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Coq B 632  February 12, 1904   

Railroad service between this city and the Bay was not very good the first of the week.  The
train was unable to run over the line for several days, as the track was pretty well out of sight
in some places.   [M. floods]   +  [cp]

C M Fry arrived here last Saturday from lower California; Overland to Roseburg and
horseback to Myrtle Point; Fry impressed with producing capacity of section he visited when
irrigated; Coos will undoubtedly be his home for some time, as he says good drink of water
very necessary and that rare in parts of California he is looking over.  nq.

Coquille river higher than anytime this season ; city docks; steamers, damage, trestle from
Peart coal mine, heaving of some of rr bridges.   [cp]

Mask Ball, was success; hose co.; best dance of season.   /
Joseph Ferry, Bandon.   /
Geo Davis drowned; steamer Favorite, Liberty; Willie Panter, [others].

Presbyterian church.    / 
 Death Grandma Vowell, widow of Bird Vowell; Mrs. Glen Cox, Mrs. J S Hayes, Jas Vowell.

[Lengthy on war, ]Japan-Russia.

February 19, 1904

[Lengthy on] the tide of war, Japan-Russia.]

(Sun).  Morton Tower; P B Holland.

Coos exhibit, St. Louis.

M/M C Romander, party, going away to California.  / 
      Allegeny.  Mrs. Gould,    Coaledo; Mrs. George Terry. [M. or Ferry?];    school library;
Ida Rodin.   [M. how many items?]  [part should be cp?]

School children entertainment, Prof Anderson, funds realized, [lengthy article.]   /
Coquille Academy notes, various news.

The citizens of this town were somewhat startled by the rumbling of a railroad train last
Wednesday.  For several days no trains had been running to this point, as some of the trestles
were made unsafe by the recent freshet.  Quite a lot of freight was held up over at the Bay,
and several cars were necessary to get it over here.   +  [cp]

D G Beale;     J M Perkins, Bandon;     Dud Johnson;    Dick Buell, Myrtle Point.     J W
Felter, Bandon.    /
Born M/M McDuffee, a  girl. 

Dr. Haydon;     Robert McDonald, Prosper;    Chas Green Lampa Creek;  

 E J Price, Riverton sawmill;   Misses Thom; Col Rosa, Bandon;   [how many items?]
W H Lyons and Sam Nosler;     Chris Rasmussen, Bandon;     Wm Cleghorn, upper river.

M H McCormick is located at Beaver Hill in the capacity of master mechanic.  + [cp]

John Scott, Bandon;     I T Weekly, Gravel Ford;;    E M Blackerby;    J A Jackson, Riverton.
M/M Jasper Yoakam;    Dolly Skeels;    Jennie Curren. .     M/M C B Zeek, Bullards
W U Douglas, Marshfield atty. /
R E L Bedellion, hotel man,   Bandon.  /
H Carl, Norway creamery.
Alfred Johnson, Sr

Dr. Strange, Myrtle Point   /
John Lennan, veteran ship carpenter, Empire
 J P Tupper, Hotel Coquille.

John Nielson, Theo Fiskoo, acting captain of Alpha.  /
Warren Parker, Parkersburg.         /    M/M Finley Schroeder.        Mrs. Wm Martin.
Married: Flanders-Whobrey; Clinton-Johnson (Lizzie).
Thos Devereux, formerly upper river, now near Parkersburg.

Coq B 633-8 February 12, 1904   

There was a hold-up on the railroad Thursday morning near Cedar Point.  Masked men with
guns had no part in it, however.  A large tree had fallen across the track and the crew had to
cut it out before the train could proceed.   +  [cp]

School mams [as typed], from county in Coquille; leap year comment.

M/M Wm Logan; school, other; measles.    /
Nettie Dement, Mattie Huling, VanDecar, Ray Dement, Chas Guerin.   /
M/M J Yoakam; A C Lukens.

J A Davenport; half interest cold storage plant; Romander.    /  
Test call, fire department , near ME church North. 

Duty of every physician, midwife, or head household must report births; dr. must report any
infectious disease.

Judge Harlocker; 12 births January: 6 male, 6 female, all white, 3 deaths.

