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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is not a comprehensive list of news items.

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Myrtle Point Enterprise    Myrtle Point, Or.
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1896    Jan to Dec

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Jan 4

Tot-Bandon  MPE a2 Jan 4, 1896 
The new hotel at Bandon is nearly completed.

Lhc RR-CBR RR-haul RR-passenger RR-extension crop sugar-beet
RR-name-Spreckels RR-name-Sheridan Tot-Coaledo Tot-MyrtlePoint
Tot-Marshfield OT-Roseburg OT-SF coal condit-progress
MPE a2 Jan 4, 1896  
     T.R. Sheridan, of Roseburg, president of the First National Bank in that city,
and one of the foremost promoters of the Coos Bay & Eastern railroad, now in
operation between Marshfield and Myrtle Point, kin a recent interview with an
Oregonian reporter said that within another year he expects the Eastern
extension of this road to reach Roseburg.  The road is now controlled by Claus
Spreckels, the sugar millionaire, and is being used in the transportation of coal
from the newly-developed fields at Coaledo, the product being shipped from
San Francisco.  [M. must = to  SF.]  Tri-weekly trains are also run between
Marshfield and this place and a general freight and passenger business is
carried on between these points.  +

AHB  dairy  agric Tot-BH BH-coal-co condit-progress  MPE a2 Jan 4, 1896  
     During the past year A.H. Black & Co. have done an immense business in
shipping butter and country produce to the Beaver Hill coal mines, and they
expect to double their business in this line during the present year.  The
Myrtle creamery butter is living a wide reputation. +

Jan 11

Tot-Bandon Tot-GoldBeach Utility novelty-wood-poles  MPE a2 Jan 11,  1896
     A telegraph line is projected by Bandon parties from that town to Gold Beach. 
The people are asked to put up the poles and wire.  +

Mill-Morras Tot-Coquille  MPE a2  Jan 11, 1896
 [M. note: in latter part of 1895, article abt Morras mill about to change hands.  But I
didn't keep track of date.]

Other-mining  MPE a2  Jan 11, 1896  [more on mining]

Health-death name-Flanagan  MPE a2 Jan 11, 1896  death of Patrick Flanagan.

[date:  Jan 11, or 18?]

RR-extension RR-CBR RR-other OT-Astoria locale-SouthernOregon  needed  
MPE a3 Jan 11 [or 18?], 1896 
A.B. Hammond declares that the Astoria road will be running in full blast next November.  That’s good, but a like declaration about the Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern railroad would be far more gratifying to the citizens of  Southern Oregon.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot- Needed? condit-attitude condit-incentive-inducement character-attitude? Novelty-wood enterprise-[?]  enterprise-cannery  MPE a3 Jan 11 [or 18?], 1896 
     We are confidentially informed that one of our sister towns has organized -- not in secrecy and for selfishness of a clique -- in a general way and for the general good to secure a sash and door factory, fruit and vegetable cannery, match factory, beet sugar factory, and any other legitimate enterprise, by tender of sites and other assistance [sic].  That is the spirit which wins, and the Herald wishes them the reward of their enterprise.  --Coquille City Herald.
    [MPE adds:]   We do not know positively that Myrtle Point is alluded to in the above, however that is exactly the standing proposition of our citizens to encourage the location and establishment of manufacturing industries at this place, and if any promoter of any of these enterprises doubts this let them make us a call [sic]. [+?]

Name-Dodge  official-govt  MPE  a3 Jan 11 [or 18?], 1896  U. S. Commissioner Orvil Dodge.

Condit-Progress  town-pride-vs-rivalry  paper  needed character-attitude saying?   MPE a3 Jan 11 [or 18?], 1896 
Let us all work together for the most good the coming year and at its close see several new factories located and many new blocks of residences and business houses, and a population of 1,000 people or more.  The business enterprise and push is here that will bring this result if there is a pull altogether [sic].  Do away with the little petty factional strife that is sapping the business life of the town and work in harmony and you will be surprised at the result at the close of the year.  +

Jan 18

Condit natl-news  MPE a2 Jan 18, 1896  
uncertainty in the money market affects trade.

