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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is not a comprehensive list of news items.

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1897  June - December


June 5

School Lhc-stat election  MPE  a30 June 5, 1897  
 Coos County has 71 public schoolhouses and 2,098 legal voters for school
purposes.  Curry county has 18 schoolhouses and 520 legal voters.

Wool  condit  MPE a30 June 5, 1897 
     The warehouses in The Dalles are filling with wool, but no sales of the 1897
clip have thus far been reported, says the Times-Mountaineer.  [SKIP] The
market is still dull and will likely show no activity until the bulk of the wool is
in.  +

Suit  road  MPE a30 June 5, 1897 
     The complaint in the case of the United States vs the Coos Bay Wagon Rd
Company.  +  [more.]

Holiday MPE  a30  June 5, 1897 
memorial day observances and festivities.  

holiday 4th-July MPE a30   [schedule of what will happen on the 4th; exercises.]

School  Locale-  MPE a30 June 5, 1897 
     Hall's Creek Items.  School is progressing nicely under the efficient
management of Miss Inez A. Lusk.  +

Pursuit-sports Tot-multi  MPE  a30 June 5, 1897 
The Lee and Arago baseball clubs.

Rackleff  flouring-mill  disaster Tot-MyrtlePoint?  MPE a30 June 5, 1897
 The Myrtle Point roller flour mill is a smouldering ruin.  Capt Rackleff, 3/4
mile N. of town. [more]

name-Hermann health-birth  MPE  a30  June 5, 1897 
T. Mannel Hermann [mentioned.  brother of Binger]

Blacksand-mining OT-  MPE  a30 June5, 1897 
The Pioneer Mining Company.  Smith-Howard-ville.  Black sand mining. 
[M. note:  not clear where it's located.  Fm Bandon Recorder.]

coal Tot-Riverton Srh-indir name?  MPE a31 June 5, 1897  
      Bandon Recorder: Robert Marsden and Peter Loggie, under the firm name
of  the “Diamond Block Coal Co., of Riverton,” have leased the Bandon Block
Coal Co.’s. coal mines for a term of seven years.  The new company will take
possession of the property, and will put in a store at the mines as soon as they
can get a stock of goods up from the city. Mr. Marsden has gone to San
Francisco, in the interest of the company.  +

June 12

Utility  MPE  a31  June 12, 1897
      It is soon to be determined whether or not our citizens mean business and
really want a good self sustaining system of water works and electric light. +

Silk invention condit  MPE a31 June 12, 1897
     Silk can now be made from wood pulp by machinery at a very small cost
and without the unreliable services of the silk worms.  The process is a French
invention.  Extensive factories are soon to be built in this country for the
manufacture of the "new" silk and the silk worm is liable to lose his job.  +

[M. 2009.  The following 4 items are from a column entitled "County Seat" Notes.]

Tot-Coquille  MPE a31 June 12, 1897 
     "County Seat" Notes.  Many improvements have been made in the hotel
Coquille the past week.  +

coal  town-pride? Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint paper-attitude? character?
MPE a31 June 12, 1897 
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  We notice the Coquille coal mine shipping fuel to
Myrtle Point Monday.  Such a spirit of interchange should be encouraged.  +

School  Tot-Coquille  MPE a31 June 12, 1897 
     ["County Seat" Notes.]  Public school will close today after a most successful
three month's term.  The directors have engaged the same faculty for the fall
term.  +

Srh-ocean Srh-freight Srh-CaptDrisko Srh- prices-rates  
MPE a31 June 12, 1897 
     [County Seat" Notes.]   The Moro is now carrying freight between San
Francisco and Coquille for one dollar a ton.  It is probable that Capt. Drisco of
the Coquille River [boat] will meet the cut.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint food price  MPE  a31  June 12, 1897 
     A few more salted pickles to close out at 15 cents a gallon at the Bazaar.  +

Utility Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a31 June 12, 1897 
City council to submit bonding for water works/ electric light to vote of
people.  Not quote.  [more]

Wool novelty-woolen prices  MPE a31June 12, 1897
     The spring clip of wool is coming in and is purchased at twelve cents a pound. 
That beats last's year's seven cents badly and there has been no exorbitant
advance in the price of woolen goods either.  +

