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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is not a comprehensive list of news items.

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The Corvallis Gazette    Corvallis, Or.   
Chronological, with limited keywords (keywords need revising)

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Jan 2

health-provider  CG31 Jan 2, 1891  Dr and Mrs. J L Elgin, b.

Jan 9, 1891

RR-other RR-OP Locale OT  CG 31 Jan 9, 1891  
Willamette Valley and Coast RR, Oregon Pacific, joined in bonds, RR to
Yaquina.  [lengthy]

Jan 16

Politic state voting title name-Geer Name-Mitchell Locale  CG31  Jan 16, 1891
Or. Legislature.  Hon T T Geer elected speaker of house.  Hon John H
Mitchell name placed in nomination for U S Senator fm Or; first ballot will be
sep. ballot next Tue.

agric food prices fruit crop locale Srh-indir  CG41 Jan 16, 1891
Peter Schirmer, 2 acres land one mile S. Mill  4 on Yaquina bay, itemized
earnings from his (full)acreage at prices produce would bring in Corvallis
market. 200 bu. potatoes @  65 c  $130; l20 bu rutabegas  59 c  $60. 100 bu
carrots 50 c  $50.   2500 1b cabbage 1 c  $25.   20 bu turnips  50 c  $10.   10
bu cabbage turnips  50 c  $5.  60 bu onions  $1.50  $90.   15 bu beets  75 c 
$10.  8 bu parsnips 50 c $4.  15 bu string beans $1  $15.  50 bu sugarbeets ,
$15.  6 bu peas $6.  10 bu corn  $10.  1 1/2 tons hay $25.  125 bunches celery 
$10.   Strawberries $38.85.  7 doz chickens $21.  Av 5 1/2 doz eggs per week 
20 c  $38.40 [or 88? can’t read] for year.  Total amount crop $613.15, besides
vegetables, berries and eggs for use of family.

Jan 23

health-death history literary locale character?  CG31 Jan 23, 1891
Death Geo Bancroft, illustrious scholar -- historian of US, died in Wash. 
Reputation will rest on the solid monument he raised in composition of his
history of US.  [M. note: another historian; not same as Hubert Howe Bancroft.]

State politic name-Pennoyer title  CG31 Jan 23, 1891  Gov. Pennoyer.


Feb 6, 1891

Road wagon OT Locale Srh  CG31 Feb 6, 1891  
Large amount money asked in State legislature for constr wagon roads.  [Only mentions Tidewater, Benton Co -- Alsea river on Yaquina Bay.]

State politic title name-Gear name-Geer  CG31 Feb 6, 1891  Speaker Gear [as I
typed it], b.

Item coal-indir oil prices OT-Corvallis  CG31 Feb 6, 1891  
Carload of pearl oil (blue label) $1.40 per can at Kline's.

Feb 13

Racism/ethnic locale  CG31 Feb 13, 1891  Umatilla Indian Reservation re-opened. 

Crime novelty [flouring-mill] locale Srh CG31 Feb 13, 1891
 Robbery at Fischer flouring mill, just S. of Mary's River.  [See also Apr 10,

Other-mining locale  CG31  Feb 13, 1891  Santiam mines [mentioned.]

Feb 20

name-Hermann govt Srh  CG31 Feb 20, 1891  
[brief on] Repr. Binger Hermann's unsuccessful fight to get increased rates
on surveys.  [M. note; Not informative.]  [M 2006. in other  entries, surveys
seem  to refer to need for harbor dredging.]

utility OT-Roseburg  CG31 Feb 20, 1891  
Franchise to Mr. Wanamaker, electric light system for Roseburg.

Feb 27

Crime OT-Corvallis  CG31 Feb 27, 1891 
 Robbery at R. Graham's drug store.  [M. sometimes lists a T (Thos) Graham
drug store, sometimes R, but no further info.]


Mar 6

Crime name-Hall Locale OT-Corvallis health-accid  CG31  Mar 6, 1891
Mrs. Wm Hall, home on the Sawdust, assaulted; she daughter of Mrs. Spaulding,
[CB News.  Man attacked her throat with knife but wound not serious.  Fellow
ran away.  Not found yet.]

Mar  13

Other-mining Locale  CG31a Mar 13, 1891  Santiam mines.