Tot-BH coal novelty-wood Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver? climate  MPE a2 Jan 18,  1896  
     H.B. Steward’s timbers that he got out for the Beaver Hill mines went down
the river yesterday.  It is feared that they will be a total loss.  +

RR-CBR RR-extension RR-phy RR-name-Spreckels RR-haul RR-passenger
condit-hard-times condit-prospects invest Lhc? boomer misc-word Tot-MyrtlePoint
coal fruit other-mining? Srh-ocean OT-Portland OTSF
MPE a2-3 Jan 18, 1896.
     There is a well grounded belief that the Roseburg & Coos bay railroad will be
pushed rapidly toward completion, during the present year.  The financial
panic that stopped work on so many similar enterprises, has now spent much
of its force, and times are gradually brightening.  Since the owners of this
road, Messrs.  John D. Spreckles & Co. [sic] stand very high in the financial
world and have invested heavily in the coal mines of Coos county, and own a
line of steamers from the bay to San Francisco, they should have no difficulty
in completing their railroad whenever the time is ripe.  Work upon this road
was first commenced in 1892, and owing to many difficulties and obstacles to
overcome, chief among them being the financial emergency that swept over
this country, only 30 miles has up to this time been completed.  The terminus
is now at Myrtle Point and to this place a substantial and permanent road bed
has been constructed.  The rolling stock now comprises two engines,
passenger, and a large number of flat and box cars and all the necessary
requisites for operating the road in detail.  Three passenger trains are run each
week and the formation of the business interests of the road are assuming
proportions which in due time will enter into its future policy.   All the work
done in every department bears the stamp of permanency and this alone is
evidence enough to the close observer that the railroad will not stop for any
length of time at Myrtle Point – but just long enough to make due preparations
to push into the interior and make connections with the Southern Pacific.
     The completion of this great enterprise will mark a new era in the history
of the county.  Fruit growing will reach mammoth proportions, mining will be
carried on more advantageously, and cereals will increase in value  in
proportion to the reduction in freight caused by an aid of an ocean waterway
to the Portland and San Francisco markets.  –Review.  +

Misc racism/ethnic govt Locale  MPE a3 Jan 18, 1896  
U. S. Bureau of Ethnology expedition to Tiburon Island.  Expedition
embraced the first white people who have visited the island in 15 years and
returned alive.   Not quote.

Jan 25

Novelty-woolen Tot-Bandon  MPE a4 Jan 25, 1896 
     The Bandon woolen mills have started up again and are running at full
capacity.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-lighthouse locale-CapeArago climate  MPE a4  Jan 25, 1896  
     The work on the lighthouse at Cape Arago has been abandoned for the
present, owing to rough weather.  +

Tot-BH coal  Lhc-coal-stat condit-prosperity misc-word   MPE a4 Jan 25, 1896  
     The Beaver Hill coal mine district is reported to show indications of a very
prosperous [sic] nature, and an extra vein of coal has been recently
discovered, and the small camp has grown to be a prominent district.  +

crime OT-Texas  MPE  a4  Jan 25, 1896 
The notorious outlaw Bill Dooley causing trouble in Texas.

coal Lhc-coal-stat Tot-Riverton locale-LR  MPE a4 Jan 25, 1896. 
     The Bandon Coal Mining Company was incorporated at Bandon last week
with capital of $150,000.  The stock was all taken by people of the lower
river.  The business of this new corporation will be that of mining and
shipping coal from their mine at Riverton.  This mine promises to be the best
in the country, and the coal of the best grade known in the west.  +

Climate Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver RR-CBR RR-phy RR-problem Tot-Coquille
Tot- misc-word  MPE a4 Jan 25, 1896  
    The river was up booming again last Wednesday and the train failed to make
connections at this place on that day, owing to the track being flooded near
Coquille City.  +

AHB Tot-MyrtlePoint RR-passenger character misc-word Tot-Marshfield
b-act  MPE a4 Jan 25, 1896  
     A.H. Black, one of our rustling merchants, was a passenger on Friday’s train
for Marshfield, where he will spend a few days looking after his business
interests.  +

Tot-BH incorporated  law state  MPE a4 Jan 25, 1896  
     INCORPORATED  – The town of Beaver Hill, this county, Tuesday filed
article under the general incorporation act, known as the Ford law.  This is
the third town of this state incorporated under this law.  +


Feb 1

Fish Tot-Coquille Locale-CoquilleRiver saying?  MPE a4 Feb 1, 1896 
     The steel-head salmon have been so numerous at Coquille this week that the
good people there have been quite willing for Lent to commence.  +

Novelty-wood novelty-woolen Tot-Bandon OT-SF Srh-ocean Srh-freight
Lhc-stat Lhc-census  MPE a4 Feb 1, 1896 
     The broom factory at Bandon turned out 9,000 broom handles for one
shipment to San Francisco. This industry, and the woolen mills, which have
recently resumed operations, have raised the population of that town to over
1200.  +

Law? Govt Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-improve  MPE a4 Feb 1, 1896 
Bill introduced for river work on Coquille in U S House Representatives.

