocker officiating.  Joseph A. McCord and Minnie Morrise, Bandon, A.D.
Morse J.P., officiating.

Gravelford [this time one word] Academy to open October 5, cont. 8 mo.  Professor F. S.
Bunch and Miss Myra Camp.  Industrial features, sewing, darning, mending taught; healthful
cooking, practical dressmaking, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, to train students to be
self reliant and beneficial. [Slightly more to article].  nq at all.

Captain Otto Kerouse caught largest salmon to date of this season; 49 ½ pound Royal
Chinook.    /
Coos River salmon hatchery, b.

     San Francisco, August 31.  – If George Gould carries out his plans within a short time he
will have reached the Pacific coast with a railroad in two places, one in California and the
other in Oregon.
     While the two roads may separate corporation identities, the management will be
something like that of the Union Pacific and Oregon Short Line.
     By the same interest the Western Pacific is to connect Gould’s system at Salt Lake with
San Francisco, while the Coos Bay road is to form a link between Salt Lake and the
northwestern coast.
     It is the intention to build up the port of Coos Bay, which will bid against Portland and
Seattle for the great and growing trade between the Pacific northwest and Siberia, China,
Corea [print] and Japan.
     The construction of the Siberian railroad has given an immense impetus to the trade of the
northwestern ports and Gould, backed by Rockefeller, is determined to have a share of it.
     The Coos Bay road has not been surveyed, but as projected in a general way it runs from
Coos Bay, 100 miles north of California line, southwest through the rich timber and
agricultural districts of Southern Oregon, across northern Nevada and Utah into Salt Lake.  +  
[M note, end of article in print; no signature; if needed, see if Coast Mail finishes.]    [cp]

    Hon. Binger Hermann, representative in congress form the first district of Oregon, has been
spending a couple of days on the Siuslaw informing himself of the needs of this section of the
state, its resources and development.  He came in by way of Eugene, arriving at Mapleton
Wednesday noon.  Here he was met by a delegation of citizens from Florence and Acme and
conveyed to the latter town.
     Thursday morning he took a trip around the town, visiting mills and other places of
interest, then boarded the steamer for Florence.  Here he received a hearty welcome by the
citizens, during the afternoon took a trip to the jetty on the steamer Lillian, accompanied by
several of the business men of Florence and Acme.
     After spending some time looking over the work already done, considering the plans for
the jetties as drawn by the engineers, and acquainting himself with what is needed to improve
the bar, the party returned to town.
     Mr. Hermann expressed himself as greatly pleased at the improvement made on the river
since his last visit thirteen years ago.  He remained here over night and left early this morning
on Barrett’s stage.  – Florence West.  +

Wm. Martin and wife to leave soon to visit Germany.       /
Good brick store building Myrtle Point to rent on 3-5 year lease.

Mrs. D. F. Dean, b.   /     J. S. Lawrence, b.    /
Archie Strahon, school, b.     /
Christian church, evangelists Holmes and Handsaker.        /
 M/.M. Aaron, Wilson, Bridge, t.   

 Walter Sinclair moved office to Martin building, rooms next to J. J. Stanley real estate office;
Dr. Culin to have rooms vacant by Sinclair nq.

Coq B  b537-9   Sept 4,1903
Ernest Beekman, working at case Bulletin office.   /
Dr. Russell,  b.    /
exhibition game between Marshfield and NB, won by Marshfield I2-0.

Coq B b537-9 Sept 4, 1903  Schnr Volante arr our dock Tue, 2 wk out fm Seattle; brings pipe
for waterworks. [red ck mark]  

M/M J P Goodman,  Mrs. Upton  b.

Coq B Sept 4, 1903 (b537-9) The Beaver Hill bunkers are nearly full, and the Czarina will not
be able to take nearly all the coal this trip. Another steamer will be necessary in the near
future as the output of the Beaver Hill mine is constantly increasing.  +   [cp]

Coq B b537-9  Sept 4, 1903  work force working county rd  thru Cunningham bottom.    /
Ladies black silk waists.   [M doesn't say which store]    /
Gene Robinson, home.for 2 wk, then to Humboldt.

Coq B Sept 4, 1903 (b 537-9)   On account of the trees across the track a sort ways below
town the train was delayed several hours last Monday. +    [cp]

Coq B b537-9 Sept 4, 1903     Rube Mast is moving into his property at the west end of the T
bridge having recently purchased the old McGaffey  place. +   

Coq B b537-9 Sept 4, 1903 Arthur Ellingson, store, b        /
Franz Thompson, Curry dairyman, former occupant Figg place above town,  t.       /
special exhibition game Bandon - Marshfield, Bandon 4 -0.

Coq B b537-9  Sept 4, 1903  Geo T Moulton, agent old reliable Pacific Nursery Co, Tangent,
.b.   /
F A White, shoe shop, sold to R S Knowlton and left for Newberg. b.  [more]   /
b i on steam feather renovator.

Coq B b537-9   Sept 4, 1903    E H Anderson, new principal Coq schools,  b.     /
Fire in Buckley's old logging camp; camp not now running.   

Coq B b537-9 Sept 4, 1903    J L Kronenburg, Mrs. W M Poley, b.              /
M/M Anderson Lamb return, will make Coq home.

