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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is not a comprehensive list of news items.

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Myrtle Point Enterprise  Myrtle Point, Or.
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Jan 9

invention  MPE a10 Jan 9, 1897 
[another man claims to have invented device that has something to do with
perpetual motion.  Says will run on indefinitely without fuel.] [ St Paul-
Minneapolis dateline.]  

county-division saying  MPE a10 Jan 9, 1897 
county division proposition is agitating Coos from center to circumference.  
[M. 2009:  dividing Coos County into two counties]

Music  entertain saying?  Tot-MP  MPE a10 Jan 9, 1897  
     The band treated our citizens to a lively serenade Tuesday evening.  Our
citizens will never suffer from melancholy so long as we have such an
excellent serviceable band.  +

Srh? Dairy food  MPE a10 Jan 9, 1897  Stat of how many eggs, butter, shipped.

Kanematz Tot-Coquille bldg  MPE a10 Jan 9, 1897  
     From Coquille City.  Prof. Kanematz opened his new store on 3rd street
Thursday.  +

Jan 16

AHB dairy food  MPE a10 Jan 16, 1897 
     Northwest Brevities.  One firm in Coquille City shipped during December
last, 900 dozens of eggs.  The poultry shipments, too, were quite large.  +  
[M.  a note in same paper says it was meant to be abt A. H. Black of MP but
being taken out of Oregonian crept into MPE in the same way.]

County-division politic town-rivalry  MPE a10 Jan 16, 1897
     It begins to look as if the division of Coos county was a foregone conclusion. 
Marshfield has sent a delegation of lobbyists to Salem with a long petition and
-- a long purse, while the Coquille side has sent a long remonstrance.  It is a
long sack and not a long petition of remonstrance that counts with our
legislators.  There is also another feature of the proposition that is favorable to
the Bay people and the division of the county.  It is being proclaimed that in
the division, Oregon would be given  another strong republican [sic; not cap]
county, in the new county to be composed of a part of Douglas and the Bay
side.  If this is a true statement of affairs the remonstrance will have little
bearing with the legislature, and our brotherly relations are liable to be
severed  with the Coos bay citizens.  +

County-division misc-word canvassers politic town-rivalry  
MPE a10 Jan 16, 1897
     By reference to the following from the Coast Mail it will be seen that the
county division proposition has got a whole lot of good solid backing, and will
require a tremenduous [sic; = tremendous] effort of the Coquille people to
defeat the scheme.
     "A meeting was held in Sengstacken's hall, Saturday evening the object of
the meeting was to take steps toward a division of the county. [sic; no commas]
Dr. E. B. Smith was elected chairman and W. W. Douglas as secretary. 
Resolutions were adopted asking the legislature to divide the county on the lines
given in a former issue.  The chairman appointed the following committees to
draft an act for division of the county:  D. L. Watson, S. H. Hazard, J. W. Bennett, 
R. E. Shine, J. W. Kruse, I Hacker, F. N. DeNevue.  On finance: H Sengsticken [sic],
John Flanagan, Lars Clemensen, Jas.H. Flanagan, E. O'Connel, H. H. McPherson
and Frank Simpson.  On management: C. H. Merchant, Dr. C. W. Tower,
F. Simpson, R. Walter, J. S. Coke, Jacob Lando, I. Hacker, and J. W. Bennett.  A
motion also carried that the committee on management send off canvassers to secure
names on the petitions to be presented to the legislature.  +  [M. note: where does
quote end?]

AHB Srh-indir travel misc-word?  MPE a11-12 Jan 16, 1897
     A. H. Black and wife combined business with pleasure in a trip over to Coos
bay this week.  It was probably Mrs. Black's first view of the grand old
Pacific.  +

School  literary  Bunch Tot? [?]   MPE a11-12 Jan 16, 1897 
     Prof. Bunch that ten new students have entered his school [as I typed it] since
the holiday vacation.  He has a large and very prosperous school.  The Literary
Society of the school which meets every Saturday evening has been made a
great success and draws an immense crowd on each and every occasion. +  [M.
There is never anything to indicate this is at Gravel Ford rather than MP. Is this
another Prof. Bunch, or did he move several times?]

Srh  MPE a11-12 Jan 16, 1897 
[The Moro went aground near Coq entrance but evidently was floated off.] 

Locale? Other-mining  MPE a11-12  Jan16, 1897 Salmon Mtn mining

School literary Bunch  MPE a11-12 Jan 16, 1897  [still talking abt literary event
at Prof Bunch's school]

Jan 30

Srh road stage contit paper-attitude  MPE a11-12 Jan 30, 1897
Money that misspent in futile river improvements because channel keeps
changing.  If they'd put the same money into stage route to Roseburg, greater
benefits to all the people.  Not quote 

Blacksand-mining other-mining name-Lane Tot-Randolph history  
MPE a11-12 Jan 30, 1897 
     The old Lane blacksand [sic] mine  Randolph this county, will soon be in
active operation again.  [nq]  Twenty years ago the Lane mine employed a
good number of miners at good wages, and Randolph, which has since
become a deserted village, was then a lively little burg.  --News.  +

Church? Name-McCain  MPE a11-12 Jan 30, 1897
Rev J. S. McCain  [doesn't say which, or if, church]

Entertain Tot-MP misc-word-entertainment  MPE a11-12 Jan 30, 1897  
      Myrtle Point's best local talent is rehearsing the splendid drama in three acts
entitled, "My Brother's Keeper," which will be presented at the Hermann
Opera House Saturday evening Feb. 20, 1897.  Our people are assured a
splendid evening's entertainment.  +

AHB  MPE a11-12 Jan 30, 1897 
A. H. Black has purchased one of the most elegant and beautiful homes in MP
to live in.  not quote

Crime court official-county name-Russell name-Upton  MPE a11-12 Jan 30, 1897  
State vs J. N. Russell    J. M. Upton   District Attorney

Feb 6

County-division (Curry-Coos) name-Giles travel? Condit? Misc-word-
unwieldiness, wieldy territory
MPE a11-12 Feb 6, 1897
     The county division question is taking on wider range.  Sam Giles and John
Caldwell of Myrtle Point have been canvassing the northern part of Curry, and
report says that all the voters of that part of the county line north of the Sixes
River, except one or two, have signed a petition to come in to Coos county. 
To our mind there are many cognant [sic] reasons why the success of the
movement would be desirably especially [as I typed it] as affecting the interests'
[apostrophe, sic] of the people inhabiting the small strip of territory sought to
be detached.  While taking a broad view of the question, the success of the
venture could not be, in any practical sense, a detriment to the material
interest of the people as a whole of Curry county at large as now constituted. 
The great length of the county, stretches up and down the coast is suggestive
of unwieldiness and inconvenience entailing large expenses as a mileage
problem.  The territory involved in the movement amounts to less than one
fourth of the whole as now constituted, leaving Curry county about 1200
square miles of more compact and more wieldy territory.  --Recorder.  +

Politic town-pride-rivalry? people-attitude Tot-Marshfield Locale-Coos
OT Salem  MPE a11-12 Feb 5, 1897 
[M. note:  Long column on that secret meeting and that trip to Salem on "Marshfield
money."  Very long and hard to understand.  Accusing people of Marshfield of
trying to "buy" legislators to see that it is divided.] 

Tot-Coq price  MPE a13 Feb 6 1897 
From Coquille City.  Our barbers have reduced the price of shaving to 15 cents.  

Tot-Coq mill-Lyons  MPE a13 Feb 6, 1897  
Lyons' Mill started up Thursday morning after being closed down about 10 days. 