February 19, 1904     

J H Nosler, San Diego, writes lengthy article on tt city, including San Diego Great Eastern

Relative strength, naval powers of world.

Oregon building, Peter Loggie, Coos County exhibit at St Louis, [lengthy]

 MPE, freshet, logs and booms.

Teachers who passed examanations, [list.]

Steamer Elizabeth, Bandon; passengers, Dement, Huling; Chico, R E L Bedelion, [other.]

Harvey Schweers; Mike McCormack, machinery Prosper; Newport mine.      / Large slack
dump Libby mine washed away by freshet.

Salmon at Coos River hatchery to be shipped to Coquille River.    /
Coquille Academy Notes; 50 pupils, other.

Council proceedings.  O C Sanford; Thos Krewson, Edward Jacobsen, A C Lukens, L H
Morgan; ordinance to preserve
public peace and morality.

J M Upton;      Rev Holcomb, Myrtle Point;       T T Smith, lower river;       school children
entertain;        Henry Radabaugh, upper river;         Duncan Urquart, Bandon.        Geo
Laingor, Myrtle Point;       Mrs Rose, Parkersburg;      Harry Nelson, Bandon;     Hillis Short,
Blanco Hotel;     Mrs. John McCloud;       Henry Clemens, lower river.      C Danielson, lower
river;    W Drane;     atty E L Farrin, Marshfield;         school entertain, books for library.

Miss Florence Walstrom, lower river;        Chas Guerin, Myrtle Point;         C H Butler, upper
river;     M/M J C Logan, Prosper.     R C Lee, Marshfield;         Mrs. J C Lett, Arago;          Z
C Strang.     Adam Pershbaker

Robert Marsden, brewery man, Bay.   
T D Sutherland, lumber-mill man, Duluth, Minn.

Butter wrappers, plain or printed, Bulletin nq. /        Rice, 16 pound sack, $1, Skeels.

Perry Robinson, J H Harbison, B H Haskins, residence. /
Elder, Presbyterian Church.      /
Jas Wilson, M T Clinton, M Tyrrell, M/M French, Arago.  /
M/M R W Lundy, Myrtle Point;   /
Burt Hollenbeck;  

 S M Nosler, Coquille City Creamery; steam laundry, indir.   /
R P King, Middle Fork, logging.      Logs, freshet.

McAdams & Farmer, blacksmithing business to Medley & Roselle.    /
J C Haynes, pioneer coos, b.    /
Margarita Fischer Co, play.

Bank, K.Falls, organized by G W White.   /
Hiawatha chewing tobacco.  B F Crow.

Coq B 639 February 26, 1904   

M/M W W Gage, Coos River.  [<cp]              / Fred Gage, Coos River  /
Capt. O Willard, Capt. Panter; Liberty; mumps.    /.
Captain Snyder, and mother.

Wm Pedller, one of owner of mill Aberdeen, lower river.    / 
 Mrs. D P Strang, accident.       /
Geo Goodman, Prosper mill.   

 T H Mehl & co, agriculture machinery.       /
 W B Rohrer, rancher, Parkersburg.  / 
 E J Seeley, Albany, milk condensery, Bay-proposed.

Miss Rosa, assistant county clerk office;      
W H Lyons; Geo Erdice; Coquille Creamery.    /
Tohm [as typed] Mehl; Mr. Waterman, Sol Israel.     /
 M/M Frank Blackerby, Philomath.

A G Hoyt, Bandon.    / 
L R Robertson, storm damaged telephone line.  /
Miss Maud Blundell; Captain Panter, Bandon.

Mr. Roselle; Medley Blacksmith shop.    /  
Rain on coast.    / 

W C Paxson, via horseback Coos Bay wagon road;   /
C W Meeker, Johnson’s mill.

E L Tozier, Corvallis. /          Robert Ahr, b.    /
Christian church; Alice Handsaker.   /
Eva White married, Redding.   /
M/M Chas Gage, Geo and Ward Gage, M/M G D Mandigo, Minn, b.   [should be cp?]

B 639 continues in 1904b

MAR 4 -- APR 1, 1904

Coq B  639 [cont].  March 4, 1904   

(B.R.).  J L Kronenburg, Parkersburg mill.