Mar 20

name-Hermann natl state politic govt road wagon title Misc? superlative  
CG31a Mar 20, 1891
Oregon's delegation good work in Congress, even if  Gov Pennoyer vetoed
wagon road bill and state senate refused to change assignment laws.  One can point,
with pride, to gentlemanly behavior of  Mitchell, Dolph and Hermann,
acknowledged leaders among natl statesmen of the country.   By concerted
and harmonious action have accomplished more for  Or. in last season than
done in many years.

Mar 27

name-Minto title CG31a  Mar 27, 1891   Hon John Minto, b.

crop agric food transport condit Srh OT-SF OT-Portland Locale-Oregon superlative
Lhc?  CG 42 Mar 27, 1891  
      A consignment of Oregon flour, the first ever brought here, came down from
Portland on the Geo. H. Chance. – Marshfield Sun. 
     Think of that!  No Oregon flour ever before consumed in a section of the state,
rich beyond description in resources!  The same is almost true of nearly all the
coast of Oregon.s  San Francisco is their market.  They only come to Oregon
when sent to the penitentiary, asylum or legislature.  +


Apr 10

Locale-Isthmus-or? Name-Siglin ONG title war? Locale-Oregon
CG31a  Apr 10, 1891
Hon. J. M. Siglin has resigned his position as Brigadier-Genr'l of ONG, which
has filled since organization of the militia in Oregon.  

Crop prices OT-Corvallis misc-word  CG31a Apr 10, 1891  
Wheat 75 c a bushel in Corvallis.  (High water mark of wheat prices for yr.)

Apr 17

Item-apparel prices OT-Corvallis  CG31a Apr 17, 1891
Plough shoes $1 - $2.50,   men's fine shoes $1.50 - $6, just received at Nolan's.

Apr 24

Invention paper-cut  CG31a  Apr 24, 1891
[cut of]  a new typewriter  the International Cap writing 150 wpm accord to
ability of op.  Machine will more than double number of sheets of any other
typewriter without affecting alignment in any respect, as the alignment is
indestructible.  Price $100.  [M. note:  similar to cut in Britannica previously referred
to, but top is different.]


May 8, 1891

Item prices OTot-Corvallis  CG31a  May 8, 1891  
150 rolls wallpaper  10 c roll.  Philip Weber's.

May 29

Condit? Racism/ethnic coal locale  CG31a  May 29, 1891
Or. Improvement Co. imported Negroes for their Franklyn, Wash. coal mines
to replace whites.  They say men who belong to labor unions are liable to
strike or quit when needed. 


June 12

Enterprise transport? wagon inducements OT-Corvallis CG31a June 12, 1891 
New enterprise for Corvallis.  Carriage and wagon co, if inducements 
[also June 19, 1891.  Also July 10; Sept 11.]

June 19

State-pop census condit? Locale  CG31a June 19, 1891 
Now 385 convicts at St Pen, largest number ever held, will only hold 18 more.   

Judge  CG31a June 19, 1891  Judge Kelsay, b.   

Racism/ethnic  CG31a  June 19, 1891  Siletz reservation.  [Indian]

July 10, 1891.
Utility  CG31a  July 10, 1891
  Arc light on display, good show. [just one demo]  [M2004: only 1 demo will
be held at show? Or, just takes one demo to convince a buyer?]

July 17, 1891

RR-other RR-OP  CG 31a July 17, 1891  
[lengthy]   Or. Pacific RR   [also Aug 7,  1891] 


Aug 7, 1891

coal locale  CG42 Aug 7, 1891  [lengthy on coal in Benton county.]

health-death pioneer Locale  CG42 Aug 7, 1891
Died, at residence brother A G  Mulkey, David Benton Mulkey, 62, one of
earliest pioneers Or.

Circus  CG42 Aug 7, 1891  [in several issues, lengthy on Sell's Bros Circus.]

Sept 4, 1891 

Other-mining OT-Corvallis  CG42 Sept 4, 1891  Gold near Corvallis

[M. note with my Corvallis Gazette references says  I only went as far as Oct 2, 1891. 
Nothing of interest for a long time, no CB area news or CBR RR.]   [M. 2009.  The
construction of CBR-RR is sometimes credited as started in 1891, so perhaps I
stopped too soon.]

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