Srh lbr mill-Lyons coal Tot-multi  MPE a13 Feb 6, 1897
     The schooner Eureka, which loaded lumber at Lyons' mill, also loaded coal
from this gentleman's new mine near Riverton.  [+?] 

mill-Pershbaker Tot-Prosper lbr condit  MPE a13 Feb 6, 1897
     Adam Pershbaker, the Prosper mill man, returned from San Francisco last
Friday.  He reports the lumber market dull.  [+?]

Condit-prosperity county-seat-issue Tot-Coquille  MPE a13 Feb 6, 1897
     The time draws night for the entering of general prosperity in our land, and
the moving of the county seat to Coquille city. +

crop natl condit  MPE a13 Feb 6, 1897 
It is evident that the potato crop of 1896 is far below that of 1895 both in
quantity and quality.  We had too many potatoes in 1895 and there are too
many this year but the quality is not satisfactory to the producer or consumer
because of the wet season leaving  them in water and inferior.  Not quote  [fm
National Statesman]

Crop   MPE a13 Feb 13, 1897  [article on sugar beet culture]

RR-CBR RR-extension name-Graham paper-attitude saying 
MPE a13 Feb 13, 1897  
     R.A. Graham says the railroad extension is a sure go this time.  We doff our
hat to R.A. Graham.  +

RR-CBR RR-extension Tot-multi condit people-attitude saying?  
MPE a13 Feb 13, 1897  
     And now the terminus of the C.B.R. & E. railroad is to be transferred from
Myrtle Point to Roseburg. In this case our loss will be our gain.  +

RR-CBR RR-extension Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co Lhc-stat? [allied] Srh condit-progress
condit-prosperity people-attitude name-Graham RR-name-Spreckels  
MPE a13 Feb 13, 1897.
                              Coos Bay Railroad.
Progress of the Road to Roseburg. Splendid coal prospects. – Sunday’s Daily
Oregonian) [sic].  [M. note:subhead; not copied how many lines this took up in
the column.]
     Mr. Robert A. Graham, general superintendent of the Coos Bay, Roseburg
and Eastern railroad and manager of the Beaver Hill Coal Company, in Coos
County, now at the Hotel Portland, is one of the busy men of this state at the
present time.  Since his advent into Oregon, several years ago, his career as a
railroad-builder and developer of the resources of that part of the state in
which he is operating, has been active one.  Regarding the building of the
railroad under his management, that now has a terminus at Myrtle Point:
     “We expect to take up the work of extension of the road to Roseburg early
in March, and anticipate that the line will be completed to that city in one
year.   We have all the necessary rails for the road on hand, and plenty of
funds to carry on the work.”
     Regarding the operations of the Beaver Hill Coal Company, of which he is
general manager, Mr. Graham said yesterday:
     “We are now down 2000 feet, and have 530 men employed.  Most of these
are engaged in development work, and every day adds to the value and
permanency of the mine.  We are now taking out an average of  1600 tons of
fine, merchantable [sic] coal each week, but this is only a beginning.  Until
now we have not had time to arrange for the shipment of our coal product to
this market, owing to the increased demands made upon us.  One lot was sent
here some time ago by the steamer Arcata, and last Friday the Alice Blanchard
arrived with a full cargo.  The coal is finding a ready sale here thus early, and
there is no reason that Portland should not profit by the coming and going of
regular steamers between this city and Coos Bay.   There is a chance to open
new avenues of trade, that will prove profitable both ways.”
     During his visit in Portland Mr. Graham has met with many of the
prominent business men and capitalists of Portland, among whom the general
situation was discussed.  It is well known that he is backed by J. M. Spreckels,
the well-known California capitalist,  in his various enterprises, and this fact
of itself brings assurance of his success to his undertakings.  +

condit natl saying? people-attitude MPE a14 Feb 13, 1897.]
     The East has a good deal of money, but the bulk of it comes from the mines,
the fields and the forests of the great West.  If the West should at any time put
up the shutter and close business, the East would have a lonesome time of it.  +

Srh  MPE a14 Feb 13, 1897 
[Capt Chas Kimball agent for S. S. Kimball steamship line.]

Climate  MPE a14 Feb 13, 1897 
heaviest rain storm of season but not yet snow.  not quote

RR-CBR RR-haul animal-livestock Tot-BH BH-coal-co  
MPE a14 Feb 13, 1897   
NQ more cattle shipped to BH by Russell Dement

Climate logs Locale Srh condit misc-word-freshet  MPE a14 Feb 13, 1897  
     The rains and freshets came again this week and our loggers are
correspondingly happy.  A big run of logs from the Middle Fork and
tributaries, about 3000 in number, came down in one night this week. Messrs.
Sloan & Barry inform us that they will sustain but slight loss from the freshet,
as their logs were all safe on the lower river.   +

County-division  MPE a14 Feb 13, 1897  
From Coquille City.  [ M. note: item seems to refute MP’s fear about county
division.   Talks abt these people going to Salem to buy the senators as being
a wild tale.]  NQ  [cp]

County-seat-issue courthouse election  MPE a14 Feb 13 1897
     [part of] County Court Proceedings.  Coquille City being selected as the
county seat of Coos county at Nov., 1896 election, and to be such county seat
from and after the first of July,1897.  Certain buildings or parts of buildings
being tendered to Coos county by the citizens of Coquille City for the rental
price of one dollar per year each, it is by the court ordered that the proposition
of the citizens of Coquille City be accepted and J. Henry Schroeder and I. T.
Weekly, members of the court, are ordered to enter into contract with the
citizens of said city to rent said buildings for the period of one year beginning
July 1st, 1897, and make such other arrangements as in their judgement seem
     Resolution in the matter of the county seat:
     Whereas, the question of relocating the county seat of Coos county, was,
by an act of the legislative assembly, approved Feb. 25, 1895 [M. verify that
date is 1895!!!] and entitled An act to provide for the relocation of the county
seat of Coos county" [verify caps and quotes this whole section] submitted to
the voters of Coos county; at the June and Nov 1896 [as I typed it], and said
question was decided in favor of Coquille City by a majority of 419 votes.
     And whereas, Section 4 of said act provides "in case the choice is not made
until Nov. 1896, the town chosen shall be the county seat of Coos county from
and after July 1st, 1897.  [M. note; where is ending quote?]
     And whereas, it is the impression of a number of citizens of Coos county
that this court intends to erect an extensive court house at Coquille City, and,
therefore, it is due to the citizens of Coos county for this court to give an
expression of their intentions.
     It is therefore resolved, by the court, that the aggregate expense for
building a court house and jail at Coquille City shall not exceed $15,000.  [+
except possible punctuation.]

holiday item saying condit-signs-times?  MPE a15 Feb 20, 1897
Last Sunday was Valentine's Day.  [ descr of valentines:] old fashioned ones
dying out and hideous caricatures now in the windows.  Not quote.

coal Tot-Coq  MPE a15 Feb 20, 1897 
     From Coquille City.  The coal mines east of town are being worked steadily.  +

Climate mill-Lyons Tot-Coq MPE a15 Feb 20, 1897  
     Lyons' mill is idle this week on account of high water.  +

Feb 27

RR-CBR RR-extension  misc-word saying   MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897  
     The wind work is cut, dried and sacked that we, Coos county Oregon are to
have railway connections with the Southern Pacific at Roseburg, at no far
distant day.  Now let operations begin and let the croaker cease to croak.  + 

Climate  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897  Bandon had temperature of 28 degrees Wed.

