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JAN  7 -  MAR 31, 1892

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Jan 7

Names  climate  Sun 10a January 7, 1892  
[George Bennett has a rather complete Bandon weather report for that year. ] 
school sun 10a  Jan 7, 1892     Public school 178 pupils enrolled. 

RR climate  Sun 10a Jan 7, 1892  Work suspended on rr till rainy season over. NQ  

Other coal  locale Isthmus  RR  Sun 10a Jan 7, 1892
The prospect is fair that the Dunham coal mine will be opened next summer.  The coal is of
the best in the county, and the enterprise will add much to the prospects of Coos County.  The
mine is located on the Isthmus near the railroad.

Jan 14

Road  Sun 10a  January 14, 1892. 
Fm Coquille Herald: Some of our people are becoming converted to the charcoal road theory. 
It is said by those who have the knowledge of facts, that the charcoal road is [M. note:  is something left out?] only very good, but in a country like this is the best and most economical.  

Climate  Srh? Sun 10a Jan 14, 1892      Heavy storm on coast.

Other RR  Sun 10a  January 14, 1892.
Concerning the future plans of the Oregon Pacific railroad, the Albany Herald learns that a
compromise of the New York stockholders has been agreed on. Some people will have a say
in matters of construction Eastward, which they have not hitherto had.  War among
bondholders settled.   

County court  Sun 10a Jan 14, 1892     List of county court proceedings in Coos County.

Road  names  Srh  Marshfield Sun 11 Jan 14, 1892.
Ho for Bandon!  New passenger stage line Empire City to Bandon, carrying freight and
passengers    Quickest, surest, and best.    C.A. Metlin, Proprietor   John Lathrop  Business
Manager and Driver.     Timetable:  Leaves Empire for Bandon on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday.  Leaves Bandon for Empire on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Stage connects with
steamer Comet at Empire.

Mill  locale  Sun 11  Jan 14 1892  [Dean’s mill is listed at Bay City in 1891 or 2 ]
Music  name  Sun 11 Jan 14, 1892  W.C. Robertson MP  [listed as] head of M.P. Minstrel

Srh  Sun 11 Jan 14 1892  The Homer is listed as the new Coquille to San Francisco steamer

Commission house  Srh  farmer?  Sun11 Jan 14, 1892
A good reliable commission merchant in San Francisco is indispensible to the farmer, rancher
and orchardist of Coos County, and we are happy to be able to recommend Irving B. Cook,
whose ad appears in the Sun, as one altogether trustworthy and reliable.  You can rely on it
you will get all your shipments will bring in the market save a fair and honest commission. 
[verified, no commas in print.]  Buying for you, he will use the same good judgement that he
uses when buying for himself.  Being a former resident of the county, he never makes a
mistake in shipping, and thoroughly knows the wants of the people here.  +

Other coal  Sun 11 Jan 14, 1892  Libby Items.  The mines were running several days last

Mill name Srh-indir?  Sun 11 Jan 14, 1892
[Article saying E.B. Dean Co. awarded ownership of a contested piece of property down on
the waterfront which Marshfield claimed it owned.  [M. 2007: where the mill was before it
moved to Bay City?]

other coal  Sun 11 Jan 14, 1892
Loggie and Marsden have taken charge of their lease, the Bandon Block Coal mining
property, and Mr. Loggie started up mining operations Monday morning.  Mr. Marsden took a
trip to San Francisco last week to look after their interests in that place.  +  

Jan 21

Road  Sun 11 January 21, 1892.
The roads in Coos County are virtually fixed for several weeks to come, not only by the mud,
but trees which the wind has blown down are said to numerous in some of our roads that are
not traveled much.  [M. note: did I  leave something out?] 

Paper  misc-word arrearages  Sun 11 Jan 21, 1892      Comment that the Sun has been in existence a year and a large number of our patrons have not paid their subscriptions.  What we want and must have is the cash and we trust those owing us will pay up arrearages. 

Crop conditions  Sun 11 Jan 21, 1892
Good crops throughout United States and poor crops throughout Europe will make money
comparatively plenty and we look for great improvement in the financial condition of the
times by next summer.