Animal-livestock food RR-haul Tot-BH name-Dement locale-
MPE a4 Feb 1, 1896  
     Two car loads of fine beef cattle was shipped from this place to Beaver Hill
coal mines last Monday by Russell Dement. +

misc paper history name-GeorgeWashington war-indir 
MPE a4 Feb 1, 1896 
they found paper from New York over 100 yrs old, George Washington has just
issued his farewell orders to the armies of the US.

Feb 8

RR-other prices OT-Astoria  MPE a4 Feb 8, 1896  
     The building of the Astoria railroad has already consumed $400,000, which is
at the rate of $50,000 per month.  +

name-Giles govt racism/ethnic war  MPE a4  Feb 8, 1896
 A move to present bill to give pension to Daniel Giles for services in Oregon
Indian wars.

county-seat-issue novelty-brick agric incentive-inducement Tot-MP
MPE  a5 Feb 8, 1896 
[lengthy  article.  Head:] The County Seat Question.  [Sub-Head:]  If
Geographical Location, Convenience, Liberal Donations, and General
Popularity has anything to do with the Final Decision, Myrtle Point will
certainly be selected for the location of the County Seat next June.  +  [M. see
if needed for relocation of courthouse.  Fact that they have brick yard, fine
location, 2/3 agricultural district of county is tributary to MP.]

Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Bender mail judge? official? character  
MPE a5 Feb 8, 1896 
Judge E. Bender our genial postmaster and justice of the peace.

AHB dairy farm crop Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Myrl
Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a5 Feb 8, 1896 
     The Messrs. J. A. and A. J. Black have their hands full in the absence of their
father, A. H. Black, in connection with their general merchandise, and Myrtle
creamery butter trade of which they are proprietors, is rapidly growing.  The
steamer Myrl bring large consignments of butter to the river for them every
week, while their business in this line is also increasing in this vicinity.  A. H.
Black & Co. seem to give the best of satisfaction with the farmers in handling
their produce.  +

Mill RE Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a5 Feb 8, 1896  MP sawmill for sale.

name-JoaquinMiller pioneer poetry-indir visiting OT-TheDalles OT-Oregon
OT-EasternOregon  MPE a5 Feb 8, 1896  
     James H. Miller, a brother of the poet Joaquin, has been visiting The Dalles. 
He is one of the pioneers of Eastern Oregon. +  [more, but not much.]

Feb 15

County-seat-issue   novelty- brick condit-incentive town-pride-vs-rivalry
Tot-Coquille Tot-Bandon Tot-MyrtlePoint  
MPE a5 Feb 15, 1896. 
     Now comes Myrtle Point with a splendid site and brick and sand to build the
new courthouse and jail on the same, providing the voters of Coos county
select this place for the seat of justice next June, says the Myrtle Point
correspondent of the Herald.  It has often been remarked that the Coquille
valley can get the county seat, if the people will only agree on a location. 
Therefore, Coquille City and Bandon are respectfully urged to join us in our
efforts to bring the county seat to this valley.  In regard to Myrtle Point's
proffer of a site and brick and sand, a bond will be given as security for the
offer.  What town will do more?  +

Farm Fruit climate Srh-ocean Srh-freight OT-SF condit people-attitude?  
MPE a5 Feb 15, 1896  
     Our farmers who shipped Coos county's famous big red apples to San
Francisco this winter have learned that upon the merits of the fruit alone does
not depend their success in obtaining profitable returns.  Those who took
pains and sorted and packed their apples nicely received prices which were
quite satisfactory.  Those who put them up in rough boxes and carelessly
rolled them into the boxes get about enough to pay freight. +  [more]

coal Tot-Bandon name-Dement Tot-Riverton commute misc-superlative  
MPE a5 Feb 15, 1896.] 
     R. C. Dement, of Bandon, was in town yesterday.  He reports that the new
coal mine being opened by the Bandon Block Coal Co. gives fine promise of
being the best mine in Coos county.  +

Feb 22

misc science OT-NorthPole OT-Arctic  MPE a5  Feb 22, 1896  
Nansen is said to have found the North pole.