Court novelty-wood judge locale?  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897
     From Marshfield Sun. Judge Bellinger has rendered a decision in the stave
mill case, adverse to the Coos bay creditors.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Czarina coal Tot-BH-indir BH-Coal-Co-indir condit?  
MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897  
     From Marshfield Sun.  The steamer Czarina sailed yesterday with 1200 tons
of coal, the largest cargo ever carried out of this port.  

Srh-ocean Srh-ship-Czarina coal Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co condit?  
MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897  
     From Marshfield Sun.  Four hundred tons of  coal were taken out at the
Beaver Hill mine yesterday.  Both bunkers and all the available coal cars are
full and it is probable a shutdown will be necessary unless the Czarina
returns on time.  +    [M.note:  doesn’t say whether part of Czarina’s 1200 tons [in
item above] was from BH.]   +

School health-sickness health-contag name-Bunch  locale? misc-word-superlative
condit MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897 
     Profs. Bunch and Leak closed a most successful term of school Wednesday. 
They had a large attendance of students from the county and neighboring
towns, and the school has been one of the most interesting and successful ones
ever taught at this place.  The close of the term was somewhat hastened by the
prevailance [sic] of measels [sic] in this city.  +

School entertain name-Bunch locale?  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897 
Prof. Bunch's school will give free entertainment.  Recitations, band, etc.

Crop Srh-ocean Srh-freight prices  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897
      Potatoes are being shipped at a lively rate to the city.  The prices quoted for
Oregon spuds, last week, ranged from 75 cents to $1.10 per hundred.  --News.  +

Climate  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897 
A light fall of snow on Sunday but springlike since.

Mill-MP Tot-MP name-Wall  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897 
MP sawmill beginning operation again.  Wall Bros and Messrs. Clinton and
White are management.  Not quote

Other-mining  MPE a15  Feb 27, 1897  brief on Salmon mines

Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Srh-boat-Ralph name-Bullard name-Bullards  
MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897 
Ralph, Capt. Bullard boat, christened for his son. Not quote

Entertain-show drama Tot-Coquille  MPE a15 Feb 27, 1897 
     From Coquille City.  Local talent will present the drama "Little Goldie" on the
5th of next month.  +

Mar 6

Crop MPE  a15 Mar  6, 1897  
 how to grow sugar beets.  Not local.   [all that is in news notes.]

Srh-ocean Srh-freight RR-CBR RR-phy RR-extension Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co  
MPE  a15 Mar 6, 1897  
     A rumor is afloat that the steamers taking coal from the Beaver Hill bunker
will bring back return cargoes of rails from the city, to be used in the
extension of the C.B.R. & ER.R. . –News.  +

RR-CBR RR-extension condit-progress Lhc-resources Lhc-land home-seekers  
timber coal  
MPE  a15-16 Mar 6, 1897  
     With the building of the Coos Bay, Roseburg and Eastern Railroad through to
this city a large extent of country with immense resources of agriculture,
timber and coal will be made accessible to the tide of immigration setting in
toward the Pacific Coast.  –Plaindealer.  +

boomer street condit-progress house business Tot-MP  MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897  
      Myrtle Point promises to make considerable advancement and progress along
the line of improvements, this coming season.  A few business houses and
several commodious residences are already being planned as well as some
valuable street improvements.  +

RR-CBR tax county court RR-subsidy RR-right-of-way? Locale-CoosCounty
MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897  
     Judgement of the lower court is also affirmed in the case of the Coos Bay,
Roseburg Railway & Navigation Co. vs. Coos county et al.  The cases related to
the assessment and taxation of  the corporation named, and the cases were won
by the county.  +

Crop condit prices misc-word climate  MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897 
     From Coast Mail.  The potato market has "busted," prices tumbling from
$1.15 to .65 cents.  The tumble was caused by the holders of California spuds
pushing their stocks on the market, owing to a fear that the Oregon crop had
been underestimated, and that there would be a surplus of spuds at the end of
the season.  It is not likely that prices will recover themselves rapidly, unless a
long spell of stormy weather comes in California.  +

Church Tot-Marshfield  MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897
    From Coast Mail.  For the first time in many years Marshfield is enjoying a
revival of religion.  [woman fm Port Townsend has been doing evangelistic
work in ME church.]

Novelty-woolen Tot-Bandon condit-progress  MPE a16  Mar 6, 1897
     From Bandon Recorder.  The Bandon Woolen Mills are being improved and
increased in capacity.   +

coal  Srh-ocean Srh-freight Tot-Riverton? condit  MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897  
     From Bandon Recorder.  The Bandon Block Coal Co. has their bunkers full of
coal and the mine has been shut down since last Saturday.  It is time to send
some boats along.  +

Utility Tot-BH BH-coal-co Tot-Marshfield  MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897  
     From Coos Bay News.  The new Telephone line, connecting the mine with the
offices at Beaver Hill and Marshfield, has been completed, and is in operation.  +

school locale-BaldHill  MPE a16  Mar 6, 1897 
From Coos Bay News.  T. W. Johnson will teach spring term of Bald Hill
school.  Begins in May.  Nq

Paper-feud character? MPE a16 Mar 6, 1897 
[Descr of Coq editor as seen through Enterprise editor's eyes.  Not flattering
but might be some physical descrip of man.  M. note.  The 2 editors are
having a feud about something that isn't clear to me.]

Mar 13
natl Govt  MPE  a16  Mar 13, 1897 
     President McKinley takes up the reins of our government.  +

OT-CottageGrove inducement needed Tot-MP mill utility novelty-woolen invest
Lhc-combo misc-word-superlative paper-attitude timber condit-progress  
enterprise-furniture condit-prosperity character?  MPE a16 Mar 13, 1897
     D. G. McFarland, of Cottage Grove, offers a free mill site and water power in
that town to the person or company who will build and operate a woolen mill. 
That is a true spirit of progress and enterprise and with a few such liberal and
wide-a-wake [sic] citizens a town is sure to prosper and forge ahead at
rapid strides.  Why cannot Myrtle Point offer some like inducements to
encourage the location and establishment of some manufacturing institution at
this place? A furniture factory could be secured at this place and our forests of
rare and beautiful soft and hard woods made to yield hundreds of dollars to
our people annually, with a little liberality, effort and push on the part of our
citizens.  +

Health-death official-state politic  MPE a16 Mar 13, 1897 
Senator Dolph of Portland is dead.

Church Tot-Marshfield  MPE a16 Mar 13, 1897 
From Marshfield Sun.  [more on] revival in Marshfield, which is surprising
many people.

 Novelty-woolen [paper-error] coal salesman? b-act Srh   MPE a16 Mar 13, 1897 
     T. W. Clark, President of the Bandon Block Coal company, returned home
last Saturday from San Francisco having made satisfactory arrangements for
disposing of the output of the company's mines for the next six months. +  [M.
note:  How could this be true?  Did editor get mixed up?  Clark was with
Woolen Mills. He may have arranged for sales of woolens.]       

dairy Tot-Marshfield  MPE a17 Mar 13, 1897  creamery in Marshfield

Mar 20

courthouse Tot-Coq name-Lamb judge  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897
     From Coquille City.  "Special Correspondent."  Judge Schroeder,
Commissioners Weekly and Ross met in this city Monday in special term of
county court to consider the erection of the new court house at Coquille City. 
Architects were numerous with plans, but it was to the building as laid off and
proposed by Chas. H. Burggraf of Salem, the selection fell.  The building is to
be of brick, with basement and two stories.  The court is now open and will
receive bids until the 15th of April, for the erection of the building.  The plans
are on exhibition at J. J. Lamb's hardware store and also in the office of the
architect of Salem. The estimated cost is $11,500.  There will no doubt be
estimates lower than this and it thought $10,000.   +

School Tot-Coquille name-Nosler  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897 
From Coquille City.  Public school opens next Monday with Prof. Hawkins
Principal, C. H. Nosler Intermediate, Miss Quick Primary.  Attendance
expected to exceed that of any previous term.  Not quote 

name-Futrell School church-indir art music  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897 
     From Coquille City.  Miss Keeley, teacher and music and art at Coquille
Collegiate Institute, with her scholars gave a private musicale at Rev. Futrell's
residence last Saturday evening.  [as I typed it.]  +

coal Tot-Coquille machine  MPE  a17 Mar 20, 1897
     From Coquille City.  A new engine has been secured for further development
of the coal mine east of town.  + 

Tot-Coquille Road-bridge  MPE a17 Mar 29, 1897 
     From Coquille City.  The new bridge to the Spurgeon side has been opened
for travel.  +
Dairy Tot-Coquille food  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897  Coquille creamery will start up
first of next month.

