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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
 This is not a comprehensive list of news items.
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The Corvallis Gazette   Corvallis, Or.  
      chronological; re-keyworded July 2009

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June 21

interest Item invention superlative  CG8 June 21, 1878 
[lengthy descr of Edison's phonograph, what gave him idea to make, how it
     ...The original vibrations are thus exactly reproduced, setting up sound-
waves in the air precisely like those which first set the machine in motion.
Consequently, the listener hears a minutely exact echo of what the instrument
heard; it might have heard it a minute, or an hour, or a year, or a thousand
 years before, had the phonograph been in use so long.  [M. uses strips of foil
 inscribed by stylus from vibrations of diagphram in telephone receiver.] 
     What a wonderful result is that! As yet, the phonograph has not been put to
any practical use; indeed, it is scarcely in operation yet, and a great deal must
be done to increase the delicacy of its hearing and the strength of its voice. It
mimics any and every sort of sound with marvelous fidelity, but weakly. Its
speech is like that of a person a long way off, or in another room. But its
possibilities are almost infinite.   ---St. Nicholas.  +  [M. note:  a magazine.]

Politic Locale-CoosCounty Locale-CurryCounty locale-  CG 8 June 21, 1878 
 Democrats, Senators to next legislature, Oregon; Coos and Curry, A C
Brown. [M.  It doesn't list Douglas county, or indeed most of the counties.] 
Representatives:    Republ. Benton, Tolbert Carter. Coos and Curry, M.
Representatives, Demo; Coos. J.H. Schroeder; Douglas, Jas Chenoweth, A T
Campbell, John Stewart, Henry Beekly; Marion co. F X Mathieu.

name-Applegate paper OT-Ashland  CG8 June 21, 1878  
[Capt 0 C Applegate mentioned, retiring fm Ashland Tidings; Mr J M Sutton to
take his place.]   

novelty-woolen OT-Brownsville OT-SF animal-sheep  CG8  June 21, 1878
     Thomas Kay,  superintendent of the Brownsville Woolen Mills, while in San
Francisco recently, bought 46,000 pounds of wool for that institution.  +

mining locale-DouglasCounty  CG8  June 21, 1878
articles of incorporation filed for cinnabar mine Douglas co, Dr J P Gill and J W
Jackson; yields are rich in quicksilver. 

paper health OT-Corvallis  CG8  June 21, 1878
W B Carter, editor of Corvallis Gazette; Jas Yantis and Capt Boswell to look
after his columns while he takes journey for health.

June 28,1878

climate crop locale-Oregon  CG8  June 28, 1878  
rain much needed nearly all parts Western Or;  late sown grain will yield little
without it. nq

Crime county? Tot-Empire superlative health-death locale-  CG8 June 28, 1878
     Seveir [sic] Lewis has been convicted of murder in Coos county and
sentenced to be hung on the 9th day of August, at Empire City. This will be
the first execution ever had in the county.  Lewis killed his half brother about
a year and a half ago while he was plowing in the field, shooting him three
times, and once after he was down. The case was so aggravated that his
lawyers had no hopes of his acquittal, but made a strong effort to have the
degree reduced so as to result in imprisonment instead of hanging.  +

judge court- OT-Roseburg  CG 8 June 28, 1878  
Judges Kelsey and Burnett to Roseburg to attend session Circuit court that
place in session.

srh-river srh- OT-Corvallis OT-Albany climate condit  CG 8 June 28, 1878  
Stmr McCullough made her last trip for present to Corvallis Sun. last, water so low
she 4 hrs between Corvallis - Albany.


July 5, 1878

Crime Locale-CoosCounty health-death  CG8 July 5, 1878 
     Sevier [sic] Lewis, who is to be hanged in Coos county for the murder of his brother,
was convicted entirely on the testimony of father and son, who came two hundred 
miles to give evidence against him.  +

Srh-river Srh-boat Srh-freight disaster shipwreck OT-Albany CG8 July 5, 1878
Stmr A A McCully struck on what is known as the Occident snag, sank below
the guard, careening to one side; none of freight damaged; bound for Albany;
Stmr S T Church went to her rescue.

OT-Corvallis mill  CG9 July 5, 1878  
Corvallis Saw Mill, W S McCullough, prop.

July 12 , 1878

Fair-expo OT-Paris Locale-France  CG9 July 12, 1878  
opening of' World's Fair of 1878, Paris, by pres. French Republic.  

politic official-state Racism/ethnic war law?  CG9 July 12, 1878 
[Gov.]  S F Chadwick signs letters abt Indian war.  

