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Coq B 668a    May 20, 1904
Historical sketch, now finally turns to Oregon coast; Port Orford, a trip to Coos Bay and
Coquille River, description estuaries poems about Coos Bay and Coquille River, description
early Coos Bay (Patrick Flanagan); author "lightered" coal to San Francisco; digression on
Cape Hatteras, sailing seas.  Author of whole series, Robert Starkey.  [cp]

Mr. Bryan on the Demo party.

[Lengthy political, mostly feud. with Coast Mail, not very interesting, mostly a tirade.  2+

Fire at the county farm.

Steamer Elizabeth arrived May 7 Bandon; P Hofman, Essie Lorentzen, Mrs. L H Hazard and
son, [others]; leave 11th  250,000 feet lumber, 35 cords matchwood, 30 tons coal, passengers,
Norton, Boyle, Jack Tawse, R R Dinnegan, F McMullin, Ethel Dyer, W Donnally, [other].   
[red ck mark]

Myrtle Point-Norway-Lee baseball league; steamer Welcome excursion to game.    [red ck
mark]  /
Memorial day to be observed General Lytle Post GAR.

"Our Way" W T Burton, Prop. Milk Shakes.  Pipes, Cigars, and Tobacco.  Fruit, Candy, Ice
Cream.  Ice Cream Soda.  Nuts, Cookies, Lunch Counter.

P O Tribune Robert Burns demo candidate joint represent.   /
Isam Cox, old settler Curry, died.

From the Oregon Daily Journal.
     Binger has been a thrifty fellow; what he could not take himself he turned over, as far as
possible, to members of his family.
     What do the voters of the First district think of a man who after 30 years of office holding
dares not have any light turned on his record? 
     If voters of the First congressional District elect a man who, after thirty years of office-
holding, does not dare to mention his record, they should hide their heads rather than hurrah at
the result. 
     The argument that in order to support Roosevelt next November, it is necessary to vote for
the republican candidate for sheriff, district attorney, assessor, county commissioner,
constable, and all the rest, in all the counties in Oregon, in June, regardless of whether they
are the better men or not, is one that carries with it the assumption that it is addressed to
imbeciles.  +

From the Bandon Recorder.
     If half, or even one-fourth, of the misdemeanors alleged against Congressman Hermann
are true, he is a good man to leave at home when selecting a Congressman, and we think the
republicans could have done better than choose him for the place, as it is evident that, if he
has lost the confidence of the administration and his colleagues at Washington, he will be of
little benefit to Oregon.  There was a time when Hermann was a power at Washington, but his
star appears to be waning.  +

[M note.  Keeping in mind the papers are politically oriented, it is nearly election time, and
anything goes.  What is truth?]

W C Chase; W Sinclair.          Captain H E Wilcox, McKinley.  /
 Abe Rose, well known pioneer, Randolph.       /
Elder Holt, LDS.

E C Holland, Miss Kate Wickham.         Dr. Horsfall, Marshfield.        Henry Johnson and
wife, Parkersburg.

J P Tupper, granddaughter Miss Jessie Tupper.        Miss Georgina Hayes.          Miss Esther
Yeager, Bandon.

 Jas Mast, bookkeeper Prosper mill     ./
Claud Waters, North Fork, mumps.

Mrs. Carlson’s funeral; steamer Dispatch run.  /
 Mrs. Ed Rackleff, Langlois.          Mrs. Lillie Curran.      Dud Johnson.  /
 Chas Heller, North Fork, accident.

Robert Vermillion.    Hon J H Roberts, Myrtle Point.     S J Tuttle, Bert    R B Ray, seeking
location California.     I N DeLong was trading in town Thursday. +

New ice machine for plant. /
R M Morgan, W B Rohrer place, Parkersburg, cattle.  /
Miss Irene Lamb, school

brick for foundation to addition to public school arrived; being hauled to grounds.  /
School closed Friday; successful year.

Geo Welch, Lampa Creek, married Bonnie Sell, Riverton.  /
M L Martin, piano tuner;  D L[as typed]   Sanford.

Coq B 669-72  May 20, 1904 

W F Keller, Arago.             Wm Jenkins, Myrtle Point.          Joe Radabaugh, Hall’s Creek    /
 E M Blackerby, Bandon constable.   /
Henry M Stanley, African explorer, dead..

Wilbur Hoover, employed oil wells below Bandon.  /
 Miss Anna Logan, Bandon; M/M W A Goodman.  /
Is. Lando, Dr. McCormac and John F. Hall, Marshfield.

Martin Wallace and wife; he represents Portland Flouring Mills.     /
Bert Gould, diploma in surveying course of ICS, Scranton, Pa. [International Correspondence

Earl Goodman, Ed Rackleff store Langlois.   /
 Pilfering by small boys; keep kids off street and in school. [More].