June 19

Utility paper-attitude MPE a31 June 19, 1897  
     Don't put a veto on the water proposition.  It may not be exactly what you
want but anything will be better than what we have now.  +  [more]

RR-name-Spreckels saying people-attitude paper paper-attitude suit?  
MPE  a31  June 19, 1897  
     When old Claus Spreckels goes, he goes it.  He has sued the San Francisco
Examiner for $1,000,000 libel, and, if the case ever comes to trial, he may get
99 cents.  +

Srh-river name-Dunham  MPE a31 June 19, 1897 
Hark Dunham engineer on steamer Fawn.

Other-mining Locale  MPE a31 June 19, 1897 
Salmon Mtn and Sixes River mines.

School  locale  MPE a31 June 19, 1897 
     Prof. L. R. Traver has decided to conduct a private school during the coming
winter. +
Not quote  3 dept of study: Academic, Teachers, Common School.  Also
Vocal Music, Elocution, Methods of Teaching.  The rooms at the public
schoolhouse have been secured and are very comfortable and attractive and
the rates of tuition will be very reasonable.  [M. note.  because public school
had run out of money.   See autumn issues.]
[M. note. These were typed with a June 16 date, but may have been June 26.]

other-mining  MPE a32 June 16 [or 26?], 1897
      Much interest is being manifested in the mining districts tributary to this place
this season.  Many new claims are being located and developed and the
prospects are very encouraging.  +

Other-mining OT Locale  MPE a32 June 16 [or 26?], 1897  
[Bohemia mines, and Lemati Bros.]  [Cottage Grove area]

June 26

coal condit Tot-Libby Srh-  MPE a32 June 26, 1897
     Coos Bay News.  The strike at the Newport mine is still unsettled, and the
mine remains shut down.  Superintendent Hennessey informs us that he has
about 1600 ton of coal on hand, which will keep the Arcata in fuel for quite a
while.  +

Utility election-stat  MPE a32 June 26, 1897
Water works election defeated by 38 to 18, a total of about one-half the usual
vote of that city.  [M. hard to believe there could be so few legal voters, but
they did have to own a certain amount of property.  ]

Mill Rackleff  Locale  MPE a32 June 26, 1897  
     The busy hum of Capt. Rackleff's saw mill is heard again.  +

Politic speech  MPE a32 June 26, 1897  Wm Jennings Bryan to speak in Ashland.

Tot-MyrtlePoint utility  MPE a32 June 26, 1897 
A public meeting held at the Opera Hall to discuss water and light plant.  Voters
not say no to waterworks, just no to public bond.  Not quote.  [more]

Srh  MPE a32 June 26, 1897  [long article abt river improvement work.]  


July 3

utility  MPE a32 July 3, 1897  
Marshfield is to have a new water system to be completed in about three months.

Srh Tot  MPE a32 July 3, 1897 
Bandon lighthouse being recemented on outside.

Patriotic  paper  MPE  a32  July 3, 1897 
[M. note.  The inner 2 pgs printed in red and blue ink.  Stripes of blue w/red in
middle each page, with overlap purple.  Very nice looking page.  One wonders
why they didn't do more often.]

Entertain Tot-MyrtlePoint organiz drama music  MPE a32 July 3, 1897
     "Tatters" the pet of Squatter's Gulch.  A thrilling frontier drama in five
scenes at the Hermann Opera Hall Saturday afternoon July 3rd, 1897. +  [ad.
Lists plot, characters, to benefit MP band.]

Tot-Remote entertain dance climate saying  MPE a32 July 3, 1897  
     Remote Items.  The social dance at Fetter's Hall would have been a success if
the old weather king had not turned the crank the wrong way.  All it needed to
be a blooming success was -- girls.  +

Tot-Remote organiz music  Mpe a32 July 3, 1897  Remote brass band.

Utility Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a32 July 3, 1897 
[more on] MP waterworks.  People want owned by private capital.