OT-CamasPrairie OT- CG9 July 12, 1878 
Camas Prairie, Pilot Rock, Pendleton, Baker co. [mentioned.]   

name-Hume Srh-ocean Srh-river Srh-RogueRiver Srh-EelRiver Srh-ship disaster
shipwreck Locale-RogueRiver Locale-EelRiver OT-SF  CG9 July 12, 1878 
      R. D. Hume's steamer, the Alex Dannae [sic], which ran from San Francisco
to the mouth of Rogue river [sic], was wrecked on the bar of Eel river on June
17th.  The crew and cargo were saved, but the vessel is probably a total loss.  +

coal condit Tot-Newport Locale Eastport Locale-CoosBay Locale-Southport
home-seekers  CG9 July 12, 1878
     All the coal mines on Coos Bay are practically shut down.  Eastport end
Newport are closed and Southport is running only about sufficient to keep the
mine open.  Many of the miners are 1ooking about for land claims to make
homes.  + 

July 19, l878

OT-Portland Health-contag  CG9  July 19, 1878  no more small pox in Portland.   

Novelty-woolen OT-Brownsville  CG9  July19, 1878  
woolen mil1s Brownsvi1Ie again in full blast   

Official-state politic  CG9 July 19, 1878   Senator Grover. 

Fruit saying health  CG9 July 19, 1878  
     Green apples and small boys  are beginning to wrest1e, with victory on the
side of  the fruit.  +

paper bicycle pursuit-racing OT-Portland misc-word saying  CG9 July 19, 1878
     Portland has piety on wheels -- [sic] namely velocipede racing on Sunday,
which a city paper calls  "devotion."  +

Srh-river Srh-boat disaster OT-Independence  CG9 July 19, 1878
New stmr A A McCu1ly, punctured on the "Occident snag" near
Independence wk before last, been raised; damage slight.

Crime Locale-  CG9 July 19, 1878
Green, the old man arrested Loon Lake, Douglas co, for murder near Chico
Cal, convicted and sent to penitentiary for life    nq

church Locale- OT- Srh-[   ]  CG9 July 19, 1878
Rev J S McCain, presiding elder this district, thru Corvallis last Wed on way
to attend camp mtg at Graham's, near Toledo, Yaquina Bay, which
commences today.

Interest [  ] CG9-9a July 19, 1878
     The great hoax, the Cardiff giant, was conceived by one George Hull, a
tabacco-sist [sic] of Binghampton, New York. It was the out-growth of a
controversary held one evening in 1866 between Hull and a Rev. Mr. Turk, of
Ackley, Iowa, regarding the former existence of giants in the earth, in which
the latter proved victorious, his ready tongue and loud voice easily bearing
down and overwhelming his opponent.  Hull retired at a late hour; and being
chagrined with his defeat, lay awake the greater portion of the night, thinking
of the extreme gullibility of the world in matters where the Bible could be
cited as evidence, and in planning how to turn this peculiarity to his
advantage. The result was, that he decided upon producing an image which
should, after being buried and exhumed pass muster as a fossil man of unusual
size, being assured that such men as his late opponent in argument would aid
not a little in contributing to the final success of the undertaking.
      In 1868, having studied the subject carefully, and completed his arrangements,
Hull associated himself with one Martin, and proceeded to Fort Dodge, Iowa,
to procure a suitable block from which to carve his image. An acre of
quarry-land was purchased, and work commenced, but only to be soon
abandoned, owing to the extreme friability [sic] of the stone, and the
persistent annoyance of the curious and inquisitive inhabitants of the
neighborhood.  Martin, now thoroughly disgusted, withdrew from the project;
but Hull, hearing of another gypsum bed in a more retired locality, on the line
of the Dubuque & Sioux City Railroad, then in the process of construction,
went thither, and the following Sunday engaged the foreman of the Railroad
gang to employ his men in quarrying out as large a slab as the nature of the
ground would permit, paying for the labor with a barrel of beer.  The result was
a slab weighing three and a half tons, measuring twelve feet length, four in breadth,
and twenty-two inches in thickness. 
     With almost incredible difficulty and labor the block was transported over
forty miles of terrible road to Montana, the nearest railroad station, where it
was shipped to E. Burghardt, Chicago, who had been engaged to grave the
image.  On its arrival at that city, it was moved to Burghardt's barn, which had
been prepared for its reception, and two men at once set to work upon it --
one, Edward Salle, a German, the other an American named Markham.  It was
Hull's desire to represent a "man who had laid down and died," but, as he
entertained doubts as to the universal acception [sic] of the "fossil-man"
theory, it was decided to produce an image that might also pass for an ancient
statue.  This combination of designs was the cause of that curious feature
which attracted notice and provoked discussion when the giant came to be
exhibited, viz., the lack of hair.  -- Dr. G. A. Stockwell in  Popular Science
Monthly.  +