Fred Tuttle came over from Marshfield Tuesday, where he has been at work for the railroad
company.  He expects to remain here.  +  [cp]

John Preuss, Marshfield druggist.         /
Mrs. Fairman.             Mrs. J W Briggs.         /
Dr. Leonard and wife home to Oakland, California; will visit St. Louis fair and GAR
encampment Boston this summer.

Alfred Johnson, sawmill; to start up again next week.          /    Arthur Ellingsen.

C Timmons, cannery man.    /
M L Martin, piano tuner, jewelry store, O C Sanford.  

Candidates S P Pierce, R D Hume, John S Coke.  [should be cp?]     /
E E Labrie, Douglas county, arrived on horseback to look after large property Fat Elk; home
in day or 2.

M/M WC Rose.        Edwin Ellingson, St. Louis, other on tour.  /
Jack Tawse and wife, Riverton; E T Kruse, owner Elizabeth.   [red ck mark]

John Conger, Miss Stella Conger.         /
Jas Mars and family; R E L Bedellion, Bandon; to North Bend to look after woolen mill.  /
  Sol Culver; horse-buggy, river. 

Geo Laird, came over from Marshfield Wednesday and will probably remain here this
summer.  He has been employed on the railroad as fireman, but owing to dull times his train
and its crew have been laid off for the present.  +  [cp]

Mr. Baux, charge of Nosler & Lyons steam laundry.  /
Judge Nosler and wife [after nine month visit to California and other, apparently returning.]

John Offield, Cunningham farm, Albert Bettys.          /
John E Perrott, A G Hoyt, to Odd Fellows grand lodge.

A O Emmett, San Francisco, black sand mines this county.    /
E S Dean, T J Thrift, politic   /
Wm Westbrook, Eden Valley, says panther story published January 8 is not overdrawn.

Messrs.  Seabrook, Lee and Siglin passed through this place Tuesday for Myrtle Point, where
they opened a campaign that night in behalf of the democratic ticket.  They expect to speak at
different points in the county, and their itinerary [print] is announced in another column.  + 

John Aasen went to Marshfield on Thursday’s train for the purpose of negotiating for a
locomotive engine to use in the Aasen Bros.’ logging camp.  The engine he had in view is one
formerly used on Coos River by the Simpson Lumber Co.  +  [cp]

John Rowan, Hall’s creek, accident; tree.    /
 Johnny Johnson, meat man; Coquille Valley Packing Co.

Embroidered lace hose, Mrs. Nosler’s.       /    Geo Wimer has fine yearlings to trade for
cream separator.
M H Hersey, first grade Spokane flour, the Superb, also fresh Buckwheat, Graham, and
Wholewheat.  Snowflake and Sperry’s’s always in stock.     
/ T L Graves selling all his old photos before leaving town.  nq.

Vegederma, Herpicide, Quinine Tonic, McDonald’s barber shop. /
wanted one good horse or team will be taken on piano trade by F M Furman, Marshfield.   /
 2 pound butter squares 40 c; short weight squared 30 c for cash, Coquille Ice & Cold Storage.  

extra nice canned fruit and vegetables, M H Hersey, 3 can Tomato 25 c.  2 can peas 25 c, corn
10 c can, beans 10 c can, peas, peaches, plums, apricots, strawberries.

Coq B 673  May 20, 1904   

Enamelware (buckets, dishpans, preserving kettles, other) prizes for Prize Baking Powder,
Hersey’s nq at all.  /
Man wanted to cut brush, about May 1. Call Geo Belloni, Coquille. At Figg place.  nq at all.

Letter from Geo A Robinson, tour: over Coquille bar, San Francisco, Salt Lake City,
[description]; Grand Junction and scenic tours; Denver.  /
Doggeral about baseball, b.

[M. former item said Seabrook, Siglin, and Lee.   New items says Sherwood, Seabrook, Lee;
doesn’t mention Siglin.]  [should be cp?]

[article on ] Coquille school close; reception, school work on display; Misses Rich, Getty,
Prof Anderson;  i.  

Supplement to Coquille B, May 20, 1904.

Political items, [all]
[Comments on demo-republicans.  Mentioned: A J Sherwood, R C Lee, Robert Burns;
Schiller Hermann.]
     In the issue of May 12, the Mail demands to know what there is for our representatives in
the legislature to fight for anyway.  In the vein of this patriotic journal there is nothing to be
done for Coos. it matters not if its representives demand nothing; advocate and obtain nothing
for Coos, so long as they are republicans.
     But we say different.  It is a matter of fact that Coos county has not been recognized in our
legislature since the days of J. M. Siglin and J. D. Garfield, who were both democrats and
obtained a recognition from a republican legislature. 
And why?
     Because they were able advocates and fighters for our interests.  Our representatives since
have done nothing.  Why?  Because they were republicans simply, without the other
qualifications of the office...Chamberlain Demo Club.
[M. note J M Siglin listed in Peterson’s history; does not tell relation to Z T Siglin]   [<should
be cp?]

