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Roseburg Plaindealer    Roseburg, OR.
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Apr 3, 1890

RR-CBR?  RR-hopes RR-dreams  crop  other-mining  fish  beach-outing  health-indir 
(Rpa 11) Apr 3, 1890. 
     By September, ninety-one, you'll see the cars and engines run; taking
passengers, wheat and hay from fair Roseberg unto Coos bay.  And on return
bring back their coal and butter fair as yellow gold, likewise their fish, their
oysters, clams and other goods, (ne'er asking alms) but revel in luxurious
wealth, and roam the beach for perfect health.  +

RR-CBR-right-of-way  (Rpa 11)  Apr 3, 1890. 
     V.L. Arrington went out over the line of the Roseburg and Coos bay railroad
to take acknowledgements of the right of way through the lands of owners
along the line.  This is business and indicates that the movers in this business
mean business as is business. +  [M. note: later Arrington was arrested for
misconduct as a city or county official; was this also laced with illegality??]

Tot-Scottsburg  Rpa 12   Apr 3?, 1890.
      The plat of the town of Scottsburg made in 1851 was recorded this week.  +

Climate  Rpa 12 Apr 3?, 1890 
Snow Sat night and Sunday morning, but soon gone.

Boomer  condit  CBR  RP (Rpa 12) Apr 3?, 1890.
     A genuine full fledged boom is reported to have struck the Coos Bay country,
and land prices have taken a terrific jump skywards and small fortunes are
being made by the fortunate possessors of dirt which, a few months ago, could
scarcely be disposed of at any price.  The mere mention of a railroad
connection of Coos Bay with Roseburg has set the ball rolling and it is rolling
this way.  Look out for the boom!  It is coming this way.  +

CBR-right-of-way  locale  RP  (Rpa 12) Apr 3, 1890. 
     On Saturday last, John Anderson, Esq.  of Happy valley granted right of way
over his lands to the Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern Railroad company and
has the honor of being the first man to subscribe one thousand dollars toward
the subsidy of $150,000 demanded by the company who propose to build the
road.  One hundred and forty-nine men as public spirited as Mr. Anderson will
insure the completion of the road by Sept. 1st, 1891.  +

Politic   Hermann Rpa 12  Apr 3, 1890.
For 52nd Congress.  Hon. Binger Hermann, of Douglas County.

RR boomer condit (Rpa 12-13) Apr. 3, 1890. 
... Now is the time to show a spirit of enterprise. Now is the time to get in and
drill. Capitalists are not building railroads for fun,  [cont]

(Rpa 13) Apr 3, 1890.
[cont].  nor for their health.  They are seeking paying investments, and will
invest where it is the most profitable.  If the citizens  of Coos and Douglas
counties do not offer them sufficient inducements to build the road, they are
liable to seek other fields and pastures new.  Do not let this opportunity
escape.  It may be years before as good a one will place itself within our
grasp.  The prospect for raising the required bonus is good.  Coos county will
do her share, we believe, and Douglas will not fall behind.  Let us have that
railroad, and at once.  +

Hermann  politic Rpa 13   Apr 3, 1890
[Hermann evid already in Congress by this date; he must have been up for re-
election, fm tone of ad.  The rest is illegible.]

Hermann  politic  Srh.   Rpa 13  Apr 3,  1890
[ brief article abt] Hermann's uphill fight necessary to get river and harbor
appropriations because the East is against special measures for expenditure of
revenue.  Not quote 

Srh  politic  (Rpa13) Apr 3, 1890  election of ex-Senator  Warner  Miller to
presidency of the Nicaragua Canal Co. nq.

RR-hopes  Outside-Tots  (RPa 13)  Apr 3, 1890.
M. 2006.  It appears I didn't copy first of article.] 
...expresses great hopes of a railroad from Roseburg to the coast in the near
future.  That is well.  We cannot have too many railroads.  It would be a nice
trip to take the cars at Drain and go via Elkton, Scottsburg, Gardiner, Coos
bay, Roseburg, Wilbur, Oakland and back to Drain.   +  [cp]

name  Rpa 13 Apr 3, 1890]  [ References to Catching ]  [related to Catchings
in Coos?]



Aug 3, 1893

Srh  Rpa 13a  Aug 3, 1893.
 [Lengthy article on] government works on Coquille and CB., harbor

Other-mining  Rpa 13a Aug 3, 1893  Bohemia mines.

Conditions  misc-money  outside-Tot  Rpa 13a  Aug 3, 1893. 
Portland banks have (some of them) closed doors.  It was whispered that
certain banks wouldn't be open today.  As soon as people found out they were,
there was a rush to withdraw.  Not quote. 

CBR  RR-hopes  Lhc   RP (RPa  13a) Aug 3, 1893.
The Coos Bay & Roseburg railway is completed and running to Coquille City,
and the grade is completed and part of the track laid to Myrtle Point.  This is
the great distributing point for a large tract of country, and it is proposed to
make the completion of the road to that place the occasion of a grand
celebration.  The Pioneer picnic has been postponed till that time, and the
whole country around will join in getting up a celebration worthy of an event
of such importance to that section.  It is intended to complete the road this fall
to Angora, 17 miles beyond Myrtle Point, and this will leave only about 50
miles to bring it into Roseburg.   Work is being pushed with vigor.  There are
400 men, a large number of teams and a steam shovel employed, and there are
more evidences of progress and prosperity in this section than in almost any
other part of the state.  The various towns in this region are connected by a
long distance telephone and their citizens feel as if they were keeping up with
the procession.  It is now definitely settled that the country around Coos bay
and Coquille is one of the finest dairying sections on the Northwest.  Seven
creameries are already established there, making fine grades of butter.  The
farmers are prospering and their prospects for the future are extremely bright. 
When the railroad is completed to Roseburg Portland will be enabled to draw
a large part of her dairy supplies from this section, where there is good
grazing nearly all year around.  + 

animal  health-indir  misc  Rpa 14  August 3, 1893
[A bear story involving Dr. Horsfall. and others:   reprint fm Sun.] 

animal  pursuit-sport     locale  Rpa 14  August 3, 1893  
Brewster valley was the sportsman's paradise for parties going out fm Rsbg.
not quote.

Hermann  other-RR climate  politic  saying  Rpa 14 Aug 10, 1893
Hon. Binger Hermann and family left on Monday night's overland for
Washington. Previous to his departure a number of Mr. Hermann's friends
called upon him and were courteously entertained.  The Junior band was also
present and discoursed [as typed] several of their choicest selections.  Mr.
Hermann goes over the Southern route, desiring to keep as cool as possible
until the eventful 7th, when everything, including the weather, the president
and both houses of congress is expected to be boiling.  [as typed]

Aug 10

CBR  locale  (Rpa 14) August 10, 1893.
The railroad grade is completed to within a mile of the north Fork of the
Coquille and it will be into Myrtle Point in two weeks.  The track was laid
half way to Myrtle Point the first of the week and the gang is steadily at work
making a half mile each day.  - Marshfield Sun.

Health  Tot-Roseburg  school-indir  Rpa 14  Aug 10, 1893
Dr. J.W. Strange and wife were in the city Monday, and while here the Doctor
purchased the office, fixtures and practice of Dr. C.E. Frye, and will take
possession on the 16th instant.  Being a thoroughly competent dentist, having
perfected himself under the tutorship of the best dentists in the East and
having had many years successful experience he will no doubt find his
business in Roseburg remunerative and successful.  +   

Fruit      Rpa 14  Aug 10, 1893  [long article] abt fruit evaporator at work,
process, etc.

Hermann  misc-bimetalism  Rpa 14 Aug 10, 1893
Congressman Hermann believes in "the free coinage of both silver and gold."

