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Coq B  608 Jan 1, 1904

[marriage licenses for 1903.]
Marriage: 1903.  Wm Dungan, Carrie Owen;  Geo L Tilotson, Myrtle Howell;  Geo H Ferry
and Frances A Gould.  Chas McVey and Carry Smalley.  (Jan.)    Chas W Angel, Ellen
Rackleff.  Lewis A Lee, Mary J Ferry;  Hermann Jeritt, Edna Magee;  (Feb.)       Albert
Matson, Nora E Davis;  Jas M Gurney Lydia J Davis;  Chas Moomaw, Leta Mae True.  Alex
B Campbell, Bertha Sleep  Frank Simpson, Sophia Walser [print].  (March)         J W
Flanagan, Letitia Howard;  W E Lewellen, Ruth Roberts;  J E Walstrom, Ella Buck.  (April)       
Jas Oldland, Bessie Deweese; Chas Matheson, Sara L Jewitt;  J J Clinkenbeard and Anna
Bettys;  Alex Anderson and Bertha Wicklund. (may)     Frank Jokey, Mary Stonelake;
Pinkston Laird, Flora McCloskey;  Ross kB Deyoe, Daisy D Dodge;  J Calvin Slagle, Kathryn
Johnson;  Robt McDonald, Lizzie Peterson;  Wilbur Hoover, Roberta Felter;  L E Brown,
May Davis. (June).              
Wm McClure, Eva Krewson;  Carl Hughes, Georgina Leneve;  Wm L Croy, Alta L Lyton;  C
C Fox, Stella Jenkins.  (July)          Max Timerman, Lela Barzee; J A Yoakam, Jr, Erma
Lukens;  Jeremiah Peart, Sadie McQuigg;   W P Davis, Rowena Guerny;  A G Erickson, Pearl
McCormick.  (Spept.)             Geo W Elliott, Susie Foster;  Frank Southmayd, Leslie
Lewellen.  E J Lamb, Pearl Hollenbeck;  F  C Getty, Mabel O Cootey.  James H Perry, Mary
Hoffman.  (Oct.)
Wm Tenbrook; Etta Belieu; Carrie Bellieu  (Nov)   [M 2004 something is left out]          M T
Aasen, Charlotte M Hill;
Alfred Tyberg, Elizabeth Ott;  Levi Denning, Stella A Elrod.  (Dec)  [M. note:  among

Dr. Mingus, of Marshfield, was a passenger on Tuesday's steamer for the lower river.  The
Doctor was operated on for appendicitis recently and is now O.K. and able to attend to work. 

Cpq B 609  CoqB Jan 1, 1904
J C Steckel, feather renovator.    [Feather renovating machine, b.]
 Alex McCloud, and nephew Alex Jr, to M'field visit.

B. Recorder.  John Shields bad lick Mon, gash above his eye, 6 stitches; working on old
Dispatch, the house of which being removed, when a 4x4 scantling someone was moving
above, fell and struck above eye.  He was insensible for a short time.

J Peart has put in an engine recently at his coal mine near this city.  The result will be a
considerable increase in the output and greater convenience in handling the work.  +   [cp]

This session congress contains no negro member; w/exception brief period 1887-89, others
have had; lst negro sent was J Willis Menard of New Orleans, elected to fill vacancy in 1868. 
1870, Hiram R Revells took hs seat, the first negro to be elected in that body;  Blanche K
Bruce was the only other negro to enter the senate;  44 congress, called the black congress,
since there were 8 members in both branches.  --Argonaut.

More marriage licenses 1903.  Dec 29; G H Magary, Ruthie Stubbs;  A H McKay, Josie
Magary;  Jas S Roberts, Albina Coleman;  Dec 31 W E Bartholomew, Icy S March;  Catha
Snider, E M Stewart.

CBNews  The San Francisco papers mentioned last week that J. D. Garfield, of Oakland,
while riding a bicycle, collided with a street car, and was seriously injured.  He was suffering
from concussion of the brain, but at last accounts was improving.  Mr. Garfield was formerly
a resident of the bay, and was at one time proprietor of a hardware store in Marshfield.

Coq B 610- 17 
Electric lights at Riverton sawmill.

T J Thrift, co assessor, b.          Sheriff Gallier, b.  

John Lawrence, b.           Alex McCloud, b.         S Danielson, b.  /
Matt Johnson, b.          J A Jacobson, b.          Frank Fish, b.       Geo Henninger family, b.            
Geo Moulton, b.           Mrs. N Rasmussen, b.         Mrs. May Strang, b.

B Fenton, Middle Fork stage line, b.    /
Captain Whearat, [print] of Marshfield, has been in our city several days this week.  +  [cp]

I. N. Delong, [print] and family returned to their home Saturday after visiting with friends in
this city for a few days.  +

W W Gage, popular ex sheriff, b.    [,cp]    / 
J A Jacobson, fruit, improvement, b.     /
Thos Hall, ducks, b.   