Health-remedy OT-SF  CG 10 July 19, 1878 
Yerba Buena Bitters, purifies the blood, regulates the liver, etc. Crane & Brigham,
agents, SF.  nq

July 26, 1878

Mining Locale-  CG10 July 26, 1878
     J. W. Manning, E.D. Foundray [as I typed it] and John S. Miller have been elected directors
of the Emeline quicksilver mine in Jackson county.   +   

Climate crop OT-Roseburg  CG10 July 26, 1878
Roseburg paper says rains of last week had damaging effect on wheat fields; much
grain was ready for harvesters, prostrated 100's acres wheat, much is total loss.

OT-Salem item misc interest Srh- misc-word history ethnic  CG10 July 26, 1878
Ben Strang, Salem, recently purchased the kettle supposedly on the Franklin
expedition in search of NW passage; copper, Russian workmanship; came
down coast on a late steamer, and is traceable to the Esquimaux [<this word is sic].
It is curiosity worth seeing.   nq at all

RR-Outside Racism/ethnic War locale-  CG10 July 26, 1878
[Yaquina RR, and Indian War,  (E. Oregon, Idaho, etc) still in almost each issue.]  

health-sickness health-death history name-Lane  CG10 July 26, 1878  
death of Nat H Lane, Esq, East Portland; Bright's disease of the kidneys; son of
Gen. Joseph Lane. Nat L. was 54.  

OT-Salem business  CG10 July 26, 1878
Chemeketa hotel, popular resort traveling public Salem; F S Mattews [as I
typed it], prop.

Pioneer politic character health-sickness health-death official-state paper paper-attitude Locale-Oregon OT-  CG10 Aug 2, 1878
     Another worthy and respected Oregon pioneer has been called hence. Died on
the evening of July 28th, at his residence in Portland, after a protracted illness,
Hon. George L. Curry, aged 58 years and 26 days.  Few men are more
intimately or honorably connected with the history of your [as I typed it] young
State, than ex-Gov. Curry -- whose loss is felt by every citizen. Coming to Oregon in
1846, he assumed the editorial charge of the Spectator, at Oregon City, and
from that very time became prominently connected with every important
event in this, then, far-off land. [sic].  From 1854 to 1859, until the
formation of  a State government, he held the position of Governor of the
Territory. In public and private life he was greatly esteemed, being always the
same affable and courteous gentleman. We tender the family and relatives, in
their sad bereavement, our tenderest sympathies, and commend them to the
only source from whence [sic] true comfort and consolation can come.   +

Racism/ethnic RR-outside OT-DallasOr.  CG10 Aug 2, 1878
150 Chinamen working on Dallas line of narrow gauge road,  nq at all.

Novelty-wood misc crime-indir saying  CG10 Aug 2, 1878 
     Wm. Chambers, a genius who unfortunately just now resides in the
penitentiary, has made a table composed of 38,000 pieces, so set as to produce
a most harmonious and pleasing effect.  It is a remarkable piece of
workmanship.   +

Politic official-state title  CG10 Aug 2, 1878  Gov. Chadwick [mentioned.]

Srh-ocean Srh-harbor-refuge Srh-PortOrford Srh-CapeFoulweather paper
Locale-PortOrford Locale-CapeFoulweather  CG10 Aug 2, 1878
     The Roseburg Plaindealer, of July 27th, has an editorial under the above
caption [M. note: head was "OUR HARBORS"], including an extract from
the Coos Bay News, on the same subject.  We heartily endorse the sentiments
advanced by our cotemporary [sic], and should be glad to see the various
improvements referred to, carried out. The article closes with the following
relative to the survey of Port Orford, as a harbor of refuge, which is all very
well, but the editor forgot to say one word about the survey of Cape
Foulweather, for the same purpose:
     The survey of Port Orford may establish the fact of its great utility as a
harbor of refuge, such a harbor as is much Needed [sic] on the coast, all of which
will prove a vast benefit to Southern Oregon and the State at large. + [ M. this has
no quotes or indenting, but is set in smaller type than above article.]   