Fruit  MPE a32 July 3, 1897 
     The strawberry season is ended.  The crop has been large -- and so has [sic]
the prices.  Blackberries and raspberries are a full crop.  +

livery name-Dodge Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a32  July 3, 1897  
Charles Dodge has opened livery stable opp.  hotel.   

Tot-MyrtlePoint agric town-pride  MPE a32 July 3, 1897  
talk of MP being garden city of Coos Co. 

Locale Tot-MyrtlePoint-indir other-mining  MPE a32 July 3, 1897  
 Huling and Lundy at MP Mining and Devel.  mines.  

Art entertainment drama Tot-MyrtlePoint name-Gray name-UrbanGray  
MPE a32 July 3, 1897  
     Urban Gray, our local landscape artist busy painting scenes for the drama. 
The work excels anything of the kind that has ever been seen in this city and
will add much to the interest of the entertainment. [some skips.] +   [M. 2005.
Maybe this was for  the "Tatters" drama (latter is another item on this pg).]

Court Tot-Coquille county-seat MPE a32 July 3, 1897
     It is now “Coquille City the County Seat.”  The transfer of the records is being
made today, Friday.  +

name-Volkmar Tot-MyrtlePoint item-hardware  MPE a32 July 3, 1897 
     Wm Volkmar Pioneer Hardware Merchant for your hardware, stoves,
and tinware.  + [ad]

Paper character Tot-Coquille Tot-MyrtlePoint visit  MPE a32-33 July 3, 1897
D. F. Dean, the junior editor of the Coquille Herald spent Wednesday in this
city in the interests of this paper.  The Enterprise was favored with a pleasant
call and we found Mr. Dean a very genial and interesting gentleman.  +

Tot-MyrtlePoint mail character travel  MPE a33 July 3, 1897 
E. Bender resigned as Postmaster to make long trip.  [Tells character, etc.]

July 10

Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a33 July 10, 1897  MP public news.  [lengthy]

Tot-Dora holiday 4th-July entertain  MPE a33 July 10, 1897 
     Dora News Notes.  The 4th of July was made memorable at Dora by a
celebration on the 3rd in the grove of F. E. Scoffield's place.   +

Tot-Dora crop climate  MPE a33 July 10, 1897 
     Dora News.  ... Part of the hay crop has been ruined by the late rains but the
damage has been more than offset by the good to other crops.  +    

holiday 4th-July  MPE a33 July 10, 1897  [ long list ] celebrations 4th July.

coal condit Tot-Libby Locale-CoosBay  MPE a33 July 10, 1897  
     The strike at the Libby coal mine is still on.  +

Srh name-Wall  MPE a33 July 10, 1897
      The new little steamer of the Wall Bros was launched Thursday and has been
christened the "Emily."  +

July 17

Utility  MPE a33 July 17, 1897
C. B. News.  William Ross has finished 5,000 feet of ditching for the water
works, abt 1/3 of the contract.  Not quote.

County jail Court Tot-Coquille RR-CBR RR-depot  MPE a33 July 17, 1897  
     County Seat Notes.  I. Heaton of Coquille City, was given the contract to
remove the cells from the Coquille depot and inclose [sic] same in a suitable
structure on the county grounds.  The court allowed $120.50 for this job.  + 

coal  condit OC&N Tot-Newport Locale-CoosBay  MPE a33 July 17, 1897  
     C. B. News.  Most of the miners left Newport this week, in accordance with
the notice given by the company.   It is generally believed that work will be
resumed at the mine shortly, but the O C & N Co. has not yet announced its
intentions.  +

coal Condit Tot-Libby  MPE a33 July 17, 1897  
     The Libby coal mine will start up some time between this and the first of the
month.  +

Utility  MPE a33 July 17, 1897  lights and water.  City council contract with
F. M. Friedberg.  [long article] not quote

Tot-MyrtlePoint mail name-Hermann  MPE a33 July 17, 1897  
     F. P. Hermann received the appointment as postmaster of this place last
Saturday.  +   [M. note: replacing Bender.]

Srh  MPE a33 July 17, 1897  not quote  McCloskey made improvements
on Myrl.