[elections ]Sun 11 Jan 21, 1892  Coquille City , Riverton, Coaledo, and Norway shall
constitute a justice and constable district to be known as #3.  

elections  misc-word?  Sun 11 Jan 21, 1892
The state bd of equalization has completed its work and raised the assessed value.  Coos
county gets a good rise and without a doubt it can be attributed to our little boom in Glasgow,
Yarrow and East Marshfield townsites which we have always contended were not a
desideratum.   +  [M2004  what does ed mean?]

Lhc-census  Sun11 Jan 21, 1892   Marshfield claims one-fifth of the population of Coos county.

Bh surr  names  Sun 11 Jan 21, 1892    [ J.F. Dunham and his wife were still living in the
Isthmus area in 1892.  ]

Utility  name  Sun 11 Jan 21, 1892 
Work on the electric plant is progressing rapidly.  Superintendent Dame [a contractor; later
article said he had left town upon its completion.  M.] is enlarging the number of men
employed and in order to get things completed as soon as possible worked a force of men

CBR  climate Sun 12 Jan 21, 1892
All work on the railroad is stopped for the present, but it is to be commenced vigorously as
soon as the weather will permit.  We have no doubt but that we’ll have the connection with
the Coquille river early next summer, and with Roseburg in due time.  At least that is what is
claimed by those behind the scenes.

Fruit  conditions farmer  crop  Sun 12 Jan 21, 1892
 More fruit trees will be planted this year in Oregon than in the preceding five years.  We fear
Coos is not keeping up with the procession in this matter.  Coos and Curry will be great
orchard counties some day.  Farmers should remember the adaptability of this country for
fruit.  The grain raiser is decidedly behind the times.

Tot-Libby  entertain  Sun 12, Jan 21, 1892   Ball at Libby.

Srh  Sun 12, Jan 21, 1892       Marine report of ships arr and depart.

Condit Hard times progress  CBR  Tot  Sun 12, Jan 21, 1892
     Marshfield in the past year.  While dull times have prevailed all along this coast, and
indeed, all over the country for that matter, the past year has marked many improvements in
this city that must have weight in the future of Coos bay towns.  SKIP  A railroad constructed
for the interior of the state has been graded twenty miles and the track laid half that distance. 
Every assurance is given of the road’s early completion.
     Marshfield’s geographical location is the place where nature itself intended for a city.  The
many resources surrounding our town lend encouragement to our little commonwealth, and
with its enterprising citizens full of push and progress is bound to be the town of Southern
Oregon.  Look out sister city, Roseburg.

Agric-commission house    Srh-indir Sun 12 Jan 21, 1892
Ad for Irving B. Cook  General Commission Merchant  San Francisco    Wool, Hides, Green
fruits, Matchwood, Apples,  Salt and canned salmon, Chittim Bark, Grain, and General
Produce.  “Farmers and shippers’ attention” “Send for my regular quotation sheets. 
Information will cost you nothing and inquiries will receive my most earnest attention.”      

Tot  dairy Srh  Sun 12 January 28, 1892.
A goodly number of merchants of this place are shipping butter to San Francisco.  R. M.
Weider shipped 1000 rolls last week. 

Road-Walk; novelty-wood  Sun 12  Jan 28, 1892     The new walk to the stave mill is about

Tot Lhc  name   Sun 12 Jan 28, 1892 
Coquille Items.  A. Pershbaker will begin the construction of a new schooner at his mill on the
lower Coquille the first prox.  This ensures the construction of a shipyard there and the
building of other crafts.      /
   Reverend Taylor of Glasgow is over preaching to the Coquillers.  That the boom town
should send out its only occupant to evangelize the Coquille is a sad comment on local
missions.    /
  Coquille City can boast of the most enterprising preacher in Coos County, if not in Oregon. 
He has grubbed all the stumps out and kept the sidewalks in front of the church and
parsonage.   /
   Coquille Items.  There are various enterprises to be started on the Coquille this season that
will aid materially in bringing to the front the many latent and observed resources of that rich
valley. We hope the bay people may follow suit.