(MPE) R P Endicott.

W T Burlison [print], South Sixes mines 

Flagstaff school; Bay City mill end Crescent coal mine shut down; Mrs Fred Matheson; Mr
Wm Lawhorne.  [cp]

The Fulton, steamer[?].

Big fire, business district, Rochester New York    

Friday February 26 list of fraternal lodges, now shows 12 in number; (2 IOOF, Mamie
Rebekah, Chadwick, A F & F M, Beula [as typed], DES, Lycurgus, K P, Justus Lodge,
Rathbone sisters (Mrs. Fred Linegar, Mrs R H Mast), AOUW, Imperial Lodge, Degree of
Honor;   Wow;   Evening Tide (women) WOW;  Coquille Council F A A.

(Roseburg Review).  Major L D Kinney and his attorney from San Francisco left here
Wednesday evening for Portland.  They will return in a few days.  The latter gentleman
seemed favorably impressed with what he saw here in connection with the proposed Salt Lake
& Coos Bay railroad.  +  [cp]

[Comments on] Major L D Kinney addressing at IOOF hall some months ago.   [cp]   Also,
Coquille vs Coos Bay rivalry.  [M. 2 item. Or 1?]

(CB News).  North Bend to have box factory; employ 125 skilled workmen; 15 million ft
spruce every year. /
Gray Steamship to build coasting steamer to take place of the Alliance.   /    Hank Barrett,
pioneer Empire, stage on beach route, pension.

(Coast Mail).  C. H. Merchant, through his attorney, W. U. Douglas, received Friday from a
representative of L. D. Kinney  $8,938, the final payment on the land near Centerville which
Major Kinney had bonded and which all of our Coos Bay wiseacres have been sure he would
never redeem.   +  [cp]

[Lengthy article on ]  milk condensery, locations needed, kinds of milk made, [other]. [for the
Bay area].

Coquille Academy notes.  Grecian history, geology, [other]; play.   [cp?]  

V R Wilson, optician.

Finis Houser, Bridge.       Geo Wimer, upper river.          Mrs John Moomaw.            A D
Wolcott, Marshfield.        O A Kelley, Riverton.          Atty Tom Hall, t. M/M Geo Belloni.           
T C Fawcett, Etelka.           Maud Mills, Coos River. Mrs. E A Phillpott.        Mary Davenport

 James Mast, bookkeeper Prosper mill.

 Hark Dunham, the jolly engineer-captain of the Coquille river, was a visitor to the Bay the
first of the week. +

John Hartley, North Fork.    /    W T Kerr.   / Miss Lena Hayes.   /   Sam McAdams

D D Pierce, outing, merchant.    /
H Sengstacken, Marshfield.
J O Stemmler, logger Dora. /
Will Lyons, Martin building; Coquille Creamery.

Coq B 640-4  March 4, 1904   

Tom Carey, North Bend.    /
Myrtle Endicott, Bridge; Stewart Lyons, S. Cal.  /
 A P Miller, boom at Cedar point; Arago.    /
E H Scranton, section foreman, Johnson’s mill.    

Judge and Mrs. J H Schroeder, Arago.       /
Henry Belloni, medical treatment. 

Coquille, population 1108.

Prof Anderson, photos, school, St. Louis expo.

Chas. Cissna [as typed] and family, of Bandon, passed through this city Saturday, en route to
Beaver hill, where they will reside.  Duncan Urquhart accompanied them to this city.  +  [cp]

Steamer Welcome, drydock opposite city wharf. /
Oregon Frogs, humor??  

W A Hoover, resigned mate Echo; Jasper Oswell took place.

The railroad magnates were using their rolling stock in a novel way last week.  There was a
fair prospect for another freshet, so all empty cars were used to weight down the trestles, so
that, in case of high water, the structures would not be
heaved out of place.  +  [cp]

Christian church, preaching services.

Push Club meeting.      / 
Arthur White, son C W White, formerly Coquille, accident.   /
Condensery for Coquille Valley discussed. 

 Mrs. R E Buck.         Captain and Mrs. Butler.       Jas H Lamb, Fishtrap.

 C F Andrews; Coquille creamery.