 S H Whitney, gold mines Eckley.    /
M/M Chas Lorenz, Dolly Skeels, Miss Walzser, C M Skeels Christmas.      /   Jas Walstrom,

L H Hazard, bank, b.

Clay Dement, J Moomaw, b.    /      Mrs. Fred Nosler and children, b.   /          Cash Goodman,
J P Goodman, b.

Conductor Abbott had the misfortune to get his foot hurt recently while unloading some logs
from a car and E W Kardell has been acting as substitute conductor. +  [cp]

Steamer Aurelia; sailing dates.     /   
Franz Thomsen, Dairyville, dairy, b. 

 W A Goodman, Dr. Culin, building, b./
 W C Irvine, foreman, North Bend woolen mill, b.  /
Prof Anderson; tax for school, b.   / 

(Coast Mail) Frank Smith, supt Coos river hatchery, b.     /   New gov dredge built at Stave
mill.    /  Wm Lawhorn sold place.    /   Gas boat Alta missing.

(Curry Co Recorder).  Corbin mill, b 

[Ads pretty much same as all along].

The Oregon Country; its claim on Congress for recognition.  [Lengthy.]

Water system, Coquille, b.    /
Holiday festivities, b.   /
Climate, Oregon nice vs earthquake S. Cal blizzard mid west.

(Bandon Recorder).  S F Shepard, lighthouse, Alaska, b.     /     Band entertainment, b.   /  
Captain Larson, schnr Alpha, carry 400,000 ft. Lumber.

(CB News).  The engineers employed on the railroad survey from Drain via Umpqua and
Tenmile, now have their headquarters at Marshfield.  We understand that the route from
Tenmile to the bay will be via North Slough.  +  [cp]

(CB News).  Ferry, Wedderburn-G.  Beach.  /   [Lengthy on] Allegany: Grandmother in camp,
Georgia Gould, Carrie E Rodin intermed teacher Yarrow, Allegany Christmas, b.

Mrs. Martin, Riverton, t.                  H King, bay, b.            Mrs. H Noble, Marshfield, t.           
Mrs. Wm Barrows, Mrs H Johnson, Parkersburg, t.                 W A Hoover, b.          Icy
March, Belle Rich, Bert Gould, b.      Chris Danielson, lower river, b. 

H Lorenz, b.      /
Dr. J Curtis Snook, b.   /
Boys from Pike’s camp, b.   

E M Stewart, Marshfield marble man, t. /
Mrs. Wickham’s boarding house, painters.    /
R R Pierce, mining , Sixes, b.  

 Chas Schroeder, Myrtle Point, b.   /
 C A Rohrabacher, traveling agent for Washington Life Ins Co.

Wharf; steamer Chico, freight rates.  (2).

R Endicott, b.  J W Dyer, Kansas.    /
J Peart, coal mine, bi.   /
Mrs. L H Hazard and children, health, b.  

 Santa Claus Christian church, b.    /        
E H Hall, quartz mill, Salmon mountain, bi.

Coq B 618  Jan 1, 1904
Walter Bartholomew and Icy March, married, bi.

Margarita Fischer Company players, [presented plays; gives names of, schedule.]

Wm McAbee [as typed], blacksmith, Bridge.   /
Nichols, butter, Marshfield. 

J F Schroeder, b.    /      H. Lorenz, b.    /        Mrs. W L Kistner, Mrs. C S Davis, J B Davis,
Mr. Pettingill, b.    /       Mrs J H Sackett, b.     /    Miss Cora Burns; E. Tyrrell, b.  

Catha Snider, E M Stewart married, b.   /
Geo W Thomas, died, named - Kentuck Slough, b.

Christian church, annual business meeting, b  /
Barber on Dispatch, Chas Moomaw, P B Hoyt; also confectionery, b.

Old fashioned Xmas tree, Bridge, bi. 

First Natl Bank, burglar proof safe, bi.   /
Ball Masonic Hall, b.i.    /
Officers of
Mason and Star lodges.  /
Excursion train, football games, b.

Coq Academy notes; report on entertain, other.

Program for Entertainment Masonic Hall, readings, solos, other: Rose & Jay Mulkey, Jennie
Thompson, Handsaker, etc.

Jan 8, 1894

R B Ray, close out store, b person.

Capt Rackleff, MP, t.

Francis Dean, b.   /      W T Lewis, b.      /     Nannie Fellows, t.   /      Mrs. R Mast, b.    /      
Ralph Nosler, b.   /      Mrs. J T Hall, b.          /    Mrs. Ed Gallier, b.    /   Sam Sherwood, D J
Beale, b. (2)    /   Fanny Getty, b.   /  Wm. Kennedy, b.

J M Riley, of Riverton sawmill, b.   /
D C Harry, bay, t.   /   O A Kelley, Riverton, t.    /    J. H. Timon, of Parkersburg [M. verified],
t, b.   /   L. Rose, MP, b.

Ed Jacobson went to Beaver Slough on Friday's steamer where he will do some carpenter
work.  +  [cp]

J M Hayes, Rural, t.  /   Geo E Jackson, MP, t.    /  W T Lehnherr and family, MP, t.  

