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Roseburg Plaindealer   Roseburg, OR.

JUNE 24 - AUG ?, 1895 RP    1870-83   1890-93   1894-pt1, pt 2, pt 3  


June 24, 1895

outside-locale  RPs1 June 24, 1895 [or?]     place named Binger

Crime other-RR  RPs1 June 24, 1895  [or?]    train robbers on SP

Graham CBR  RPs1 June 24, 1895 [or?]   
R.A. Graham of the Coos Bay railroad is in the city today.

fruit  locale?  RPs1 June 24, 1895 [or?]   
not quote       first shipment of peaches of season fm Harvey orchard in
Edenbower, the 6th. 

health judge-name  Tot  RPs1 June 24, 1895 [or?]
funeral of Mrs. John Fullerton at residence of her son, Judge J.C. Fullerton in
west Roseburg Sunday, 2:30 pm. 

Tot-Roseburg  RPs1 June 24, 1895 [or?]      
new hosts at Van Houten [hotel].  Jas. Callahan.

AHB  Rps4 June 24, 1895 
Miss Black, daughter of A.H. Black, and 3 children left for Myrtle Point,
where they go to reside. + [ M. Is this three of AHB’s children, or 3 of her
own and she is really married?]

Name-Dr-Easter  politics   Rps4 June 24, 1895 
Dr. J. P. Easter of Boswell Springs is in the city today, as ardent a republican as ever.

Items-prices  Tot-Roseburg  Rps4  June 24,1895. 
You get a No. 1 broom at Allison’s for 25 c, 35 c, and 45 c. Try them and be
convinced. +  /  15 pounds of granulated sugar and 16 pounds of extra C for
$1.00 at Allison’s. Delivered free. +     [2004.  Copied to tmp comparisonw-

Other-mining   locale  Rps4 June 24,1895.  Myrtle Creek mining.  

Outside-4th  Rps4 June 24, 1895.   A celebration of the 4th to be at Millwood.

B.-Hermann   mail  wagon road  Tot-multi  Rps4 June 24,1895
   Representative Hermann has secured an increase of mail service between
Dora and Sitkum on the Coos Bay wagon road, the object now being to
procure further service between Sitkum and Reston, which will then make
continuous mail service between Douglas and Coos counties, and be a
restoration of the old Coos Bay wagon road mail line. +    [2004. Copied to


July 2, 1895.

Other-mining outside-locale  RPs2  July 2?, 1895   nickel mines Riddle.  

Interest  entertain circus  "first"  .saying  RPs2 July 2, 1895
Mr. Robinson, who is one of the oldest and best known agents in the circus
business, having been identified with the large shows of the country for 25
years past, informs the Plaindealer that the expenses of the great Wallace
shows run from $3,200.00 to $400.00 per day, the larger part of which sum is
expended in the city where they exhibit.  This is a tidy figure, and in dull
times like these the show should be eagerly welcomed and liberally patronized
by all classes of the community.
   The modern "big circus" is an institution peculiar to America.  "The old
world shows are small comparatively, and the mammoth concerns we have are
thoroughly characteristic of our country and our people, and even if the lion
on the fence is sometimes bigger than the lion in the cage, no man visiting the
up-to-date three-ring circus has never [sic] been heard to say he did not get his
money's worth over and over again. Long may the great American circus
wave, and continue to delight and dazzle the young and the old with its
"Multitudious monopoly of all that is magnificent and marvelous on this
mundane sphere," [sic] to borrow the language of the posters.

July 8

Item  name  RPs1 July 8 [or June 24?], 1895   H. Easton kitchen supplies

CBR other-coal Srh? Saying?  Condit  RPs1 July 8, 1895
Other evidences come to light that the Coos Bay railroad is under a lucky star. 
We are properly advised that parties in San Francisco are making elaborate
preparations for exploring coal fields lying west of Myrtle Point.  The
interesting consideration is that unless the railroad shall be extended in the
direction of Roseburg, these coal beds can not be utilized.  Wealthy parties at
Los Angeles are interested in the examination, with the idea in view, that
vessels could run from San Pedro direct to Coos bay.  To what extent they
would proceed with the business of investigation etc., unless in the sweet by
and by rails of the Coos Bay road would expand under the heat of a Roseburg
sun, is a question free for all.   +

RR-extension  condit  saying  RPs1 July 8, 1895 
The Coos bay road is looming up for recognition again.  The Plaindealer is
keeping in touch with the railroad situation and as soon as further
developments appear they will be given to the people.  Gentlemen, keep your
seats with patience, the light comes from the east.  It is beginning to dawn.   +

Outside-4th  entertain  RPs1 July 8, 1895
4th at Roseburg. slightly moist but nevertheless duly celebrated.    /
     [long article.] sham battle, recitations. [etc. also tells of the 4th elsewhere.]