J W Bennett, H Lockhart, Z T Siglin, F P Norton, S B Cathcart, to Bennett’s ranch, lower
river, for dyking. [part cp]  /
F C Hazelton.

Socialist convention February 28.  W H Ray, W E McDuffee, D E Stitt, J O Farmer.

Steamer Elizabeth, J L Kroneberg, Frank Beyerle, M. Endicott.

March 11, 1904

Port Orford Tribune.  A Adolphsen, b.

(Coast Mail) Gus Schroeder, sea otter pup; C M Byler.

(Sun) T W Clark, North Bend woolen mills.

(Sun) All the preparations have been made and the work of opening up the new vein of coal,
discovered at Libby by Superintendent Hennessey, is to commence in a month or six weeks. 
It looks as though there would be something doing at Libby this summer.  +  [cp]

Railroad round-trip rates to NW, effective certain dates, March 15, etc; Oregon boomer indir.  

1st cattle to reach NW (Vancouver, French Prairie, Oregon); and other. [history] 

Drain, Oregon, tax rate 102 mils to pay off Drain Normal School.

MPE.  School census 351-178 males, 173 females; increase 50 over last year.  /
MPE Will Carl, Norway, Oregon Agric College.       /   L M Strong, Rackleff school.

Coq B 645  March 11, 1904

Robert Marsden, Marshfield, C Stidham, Dairyville, stage.

(B.R.)  Broomhandle mill running day and night, b.

Council proceedings     sidewalks; water rate to Academy, Mulkey; saloon license to Baxter
bros., 6 month bills allowed, fire, rent, salary. prohibit any person... except
employees on such trains, from getting on or off of any railroad train while in motion within
the corporate limits.  [<cp]  Curfew for persons under 18 8:00 winter, 9:00 summer.  Illegal to
have games of or play in, gambling, or serve as lookout to warn of someone coming on raid.

Coquille Academy notes; entertainments, contests, literature, other.

Bridge.  Farmer’s telephone exchange, up Middle fork partly built, Myrtle and Rock Creek.    
/    Bridge creamery. / surveyor plotted townsite of Bridge; lots on sale.    /    MM McBee
blacksmith shop.    /     Lushbaugh’s sawmill shut down. /     Bridge hotel.    /   Peter Axe,
boss tomato raiser.

Chico arrived in Bandon; Elizabeth: Malehorn, Irvine, Mrs. J S Coke, [other.]

Geo Williams, died, Hotel Coquille, river boats, other.    /
Jacob Croy married Mrs. Mary F. Steele, bi.

W C Paxson, Buff Leghorn eggs. 

 J C Watson.      /        Eck Johnson.       /
John W. Gammill, of Beaver Hill, t Thursday.  [should be cp] 

J A Jacobsen.  G J Heiberger, Corbin, t.  /
 Levi Smith, North Fork.    /     J E Martin, Riverton.  /  Clintons, Arago.   /    W E Dungan,

Born, W L Kistner, daughter.  Born Alfred Johnson, Jr, Johnson’s mill, son.

Ren Hoberg, Norway.            J W Riley, lower River.      

 Riley Clinton, logging.  /
R W Bullard, merchant Bullard’s Ferry. 

F L Carman, new mill Aberdeen.

Ed Ellingsen.     /
M/M Cecil Carter, Myrtle Point.    /    W H Schroeder, Arago.   /    Jas. Lee, Roseburg.   / 
Wm Disher, Bandon.

Rev R A Reagan.    /
 B T VanDecar, MP jeweler.    

Wm Hicking, manager Prosper mill.   /
Mrs. Wm Croy, candy store; next to Garten’s restaurant

 J S Luce, ed. Marshfield Sun.     /
J J Downing, J J Stanley.        H T Schweers, Lake Co.

 W T Lehnherr, one of old residents of this county.  

Thos. Coke was in our city Tuesday.  He is night watch at the railroad grounds in Marshfield. 
+  [cp]

Hon Sol McClosky, Norway,; Push Club.      /
Frank Fahy, bookkeeper, Parkersburg mill.

T J Thrift, J S Lawrence, assessing.