Thos Perkins, Parkersburg nurseryman, t.   /    W H Schroeder, Arago merchant, t, b.   /     J H
Simmons, hard man at Lyons mill, b.   /  C W Meeker [sp?] , Johnson's mill, t.    

Mrs. Chas Baxter, b.   /   Archie Boone, b.   /  J W Laird, E E Johnson, b.      

New Year Ball at Masonic, b.   /
David D Adams, R E Nosler barber shop, MP, b.    /
Rev. D T Summerville, presiding elder at ME ch, b. 

Mrs H I Bledsoe, M J McDonald, real estate.    /  
C E McCurdy and family, purchased farm WC Paxon of Cunningham cr.

J A Jackson, Parkersburg, t, b.    /   M O Hawkins, J P Messer, Cal, b.; t.

Capt V N Perry, new boat Elizabeth, stat.

(Coast Mail).  J W Bennett [not useful item],  F S Dow, Dean warehouse [mentioned].

(Rsbg Review)  D J Noah, Camas Valley, MP, b;  stages, roads.   /  F. Long, harness dealer,
patent for adjustable metal clasp to take place of hame strap.  Sold Oregon right to invention. 
Mr. Long was in business few yrs ago.  [M. doesn't say where he is now.]

(Bandon Recorder) Schnr Ruby in river, 5th   3 master on the Coq one time.

(MPE)  Wm Fields, Ernest Benter, blacksmith shop MP.   /   Miss Lena Holcomb, Rev.
Holcomb, private school Arago, b.

progress of Webfoot State last few years.  [more]

a need for supply of fresh milk in Coq; plea for milk wagon, other;  bi.  /
problem of Coos apples and insufficient markets.    [lengthy]

Progress report on St Louis Expo and Coos.  [Lengthy.  2]

Miss Lillie Way, b.

John Kronenburg, Jr, supt mill Parkersburg, t, b.  /
W A Goodman moving, b.

Coq B 619  January 8, 1904   

Council proceedings, liquor license to J P Tupper, sidewalk, Coquille.         Hose Co No 1,
details of.         Water rates for butcher shops $2.50 month.

N B sash and door factory, bi.   /
J H Upton, invalid, now better.  /
Senator Dimmick’s family, b.

Logs are being brought over the railroad from the Coquille at the rate of from 150 to 170 per
day.  It is said that there are logs enough out on the river to keep the train running for several
months at this rate.  (CB News).   +  [cp]

(Coast Mail).  Colfax Ha8urry, Heisner’s dray; b.            Dr. E E Straw, b.

Geo Flanagan, Marshfield, t.        D Morgan, Fishtrap, t.          Mrs. Jack Tawse, Riverton, t.          
H T Schweer, t.   /
Miss Rose Leneve, b.    

Married L E Rose to Olly Harrison.              M/M Joe Bledsoe, b.           Joseph Radabaugh,
Fishtrap, t.           Bert and Ed Smith, Riverton, t.                 Ed Fahy, Sr, Bullards, t.        
Judge Schroeder, t. 

Baby boy to Geo Halter, b. /
Mrs. J Fox, Jr, b.          Cal Ray; R B Ray, b.         M/M R E Buck, b. 

F S Dow, E L Farrin, I S Kaufman, Marshfield, t.  /
Aaron Wilson, former Bulletin; Bridge, creamery, b.

Z T Siglin, mail contractor on the Marshfield route, was over Wednesday looking after his
business interests.

E P Anderson, Port Orford, t; academy.    
C Rodine, Coos river, F P Norton, Marshfield, t.   
Dr. J C Snook, b. /
Col Rosa, t, b.

C R Ingle, ed-pub. North Bend Citizen, b.         /
Coast Mail new Year issue.

Mrs. Bartholomew,  teacher; b.  [M. 3005  nee Icy March?]
Henry Benham, b.  /
Judge Harlocker, co health officer, no deaths, 18 births whites; month of December.

Albert Fish, Frank Fish, Fish Bros’ bicycle firm, b.  /
Rev R A Reagan, Rev A H Mulkey, ME church.    /
W O Cooper, North Fork, t.

Capitol Journal on Coos, [writeup.]

August Eickworth, Boston, b.     /
J W Beyers, health, b.    /
R B Ray to move.    /
M/M W C Chase, M/M W E Bartholomew, friends, entertainment b. [Spicy conversation].

Although at times unpleasant to live some distance from a through line of railroad, the people
of this county are saved the annoyance of tramps.  The good housewives and city authorities
in some sections of the state have been worried almost to distraction recently by the "ne’er-
do-weels" [print] known as "Weary Willys." [print].  [cp]

Mail carrier Roseburg-Myrtle Point, connections [lack of] with Echo.

County Commissioners met regular session; resolutions condolence Donald McIntosh.   / 
Mrs. Donald McIntosh, t, b.  

Chas Fox, accident; steamer Favorite bi   /
J J Clinkenbeard new co commissioner, bi.