July 24

Cosmic-misc  MPE a33 July 24, 1897  
The second and final eclipse for 1897 will occur Thursday July 29th.  It is an
annular eclipse of the sun will be visible in the entire United States.  It begins
standard time at 7:40 o'clock a m and ends at 10:00 a m occupying 2 hrs and
10 min.

Alaska-mining  MPE a33 July 24, 1897  mining in Alaska

Fruit  MPE a33 July 24, 1897 
The markets are being supplied with Coos county apples and plums. 

AHB food RR-CBR RR haul Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a33 July 24, 1897 
     A. H. Black & Co. received a shipment of 600 sacks of flour by Wednesday's
train.  +   

AHB  novelty-woolen item OT-Salem Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a33 July 24, 1897  
     A. H. Black & Co. are agents for the Salem woolen mills suits.  All made to
order. +  [woolen suits for men.]

Court judge Tot-Copuille  MPE a33 July 24, 1897  
     It is stated that Judge Fullerton will not hold a special session of court this
month, at Coquille City, as was rumored some time ago.  +

Utility  MPE a33 July 24, 1897  [more on] MP waterworks.

July 31

school OT  MPE a34 July 31, 1897  
[ad for] Southern Or. Normal school Ashland.  Statistics, descr.

misc-word Klondyke Alaska-mining food Srh?  MPE  a34  July 31, 1987 
     The word Klondyke, spelled also Clondyke and Clondike, is a corruption of
the Alaskan Indian word tendatt, meaning salmon stream.  The Clondyke
River affords the only food that does not have to be transported over the miles
of mountains, lakes, and river, it being full of salmon.   [+ except which time
it's K  and  C]

Alaska-mining lifestyle misc  MPE a34 July 31, 1897 
     The number of women going to the Klondyke [sp?] is an interesting feature of
the present exodus to the Yukon. +  [more]

Srh  MPE a34 July 31, 1897  [more on] river improvements.

Machine novelty-wood Tot-Coquille  MPE a34 July 31, 1897
     A new lathe was put into position at the broomhandle factory this week. 
County Seat Notes.  +

County Courthouse official-county Tot-Coquille  MPE a34 July 31, 1897  
     County Seat Notes.   Sheriff Gage will soon occupy offices on the court house
block, being in the front end of the building where the steel cages are located.  +

Courthouse Tot-multi MPE a34 July 31, 1897  
     County Seat Notes.  Coos county’s jail cages and officers safes [sic] were
moved this week to the present county seat from Empire City.  I. Heaton, who
has the work by contract, is moving the same to a building erected for the
purpose on the court house grounds.  +

Tot-BH BH-coal-co health-sickness health-death health-provider character  
MPE a34 July 31, 1897
     Miss Mertie Lemon, employed as nurse in the hospital at Beaver Hill, died
suddenly of heart disease, Friday afternoon.  She was about 22 years old and
was highly esteemed by all who knew her. +

Needed RR-CBR RR-extension fruit crop school-indir  MPE a34 July 31, 1897
     Myrtle Point ifs – if they had fire protection, a normal school, fruit and vegetable
canning factory, if CBR would extend road on to Roseburg.  NQ.

utility  MPE a34 July 31, 1897  Letter fm Mr. Friedberg abt water works

other-mining locale  MPE a34 July 31, 1897  [more on ] Salmon Mtn mines. 
[Headline:] Our Own Klondyke.


Aug 7

Condit agric Srh-indir RR-indir  MPE a34 Aug 7, 1897
Resume of Events in Northwest.  [M. note: a recurring column; not local; but
never cites the source.]
     The citizens of Marshfield, Myrtle Point, and other towns in Coos County
have complained for want of a sugar famine, but Coquille has been worse off. 
There has been a shortage of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and fruit jars, and
steamers and trains would come and go without replenishing the stocks of
flour and sugar.  +  [M. note.  Hasn't been anything in the MP paper complaining,
but the source news seemed to think there's a shortage.  "steamers and trains come
and go".  Since there was no outside connection to the CBR RR, goods would
have had to arrive in the area by ship before they were disbursed locally by train.]