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-tidewater Lhc? Interest  MPE a5 Feb 22, 1896 
 [descr of ] trip down Coquille R. tide low and got grounded.

Feb 29

saying dairy health church-indir  MPE  a5  Feb 29, 1896 
     You can't be a good Christian and be dirty about the dairy.  +

Fruit Locale  MPE a5  Feb 29, 1896 
A great many fruit trees are being planted out in this vicinity.  +

Entertain holiday Leap-Year dance  MPE a 5  Feb 29, 1896
Grand Leap Year ball, with rules and regulations for.  [lengthy.]

Tot-MP name-Giles novelty-brick  MPE a 6  Feb29, 1896 
Daniel Giles is improving property and brickyard.

Novelty-wood Tot-Bandon  MPE a6 Feb 29, 1896 
The Bandon broom handle plant started up again last Monday.

Entertain-show entertain-minstrel misc-word entertainments Tot-MyrtlePoint
racism/ethnic  MPE a6 Feb 29, 1896 
The Darktown Minstrels will give one of their splendid entertainments at the
Opera House tonight (Friday).  At the other towns in the county they have
been greeted by large audiences and have invariably given good satisfaction.  +
[M.  doesn't say whether local, or outside touring group.]

Novelty-brick name-Giles condit-progress  MPE a6 Feb 29, 1896  
D. Giles & Son are making arrangements to manufacture several hundred
thousand bricks the coming season.  This supply has never been quite equal to
the demand.  This brick plant is of great advantage to the town, as it gives
employment to 20 or 30 men.

Entertain-show entertain-drama humor music misc-superlative  
MPE a6  Feb 29, 1896 
     The Oliver Comedy Company played at this place Thursday evening.  Their
comedy kept the audience in the best of humor,, and the singing, farces and
comical sketches were up-to-date and loudly applauded.  The child vocalist is
indeed a wonder, and his songs alone are worth the admission price.  +

Tot-Norway music school character  MPE  a6 Feb 29, 1896  
     Norway Items.  Our singing class closed Saturday.  Our professor will be
greatly missed as he was well thought of in the community.  +

RR-CBR RR-phy RR-depot RR-accid health-accid misc-word road-street-
sidewalk saying Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a6 Feb 29, 1896  
     There came near being an accident at the depot Wednesday morning.  The
passengers arriving on the train had taken a “tie pass” uptown as usual, and
one old gentleman on reaching the switch where the engine by this time was
switching cars, stepped from the side track to the main track in order to dodge
the engine, when he came near to being run over by a cattle car that by a “fly”
switch had been thrown on the main track.  It was only by the cries of the
brakemen that the old gentleman was brought to a realization of his dangerous
position.  Regardless of the inconvenience of walking ties from the depot to
town, it appears to us that the great probability of accidents would, alone,
justify our citizens in taking some steps toward building a sidewalk from
Spruce street to the depot.  +


Mar 7

Agric dairy nvention? X-ray machine health-treatment saying  MPE a6 Mar 7, 1896
     The Roentgen rays will come in to use in detecting good from bad eggs.  One
can count his chickens before they are hatched, as it were.  +

Dairy Tot-Coquille prices-indir  MPE  a6 Mar 7, 1896 
[detailed statistics of Coq. creamery.  How much spent, took in, how much
butter, etc.]

Entertain dance holiday Leap-Year Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a6  Mar 7, 1896  
[more on] the Grand Leap Year ball.

Mar 14

Dairy  condit-progress AHB Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a 6  Mar 14, 1896 
Myrtle Creamery butter; [descr; profits, etc. several items including idea that A H
Black helping economy of region.    Descr what kind of butter they put out.]

Mar 21

School Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a6 Mar 21, 1896  [lengthy on public schools MP.]

Other-mining Locale-JacksonCounty  MPE a6 Mar 21, 1896  
[article abt] Jackson Co. mines.

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Myrl Locale-CoquilleRiver name-Leneve  
MPE a6 Mar 21, 1896  
[ad:]  [Steamer Myrl, G W Leneve, Master.  Schedule of when they leave.]

Fruit Crop prices Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a6 Mar 21, 1896  
Fine California oranges only 20 to 30 cents per dozen at Roberts bakery.  /   Also,
fine lot of California onions just received.  +  [M note: is this 2 items, or is the
second the bakery too?]

School novelty-brick ad paper-cut  MPE a6 Mar 21, 1896  
[A paper-cut of the new brick public school in MP.  Very nice looking building.]