Geo Henninger, Fishtrap.     May Boyrie.      Anna Logan, Bandon; W A Goodman.

Robert McCann, Supt Bay City mill.

F M Stewart, Bay, monuments.        /
Geo Laird ranch.   /
 Mrs Thos Ashton; Mrs. L Curry.

On Monday next C. H. Fry will retire from the management of the county farm and E. A.
Franklin will take charge.  [cp]

Walter Drane, sick.      /
M/M Arthur Ellingsen, Captain Ellingsen.              Mrs. Jas Brown, Myrtle Point.  /

R E Shine, manager S O co.   

Births February; 2 males, 8 females; 6 deaths.

Rainfall February Gold Beach 25.40".  /
C B Leep, state convention Socialists.   / 
 Ten Robison; P E Drane, cattle, store.

Revivals, Presbyterian.   /
Rev J L Coon, well known pioneer of state, died home Camas Valley, 84 years. 

C E Huling, C L Bender, home from vacation.   /
 Ed Johnson family.

Coq B 646 March 11, 1904

The Misses VanDecar, who have been visiting at Beaver Hill, and C V Guerin, who has been
in this city for a few days, returned to their homes at Myrtle Point Monday.   +  [cp]

Noble Bros, heifer, loose on Coquille streets.      /
S L Stancliff, employee North Bend woolen mill; Bandon.     /
Wind and rain Wednesday nite.

Grandma Lindley, Mrs. J J Lamb, accident.     / 
Geo and Ed Farrin, former is candidate for county clerk.

Kay, Riverton; been working mines Keswick, California. /
 B A Connelly, chief engineer the Fulton; wrecked vessel.

Mrs. F T Sanderson, Bandon, feared insane. 

Mrs. E Dyer, Miss Ethel Dyer, Bandon; Mrs. Dyer to Mexico City to organize match factory.

Coquille Creamery, annual meeting; J C Lett, W H Hull, O F Rohrer; W H Lyons; price of
skim milk 7 c per 100 lb.

March 18, 1904   

World’s Fair notes.   /
[More lengthy on early experiences in livestock business, Oregon.]

(BR).  Miss Grace Hoyt.    /     Mrs. J S Coke, on the steamer Elizabeth.   [red ck mark]  /
MPE Robert Parish, Fred Moser, GravelFord creamery.     /   C M Broadbent, creamery man
from California, purchased Sugar Loaf creamery. 

Dance at Myrtle Point; Echo, Reta.     / 
Allegany; Bonnie Gage; Maud Porter.  [red ?]   /
Edward Hansen, chief engineer on tug Columbia. 

(Sun).  E Heuckendorf, to build ship at Porter yard.  /     Sengstacken’s pharmacy.              

 (CB News) Elijah Smith.

City council; bills approved.   /
Update on fire at Arago Store, W H Schroeder, fire inspector, "sabotage"?

Coquille Academy notes, plays, other.  /
Miss Inez Thompson, medical treatment; Wm Rich (Newburg).

J L Kronenberg.  S C Giles, Myrtle Point.          Mrs. Jas Dunlap, Norway.         J H Roberts,
Myrtle Point.      R Pomeroy, Parkersburg.   [red dot]                 Miss Lena Fairman, upper
river.          Gus Carlson, lower river.        Dr. Leep, Myrtle Point.          B T VanDecar, Myrtle
Point.             Alf Nichols, Libby.          M/M Price and Mr. J Ferry, Riverton.

Miss Ray Collier, assessor’s office.        /
M/M J A Yoakam, Jr, outing.   /
Mrs. Ren Hoberg.          Chas Green, Lampa Creek.  

Captain Geo W. Leneve; Liberty; Captain Panter.  [red ck mark]    /
E S Dean, Coquille Valley Packing Co.    

Geo Laingor, Myrtle Point.  /  B B Teeters, Fairview.    /.          /     Henry Radabaugh,
Norway.    /   M/M Jas Walstrom, Parkersburg.  [red dot] Miss Grace Skeels, Mrs. Mary
Lorenz.    / Wm Gallier, Bandon.

E A Franklin, new supt county farm    /
Dr. Russell, mumps.      
Duncan Urquhart came over from Beaver Hill Monday and went on down the river in the
afternoon. +  [cp]  /
R D Jones, leased Lyons mill, to run at capacity.

