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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
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Bandon Recorder     Bandon, Or.    

Chronological, with limited keywords  (keywords need revising.)

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January 3, 1890

Tot   paper BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
[M. note:  there is still an article called Ellensburg Items. That would be Port Orford area.
This paper also has items from the Gold Beach Gazette.]

Health  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
Coquille City Items. Diptheria has shown no signs of further spreading and
the patients are getting along nicely.  +

Other-mining  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
John Sturdivant has struck a rich ledge [quartz?] Iron Mtn between forks of
Sucker Creek.  Richest rock ever found this part of Oregon running $700 -
$2000 per ton. Was abt to give up when he was within 7 in of ledge.  nq

Name  Upton  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
J.H. Upton has returned to Curry county where he will reside for the winter.

Paper  DF Dean  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
D.F. Dean and family of Coquille City were in town over Sunday this week. 

Tot-Coq   BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
Mr. William Sugg and wife of Coquille City [listed].   /  Also Capt. Von
Pegert  [M. would this have been Annie Laird's husband?]

Climate  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890  A few flakes of snow fell last evening.

Srh   climate  misc-word barbound  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890 
Schnrs Chetco, Berwick and Long barbound at this place. Del Norte due.

Lbr  Tot-Bandon name  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890  
 Col Rosa and family going to SF.   /   R. H. Rosa, dealer in rough and
Planed lumber in Bandon.    

Entertain   BR 0 Jan 3, 1890   [ paper full of articles abt grand balls.]

Tot-Bandon  Srh   BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
 [ad ] George M. Dyer and son Bandon Oregon General merchants.  Shipping
and forwarding, groceries and provisions, dry goods and clothing. 

Natl mining  [coal??]  BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
A cave in occured at the Lane mine, Angeles camp, Calaveras County, Calif.
16 men lost lives.

Other-utility  other-RR    BR 0 Jan 3, 1890
Brief article Metropolitan Electric Railway in Portland. During trial current
got mixed up with telephone, electric light and burned out a bunch of lights in
town.   [more]    not quote 

BHsurrounds  county court  name  BR 0 October 3, 1890. 
 Z.T. Siglin as Sheriff.  [or running for?]

Entertain  Tot  BR 0 Oct 3, 1890     [article abt dance or ball held at
Dairyville. Detailed.]

other-coal, Riverton  BR 0 Oct 3, 1890
Some very good coal, for burning purposes, has been delivered at this place
recently.  It came from Riverton, burns well, and is comparatively free from
cinder. The ashes being very much like wood ashes. 

photo  BR 0 Oct 3, 1890
How a chromo is made: a lithographic preparation of tracings and etchings.
[quite detailed if needed.] 

book      BR 0 Oct 3, 1890      
 In the Congo with Stanley. [M. No doubt The Stanley.]

misc How-world-began  BR 0  Oct 3, 1890
When our globe was wrapped in a mist 40 miles thick. purports to tell how
world was formed and what looked like when very young.  [Doesn't say who
says so, but interesting, detailed article. Would make interesting contrast to
modern theory.]

RR      racism      animal    BR 0  Oct 3, 1890
Work is still progressing slowly on the R.R. Grading has not commenced, but
the company have [sic] a world of machinery ready to commence and have,
it is said, 500 Chinamen coming. Sunday evening 30 head of fine, Large work
horses arrived in this place from San Diego to be used on dump carts. The
survey is completed up to Norway or thereabouts, and cross section work is
well out from Marshfield, while the work of clearing the site for road bed is
near this place, coming from the bay. Active work will be on in a few days. --
Coquille City Herald.  +


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