CourthouseTot-Coquille  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897 
     From Coquille City.   The new court house is now the topic of discussion.   +  
  /  Hurrah for the court house.  It’s coming!   +

coal condit Tot-Libby Locale-Newport  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897  
      From Coos Bay News.  The Newport miners have been working full time of
late.  +

Dairy AHB food  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897 
     A. H. Black & Co. are unable to supply the large demand for their brand of
Myrtle Creamery butter.  +

Health-treatment health-provider name-Dr.]Strange  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897 
Cocaine for painless extraction of teeth is out of date.  It is dangerous to use. 
It produces very serious effects.  Eucaine used by Dr. Strange has al [M. 2009.  as
I typed it; is it meant to all?  or a 1 ?],  and good  effects then cocaine and none
of the bad effects [sic].

Other-mining  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897  mining at Eckley

Misc enterprise?  MPE a17 Mar 20, 1897 
Labor Movement.  Possible solution of the industrial question.  An outline of
its workings.  [M. note.  This is about the first time I've seen the "Labor Movement"
heading in this paper.]
Climate RR-CBR RR-extension  MPE a17 Mar 27, 1897  
      The bad weather is hindering construction work on the Roseburg & Coos Bay
railroad.  ---Roseburg Review.  +

Crop agric MPE a17 Mar 27, 1897  
     The beet and flax industry has aroused Oregon’s farmers on all sides, and if
these two articles can be cultivated with profit in this state, the present year is
bound to find it out.  +

Condit  MPE a17-18 Mar 27, 1897
     After three years of industrial depression there is unquestionably approaching
a period of better business.  It is prophecied to-day by every leading
newspaper and business organization in this country.  Even granted that you
yourself do not see the evidence of its approach, the possibilities are
unmistakeable and you should prepare for it. +

name-Hermann govt  home-seekers-indir  MPE a18 Mar 27, 1897 
Binger Hermann appointed Commissioner of the General Land Office.

Other-mining  MPE a18 Mar 27, 1897  [brief abt] Huling & Lundy mines

School name-Futrell Tot-Coq  MPE a18 Mar 27, 1897 
     From Coquille City.  The Coquille Collegiate Institute closed last Friday. 
President Futrell was well pleased with its success for the initial year.  +   [M.
it does say for the initial year.]

Courthouse county Tot-Coquille  MPE a18 Mar 27, 1897
     From Coquille City.  The new court house at Coquille City will probably be
erected at a cost not to exceed $10,000.  + 

School Tot-MP  MPE a18 Apr 3, 1897 
     The interior of our public school now presents an inviting and elegant
appearance. +  [brief, more]

Locale? Other-mining  MPE a18  Apr 3, 1897  more on  Salmon Mtn Mines

School Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Bunch moving character  
MPE a18 Apr 3, 1897 
     Prof. Bunch and family went to Coquille City to reside Friday. Thus our
community suffers the loss of a most estimable family.  +  [M. which Bunch?]
[now lists Prof Traver and Leek at MP]

Tot-MyrtlePoint condit-progress boomer  MPE a18  Apr 10, 1897 
Myrtle Point destined to Assume Considerable Importance.  [lengthy]

Entertain-show drama  MPE a18 Apr 10, 1897 
     The splendid drama "Under a Cloud" with a cast of nine characters, will be
presented by the "Imperial" dramatic company at this place next Saturday
evening Apr 17th.  +

School Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Traver music  MPE a18 Apr 10, 1897 
     The public schools will open on April 19th.  The schools will be graded and
placed in thorough working order.  Daily lessons in vocal music will be given
pupils of grammar and intermediate.  L. H. Traver, Principal of schools. +

Utility Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a18 Apr 10, 1897  poss waterworks MP again

[M. 2009.  The following 3 items are all under the same column heading of "County
Seat" Notes.  That is, Coquille City.]  

[M. note.  County seat is in quotes because after voters approved the transfer of the
county seat from Empire to Coquille, some citizens began to agitate for county
division so their county seat would not change from the Coos Bay area to the
Coquille Valley.  Also, after bids were taken for a new courthouse, the county’s
lack of funds forced postponement of building a courthouse; the records were not
immediately transferred to Coquille.]  

RE church-indir name-McCain Tot-Coquille  MPE a18 Apr 10, 1897  
"County Seat" Notes.
     J. S. McCain's real estate firm has been changed to McCain and Walker,
the latter being admitted last week.  +

Courthouse county Tot-Coquille  MPE a18 Apr 19, 1897 
     E're this is is print we expect the contract for the erection of the new
court house [sic] at Coquille City to have been let. +  ["County Seat" Notes.]

coal machine Srh Tot-Coquille condit-progress  MPE a18 Apr 19, 1897 
     The new coal mine east of town received a new steam pump and wire
cable by the Coquille River [ship] last Friday, and the work of development  
is now being pushed rapidly.  The coal continues to improve as the distance
from the surface increases.  +  ["County Seat" Notes.]

ad Health-treatment character?? paper-cut  MPE a18 Apr 10, 1897
[ad for ] Dr. Sanden's Electric Belt.  Young men you have exceeded the limit
allowed by nature in the enjoyment of worldly pleasures.  You have at some
time overtaxed your nervous system and there is a weakness lurking there,
ready to break forth in all its pitiable destructive effects upon you.  Do not
disregard these little symptoms which you feel from day to day.  They are
messages telling of the suffering of your nerves and warning you that a
breakdown is near.   +  [except punctuation]    [M. note. Belt is to cure all
troubles.  Looks like has a bunch of little discs hanging down from it, also a
pendant which must swing back and forth as you walk.] 

Srh  MPE a18 Apr 17, 1897 
[ad for steamer Cumtux, C. A. Bullard Capt.]

Health-accid Politic entertain? speech  MPE a18-21 Apr 17, 1897 
Wm Jennings Bryan injured by caving in of platform on which he speaking.
Abt 400 persons precipitated to ground, many injured but none fatally [fell 20 ft]
Mr. Bryan picked up unconscious but did not receive serious injury.  St.
Augustine, Fla.  Not quote

name-Hermann govt home-seekers official-govt paper-attitude  
MPE a19-21 Mar 27, 1897
     From his long residence and public life in the West, Mr. Hermann is posted on
the needs of this section of the country in which is [sic] situated most of
public lands, and this will be of great benefit to him in the administration of
the office.  The Enterprise heartily congratulates Mr. Hermann upon his
appointment.  +

AHB OT-Roseburg Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a19-21 Mar 27, 1897  A H Black
arrived home from Roseburg Monday and reports a rather severe trip.

health-birth name-Hermann  MPE a 19-21  Mar 27, 1897 
Born Mar 18, T M Hermann, a daughter.   