Coq B b537-9  Sept 4, 1903  Johnnie Curren, MP Hotel,  i.   [M note, article said there would
be sequel, hinting at marriage, but there was none in later paper; there was a gap there, so
maybe it was printed but not now avail]

Coq B b537-9 Sept 4, 1903 letter to Hon. Binger Hermann fm F A Linegar, P M, L Harlocker
Co Judge, J B Dulley  Co Treasurer.  Stephen Gallier Sheriff, R H Mast, Deputy Clerk,  D F
Dean ed Herald, Geo. T. Moulton, Agent CBRE railroad and many businessmen asking for
better mail service from Roseburg.   [part cp]

Coq B b  537-9  Sept 4, 1903  death John Flanagan, bro of Patrick, [lengthy].  Flanagan was
once collector of customs at Empire.  While co. seat at Empire, the safe was robbed during his
incumbency as co. treasurer;  Mr. Flanagen [as typed] made the loss good out of his own
pocket. nq   [all item fm Coast Mail]

Sept 18

Coq B B537-9 Sept  18,1903
Oregon an Eden; She has the Whole World for her Market.  Fm the Chicago Packer; discusses
fruits, shipping, dairy, hops, crop, shipping experiment, etc.

Coq B b537-9  Sept 18, 1903   New River Steamer Dispatch first run to Bandon Mon
afternoon; Capt. Panter’s new boat Liberty first regular run Saturday Bandon.  [good descr. of
boats, runs, traffic on river.]   [red check mark]

Coq B Sept 18, 1903   (b 537-9)
[woes of Great Central Land co and Belt Line RR; Coos]
circuit court proceedings. F W Wegner, Treas of the Pool Company vs Great Central Land
Co, action at law; default and judgment for plaintiff and order sale of attached property.   C H
Merchant vs Great Central Land Co, suit in equity, default and decree for plaintiff. D W
Small, vs Belt Line Railway, action at law, settled and dismissed.   [cp]

Coq B b537-9  Sept  18, 1903  Work to begin soon on Coos Bay wagon rd; Co
Commissioners Dement and McIntosh.

Coq B 540  September 18, 1903                           

Mrs. Balch, b.        /
 L.H. Pearce, opened up harness shop in Myrtle Point near Guerin Hotel.  

G.W. White family leaving, b.        /
Chas Fox, visiting relatives.     /
Joseph Gilbert, well known pioneer, Empire, t. 

John Gammill, of Beaver Hill, was trading in town Monday. +   [cp]         /
Pat Hennessy, superintendent of the Libby coal mines, was a Coquille visitor Monday.

Ed Rackleff, b.     /       S.W. Upton, b.      /   Jacob Croy, G.W. Pembroke, b. .      /  J. H. Cecil
and wife, Thos Heaton, b.     

J. P. Goodman, Ed Jacobson, Wes Nosler, Bert Seal, hunting trip Curry.    /
Isaac Chandler log camp.

M.M. Anderson Lamb, b.     /    J. E. Hawkins, Langlois, daughter Mrs. T.J. Thrift, b.   /
E. C. Roberts, MPE, Chet Huling, Ross Deyoe  t attending court.

Eugene Robinson, b.  /
Coquille Valley Packing Co rented building now occupied by C. M. Skeels, b.   /
 J. J. Lamb, daughter Irene, school, b.i.

The case of D. W. Small against the Great Central Land Co was tried in the law department of
the county court last Saturday before Judge Harlocker.  This was a lively little case, and
considerable warmth was shown by some of the parties.  The court took the matter under
advisement and on Monday morning rendered a decision for the defendant.  This was an
action appealed from the justice’s court and was brought to recover the price of some horses
hired to the company.  +  [cp?]

Judge Nosler and wife, will spend year in California.   /
Public school enrollment 96 males, 116 females, Professor Anderson, bi.

A.H. Gauntlett, Lizzie Caughell, b.         /    Will Oddy, J.A. Seed, bi.    /
M/M W. S. Perry and family to reside in Canada for daughter health bi.   /
Will Wright, Henry Cooper, Photographer Owings, b.

Hon. Binger Hermann was looking over our river last week, going out over the bar at the
mouth of the river for the purpose of inspecting the jetty from the outside.  Mr. Hermann
visited our town on Friday, and the Bulletin acknowledges a very pleasant call and a friendly
chat.  +

Musical and literary treat to benefit Presbyterian church.   /
Miss Winnie Taylor, sister Dr. Culin, bi.   /
Cal Slagle; Ethel Johnson, bi.

County commissioners, new scraper, improved bi.   /
Mrs. Emma Lyons and Josie, extended visit Canada [may not come back by implication.] bi.

Sam Norton, b.   /
Case of  J. B. Davis against Noble Bros; jurors, [among others], E. F. Davenport.  C.E.
Huling, Thos Devereux, J. H.
Matheny, Chas Kronholm, Geo Ferry, Wm. Albee.

Oregonian says will be great shortage of salmon on Pacific coast this year.    /
M/M M. W. Miller, former residents; Mrs. M. McDonald, Mrs. J. T. Nosler, bi.