Invention utility? machine RR-outside Srh- condit? [   ]  CG11 Aug 2, 1878
 exhibition of the Brush dynamo-electric machine given at Palace Hotel, SF.
descr ; powerful light, equal to 4000 candle power, or 450 gas burners;
machine lately introduced extensively in the East, arrangements now in
progress to introduce them to RR depots and lighthouses; steam engine 3 hp
needed to drive the machine; will feed eight lights, cost per month $200,
including wages of employee and interest on investment.

Church health OT-Corvallis OT-Eugene speech travel name-McCain  
CG 11 Aug 2, 1878
Last Sat Rev J S McCain, P E, arr. this city commenced services of 4th
quarterly meeting for Corvallis charge; preaching 2:30 pm, holding quarterly
conf. as usual. Receiving letter , serious illness of wife, imm. started for his
home in Eugene City, to reach there during night.  Sad disappointment to
church, and to 1g. congregation gathered on Sabbath to hear presiding elder;
Bro Paterson took charge services, preaching 11 am, administering sacrament
Lord's Supper, assisted by Rev. J. W. York.

Climate Srh-river Srh-GervaisSlough Srh-McCloskey'sChute Srh-McCloskey 
Srh-boat OT-Corvallis OT-Salem OT-OregonCity Locale- misc-word-snagboat,
wingdams, freshet condit  CG11 Aug 2, 1878
     Low stage of water, uncertainty of steamboats reaching Corvallis, makes item
going its rounds of papers, interesting to Corvallis.  [+?]  The U.S. snagboat
Corvallis is now engaged in removing snags between Salem and Oregon
City, and is doing excellent work; it is now in Gervais Slough, and next week
will proceed to McCloskey's chute [sic] and repair the wingdams, which
were some what  [sic] impaired by the freshet last winter.  +

Aug 9, 1878

Needed crop condit? Locale-Oregon saying  CG11 Aug 9, 1878
WHAT OREGON NEEDS.  [beet root sugar question; its practice would put
money in every pocket]  ...bring contentment and happiness to many farmers
who are now wasting their energies upon unproductive fields. The words of
Mr. Oldendorff should be inscribed in letters of gold at every cross-road in
     "Drainage and clover will work miracles in Oregon.  It will cancel notes,
pay mortgages, extinguish obligations and bring abundance where there is
want."   [M.  evidently Oldendorff was a correspondent to the Oregonian.]

health-sickness health-death health-remedy health-physician OT-LowellMA  
CG11 Aug 9, 1878
Death of Dr. J C Ayer, well known mfg of medicines at Lowell Mass; died,
age 60 yr; obit; town of Ayer named after him; for a year has been under care
of Dr. Ira Russel, death fm general paralysis.  [M.  his medicine wasn't the
cure-all he promised??]

Novelty-brick OT-Portland disaster fire condit-progress  CG 11 Aug 9, 1878
a # of brick bldgs soon to be put up in the burnt district of East Portland; [last week
reported fire,  $l6000.] 

OT-BoiseID  CG11 Aug 9, 1878  [Boise City = Boise, Ida.    M. note]  

invention locale-PacificCoast  CG11 Aug 9, 1878 
list of new patents fm Pac. Coast inventors.   [Also Aug23, 30, Sept 6, 13, 1876]

Aug 23,1878

Book history? Srh Lhc climate Locale-Oregon boomer Locale- OT- Srh-ocean
Srh-river Tot-Multi saying? condit misc-word climate health region-pride-vs-rivalry  
CG11 Aug 23, 1878
     Views of Oregon, by an English Writer. In his book "Oregon, There and Back
in 1877", Mr. Nash vividly describes men and places as they pass before him...
[lengthy ]
     [Nash quote]  "Between the California boundary on the south and the
Co1umbia river on the north are passed Ellensburg at the mouth of the Rogue
river; Port Orford under the shelter of Cape Blanco, Empire City on Coos
Bay, with coal mines recently developed, and yielding well; Gardiner at the
mouth of the Umpqua river; Newport, on Yaquina Bay; Garibaldi, on
Tillamook Bay; and last but not least, Astoria, at the mouth of the great
Columbia, just within the bar."   
       "Each of these little settlements has a character of its own, and each
believes that Portland is nothing to the city which is in course of formation
[sic ] though, in fact, the unbiased visitor notices in each, save in Astoria,  
and at Newport, in [sic] Yaquina Bay, the drawbacks of narrow, or shallow,
or unsheltered harbours [sic], and the rugged or lofty mountains closing out
theharbour and its circumscribed district from the great country behind." 
     "...The Californians call Oregon the "webfoot country" [M.  double quotes
each time, [sic] and say it is only good for frogs and ducks.  But all things
go by comparison, and they do not know our English climate, with its
average of one hundred and fifty rainy days in the year.  
     "To an Englishman, the Oregon climate, at any rate in Benton county,
seemed simply the most delightful and healthful in the world."  +  

Racism/ethnic animal-livestock animal-cattle OT-Yakima war  
CG 12  Aug 23, 1878
Indian scare, Yakima, gradually subsiding;   Indians still congregated at foot
Priest Rapids; subsisting off of cattle belonging to settlers of Yakima.  