Health-sickness Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a19-21 Mar 27, 1897  
The little son of Matt Nystrum at MP hotel quite ill this wk. 

School art music Tot-Coquille  MPE a19-21  Mar 27, 1897
  Miss Keeley, teacher in music and art in the Coquille Collegiate Institute
spent a few days in our city this week endeavoring to secure class in art.  

Climate  MPE a19-21  Mar 27, 1897  
Warm rains of the present expected to raise river.

RR-other RR-GreatNorthern transport crop Srh needed  
MPE a22 Apr  17, 1897  
James J. Hill of Great Northern RR also interested largely in transportation to
the Orient says tt the Asiatic trade is of the greatest importance to this country,
especially for those that are raising wheat.  Urging building of more steamers,
more trade with Asia.  Nq.

Poetic misc-saying Picturesque-speech saying? fruit climate Lhc-combo  
MPE  a22 Apr 17, 1897
Fruit trees in bloom, buds bursting, bikes on the scoot, smoke rising from back
yard debris, sidewalk saunterers soaking themselves full of sunshine, invalids
crawling out from under shelter, kids spinning tops, young onions and
radishes on the green stands.  Trout glistening on the fish counters, suckers
biting, hens cackling, robins chirping -- well, who says spring hasn't sprung?  +

Bicycle health-sickness invention? needed?  MPE  a22  Apr 17, 1897
     Medical experts announce that bicycle riding breeds appendicitis.  It is now in
order for some American to invent an anti-appendicitis wheel  +

Fruit farm misc-word-superlative locale-CoosCounty  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897 
     The county farmers are rejoicing over the fact that they are going to have an
exceptionally fine fruit crop this year.  Pears, cherries, apples and plums are in
excellent condition.  +

Crop sugar-beet needed locale-CoquilleValley  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897 
people of Coquille valley shouldn't lose sight of fact that experiment proves
sugar beets can be raised this section and will have a greater saccarine [as I
typed it] content than those raised elsewhere.  Not quote

Fruit pest  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897 
     We are glad to note that many of our fruit growers are making preparations to
spray their orchards and thus begin the extermination of fruit pests before they
become a menace to our fruit industry.  +

coal Tot-Riverton condit  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897  
     From Bandon Recorder.  Last Saturday was payday at the Bandon Block Coal
mines and R.H. Mast took his cash box and gave the mines a call.  +

Courthouse county-seat-issue locale-CoosBay politic  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897
     From Bandon Recorder. It is rumored that the citizens of the bay will contest
the action of the county commissioners in regard to erecting county buildings
at Coquille City.  +  

Health-[?] RR-CBR RR-worker item-liquor  MPE a22 Apr 17,1897  
From Bandon Recorder.   Not quote.  John Marstillo, worked for 3 yrs as
section hand on CBR under foreman W. C. Strahan.  Had quit RR job some
time before, inebriated, announced to some people that was going to “swear off
today.”  Killed himself by poison.  Strychnine.  Foreman of RR and county
will prob bear expense of funeral. Thought he should have had $75 but only
found $2, and don’t really believe he was robbed.

School Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897 
[a little more abt MP public school w/Prof. Traver.]

Bicycle OT-multi misc-word-wheel  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897 
[ad for Bates bicycle.]  
     It takes the lead for 1897 -- the famous high grade, "one place" crank,
dustproof -- Bates Bicycle.  I have the exclusive agency for Douglas, Coos
and Curry counties and if you desire to buy a wheel you should not invest
before seeing the famous Bates, and getting my prices and terms.  I will visit
all points in Coos and Curry early this spring.  Write for Catalogue. 
T. W. Richardson, Roseburg, Oregon.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint AHB name-Giles  MPE a22 Apr 17, 1897 
[catalog of merchants for MP and what they do.  Lists A. H. Black, Daniel Giles,

needed novelty-wood paper-attitude  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
Why wouldn't it pay to operate a shingle mill in this vicinity?  +  [more]

pursuit-baseball pursuit-sports saying?  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
     The local base ball [sic] talent has begun to sprout, and there will be a full crop ere
the season closes.  +

street mud climate  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
The warm weather has dried up streets.  [M. note:  evidently had been mud until

Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co RR-CBR RR-haul animal-sheep name-Dement  
MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897  
     Russell Dement shipped a car load of fine mutton sheep to the Beaver Hill
mines last Friday.  +

Road stage transport  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897
     The Coos Bay Stage Company commenced running through conveyances to
Roseburg this week.  +

road mail locale-Remote  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897  
Mr. Davis, Postmaster and proprietor of Remote stage station.

Courthouse county Tot-Coquille  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
     The contract to build the new court house at Coquille City was awarded to H.
Snooks [sic' = Snook] of Salem, whose bid was $11,625 and who has furnished the
required bonds.  The highest bid was $16,000. +

Bicycle road pursuit-racing  misc-word-wheel-men  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897  
     The Coquille wheel men have just finished an excellent bicycle track north of
town.  Several riders are now in training for the summer races.  +

[M. 2009.  The following 2 items are under the same column heading: “County Seat”
Notes.  That is, Coquille City.]

Srh Tot-Coquille  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
"County seat" Notes.
Fm Coquille Correspondent.  Stmr Moro and Coquille River about to call.   

Courthouse Tot-Coquille  MPE  a23  Apr 17, 1897 
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  Portland and Salem contractors, also two from
Roseburg were on the grounds this week making estimates of cost of building
Coos county's new court house at Coquille City.  +

Other-mining  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897  Salmon Mtn mines.

Entertain drama dance prices  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897
"Under a Cloud" by "Imperial" dramatic co gives cast.  Admission 25 c. 
Dance following.  Not quote

Church entertain food prices  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
The ladies of the Presbyterian church will give a "soap bubble social" at the
church Thursday evening April 22.  One of the most interesting features will
be "The Tiny Little Girl," [sic;  should be a period.]  [other program.  Also
refreshments.  Admission 10 c.]

Dairy Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a23 Apr 17, 1897 
Work on skimming station nearing completion.

Fruit  MPE  a23  Apr 17, 1897 
Early Richmond cherry.  English Morello, Ragg.  [early cherries]

RR-other world crop Srh Locale-Orient  MPE a23 Apr 24, 1897
Hill of RR.  A Senator has now introduced bill authorizing commission to
introduce and popularize bread feeds in Orient.  Direct result of Hill's letter. 
Not quote.

Other-mining art Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a23  Apr 24, 1897 
[ads for] miner's supplies.  [gold mines]   [also]  artist's materials. [M. note:  What

War OT-  MPE a23 Apr 24, 1897 
     Turkey has officially declared war against Greece.  + 

RR-CBR RR-extension home-seekers? land-Chadwick-tract Lhc-land? lbr timber
Tot-Porter mill-Porter name-Graham RR-name-Spreckels RR-name-Spreckels?
MPE a23 Apr 24, 1897
     The news comes from Marshfield that the Roseburg & Coos bay railroad
company, Graham, Spreckles [sic] et al, have purchased the big Porter
sawmill on the bay.  This is one of the most impressive lumbering plants on
the coast, and its purchase is thought to have much significance.  People who
are in a position to know believe that this mill will be used to saw out timbers
that will be necessary in the completion of the railroad to Roseburg.  –
Roseburg Review.  +

utility Tot-Marshfield OT-  MPE a23 Apr 24, 1897 
From Marshfield Sun.  not quote.  Mr. Orchard's proposal for waterworks. 
Has water pipe design of his own patent, used at Tillamook.     

dairy food AHB  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897 
     Wanted.  10,000 dozens of eggs by A. H. Black & Co.  +

dairy machine food-milk enterprise Tot-MyrtlePoint?  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897  
     The engine, pump, and other machinery for the skimming station arrived
this week.  +.