Women’s Study Club, Mrs. Figg, Sperry, Atkinson, Chase, Lawrence.  /
Mountain Hose Co No 1; masquerade ball Valentine day; Lorenz, Mehl, Mansell, Stanley, b.

Officers and other in lodge.  /
New steamer Aurelia delayed, shipping problem, Portland vs San Francisco.

Coq B 620  January 8, 1904

Fight at Riverton sawmill [more].        /
Mr. Billings, Ash Swamp, Eden Valley, fights panther; [lengthy.]  /
Changes of a decade in Oregon dairying.

[Lengthy on] wedding Icy Snow March, Walter Bartholomew; Miss Belle Rich, M/M L P
Maury; W C Chase, ceremony, etc.

January 15, 1904    B620

MPE    H L Carl sold Joe Root farm Norway, Jess Clinton, b.

[Lengthy on] St. Louis Expo, Coos.   Coffelt, Robinson, G T Robinson, J Henry Schroeder, J
F Dunlap, J D Clinton, Asa Meyers, J H Lamb, Alex Stauff, F Mensell [print], R J Tyrrell,
Joseph Lett, J B Newman; Simpson lumber Co. [these are contributors to exhibit; also lists
names of many rare apples and other vegetables.]

(Sun).  Al Smith brought some fine specimens of coal to town Monday from his mine on
Coos river.  Al has a fine opening of coal on his ranch, situated on a high bluff overhanging
the river and with everything favorable to cheap mining.  +

(Coast Mail).  Planking Coos Bay Wagon road, corduroying, Mr. Bangs, other; mail contract.

J P Messer mentioned [California]; also M O Hawkins, other, b [more].

(Port Orford Tribune).  John Miller purchased P F & L Co store this place.  Merton Langlois,
ill; Cape Blanco Light Station.

Potential condensed milk plant on bay, i.  /
Another fire at W H Schroeder store, Arago, i.

Women’s Club of Portland had Indian afternoon honoring Sacajawea; plea for statue to go
Lewis Clark fair, a copper mine will furnish material for statue.

County court proceedings.
Salaries, list of justice courts, bills; Wm Abernethy juror; Jus. [Jos.?] Ferry, supplies; C H
Fry, supt poor farm.  Road work, bills, other.

MP stage accident above Remote.  (MPE).

Duncan Urquhart, Bandon, t.  [<cp]          W E Craine, Riverton, t.          Rev Hollenbeck,
Fairview, t.        Thos Devereaux, Bear Creek, t.               J W Hall, Skeels place, b.       Wm
Cleghorn, Fishtrap, t.         Fred Slagle, b.

Mrs. Lavine and Miss Wilson, of Junction, were visiting in this city Saturday.  +  [cp]

Mrs. H Lockwood, b.       D S Rouse, Riverton, t.     Jas Mast, Prosper, t.        M O Hawkins,
business Myrtle Point.      Miss Cleo Rose, Myrtle Point, b.         M/M D A Huling, Myrtle
Point, t.

Captain Johnson, life saving station, Bandon, t.   

Cal Ray, b.              H H Hastings, Cunningham, b.            J M Perkins, Parkersburg-Bandon,
t.                       Geo Belloni, upper river, t.

Ethel Johnson and Mrs. C. Slagle, b.                Tenn Robinson, rancher Fishtrap, t.                 
David Mathers, Riverton, t./    Mrs C M Skeels, b. 

R N Bullard, genial merchant Bullard’s ferry, t.  /  
M/M D D Pierce, outing, b. 

Joel Patterson, former janitor court house, b.  /
Cy and Geo Goodman, work Prosper mill.

M/M R W Lundy, Myrtle Point, t.            Andy Perkins, lower river, t.            Mrs. R
Pomeroy, Parkersburg, t.    M/M Chas Baxter, b.              John F Hamblock, Prosper, t.  /
Donald Charleson, jetty work Bandon, b.

Cy Goodman came over Friday from Beaver Hill where he has been firing the boilers at the
coal mines. +  [Now on way to Prosper to see if he can find work.  M]  [cp]

Coq B 621

E J Price, supt Riverton sawmill, t, b. /
P B Hoyt, Bandon, t.               Tex Robinson, rancher upper river, b.         Roy King, t.     /
J W Riley, stabbing, Riverton, b.

M/M Wm Rohm, Riverton; J T Moulton, b.                Wm Stauff, Marshfield, b.    C H
Southmayd, T Reed, J H Wagner, t; estate Geo Erdice, b.

Frank Snow, logger, b.   /
Geo Davis, Norway creamery, t.  /
Joel Patterson, b.

E J Seely, Albany, milk condensery location, t.             /
Ad for steamer Chico, amended freight rate.

F M Sandlerlin, near Bandon, t, GAR       /
Amos Nosler, Bridge, t, b.    /
W M Elliott, Newport, jewelry Dairyville.   /
Mrs. Wickham’s new boarding house, A C Lukens, about finished, b. 