Mar 28

 fruit name-Giles health- [?]  MPE a6-7 Mar 28, 1896  
Daniel Giles tells how to preserve apples long after crop exhausted.  Carefully
pick apples, neatly and closely pack them in paper, pack in boxes, or a room
fitted for purpose.  Fruit not only prevented fm decaying but fruit retains
flavor and color.  Winter apples.  Those who put up apples: highest market
prices for their apples or good for those who want to store for selves.  Not

agric name-Moultin name-Moulton? OT-TangentOR [?]  MPE a7 Mar 28, 1896 
Moultin agent for Pacific Nursery Co. of Tangent; 1000's of $ lost by persons
not buying our trees fm us.  Not quote

Politic MPE a7 Mar 28, 1896  [articles abt]  Demo, Republican conventions


Nov 14

School name-Futrell church-indir-Futrell Tot-Coquille  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
[large ad on front pg for] Coquille Collegiate Institute.  Primary, Preparatory
and Collegiate Departments.  Also Business course.  School opens September
14.  J. Futrell, Coquille City.  [more.  What it has; why send kids to school

Tot-MyrtlePoint RR-CBR RR-depot RR-name name-Dodge  
MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  E. A. Dodge agent of MP  CBR station.

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Chilcat Srh-CaptDunham Srh-freight Locale-CoosBay
OT-Portland name-Dunham  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
Capt. Robert Dunham sails from Portland about November 20 w/steamer
Chilkat calling at C. B. on way down and on return.  To build up trade
between this region and Portland.  Passengers and freight stat.  Not quote  

Tot-MyrtlePoint animal-indir? item-hardware item-  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
Huling & Lundy selling a lot of trappers' supplies.

Photo invention bicycle  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
Mr. W. Hunt the photographer has been working on a chainless bicycle.  [lengthy.]

Mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
Lyons' mill at Coquille undergoing repairs.

Pursuit-football school Tot-Coquille  MPE a7 Nov  14, 1896  
Football Team.  [M. note:  Coq Institute must have had team.]

AHB vital-stat b-act  misc? politic? natl name-McKinley govt  
MPE  a7 Nov 14, 1896
[article abt A H Black which said he was] going out on business trip to
Portland and then there rumor that he going out to campaign for McKinley. 
Actually came back with a woman whom he then married in MP.  [lengthy]
[M. 2006. Evidently 2 items in this paper. Other item indicates he not
married in MP.]

County-seat condit-outlook boomer town-pride-vs-rivalry election
Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896
     Coquille City Item.  Coquille City gets the county seat by 495 majority. 
Myrtle Point deserves great credit and praise for the assistance in rolling up
the large majority.  She will receive her just dues in the development of the
county and valley by reason of the change.  +

Politic Election paper Tot-Coquille  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
Bulletin published election news.

Entertain misc-word-grand-jollification Tot-Coquille  MPE a7 Nov 14, 1896  
     A grand jollification at Coquille City.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Arago disaster Srh-shipwreck Srh-boat-Comet Srh-UmpquaRiver
Health-death Road-Stage OT-Norway(Europe) Tot-Gardiner Locale-UmpquaRiver
beach Name-Norman locale-bay pioneer Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co coal  
MPE a7 November 14, 1896
     The body of John Norman, who was lost in the wreck of the Arago, was found on
the ocean beach about 200 yards from the point on the seawall where the stage turns
off to go up to Gardiner, by two men named Smith Taylor and Wm. Neely, who were
walking up the Umpqua, and one of them went up to ten-mile and notified Geo.
Lighthall, and they brought the remains here last evening on the Comet. The corpse
is badly disfigured, so much so that he is scarcely recognizable, except by his
clothing and a couple of rings which were on his fingers. The funeral will take
place Saturday morning at ten o'clock, from the corner of B and Front streets.
Mr. Norman came to the bay in 1866 and in early days worked very hard and
by judicious investments accumulated quite a neat fortune. He was formerly
owner of the land on which Beaver Hill now stands and the mine. He was a native
of Norway, and was sixty-three years old a few days prior to his death. The
 community express much sympathy for his wife. This makes four bodies
recovered out of a total of fourteen drowned. (Mail)  +