Utility Tot-Bandon Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897 
[another article abt Mr.]  Orchard.  People of Bandon talking to him.  MP
unable to make any propositions this time.

AHB food dairy Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a24  Apr 24, 1897 
     We are informed by A. H. Black, that their butter business is increasing
at a rapid rate this month and they expect to again make their regular weekly
shipments and be able to fill a larger portion of their orders in a shorter time.  +

Dairy food Tot-Coquille  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897  
     The Coquille creamery is receiving some 6000 pounds of milk per day at
present.  +

[M. 2009.  The following 3 items are all under the same column heading of "County
Seat" Notes.  That is, Coquille City.]  

Novelty-brick Tot-Coquille enterprise county courthouse 
MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897  
     "County Seat" Notes.  The Labor Exchange expects to burn a kiln of brick
near this place soon.  They will bid on furnishing the court house brick.  +

Courthouse county [?] Tot-Coquille misc-word  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897
       A large force of citizens cleared the court house grounds for foundation of
building, Wednesday.  Quick work was made of all obstructions and it took
but a short time to transfer the property into elegant shape.  +  ["County Seat"

Tot-Coquille character  MPE a24 Apr  24, 1897 
     Capt. Butler has rented the Hotel Coquille for a term of  3 years.  He will
make an excellent landlord, by reason of the wide acquaintance in this valley,
and being well liked also.  +  ["County Seat" Notes.]

courthouse  price town-pride Tot-Coquille  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897
      H. C. Snooks [sic; = Snook], of Salem, secured the contract for erecting
the new Coos county and Coquille City court house.  Same will cost the taxpayers
$11,825.  This is a very low figure for such a building as the one the plans
specify and all the county can and will well feel proud of the same [as I typed
it], and the like of their act in locating the seat of government where it
properly belongs.  +  ["County Seat" Notes.]

Srh Locale-CoquilleRiver Locale-UR  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897 
River improvements.  Appropriation for Upper R. this year $13,000.

Entertain Music dance organiz condit?  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897
     Posters are out printed on brown wrapping paper, announcing a grand "hard
times" ball to be given by the band at this place on Saturday evening May 1st.  +

Misc  MPE a24 Apr 24, 1897 
[M. note.  Monthly installment plan already in operation for large payments.]

Health-remedy  MPE  a24  Apr 24, 1897 
Paine's Celery Compound for nervous exhaustion.

Fruit crop  MPE  a24 May 1, 1897 
     The prospects are good for fruit, buskit [sic; = ??], and potatoes this year.  + 

War misc church-indir religion condit-attitude OT- people-attitude  
MPE a24 May 1, 1897
     What a spectacle for Europe that in the closing years of the ninteenth century
[sic] the Christian nations are going to allow Turkey to despoil the land, of
eloquence, of art, and of history!  Alas for Christianity!  Alas for civilization!
If, indeed, the Turk is to be the arbiter of the destinies of Greece!  +

Srh Tot-multi  mill-Gravelford? mill-Minard needed  MPE  a24  May 1, 1897
     The steamer Myrl, of Myrtle Point, made 2 trips from that place to Gravel
Ford and had large loads both ways.  There is no reason why there could not
be a steamer built to run from Myrtle Point to Minard's mill in the winter with
about $500 work of work [as I typed it; = worth? of work] in cutting out brush. 
Gravel Ford   +

mill-Pershbaker Tot-Randolph?  MPE a24 May 1, 1897
     Bandon Recorder.  Adam Pershbaker started his sawmill up again Monday
morning.  +

school name-Jenkins  locale  MPE a25 May 1, 1897 
Edward Jenkins will teach the new Lake school for 3 mo term.  [fm Bandon

Novelty-woolen wool novelty-wood mill-Rosa name-Rosa condit-prosperity
boomer  MPE  a25 May 1, 1897 
     One good evidence of Bandon's prosperity lies in the fact that her woolen
mill, broomhandle mill, and Rosa's saw mill are running full time.  Bandon
Recorder.  +

Utility Tot-Coquille Locale-Southport Locale-CoosBay  MPE a25 May 1, 1897 
     Marshfield Sun.  Jenkins and Spencer have the contract to put in new
telegraph poles from Southport to Coquille City.  They expect it will take
them about 2 months to do the work.  +

Utility Tot-Marshfield  MPE a25 May 1, 1897
Marshfield Sun.  [article abt] H. Orchard water works

Dairy food item-hides Tot-MyrtlePoint MPE a25 May 1, 1897 
     100,000 dozens of eggs wanted at once by J. Machado.  +   /   Highest cash
prices paid for dried hides by J. Machado.   +

Food Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a25 May 1, 1897
     Boston baked beans, fig spray, molasses taffy, walnut and pecan chocolate
creames, molasses kisses and many other varieties of fine candies just arrived
at Guild's.  +

Utility needed Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a25 May 1, 1897
     Why not bond the town for a couple of thousand dollars and own and control
a good system of water works ourselves?  We need a water system bad [sic]
and must have it.  +

Road stage climate  MPE a25 May 1, 1897
     Commencing today the Coos Bay Stage Company changes from winter to
summer skedule [as I typed it]  time, leaving this place for the morning instead of
evening.  +

School Tot-BH Tot-MyrtlePoint tax  MPE a25 May 1, 1897  
[lists all the] school apportionments in Coos co.  Beaver Hill $150.80.  MP
$252.00.  [county school funds.]

Tot-Coquille name-Tuttle misc-word caravansary  MPE a25 May 1, 1897  
     "County Seat" Notes.  Landlord Tuttle of the Hotel Coquille will open a
private boarding house in this city on retiring from his former and excellent
caravansary.  +

Crop locale  MPE  a25 May 1, 1897 
much activity in Douglas co hopyards and few yards will go uncultivated. 
Not quote.

Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Bender mail  MPE  a25  May 1, 1897  E. Bender,
Post Master MP

Condit-Hard-times Lhc-combo  MPE a25 May 8, 1897  
     The dull times and scarcity of money in this valley can not be attributed to
“over-production.”   If more of the necessaries of life were produced here
rather than purchasing so largely from the outside and shipping in here at a
great expense, it would be much better for the county and would do a great
deal toward “restoring confidence” in this section of the country.  It is a shame
and a disgrace that such things as mill feed, flour, bacon, lard, many kinds of
dried fruits and even beans and onions are shipped from California to supply
our home markets, all of which could be produced here in sufficient quantities
to supply the country, and would keep a large amount of money at home.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-canal world OT MPE a25 May 8, 1897 
     Three thousand men are at work on the Panama Canal night and day.  The
French government is behind the deal.  The Panama Canal will be built while
our people are talking about the Nicaragua project.  Our people are sometimes
slow.  + 

RR-CBR RR-extension? RR-right-of-way suit  MPE a25 May 8, 1897  
     Coos Bay News.  The railroad right-of-way cases will be tried this term of
court, which would indicate that active work is contemplated in the near
future.  +

name-Graham  RR-CBR RR-extension Locale- condit  MPE a25 May 8, 1897  
     R.A. Graham, manager of the Coos bay railroad, is in Marshfield again,
having returned from his trip to San Francisco.  There seems to be a growing
impression among those best posted that work will begin upon the railroad
before this month closes, and that it will be completed to Roseburg as fast as
men and money can do it. We hope this will prove true as it will make lively
times in Douglas and Coos this year. -- Review.  +

Tot-Dora coal  MPE a26-27 May 8, 1897
      Dora News Notes.  There are a number of coal veins being discovered in this
locality.  From all indications there is a large quantity of coal, in this part of
Coos, and it will undoubtedly not be long until there will be some valuable
developments made.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint music organize  MPE a26-27 May 8, 1897  [ MP seems to have a
band hall]

Locale- Other-mining  MPE a26-27 May 8, 1897  Sixes mining claims.