May 27, 1904

Steamer Elizabeth arrived May 17; passengers Jack Tawse, [ others]. Sailed 20, 40 ton coal,
and other freight; Dr. E J Leonard, wife and son; R B Ray, Maud Ray, Lyle Ray, R H
Vermillion, Miss Sarah Fahy, [other].  [red ck mark]

Mr. Bryan on Demo party.  /
[A lot of political poetry in these papers; not too valuable, mostly mudslinging.] 

Terence V Powderly, once grand master Knights of Labor.  National filler [“what’s in a
name."  M]

[Lengthy article on Hermann’s policies in congress, other candidates or whatever; all slanted
political; doesn’t think Hermann gets much credit for the harbor improvements in Coos.
[again, remember it’s election time and this is a demo paper. M] other persons mentioned:
Judge J H Schroeder, Ex-Governor Chadwick. General Joseph Lane, Jas Slater, Stephen
Chadwick, Mr. Whittaker.]

Diatribe on Mr. Coke.  Mail “In 1896, when Mr. coke used his influence to help elect. J W
Bennett, the latter was running as a gold-standard democrat.” [Bulletin says demo state
convention spring 1896 declared for unlimited coinage silver.  nq.   [cp]

[Article on] Judge J W Hamilton as nominee, lengthy.  Also J S Lawrence, Robert Burns,
Sherwood, Lee, John Bear, E W Fahy, T J Thrift, A H Mulkey, David Fulton and other
officers running (Hadsall, Dr. Murphy).

Coq B 674  May 27, 1904   

     ...For Sheriff, Taylor Siglin will carry the banner of victory as he did fourteen years ago to
the same position.  Here is another man whose former experience in the same office has fitted
him for his position so that no extra expense will be incurred for instructions.  Mr. Siglin’s
former record in this office is without stain or blemish and his popularity is so great where he
is best known that his neighbors are all ready to "swear by Taylor."  We predict for Mr. Siglin
the largest majority ever received by any candidate on any ticket for any office in Coos
county.  +  [cp]

B. Recorder.  A J Sherwood, T J Thrift, [comments.]    [M. 2004.  Political?]  /
From Elk City Vim  [paper?]; [comments on ] Mr. Hermann. /
[ 20 c per 100 advance in sugar; trusts are raising their campaign fund ]
     Excursions: Myrtle Point ball game, Welcome / Dispatch-Favorite from Fishtrap to
Bandon, excursion.  The steamer Liberty has been chartered by the Beaver Hill people for the
same day [June 5] and will leave Beaver Slough at B H 7:30 AM.  The Bandon band has been
engaged for this occasion and will dispense music for the entertainments of the excursionists.
     Excursion rates will be given on all of the above occasions.  +   [red ck mark]   [cp]

Stat on schoolhouse addition, also bills; Leneve & McDuffee, Matheson, Kelley, Krewson &
Goodman, L H Morgan.

[Lengthy testimonials  for] David Fulton, county treasurer.   /
Recital, Miss Latourette leaving [more].

E A Adams, Myrtle Point.            A Henry, Bandon.          M L Martin, piano tuner.        K H
Hansen, Gravel Ford.     John Curren, Myrtle Point Hotel.             Clay Lewis, Parkersburg.  
[< red dot]

Rally this place June 2nd.  Free boats.  nfq.

Chris Rasmussen, Bandon.          Mrs. Fannie Dyer, Bandon.        John Clinton, a fox terrier.       
John Danielson, Parkersburg. [red dot]           /
 Ball game last Sunday Myrtle Pont13, Norway 15.

Jesse G Leneve, Bear Creek.          J S Coke, b. [should be cp?]     /
  W H Gamble, North Bend, livestock-meat, b.  /
 W H Ray.    J A Devaul.          Sherwood, Lee, Seabrook.      Krewson & Goodman, contract
for residence.

Miss Cora Burns, Maud Ray.         /
County Surveyor Cathcart, F P Norton, C M Hermann, roads, b.   /
Earl Nosler, Fred Davis, Bert Hollenbeck, O B Hollenbeck AOUW.

Miss Wickham, granulated eyelids./
marriage licenses J M McDonald and Fanny Oldland, Geo A Johnson and Lilly F Wilcox.

Very pleasant evening at Wickham house.   /
Professor Schultz, Jas Morrison, Randolph, Salmon Mountain mines.    /
J A Jacobsen, North Bend. 

Captain Vale Perry, politic, other.  Robert Burns, politic.    /
 Carman & Krites, sawmill Prosper, building residences; Sam Sherwood.