July 15

Entertain circus  RPs3 July 15, 1895
Geo. H. Robinson, the genial advance agent for the great Wallace shows, was
in town yesterday making arrangements for the coming circus.  It will be here
August 8th.  +

Name-Micelli  novelty-brick  outside-locale  saying?  RPs3  July 15, 1895
    Frank Micelli, who has been at Canyonville for several weeks in the brick
business returned Friday.  While he did not escape suspicion of being a train
robber, he did escape being arrested.  Lucky man was he.  +

interest?  end-of-world  Mormons  RPs3,4  July 15, 1895
Ed. Plaindealer: Dear Sir:  The world has now entered upon the great
transition period of 1000 years, known as the millenium, and which began on
or about May 1st, 1882.  This transition will result in a complete change of
administration in the world, from Satan to God.  But just now we are
approaching the world’s greatest season of trouble, of deep, sore distress of
nations, with perplexity, the sea and waves of human passion roaring.  Strife,
tumult, war and famine will desolate the land.  How long these things will
continue I know not, but believe that several generations will melt away in the
firest [M. this must be my typo] of suffering before it is ended.  And when the
culmination is reached, the ruling power of sin will have been broken, and
every nation and organization now in the world, will have been overthrown
and destroyed from their present form.  Out of this mass of ruins the Lord will
call his people.  They will go forth, and he will establish them in his chosen
center.  That congregating center will be within the boundaries of the present
state of Kansas.  Thence that people will extend their dominion over North
America, and ultimately over the whole earth.
   In the separation between the righteous and the wicked, the latter will be
thrown to the outskirts, and in a subjugated condition, and will thus remain
until the end of the millenium.  Soon after which they will be destroyed from
the earth.
    In the early centuries following this season of trouble, important climatic
changes will occur in Kansas and the adjacent regions which are drained by
the world’s great river, cyclones, blizzards and hot winds will gradually cease
from the land. Drouths [as typed] will be superseded by sufficient rainfall to
bring forth the products of the earth abundantly in the region occupied by the
Saints. Peace and longevity will greatly increase. In the latter half of the
millenium and in the community of the Saints, will be brought to pass the
sayings of prophesy [as typed]: "They shall. build houses and inhabit them." 
"They shall plant vineyards and shall eat the fruit of them."  "The earth shall
yield her increase."  "They shall learn war no more."  "There shall be none to
hurt nor harm in all my Holy Mountain."  That mountain will be composed of
the Church Militant then remaining in fleshly bodies.     The Lord’s church
record is not kept with paper and ink, but in the Lamb’s book of life, being
made up without regard to church organizations as they exist here. The Lord
knoweth them that are his, and each member of his church will then bear the
seal of God in the forehead, and will be known of all who know that seal. G.
W. Day.  +

Outing-beach  health  misc-word  RPs4  July 15,1895. 
Many of Roseburg’s citizens are preparing for an exodus to cooler climes in a
few days.  Roseburg will become abandoned for "Bandon on the beach."   +

Bicycle   paper  RPs4  July 15, 1895
Yesterday our reporter tackled a bike, or rather the bike tackled him and got
the best of it. When the reporter’s feet were raised from he ground the bike
bucked and started in the wrong direction, leaving him sad and forlorn in the
dust. He soon regained his equilibrium and bolted for the shady brush.  +

July 22?

entertain  circus  RPs1 July 22?], 1895
The Sherman Hinman circus is showing to good houses north of here.  Their
appointment for this place has not yet been made.  +

Hermann  outing   RPs1  July 22?, 1895 
Binger Hermann has gone with his family to Myrtle Point and the coast.  Mr.
Hermann will soon return, but Mrs. H. and children will remain some time.   +

Name  visiting  RPs1 July 22?, 1895 
This Friday morning T.R. Sheridan left for Coos county to be absent five or
six weeks, combining business, pleasure and recreation. Mrs. S. is yet at
Marshfield visiting.  +

Fruit  RR  RPs1 July 22?, 1895
Johnson & Fletcher are shipping blackberries to points along the line of the
railroad.  They use the same boxes used in marketing the strawberry crop. 
The demand yet exceeds the supply.  + 

Name locale  RPs1 July 22?, 1895  
T.R. Sheridan is also listed as a merchant living in Deer Creek.  not quote.