Mrs. Rosa, Mrs Morse, J W Felter, Bandon, t, GAR. /  
High wind, Bandon dock, Dispatch, bi.

Margarita Fischer Co, b.  [dramatic troupe]  /
 MM John McCue, Parkersburg, t, b.      /
Leap year ball Bullards Ferry, b    /
stockholders First National Bank [meeting; doesn’t list names].

Steamer Reta, repairs; Dispatch mail.    /
Virgie Gage, W W Gage, b.  [<cp]    /
R E Shine, Empire, stockholder 1st national bank.   /
L Strong, Geo Erdice estate.

Mrs. James Wall, one of the old residents of isthmus Slough, died Friday, January 8th, at her
home, at the advanced age of  81.  Two sons, Jas. H. and John, are left to mourn her loss.   + 

Judge Nosler, San Diego, b      /
feather renovator, Bandon, b   /
letter from Julius Jacobson, school Oakland, b.     /
 Private conveyance accident on way from Roseburg; b.

Coquille Post Office made 3rd class, also international money office, b. /
J W Sugg, head trimmer S O L Co mill Prosper, place "dubbed" Aberdeen, b.    /
Captain J P Clausen [mentioned.]      / H James, b

Hose Co No M [as typed] masquerade ball Valentine Day.    /
John McDougald, commercial traveler, ill at Hotel Coquille, Dr. Culin, b.

List of lodge officers AOUW.   /
[Lengthy article by] J H Nosler on Sunny California, other.   /
Changes of a decade in Oregon dairying.

January 15, 1904 supplement.                           

Steve Minard, Dora, t.        J S Coke, Marshfield, t. [should be cp?]     /
G S Stirton, agent for White Sewing machine, t.   /
Chas Stidham, Dairyville, b. 

Wm Hicking, supt Prosper sawmill, logs, b.  /

 Alfred Johnson, Johnsons mill, business, pleasure, b.    /
Warren Laird, head sawyer Johnson’s mill, accident; Dr. Culin.

List of Rebekah officers; entertainment  / 
Ralph Nosler, b.    /   Mrs S R Davis, b.

January 22, 1904   

Bandon Recorder.  J H Upton, health better.   /       Gurley Boak, bi.

MPE   60 new lockboxes added to Myrtle Point P.O.

Poem, from Harper’s magazine.  Down to the Crossroads store.

 2 historic sites, Oregon; old salt cairn, by sea, near Seaside and Fort Clatsop, near Astoria,
[lengthy description] salt cairn was settlement place for ocean salt water, other was a stockade
of Lewis and Clark expedition.  A reproduction of latter at St Louis Expo.

Another pioneer dies, John Calhoun Laird, [lengthy.]  /
Council proceedings; bids for hose, ladders, axe, etc. proposition to rent the old mill for a
steam shingle mill, other.

Coq B 622-4  January 22, 1904   

Captain Ellingsen, b.         Mr. Geo Clinton, Mrs. Chas Fox, b.   /
Play, Masonic Hall, "A Woman’s Honor", January 28.

W A Hoover, moved to Bandon, continued work on Echo.    / 
M/M Thos Krewson, Dr. Culin, bi.

Steamer Elizabeth left for San Francisco; [lists] passengers, Dyer, other; Chico shipping, 3 3-
mast schnrs.

St Louis Expo, Coos b [more].

D P Strang Married  Mrs. Viola Elliott, bi.    /
CB Ice & Cold Storage shipment frozen salmon, bi.

(Coast Mail).  F S Dow shipped 1200 dozen eggs to San Francisco on Arcata.  /
(Coast Mail).  Brief humorous incident, got off at dock accidentally fell in water.

(Coast Mail).  The Japanese section hands employed on the C.B.R. & E. railroad were
quarantined yesterday by Dr. Mingus, city health officer, one of them having developed a case
of smallpox.   +  [cp]

P O Tribune, E B Burns, Gold Beach, bi; river trade.

County court proceedings, bills, etc.   /
Ramblers, Tribunes, Mitchells, Albert Fish, e end Front street, bicycles.

W H Schroeder, t.      B L Dully, b.          Fred Mehl, Bandon, t.           John Berry, upper river,
t.      Ed Aasen, Etelka, t./
 Wm J Sweet, Lampa Creek, t.            H Radabaugh and wife, t.            Mrs.  Wm Jess, upper
river, t.       Freeman Stewart, Riverton, t.            Mrs. A Stauff, b.      M/M Wm Willard, t.            
MM R Tyrrell, t.

C E Broadbent, F Houser, Myrtle Point, t.    Andrew Forsner, lower river logger, t.       Miss
Fanny Getty, b.      Mrs. Wm and Mrs. Alice Hite, b.    

16 pounds of rice $1.00, Ray’s.

S H Whitney, Etelka, gold, b.         Mrs. J H Cecil, b.            J L and  J A Boone, Sumner, t.       
Mrs. J C Snook, outing. /
Rev R A Reagan, b.           Dr. Geo Russell, b.