Condit-Prosperity farmers politic-indir  MPE a34 August 7, 1897
     Hundreds of Oregon farmers will get out of debt this fall.  They will do more
to make good times than all the politicians have done since 1866.  +

entertain-Circus politic-indirect saying  MPE a34 August 7, 1897  
     The circus at Roseburg last Friday drew a crowd of about 2500 people, and
Mr. Bryan was not included in the menagerie either.  +   [M. 2004.  Refers to
Wm Jennings Bryan, drawing crowds.  He was scheduled to speak at Ashland,
see  MPE ______.  Prior to that, in some other place, a platform collapsed
because so many were on it at one of his speeches.  See MPE _____.]

RR-CBR RR-name-Wall  MPE a34 Aug 7, 1897  
     Marshfield Sun.  Fred Wall has accepted a position as conductor on the
railroad.  + 

coal  condit-progress Tot-Libby  MPE a34 Aug 7, 1897  
     The Libby mine has worked full time since starting up a week ago Monday. +  

Art school character Tot-MP OT  MPE a34 Aug 7, 1897
     Urban Gray, our local landscape artist, has gone to Portland to enter an art
studio and perfect himself in his chosen vocation.  Mr. Gray is a natural artist
and a sober, industrious young man who will make his mark on the world.  +

animal-sheep wool  novelty-woolen AHB Tot-multi tariff prices
MPE a35 August 7, 1897
      J.  L.  Hood was in town with his last load of wool Thursday.  His clip for the
season amounted to 7500 pounds and was an extra fine quality.  It was
purchased by the A. H.  Black & Co., for the Bandon woolen mills company,
who furnished sacks and twine and paid 13 1/2 cents per pound.  Mr. Goode
says he has no kick on the tariff.  +  [name, as I typed it.]

fruit Dr-Easter  MPE a35 August 7, 1897
     Some of the largest, soundest, and prettiest red Astrakin apples that we have
seen thus far, came from Dr. J. P. Easter's torture where it was reported that all
the fruit was killed by spraying.  When we go into the fruit growing business
we want our apples "killed" that way too.  +

RR-CBR RR-haul  novelty-brick name-Giles Tot-MP  MPE a35 August 7, 1897
     D.  Giles & Son shipped a car load of brick to Coquille Monday.  +

tariff-condit Srh-indir OT  MPE a35 August 14, 1897
Resume of Events in Northwest.  At the custom house in Astoria one day last
week $1200 duty was paid under the new tariff, or $360 [??]  that would have
been required under the old law.  

Aug 14

school OT condit-hard times prices  MPE a35 August 14, 1897
the salary of the principal of the Roseburg school has been reduced to $70 and
the under-teachers to $37.50.  The janitor's salary was cut down to $18 from

AHB Srh transport Tot-multi  MPE a35 August 14, 1897  
     A. H. Black and wife combined business with pleasure in a drive to Coquille
City Tuesday, at which place they took the steamer for Riverton, returning
home in the evening.  +

Srh govt MPE  a35 August 14, 1897
government work on river being curtailed.

School  MPE a35  Aug 14, 1897  schedule of teacher's institute program

Fruit  MPE a35 Aug 14, 1897 
     Coos County's apple crop will be large this year.  +

Ad paper-cut  MPE a35 August 14, 1897
[M. note.  for quite a long time now Myrtle Point paper has variety of cuts in
papers for ads.  Most cuts are for repeat advertising, but I surmise they're
made elsewhere, perhaps with an inset for local type.]  [ads for  furniture,
stoves,  etc.).]

Aug 21

Fruit  MPE  a35 August 21, 1897 
     Coos County will do a great deal toward perpetuating Oregon's enviable
reputation for big, sound red apples this fall.  +

Crop agric machine invention? food  Misc  MPE a35 August 21, 1897  
     Pencils and Scissors. [M. note. evidently the name of a recurring column.]
The opening up, demand for potatoes, peeled, sliced and dried like apples,
promises to give a fresh impetus to potato cultivation, as decay will be
prevented and freight costs lessened.  The potatoes are peeled and sliced by
machinery, soaked 20 minutes in strong brine, drained and dried at a
temperature of about 194 degrees.  Before using the slices are soaked
from 12 to 15 hours and then they have all the freshness and flavor of new