For rent, large commodious business house in Coquille at $12 a month  J. J. Stanley.   /
P. E. Drane, Olympic Flour      /
Furniture and Carpets, Arthur Ellingsen.     /
County court proceedings, bills paid J.S. Kanematz cotton mops 45 c.


OCT 2 -  OCT 30, 1903 

Coq B Oct 2, 1903. (b 541) Coast Mail.   F. S. Samuels, secretary of the Beaver Hill Coal Co.,
has been on the Bay this week, looking over the company’s property here. +  [cp]

Coq B Oct 2, 1903. (b541) The Sun.  The Beaver Hill Coal Company will shortly make a
large shipment of coal to Eureka.  Coos Bay coal is finding a good market in Eureka, and a
larger trade is bound to build up. +   [cp]

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903  Mr. Thomas, called "Kentuck," brief.     / 
 Marshfield Iron Works new equip b

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903 
Bandon Recorder. Miss Ina Blackerby, Bandon, school, b.   /   J M Perkius and wife, b.  /  
Public school started last Mon, 143 scholars; Mrs. E M Sackett, principal, Milton Edwards,
asst, Miss Pearl Walker primary room,  J C Logan, to have had intermediate, concluded
otherwise.  Miss Wakeman, Dairyville, to fill vacancy nq

Coq B b541  Oct 2, 1903
Gravel Ford Academy Items. Mon Oct 5 [sch begins, descr of courses, studying, well being,
other.]  [lengthy]

Coq B b541    Oct 2, 1903    [2 col on good roads.]   

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903  CBNews. Alliance to reach Port Blakely Tue. The Prentiss on her

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903
C B News.    A, W. Neil is driving piles for the bunker, to be built at the Crescent mine for P.
E. C. Burke. Peter Peterson, of Haynes slough, will have charge of the building of the bunker,
and the work of construction will be pushed as rapidly as possible.  +

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903
NB Citizen.  Rev. A M Mulkey, Coq, will have charge of the academy at tt place and begin
Oct 5.  [at Coq]

Coq B b541  Oct 2, 1903. 
N B Citizen.  George Laird, of Marshfield, was a North Bend visitor Sunday.  Mr. Laird has
held a position on the Coos Bay railroad for some months and is considered a trustworthy
employee.  +  [cp]

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903     Wm Lewis, Prosper,  Si Boak, Parkersburq,  t.   [red dot]

Coq B b541  Oct 2, 1903  Ed Gallier and 2 his children down with mumps.  +  [all tt in print]

Coq B b541  Oct 2, 1903  W. W. Hayes, ex co treasurer, t.       / 
Wm Kay, logging camp below town,  t.    /
Dr. J. C. Snook at Bandon Mon Oct 5 for abt 2 wk.

Coq B b541  Oct 2, 1903  Amisilk, the best lining,  Pierce's.    /
Geo Goodman to Parkersburg to take position broom handle mill.     [red dot]    

W P Cecil, sub in lifesaving station Bandon, t.      /    Chico in river.   [red check mark]

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903. Mrs. W. H. Moore, Coaledo, t   [cp]

Coq B b541 Oct 2, 1903  M/M Wm Gallier, Bandon, t.     / 
 J  J Lamb, b.

Coq B b541  Oct 2, 1903  R B Henry, genial clerk MP hotel, t.     /  
rthur Ellingson, moving to Lyons res. for winter.    / 
 Max and Tom Tennison, b.   /
 M/M Nels Pederson, Prosper

Coq B b541  oct 2, 1903    Presbyterian entertainment success  b.     /

 Born Sun Sept 27, near Norway, to M/M C H Butler, Jr. son.        Sun Sept 27, son to MM
Robt Martindale.       /     C A Ingalls , editor N B Citizen, b,  t.       

Mrs. Sugg paid our city a business visit Wednesday returning Thursday.   +     /
Mrs. Moon's store is now opp Hotel Coq.

Coq B 542  Oct 2, 1903.

Marshfield Iron Works.

Fm Coast Mail.  MM H Lockhart, John Coke, drive to Gold Beach. /      J T McCormac     /     
. MM Tuttle moved Thur fm S. Marshfield to new house on hill RR addition.

Bridge.  Dave Carey and crew moved donkey engine which recently purchased from G W
Clinton, to his camp on S. Fork.  /  Prof C H Nosler moved to MP Sat, will have charge
school there this winter;  Mrs Nosler visiting relatives Aurora, will join there upon return.  /     
Coq B creamery to start up early in spring

 Mrs E M Sackett,  principal Bandon

News reached here last Monday of the accidental shooting and wounding of Lex Cope, son of
W. V. Cope, of Floras Creek. It seems that Lex and a couple of companions were out on the
marsh hunting ducks, and that in some manner, in crawling under some brush or through a
thicket, the gun carried by young Thompson, one of the trio, was discharged in some manner,
the load of shot taking effect in the forward part of young Cope's right leg, just below the
knee.  Dr. Green, of Dairyville, was called to attend the wounded boy, and he in turn called
Dr. Kime of this place to assist him.  Both bones were shattered and the leg so badly torn that
it was found necessary to amputate it just above the knee, and the patient is doing as well as
could be expected under the circumstances.  (Bandon Recorder)

Coq B 542 Oct 2, 1902  Salmon pack light.  [lengthy article]   [also has been moved to CZ 

MM J T Nosler and Mrs M McDonald and children of this place had gone to Sodaville to
attend wedding anniv of  MM Miller, parents of Mrs. Nosler and Mrs. McDonald, who are
well known here.  [M. parents, or children well known?]  these people returned on Friday and
report a most enjoyable time.  [M. it quotes Oregon Daily Journal all abt the party for W M
Miller.]  ...MM Miller crossed the plains to Oregon 1862, and for last 40 years made home
Linn Co.