John Shelton, of Beaver Slough, was transacting business in this city Saturday.   +  [cp]

Mrs.  M H Hersey and children, b.        Mrs. C R Gabeler, Fat Elk, t.           M/M  J J
Handsaker, b.             /   Andrew Hayter, Bandon, b, t.          J F and J V Hamblock,
Parkersburg, t.          E E Davenport, Myrtle Point, t, b.   /
M/M W W Gage, b. [<cp]

Mrs. Chas Noble, Marshfield, t, b.    /
Miss Mary Blackerby, to work in new woolen mill.    /
John McIntosh, son of late Don McIntosh. 

Fred Slagle, tailor; Elizabeth, outing, business.       / 
Mrs. Thos Drane, Parkersburg, t.      M/M F M Langlois, Dairyville, t.   /         Mrs. R O
Hoberg, Norway, t. /
C J Eaton, Bandon, former Coast Mail, b.

Bud Holland, affable bartender Hotel Coquille, b.  /
John Kronenberg, supt mill Parkersburg, business, b.    /
E J Carman, Supt S O L Co Prosper, now known as Aberdeen, business, b.  /
T H Mehl, Coquille Hose Co, fire, bi.

Frank Fahy, bookkeeper, Parkersburg mill, business, b; Dave Collier.

Earl Goodman, Dairyville; W A Goodman, b.       Mrs. Dahuff, Leonard [mentioned]. /
Coquille PO to move new quarters, b.  /
Basket social Roy schoolhouse, new organ, Saturday.   /
Mrs. Alice M Handsaker, Christian church.

Dr J W Strange, Myrtle Point dentist, t, b health.  /
Rainy weather; but smile on faces loggers, turn out logs.   /
Margarita Fischer Co, b.

M/M D C Dimmitt moving.  /
A E Withers, master mechanic government lighthouse service, b. [Cape Blanco].

Coq B 625 January 22, 1904   

J W Felter, Bandon, b.      /   
Wm Lyons, Cal Slagle, cattle, bi.   /
E D Green, Myrtle Point, b.  Lodge.  /
Snow, light carpet, 3/4 inches [more; especially child]

T W Clark, North Bend Woolen Mill, progress, other b.  /
School directors addition to ME Church as ward school; Mrs John Thompson, new

Mail service; high winds, heavy rains.   /
Miss Katherine Maddox, teacher various public schools Coos, Coos boomer, presently
Sebastopol, California.

Cast of characters for "A Woman of Honor" Traver, VanDecar, Bender, Marcy, Deyoe,
Green, Adams. [All from Myrtle Point].

Jan29, 1894

[Letter, lengthy, from ] H S Kribs, about South America, to A J Sherwood. 

MPE      J F Hall, California, other.
[Lengthy on physical Coos description; also ] education and teachers institutes, by W H

(Coast Mail).  Ray Golden, Chas Jensen, mining, b.  /
Leonard Gould drowned, Allegany, Dr. Horsfall; Bert Gould, Miss Georgia Gould [lengthy].

(CB News).  Injunction against Marshfield to restrain selling of Baines property for
improvement of Washington Avenue, void because no quorum. [M would this be the CBR
Baines?]  [should be cp??]

J D Garfield, former resident of bay, now Oakland, bicycle accident.  /
Captain Bob Jones, shipping, Oregon coast.  /
[Lengthy on]  tariff, 2 edged sword.

Geo Roberts, well known stage driver, [more].   /
Coquille Academy notes; contest, music recital, students, mumps, classes, other.

Chas Conner, brother Mrs. J H Cecil, died [more].   /
Funeral J C Laird; body brought down on Echo, [more].   /
Officers of lodges installed.  [Many prominent names.]

John W Brown, Conn, Socialist party, to speak. b.   /   
Allegany items; Gould.

County court proceedings, precinct chairmen for elections boards.  Bills, other salaries.

Jas Dunlap, Norway, t.           J W Hayes, b.             J F Hasking, Bandon, t.             Mrs. W
Lawhorn, b.       

F M Stewart, marble man, Marshfield, t.           /
 Mrs. Nosler ill.

J J Curren, Myrtle Point hotel, t.            Burt Hollenbeck, and family, b.            Geo Laird,
Geo Schroeder, b.          E J Bigelow, upper river, t.        Miss May Wickham, Della Fox, b.       
Mrs. H Clemmens, Riverton, b.       Mrs. J Lee, Riverton, t.       May Boyrie, b.

Steamer Welcome repairs to be.

Popular harness maker, C Leep, b.    /
W T Burton, Our Way lunch, b

 Mrs. J A Davenport, b.       M/M E Hueckendorff, Marshfield, t.       M/M Jesse Hall, b.    /
Adam Pershbaker, old time sawmill man, t.    /
 L Strong, Myrtle Point, t.        R O Hoberg, Norway, t.    /
.           Earl Steele, b.           E T Davenport, b. 

Baby girl, Chas Moorehouse, Randolph.