W.  L Mast, Coos Bay harbor.     / 
R S Knowlton, new residence; Krewson & Goodman.     /
 Wm Cox, Mrs. J W Leneve.  Miss Elsie Tillman, St. Louis, [other]; Sue Tuttle, Mae Boyrie. /
Rebekah entertainment; officers Chase, Hayes, Slagle, Conger.

A. McLaughlin and wife, of Beaver Hill, were in this city, shopping, last Tuesday, and Mr.
McLaughlin made arrangements with the steamer Liberty to carry the Beaver Hill people to
Bandon on an excursion Sunday, June 5th. +  [cp]  [red ck mark]

Miss Virgie Gage. [<should be cp]  /
Elijah Smith, Empire Cannery, Parkersburg; fishermen.    [red dot] 

Mrs. C M Grimes [not local??] judge Potter, politic.    /
Judge Schroeder, Arago, samples of his brick.    /
 Mr. Jackson, Parkersburg.  [red dot]

Coq B 675 May 27, 1904   

W A Greek, of Roseburg, arrived Thursday on his fourth annual trip to Bandon beach.   This
is also his third trip with a wheelbarrow, when he has walked and wheeled his camping outfit. 
He is prepared this year to repair and cover umbrellas and will visit this place for that purpose
some time next month.  =

Wm Dungan, salesman, Royal Tailor’s, ill while in town.

[Lengthy on the]  school closing for year; teachers, work , Mother’s and Teachers
Association, Woman’s Study Club.[boost to M.T. Assn], prizes, [other].

[Lengthy on recital]  of pupils of Miss Latourette: and pupils Sherwood, Hanly, Boyd;
proceeds to Academy for piano.  Admission 25 c.

June 3, 1904

[Lengthy article on why ]Colonel Robert M Veatch should be elected to congress from first
congressional district. [Hermann, opponent, mentioned].  /
[Lengthy on Hermann and a Land contest.]

Jas Watson.              C S Elliott, owner of Page & Smith sawmill below Bandon.  /
Miss Fanny Getty, school, other.  /
 Excursions to beach [same as last week description, only new item.]

W T Kerr.        Miss Rose Mulkey.            J C Haynes, Myrtle Point.              Mesdames w H
Lyons, J A Lamb, Fred Slagle.             Z C Strang, store indir.       M G Pohl, Myrtle Point.         
Arthur Coach and Ed Clinton, mink.  /
Carl Walker.     Wm Cox, Mrs J W Leneve.          /
V N Perry. [Evidently means he isn’t city marshall, as Mail had said].

T R Sheridan, Roseburg, in company with Geo Steele, Michigan lumberman, through this
place on return from Marshfield to Roseburg.   [cp]

Emil Peterson, H W Strahon, Hugh Leneve, North Bend, bicycles, b.      / 
 J E Perrott, poultry.    /
Judge Schroeder’s brick making machinery; L J Simpson indir.

Supt. Hennessey, of the Libby mines, was in town Monday and extended his trip to Bandon,
returning Tuesday. +

Wild pigeons; hunting to relieve the farmers of the grain destroyers.   /
 John Anderson, J R Fitzhugh, Denmark, Curry; schnr Zenith.           /
E LC Farrin.

[Lengthy article on Robert Burns, candidate. ]  [  R D Hume mentioned.]

[Lengthy on ]democratic rally, excursion by steamer Echo, Favorite; Bandon band; Ladies
orchestra North Bend; A J Sherwood, Seabrook, Burns, Lee mentioned.] 
     ...Of the speakers, time and space forbid our doing them justice.  Taylor Siglin opened the
speaking and in a short and timely address connived his hearers that he has the courage to face
an audience as well as the dangers of the sheriff’s office.  Taylor strengthened the strong ties
of friendship which the audience already had for him and made the assurance of his election
doubly sure....   +  [cp]

Politic, comments on R D Hume, Radium paper; Judge Hamilton.       David Fulton.       Mr.
Coke.  [<should be cp?]   Binger Hermann.            A J Sherwood.

The Steele & Freeland Moving Picture Show at Masonic Hall June 11.  +

[Commentary on Binger Hermann. ] (Oregon Daily Journal).

(Bandon Recorder).  The jovial countenance of Taylor Siglin shone in this locality last
Sunday while that gentleman was looking after the vulnerable places in the fortress of his
political opposition for the honor of sheriff of Coos County.  Taylor is the democratic
candidate for sheriff, and was interviewing the voters and renewing old acquaintances.  Taylor
is one of the best known men in Coos county, and being a man of good business ability and
integrity, will make not only a speedy race, but an officer who has been tried and found true. 
+  [cp]

Dr. Kirshman, dentist.  / 
Wm Croy sold candy-fruit stall to Mrs. Garten.   /
 Strawberry boxes, Skeels.    /   
 Fancy Dates at Our Way.         /    Wes Bean.