Geo Quigley, Porter.   /     Cash Goodman.  /    Wm Elliott, Empire City.      /  M/M Fred
Schroeder.. /        Miss Nettie Gibson, Dairyville.

Oscar Reed, one of the old residents and prosperous ranchers county, South Fork /
Peter Wise, old time blacksmith, Myrtle Point.  /
Dr. Kime, Bandon

C A Metlin, Marshfield; farm Cunningham.    /
 Chas Stidham, Dairyville.    /     Mrs. F T Sanderson, Bandon.   /
Captain O P Ellingsen, Parkersburg.   [red dot.  Red ck mark]

W T Burton leased room Alexson building, next to Ralph Nosler barbershop, new home of 
"Our Way" restaurant nq.

Coq B 647  March 18, 1904   

     Miss Inez Thompson returned on the Alliance form a three months’ visit with friends and
relatives in the Willamette Valley and The Dalles.
     Miss Thompson left here about the middle of December en route to Portland for treatment
of her vocal organs, having been deprived six hours, her voice was suddenly and miraculously
restored.  This lasted about two weeks, during which time she visited Wm. Rich’s people at
Newberg, spending Christmas there.  On the 30th of December her voice again left her almost
as suddenly as it had returned, so she went to Dr. J F Dixon, of Portland, who pronounced the
trouble paralysis of the vocal chords [print]. After five weeks’ treatment with Dr. Dixon, she
was again able to talk, and the doctor pronounced her permanently cured, stating, however,
that she would never be able to sing.
     After a month’s visit with a cousin at the Dalles, Miss Inez returned to this place and it is
with much joy that her host of friends learn of her restoration and can hear her speak to them
in her own natural voice [as in print].  All are more than rejoiced that her affliction has been
removed and that she is home again to fill the vacancy so keenly felt by her absence. +

Coq B 648-50 March 18, 1904   

W E Craine, Riverton logger.   /
St. Patrick’s Day ball, Myrtle Point; Echo.   [red ck mark]  

L  R Robertson, manager telephone line.   /
 Miss Fanny Getty, mumps; Mrs. Irma Yoakam, teacher, school.

Thos Wilson, W T Dement, Max Dement, Myrtle Point; Wm Rohm Riverton; Henry
Clemens, Parkersburg.

R Rutherford, brick maker, thinks of locating Coos.  /
D H Johnson, A A Leach.   

 J C Logan, possible nomination county treasurer.   

D Morgan, J J Lamb’s ranch Fishtrap; Poland china boar.

Christian Church services; Alice Handsaker.     /
Judge Schroeder, Stark apples.  

J D and W O Carl, Norway, Corvallis-butter and cheese; Star creamery.

H T Schweers.   /    Judge Nosler’s house. 

Ed Jacobson, new position sash and door, North Bend.     / 
 Empire clams, crabs, cannery.  
High water, river travel problems; snags.  Record breaking weather, high water, steamboat
landing at Judge Schroeders.  [red ck mark]

Judge Nosler, son James, other.

Arago Clay Products Co, incorporation, J Henry Schroeder, John Lindeback, Clarence E
Schroeder, brick, Arago.

Geo F Winchester married Miss Etta Wolcott; Mrs. James Walstrom, Parkersburg. [red dot]   

 M Kerrigan, letter from son Fred; Geo Kribs.

[Lengthy list of ads for river and ocean steamers.]  [red ck mark]

March 25, 1904

MPE Sam Johnson, Bridge creamery.     /   Fire Ernest Davenport house.
MPE deer debilitated by long winter.  /
Death Mrs. Uriah Root at Chico, more.  (MPE).  /
MPE married, Geo Clinton and Mrs. Lizzie Johnson.

Mr. Bryan, lengthy on Demo party.        /
Model play ground, world’s fair.

[B.R.]   E S Dean, Myrtle Point, republican candidate

Steamer Elizabeth, passengers sailed A.  and Miss Ruby Pershbaker, C O Dryden, wife and
family, C H Fry and wife  [<cp], Chas Fry, Clara Fry, Gene Nosler, [others].  [red ck mark]

Historical sketch [m. not local at all, name of writer unknown, implication tt in continued
articles will tie more to Coos]. 