Coq B 626-9  January 29, 1904   

M/M Taylor Dement, Myrtle Point, t.           Col Rosa, t.            Carl Hughes moving North
Bend, b.

Mrs. L A Whereat and little boys accompanied Captain Whereat to the bay Saturday for a few
days’ visit.  +  [cp]

Mrs. R O Hoberg, Norway, t, b.         /
Rev and Mrs. D H Hare, Myrtle Point, b.

G H Guerin, pop.  Hotel man Myrtle Point, t.         /
H Wright, S DeWolf, Seattle, b.

C Shields, efficient carpenter, Bandon, t.  /
Wm Oddy, b.        /    Frank Tennisson and sons, b.  /        Card sent from J M Walker, b.  /   
Fred Slagle, b.

Geo Leach, outing, lodge.      /
Mrs. B F Crow, ill, b. 

Mrs. Lavine, and Miss Rose, of the Junction, came over on Saturday’s train and took the
afternoon boat for up river points.  +  [cp]

W L Kistner, b             /
 B Fenton, manager Roseburg-Myrtle Point stage line, b; entertainment.

Jas Mast, bookkeeper, Prosper Mill, b. /
Geo M Hite building boats for sale.    /
W R Darby; wife’s mother, Mrs. U. Root, Chico California, b.

New hose cart, fire co.  /
Captain Olson sold saloon to Baxter Bros, b.

B. on North Bend woolen mill.     /
John Lawrence, A Leach, John Foutz, Ira Johnson, Geo Pike, meeting Foresters, b.

Mrs. Balch, Daisy Flannel Night Dresses and Skirts, Angora Braids all colors.

Frank Norton, Bay; nephew, Geo, b.       
J Henry Schroeder, admin estate E S Spurgeon, sale, b.  

 St James Episcopal entertainment; Mrs. Geo Leach.  /
Dog fight, front street, Steve Gallier and Johnson’s.

E A Philpott, Bandon, b.    /
E L Fitch, presiding elder ME church S, b.   /
Captain Vale Perry, bi.  /   M O Hawkins, b. 
 J P Messer ranch, Cunningham leased.

January; Oregon Lumberman, fine views logging scenes Coos.

Services ME church, S.   /
 C H Frye [print] leaving co poor farm supt, to South California.  [cp]

Mrs. Mort and E A Tyrell, river boat; thrown from dock to river, b.  /
Captain O R Willard, bath in river, b.

County court proceedings.  Expenses; names of road supervisors.


Coq B 630  Feb 5, 2904  

Dr. Mingus, deputy co health officer, to North Bend to confer with school board; measles
broke out; decided to close school 2 weeks.  (Coast Mail.)  [cp]

(Coast Mail).  Professor E A [as typed] Golden, Marshfield, public school, completed
arrangements for accommodation of Negro and Chinese children; School No 2 to open Mon;
room comfortable fitted up with competent teacher; the front room of Noble building on
North Front Street nq. [cp]

Porter mill sawing after laying up for repairs and install new machinery.  (Coast Mail) [cp]

Bandon woolen mill fixtures to North Bend; Bandon indir.  /
Breeding of horses, Oregon.

[Lengthy commentary on ] building huge cigar-shaped log raft; Robertson, Columbia River.  /
Shad Hudson, mining, pioneer, Indian war.

Port Orford P F & L Co store purchased.  /
R D Hume candidate for state senate.  Bi  /
Brick Making at Arago, Judge Schroeder; i.

Steamer Chico, passengers; Elizabeth, passengers R E L Bedelion, W R Darby H T Schweers,
M O Hawkins; 40 ton coal, 10 ton general mchd.

Episc. entertainment, [lists] participants, Rosa, McCurdy, Pierce, Anderson, Sherwood,
Furman, Tyrrell, Snook, Sperry, Tupper, Johnson, [other,  lists] play, characters Lamb,
Nosler, Leach, Snook.

Daughter Geo Martin married to Whitney, of Sixes Mines, bi.   /
Coquille Academy Notes, enrollment 48, other.   /
Teachers exam to be held.

[Names mentioned]  , Boone, Sumner;  Rookard, Bridge;  L Roberts, Myrtle Point;  Mrs
Sneed;  A Leach;  Fahy;  W E Craine, Riverton; MM Rudberg, Marshfield [M. note; would
this be the ones Homer Gilfillan mentioned?].

Captain Vale Perry;  W H Schroeder, Arago;  J B Fox;  Ed Raymond and wife, Beaver Slough  
[<cp];  Mrs. Ellingsen, Parkersburg;  J L Bean, Parkersburg mill.    D E Stitt, Bandon;  Geo
Wimer, upper River;  M Nosler;  John Stauff;  Mrs Bean, Riverton;  R Martindale, lower
river;  Mrs. Noble.

Berean Club, valentine social, Academy next Tuesday.

Winnie Hall.      J M Perkins, Bandon; Geo Topping, Bandon; Dr. Russell.  W H Schroeder,
Arago; W R Darby; L Strong, Myrtle Point.  Dr E J Leonard; Cy Goodman, stage;  R P King,
Bridge; Wm Thomas, logger; A Collier.