 Other-mining  outside-Tot   Rpa 14 Aug 10, 1893  Richness of mines at

Aug 17

Bicycle   road   fair   boomer  Rpa 14 August 17, 1893
E.D. Whitney and C.W. Sherman, of Portland, arrived here yesterday from
Roseburg, Mr. Sherman came over the Middlefork road on a bicycle beating
the stage three hours between Roseburg and Myrt1e Point. Mr. Whitney is
interested in having Coos and Douglas counties combine and make a good
showing at the San Francisco Exposition this winter. --Bandon Recorder.  + 

Other mining outside-locales  Rpa 14 August 17, 1893   
Hurdy Gurdy mine in Elkton distr. in 13 tons ore netted $1600 and 32 tons
shipped to Portland run $200 to ton in gold.    /    [lengthy article on] Bohemia

Fair  Prices  Rpa 14 Aug 17, 1893
District fair. Coupon ticket (5 days) for men $1.50
                                         women    .75
                              men's day ticket    .50
                              women's "   "     .25

fair   timber-wood-forest  (Novocom)   Rpa 14  Aug 17, 1893
[article about] wood exhibit at Chicago fair, fm Oregon. With conclusion of a
timber industry magazine Haywood that Oregon because of the moisture
would make a good field for reforestation, as the native hardwoods would
grow back faster in this state.    [as typed]   not quote.  

CBR    RP (Rpa 15) Aug 17, 1893.
 Since the steam shovel has been moved to Eagle Point a gang of men have
been at work raising the track in places between Marshfield and the summit
and now it is pretty well up to grade.  -Sun.  +

health  Rpa  15  Aug 17, 1893    Dr. Strange[mentioned.]

condit-outlook  CBR  Tot  (Rpa 15) Aug 17, 1893. [Coos.]
 ...everything is in a flourishing condition in tt section, and says tt the people
there are quite jubilant over the outlook.  Work is progressing rapidly on the
Coos bay railroad and it will doubtless reach Myrtle Point before September
1st. +

CBR  Tot   (Rpa 15) Aug 17, 1893. 
The railroad engineers will establish a camp Sunday on the Hoffman place
just above the South Fork bridge.  The work of locating the line will be
pushed as fast as possible.  West Oregonian.

CBR  accid  animal  disaster? Tots  misc-word-trainsmen  (Rpa 15) Aug 17,
The first bad wreck on the B.B.,R.& E. [as typed]  [means CBR... ] railroad
occurred Wednesday night between Coquille City and Coaledo, says the West
Oregonian.  A train of flat and logging cars was going to Marshfield with the
engine behind pushing, and when near Coaledo a cow was discovered on the
track.  Before the animal could get out of the way the front car struck her and
jumped the track followed by a dozen others.  The cars were heaped together
in a general wreck.  No one was hurt, but one trainsman had a narrow escape. 
The wreck caused some delay in the track-laying because material could not
be got to the front, but the wrecked cars were cleared away Thursday so that a
train went through to the front in the afternoon.  +

RR-name  RP (Rpa 15) Aug 17, 1893. [T.R. Sheridan mentioned.]

Aug 24

CBR  Tots  (Rpa 15) Aug 24, 1893. 
This afternoon the Coos Bay Roseburg railroad was completed to Myrtle
Point, which makes 25 1/2 miles of road and marks an eventful period in the
history of its construction.  The surveyors are out beyond Myrtle Point, laying
out the work on the next section of the road to Angora.  +

Airship-balloon Rpa  15 Aug 24, 1893
A novel experiment in ballooning is to be made this month by a Frenchman. 
He is to start from Paris for some place in Russia which he doe not know
himself.  Two balloons, one filled with gas and the other a Montgolfier
depending upon rarefied air, are to be used, the latter being suspended from
the former by a steel rope.  The Montgolfier will have a car and heating
apparatus and one man to handle it. The gas balloon will have two men.  By
manouvering so as to float the balloons in different currents the aeronaut
hopes to obtain from the resolution of forces the course he wants.  At times
the wind may be in the right direction and he can drift in it with both balloons. 
The proposal is ingenious, but there may be danger of fire.     +

School  Rpa 16 August 24, 1893
St. school for the blind will open at Salem Monday, September 11.  School for
deaf-mutes to re-open Sept 13.

AHB  Rpa 16 Aug 24, 1893   Hollis [later with AH Black, mentioned]

Fruit  outside-logging-mill  Rpa 16 Aug 24, 1893
Blackberries are plentiful near the old logging camp above the Callahan mill.

Utility  Tot-MP   Rpa 16  Aug 24, 1893
MP to have volunteer fire dept, hook and ladder co.  City proposes to sink
wells and by use of windmills pump water into reservoirs and locate several
hydrants in town.   Nq  

Joaquin   poet  racism-indir  saying  Rpa 16 Aug 24, 1893 
Joaquin Miller, the "poet of the Sierras," who has been stopping there, says
the style of Castle Craggs make him sick, the air of finery taking away his
appetite.  He said he had met only a few white people in his life and they were
Indians.  +

Entertain  anti-character  paper-attitude  Rpa 16  Aug 24, 1893
The circus is in town.  Look out for burglars and thieves.    /      The circus has
arrived and after much dickering with the city officials secured a license for
$50, entitling them to exhibit within the city limits. +

Condit    other coal RP (Rpa 16) Aug 24, 1893. Kansas coal miners strike still
on.  /
   One thousand New York longshoremen are striking against a reduction of
25 percent in their wages.   +  /
Ten thousand men in San Francisco are vainly seeking employment.  +  

Utility  Rpa 16 Aug 24, 1893
long list of] electric light rates for houses, street lights, etc.

CBR  Tots  condit  RR-names    (Rpa 16)  Aug 24, 1893.
Railroad notes.
   The railroad engineers went out Sunday on a revision of location survey up
the Middle Fork.   /  Tracklaying was completed to the North Fork of the
Coquille River, Friday.  /  There has always been a lively bustle to business at
the railroad depot, but it is now even more so than ever.  Last week a night
train was put on to haul logs, as the two trains in the day time could hardly get
away with the hauling they had to do in construction, having more road to
cover and a great amount of bridge timber to haul to the front.  /   The
engineers have made a permanent location of the road five miles beyond
Myrtle Point and at last reports are working their way towards Sugar Loaf
Mountain.   /  Tuesday was pay day on the road, and Secretary Baines and J.B.
Hassett went out to the front with the cash and checks for the boys.   /  There
are now over 500 men at work on the road.  /  The steam shovel is fast getting
away with the hill at Eagle Point. - Coos County Ex.    [M.  all  are   +  ]

Aug 31

Cosmic  Rpa 16 Aug 31, 1893
Annual eclipse of sun will occur Oct 9, 1893.  Will appear as partial eclipse
here.  Begin Rsbg 10:14 am, continue till 12:00.  [Tells how to make smoked
glass for viewing.]

Other-mining  locale  Rpa 16 Aug 31, 1893  S. Umpqua mining Co,

Graham  RR extension hopes     Tot-Riddle  other mining  RP (Rpa 19) Aug
31, 1893.
A mighty effort is being made to secure the building of the Coos bay railroad
to a junction with the Southern Pacific at Riddle.  It is reported on good
authority that Col. Taylor of the nickel mines has agreed to subscribe
$200,000 toward securing the building of the road to Riddle, and that that 
amount will be considerably increased by subscriptions from other parties.  It
is also stated that Manager Graham has been considering the advisability of
building the road to that point.  +

Graham  RR  fair   CBR  (Rpa 19) Aug 31, 1893. 
Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Graham passed through Roseburg Monday.  Mrs. Graham
will visit the World's Fair in Chicago but Mr. Graham will return to Coos to
rush work in the railroad this side of Myrtle Point.  +

Entertain Music-band outside-Tot  saying  Rpa 19 August 31, 1893.
The merry-go-round has been moved to the fair grounds, where its sweet
music will sooth [as typed] the tired feelings of  those who listen to the Grants
Pass band during the fair.  +  

Excursion  fair  prices  transport  Rpa 19 Aug 31, 1893
Twenty-five cents will be the price for round-trip tickets to the fair grounds
next week, or 15 cents for single trips. Competition between the different
hacks promises to be lively.  +

Fruit   prices  Rpa 19 August 31, 1893
Fruit is quite plentiful and prices are fair. Peaches are selling at 65 cents per
box, while all other kinds sell at corresponding rates.  +

Animal  CBR  RR-name   (Rpa 19) Aug 31, 1893.
John Carter came in from Coos county the first of the week, bringing with him
some 40 head of horses belonging to the Coos bay railroad and placed them in
pasture for the winter.  +

Health  Rpa 19 August 31, 1893.
J. S. Easter, physician and surgeon, recently from Coos county, has located in
Roseburg where he will practice his profession.