Other coal  Tot-Libby  music misc-word   Sun 12 Jan 28, 1892
[Comment saying ] Libby can justly claim to contain more music to the square inch than any
other town in the county.  Music can be heard at all hours of the day from the brazen toot of
the cornet or the low growl of the bass-viol, down to the notes of the festive Jewsharp.

RR subsidy  name  Sun 13  Jan 28, 1892  Bandon Recorder.  Bandon is coming out with her
railroad subsidy.  Mr. R.H. Rosa will have it collected and ready to pay over by the last of this
week.   +    [cp]

CBR  Srh  progress condit  Sun 13 Jan 28, 1892
More Rails.  The schooner Lottie Carson, arrived from San Diego Sunday, loaded with 300
tons of steel rails for the Coos Bay -Roseburg railroad.  This should be sufficient
encouragement for some who think that the will not be built, to cheer up on.  A number of
persons thought when the road shut down this winter at a very late date and which they should
have done last winter, that things had come to an end but it has not and there is abundant
evidence that things will operate at a lively pace as soon as the weather clears up.  +

Feb 4

Outside School  church-indir  Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892  [Ad for Mount Angel Academy ]

Srh  OC&N other coal  prices  Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892
   Notice.  On and after May 19 1891 the fare on the Oregon Coal & Navigation steamers will
be as follows: Cabin $10 steerage $6.

County  Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892    list of Coos County officers.

CBR  boomer  Sun 13  Feb. 4, 1892
The Roseburg & Coos Bay railroad will be built sure, just as the Review has always said it
would be and it will make the Umpqua valley the richest in the state, and Roseburg the best
town outside of Portland.  You are at liberty to paste this in your hat. --Roseburg Review.  +

Paper  patronage  Sun 13  Feb 4, 1892
Marshfield Sun was awarded the county printing last week by the county court of Coos.  It is
less than a year old and has the largest circulation of any paper printed in the county. 
Roseburg Review.

Paper patronage  Sun 13  Feb 4, 1892
Long article says the Herald wanted the county printing but for the reason that it made no
application for such it did not get it.  Answering complaints.  Law requires such and such and
he knew it... The insinuation that the selection was for political reasons was simply amusing
as the proprietors of the Sun did not vote nor act in harmony with his aspirations.  In plain fact
there was nothing to decide as there was but one application on file.

[Graham indirect.]  Tot  R.E.     Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892  Coos Bay Land Co. sold lot in East
Marshfield for $300.

School Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892     Prof. Taylor will start a writing school at this place.

Road  Tot  Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892
Scraper was seen in route to the much boomed town, Glasgow.  It is evident that the residents
are on a strike to have the streets cleaned up and the mayor is making preparations to realize
their wants.  [cp]

Commission house  crop Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892 
Mr. Wolf, a San Francisco Commission merchant, has been on the bay buying potatoes if he
can or taking them to sell on commission.  Mr. Wolf's firm makes a specialty of handling
produce in that line and it will pay you to ship to him.  Read ad in another column.   

Bicycle  Tot  Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892     Coquille City has a craze for bicycle riding.  A number of
persons going to and from their work by that means of locomotion.

Lhc Pop  Sun 13 Feb 4, 1892
The Salem Statesman in a recent issue gives the population of Coquille City 700 against
three-quarters more for Bandon.  The figures reversed and reduced about one-half would be
about the thing at the present, but Coquille City people must get a move on themselves or the
figures when attained will be in the order named by Salem's good paper.  + 

Srh  other coal  condit   prosperity  name  Misc-word    Sun 13-14 Feb 4, 1892
Coquille Items.  We learn that the steamer Homer offered a good price for 100 tons of coal
bought at this place some time ago.  And since there re a dozen or more coal veins right in the
suburbs this place, the opening of which means so much to this people's prosperity, it seems the whole town would have turned out and procurred the order on short notice and filled it instanter. A meeting called for the purpose of taking action in the matter was attended by one businessman, Mr. Lyons, and a number of day laborers.  We also learned that the teamsters asked 25 cents on a ton more than the usual price for hauling. This is what is killing many towns and we are sorry to see our sister town show so little enterprise.  The little excuses that time was short and the best veins unopened were, far-fetched.  To have gone at it with a will, the thing could have been accomplished.  + 
[M. 2009?:  evidently written in Marshfield about Coquille.]

utility interest  Sun 14 Feb 4, 1892
Marshfield lighted by electricity.  A great tooting of whistles, running and shouting of men,
women and children who darted first from one place to another to see the effect of the
dazzling light which is as bright as the moon on a frosty night.  The event was cheering. 
Everybody was smiling and happy, and the town seemed to be as animated and gay as a June
morning.  The coal oil lights beside the electricity were very dim and lurid. [skip]  The longer
one uses electricity as a light, the better one will like it.