Entertain circus  visiting  RPs3  July 22, 1895
The Wallace advance agent for circus troupe, with assistants, is now visiting
his sister and family of this city.  +  

Entertain circus  misc-word  paper?  RPs3  July 22, 1895
The circus bill posters have arrived and are painting the town red.  Nearly
every business house in the city is plastered over with “Aug. 8” in big red
letters.  They mean business and know the benefit of advertising.  +

Judge outing  Locale  RPs3 July 22, 1895
Judge Fullerton and wife and Mrs. Fullerton’s mother left this morning on the
local for Yaquina, for a few weeks outing. 

Other-mining  RPs3 July 22, 1895   Mining machinery arrives.  [M. 2006. 

Hermann Tot-Roseburg  Rps3  July22, 1895    
Hon. Binger Hermann was a guest at the Van Houten today.  +

Hermann health  RPs3 July 22, 1895
Hon. Binger Hermann is in the city, having just returned from trips to
Mehama and other points in the Willamette.  He leaves immediately for
Myrtle Point, being called there by the illness of his daughter, who is suffering
from a relapse of the grip.  +   

Utility  Tot-Roseburg  RPs3 July 22, 1895  Roseburg Water Works [ in operation].

Hermann  road-stage  RR  RPs3  July 22?, 1895
Hon. B. Hermann returned from Myrtle Point Wednesday night on Coos Bay
stage and left this morning on local for points north.  +   (fm Thursday’s

Graham Tot-multi  RPs3 July 22?, 1895  
 (Fm Wednesday’s Daily) R.A. Graham of Marshfield was a guest at the Van
Houten today.  +

July 25

Animal  interest  climate pre-history Rps4 July 25, 1895.
Howorth’s theory with regard to the remains found in Siberia. Not quote. fm
Horworth’s book "Mammoth and the Flood".  Thinks Siberia was tropical
then the plateau was suddenly thrust upward and rivers froze, etc because of
elevation and mammoths could not survive.  [M2004. Howarth, and Horwath,
as typed.]

July 29

Novelty-wood  Tot-Multi RPs2  July 29, 1895 
The broomhandle factory at Bandon will be in operation in a few days.  Sixty
thousand in the rough were taken down from Lyons' mill [in Coq] last
Saturday per Dispatch. --Coquille Herald.  +

Condit-hard-times  Tot  misc-word  RPs2  July 29, 1895
Notwithstanding the hard times Roseburg is steadily and continually growing
in population and increases of residences.  It has no spasmodic, mushroom
growth, but grows right along with a healthy, vigorous growth of a permanent
character.   +

Entertain circus  saying  RPs2  July 29, 1895
The circus bill boards afford an infinite source of pleasure to the small boy. 
They are pleasant things to look upon, the gorgeous colors spread upon men
and beasts in all manner of impossible postures produce a striking effect --
and cost nothing to look at.   +

Tot-Roseburg  RPs2 July 29, 1895  [lengthy descr. of Roseburg as the Queen


RPskip2   M. labeled 1885 but must be 1895]

law pursuit-hunting  RPs2  [July or Aug?], 1895   extensive list of new game
laws for Oregon.

Climate  RPs2  [Aug?], 1895 
August weather.  mean or normal 67.  Warmest august, 1884, av.70.  coldest
1881, av. 62.  
highest temp 104  27th, 1894.  Lowest temp 40, on 26th,1882.  Av. date of
first "killing" frost Oct 14.  Av. date of last "killing" frost May 3. Av.
precipitation aug.  .24 in. greatest precipitation 1.47 in. 1879. greatest precip.
24 consec. hrs 1.00 in. 21st, 1879.  Av # clear days 21; partly cloudy 8; cloudy
2. Prevailing winds fm north.  Highest wind 41 mph fm nw on the 2nd, 1884.

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