Sept 7

Airship  Joaquin-Miller-George  saying: jackasses
Rpa 17-19  Sept 7,1893
     Almost ever since Archimedes made the discovery, while in a bathtub one
day long ago -- about 250 years before the Christian era -- that his body
displaced a volume of water equal to its own bulk, the principle of aeronautics
have been more or less studied. But there is no record of any attempt having
been made to navigate the air until 1670, when Lana, a Jesuit, constructed a
rude air ship. Although little or no success attended this experiment, the
scientific world was not discouraged and the next effort in the direction of
solving the aereal [as in print] problem was probably that of two Montgolfiers,
in 1673 [M. 2004. as  typed[ isn't this too early?], when they constructed a
balloon in France. Since that time France has been the acknowledged
metropolis of the world for inventions in aereal navigation, but no part of the
globe has been free from the experiments of hopeful investigators. It may be
remarked that until quite recently the form of the crafts that have been built to
navigate the air has partaken very generally of the general plan of the first
unwieldy bag.  During later years the Americans, with Yankee enterprise,
have taken a hand in the sport of air sailing. Every state in the union has had
its experimentors [as typed] and now comes an inventor in our own, our native
state, who promises -- as have  all investigators in the same direction -- to
reduce sky-sailing to a science and revolutionize the aereal world by his
      The inventor of this new flying machine is Geo. M. Miller of Lane county.
He is a native Oregonian and a brother of Joaquin Miller, the poet of the
Sierras. After traveling in France and Germany, where he goes to study the
science of air navigation with a view to further perfecting his invention, Mr.
Miller will commence the construction of a model of his air ship, which the
calls the "skycycle." He expects to have the model completed and ready for
trial within a few months. He has received a caveat on the invention and is
now collecting material for the construction of the model, which will be "life
size." He is lable [as in print] to experience considerable delay in securing the
materials he requires as some of them are very rare. He is anxious to make a
success of the model and will see that it is made exact in every particular and
of the very best materials obtainable.
     The inventor of the 'skycycle" says that in studying the flight of birds he
discovered that the greatest exertion necessary in flight is required in rising
from the ground.  A bird will fly a mile after it gets under headway, with less
exertion than it requires to rise fifty feet from the ground at the beginning of
its flight. For this reason he has directed his energies to constructing a
machine with
     First -- Great rising power.
     Second -- Sustaining power.
     Thtrd -- Propelling power.
     It is evident to anyone that any power that will raise an object from the
ground is the first and most important object to be attained and includes
within itself power is sustained and power to propel.  [as typed]
     The "skycycle" is built upon the well established data, that if a  plane of
one superficial foot be passed through the air horizontally with the front edge
12-14 of an inch higher than the back edge, at a speed of sixty miles an hour,
it will sustain a weight of fourteen pounds and require only one pound of
"push" power to maintain this speed.
     Imagine a bicycle -- or rather a unicycle with a steel shaft running straight
up from the center of the wheel for a distance of about a dozen feet from the
pedals, the whole surmounted by two sets of fans or fingers placed
horizontally one above the other, and you have a "skycycle,"  The steel shaft
is made of three parts, one within the other, and two within the outer one and
the  main, or drive, wheel is provided with cogs and is moved by means of
pedals -- the same as a bicycle -- and hand cranks.  The drive wheel operates
upon two miter wheels  -- one fitted to the base of the steel shaft and the other
at the top of the drive wheel is put in motion the fans flu are set to revolving,
each series in an opposite direction.  [this sentence sic.]
     In this machine the wings are set against an angle of one to fourteen.  ie:
the forward edge is one inch higher for every fourteen inches of width. The
gearing gives the wings a revolving speed of sixty miles an hour on their outer
edge. As before explained there are three hollow shafts, the outer one,
revolving to the right supports the lower set of wings; the inner one turning to
the left, supports the upper set of wings; the middle shaft, between the inner
and the outer ones -- remains stationary and supports the machinery at the
base of the shafts for propeling it [as typedt]. From the machinery at the base
of the wings wires for controlling the machinery pass down through the
hollow shaft to the hands of the operator.
     To ascend, the speed of the wings is increased. To descend, the speed is
diminished. The forward movement is attained by a somewhat intricate
manipulation of the wings.  Each separate wins is provided with a joint and
elbow, and of course as the wing revolves the elbow strikes a stationary plane,
twisting or upping the wing. This plane is adjustable and connected by wires,
with the operator. Now, as the wings, on their backward movement approach
a point at right angles with the direction desired, the plane is so adjusted that
the wing tips and catches the air horrizontally [sic], like an oar in the water.
This action, taking place on opposite sides at the same time, throws the body
of the vehicle forward. To turn right or left, one side of the wings is tipped
more than the other, so that at all times the machine is entirely under the
control of the operator. For long journeys or for carrying extra weight, a gas
and electric combination motor will be necessary, to afford additional power.
     The wings, or fingers of the fan, are made of bamboo and silk. The shafts
are a of cold drawn steel and the gearings [as in print] of aluminum. Friction is
reduced to the minimum by ball bearings.
     In studying the flight of birds and the fishes, the inventor found that there
is a loss of power in both. The fish  loses power when it changes motion from
left to right or right to left. The bird loses power when it makes the recovering
stroke of the wing. This is plainly noticeable in the flight of the kingfisher or
robin. In this invention there is no loss of power, as the wings bear steadily
against the wind all the time. Each set of wings revolves in opposite directions
from the other in order that one set may be used as a fulcrum to turn the other.
     In speaking of his invention, Mr. Miller said: "Of course, ever since the
day when Darius Green was going to astonish the world and all creation by
flying over the celebration" the subject of human flight has been a source of
derision and with this machine of mine it is the same way to a great extent. 
Lawyers, doctors, ministers and jackasses laugh at it. But mechanics and
engineers do not.  It has been pronounced by eminent enginers [sic] the most
simple, efficient and powerful contrivance yet discovered. The wings
stimulate [in print] the motion of a bird's wing very closely, but still more
closely the motion of the wings of insects, such as bees and beetles.     
     It has been claimed that man was not adapted for flight and therefore he
cannot fly.  It may be said that a beaver is adapted by nature f or cutting down
trees, better than any other animal, and that it can therefore surpass the human
race in that respect. This is true, but man's ingenuity comes in the invents the
axe contrivance by which the beaver is double-discounted.  [sentence as in
print..]  Man; was not 'adapted' for riding on wheels and surpassing the speed
of the strongest animals and beasts, but he does it all the same by inventing
machines that are adapted for speed, and so I am going forward with the
untiring faith that man's ingenuity will be able to invent a machine that is
adapted to flight, even better than the bird's wing. I believe that man's
ingenuity is better than the goose's adaptability."
     George M. Miller, the inventor of the "skycycle," is a native Oregonian,
having been born near Coburg, in Lane county, in 1853. He obtained a
common school education and afterwards read law, being admitted to the bar
in 1880. It was in 1877, while working on his father's farm, driving an
automatic grain reaper, that he conceived the first idea of the present
invention. Having little faith in it, he dismissed it from his mind as far as
possible, but nevertheless it grew and grew, sort of spontaneously, little at a
time, until today finds the plan of every detail perfected and the construction
of a model commenced.   Mr. Miller is possessed of some considerable means
and expects to spend the remainder of his days in perfecting aereal navigation.
--Statesman.    +

Fair  agric   Rpa 20 Sept 7, 1893
Next year will be Second Southern Oregon District [agriculture   fair] and will
be Douglas, Coos, and Curry counties. Not quote

Fair  Graham  Sheridan  road   (RPa 20) Sept 7, 1893.
Mrs. R.A. Graham and Mrs. T.R. Sheridan came over to Myrtle Point last
Sunday on a special train and from here took private conveyance to Roseburg. 
The ladies will visit the World's Fair, and Mrs. Graham will visit her old
home in Canada before she returns. They left Marshfield at 5 o'clock a.m. and
made the trip through to Roseburg the same day.  -West Oregonian.

Sept 14

"first?"  Tot-MP  entertain  Rpa 20 Sept 14, 1893
The merry-go-round was shipped to Myrtle Point this week, and the
youngsters of Coos county will have an opportunity to enjoy themselves as
never before.  +

Fair  racing misc-word?   Rpa 20  Sept 14, 1893
The state fair is now in full blast at Salem. The track is very heavy, and slow
time in the races is being made.  The pavilion exhibit is the best ever made.