AHB Tot-MyrtlePoint OT-Nebraska OT-Illinois Vital-stat school-indir 
MPE a7 November 14, 1896
(Malcolm, IL Daily Journal, November 5, 1896)
A.H. Black of Myrtle Point & Miss. Rose Maguire of this city were united in marriage
at the home of the bride's parents, M/M Ed Maguire on east Calhoun Street,
November 4, 1896. J.H. Britton officiated. The bride was a teacher in public
school of this city. The past few years teaching in Nebraska. The groom is well
known in Myrtle Point and up until a few years ago was living in Nebraska. A
number of years ago he was a resident of this county and lived on the "Black" farm
about 2 miles east of the city. [Not full quote]

Mill-Lyons Condit  MPE a7 November 14, 1896 
Lyon's mill undergoing substantial repairs [Coquille news]

Name-Nosler Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint visiting  MPE November 14, 1896
     Miss Maude Nosler of our place was visiting Miss Fannie & Bertha Endicott of
Myrtle Point.  +  [Coquille news]

Fish locale-LR Animal-Sturgeon Tot-Coquille?  MPE a7 November 14, 1896
A 300 pound sturgeon was caught in a fish net two miles below here one night by Ed.
McAdams and J. Koon. +  Sold pieces to people in Coquille [not quote at all]
[Coquille news]

Name-Hermann Name-Dement Vital-stat Tot-Custer mail Character  
MPE a7 November 14, 1896  
     One of our prominent social events was the wedding of W.C. Dement and
Bertha G. Hermann at the home of the bride's parents at Custer post office,
November 8, 1896. Rev. John Bonewitz tied the silken knot. Miss Hermann is the
 charming and accomplished daughter of M/M Cass Hermann, and has a host of
admiring friends. She is the niece of Honorable Binger Hermann.  +

Photo Enterprise-Photo Interest Invention bicycle Character health-provider  
MPE  a7 November 14, 1896
     Mr. W. Hunt, the photographer, is somewhat of an inventive genius. For some time
past he has been working on a model of a chainless bicycle and on Wednesday of
this week completed his model and gave it a test trial on our streets. He experienced
little trouble in soon collecting a crowd about him almost equal to that of election
day and it was with no greater trouble that he made his new modeled bicycle go. 
Dr. Leep and Chas. Huling also gave the new bicycle a trial and pronounced it quite
a success. A great deal of friction is overcome by Mr. Huling's invention and the
chain and sprockets are entirely done away with. The motive power is obtained
from a treadle on either side in the same position as ordinary peddles and has but
a seven inch stroke up and down. The axle of the rear wheel constitutes the crank
and is connected with the treadles with a shaft on either side. The treadle has a great
 leverage making hillclimbing comparitably [as I typed it] easy.  The frame,
wheels and handle bars are the same as our common style. With a higher speed
gear attachment the model is complete [illegible].  +

Tot-MP Item-maintenance  MPE a7 November 14, 1896
     Now is the time to paint your house. N.G.W. Perkins, not desiring to carry a large stock of paints and oils over, is prepared to make you a bargain. +

Holiday-Thanksgiving Food-Turkey Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a7 November 14, 1896
Leave your orders for thanksgiving Turkeys with Mrs. F.G. Dixon. +

Nov 21

AHB novelty-woolen wool Tot-Bandon Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a7 Nov 21, 1896 
     Wool!  Wool!  We are paying the highest market price for wool, spot cash on
delivery at Bandon.   Bandon Woolen Mills co.  A. H. Black & Co. will buy
and receive wool for us at Myrtle Point.  +

Crop needed? Locale-Oregon Locale-California  MPE a7 Nov 21, 1896  
sugar beets in Calif and being talked up in Oregon. [lengthy]

Crime name-Russell  MPE a7 Nov 21, 1896 
J. H. [as I typed it] Russell being tried for murder.

Climate  MPE a7 Nov 21, 1896 
Lot of rain last Saturday and continuing till Monday.

Tot -MyrtlePoint prices food  MPE a7 Nov 21, 1896
      The best beef steak at 5 cents a pound; broiling meat 3 cents; front quarter 2
1/2 cents;  and hind quarters 3 cents pount at Machados.  +

school climate Bunch Locale?  MPE a8 Nov 21, 1896 
     A constant increase in attendance is noticed at Professor Bunch's school. 
Eight new students were enrolled last week, and four more this week.  Many
others were kept away by the high water.  These will doubtless come soon. 
Interesting classes have been organized in rhetoric, physical geography,
algebra and book-keeping.  +

school Tot-Coquille  MPE a8 Nov 21, 1896 
     Seventeen new scholars were enrolled at the Coquille Collegiate Institute
Monday.  +

Transport climate Locale-BH-Junction Locale-Isthmus Tot-Marshfield
Tot-MyrtlePoint RR-CBR  MPE a8 Nov 21, 1896  
     Passengers to Marshfield from this place are at present taken to the Beaver
Hill Junction by private conveyance where they must make connections with
the coal train making trips each day.   +  [M. note: must be that track was
damaged by -- or temporarily under -- high water.]