Saying climate locale  MPE a35 August 21, 1897
      "Undressed Kids" are all the style along the river front on these bright, warm
August days.  +

other-mining Tot?  MPE a35 August 21, 1897  [Eckley mines]

Dr-Easter fruit  MPE a35 August 21, 1897  
     Dr.  Easter presented to this office Wednesday a Gravenstein apple that
measures 13 inches in circumference and weighs 14 ounces.  It is a fine
specimen of that variety of apple.  +

Circus exhibition entertain-show Tot-MyrtlePoint  MPE a35 August 21, 1897
     Godfrey, the gymnast and aerialist, would you a public exhibition on the
tightrope both this Friday and Saturday evenings, before the opening of the
entertainment in the Opera Hall.  +

AHB fruit novelty-brick business bldg Tot-Myrtle Point  
MPE  a36 August 21, 1897  
     A.  H. Black & Co. are erecting a new building 20 x 48 feet on the vacant lot
by the side of their brick, in which to store and box fruit for shipment.  They
expect to do quite a business in handling choice fall and winter apples, which
are a good crop and unexcelled in quality.  +

RR-natl condit utiltity-indir trust interest?  MPE a36 August 21, 1897
[ headline:] Electricity.  [Sub-head: ]  The Passing of Steam Locomotion is
Drawing to a Close.  [Article about J.  Pierpont Morgan's plan to substitute
electric power for steam on railroad.]

Aug 28

Srh price-rates condit  MPE a36 August 28, 1897  
     County Seat Notes.  Freight rates by the steamer Moro have again been
advanced to $3.50 per ton since the withdrawal of the steamer Coquille River. +

Courthouse jail Tot-Coq  MPE a36 Aug 28, 1897 
     County Seat Notes.   The county prisoners have been moved to new quarters
on the courthouse block.  Heretofore they were quartered in the city jail.  +

School  Tot-Coq   MPE a36 Aug 28, 1897
     County Seat Notes.   The Coquille Collegiate Institute will open next Monday,
under the management of D. F. Nicholson, principal, late of North Carolina.  +

Dora Tot-Multi fruit road condit-optimism  MPE a36 August 28, 1897
Dora News Notes.  There is a very heavy apple crop on Kitchen [as I typed it]
Creek and tons and tons of apples will be fed to the hogs or left to rot on the
ground.  With a practical road over the mountain, much of this fruit would
find a market in Curry County.  +  [M. 2009.  Was there both a Kitchen creek
and a Catching creek?]

Tot road mail  MPE  a36 August 28, 1897
P. O. at Elliott on Dairyville -- MP road; discontinued.

RR-CBR RR-extension condit character-anti  MPE a36-40 Aug 28, 1897  
 [Head:] Right of Way Obstructed.  [Sub-Head.]  Reasons Why the Roseburg,
Coos Bay Railroad Is Not Built. [lst all caps; subhead main words cap.]
     There is no immediate prospects of the Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern
railroad being pushed through to connect with the Southern Pacific at or near
this point, and the chief reason therefor, [sic; no e on end], judging from
present appearances, is the trouble and expense of obtaining the necessary
right of way, says the Roseburg Plaindealer.  The road is now completed and
in operation from Marshfield t o Myrtle Point, a distance of 28 miles, and
there yet remains about 60 miles to be built before the road would be
completed as intended.  The surveyed line passes through some of the farms
along the Coquille, and many of those through  whose land the line passes
seem to think they ought to get the full value of their farms for the few acres
required for right of way.  Some of these cases have been tried before juries
and the juries have been disposed to give the farmer all intended for.  It shows
evidence of a disposition on the part of the community through which the road
passes to cinch the railroad. They have been taught by demagogues, both
platform and newspaper, that railroads are the enemies of the people, and
whenever they can be struck a blow it should be done in the interest of
humanity and civilization.  There is no promise of a large business for this
road when it is completed, else the company might be willing to pay pretty
well for the right of way.  But if the road should pay operating and other
expenses for some years after construction it would do well.   Railroad
companies are only aggregations of individuals, and individuals do not
ordinarily invest their money unless there is prospect for a return on the
investment some time in the near future.  It is conceded that the building of
the road in question would be a splendid thing for this county, and bring the
settlements along the line in touch with civilization.  Every farm along the line
will increase in value, and every farmer with a few isolated exceptions, could
afford to give the right of way outright.  Why could not a committee of
interested citizens go along that line, and secure bonds for deeds to right of
way?  If this can be done and the deeds obtained for a reasonable figure, there
is a fair prospect that the road would soon be built, but as long as the company
has to fight for every inch obtained and pay a big price there will be no further
effort made, at least not for the present.  +