Ladies-Military-Band  pioneers entertain  CBR-indir  (Rpa 20 ) Sept 14, 1893.
The Ladies Military Band started for Myrtle Point by private conveyance this
morning, to play for the pioneers of Coos who hold a reunion there, beginning
on the 15th and continuing several days.   +

Sept 21

Tot-Multi    school-OSU-Corvallis  Agric   (Rpa 20)  Sept 21, 1893
Messrs.  W.and E. Abernethy [sic] of Dora, were in Roseburg Tuesday.  They
are on their way to Corvallis where they will enter the Agricultural college.  +

fair  condit-signs-times  climate (Rpa 20)  Sept 21, 1893 
State fair not a success.  [financially.]  [note which had been crossed out,
Inclement weather blamed in part.]   [lengthy article]

books  "library"    misc-words     interest     Tot-Roseburg  misc-word-blood...
(Rpa 20) Sept  21, 1893  
Novels of all kinds at the Roseburg News Depot.  Blood and thunder for the
boys, charming love stories for the girls, and standard works of fiction for all
sorts of people.  +

banks  money    condit-signs times (Rpa 20)  Sept 21, 1893  
local banks experiencing some difficulty supplying demand for currency.  Nq

CBR-indir  Ladies Military Band  music  Tots entertain 
(RPa 20) Sept 21, 1893.
Myrtle Point, Sept 16.  -We arrived at Myrtle Point Friday at 5 pm., and were
met by the Pioneer committee and taken to our respective boarding places,
where we were pleasantly entertained, and in the evening we were serenaded
by the Myrtle Point and Libby bands, while preparing for our concert, for we
found on arriving here that the people wished us to play Friday instead of 
Saturday, as they wished to give a dance for us Saturday evening, before our
departure for Marshfield.  We played last evening to the largest audience that
was ever assembled in Myrtle Point, and they were all delighted with the
evening's entertainment.  This afternoon there was a consolidated band
concert, consisting of three bands, the Coquille City, Myrtle Point and Ladies
Military Band all played the same pieces together.  We have enjoyed our visit
at Myrtle Point very much, and regret leaving for Marshfield, at which place
we give an entertainment Monday evening.  Ladies Military Band.   +

Other-mining   outside-Tot  (Rpa 20)  Sept 21, 1893
 Riddle mine said to be almost inexhaustible.  Placer mine.  Nickel mines to
reopen soon.

Ladies Military Band  music  CBR-indir (RP a 21) Sept 21, 1893. 
The Ladies Military Band is reported as having a good time in the Coast country.  +
utility  Tot-Bandon   novelty-Woolen  item utility (Rpa 21)  Sept 21, 1893
Bandon Recorder:  The incorporation of the Bandon Woolen Mill Company
which has been consummated for the purpose of buying wool and the
manufacture of woolen goods, soaps, the purchase of water rights and the
supplying of water for public use, to build, own and improve mills, factories,
etc., to lay out, plat and dispose of town lots to manufacture electricity and
furnish electric light, etc., marks another step in the progress of the town of
Bandon. The capital stock of the company is $75,000.   +

Court: Fullerton (Rpa 21) Sept 21, 1893 
Bandon Recorder.  Judge Fullerton passed down to Curry county yesterday. 
[should be cp?] 

Tot-Gravelford  dairy (Rpa 21)  Sept 21. 1893 
The Gravel Ford creamery is doing well for their first season, and receives
1700 pounds of milk per day now. The butter stands well in the market. --
Coquille City Herald.  +

Other-RR   outside-Tot   (RPa 21) Sept 21, 1893.  O & C was running a train
between Roseburg and Portland.

RR-extension  Locale  (RP a 21)  Sept 21, 1893. 
Work on the railroad came to a sudden stop last Wednesday noon.  Tools,
scrapers, carts, plows, etc., are being stored here or taken to Marshfield.  The
surveying party, which has located the line as far up as Enchanted Prairie, has
been called in with their whole outfit.  -Myrtle Point Oregonian.   +

Sept 28

RR-name  Graham  CBR  road  misc word    (RPa 21) Sept 28, 1893. 
John W. Carter, the popular jehu of the Idaho Stage Co., who has been down
in the coast country for several months, is in town.   He came up to meet
Manager Graham of the Coos Bay R.R., who will return to the Bay with Mr.
Carter.  +

name-Riddle  fruit  (Rpa 21)  Sept 28, 1893 
Judge G. W. Riddle's new steam drier started up Monday and is working to
perfection in every particular, says the Enterprise.  The fruit dried is said to be
of the very best quality.  The Judge has a magnificent crop of fruit and his
prune crop alone is estimated at 200,000 pounds.   +

Fruit  (Rpa 21) Sept 28 1893  Eugene fruit evaporator has commenced work.

other mining (Rpa 21)  Sept 28, 1893 
more on Riddle mines      [Riddle, non-mining item, see Rpa21 fruit]

Music  entertain  Tot  word-spelling  CBR-indir  Ladies Military Band   name-
 (RPa 21) Sept 28, 1893. 
Ladies' Military band of Rsbg touring Coos w/concerts, played to a fair
audience in Odd fellow hall Mon eve.  Band enjoys distinction of being only
Ladies band in state and seeing them novelty.  Had coming been generally
known, more crowd.  Gave excellent entertainment and to say tt the ladies
play fine is drawing it mild.  Appearance on stage greeted w/prolonged
applause, every portion of programme met with heartiest expressions of
approval.  Other than by band, piano solos and duets, vocal solos and baritone
solos.    Piano duet by Misses Gertie Benjamin and Carrie Kearney one of
pleasing features of evening and deserving of special praise.   Nq   Vocal solo
by Miss Lena Kearney highly appreciated and received spirited encore. Mr.
Robertson's vocal solo was fine and when encored he sang a few lines from
the "Bowery."  ...Prof. W.W. Robertson, a former resident of this county, is
with the band as instructor.  The band leaves today for Bandon where they
have an engagement.  Mrs. M.H. Cochran, of Roseburg, is accompanying the
party as chaperon.     - Marshfield Sun.  +

Graham  CBR  (Rpa 22) Sept 28, 1893.
Manager R.A. Graham of the Coos Bay railroad arrived here from San
Francisco Tuesday night.  +

AHB   outside-Tot/enterprise    (Rpa 22)  Sept 28, 1893. 
A.H. Black, of the Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co., is in Lane county, on
business for his firm.  It is reported that J.F. Hardy, who was agent for the
firm at Junction has skipped out.  +


Oct 5

Outside-Tot prices-items  (Rpa 22) Oct 5, 1883 young men's clothes $4.00 to
$10. Novelty store.

CBR  Baines  RR-name  (Rpa 22)  Oct 5, 1893. 
W.E. Baines, secretary of the R.,C. B. & E. R.R., has been in Roseburg this
week.  [sic.]

RR-indir  Climate  agric  (Rpa 22)  Oct 5, 1893
rains of past month have moistened ground sufficiently for plowing.  [M. a
reason to stop RR work?]  /  Sept weather.  Mean temp. 57.  Highest 79 on
15th, lowest 41  22nd.  Total rainfall 3.80 in. while av. Is .91 inch.  Days rain
fell, 15.

County condit  Rpa 22 Oct 5, 1893
There is no demand for county warrants, and it is almost impossible to dispose
of them at any price.  This state of affairs will exist but a short time, as taxes
will become due in a short time. +
Name-Riddle  fruit      (Rpa 22 Oct 5, 1893
Judge Riddle will soon finish up his prune crop. He will have about 60,000
pounds of evaporated fruit, much of which will be of extra good quality. His
new evaporator is doing splendid work and great care is being taken in
grading the fruit, and the judge confidently expects to obtain the highest rates
going for his crop.   +

Court: Fullerton   health    (Rpa 22) Oct 5, 1893
Hon. J.C. Fullerton returned Saturday night from Coos county, being called
home by the fatal illness of his baby boy, Tom Corwin. The little one passed
away Saturday morning, aged nine months. The bereaved family have the
deepest sympathy of their many friends in their sad affliction. +   [M. note. 
Then I assume he lived then in Rosbg area?] 