RR  [last para Lhc]     Sun 14-15 Feb 4, 1892 
Our Railroad.  It will cross Oregon.  The work that has been done on the Coos Bay-Roseburg
railroad is not only known to the people of this vicinity, and that the eagle eye of capital has
been glaring down upon it, with the view of purchasing, extending, and connecting the road
with some of the trans-continental lines, is evident.
      Coos bay can no longer be kept in the dark.  It is a port familiar to the outside world and
before many years we expect to see ships loading here with grain from the interior, bound for
foreign ports, and these assertions can be fully reconciled were we to consider the improved
condition of the bar since the building of the North jetty, with the prospects of another
appropriation, and our railroad made the terminus of a transcontinental line, and of the latter,
the Baker City Morning Democrat [name pf paper Italicized] contains a dispatch from
Portland dated January 26th, which is as follows: "It is now a probability that Oregon will,
before another year passes, have a fourth trans-continental railway.  From what can be
learned, although the officials are reticent, as usual, the Coos bay-Roseburg & Eastern will,
within the course of a Few weeks commence work on its Eastern extension from Roseburg to
connection with the Chicago & Northwestern in Colorado or some of the other great Western
     Preliminary surveys of this route were made three years ago, which carried the road across
Oregon and some miles into Idaho.  The work was done under the direction of an engineer by
the name of Miller, who had been employed on the Chicago & Northwestern.  An actual
location of the line was never run, though it is thought that it has practically been decided on. 
It would, of course, be necessary to run this before work has been commenced.  Mortgage
bonds to the extent of $2,500,000 that were issued by this road over a year ago are now being
paid up and most of this amount has been guaranteed by Eastern and London capitalists
through the efforts of the Farmers Loan & Trust Company, which is holding them.  This
money is to be used for construction between Marshfield, on Coos Bay, and Roseburg, that is
from the Coast Range of mountains, some 90 miles. The intention, as is well known, and
which is now nearer fulfillment than ever, was to build from the coast to an Eastern
connection, thus, when tariffs were settled, affording transcontinental facilities.  Of the line
between Marshfield twenty miles have [print] been graded and ten finished and equipped. 
Work has been stopped, though everything appears to he in readiness to recommence within a
few weeks.  And this $2,500,000 most of which is already guaranteed, is to be used in the
construction of this ninety miles.  The road now completed has cost $300,000.  The payment
of this is to come from the $2,500,000.
     The lay of the land from Marshfield to the present terminus is very well suited to railroad
construction.  The Coquille river is followed for a distance of twenty miles and from Coquille
City an ascent to the "ridge" or Coast mountains is commenced.  After this is reached there is
a gentle descent the entire distance, [can't read; may say 30, or 40, 04 50] miles to Roseburg. 
Bonds for the construction east from Roseburg have not been offered yet.  The two-million
[not verified that it's spelled out] dollars is to go solely to the road between the coast and that
city.  But the fact is pretty well recognized that the Chicago & Northwestern is behind them.
If this is the case there will soon be a road under construction across Oregon, if not it will
probably be some time before the present officials can find money with which to do the
work." +  [quote of whole article is fm, Baker City Morning Democrat.]    +  
Feb 11

County  Sun 15 Feb 11, 1892 County court proceedings.