Coq B  676-80  June 3, 1904

Miss Lucia Sperry.            Prof and Mrs. E A Anderson.            Miss Sarah Johnson.     Oliver

Nosler & Lyons steam laundry.     /
J M Hughes, socialist speaker, addressed people in Coquille Tuesday eve.  nq.

W C Rose.         John McCue.    /         
C A Gage moved from Mrs. Robison’s house, E end 2nd street, to the bank building.   [<
should be cp?]   /
Geo Laird, donkey engine Nonda Anderson logging camp.     /        

 Mrs. J C Moomaw.          /
Frank Davey, republican big gun, did arrive to speak.   /
C W Martin shoe store move from Hawkins building to own building next door to Bulletin.

John Lander.       /    Grace and Lee Bridges, Belle Rich, Edna Anderson.         /
Chas Adams, Myrtle Point blacksmith.    

Cy Goodman, accident, other.  /
Col Coach, timber and coal land on Lampa.

Dr. Snook.        /
Evening Post, new daily at North Bend.  /
Jas Walstrom and wife, Parkersburg.  [red dot]

Work on new house at poor farm.     /
Perry Robison, Mrs. A P Moller.      /
Mary Downing musician of Ashland, here to give instruction on piano.

Allen Joy, Portland, to speak at courthouse; train will run.   [cp]

B F Collier and E A Wimer.                Mrs., Miss and Master Irvine.             H P Bohlen, W H
Ray.   /
Memorial day observances.  /
Recital by Latourette entertaining.

T J Little and wife.   /
Marriage licenses Sherman Short and Josie Anderson; G A Henry and L M Shannon.  /
 J J Curren, Coquille.

A J Hartman, Bandon lodge AOUW.    /
Alex Stauff, has published a biographical history.    /
M/M M J Anderson, Mrs. C J Franchi, Miss Thiel (the North Bend orchestra). [M another
entry said a ladies’ orchestra, but evidently was a man along’ also, an orchestra of just 4!]

Public school close, more. /
Death of Mrs. R C Lee.    /
Steamer Elizabeth arrived in Bandon May 27, 60 hours from San Francisco; sailed May 29;
200,000 feet lumber, 80 cords matchwood, 40 tons coal, 50,000 white cedar shingles,
passengers Captain Levi Snyder, Oliver Wilson.  [red ck mark]

Allegany.  Bert Gould.    Carrie Rodin.    Virgie Gage.   [<should be cp]

Woman’s Study club meeting.  Mrs. Handsaker (Scarlet Letter review), Mrs. Sperry, Hazard,
Snook, Irvin, musical program; [other]; Mrs. Snook, Mrs. Haberly.

Pride of the North corn, Knowltons.     /  Children’s Hoods and Mull Tams, Mrs. Balch’s.   /    
Drane keeps Horseradish put up by Bob Dean. +   /    Finest lot of shoes, Skeels.

The Ladies’ Aid of the ME church will serve coffee and sandwiches, strawberries and cream
and cake on election day, June 6th, all day at the Pharmacy building.

Mr. Bryan on the demo party.

June 10, 1904    B676-80

Mr. Bryan on Demo party –favors admissions territories of New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma;
territory of Alaska granted delegate in congress.

Coos county count for election returns [lists all candidates and votes, but not which position
running for] Siglin 1249.  [cp]

Commissioner of General Land Office, important case; person can’t vote in a precinct several
miles from his claim, while vowing that he was a resident of the precinct in which homestead
was located.  nq at all.

Prizes offered to person who writes best answer to question what are advantages and
disadvantages of this section? [prize and contest not local, evid. an Oregon boomer or Coos? 
Would still qualify].

Coq B 681  June 10, 1904   

Council proceedings; bills and salary; J M Whetstone, work on curfew; Goodman and
Krewson, moving curfew.  W W Gage, night-watchman. [,should be cp]     Retiring officers
of council; new members Sherwood, Harlocker, Lorenz, Stanley, Davenport.  [Mentions]
Hazard, E G D H olden, J J Lamb, C M Skeels, appointment R S Knowlton treasurer, Lee
Goodman, marshal; W T Kerr, council.  [Lists other] officers Leach, Johnson, Burns, other.   /
Annual report of city treasurer of City of Coquille, cash on hand and disbursements for year.

Masonic Hall, Coquille, 2 nites, Miss Corrine Snell, Alfred Aldridge, Empire Stock Co. Plays,
[lists also] prices, other towns of performance.

Mrs. R O Hoberg, Norway.            Miss Elsie Tilman.             Mrs Chas Lorenz, Bandon.        
Attys Seaman, J T Hall. /
  W A Bean.           Mrs. J M Byers, North Bend; family Coquille.    /  Mrs. J W Briggs.    
Fred Nosler, Bridge.

Peter Nichols, B F Crow, sheep.   /
A school meeting June 20.    /
E J Bigelow, Eckley, election returns.