Logs for Johnson mill, steamer Favorite.   /
Married, Coquille, Mr. Evor Rudberg and Mrs Chas (Katie) Price.  Judge E G D Holden
officiating.   /
Register to vote.

Enos Rose, Coquille Valley Packing Co; A E Withers, lighthouse, Cape Blanco.  [1 item, or
Jacob Painter, Mining man.   /
Col Rosa; Bert Hollenbeck bought delivery business Martin & Wilson.

Posters are out announcing a grand ball at Beaver Hill February 20.  Free trains will run from
Marshfield and Myrtle Point, leaving those points at 8 P.M.  +  [cp]

J C Logan, teacher Prosper; basket social, Bullards Hall.

Mehl, residence; Geo Leach, comedy;   /
Alfred Johnson, Sr.   /
Fire bell; practice work with new equipment. 

H T Schweers, Myrtle Point; M O Hawkins.     /
Bob Dean; sawmill; and Bert Dean.

Coq B  631  Feb 5, 1904

J H Harbison, Portland, butter-cheese;     /  
play, entertainment.  /    
 J B and G B Edwards; Johnson’s mill; Bandon. 

 M/M Jas Walstom, lower river.    /
Jennie Peterson, death; Rev JJ Handsaker, sermon topic. 

Gardens are being planted.  /
Dr. Culin, Washington, birthday, Coquille schools, entertainment.

Feb 12, 1904   
J T Dunlap, Norway; Jas Clinton; /    Chas Adams, blacksmith.   /   Tichenor tract, Eckley.

Leroy King, accident logging camp.  /
Black sand mining, b.  /
Mary Tichenor, widow J B Tichenor.

War, Japan, Russia.

Coast Mail: Thos Cowan; W W Gage in town (Marshfield) getting lumber; fencing place at
Allegany.  [<cp] 

R M Wieder (CB News).

(Sun).  Willia [as typed; mean Willie?] Stauff; M W A Border, Mrs Traver, Myrtle Point,
James L Ferrey, Marshfield.

Council proceedings; city lights $21.  Fumigating house $5.  Fire supplies.  Marshal direct J
W Leneve to build new walk in front of his lot on Front Street, to be 8 feet wide.

The steamer Czarina is making good time under the able management of Captain Johnson. 
She arrived in the Bay Monday morning, loaded with freight.  It took her just twenty-four
hours to unload and take on her cargo of coal and steam down the bay.  That’s going some. 
(Sun).  +  [cp]

Lodge news.  /
Bandon P O robbed.

Another fire in Baltimore, MD, Sunday February 7; entire business section ruins; 1000's
without homes or places to earn living.

J P Barkdoll, Norway;    Bill Hull, Riverton;     Geo Davis, Norway; Rev Horsfall, b;    Andy
Radabaugh, upper river; Dr. A W Kime, Bandon;  W T and S S Kite, Myrtle Point;   J A
Evans;  J B Moomaw, hop yard Arago.

Judge Harlocker;     Captain Sutherland, Parkersburg;      J T Moulton;     Wm Rohn;    J W
Riley, lower river;    Dave Perkins, Bandon;     Edna Lorenz.

MM Wm Furman;   But [as typed] Holland, vacation; /
ball Saturday night b;  /
Captain C P Jensen, steamer Elizabeth; Ferndale 

Margarita Fischer co, play.   /
Mask ball, hose co; Saturday night.

Mosaic Crepe and Panama at Mrs. Balch’s. +    /  Arm & Hammer Soda, 4 package 25 c,

Dr. Churchman  /
M/M Steve Gallier, b;  /
Mrs. Geo Schroeder, creamery, Tenmile.   /
Captain Larsen, schnr Alpha

J C Watson   /
Mrs. Alice M Handsaker, to occupy pulpit; Christian church.

A C Lukens, R. Johnson, Spurgeon Hill
A J Hamlin, stockman, s of Bandon.   /
E H Near, one of old residents of county. /
Edwin Schroeder, South Fork, Percy Schroeder, Norway /

John Hume; R D Hume; /
Col Rosa, blding. /  
 Dranes.  Home-rendered lard, Dave McNair’s Bacon and Hams; Farina for breakfast. nq at

E W Fahy;    L Curry, head planerman Prosper mill;    Mrs D Fulton, injuries;    A Henry,
Bandon;    E W Schetter; Captain White.

 A G Hoyt, Bandon, rigs for boys to take best girls buggy riding. MM    /
J L Bean, Parkersburg.

Dan Wilson; Martin and Wilson; Geo W Martin; Dean’s barn.      /  
P B Hoyt, Bandon, barber; shipping indir.   /
W A Goodman, house moving, Carl Bros.  / 
 Ground Hog Day, Coos; other climate.

Died, Miss Josie Cowan, daughter David Cowan Marshfield.   /
Johnson’s mill, shut down, repairs; Mr. Johnson good manager.   /
Poss establ of cannery.

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