Name-Seeley   animal   pursuit-racing   prices-purse   Rpa 22 Oct 5, 1893
0.J. Seeley was in Roseburg the first of the week, on his way home from the
Central Point races. His horse Chatawa won the 2:45 trot at Central Point last
week, making a record of 2:34. As first money amounted to but $45 and the
entrance was $17.50 Mr. Seeley did not get very well paid for giving his horse
a mark of 2:34.  +

School  Agric   fair  Rpa 22 Oct 5, 1893
Oregon ag. college exhibit at st. fair turned over to world's fair commission of
the state and now displayed at Chicago show.

School  music  Rpa 22 Oct 5, 1893
Willamette University advertises its conservatory of music, piano, organ,
violin, singing, orchestra instruments, harmony, counterpoint, fugue,
orchestration and higher musical composition. No better grade of work done
west of the Rocky mountains. Prices Low. 7 tchrs. Next term begins Sept 4. Z.
M. Parvin, Mus. Doctor, Musical Director.

Other-mining  outside-Tot  (Rpa 22)  Oct 5, 1893   
 Some excitement in Canyonville mining district over recent discovery of tin
and cinnabar mines; a number of claims have been taken up. Not known how
rich the mines are as no assay has been made.   Nq  
Other-mining  outside-Tot   Rpa22 Oct 5, 1893  reported sale of Riddle nickel
mines.  [long article]

Oct 12

School college Agric govt money condit  Rpa 23 Oct 12, 1893
In a short time the buildings at the agricultural college will be completed and
they will be paid for out of the funds from the general  government instead of
out of the funds appropriated by the state.  [because there no money in
treasury and not one of 16  $000 warrants have been disposed of.  [as typed ] 
[long article descr, etc.]  

CBR-subsidy  condit-hard times  misc-word   (Rpa 23)  Oct 12, 1893. 
The railroad authorities are calling for the payment of the subsidy which was
subscribed by the people of Coos county and payable when the road is
completed to Myrtle Point, says the Mail.  Of the total amount subscribed the
obligations were distributed as follows:   Marshfield, $41,175; Coquille City,
$12,247; Myrtle Point, $12,285; Bandon $1,060; total, $66,667.  Of this
amount there has been paid $42,784, leaving unpaid $23,883.  The task of
pushing the road through in these hard times has been a herculian [sic] one.   +

Climate   (Rpa 23) Oct 12, 1893.  Worst storm for years at Yaquina and down
the coast Saturday and the night before.

fruit   fair  Rpa 23 Oct 12, 1893  Oregon fruit has received medals at the
World's fair.

Tot-Roseburg   food  outside-enterprise  climate  Rpa 23  Oct 12, 1893
Try the cream soda manufactured by the Roseburg Soda works. It is a most
delicious beverage this warm weather.  

Enterprise fish  outside-Tot  Rpa 23 Oct 12, 1893
Salmon being caught in large quantities in Siuslaw. Canneries busy.

Other mining Rpa 23 Oct 12, 1893     
Nash placer mines on Cow Creek near Glendale

Name-Riddle  Fair     conditions  Rpa 23  Oct 12, 1893 
fair expense and premium warrants were being paid by President Riddle but
there was only enough money to b pay 57 %  of the amount of indebtedness.
Premium warrants were reduced by 20 % but expense warrants were
discounted 43%.

Invention  Electricity   LHC   Rpa23  Oct 12, 1893
     Professor Bell says, "Morse taught the world years ago to write at a
distance by electricity; the telephone enables us to talk at a distance by
electricity, and now scientists are agreed that there is no theoretical reason
why the well known principal [sic] of light should not be applied in the same
way that the principles of sound have been applied in the telephone and thus
allow us to see at a distance by electricity. It is some ten years since the
scientific papers of the world were greatly exercised over a report that I have
filed at the Smithsonian Institution a sealed packet supposed to contain a
method of doing this very thing: that is, transmit the vision of persons and
things from one point on the earth to another. As a matter of fact there was no
truth in the report, but it resulted in stirring up a dozen scientific men of
eminence to come out with statements that they, too, had discovered various
methods of seeing by electricity. That shows...that men are working at this
great problem in many laboratories, and I firmly believe that it will be solved
some day.
    ...will be very much more difficult to construct such an apparatus, owing to
the immensely greater rapidity with which the vibrations of light take place
when compared with the vibrations of sound. It is merely a question, however,
of  finding a diaphragm which will be sufficiently sensitive to receive these
vibrations and produce the corresponding electrical vibration.  --McClure's
Magazine.   +

School college govt money  Tot-Corvallis  Rpa 23 Oct 12, 1893
In a short time the buildings at the agricultural college will be completed and
they will be paid for out of the funds from the general  government instead of
out of the funds appropriated by the state.  [because there no money in
treasury and not one of 16  $000 warrants have been disposed of.  [as typed] 
[long article descr, etc.]  

Oct 19
Tramps   conditions  other-RR  Rpa 24  October 19,1893
The tramp nuisance is assuming serious proportions. A serious rupture
occured Monday morning between them and Conductor Bartlett and his crew.
The tramps refused to leave the overland passenger train on its arrival here
from the north until vigorous measures were resorted to, but they finally
submitted and left the train.  + [cp]

Fair  Rpa 24 Oct 19, 1893   [lengthy article on a local fair in Rsbg region.]

Tariff  Rpa 24 Oct 19, 1893 
[ stat, on what tariff has done or will do in Oregon.  not easy to read..]

road   climate  Rpa 24 October 19,1893  C. B. stage rd becoming worse and
worse; soon impassible.

Condit  outside-RR (Rpa 24)  Oct 19, 1783 
The tramp nuisance is assuming serious proportions.  A serious rupture
occurred Monday morning between them and Conductor Bartlett and his
crew.  The traps refused to leave the overland passenger train on its arrival
here from the north until vigorous measures were resorted to, but they finally
submitted and left the train.  +

Paper Hermann  politic   RR  Misc  (Rpa24) Oct 19, 1893
 Mr. Hermann's  introduction, of a bill for the erection of a public building in
Roseburg, may not end as disastrously as efforts of a Roseburg gentleman to
subsidize the Coos Bay rail road; to dominate  a city election; to receive
federal appointment, to build a cannery; to be elected school clerk; to elect a
congressman, or devastate the reputation of Sylvester Pennoyer.  +  [cp]   [M. 
Gov of Oregon , or was running for.] ]   [M. would this refer to the ed of other
Roseburg paper, since this one once said the Review [?} was down on
Hermann, or who might it refer to?]   [Could it refer to Graham??]  

Hermann politic  Rpa 24 Oct 19,, 1893
[M. evidently Hermann has just been again elected to represent the state of
Oregon in U S  congress.]

Oct 26

health Tot-Roseburg  Rpa 24  Oct 26, 1893 
Dr. Davis has practiced dentistry in Roseburg for twelve years.  We know he
is no fraud.  +

fruit Rpa 24 Oct. 26,1893
The young prune orchards that have been put out in South Douglas have all
made rapid growth this year, and many of the three-year-old trees bearing
almost a half crop of fruit. (Riddle Enterprise)

Fair  Tot-MP Agric Items-Prices   Rpa 24 Oct 26, 1893
The Myrtle Point Agricultural and Mechanical Association will hold its first
annual fair on December 8th and 9th.  Among the premiums offered are a
brush hook, butcher knife, jack plane, corn cutter, bird cage, scissors and other
articles more or less useful. The admission to the fair will be 10 cents,
children half price.      + 

Health   law-crime  outside-Tot  Rpa 24 Oct 26, 1893
Dr. J.D. Sponogle, of Brownsville, is said to be a fugitive from justice, having
taken criminal advantage of Mrs. MS. Wyatt, while she was under the
influence of anesthetics.  The husband is after him with a shotgun and traced
him to a Eugene hotel, but since then he has not been seen.  +

crop  Coq.-R.  climate  Rpa 24 Oct 26, 1893  the grain crop in Coq. R. and
tributaries destroyed by the late storms.
Health  Applegate-name  Rpa 24 Oct 26, 1894 
death of R.S. Applegate  [but there is also a  Capt O C Applegate and others]

other-RR  Rpa 24 Oct 26, 1894  Oregon Pacific troubles

Condit-signs-times  Rpa 24 Oct 26, 1893   business is picking up in the nation

RR-extension Tot  misc-word  Rpa24  Oct 26, 1893 
Camas Valley Items. The Coos Bay railroad seems to have come to a stand
still at present. But we hope to see the "kyars" [M. cars?] come "a whistling"
into Camas Valley soon, then you bet we'll come to the front.  +  {cp]