Dairy AHB  MPE a8 Nov 21, 1896  
[A. H. Black having fitted up his creamery room, and descr.]

Nov 28

Misc airship interest OT-Sacramento  MPE a 8 Nov 28, 1896 
     A mysterious air ship with an immense bright search light is making frequent
excursions over the city of Sacramento, Cal.  No one knows from whence it
comes or whither it goes, and its mysterious appearance is almost the sole
topic of conversation in Sacramento.  +

RR-CBR RR-phy climate  MPE a8 Nov 28, 1896  
     Only a few days was required to put the track in shape for the railway traffic. 
The first train arriving Sunday. The train ran on regular time this week.  +

Racism/ethnic Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co health-accid health-death  
MPE a8 Nov 28, 1896  
     A colored man, who was injured in the mine, about 10 days ago, died at
Beaver Hill Saturday.  +

AHB entertain  MPE a8 Nov 28, 1896  
A reception for Mr. and Mrs. Black.  [Tells what happened.]

holiday [?]  MPE a8 Nov 28, 1896  
[What some of local people did for Thanksgiving; what ate, what did.]

School novelty-brick paper-cut Tot-MyrtlePoint Tot-Marshfield Tot-Bandon
Locale-CoosBay Locale-CoquilleRiver Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-harbor Srh-bay
Srh-CoosBay RR-CBR RR-extension RR-other dairy agric other-mining timber
animal-livestock misc-superlative boomer saying? Lhc  
MPE a8 Nov 28, 1896  
[still has cut of school house but now has caption:]  The model city Myrtle
Point, The Inland Metropolis of Coos county and one of the coming cities of
the great state of Oregon, is situated 32 miles inland from Marshfield on Coos
Bay, and 26 miles from Bandon at the mouth of the beautiful Coquille River,
and is at the head of navigation.  It is also the present terminus of the railroad
now building from Marshfield to connect with the S. P. at Roseburg.  Myrtle
Point is the center for an immense Dairy, Agricultural, Stock, Mining and
Timber country.  In this beautiful progressive city is located the MODEL----  +. 
[M. note:  where is the rest?]

Interest humor OT-Roseburg RR-other RR-depot RR-phy street Saying 
MPE a8 November 28, 1896 
A good story is told on a rather nervous young lady of Roseburg. She was at the
railroad street crossing while the train men were doing some switching. As the
train was backing up, one trainman called to another, "jump onto her as she
comes by; run her down beyond the elevator and cut her in two and bring the
head end up to the depot." It is said the young lady jumped up and down and
yelled "murder" as loud as she could.  +

TheArts photo Enterprise-Photo Tot-MyrtlePoint Prices  
MPE a8 November 28, 1896
     W. Hunt, the photographer, will be back here with his tent for 5 days beginning
December 1. He says he will make small or large photos rain or shine at prices
 from $1.50 to $6.00 per dozen. See his hand bills later. +


Dec 5

School name-Futrell church-indir Tot-Coquille  MPE a8 December 5, 1896  
[Letter from Futrell telling more abt Collegiate Institute which finished their term.]

Paper Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a8 Dec 5, 1896  Partnership at MPE dissolved.

Other-mining book  MPE a 8 Dec 5, 1896  book on mining.  [not local]

School literary Tot-multi name-Bunch organiz  MPE a8 Dec 5, 1896  
     Prof. Bunch informs us that a Literary Society will be organized at the school
house this Saturday evening in which everybody is invited to participate.  A
splendid literary program has been prepared and will also be carried out
Saturday evening.  A cordial invitation is extended to all who attend.
     Prof Bunch reports an addition of 15 students to his school since his last
report in the Enterprise two weeks ago.  + [tells who they are.]  [among others:]
Laura Wheeler of Coquille City, Nette Hermann of Custer.

music organiz Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a 8 Dec 5, 1896  [abt MP band.]

Entertain  MPE a8 Dec 5, 1896  Ice cream supper

Entertain-social  MPE a 8 Dec 5, 1896  Necktie-apron social.