 Acrostic poem, not local, poetic     grand majestic golden dream. 

Damage from Pacific coast storm. 

Steam schnrs on coasting trade tied up by engineers strike.  [red ck mark]  [cp]

Bancroft.  W R Murry, Fred Coffee sawmill.      T S Evennden.      A L Nosler, helping with
telephone lines.   /   M/M C H Merchant.    /           Lairds; snow, coast range; Telegraph line;

CB News.  Chico, to carry wheat San Francisco-Portland.  Wind storm damage; Alert. 

Shad Hudson.     Geo Woodruff, school GravelFord, Euchre Creek; Steamer Arcata. [all these
items from P O Tribune].

D Lowe.        W C Paxson.         E M Kay, lower river.         Dr. Tower, Marshfield.         T H
Mehl.        Miss Grace Skeels.      Marshall Stelle, Mexican War veteran, Fishtrap.       
Captain Vale PerryF M Sanderlin, below Bandon.  

Married C E Schroeder and Buelah Robinson.  /
J B Dulley, county treasurer.

Coq B  651 March 25, 1904   

M/M D D Pierce. /       Z T Johnson, Myrtle Point.

Captain Panter, Liberty.         Captain Peterson, schnr Coquille.

Sam Sherwood, masonry work.   /
Dr. J Curtis Snook.  

 J L Kronenberg, supt Parkersburg milling plant.  
H Gouthier, Mountain Springs Creamery.          /
M L Martin, jeweler and expert piano tuner [addr. now Coquille].

Adams’ Fireproof Stove Polish at Drane’s . +    /
Silkolene Draperies, Mrs. Balch.

J A Yoakam, Jr.          John Rowan.          Quick residence.         Thos Guerin, Myrtle Point.  

Marshfield planning 4th of July. 

School census, 420 children district 8, about 50 live outside city limits. 

Geo Hall, quartz miner, Salmon Mountain.

Ed Laswell, farmer McKinley.    /
Coquille Creamery. 

Mrs Wickham’s new boarding house nearing completion.  

Democrats organized Jefferson Democratic Club. [Some time earlier paper had said it would
represent Jeffersonian Democrat viewpoint]; J J Stanley, J W Leneve.

E. E. Cooper, who has charge of the railroad surveying outfit, was in town this week.  He
made a trip to the lower river where a temporary camp will be established near Riverton.  It
begins to look as though a railroad was coming into this section.  +  [cp]

Tenn Robison.            J W Briggs, Boyrie place.        / M/ Mrs. Geo A Robinson, Geo h
Baxter.            Hon R D Hume.     /
A Adolphson, charge P F & L mill Port Orford.

Public school building to be enlarged [census 420, only 2/3 tt number attend school].

More on death Mrs. Uriah Root.   

T L Graves, photographer, pix court house; 8 X 10's sale 50 c each.   

Star Creamery, Norway; Strong, Tenn Robison, H L Carl; mfg butter for patrons at 3 c lb.

C H Fry, C O Dryden, families, Gene Nosler, all to reside California.  /
Coquille Ice and Cold Storage Co, J A Davenport.

Snow on ground; location of an old school; first demo convention Coos.   [M. all history, or
part not?} 

Edwin Ellingsen badly burned.   /
 W H Mansell, general draying; T J Little, livery.

April 1, 1904

Wm Jennings Bryan on Democratic party.

[Continuation of pioneer account, still not to Coos, but now on Pacific Coast.]

As soon as weather settles, actual construction of connecting link of Santa Fe RR Eureka -
San Francisco will begin. [More, not very useful].  +?  [cp]

Panama Canal, remarkable powers of postponement.  /
R D Hume, Radium newspaper, legislature, Binger Hermann.   /
Demand for more cattle to butcher in Coos.

Mabel Jackson, on the river, died; Mrs. L A Welch, Mrs. Etta Bean, Miss Cora Jackson, Miss
Daisy Jackson.  /
Coquille Academy notes.  Contest, drama, term students.