Nov 2

Graham  RR-spur  BH Locale  Lhc-coal-stat    (Rpa25) Nov 2, 1893. 
The Coos bay railroad engineers started out last week to make a preliminary
survey of a branch line to John Norman's coal property, which Manager
Graham has bonded.  The survey commences at Green Point.  The News says
the line will be three miles in length and it taps a coal field of 2000 acres.  +

Condit  (Rpa25) Nov 2, 1893. 
There is a decided decrease in the number of tramps passing through
Roseburg, only half a dozen or so a day now favor us with a brief call.  +

Disaster Other-RR  outside-Tot  (Rpa25) Nov 2, 1893
a Portland street car leaps into the Willamette. One of the most appalling
castastrophes ever been recorded in Portland. This morning on Madison street
drawbridge.  The conductor thinks there were 18 to 20 in car.  How many
escaped not known. [more to article]

health crime  Rpa 25 Nov 2, 1893
not quote Dr. J. D. Sponogle charged w/committing rape upon Mrs. M.F
Wyatt at Brownsville, has aroused indignation of people at tt place.
Brownsville Tribune says tt Dr. Sponogle has born [as typed] a very shady
reputation fm the time he can first be traced till present. His own son, a
dentist, who was there a short time ago, says his father is no good and never
was. Times [as typed] reported ugly facts: 4 months ago Dr. J.D. Sponogle
appeared this place, supporting a silk hat and gold headed cane, and lastly a
very sneaking look. We hear him first at Santa Rosa, California.  We have
seen the letters from parties stating that at the above place his wife and
daughter died suddenly, apparently in good health; that the bodies were
afterwards exhumed and their stomachs found to be full of poison. A lynching
party was organized for the exclusive benefit of Sponogle, who, by some
means, learned of it and made good his escape."
    We next hear of him at Marshfield, Oregon, where he married again, and
this wife also died suddenly. Six weeks later he ran away with a young girl
from that place, and when last heard from she was in Spokane Falls. Sponogle
came here from Silverton, after having been there but a short time.
    Dr. Sponogle was arrested at Fresno Saturday and he appeared before a
judge at that place Monday, on a writ of habeas corpus. It was asked that
defendent be discharged on the grounds of illegal arrest, as no officer has a
right to arrest a man from another state merely an a telegram from an officer
in that state. The judge dismissed the prisoner, and he walked out of court a
free man. The Sheriff  arrived from Oregon the same evening but so far all
search for Sponogle has been fruitless. Sponogle's story is that the charge is a
scheme of Mrs. Wyatt's husband to whom he owest $190 and who wants to
get him back to Oregon on that account.

Misc  Rpa 25  Nov 2, 1893   tattoing now in vogue.

fair  entertain?  misc  other-RR  Rpa 25 Nov 2, 1893
race between the Queen-Express of England and American 999 of US is not
[M 2004  does it mean not, or now?]   agreed upon for World's Columbian
exposition.  The two engines are already on display there.  [long article]   nq

Srh   war-govt   Rpa25  Nov 2, 1893  [long article on] the Battleship Oregon
just launched in S.F.

Fire  R D Hume Srh cannery  other town  Rpa25  Nov. 2,1893
Fire destroyed R D. Hume's cannery, machine and blacksmith shop at Gold

Tot-Empire  govt  condit   (Srh?)  Rpa 25  Nov 2, 1893  
 not quote    a bill in congress [not passed yet]  to discontinue custom office at
Empire City because receipts less than expenses.    

Animal condit  RR  pursuit-hunting    (Rpa26 )  Nov 2, 1893
 Canvasback ducks are said to be very plentiful on Coos bay.  The early
completion of the C.B.R. & E.R.R. will be hailed with great joy by the
sportsmen of this section, as they would then be enabled to have good duck
shooting on short notice.  +

Nov 9

 Other-RR  condit  locale  (Rpa26) Nov 9, 1893.
 A  meeting of a number of the Oregon Pacific employees was held at
Yaquina for the purpose of considering the question of taking receiver's
certificates for back wages.  The matter was thoroughly discussed, but a
majority of those present would not agree to taking the certificates in payment
of wages due.  Superintendent Mulcahy [sic] was present.  +

road  mail  animal    Rpa26 Nov 9, l893
The Coos bay stage now arrives in the evening and departs in the morning.
The mail is carried over the mountains on pack horses.  +

Utility  outside-Tots Rpa26  Nov 9, 1893  
contract for constr. of Oakland waterworks reservoir let yesterday. Mr.
Haines, of Albany, successful bidder at $1370.   not quote

 item-prices   Tot-Roseburg  Rpa 26 Nov 9, 1893 
 Split bamboo rods, in different grades and prices, at Salzman's.  +  

fair item  Rpa26 Nov 9, l893
Burb [as typed] Brockway has several souvenirs of the World's fair. Among
them is a souvenir paperweight, which in size, shape and color looks to be ten
20-dollar gold pieces piled up together. The edges are milled in exactly the
same manner as genuine gold coins, while on one end is stamped the picture
of Columbus surrounded by the words, "The Columbian Exposition."  A
similar souvenir is an inkstand, which looks like a pile of fifteen 20-dollar
gold pieces.

Health-indir   crime Rpa26 Nov 9, l893
Dr. Sponogle is back and in jail at Albany. He led the officers a merry chase at
Fresno, where he was followed into a brick block. He gave he officers the slip
and fled with a man and boy by carriage for the mountains, a fact that was not
learned until after Sheriff Jackson's arrival.  Sheriff Scott, of Fresno, took
great interest in the case, and soon seven or eight deputies were sent out in
different directions, but the two sheriffs followed the right trail and traced the
fleeing doctor 60 miles into the mountains, where a guide was secured, and
Sponogle was finally captured into [as typed] the wilds of the San Joaquin
mountains.  +

Fair   boomer-indir Lhc   Rpa26 Nov 9, l893
not quote. Dr. Jay Guy Lewis wrote private letter fm Chicago saying they
would return "with our victorious banners floating on the breeze" with record
of 18 medals award in horticulture, 19 in agriculture, 4 in mines, 4 in
education, 6 in fishery, 2 in woman's work and 2 in herbarium, "outranking all
the Pacific states and second only to New York and Illinois."

Fair condit  Rpa26 Nov 9, l893
It is said the Oregon's World's fair commission will have a surplus of
$25,000. If such proves to be the case it will be the first instance of the kind
on record, and will serve to give Oregon still more advertising.  +

Fair  boomer-indir Rpa26 Nov 9, l893
The Midwinter fair at San Francisco is going to be a big success, and will be
visited by many people looking for investments. The products of Douglas
county should be ably represented.  +

Crime  health-indir  Rpa26 Nov 9, l893 
 Monday's Albany Democrat says: "Dr. J.D. Sponogle, under indictment for
rape, was brought into court today. He plead [sic] not guilty, and his case was
continued to the March term."

Climate   RPa 27 Nov 9, 1893 
Oct weather, mean temp 50; lowest 36 on 13th highest 65 on 14th.  no.
cloudless days 9; partly cloudy 13;  cloudy 9.  Rainfall in excess of average

Nov 16

 Other-RR  [trust]monopoly  Rpa27 Nov 16, 1893.
Or. Pacific rr probably be sold dec 14, 1893.  SP wants it to secure monopoly
of all freight business in tt section.  Northern Pacific wants to get rail and
ocean rte to S.F.

