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Commission house  Sun 17  January 14, 1897
[Ad for Irving B. Cook, Commission Merchant  still appears.]   /
     Wolf & Sons, General Commission Merchants and dealers in California produce.  We buy
and sell on commission and make a specialty of handling potatoes; always carry in stock the
very best to be had,.  321 and 323 Davis Street  San Francisco, California

Other coal  Srh  OC&N  misc-word  Sun 17 Jan 14 1897
Last week was a red letter week in the history of the Newport coal mine.  In that time five
steamers loaded at the O.C. & N. Co’s bunkers, taking away an aggregate of 2200 tons of
coal.  There are at present four steamers carrying coal from this mine, viz:  Bonita, Arcata,
Homer, and Alliance.  The output for the week was the largest it has been for many years.  + 

Mill  Tot  Sun 17  Jan 14, 1897   [Some statistics on N.B. mill; output.]

County division    Sun 17 Jan 14, 1897
[Headline:] County Division  
     A more just and equitable measure, for all parties concerned, was never presented before a
legislative body than the bill to divide Coos county.  There is sufficient territory in the present
county for two, and the expense of maintaining two counties cannot, by any means, exceed
the cost of the present one.  For example, take the last county clerk’s administration, when
from two to three deputies were continuously necessary to do the work.  County division
means a cutting off of mileage as well as lessening the force of deputies.  SKIP  
      If there is any justice in a legislative body, this fact cannot be overlooked.  County
division is by no means a new idea, it has been talked about for many years and is not
suggested by the removal of the county seat, but by the fact that it will come about sooner or
later, and since new county buildings are to be erected (and they should be good and
substantial) at great expense, the people have moved at this opportune moment for division,
and if this is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, we will get our
     To an unprejudiced observer county division presents a beautiful picture.  Two
communities where once strife and discontent reigned supreme would represent two flowering
counties; two commonwealths where discord of government  would be unknown. The rich
and productive Coquille Valley would be embraced in a county that should test its financial
strength with any county in Oregon, while in Bay county we would see peace and prosperity
on every hand; low taxes, good roads, a public school ten months of the year.  [(can’t read)]
our meek and humble prayer [(can’t read)] voice of the people be heard.  +   

County division name    Sun 17 Jan 14, 1897
[In other column it says ] Jack Laird of Coquille City was in town last week to see, as he says,
“what the boys wanted in the way of a county division and he would make it all right.”  Jack
indulged in a little hyperbole, and wanted to know just how the dividing line was run without
taking in Coquille City.  This he claimed was a mistake, and if the boundary line was changed
so as to include Coquille City in Bay county, he would say, Amen!

Paper  patronage?   Sun 17  Jan 14, 1897 
[Commenting on article in Coq. Herald. Not vy intelligible but to effect – when the work was
completed the company contracted a debt of $700 the proposition was made to convey it to
the county.  M. note:  Look at Herald.]


October 28

Paper  prices  Sun 17 October 28, 1897.
Subscription 1 yr $2  6 mo $1.25 3 mo 75 c.
   The Sun, published every Thursday at Marshfield, Coos County, Oregon.  The Sun Printing
Co. publishers.

CBR  Srh  Sun 17 Oct 28, 1897  
The Railroad company has put in a substantial bulkhead at Cedar Point to prevent the track
from washing out, in case of high water.

Crop Sun 17 Oct 28, 1897   
Myrtle Point Enterprise notes receipt of sweet potatoes and white grapes raised in Coos Co.   

Dairy fruit  Sun 17 Oct 28, 1897
A new industry has been inaugurated at Eugene Creamery, says the Register [newspaper]. Apples being ground by steam and made into cider.  [also Herald??]

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