Utility Tot-Marshfield  MPE a26-27 May 8, 1897
 H. Orchard has been granted a 30 year franchise Marshfield and will put in
water works.  Not quote

courthouse county-seat-issue judge Tot-Coquille misc-word paper-attitude
saying  MPE a26-27 May 8, 1897  
     Circuit Court Notes.  It is generally conceded that the injunction filed against
the building of a new court house at Coquille City will be sustained by the
court, on the grounds that the county is already indebted beyond the legal
limitation and no further indebtedness can be incurred.  Thus our great vision
of a new palatial court house building looming up at Coquille City, may
vanished [sic] like a phantom, and we would have to put up with any old thing
for a court house, indefinitely, unless Coquille should assay to build the same
by private subscription or otherwise. Attorneys Upton, Sinclair and Sherwood
appear for the county court in the injunction case and Bennett, Hazard and
Watson are the plaintiffs  +
RR-passenger RR-CBR RR-right-of-way RR-extension suit farm
locale-MiddleFork locale-CoquilleRiver name-Endicott  
MPE a27a May 8, 1897
     A surveyor and three viewers were brought to this place by special train
Tuesday at the instance of the court to assess the damages of the railroad
right-of-way through the farm of Wm. Endicott, on the Middle Fork.  The
speedy settlement of these right-of-way disputes by the railroad company is
considered as good evidence that operations are soon to begin in extending the
road to Roseburg.  +

RR-CBR RR-right-of-way RR-extension suit name-Endicott farm
locale-MiddleFork locale-CoquilleRiver locale-UR  
MPE a27a May 8, 1897  
     The attorneys for the railroad company are pushing matters in the right-of-
way cases, which looks like business and is a strong indication of construction
work being carried on this summer.  The Endicott case was up for hearing
Wednesday.  This case involves a right-of-way seven miles above Myrtle
Point, and the jury brought in a verdict for $500 damages.  Conservative
estimates by persons knowing the land claim this is all the entire property is
worth.  +

School Tot-multi name-Giles name-Rackleff misc-word-superlative  
MPE a27a May 8, 1897  
     Myrtle Point is furnishing Coos county more teachers to teach the county’s
schools than all the rest of the towns put together.  Besides the teachers from
this place already mentioned who have opened schools, we mention those of
our pedagogues who begin wielding the rod this week: Prof. A. N. Knight,
school near Empire; Miss Daisy Giles, Rackleff school;  and Miss Bertha
Roberts, Myrtle creek school.  +

May 15

Novelty-woolen novelty-wood mill-Bandon Tot-Bandon condit-prosperity  
MPE a27a May 15, 1897  
     The woolen mill, broom-handle factory and sawmill in Bandon are all running
full time.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-freight Srh-ship-Blanchard Srh-passenger prices Locale-CoosBay
OT-SF OT-Portland OT-EurekaCA  MPE a27a May 15, 1897 
     Coos County News.  C.B. News.  The rate war is again on, between San
Francisco and Portland, via Eureka and Coos bay. The Blanchard is carrying
passengers to Portland now from Coos bay for $5, cabin, $2.50 steerage, and
to Eureka for $3, cabin, $2, steerage.  +

[M. 2009.  The following 5 items are under the same column heading:  
“County Seat” Notes.  That is, Coquille City.]

Tot-Coquille mill-Lyons RR-haul lbr Srh locale-CoosBay OT-SF  
MPE a27a May 15, 1897
     “County Seat” Notes.
       Lyons’ mill shipped a special order of five car loads of lumber to San
Francisco by way of the bay steamers this week.  +

Tot-Coquille pursuit-sports  MPE a27a May 15, 1897
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  A tennis club has been organized in this city.  +

Tot-Coquille? logging name-Yoakam Locale condit-signs 
MPE a27a  May 15, 1897
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  Rumor has it that Yoakam’s logging camp above
town will operate this season.  If so, this will furnish work for about 50 men.  +

Bicycle Tot-multi paper-attitude  MPE a27a May 15, 1897  
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  A relay race between Marshfield and Coquille bicycle
riders has been talked of here.  We think unlikely such will ever occur.  +

Courthouse Locale-CoquilleValley Tot-Coquille misc-word saying 
MPE a27a May 15, 1897
     ["County Seat" notes.]  The “hitch” in the court house proceedings is a source
of disappointment to nearly every resident of this valley.  Law respecting
people deem it undue respect to the expressed will of the people.  What else is
it? [this item, sic]  +    

RR-CBR RR-right-of-way RR-extension suit name Endicott  
MPE a27a May 15, 1897 
     The attorneys for the Railroad Company have filed a motion for a new trial in
the Endicott right of way case.  +

Road misc-word? Paper-attitude condit  MPE a27a May 15, 1897
      Road making is progressing. Every good citizen should put in full time.  The
roads are used by all, and no shirking should be allowed.  +

paper saying? misc-word misc-word-superlative  MPE a28 May 15, 1897 
[M. note.  MP Enterprise for a long time been advertising it's Coos Co's Largest
and Most Wide-aWake newspaper.]

transport wagon home-seekers immigrant needed? paper-attitude
Locale-CoosCounty  MPE a28 May 15, 1897
     Our regular annual immigration into Coos county has commenced.  Several
covered wagons passing through this place in route to lower river points.  If
these immigrants have enough means to enable them to secure a small home
or settle down comfortably, they are all right, otherwise they are no better off
than before, and probably not so well off.  +

animal-bee name-Bingham food Tot-Norway AHB  MPE a28 May 15, 1897 
M. C. Bingham, who has established a model apiary at Norway,  [SKIP] 
informs us that all told he has 39 stands of bees.  Mr. Bingham thoroughly
understands the business and is building up a valuable new industry in this
county.  A. H. Black & Co. keep his fine combed honey constantly on hand.  +

May 22

Court courthouse Tot-Coquille judge tax  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
     Coquille Bulletin.  The county court moved, removed and retreated in the
matter of erecting the new court house  at Coquille City.  Practically undoing
what they had done.  It was no surprise that Judge Fullerton should over-rule
the granting of an injunction against proceeding with the erection of the
building.  Judge Schroeder was in town last Friday and from him we learn the
court has decided to wait until next year before taking any steps toward
providing the county with suitable buildings. We think such stand will meet
the hearty approval of the majority of the tax payers.  +

Tot-BH BH-coal-co  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
C.B. News.  Saturday was pay day at Beaver Hill.  +

Paper paper-attitude RR-CBR RR-extension  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
     C.B. News.  Papers published outside the county seem to know a good deal
about the C.B.R. & E. R.R. business, when construction work is to commence,
etc.  We hope their information is derived from reliable sources.   +

Enterprise-Cannery fish? prices Tot-Marshfield  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
      Marshfield Sun.  Five thousand dollars has been subscribed to build the
cannery.  +

Tot-Dora road wagon Tot-Multi-indir  MPE a28 May 22, 1897 
     Dora News Notes.  The old Coos Bay Wagon road is in better condition
now than it has been for years.  +   [M. 2004.  I believe there were 2 roads from
Roseburg to Coquille, only one of which was called the CB Wagon Road.]

