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Myrtle Point Enterprise  Myrtle Point, Oregon
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1895    Nov - December

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Nov 16
paper Tot-MyrtlePoint OT-RiddleOR OT-DouglasCounty  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895 
[news presses have been moved from Riddle in Douglas County to Myrtle Point.]

other-mining locale-CoosCounty  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895
[mining operations will be pushed more vigorously in Coos County than ever before and
output of gold greater.]

home-seekers condit? Locale-CoosCounty  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895  
[Practical plan to bring desireable immigration to Coos co. ]

Tot-MyrtlePoint condit-progress boomer  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895   
     The outside world should know that Myrtle Point  is improving right along in
spite of hard times.   It is a constant, steady, substantial growth that will
eventually transform the town into a bustling commercial city.  +
AHB  Tot -MP crop item  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895 
A.H. Black to carry a full lot of general merchandise and produce, etc. 

AHB fruit boomer saying?   MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895
     A.H. Black is paying 25 cents per bushel for apples and they were neatly
boxed and shipped to the city where they will no doubt commend the highest
market price.  Coos county is apparently keeping up the reputation of
Oregon’s famous “big red apples.”  +   

AHB Tot-MyrtlePoint item-goods novelty-woolen  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895
A.H. Black sells ribbons and laces, underwear, hats, dealer for 2 prominent
woolen mills and has sold over 160 suits clothes for them.

School Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895  school in MP.

Health-accid? Name-Giles  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895  Daniel Giles has lame back.

Music Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895  band boys practising 2 nights week.

Music school? Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a0 Nov 16, 1895 
a class in voice and vocal culture organized. 

Nov 23

RR-other prices-rates OR&N Srh  MPE a0 Nov. 23, 1895  
     The Southern Pacific, by its latest cut, offers to haul passengers between
Portland and San Francisco, either way, for $10 first-class and  $5 second-
class, exactly one-half the rate established November 1 on the Shasta Limited
train, which leaves both cities every five days – on the O R & N Co.’s steamer
sailing dates.  The regular date [sic; = rate?], in effect for several years,
which applies yet to regular trains, is $25 first-class, including Pullman
sleeping-car berths, and $15 second-class.   +

Agric Locale-CoquilleValley boomer RR-dreams RR-extension  
MPE a0 Nov. 23, 1895
     There is no place in the country where the soil is more fertile than in the
Coquille valley.  But the time is not far off when the Coquille valley will be
traversed by a railroad and then all people will possess the garden spot of the
country.  +

Other-mining Locale-CoosCounty Locale-CurryCounty Locale-CoquilleRiver
Locale-SixesR  MPE a0 Nov 23, 1895 
 [Lengthy on mining developments between CoqR and SixesR]

Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co AHB condit agric dairy  MPE a0 Nov 23, 1895  
     The Beaver Hill coal mines are proving a great benefit to the country in more
ways than one.  A.H. Black & Co., of this place, alone, furnishes the mines
every week with 600 heads of cabbage, 20 bushels of apples, and an immense
amount of poultry and eggs, besides furnishing them with the famous brand of
“Myrtle Creamery Butter.”  +

Speech? Literary? organiz Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a0 Nov 23, 1895  debating clubs

Entertain dance Tot-MyrtlePoint?  a0 MPE Nov 23, 1895  masquerade ball  

Nov 30

Tot-GoldBeach Tot-Wedderburn Locale-RogueR moving  MPE a0 Nov 30. 1895
Gold Beach is now a thing of the past, the town having moved across the river to

RR-name-Spreckels crop beet-sugar needed Tot  MPE a0 Nov 30, 1895
Editorial saying Claus Spreckels intends to put up 3 new beet sugar factories
on pacific coast this next season.  Argument is why it should be located at
MP. All the advantages here, etc.

other-mining  MPE a1 Nov 30, 1895 
[MP mining and develop Co. struck fine looking tunnels.]

ONG organize entertainment  name-Hermann bldg Tot  MPE a1 Nov 30, 1895 
military ball given at opera house by Oregon Natl Guard.