Outside-Tot  utility RPa 27 Nov 16, 1893
Ashland pays $10 per month per lamp for her street lights.  Her marshal is on
duty from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m.

road name Rpa 27 November 16, 1893
 Tom Burnett, of the Idaho Stage Co., is paying this section a business visit.
Mr. Burnett is now stationed in Lake County, Cal.  +

CBR  name  health animal  (Rpa27) Nov 16, 1893. 
Edward Seeley, foreman of the construction work on the coos bay railroad,
died at Coquille City last week.  He was a brother of O. J. Seeley, the
horseman.  + [M. latter raced some of his horses.]  /
   O.J. Seeley and John Carter a few days since brought up another lot of
horses that have been at work on the Coos bay railroad, and turned them out
on the Tipton ranch for the winter.  +

Nov 23

Health misc-words Rpa27 Nov 23, 1893
[Ad]   Sheep's clothing fits some people.  But Dr. Davis can fit your teeth.  +

Name-Robertson  Ladies Military Band music Tots
 Rpa 27   Nov 23, 1893
W. W. Robertson, who formerly was instructor of the Ladies' band, of
Roseburg, was in Marshfield yesterday. He is on his way to his old home in
Minnesota, but we are informed that some of our band boys will endeavor to
persuade him to remain here a short time and instruct the Marshfield band. --
Sun.  +  [cp]

utility  other town  Rpa 27 Nov 23, 1893
The construction of reservoir for waterworks going on at Oakland. not quote.
RR-name   (Rpa27) Nov 23, 1893.  Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Sheridan a few days
since returned from a visit to the eastern states. +

Road  taxes?  Novelty-wood-planking  RPa 27 Nov 23, 1893
[Lengthy article on] Camas mtn road.   ...Now that this road has been
continued through into Coos county, it has become one of the most important
roads in this county.  The nature of the soil is such that part of the road over
the mountain needs to be planked so that it will hold the wagons up in the
winter time.  The people of this valley pay a large amount of taxes each year, 
[where is rest?

Nov 30

RR-hopes  locale  outlook-condit   (Rpa27,28) Nov 30, 1893. 
Camas Valley.   Camas is lively in its expectations of a railroad in the near
future, and some of our people more farseeing or with more vivid imagination
than the majority, are talking of ceasing building or removing buildings, for
fear of being in the way of that great depot that Camas is to have at the
railroad station in the days to come, that is now pictured so grandly in the
imagination of many of our people, as arising in magnificence on the
numerous beautiful locations in Camas Valley.  Yet, with all these conjectures
of our neighbors, we patiently wait the coming of the Coos Bay railroad to
locate for us the town that is destined to be the queen city of the mountains.  +

Interest Rpa 28  Nov 30, 1893
If you should carry a compass to the North pole that would be as far north as it
could positively be carried. One step beyond that point and you would not be
"going north of the North Pole," but south. If it were possible for you to stand
upon the imaginary spot called the North Pole you would be looking south,
the back of your head would be to the south, your left arm would hand [as
typed; means hang?] on the south side of your body and the right in the same
direction. In short, all directions from the North Pole are due south.  +

Fair  Tot-MP  Rpa 28 Nov 30, 1893  The Myrtle Point fair takes place Friday
and Saturday of next week.  +

name-Robertson music  Rpa28 Nov 30, 1893
Prof. Robertson, the band instructor, intends making a trip to California in the
near future, says the Marshfield Sun.  +  [cp] 

Road  Rpa28 Nov 30, 1893
The road over the Camas mountain is well nigh impassable, and it is not likely
that its condition be improved during the winter.

Other-county   Rpa 28 Nov 30, 1893 Sheriff Miller [mentioned]

Postage-stamp interest  conditions  misc-word  Rpa 28 Nov 30, 1893
There is a 2-cent postage stamp fiend traveling over the country. He borrows
from everybody he meets a 2-cent stamp, and in this way "bums a living" with
drink and other luxuries.

Money   interest  condit-signs-times  Rpa 28 Nov 30, 1893
$5, $10, and $20, Genuine Confederate Bills only five cents each; $50 and
$100 bills 10 cents each... Sent securely sealed on receipt of price. [gives an
address in Atlanta, Ga.]  [more to article]

misc  name  Rpa 28 Nov 30, 1893
It is a common occurrence for a husband to "advertise" his wife, but Oswald.
A. Wirth, of Coos county, is the first to "advertise" as follows in the Sun:
"Notice is hereby given, that I have given my father, Anton Wirth, "times"
enough and that henceforth I will not be responsible for any of his debts or
acts."   +

paper  mail  saying  Rpa28 Nov 30, 1893
 The season for the annual howl of the Coos county press, concerning
irregular mails, is again here. No human being can aid them, and their prayers
should this year be addressed to Almighty God, instead of to the post office
department, as has been the custom herefore.

Road  locale saying  Rpa 28 Nov 30, 1893
Camas Mountain that has always been hard to manage, has now joined the
ring and become purely democratic; and nothing at all but gold will now
smooth down the wrinkles.  +

Tot?  misc-saying  Rpa28 Nov 30, 1893 
Thomas Sutherlin [M, for town of Sutherlin??] was hanged twice and hands
burned in attempt to get money.  [more]  not quote.


Dec 7, 1893

Hermann  politic   paper-attitude   saying   Rpa28 Dec 7, 1893
To the Editor: The Roseburg Review has another of its regular spasmodic
attacks of vomiting vapid mutterings against Binger Hermann; Also its regular
quota of impotent stabs at Pennoyer. These attacks do the aforesaid gentlemen
about as much harm as would a pint of water poured on a duck's back.  +

Other-mining locale  Rpa 28 Dec 7, 1893
The two mills operating in the Bohemia district have each produced $25,000
worth of gold bullion this past year.  The Annie started up again last week. 
The Bohemia will remain closed until spring. The latter's last run of 71 days
averaged $170 per day with a five-stamp mill.
Crop  flouring-mill  outside-Tot  climate  Rpa28 Dec 7, 1893  
Elkton flouring mill swept away by flood fm swollen river.

Misc  outside-literary  entertain RP2 December 7,1893 
[Lengthy article about W. S. Gilbert writing an opera. Tells how he produces
the comic libretto.   not quote.]

Other-RR  RP2 Dec 7, 1893 
Schedule for East And South via Shasta Rte of SP.  express trains leave
Portland daily. Roseburg mail also daily; leaves Portland 8:30 am, arr.Rsbg at
5:30 pm. [M.  not clear fm tape whether the Roseburg mail goes on the Shasta
express, or whether there actually 2 trains, the Shasta line, the Mail.]  not
quote.   [says cp]

Dec 14

Srh RP2 December 14,1893. 
rough bar, CB. Steamer Arago involved; while coming in over bar something
knocked in her after cabin and some passengers had to cling to upper berths
because there was flooding which caused a lot of consternation for a time.  not
quote. [M. doesn't say there's any loss of life.]

health   RP2 Dec 14, 1893  
[ad for]  Ginseng, the power of man, by Cosmopolitan Dispensary in S.F. not
full quote]

condit   (Rpa29) Dec 14, 1893.  Of the noble army of unemployed who are
eating free soup on the Post Office lot in this city, but four in one hundred
were willing to accept work when offered them.  Honest labor has far more
terrors to this class than starvation, and their only ambition in that line is to
continue working the generous public, says a San Francisco exchange.  +

Animal  locale Rpa 29 Dec 14, 1893 
Wild ducks have gone to Coos river where they are thicker than blackbirds in
a barn yard, says the Sun. +   [cp]

School  name-Mansfield  Locales Rpa 29 Dec 14, 1893  
Mrs. Clara Mansfield has just closed a successful term of school in the Camas
district. She expects to attend the Drain normal school during the remainder of
the year.  +  [cp] 

Conditions   animal food  Rpa29 Dec 14, 1893
Spareribs and backbones are in fashion but the Roseburg markets do not keep
up with the prevailing styles, at least so far as that portion of the hog's
anatomy is concerned. [M.  I assume this is a reference to hard times.] 

Pursuit-Sportsmen  game-food   condit-hard times  Rpa 29 Dec 14, 1893
Sportsmen in this section are having a hard time of it this year. Game is so
scarce that local minrods [sic; also in several other articles] are unable to keep
in practice, and when they accidentally find any game they are unable to kill
on account of their poor marksmanship.  + 

Kanematz-racism-indir  Tot-Roseburg  Xmas Rpa 30  Dec. l4,  l893
Young Sam has a handsome assortment of Chinese and Japanese Christmas
goods, just the thing for holiday resents. Call and take a look at them.  +

Xmas  items  Tot-Roseburg   silk   Rpa 30  Dec. l4,  l893
Dolls! Dolls!!  Dolls!!!  At the Novelty.  Silk goods suitable for Christmas
gifts, jewelry of the finest patterns to be had in town, and at bottom prices.  +

Road    locale Rpa 30  Dec. l4, l893
It is noted that the road to the coast via Camas Valley is impassable for
wagons. The old road, however, is in fair condition.