Dynamite fiends are threatening the Northern Pacific Railroad in Montana and demand
$50,000 and the release of two suspects who are now in jail.  +

Marshall McLeod  [CB News]

Coq B 542 Oct 2, 1902
N B Citizen.  C. M. Byler and family returned to town Friday after a two weeks' outing on
Ten-Mile Lake.  Just drop in and listen to some of C. M.'s bear and fish stories.  +  [ has also
been moved to CZ animal-related]

NB C.   We expected to see Herman Toelle [print][ wearing a most solem-cholly look when
he landed from the Alliance after she had struck on the bar.  But instead he was smiling all
over.  And now it's plain as A.B.C., for when the boat struck the passengers were at dinner,
and a very pretty young lady, who was seated next to him, threw her arms around his neck
and -- well, Herman has a little story of his own, too.  +

Coq B 542 Oct 2, 1902  A balloon voyage has been made from Paris to Hull, Distance 360
mi.   [ct]  [has also been moved to CZ  airship]

Levi and Grant Bunch, sons of  C. H. Bunch, of Rink creek, left for Roseburg last Sunday on
their bicycles.  They are on their way to Walla Walla, to enter the college of that name and
place.  They had taken passage on the steamer Alliance last week, but when she became
disabled and went on the beach they returned home and made a fresh start on their bicycles.  

Stmr Alliance  mishap on submerged jetty;  pulled off and sent to Puget Sound for repairs.
[M. 2005; I don't know if this is part of article above, or separate.  ]  [lengthy]

Coq B 543-50
Oct 2, 1903  J A Jacobson returned fm SF on last Chico where had been to lay in lg stock of
furniture for Arthur Ellingsen. Returned in vy bad state health; thinks was poisoned by meat
ate in SF, several others who ate same were in  trouble.  Jacobson’s sea voyage made him
much worse, on arr here could not walk home but had to be taken in carriage.

Coq B  Oct 2, 1903    S.W. [as  typed ] Upton’s horses, while in pasture this week, attempted
to walk a foot log across a gulch which was between them and the barn. They both slipped off
the log, one falling on one side and one on the other of the log and both falling in such a
manner that they could not get out. When Mr. Upton found and  released turn them he
discovered that one had fallen on a snag which pierced his abdomen. The wound was dressed
but the horse lived about 24 hours. This is quite a loss to the owner and more keenly felt from
the fact of his just having arrived here.  +

Coq B b 551  Oct 2, 1903

Thos Heaton, b.              J. W Strong, b.           Irene Lamb, b.    V. R. Wilson, b.   /
 Miss Virgie Gage, Miss Minnie Nosler, b.

Geo Leach moving from Martin building into residence street opposite, vacated by Arthur

Umbrella shawls, baby hoods, sacques at Strang’s.     /    Men’s furnishing goods, underwear,
N. Lorenz.  /
Coquille Valley Packing Co, C.M. Skeels vacant building b.

W. E. Craine, logging camp below town, t.   /  
 C. M. Skeels now in Sanderson building; additional purchases from M. A. Pierce.  Prize for
every $7 purchase. 

A. J. Sherwood, wife and baby, home from outing.  Misses Clare, Emma and Gretchen kept
"batch" at home. b.

J. H. Cecil and H. T. Schweers went to Whiskey Run Thursday for a few days’ hunting.  They
expect to return with 16 grizzlies and a few dozen buffaloes and have promised the Bulletin a
big swag out of their haul.

Assessor T. J. Thrift and his deputy, J. S. Lawrence, went to Curry county last week for a
business and pleasure trip.  They report a desperate encounter with a 24 point buck that met
them in a narrow lane and tried to bite them.  Neither of them was armed and their escape was
indeed miraculous.  +

T. W. Clark, Bandon Woolen mills, new machinery at North Bend, move.  b.i.  /
V. N. Perry, b.           / 
 Levi and Grant Bunch, sons C. H. Bunch Rink Creek, school, bi.

Our water works system is progressing nicely.  The sand and gravel for the cement is nearly
all on the grounds and the trenches for the drain tile, the outflow and the clean out pipes are
nearly all cut.  A. C. Lukens has the contract for building the sandbox at the intake and it goes
without saying that this part of the work will be done to perfection. +

Breakdown Johnson’s mill; behind in orders.  P F & L Co being idle, Mr. Johnson has leased
PF & L for few days till repairs made. [More about Johnson character].        /
Emma Lyons, Josie Lyons; Stewart Lyons interests in PF & L mill.