Road  "first"  misc-word   MPE a1 Nov 30, 1895 
[M. note:  first reference I've seen to corduroy road.  Other articles in other papers
have spoken of planking roads or using wood, but did not use term corduroy. ]

Interest  Srh   MPE a1 Nov 30, 1895   [why ship's bells rung; what stand for.]

Dec 7

name-Hermann road-street-block Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a1 Dec 7, 1895  
[article on Hermann block, which was quite new at that time.]

Dairy   MPE a1 Dec 7, 1895  [article on various creameries]

Spreckels   sugar-beets MPE a1  Dec 7, 1895  [more on sugar
beet-Spreckels issue.]   [M:  All I have in notes.]

Dec 14

Other-mining natl  MPE a1  Dec 14, 1895
 [article on new process for extracting gold.  [natl not local]

Srh  novelty-brick condit name-Perham Locale-  MPE a1  Dec 14, 1895 
     Why is this?  The Coos Bay News [news in italics] says: The Arago brought
up a quantity of brick from Perham Bros.  It seems that brick can be purchased
and shipped from the city cheaper than it can be secured from Myrtle Point. 
[M. 2009:  is all article from CBN or is last part MPE ed?]

Entertain holiday dance  MPE a1  Dec 14, 1895 
Valentine's Eve Ball to be held Feb. 14, 1896.

AHB food  candy MPE a1 Dec 14, 1895 
A. H. Black also sells cracked wheat.  Candies.

Novelty-wood  Locale?  MPE  a1 Dec 14, 1895 
A furniture store is selling fancy turned work from curly myrtle wood.  Nq

Xmas holiday  MPE  a1  Dec 14, 1895  Christmas news.

Other-mining  MPE a1  Dec 14, 1895  mining news.

Dec 21

Agric  dairy  BH    AHB    MPE a1 Dec 21, 1895  
     The usual weekly consignment of poultry, eggs, vegetables, apples, and
Myrtle Creamery butter was made to the Beaver Hill coal mines by A.H.
Black & Co. Fri morning.  +

Tot-multi AHB animal BH holiday  MPE  a1 Dec 21, 1895  
nq.  man fm Bridge brought 44 fine large turkeys to town for A.H. Black who
has the contract for supplying Beaver Hill with holiday turkeys. 

Entertain MPE  a1 Dec 21, 1895  
 playing whist and having a dainty luncheon served after game, having prizes
and booby prizes.  Not quote.

Dec 28

Tot-BH BH-coal-co RR-CBR RR-phy RR-spur RR-other RR-extension 
MPE a1 Dec 28, 1895.
     Five thousand tons of coal was turned out by the Beaver Hill Coal Company. 
They are sinking a slope from the 700-foot level and are driving two gang-
ways from a 300-foot level, and when this is finished the output will be
15,000 tons per month.  The company has completed a road from Marshfield,
their shipping point, to Myrtle Point, and will extend it to Roseburg to tap the
Southern Pacific.  +  [ M. note:  doesn’t say how long it took to make 5000 tons
output.  ]

Novelty-woolen OT-  MPE a1 Dec 28, 1895  
a woolen mill at Pendleton

Prices-rate-war RR-other RR-SP OR&N  MPE a1  Dec 28, 1895  
The rate war between the Southern Pacific and the O R & N Co. which has
been in progress about a month has ended.  S.P. has decided to advance rates. 
The first-class rate of $10 will be raised to $15, the second –class to $7.50. 
[More to article.  M. note: Did it say between what points?]

disaster fire Tot-Coquille paper utility food  MPE a1  Dec 28, 1895  
[Coq. City another destructive fire last Tue morn.  [paper printed on Sat.] ] 
Started Shamrock saloon spread to adjoining building occupied below by Lyons'
butcher shop and poultry store and Bulletin office above.  This week's Bulletin to be
printed Marshfield.  Plea for fire protection and a system of water works.

Xmas holiday entertain dance Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a2 Dec 28, 1895 
[town Xmas tree in MP;  also masque ball.]

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