Dec 21

Other-RR Rpa30 December 21, 1893 [ brief article abt] sale of Oregon Pacific

Tot-Marshfield   Srh   Goodall-Perkins Rpa30 December 21, 1893
At a recent meeting of the town board of Marshfield $50 was appropriated to
purchase dynamite to blow the "hogs back" in the channel in front of that
town. Goodall Perkins & Co., are to also give $50 for that purpose and in  all
100 pounds of dynamite will be secured.  Captain Polhamus has agreed to do
the work of placing the explosives and setting them off.  +  [cp]

health  politic  paper misc-tongue-in-cheek? Rpa30 December 21, 1893
The oldest man in Oregon lives at 0regon City, and he is 106 years old.
Possibly he is the oldest man in the United States. He has voted the
democratic ticket for eighty-five years, which shows that the Almighty is
indeed righteous in giving him plenty of time in which to repent.

Fair   (conditions?) Rpa30 December 21, 1893
About 7000 Oregonians visited the World's fair, and it is safe to say each
spent $200 on the trip, making a total of $800,000 taken out of the state. And
then the state of Oregon spent $40,000 in addition to this. But the direct
results of this advertising are already being reaped, several times the amount
of the appropriation having been invested in Oregon by persons who first had
their attention called directly to this state by our exhibits at the World's fair. +

fair   Tot-MP  Misc-word9not yet] Rpa30 December 21, 1893
The Myrtle Point Midwinter fair was much of a success. The exhibits were
quite numerous and all meritorious, and many of them will be sent to the
Midwinter fair at San Francisco.  +

health        Tot-Multi Rpa30 December 21,1893
Dr. Frye, dentist, formerly of Roseburg, was in Marshfield last week and
rented rooms in the Holland building and will open the same for business the
1st of January. The doctor comes well recommended.  --Sun.  +

health Rpa30 December 21, 1893
Mothers, and especially nursing mothers, need the strengthening support and
help that comes with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.  It lessens the pains
and burdens of childbearing, insures healthy, vigorous offspring, and
promotes an abundant secretion of nourishment on the part of the mother. It is
an invigorating tonic, made especially for women, perfectly harmless in any
condition of the female system, as it regulates and promotes all the natural
functions and never conflicts with them.   [as typed]
    The "Prescription" builds up, strengthens and cures. In all the chronic
weaknesses and disorders that afflict women, it is guaranteed to benefit or
cure, or the money is refunded.  +

Dec 28

Hermann  politic misc-saying-word senatorship  winning card
Rpa 31 Dec. 28, 1893
Representative Hermann regarded by a number of his friends a promising
candidate for Governor of Oregon. [long article] [And then what others think.]
     Salem Statesman: ...His election might be assured him if nominated by the
Republican party, but the people of the First district cannot spare him out of
congress. They could not think of it. Binger is in the right place now, and, the
people will demand that he continue his great services there.
     Salem Journal.  If the Republicans of Oregon ask Mr. Hermann to head the
state ticket next June he will probably be its candidate. The salary and
perquisites of the office are far less than those of Congressman but the claims
of the party upon Mr. Hermann and the opportunities for succeeding to a
senatorship would outweigh the pecuniary objection. Mr. Hermann is
probably as well fixed financially as any leading Republican in Oregon who
would prove a winning man. I He would come as near uniting every element
of Republicans as any man who can be named. He has personal friends in
nearly every precinct of Oregon. He has rendered a personal service to nearly
every community in the state. From every standpoint of availability and
personal popularity, as well as for the great services he has rendered the state
and the party, he is a strong man to head the ticket with. Undoubtedly a
number of others will be named and their strength and claims will be fully and
fairly set forth in these columns.  +

     ...We do not know that Mr. Hermann desires to change off from
congressman to governor, but if he would accept it the people will doubtless
help him over, with the friendly reminder, "Well done, good and faithful
servant, thou hast been faithful in a few things, we will make the [in print]
ruler over many."  Mr. Hermann's experience has fitted him for more efficient
service in congress than a new man, and we can not well spare him from that
     As an available candidate for the gubernatorial chair his popularity
throughout the state would insure the election beyond a reasonable doubt.
Binger's indomitable perseverance and bulldog persistency in his official
action have made him the favorite of the people. Binger is a winning card. + 
[M. spacing between lines as I typed it;  not sure if it one long article or 2 sep

Crime mail  RR  locale? Name  paper-attitude saying?   Rpa 31 Dec 28, 1893
Gus McCulloch, one of the mail carriers on the Coos Bay stage route, was
held up by a lone highwayman last Friday evening.  The robbery took place
near Myrtle Point, and it is reported that the robber secured about $4000 from
the registered mail pouch. Mr. Robinson, of San Francisco, was detailed to
investigate the robbery. He came to Roseburg Tuesday, stopped over night
and listened to the rumors on our streets. When informed that the mode of
public conveyance was on a buckboard to Newlands and on horseback to the
scene of robbery he chose to decline the
pleasure of visiting the locality where he would be most likely to learn the
facts, and scraped the Roseburg mud from his feet and took the cars for
Portland. This mode of ferreting out mail robbers by those whilom detectives
with big pay is a problem in modern detection that is more easily guessed than
known.  If a palace car was run from here to Myrtle Point Mr. Robinson
would doubtless have gone to the scene of the robbery and gathered more
important facts in the case. But Mr. Robinson's eagle eyes have probably
caught enough from the rumors here to locate the robber and ctrcumvent his
arrest and conviction.

health   Rpa 32  December 28?, 1893.  [talks about Koch cure, for
tuberculosis, consumption.]

Xmas  poem  saying   Rpa 32 December 28,1393.
Another Christmas has come to us, and all over the land in millions of homes
preparations were made to receive the Christmas Spirit. And at such a time it
only makes the heart warmer and better to think for a moment of the first
Christmas home this great world ever knew. It also makes the heart of the old
tingle with kindly emotions, when reminded of earlier years, when Santa
Claus came and deposited in their stockings little mementos of his kindly
consideration for them.
Oh! beautiful days that have now fled forever,
  When life was all sunshine and everything true;
No time can corrode nor circumstance sever,
  The ties of remembrance that bind us to you.
But the happiest time complete in its gladness,
  And still brightly shining shining with undimmed fame,         [as typed]

With never a shadow of evil or madness,
  Was that blessed time when Santa Clause came.              [as typed]
With infinite faith did we each hang a stocking,
  Unmindful of jokes as the hour came for bed,
For surely we heard old Santa Claus knocking
  The snow from his feet overhead.
Then we crept to our beds, all foolish doubts scorning,
  With hearing alert and with eyes all aflame,
Intent upon watching if needful, till morning,
Determined to see when Santa Clause came.
But alas! for the weakness of youthful intention,
  Sleep warily stole all our senses away.
Overcome no doubt by some subtle invention,
  For we know nothing more till the dawn of next day,
And then with a bound of anticipation   
  For which I can now find no adequate name
We saw every want of our childish creation,
  Had not been forgotten when Santa Claus came.
The stockings, the stockings, oh! full are the stockings,
  We shouted and shrieked and danced in our glee.
Where now are your jokes, and your doubts and your mockings;
  What, don't you believe it, Nell? Just come and see.
For Tom there are skates, and a fiddle for Andy;
  A gold ring for Nellie, for Johnnie a game,
A dollie for sister, and oh! lots of candy,
  All just as we asked for when Santa Claus came.
Ah! still from that morn will be reaching forever
  A golden-linked chain that will never decay;
No time can corrode it nor circumstances sever
  The ties that fast bind us to that happy day.
Of all the bright days of our childhood none brighter
  Than one which will shine with unquenchable flame,
Through the shadows of age our hearts will be lighter
  For the blessed time when old Santa Claus came.   +

dairy BH-allied-name?   Rpa32a  Dec 28, 1893 
[article abt] J A Yoakam having closed his creamery season with quite a
profit.  Fm Coast Mail.

Hermann    politic Rpa 32a Dec 28, 1893
Oregonian (Special). Washington, Dec. 15.  Representative Hermann is
regarded by a number of his friends in the house as a promising candidate for
governor of Oregon.  [more.]

Crime  road   Rpa 32a  Dec 28, 1893 
Inspector Robinson came up from Portland  to investigate a robbery on the
Coos Bay stage route.  NQ?  [M.  2004.  another article not long before, said
he was from SF]

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