Mrs Fred Slagle.          Mrs. Fred Barker, Barker ranch.      /   Mrs. Rose Martin.  /
Miss Effie Collier, teacher South Slough.   /
 J J Owings and Henry Cooper, photographers.  /
 Moving picture show at the Masonic hall next Saturday night.  +

Mrs. W T Dement, M/M B F Figg.         MM Marton [as typed]  Alexson. /  Nels Rasmussen,
Bandon.     /
W L Kistner, new buggy, J A Lamb.   /
A G Aiken, Salmon mountain and Sixes mines.

Dr. Culin expects to start for Portland in his automobile next Tuesday to attend the Masonic
grand lodge.  +

Miss Pearl Walker, Bandon.               /
Miss Flora Walser, North Bend woolen mill.    /
 A M Simpson.       Will Sanderson.        H T Schweers.     /
Jack Leach, accident, Dr. Russell.

Mrs. A Fenoglio, of Beaver Hill, was trading in town Thursday and paid the Bulletin office a
pleasant call and added her name to our subscription list. +  [cp]

D R Toy, Myrtle Point telephone office, [other].   /
Peter Culver [to Willapa lifesaving service ].    /
Ball game Myrtle Point, between Norway and Myrtle Point; street parade, led by mules;
music by band. 

Mrs. Wooten, Miss Inez Lusk, J W Huff, Miss Beamis, Miss Grace Bridges, Irma Yoakam,
Belle Rich, school departments.

Report on excursions mentioned last week.
     The various excursions last Sunday were decided successes.  The Dispatch and Favorite
carried passengers from along the river to Bandon and the Steamer Liberty carried the people
from Beaver Hill to the same place.  All three boats were crowded to their fullest capacity and
everything went merry as the marriage bells [print].  The day was rather cloudy but there was
little or no wind on the beach which made it an ideal day.  The band met the boats at the
landing and discoursed sweet strains to the delight of all.  An exciting ball game was played
on the Bandon diamond and all lovers of the national sport had an opportunity to indulge in
their favorite pastime.    +
     Echo ran excursion to Myrtle Point for Woodmen to see unveiling of Erdice monument. 
nq at all. N [M 2005: commemorating death of Erdice]

W T Kerr and Alex Snyder, leased Lyons sawmill, started up, i.

Good show coming, Steel & Freeland.  i. (2).  / One of the plays is called Married by mistake
nq at all.  [M. 2 items, or 1?]   /
New; Coquille Steam Laundry started up.  i. 

Steamer Elizabeth arrived June 4; Mrs. E L Carman, Miss Carman, Lucia Sperry, J C Rouse
[as typed], G W Shelby, Geo Rackleff, Ex C H Bunch and wife [as typed].  Sailed June 8
240,000 feet lumber, 40 ton coal, 50 cord matchwood, 100,000 white cedar shingles; J B
Melson, G J Strong, J C Rouse  [as typed].   [red ck mark]

Coq B 682  June 17, 1904   

Mr. Bryan on Demo party.

[Election reflections about A J Sherwood, losing for joint senator by 9 votes.  Judge Hamilton
comments; election fraud comments; also some about Teddy Roosevelt.]
     ...If the election is contested and North Bend precinct is thrown out on account of the many
alleged frauds, it will change the result to the extent of electing Mr. Sherwood as Joint
Senator and Mr. Siglin as Sheriff.  [last part +  cp  ]

(Coast Mail).  Born to L R Robertson, daughter.             Steamer Breakwater sailed San
Francisco June 12 laden with coal and other exports; W O’Connell, Mrs. Metz, Miss Metz, J
A Metz, Mrs. L Metz, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Ellerby, Mr. Steel, 13 steerage.

(CB News).  Dr. Steel.        C H Merchant.            /  E B Burns, Gas schooner Rio Rey.        
Miss Esther Lando.      Store building W U Douglas, Front Street.    U L Gray, Myrtle Point,
painting scenery for opera house, Masonic temple.

(CB News).  Half-way house on Coos Bay wagon road, fire; old landmark.      Albert
Campbell, Will Bernitt, Ray Tibbetts, bicycle, to visit world fair.

J N Summerlin.       J W Felter, Bandon.     M/M Henry Radabaugh.  J A Devaul, Norway.      
M/M DR Toy.     /
Levi Snyder, Breakwater.         /
Sawmill [probably Lyons] running 5/4 time.    /
 Mrs. J T Hall; Marshfield, Arago.

Dr. Prentis, dentist, Bandon.     /
R A Easton, Dora, farm produce.       /
Annie and Florence Goodman, Proper; Coquille indir. 

M/M Jas French, Arago, dental work.   /
Mrs Peter Johnson, Mrs. Chas Nordstrom.       W A Bean.      A D Border, Myrtle Point. 