RR-stat&  conditions  Sun 15 Feb 11, 1892
The number of locomotives in the United States is about 30,000 -- one to every five miles of
all kinds and of cars of all kinds, 1,100,000  of which 27,000 are passenger coaches. nq 
approximate cost of all this stock is 15,500,000.  Each year a freight engine hauls 35,000 tons
and a passenger engine pulls 60,000 passengers.  These railways employ 725,000 persons
nearly all men,  who provide a living for nearly 3,000,000 people, or about one-twentieth of
the population.  [cp]

Paper county   Sun 15 Feb 11 1892
 [Another debate This time with West Oregonian about Herald not getting court printing

Other coal  Lhc?  Sun 15 Feb 11, 1892   Prof. Albert Eddmann [?; hard to read] native of
Poland and graduate University of Dorpat claims to have discovered a cheap method of
converting our cheap lignites into a coal as valuable as the best bituminous and anthracite
coals. [not a quote.]   [cp]

RR  utility  law/govt  Sun 15 Feb 11, 1892
[Marshfield Sun believes in government control over railroads and telegraph lines. ] 

commission house  crop Srh Sun 15 Feb 11, 1892
   Commission Merchant Wolf, of San Francisco, has bought a large amount of potatoes on
the bay and will ship 500 sacks on this trip of the Arcata.

County  Tot  Sun 15, Feb11, 1892
Empire Items.  The jail is completed and ready for occupants.   /  Our worthy county clerk 
J.J. Lamb.   /  Empire is destined to be a good town if ordinances will help her.

Tot  other coal  Sun 15, Feb 11, 1892   [News from Libby each time but doesn't mention
mines at all.]

Tot-MP   MP-boomer Sun 15 Feb 11, 1892.
Article entitled Myrtle Point and its Pushers -- the Hermann Block. [descr.  name of stores

Gap  [??]


Mar 31

paper ad character people-attitude? boomer?  Sun 15 March 31, 1892
 [Headline:] How to make a good town.
        Grit.             Advertize in its papers.
        Snap.           Good country tributary.
        Push.           Help good men to office.
        Energy.        Patronize its merchants.
        Schools.       Honest competition and prices.
        Morality.     Make the atmosphere healthy.
        Harmony.    Faith exhibited by good works.
        Cordiality.    Fire all loafers, croakers, and deadbeats. -EX.
        Talk about it.
        Write about it.
        Speak well for it.
        Help to improve it.
[M. 2009.  My news notes question whether this was in a MP column or regular Sun item.]

Mar 31, 1892.

Ad   [paper-cut] Tot Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892 
[Ad says]   Death to the Old Washboard.  The Pacific Washing Machin [sic].  D. D. Campbell, Marshfield.  [M. note:  looks like a big tin pot with handle on it to agitate clothes.]   

paper patronage  Sun 16 Mar 31 1892     The Sun, Official Paper of Coos County. 

Elections Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892  [Elections, who shall keep tally sheets, balloting and
canvassing of voters.  Legal code.]

Other RR  outside fish  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892
Astoria, March 22.  Schofield & Goss commenced construction on the Astoria and Portland [sic] railroad this morning at the Washington cannery by driving nine piles.

RR subsidy  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892  Summons from railroad to various organizations and
people trying to collect the subscriptions pledged but not paid.

Dairy Locale-CoosRiver  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892     Anson Rogers of Coos River is making two cheeses a day. 

Tot  mill  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892  Empire Items.  Mill is still running.

Tot condit  progress  road  CBR  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892
     Marshfield is progressing.  Aside from the minor improvements that have been made the past
winter we expect to see improvements and our town go on this summer in the line of street
grading, buildings, houses, and the Coos Bay-Roseburg railroad completed and running to
Coquille City.  Then we will be in it without a struggle. +

Tot  utility  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892
     Coquille City Items.  Coquille City possesses more telegraph and telephone lines than all the
other towns of the county.  Boys have constructed the former for the purpose of learning and
practicing telegraphy.  + 

School  Tot-Coq-pride   Sun16 Mar 31, 1892  
     Coquille is now to have a fine school building and it is said she will not stop short of the best
in the county.  +
Other mining  Sun 16 Mar 31, 1892      Brief on copper mine in Rogue River valley. 

Other coal  farming Sun 16 Mar 31 1892
     Libby Items:  The mines run [sic] several days last week.  The miners have taken
advantage of the slack work and plowed every foot of tillable land in the place.  +

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