Politic  CG 12 Aug 23, 1878   Legislature convenes Mon. Sept 9. Nq 

school state  CG12 Aug 23, 1878  C B McElroy, co. school supt.

mining-indir road labor Tot-Ellensburg OT-Kerbyville  CG12 Aug 23, 1878 
     A force of men are employed opening up a trail from Ellensburg to
Kerbyville, a distance of forty or forty five miles [sic; no hyphen].  +

Mail OT-ReddingCA OT-Roseburg  CG12 Aug 23, 1878  
contract for carrying U S mails Redding-Roseburg let to Mr. Wms for sum of
$55,000 per annum. Nfq   [M 2004, that seems awfully high.]

mining locale-SixesRiver Srh-river Srh-SixesRiver misc-word  CG12 Aug 23, 1878  
     Coos Bay News: Last week Peter Hickey, who is mining on the south
Fork of Sixes river, found a nugget of gold which weighed $165 [sic].  +

Aug 30, 1878

Travel OT-Corvallis OT-SFcondit-progress  CG 12 Aug 30, 1878  
[lengthy descr. of trip fm Corvallis to SF; great changes there in SF,]

animal novelty-wool  CG12 Aug 30, 1878  
wool clip of Josephine co, will amount 25,000 lbs. this yr.   

RR-outside disaster fire Srh-river Srh-Labish Locale-Labish road-bridge 
CG12 Aug 30, 1878 
Labish RR bridge found to be on fire last wk, but not burned to injure it.   

Road locale-CurryCounty Tot-Ellensburg OT-Kerbyville prices
CG 12 Aug 30, 1878  
$2400 subscribed by citizens Curry co for building trail Ellensburg - Kerbyville.  

Health-accid Locale-RogueRiver  CG 12 Aug 30, 1878 
Ellie Boggs, on Rogue river, while handling gun accidentally discharged; ball
entered foot of his brother Ned; amputation necessary. nfq

Sept 6, 1878

Srh-harbor-refuge Srh-ocean Srh-CapeFoulweather Srh-AlseaBar govt?  
CG12 Sept 6, 1878 
surveys completed, Cape Foulweather. Alsea bar could not be surveyed;
[gives reasons].

Paper OT-Astoria health-accid health-death animal-horse  CG12 Sept 6, 1878  
Henry Ireland, son D C Ireland, editor Astorian, killed, kicked by horse.

Interest balloon item-rubber entertain  CG12  Sept 6, 1878
Largest balloon in world made its 1st ascension, Paris; it is tethered; by cable
as thick as man's arm; will be used to allow bird's eye views of Paris fm
Place du Carrousel [print]; diam of perfect sphere 118 ft, total cubic
capacity 682,900; envelope is 7 thicknesses, and perfectly air tight; on inside,
tissue of muslin, then a skin of India rubber, then covering stout linen, another
India rubber, another linen, then another rubber, then tissue of muslin with
varnish coating. a sample piece 10 ft sq. weighs 2 lb.  underwritten by M.
Giffard, RR engineer, millionaire; he paid for balloon, he pays another
100,000 francs for rent of useless courtyard of  Tullieres in which balloon
 stands; the car weighs 34 tons, holds 50 persons; prettily draped and
otherwise ornamented.