Letter from W C Rose; G W White.      M/M Chas Lorenz, Mrs. C M Skeels.            Thos
Coke.         Mrs. Fred Slagle./
 H J Blaesing, Portland, who started marble works here years ago.

Dr. Kime, former Bandon; now Eureka.       /
B B Teeters, Fairview.         M/M  J R McGee.   /
Miss Cora Burns, accident; children’s day services.  

V N Perry.   /
E d Lorenz, Henry Smith; to ball game Marshfield-North Bend.     /
Mrs. Cal Slagle, Mrs. E E Johnson, Mrs. B F Lawrence.

R E Shine.   /
Ross Deyoe, Myrtle Point, horses.    /
Coquille fire co to have contest drill. /
J H Wadman, Bridge, horse breed.     /       L H Heisner, Marshfield teamster; horses.

W T Burton, closed restaurant on account ill health wife and hard to get kitchen help.  Will
sell fruit, nuts, candies.  /
John F Donnelly, Spokane, blacksmith.    /  
 Grandma Collier, accident.   /
 S B Cathcart.     /
Miss Inez Thompson, again having throat trouble; electric treatment with Dr. Straw.

Fraternal aid assn, officers Tuttle, Russell, Whetstone, Harrington, Hite. Stella Webb,
Bledsoe, Holland.

Dr. Culin started for Portland last Monday in his auto.  Various reports have been received as
to his progress but their reliability is questioned.  One trustworthy report says that he was seen
Tuesday this side of Roseburg on the stage and that his auto was laid up for repairs some
place on the road.  +

Mrs. J A Jacobson, ill; Mrs. Ed Jacobson.   /
AOUW picnic planned.

Marshfield plans for 4th; eagle will scream, celebrate in manner never seen Coos; gunboat,
carnival queen, water exhibition, grand parade flotilla. [more].

Company of artists, 20, Empire Stock Co; AOUW auspices, plays about labor n q at all.  /
Married - Sadie Johnson, Coquille; Frank Young, Coquille.  More.   /
Piano lessons by Mary Downing, Ashland.  More.

[List of] justices and constables for various districts, including A G Aiken, Blakerby, E B
Price, Jas Vowell, Wm Rohm.]

Coq B 683  June 17, 1904   

[Official returns of election; these are Coos returns only, not statewide.]    Won. Binger
Herman, congress 1st district.   J W Hamilton, Circuit judge.    A J Sherwood, joint senator.
[M.  Note remember, the Curry vote, which defeated him, is not included .]    S P Pierce,
Curry, for Joint Rep.  Schiller Hermann, representative.   & Stephen Gallier, Sheriff.  James
Watson, Co Clerk.  JB Dulley, Treas.  Assessor T J Thrift. School Supt W H Bunch. 
Surveyor C S McCulloch. Coroner Everett Mingus. [<cp]  Commissioner (4 year) Lloyd
Spires.  Commissioner (2 year) E A Anderson.  Justice of peace, District 3 J G Cecil. 
Constable.  J E Perrott.  Local option liquor law yes.  Direct primary and nominating election
law, yes.  Total votes in county 2825. [M.  ie, voters].

June 24, 1903
[Comments on proposition to build canal in Panama.]   /
Mr. Bryan on demo party.

Navigation problems on North Fork Coquille River, Gravelford downstream.

Coquille Academy Notes.  Academy building possibly to be sold, but school to continue. 

A Western Tourist’s View of the Exposition, St. Louis.  [Lengthy,] by Geo A Robinson.

R B Henry.          R C Lee.            Henry SengstackenJ  S Lawrence.  /
L R Woodward, Arago Post Office, burned by fire.

Dr. J C Snook.       /
 R W Bullard, Bullard’s Ferry  /
 M/M Chas Eckhoff, North Bend.   

Steamer Dispatch special schedule for 4th of July.  [red ck mark]  /
T J Thrift director, O C Sanford re-elected clerk, at school meeting.

Norway 4th.  W B Rohrer.    / 
R E Shine; vp 1st National Bank, Coquille, [other].

Mesdames M McDonald, J T Nosler.  Mrs. Robert Tyrrell.       

Josh Leash, position purser Dispatch; A W Varney looking after Josh’s place.  [red ck mark]

J H Nasburg.    /
Walter Hodges, Fishtrap, accident, horse.  

Wm Albee, accident, shingle mill, Arago.   /
 E T Kruse, owner new steamer Elizabeth.      [red ck mark]

 Warren Laird, accident.  /
Chas Mansell, accident, Dean & Sherrard’s sawmill east of town.

M/M Chas Fox; Glen Barker camp near Fairview.    /  
Mrs. J A Lamb lawn party.

Chas Olive, accident, LA    /            Bert Dean, new house, accident. 

[ Commentary on ] Empire Stock Co plays, not favorable; audiences don’t like labor plays.   

J H Magill, accident.            /
Mr. Garten. 