Pierce’s store, formerly occupied by Mrs. Moons, bi.

Council proceedings.  W. W. Gage refund rent on Barrow place, which sold.  Bids for
purchase of bonds on waterworks.

Cunningham school, picnic, Dick Donovan’s grove, bi.  [Miss Price?  ]  /
Choral Union [singing group] to organize; M. A. Pierce, Mesdames Dr. Culin and L.H.
Hazard to recommend director for group.   /
Rubber boots, Lorenz.  / 
 Strictly dry goods house, Satisfactory Store, M. A. Pierce.

October 9, 1903

Semi-annual report of county clerk Coos county; total amount claims allowed and drawn
$32,220. [Also, outstanding warrants unpaid  $73,117.]

Coq B b551 Oct 9, 1903
Coast Mail.  Ernest Folsom amputation foot, Dr. Horsfall operation, asst. Dr. Mingus and
Miss Perch; while young man working at Minard & Folsom mill, 3 mi below Dora, last
Monday he was flipping a heavy cant when his foot slipped, and the bottom of it came in
contact w/circular saw, gutting gash into bones near the toe.  Taken to MP where physicians
endeavored save foot, gangrene set in.  Foot taken off back of instep, leaving heel intact; if
heals w/o trouble won't be badly crippled.   [cp]   [M another note said he is brother of Bert

From the Sun.  Elijah Smith, president of the Southern Oregon Company, is on his way to the
coast and is expected here some time in the fall.  We are pleased to note that he is in the best
of health.  +  [cp]

Coq B 552-5  October 9, 1903 

Born to M/M Noah Leneve, the painter and paper hanger, son.    /
  J. W. Leneve, improvements b.           /
W. H. Bunch, t, b.

Miss Flora Quick, expects to leave Wednesday for Monmouth to spend the winter with her
sister, who is attending school there. +

ME church S. serenade new minister R.A. Reagan, and reception, Wednesday night.  nq.

Wm. Norton, Riverton b, t.    / 
E. E. Johnson, master Mason.    

Wm. Croy, Geo Collier farm, M/M Collier to California.        / 
 Joe Bledsoe and wife, b.    /     Wm Meeker, b.

There is a story going the rounds about a thrilling adventure of two of our school ma’ams and
an X ray machine, but we’ll be good this time and not put it in print.  +

Heavy winds on the lower river last week deprived Skipper Willard of the hirsute [print]
appendage on his upper lip.  Otherwise the ship was not damaged.  +

P F & L Co under attachment for logs furnished, but hope to have matters straightened out
and running in good shape in day or so.   nq.

E.M. Kay, Riverton, t; basket social Sunny side school   /
First National bank having interior building remodeled b removal partition; L. H. Morgan
doing work. 

Mrs. Handsaker, and Rev;  res. on T. Bridge.  b.

Wm. Nefzger to Myrtle Point tend bar for John Curren b.    / 
Chester Ingall, North Bend Citizen (paper) t.   

J. W. Leneve, assistant cashier First National Bank, b.      /
 Miss Florence Rosa, efficient assistant county clerk office, b.   

Frank Collier and wife, M/M Ethan Wimer, b.   / 
Captain McCloskey, "accident" b.

Coquille now 2 voting precincts, East and West Coquille [both for voting and for roads].   /

G.W. White and others granted authority conduct a national bank K. Falls. b.   /
Mrs. D. Morgan, Fishtrap, Ira Arneson new farm machinery labor saver, b.

Dr. Culin attend Mr. Kinnicutt, T. J. Little took him, climate, Brewster valley b.   /
W. T. Burton, store,  former Mrs. Sugg’s millinery; Leneve & McDuffeee doing work.  b.i.

J. H. Cecil and Harvey Schweers returned last Sunday from their big bear hunt on Whiskey
Run.  They got only fifteen grizzlies instead of sixteen, as we stated in last issue they intended
to get.  The close season is on for buffalo, so they restrained from violating the law, in
consequence of which our larder is short for the winter.  +

[Article about disappearance of  C. L. Moon, i.]  /
Co Judge Harlocker, ex officio health officer.  Gives health stat, deaths.  /
Presbyterian church services.

Dr. Russell has just purchased Fred Von Pegert’s gasoline launch, and has so far mastered the
mysteries of navigation as to be able to pass other craft on the river by rowing ashore and
holding her nose "agin the bank."  This is a pretty as well as speedy little craft, and the doctor
is prepared to reach his friends up and down the river any hour of the day or night without
having to wait for the steamboats.  +

Coquille Valley Packing Co have moved market to Front Street in building formerly Wm.
Rich and C. M. Skeels; i. 

For sale, good driving horse, weight about 1150, inquire this office nq.

A choral union formed at Presbyterian church last Friday; officers; Rev. Haberly, Prof
Anderson; Florence Atkinson; Mrs. Frank Morse; Prof Anderson; Rev. J. J. Hunsaker; Mrs.
Dr. Culin (pianist); also Mrs. L.H. Hazard, and Mrs. M. A. Pierce.[More].

John B. Anderson began attachment proceedings against Coos Bay Mill & Lumber Co., other
attachments, hoped will come out all right.