Tot-Dora road wagon animal-horse transport Srh name-Easton home-seekers
Locale-Dora(near) locale-CoosBay  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
     Dora News Notes.  A. E. Easton, who has lately arrived near Dora, has
departed for the bay to receive a horse and buggy from off an incoming
steamer.  +

Food Tot-MyrtlePoint prices  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
     A large eight ounce glass of  lemonade at Roberts for 5 cents a glass.  +

Courthouse Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint paper paper-attitude paper-cut  
MPE  a28  May 22, 1897 
     A good court house cut, practically new, for sale at a bargain.  Address, The
Coquille City Herald.  +  [M. note. Obviously a spoof by MPE editor to point up
failure of courthouse deal.]

Dairy AHB food  MPE a28 May 22, 1897  
     A. H. Black & Co.'s shipment of their creamery butter for this week
aggregated 1364 pounds.  +

Road transport stage condit-progress OT-Roseburg Tot-MyrtlePoint  
MPE a28-29 May 22, 1897  
     So lively has travel become over the stage line between this place and
Roseburg that an extra vehicle is frequently put on the run.  +

Health-treatment ad  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
     When the scalp is atrophied, or shiny-bald, no preparation will restore
the hair; in all other cases, Hall's Hair Renewer will start a growth.  +  [ad]

Other-mining  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  mention of Salmon Mtn mines;  MP
Mining Co.

Tot-Arago dairy food  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  Arago creamery.

name-Graham RR-CBR RR-extension paper-attitude  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
     Mr. R.A. Graham, manager of the Coos Bay railroad, passed through town
Monday, in route home to Marshfield from San Francisco, where he had been
in attendance at the stockholder’s meeting of the C.B.R. & E. RR.  He
remained only a few hours in town and gave out nothing new concerning the
proposed completion of the railroad.  However, we expect to be able to make
an important announcement soon.  +

Utility Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
Mr. A. Nelson of Cottage Grove electric light station trying to interest MP in
water works.  They know where wells are.  Proposition which is under study. 
Not quote.

Food Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  Fresh coconuts at Roberts'.  

Mill-Rackleff name-Rackleff Tot-MyrtlePoint condit-progress  
MPE a29 May 22, 1897 
     Capt. Rackleff''s saw mill is now running on full time.  +

Food AHB Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
     Fine, white maple honey in one lb. frames at A.H.B. & Co's.  +

AHB item-notions Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
     A new assortment of colors in Clark's crochet cotton just arrived at
A. H. Black & Co.  +

Dr-Easter name-Easter fruit pests  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
     Dr. J. P. Easter begin operations [sic] with his new spray pump in the orchard
of A. McDonald today.  We are pleased to note the inauguration of this
warfare against fruit pests.  It means a great deal for our orchardists. +

Dr-Easter name-Easter crop condit  MPE a29 May 22, 1897  
[says J. P. Easter] sowed his farm to black winter oats and as a result he has
now a fine field of cheat with hardly a head of oats to be seen.  This is
considered a remarkable circumstances [sic].  +  [M. 2004.  Does this reflect on
item above, and he sprayed too close?  If so, it looks like nothing would come up.
Or is this an indication of the need to spray fields against weeds?]

May 29

Dairy food-milk locale-CoosBay  MPE a29 May 29, 1897  
The Coos Bay creamery is receiving 12,000 pounds of milk per day, and is
expected the figures will soon be increased to 15,000.

Court RR-CBR RR-right-of-way RR-extension suit judge Tot-Coquille
paper-attitude  MPE  a29  May 29, 1897
     Judge Fullerton will return to Coquille City in July to hold an adjourned term
of the circuit court when several right of way cases of the Coos Bay, Roseburg
& Eastern R.R. will be heard and disposed of.  This would seem to indicate
that the continuance of the road was contemplated, anyway.  –Plaindealer. +

Climate OT-RemoteOR  MPE a29 May 29, 1897  
[Had been describing] balmy weather.  Now paper says frost at Remote; some
damage.  Not quote

Fruit pests name-Easter Locale  MPE a29 May 29, 1897  
     Chester Easter, the botanist, has been through this section with his new
fangled patent medical sprayer,  making the time short for fruit pests.  We
trust it will give satisfaction.  He insures it to both kill and cure.  +
[signed IXL;  doesn't say where from]  [M 2004  is it IXL store: Coq? or MP?]

Tot-Parkersburg mill-Parkersburg  MPE a29 May 29, 1897  
     Bandon Recorder:  The Parkersburg mill is to be started up again on June 1st.  +

Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co RR-CBR [?] paper-attitude  MPE  a29  May 29, 1897  
     Marshfield Sun.  A.B. Spreckels and F.S. Samuels, the San Francisco
capitalists who are interested in the Beaver Hill coal mine and the Coos Bay
railroad, are expected on the bay.  Important developments in railroad
construction are anticipated as to be the result of their visit.  +

Flowers road poesy paper-attitude  MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
     The wild olianders are in full bloom now, and the woods and waysides are
brilliant with pink flowers.  +

Dairy utility AHB Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
     A fine new steel wind-mill now furnishes abundance of good cold water for
A. H. Black & Co's creamery.  +

holiday 4th-July Tot-MyrtlePoint town-pride paper-attitude  
MPE a30 May 29, 1897 
     Myrtle Point will have a Fourth of July celebration worthy of our little city. 
The arrangements are in the right hands.  +

AHB wool Tot-MyrtlePoint animal-indir  MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
     Wool!  Wool!  Wool!  Highest cash price paid for wool at A. H. Black
& Co's.  +

[M. 2009.  The following 5 items are under the same column heading: "County
Seat" Notes. That is, Coquille City.]

Fruit pests Locale-CoosCounty Locale-CoquilleValley?  MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
"County Seat" Notes.
     Caterpillers are numerous in the orchards down this way, but are being well
eradicated before damage can result to the fruit crop.  +

School Tot-Coquille holiday MPE a30 May 29, 1897
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  The public school will take a very prominent part in
memorial services in this city.  +

Tot-Coquille coal misc-superlative paper-attitude  MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  A four foot vein of coal has been discovered and is
being extensively mined on the Stockman place east of town.  Experts claim it
to be one of the best prospects ever discovered in Coos county.  +

Courthouse paper paper-cut paper-attitude humor? paper-feud?  
MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  The Herald has evidently found a ready buyer for that
second hand, nearly new, court house cut.  The senior editor failed to remind the
 Enterprise man of the respect he should show to his elders, this week, so we
form the above opinion.  Conner's alright [sic]. +  [M. note: Conner = editor of MPE]

Courthouse condit people-attitude misc-word cliche  MPE a30 May 29, 1897  
      ["County Seat" Notes.]  It is a source of disappointment to many of our people,
and of the county also, that the building of the new court house is to be
delayed another season.  The next time, however, the county court will likely
"take time by the forelock" in the way of legal obstructions.  +

Pursuit-sports Tot-Multi  MPE a30 May 29, 1897 
Ball game between MP and Bandon.

Animal-livestock Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co name-Dement RR-CBR RR-haul  
MPE a30 May 29, 1897 
     A carload of cattle was shipped to Beaver Hill Wednesday by Russell Dement.  +

Road stage [?] Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Dixon  MPE a30 May 29, 1897   
     The Coos Bay stage company are [sic] now conveniently quartered in the
Dixon barn.  +

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