School name-Futrell Tot-Coquille health-sickness  MPE a8 Dec 5, 1896  
     Rev. Futrell who was quite ill last week is improving and attendance at the
Coquille Collegiate Institute continues to increase.  +

Mill-Lyons Tot-Coquille  MPE a8 Dec 5, 1896  
     Lyons' mill started up Monday after being shut down two weeks for repairs.  +

music school entertain organiz dance Tot-Coquille  MPE a9 Dec 5, 1896  
     Coquille.  Trombone band will give a grand masquerade and Prof. Hawkins of
the Coquille Collegiate Institute.  +  [M.note:  is there more?]

School name-Futrell health-accid church-indir  MPE a9 Dec 5, 1896  
[Another item about Futrell says he had a hard fall.]

Dec 12

Condit-inducement condit-attitude needed Tot-MyrtlePoint investor? saying  
MPE a9  Dec 12, 1896  
     The greatest drawbacks to Myrtle Point's financial prosperity is the lack of
manufacturing industries in our community, to use up our raw material. One
potent reason for the prevailent [sic] mistaken notions among our people that
the articles manufactured away from home are superior to those made here: 
In doing so a demand for home labor could be created and the money would
remain in our county.  There is a grand opening at this place for various
manufacturing institutions.  Let us set forth inducements that will secure some
of them at this place.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Chilkat Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-freight novelty-wood
coal  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896 
     The Chilkat took out ten cords of matchwood, 800 bundles of broom-handles,
17 tons of coal and other freight on her first trip from the Coquille river this
week.  +

Blacksand-mining other-mining machine misc-word  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896 
     Considerable interest in reviving here the black sand mining and we
understand that a company has a large lot of machinery enroute to prosecute
the work.  --Bandon Recorder.  +

coal RR-CBR RR-spur Tot-Riverton  MPE a9  Dec 12, 1896.] 
     The Bandon Block Coal Co. are getting their mine well open and will be
ready to turn out a hundred tons of coal daily in about a week.  Last Saturday
the output was 47 cars amounting to about 40 tons.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-CoquilleRiver  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896  
New vessel, the Coquille River.

School literary name-Bunch  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896  
A splendid literary program carried out under direction of Prof. Bunch.

Job-carpenter enterprise-carpentry name-Giles coal Tot-Riverton condit-prospects  
MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896  
     John Giles went to Riverton this week to accept a position as carpenter, this
winter.  He was accompanied by his brother, Sam'l, who on his return reports
great activity in the coal mines of that place.  A large force of men are already
employed and the proprietors expect a daily output of 100 tons in a short time. 
Sam says that Riverton has very bright future prospects.  +

Locale-JohnsonCreek Other-mining  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896  
[More on] Johnson creek mines.  Divilbiss mines.  MP mining and Develop. Co.
Blacksand-mining other-mining  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896   [More on black sand mines.]

School Tot-Coquille  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896  
The Coquille Collegiate Institute seems to be gaining more students.

Music organiz Tot-MyrtlePoint item-apparel entertain dance holiday-Xmas
misc-word? misc-superlative? saying?  MPE a9 Dec 12, 1896  
     The trombone band will give an elegant celluloid collar and cuff box to the
best sustained male character and a beautiful dressing case to the best
sustained lady character, at their masquerade on Christmas night.  A "big"
time is expected.  +

Name-Lewellen Tot-MyrtlePoint boomer novelty-myrtlewood paper-attitude
locale-CoquilleValley  MPE Dec. 12, 1896
     J.L. Lewellen, our furniture dealer and cabinet maker, is overrun with orders
for myrtle canes, napkin rings and other ornamental work in that handsomest of
all fine woods, the Coquille valley myrtle, which so abounds in this vicinity. We
predict that at a not far distant day an immense fortune will be realized by the
owners of our fine myrtle groves.  +

Dec 19

Fruit world OT-England  MPE a9 Dec 19, 1896 
American apples very popular in England just now.

Crime enterprise-WellsFargo Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a9  Dec 19, 1896  
Wells-Fargo burglary at MP for 2nd time.

Dec 26

other-mining locale-SalmonMtn locale-mining-district  
MPE a10 Dec 26, 1896  [more on] mining  Salmon Mtn,  other.

School church name-Futrell  MPE a10 Dec 26, 1896  
J. L. Futrell and W. B. Smith going to have revival in Coq at ME ch S.

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