CoqB  b556  Oct 9, 1903
Bandon Recorder.  John K Scott, charge of Tupper House 3 wk during R E L Bedelion
absence; left for MP where work in sawmill;  J T Mars will look after hotel till proprietor
returns.  /     Miss Pearl McCormick married Axel Erickson.  F.D. band paid visit [to couple]
Mon night and discoursed [print] some chioce music to start them handsomely on life's

Bandon Recorder.  W. H. Button, superintendent of the Bandon Oil Co., was in town last
week, having business which called him here.  A reporter approached him and learned that
work was progressing nicely at the well, but that there is a scarcity of water on account of the
dry weather, which makes it necessary to shut down occasionally to let the supply
accumulate.  The well is now about 300 feet deep, and the indications are all that could be
expected.  For the last hundred feet the drill has been in shale rock.  +  [cp]

Coq B 556  October 9, 1903                           
Mr. James Yoakam and Miss Annie Cottell are to be married at the bride's residence at
Flagstaff, Oregon, October 18, by C. A. Richards.  Everybody invited.  +

Co court.  E Mingus, coroner's fee.  [should be cp]            Curcuit court, jurors [among
others]:  E G Flanagan, Thos Coke, [Fred D Kruse]. kHiram King (Witness).    Juror: J B
Davis, Edw Fahy Sr, E E Huling, E F Davenport, Geo Ferry, L Heisner, Geo Hermann; 
witnesses before D A.  John Rudberg, W B Beebe [cp], Chas McCulloch, Mrs. F. Rudberg,
Dr. E Mingus. (coroner's inquest and other?) [cp]

Court expense.  McAdams and Farmer, blacksmithing.  John McAdams, Ed McAdams.

Coq B 556  Oct 9, 1903
     Frank Kinnicutt, an old and well known resident of Coos, who has been living at the
Halfway House on the Coos Bay wagon road with his family, committed suicide yesterday
/Monday/ [as in print] by shooting himself in the head.
     The deed was committed about 11 A. M.  It seems that Kinnicutt had been drinking
heavily the night before, and had not entirely recovered.  His daughter left him sitting in the
front room reading a paper.  A few moments later a pistol shot was heard, and he was found
lying on the floor unconscious, with a bullet hole just above his temple. The position of the
body suggested that he stood in front of the mirror to place the pistol at his head.
     The telegraph line was at once utilized to call a physician, but the man died about 3:30 P.
M., without recovering consciousness.
     Kinnicutt has been in Coos for thirty years or more.  He was a school teacher, and had
taught in different schools nearly all over the county, also in Douglas.  He had been living in
Brewster valley since March 1902.  He leaves a family consisting of a wife and two married
daughters, two grown daughters and a son at home, besides two little girls and a boy.  --Coast
Mail.   +

Coq B 556  Oct 9,1903  Dr. Culin was called by phone to the Halfway House Tuesday to
attend Mr. Kinnicutt.  T.J. Little took him out in an rig, and they report much damage to the
roads by the recent rains, and in the Brewster valley the water was so deep that it ran into the
buggy-bed.    +   [M. note.  This is inland, not the Halfway House on rd to CB.]

Coq B 556 Oct 9, 1902  J A Jacobson rapidly recovering fm illness.

CoqB b557 Oct 9, 1903

From the Sun.  F. S. Samuels, representative of the J. D. Spreckels Bros. County of San
Francisco, left overland Wednesday evening on his return home after a week’s time spent
looking over his company’s interests.  +  [cp]

P. Robinson large stock of corn, Coos county exhibit.  From Sun.

(Sun).  Agitation to close all stores at 6 o’clock.    /     Siuslaw tug L. Roscoe called for coal
on trip n from San Francisco.

(Sun).  Commencing October 1st, Manager Chandler has given instructions to run a daily
passenger train to Myrtle Point.  A regular time schedule has not been made up, but the train
Thursday left at 8 o’clock on the old tri-weekly run, and it is thought this time will be
adopted.  The increase in train service will be hailed with delight by the traveling public, and
it is hoped that this step will prove profitable to the railroad company.  +  [cp]

Walter F. Riley sold to John Sutton, son of former owner, P. Orford Tribune.

Feed and Sale Stable, Hall Street, Coquille.  Leep & Mulkey, props.  General draying and
transfer work; stove wood delivered promptly.  Phone 108.  Leave orders at Leep’s Harness
Shop.  nq.

R. D. Hume [in news.  He offended someone.]    /
More on Dave Carey.  disappearance of C. L. Moon, Captain Leneve thinks he saw him on
Thursday morning, possible rumors.   [2 items, or 1?]

Born Ophir to Hardy Stewart, daughter.  She former Miss Eva Hall, a teacher of our school,
daughter  M.J. W. Hall, Johnson’s mill.    /
City council.  Bert Wells appointed watchman.  Lists council members.