Crime health-death Tot-Empire Locale-CoosCounty misc-word? people-attitude
character  CG13 Sept 6, 1878
[Head ] EXECUTION OF SEVIER LEWIS.  [M.  I believe, but am not certain,
there were some brief articles abt him before the ones I started copying down.]
     On last Friday the incestuous father and fratricidal murderer, above named,
expisted [sic; = expiated] his crimes at Coos Bay.  The following particulars are from 
a special telegram to the Roseburg Independent, dated Empire City, Aug. 30, 1878:
     The day opened here cool and pleasant.  [M note: whole article is a quote.  This
part is in small type.]  Long before the time of execution people from different
portions of the county flocked into the city with the hope of witnessing the
execution, and it was not long before it appeared that Empire City was
enjoying a popular holiday, so unusually large was the crowd.
     Before the condemned was brought there were wagers offered and taken as
to how Sevier would conduct himself upon the scaffold, and many thought he
would show the white feather [sic] just before he was launched into eternity.
     There was an almost general felling against the prisoner.  It was regarded
by all good citizens that the man who would outrage the person of his own
daughter and then shoot and murder his own brother who was endeavoring to
protect his outraged niece, deserved hanging at least since it was the worst penalty
prescribed by law.
     The execution took place at 3 o'clock. There were at least two hundred
people present. Contrary to the general expectations Lewis showed great
firmness, and met death as bravely as could have any man [sic].  There was
no trembling of his body, and when, making his speech, which required at
least fifteen minutes time, showed not the weakness that would have been
expected in one facing certain death.  In his speech he denied many things
proven in his trial, and even went so far as to deny that he had ever outraged
the person of his daughter. He admitted the killing of his own brother, but
claimed it was done to preserve her honor. He declared that emphatically the
murder was not premeditated, and therefore he was not treated justly when he
was hanged [sic], and that he never thought of shooting until his brother appeared
before him.  
     Every care had been taken by the sheriff of this county to have the
execution pass off without a mishap. The drop was sprung at the proper
moment, and that moment Servier [as I typed it] Lewis' soul passed into eternity
[sentence, sic].  His neck was broken by the fall, and he died without a struggle.  
     The general feeling here is, that in the death of Lewis the ends of justice
have been served. One, perhaps, out of a hundred regret [sic] his punishment,
but not one look [sic] upon it as undeserved.  
     The death struggle was short. Immediately after the heart ceased to beat the
body was put in a coffin and hurried to the grave prepared for it.  +  

Sept 20, 1878

Tax Locale-DouglasCounty prices?  CG12 Sept 20, 1878
amount assessible property, Douglas co rolls of 1878   $3,291,650, property has
increased $44,710 since last year.

Sept 27,1878

Locale-CoosBay Health- state Official-state politic CG 12 Sept 27, 1878 
     Dr. Henry Lane has been appointed by  Gov. Thayer as health officer of Coos
Bay district.  +  [M.  It's only been a little while since was mentioning Gov.
Chadwick; have new officers taken over, since legislature also in session?]

Oct 4, 1878

Srh-harbor-refuge Srh-ocean Srh-Capefoulweather Locale-CapeFoulweather  
CG 14 Oct 4, 1878  [more arguments for Cape Foulweather.]

State politic  CG 14 Oct 4, 1878  
[M. note: these papers have given complete accounts of legislative business,
bills intro, etc.]

Oct 11,1878 --

Oct 18 ,1878

Misc-word salesman  CG 14 Oct 18, 1878  [word drummer used of salesman]

Fish Locale-UmpquaRiver Locale-SiuslawRiver enterprise Srh-river Srh-UmpquaRiver Srh-SiuslawRiver  CG14 Oct 18, 1878
run of salmon, Umpqua, Siuslaw, unusually good; amount put up will be limited
only by capacity canning establishments.

church OT- Tot- Locale-Northwest-U.S.  CG 14 Oct 18, 1878
M E  S. appointments, at conference held Rsbg.  Willamette Distr. T B White,
P E; and stationed at Dallas.  P A Moses, Albany.  Jos Emery, Corvallis. E 0
Michael, Jct. City. J B Perkins, Harrisburg;. D C McFarland, Tangent,
Lebanon.  N M Skipworth, Yamhill, Tillamook.  E Castle, Oregon City.
B R Baxter, Eugene and Coast Fork.  Joseph Emery, Prof. of Corvallis
College.   Forks of Santiam,to be supplied.
WallaWalla Distr. R C Oblesby [as I typed it], P E, stationed at Weston. E P Warren,
Weston. H F Burger, Pendleton.  S L Davis, Dayton.  Palouse to be supplied. 
Blue Mtns dist.  J W Compton, PE, stationed Grande Ronde. J W Shreve,
Wallowa; S Gascoigne, Powder River.  F P Haines, Boise City.  Jacksonville
dist.   J R N Bell, PE, stationed Roseburg.  A. Hardison, Jacksonville. W H Klyce
[sic], Oakland. M Stahl, Table Rock. Coquelle [sic] to be supplied.  conference
to meet next year Albany.

 0ct 25,1878

state politic official-state misc-word CG 14 Oct 25, 1878
     Gov. Thayer has taken the political "bits" [sic] in his mouth so to speak, and
there is fun ahead. The first great move of his administration is to put his
executive foot upon Grover-Chadwick Cann administration and elevate the
Bush-Nesmith-Harding wing of Democracy.  +  [lengthy.]