James Keane, actor, Coquille, coming. [Lengthy article on Keane; also ad for his
performance, A Mexican Romance].

School library open during vacation.  /
Steamer Elizabeth arrived June 16 E T Kruse.  Sailed June 18, lumber 30 ton coal, other.

July 1. 1904

[These papers are full of business ads, see for help when needed].

[Lengthy statement of] inquest on death of infant of M/M Earl Steele, head crushed to death. 
Some say father killed, others???  [Names mentioned], Dr. Russell, Mr. Farrin, atty; Dr.
Culin.  C GA Gage, foreman coroner’s jury. [M note, evid. an illegitimate child, the husband
evidently killed.  Pregnancy had been kept secret].  Judge Sperry, Judge Holden, Stephen
Gallier [also mentioned].  Dr. Culin testified husband and wife both asked him to do
something to let her [wife] die. [ M.  Or maybe husband was talking about child.  Not too

This is last issue of Bulletin; sold to D F Dean, who will combine with his paper for a semi-
weekly paper.

Coq B  684 June 24, 1904  [as typed but it has to be  July  1, 1904]

[Lengthy article on ] Coquille, Mayor’s Address by Mayor J  J Stanley to council, tells of his
duty in communicating, financial condition, principal issue still water system; utilities,
telephone, other.  Need for city-owned pesthouse or hospital for indigents.  Proper drainage
and sewer.  Problems in city ordinances; needed more stringent ordinance taxing peddlers and
vendors, ordinance against vagrancy.  More city wharf room needed.

Miss Florence Atkinson, Coquille.    /
Married Marshfield Virginia Covert, F B Jackson.    /    Born South Coos River, Geo Beal;
daughter; born Marshfield John S Coke, Jr, son.

Frank Lowe, Wm Holland shop, lighthouse service, skiffs. 

CB Packing co, cannery Marshfield; R E Shine; Captain J S  Polhemus.  (CB News)

(CB News) S surveying party in charge of Engineer Whereat, are [print] at work between
Clear Lake in the Ten Mile country, and North Slough.  If practicable it is the intention to
bring water from Clear Lake to North Bend.  + [cp]

Steamer Elizabeth arrived in Bandon; M H Hersey, D H Johnson.  Sailed Monday 200,00 feet
lumber, 100 cords matchwood, 40 ton coal, 20 tons merchandise, D S Rouse, Mrs. D Perkins,
J L Kroenberg, E T Kruse.  [red ck mark]

Council proceedings.  Knowlton, Goodman.  Liquor license J P Tupper 6 month   council to
occupy their present rooms for ensuing year.  Water rates for creameries and laundry ($2
creamery, $4 laundry, per month).  Krewson & Goodman, sidewalks.

Dr. Swenson, of Beaver Hill, was in town last Friday. +   [cp]

Arthur Ellingsen. 

Duncan Urquhart paid visit to Myrtle Point [M, doesn’t say where he is from].

Norway, 4th, b.         /
 Excursion rates on steamer Favorite to Bandon to see Keane Co.     [red ck mark]

Jonathan Quick.        /
Judge Holden acting coroner, Steele infant.

Miss Clare Sherwood; carnival queen Marshfield celebration.     /
Married, Edward Gillespie and Lou Marsden.  

 M H Hersey, Dave Johnson.   / 
Dr. Russell.

The Riverton coal mines shut down last week and the machinery was removed.  This is on
account of lack of shipping facilities. +

Steamer Liberty, special sked for 4th; also Dispatch sked, same.  [red ck mark]

Mrs. L H Hazard.      Dr. M M Murphy, Marshfield.         R B Ray, now in Kansas.  /

Notice on contest for school children’s garden; Women’s Study Club, Mrs. Snook.

E L C Farrin.             Mrs. A H Mulkey.        Kenneth Lawrence.       Mrs. Arthur Ellingsen,
Captain O P Ellingson./

Robert Burns and J  J Stanley, partnership-law, real estate, insurance.

Ernest Beekman, working for Bulletin, now taken up homestead.   /
 Married Neil Hosking and Miss Isabel Lamont, North Bend woolen mills.

Frank Wyland, accident, Howell’s logging camp.  /
James W., Geo Laird taken over Tupper Hotel, Bandon; R E L Bedelion to manage North
Bend woolen mills.

E T Kruse, river trade prospects. [he is ship owner; not pleased with spirit in area; may pull
present steamer off river for good; comments of editor.]   [red ck mark]

Earl Simpson, Coquille, built dynamo, switchboard for telephone offices, other.  A budding
young electrician in town.  [Very lengthy, i.] [2nd Edison in our midst.]

Very lengthy, i, on Keane Co; “A Mexican Romance;” type of play, sked locally, other.

Phone orders, W T Kerr & Co   n q at all.   /
Recipe for "good rusk" [biscuits].

~End of Bulletins.

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