(CB News).  The Crescent mine is shipping 1608 sacks of coal to Eureka on this Alliance.  It
is consigned to J. D. Morgan and John Heron, who have formed a partnership and will open a
coal yard in Eureka.  +

(CB News).  Work has been commenced on the new store building at Beaver Hill, which will
be finished as soon as possible.  A force of carpenters has [print] also been secured to begin
work on the new buildings at the Marshfield depot, and other improvements in connection
with the railroad and mine will be commenced by Manager Chandler in the near future.  + 

Captain Pendergast, Flyer, reports worst storm he’d seen, but Marshfield hardly noticed.   /
Miss Latourette, who takes Miss Coffee’s place as teacher music Coos County Academy   i.

County court proceedings.  Bills, payments, road district laborers.  J. A. Davenport place, road
near McQuigg place, condition.  Other on road districts.

M. J. Krantz, Dora, t.       /   Bert Kelley, Josh Leach, b.    /
 Myrtle Point grange and fair held yesterday and today.

James Mast, bookkeeper, Prosper Mill co, t.    

 Mrs. B. F. Tupper, b.    /     R. E Dickson, Myrtle Point, t.   /     W. H. Schroeder, Arago
merchant, t.    /
J. H. Nasburg, b.              /   Ed Hussey, b.

J. H. Roberts, the Myrtle Point merchant, made a trip to Beaver Hill on Thursday of last week. 
+  [cp]

Chas Heller and L .A. Lawhorn, final proofs on homesteads.   /
Joe Hudson and wife, b.    /             J.A. Jacobson, b.    /         W.L. Mast, b.   

Jack Tawse, of the Riverton coal mines [rest of article unimportant.]

Our band is making rapid progress. They gave a street concert last Sunday afternoon which
was greatly appreciated by all.  +

Coq B 558-60  October 16, 1903                           

MPE   Mrs. C  H Nosler returned fm visit to Aurora , Marion County.   /    Mrs K A Leep, ill.   
/   W C Guerin, employee of U.S. Geological Survey in Washington, b.

(MPE) Ed. VanDecar who was injured by being caught between two cars some months ago
will be taken to San Francisco for treatment.  He had recovered sufficiently to be able to go
about but had a relapse.  +  [cp]

Bandon Recorder.  Wm. Gallier moved his hardware business into the new building, this
week.     /   Dr. Kime to a logging camp to attend an accident.

Bandon Recorder.  The match factory has shut down for a couple of weeks or so, until matters
get straightened out. +   / Run of salmon very large last few days, cannery busy; Friday catch
above 1400, nearly as large Saturday.  Monday the big catch for season, 4500 fish, Thursday
catch above 2000.

Bancroft Items. Fish and Dietz’ logging camp.

Work on Coquille School, attendance and progress during year.  [Full column.]

Coast Mail.  John Bear has the contract for putting Telegraph Hill ballast on Washington
Avenue from Burnett street to Graham street. [M, any chance it for Robert A. Graham?]     
[should be cp?]

(North Bend Citizen.)   The camp of surveyors who are locating a railroad down the coast are
at work on this side of Scottsburg.  Their tools and camping outfit are marked "S. P."   [should
be cp]

(North Bend Citizen.)  Mr. Schroeder, son of Judge Schroeder of Coq River, has been
employed as clerk in S L  Co store [M. does it mean S O Co?]; had charge butter and cheese
dept CB Creamery past yr.

(North Bend Citizen).  The steamer Signal arrived in the Bay from San Francisco, Thursday. 
She had a large amount of freight for North Bend.  She will load coal at the Beaver Hill
bunkers for the city.  +  [cp]

Annual conference of ME Church, held at Salem, closed October 5.  Following appointments. 
Coquille-Bandon, W H Myers; Myrtle Point W S Holcomb; Marshfield, C T McPherson.

[Lengthy article on  fertility of uplands in Coos County; mentions Wm. Albee, Arago and his
farming.   ]    /
[Article saying Coos missed opportunity by not sending exhibit to St. Louis World Fair.  ] 

Prof Anderson, on the school.   /
Coquille Academy Notes; school already double enrollment of last year.   /

Coast Mail.  Mrs. J T McCormac, daughter Grace, b.   /
D. McIntosh, accident at wharf, (Coast Mail) b.  /
Steamer Arcata to San Francisco  I S Cole, J R Butler, F S Holt and wife, F W Barker and
wife, [other].  (Coast Mail)

Band concert North Bend success, b.  /
Gov Chamberlain, favors using convict labor to build Coos Bay Wagon road, b.

Bridge; Sam Dietz, Myrtle Point carpenter, finishing Hotel de Nosler.  Clinton’s log crew;
Mose Endicott place.  Possible literary society.  C E Houser farm, Mr. Kay, lower river, b.  S
R Lushbaugh and wife, b.  First public meeting in Nosler’s hall; Rev Secrist, Dunkard church
Myrtle Point, preached.  b i      V R Wilson married Miss Winifred Taylor, of San Francisco;
jeweler; Dr. Culin related to Taylor; Perry residence [more].

Coq B 561  October 16, 1903                           
Barber bd. Inspected M. McDonald and Ralph Nosler’s shop [latter, Bandon] pronounced
former one of best for size in state   nq at all. 

W T Burton will open cigar and candy stand, quick lunch counter "Our Way". [More]. 