Racism/ethnic RR-outside state politic  CG14 Oct 25, 1878 
[still Indian news;  Willamette-Coast RR news;  also reports lengthy fm Or.

Srh-ocean Srh-river-indir Srh-ship Srh-CaptWinant health-accid Locale-Newport Locale-Yaquina  CG14 Oct 25, 1878  
J J Winant writes letter saying he fell off a low stoop of 3 steps, struck and fractured 
right knee-pan [sic]; one of most diff. fractures to deal with and but little hope
permanent cure; can't write more 'cause of the pain.    he was ready for an expedition 
to South Sea Islands when accident happened. The Caroline Medeau will sail for
Newport-Yaquina Nov 1.   N q


Nov 1, 1878

Paper saying OT-Portland  CG14 Nov  l , 1878
Portland Bee, now publ. by D H Stearns and co.   Mission is to build up all things
good, tear down in nothing but public wrongs.

Paper paper-attitude state-printer politic misc-word labor?  CG14  Nov 1, 1878 
several numbers of a spicy little sheet, The Quill; published for Portland
industrial fair; office of Himes the Printer, H Y Mestipo, peacable ed.; some
excellent bits, local and otherwise.

Srh-ocean Srh-ship Srh-river Srh-YaquinaBay Srh-CoosBay Locale-CoosBay Locale-
YaquinaBay Locale-BentonCounty OT-SF travel RR-outside-indir prices boomer  
CG14  Nov 1, 1878
     CHEAP TRAVELING. --We understand that a person can now get to San
Francisco from Roseburg, at from $l3 to $15, via Coos Bay. The "Gussie
Telfair" now carries passengers from Coos Bay to San Francisco for $5.
     With the completion of the Yaqina railroad a steamer will ply regularly
between Yaquina Bay and San Francisco, giving Benton county the benefit of
cheap passage and freight.   +  [M. note:  ed. can't resist plugging his favorite RR
even as a tie to other news items.]

Book literary church OT-Portland Locale-Oregon OT-Corvallis locale-Oregon character misc-word canvassing  CG15 Nov 1, 1878
WHAT CAME OF IT.  ---This is title of new book issued from press of Geo H
Himes & Co, Portland, written:  Mrs. H V Stitzel, Portland; printed heavy
tinted paper, nicely bound cloth, 320 pgs, wholly Oregon production; author
lady of high literary culture, consistent Christian, highly esteemed; died Jan last,
unfinished manuscript placed in hands of Mr. Samuel L Simpson, who
conducted the story to natural conclusion and prep. for publication; Mr. Henry
Stitzel, husband of deceased, in Corvallis canvassing for book sales.

Judge politic court OT-Albany title  CG15  Nov 1, 1878  
Hon John Burnett, John Kelsay, W S McFadden, attend court. Albany this wk.

Crop prices OT-Roseburg  CG 15 Nov 1, 1878  
wheat quoted Roseburg at 72 c bushel, flour $2/100..  

RR-outside OT-Sheridan  CG 15 Nov 1, 1878  
narrow gauge RR completed to Sheridan.

judge OT-Portland  CG15  Nov 1, 1878 
Judge Shattuck resigned fm judgeship, Portland district.

Judge politic court law prices OT-   CG15 Nov 1, 1878
new act regulating salaries of co. judges;  Baker,Benton,Clackamas,$600;
Columbia $300;Clatsop $500; Coos $600; Curry $300; Douglas $600;
Grant $800; Josephine $300; Lane $700; Linn $900; etc.

RR-outside OT-Albany OT-Brownsville  CG15 Nov 1, 1878
Albany-Brownsville narrow gauge RR beginning to take definite shape:  incorp.
of Oregon Narrow Gauge RR Co.

Nov 8, 1878
Climate Srh road transport   CG15 Nov 8,1878
river still too low for boats; Douglass' stage is crowded with passengers every
day; roads getting bad in places..

school dance entertain condit-attitude saying  CG 15 Nov 8, 1878
dancing school not success; students who desire to be proficient in studies
haven't time for dancing schools.

Nov 15, 1878

name-Marple suit  CG15 Nov 15, 1878  suits; E  Marple [mentioned].

name-Chenoweth  CG 15 Nov 15, 1878  F A Chenoweth.

RR-outside OT-Salem OT-Silverton  CG15 Nov 15, 1878  
Salem-Silverton RR, meeting to see if they can have one.