Elizabeth arrived; Miss N Dement, Dr. Steel, M F Shoemaker, J A Haines. Sailed: Mrs.
Romander, Miss Fahy, A Wilson.  [red ck mark]

Prohibitionist convention, Coos, April.

Snow in Coos river mountains, Sitkum, Coos Bay wagon road.   

Wm Nasburg, appendicitis; Dr. Straw and Culin.

(Sun) Al Hall, superintendent at the railroad car shops, has a force of carpenters employed
building mining cars. +  [cp]

(Sun) Isom Walker, Curry cattle king.

B.R. woolen mill assured; hustle. 

P O Tribune Stewart beach mines, Gregs Creek.

Coq B 651a  Apr1, 1904

The wabbly-legged [print], innocent-eyed and money-making calf is much in evidence these
days.  Nearly every boat has a frisky youngster aboard, bound for some of the numerous dairy
ranches, where they will soon be turned into luxurious pastures and rapidly develop into noble
members of the bovine family.  +       [red check mark]  [has also been moved to CZ animal-

Capt. Butler is becoming quite adept at replacing dislocated joints.  While working at his barn
last Friday he slipped on a wet board and fell, throwing his shoulder out of place.  Not in the
least abashed by the incident, he seized the useless arm with his other hand and jerked it back
to place, at the same time bumping the shoulder against the wall to settle it in the joint.  The
next day the captain was as gay as ever.  +

Coq B 652  April 1, 1904   

MPE   Max Dement, baby girl; Sarah Rose, private school, Sixes River.  Married Schroeder,
Robinson; J Henry Schroeder, Price Robinson, George Laingor.

Curry County Recorder.  Wm Van Pelt carrying mail between Gold Beach, Harbor.

Demo primaries Saturday, 2 PM.  

 J B Fox.           Mrs. Joe Bledsoe. R B Ray.          Thos Devereux, lower river..           Miss
Dora Vermillion, Mrs. R B Ray.

Geo Davis, Norway.       Mrs. Sneed.          Mrs Tichenor.       MM W Drane.          J V Foster,
Riverton. /
Miss Susie Tuttle. .        Jerry Haynes, Myrtle Point.

Dr. Culin.  /
Born M/M C C Johnson, daughter

Mrs. Wickham, new boarding house.  /
E S Dean, Myrtle Point, politic.  /
Republican primaries were held Thursday afternoon.

H M Averill.     B N Holcomb, North BendWm Disher, Bandon.      J D Bennett, Gravel Ford.
. /.           F S Dow, Marshfield.

J M Harbison, creamery, upper river   /
Rev Father Othmar Mueller, Catholic, Bandon.  

Commissioner R C Dement   /  Assessor T J Thrift.

C Timmons, cannery man, Astoria, Bandon.  

Sam Johnson, Bridge, creamery.  /
F Sanderson, G Boak, Mrs. Osborn    /Mrs. D P Strang, Fishtrap; Z C Strang. .

Dr. Russell, new rooms at Mrs Wickham’s.     /
Captain Moomaw, steamer Favorite.   [red ck mark]  

Hon Schiller Hermann, to enter race for joint senator.     

Mrs. J J Handsaker, Miss N Crenshaw, Mrs. Jas Nosler, Mrs Jon Thompson, to Myrtle Point
to see play.

Fire at city jail.         /
Mrs A Kirshman.    /   
Clarence, son of Alf Johnson, died, age 26 day.   /
Climate, sunshine.

Dr. Kime.    /
Presbyterian children Easter.    /
 Old Lyons mill starting up.

Supervisor Burns, assisted by A. Collier and Mr. Simpson, were repairing and raising the
planking next to the railroad crossing leading to the wharf, Thursday.  The planking had been
low and caused much annoyance to people who were moving heavy loads. +  [cp]

Married, John Decker and Miss Florence Williams.  /
Mrs. C Romander.    / 
 Herman Messer; Elmer Johnson, former teacher.

 Ralph Nosler sold barber shop to Chas Moomaw; purchased Blanco shop Marshfield.

Wm Mansell, general drayman, meet all boats and trains.  Leave orders at Little’s stable.  Sole
agent for Riverton and Peart’s Coals.

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