Dr. Hayden, Bandon, t.            A B Daly, Marshfield, t.          Wm. Campbell, Libby, t.          
Ray Golden, Marshfield, t.  Chas Bradbury and Harry Noble, t.      M/M H L Carl, Norway, t..  
/     James Whetstone, b.     

W Sinclair, b, Mining. /  
ME church service    /
Odd Fellows hall, painted; Varney & Kelly.

Tea Garden drip syrup at Strang’s. +      /    Full line appliques Mrs. Balch’s.

Mrs. Wickham went to Beaver Hill Monday to visit her son Charles and returned Wednesday. 
+  [cp]  

Wm. Brack, b.          /
David Collier, up from Parkersburg; mill; Captain Jorgenson funeral, b.  [red dot]

City Marshall Goodman, sidewalk, b.        /   M. McDonald moving house b.

Schnr Onward, white cedar for California Door Works. /
R C Dement, t, b, water works.

Hubert Fetter, Remote, t.                  W A Goodman, b.             A G Balch, b.      

 J D Clinton, Norway, t, purchased splendid new two-seated buggy at J A Lambs.

Robert Dean, accident, with bell for Adventist Church, b.   /     Adventist bell, b.

H. Sengstacken, Marshfield, t, b.   /
Mrs. Matthews and daughter, Arago, t, b, school.  /
Mrs. Wickham, to have new boarding house, b.

Grant Beale, John Yoakam, b.             /
M/M Aaron Wilson, from Bridge to Bulletin case in office, b./
Rev R A Reagan, b; Rev A H Mulkey, ME church S, b.

B T VanDecar and 2 sisters, b.      /
13 safes arrived for various merchants.; [plug to ] haven’t forgotten fire of ‘92.

Jonathon Quick, Miss Flora, Mary, bi, school, other.   /
F M Burgess, b.   /
Chas Stauff, prominent merchant Marshfield, through town to Arago to visit parents, [other]

The corn market in this section is rather on the decline at present -- at least the indications
point that way, for we saw Dr. Kirkpatrick with a grip full of his corn cure starting for the
upper country Monday.  +

Captain Ogennessen [print] of schnr Onward, take schnr Advance place of Captain Jorgeson,
drowned; Captain Ellingsen probably take Onward.  [red ck mark]

New furniture , Hotel Coquille b; Tupper, host.  /
Z  C Strang, up to date butter worker, brand new, sell cheap.  Nq.  /
M/M W. Drane, b.    /
H W Taylor, jetty rock, river.  bi.

Reservoir for waterworks, tour inspection.  Bi    /.
Charlie Moomaw barber shop in Dispatch nearly ready.  bi.   [red ck mark]
V. R.  Wilson, [oblique on marriage.]

Ira D. McCoy, auditor P F & L Co, arrived to look after affairs, bi.  /
Dress goods just in at New Store, Crepe de Alma, Melton, Zibeline, and broadcloth.   /
D F Disher dairy farm, Frank Willard, b. 

Coquille Mill & Tug co, new mill, bi.  /
[Lengthy on ] Captain Jorgensen drowned.

Coq B 562  Oct 16, 1803
[M 2005  items below are from TmpCoqB.  they were typed as Oct 16, 1902, but rest of page
says 1903.  Proper calendar dates for Friday are in 1903. So I've changed date to 1903]

Coq B Oct 16, 1903  [visitors to the school, Coq. the Misses Steckle.[print]  ]
Coq B Oct 16, 1903  Heavy flood last wk marooned 15000 suburbanites, Seattle.

Coq B Oct 16, 1903  Bridge. C E Houser, has rented dairy farm to a Mr Kay of lower river.
Coq B Oct 16, 1903  3-mast schnr Fannie Rutard,  docked at RR wharf Thur last wk, to rcv
lbr fm Johnson mill

Coq B Oct 16, 1903  Geo. Moulton, in jumping from Wm. Mansell’s dray wagon Thursday
morning, sprained his ankle quite severely and is on the shelf a few days for repairs.  +

Coq B Oct 16, 1903 
Mrs. Matthews and daughter, of Arago, were in town Tuesday and rented a  house for the
winter, for the purpose of giving their children the advantages of our school.   +

Coq B Oct 16, 1903
Jonathon Quick went to the bay Wednesday and his daughter, Miss Flora, followed on
Thursday. They went to take the Alliance for Monrnouth where Mr. Quick’s daughter, Mary,
is at school.  +

Coq B Oct 16, 1903  E.L. Ellis, the dwarf of Josephine county, passed through this place last
week on his way home, after a tour of inspection of this county.  Mr. Ellis is not in prime
condition at present, and his weight has recently dropped to 345 pounds. When in good health
he weighs about twenty pounds more. His wife and children accompanied him on his trip
here.  +

Coq B Oct 16, 1903 
MPE Harvey Lewellen died; wife Elizabeth; 4 boy and 4 girls, of whom 5 survive him: J L
Lewellen, J T Lewellen,  Mrs Sarah Barklow, Mrs Elvina Root, Mrs Sina Overhaltzer; wife
died last Feb (aged ), he declined since  nq German Baptist, funeral, MP cemetery.

Coq B Oct 16, 1903 C L Moon’s body found [lengthy]  [tells] who [as typed] he liked to read,
his faults, and other detail.]

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