Nov 22, 1878
school OT-Roseburg  CG15  Nov 22, 1878  
[Roseburg]  winter season at Roseburg Academy to begin Dec 2.

OT-Roseburg bldg condit-progress  CG15 Nov 22, 1878  
at Roseburg 30-40 bldgs recently erected or are in process construction .

fish OT-Roseburg Srh-river  CG15 Nov 22, 1878  
100's salmon jumping over the dam into pond above, was sight witnessed at
Roseburg last week.

health Book climate misc-cosmic misc-word?  CG15 Nov 22, 1878
Chicago Times says Dr. Lowenthal, "Theory of the Universe" which about to be
brought out by publisher of The Occident-Jewish periodical of Chicago, says
if there is anything to "astrological eriology" we are approaching one of most
pestilential periods of earth's history; since commencement of Xtian era,
perihelia [sic] of 4 great planets have not been coincident:  Jupiter, Uranus,
Saturn, Neptune.  But this abt to occur, and will make "lively times" theory:
injurious vicisitudes, terrible rains, prolonged drouths, destruction of crops,
pestilence among humans and animals; marked increase in death rate always
occurs during perihelion; Dr. Knapp has traced history for 20 centuries, says
epidemics always come when some of the planets are at perihelion.  Jupiter-
Uranus-Saturn-Neptune perihelia will be coincident; if 2 planets produces
such marked results, what dire consequences when all 4 collossal bodies unite
to bring to bear their malignant influence?   Nq

Nov 29, 1878

Srh-river Srh-UmpquaRiver Locale-UmpquaRiver OT-Roseburg Fish 
CG16 Nov 29, 1878  
Umpqua River Roseburg well stocked with salmon.    

Shr-boat Srh-ship-building OT-Scottsburg  CG 16  Nov 29, 1878  
new steamer at Scottsburg will be launched in a few days.   

Mail transport stage Locale-CoosBay  CG16 Nov 29, 1878  
mail service on Coos bay stage line been resumed.     

name-Applegate politic  CG 16 Nov 39, 1878  Gen. Lish Applegate, b, politic.

Dec 6, 1878

Locale-Siuslaw home-seekers Lhc-census  CG16 Dec 6, 1878
abt 100 families have settled on the Siuslaw this yr. 

Misc-cosmic  CG16 Dec 6, 1878 
     (Jacksonville Sentinel) Last Fri between 8-9:00 a remarkably large and
brilliant meteor flashed out directly over this place, lighting up surrounding
country bright as day; first appeared near zenith, flight Sw. course. After
passing half way to the verge of the horizon it bursted [as I typed it] into an
innumerable number of bright sparks of almost every hue. Some were pink
colored, others deep red, blue and white. These spread out in every direction
and gradually faded out into a light cloud which remained visible for several
minutes.  +

Srh-river? OT-Toledo lbr mill  CG16 Dec 6, 1878
schnr Medau lying at Toledo, unloading agency goods; will load with lbr fm
Oneatta mills. 

State school  CG16 Dec 6, 2878   Prof L J Powell, St Supt Public Instruction.

holiday Xmas OT-Corvallis item-toy ad  CG16  Dec 13,1878
     "Santa Claus" has sent a large invoice of dolls, toys, and fancy holiday
presents, to H.E. Harris.  Call and see them. +  [Corvallis ad.]

Dec 20,1878

Srh harbor-refuge govt? Srh-breakwater Locale-YaquinaBay LocaleCoosBay Locale-CapeFoulweather Srh-PortOrford Srh-river Srh-CoosBay Srh-
YaquinaBay Tot-PortOrford OT-Corvallis RR-outside politic  
CG16  Dec 20, 1878
     WORK AT WASHINGTON.  ---A gentleman writing us from Yaquina Bay,
under date of 16th inst., says: "Inasmuch [sic] as Coos county is going
to send a man to Washington to work for Port Orford and Coos Bay would it
not be well to suggest some effort on the part of the several counties interested
in a breakwater at Cape Foulweather, to raise money to send a man there too? 
Say General Nesmith, if he will go.  He can reach both parties better than any
other man, and his interests are ours."
     We heartily endorse the above suggestion, and should like to see
immediate steps taken to secure this result. Since the west-side and Corvallis
and Yaquina railroads are a fixed fact -- the iron being ordered for both roads
-- now is a most propitious time to make a move in this direction. Who will
take the lead in this matter?  +

Dec 27, 1878

OT-Corvallis entertain music  CG16 Dec 27, 1878  
Corvallis Cornet Band, Prof  Milner, leader.

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