agric flowers crop name-Huling  MPE a37-40 Aug 28, 1897
     Chet Huling has turned his attention to the cultivation of rare plants and
flowers -- potatoes and sunflowers.  One of the "flowers" plucked from his
garden this week measured 45 inches in circumference.  +

Fruit condit  MPE a37-40 Aug 28, 1897 
Tons of plums are rotting in the Coos county orchards.  The market is over-

Tot dairy town-pride?  MPE a37-40 Aug 28, 1897
     Hall's Creek Items.  The Arago Creamery company after all expenses were
paid, paid the patrons 17 cents per lb. for butterfat delivered in July and gives
them back their skim milk besides.  What creamery in Coos county can beat
it?  +

school  MPE a41 Aug 28, 1897  
school apportionments  Coquille City $467.20; Beaver Hill $179.20.


Sept 4

school  MPE a41 Sept 4, 1897  [long article teachers institute at Bandon.]

School name-Traver condit Tot  MPE a41 Sept 4, 1897
L R. Traver was going to have two weeks of public school, then money to be
exhausted, therefore (principal) would open a select school immediately for
pupils of any age.

Sept 11

Fruit RR-other RR-haul OT  MPE a41 Sept 11, 1897
     Brief Pacific Coast News [M. note.  usually fm Oregonian but not directly
cited]  It is estimated that 1,280,000 prunes were shipped in the three cars
that left The Dalles recently.  That number could about supply nearly everybody
in Chicago with one Dalles prune.  +

RR-CBR RR-right-of-way RR-subsidy RR-extension condit needed-RR
animal marketing  MPE a41 Sept 11, 1897  
A Bandon Correspondent pleads with farmers to give up lands without
charging too much rather than expecting the inflated prices for right of ways
which are bankrupting the CBR and making it impossible, or nearly so, to
raise sufficient money to complete the line.  Writer points out advantages to
farmers to have the railroad; how they can get their cattle to market, etc.  Also
suggests that if CBR encounters too much trouble, they may change their
route and cut down to join the SP line many miles south of Roseburg, thus
avoiding the right of way problems of the present route where people
evidently were speculating on the railroad’s intention to come through their
land. Nq
Asks for an amenable third party to be appointed to help settle the present
disputes.  (A Bandon correspondent writing to Rsbg Review; reprint in MPE.) 

RR-natl crop condit-prosperity  MPE a41 Sept 11, 1897  
The railroad managers of the country are at their wits end to furnish cars and
power to move the immense shipments of wheat to the seaboard.  After three
years of almost unprecedented depression, this condition of unparalleled 
activity has come upon them suddenly, and they are largely unprepared for it.  +

County tax SO-co  MPE a41 Sept 11, 1897
     County Seat Notes.  The most important county seat news this week is the
enriched condition of the County treasury by receiving some $10,000 as taxes
from the Southern Oregon Company.  Mr. Shine, Manager for the corporation,
was in the city Wednesday and made the settlement.  The company still owe
[sic] for the years 1893 and 1894.  +

Needed crop food [?] locale  MPE a41 Sept 11, 1897 
A good roller process flour mill would be an excellent investment for
someone at this place.  There is but one flour mill in this county and it is far
up on the East Fork of the Coquille River.  +   [M 2004.  Did Rackleff not 
rebuild his?.]

Sept 18  missing

Sept 25

Health-contag Locale natl  MPE a41 Sept 25, 1897 
a lot of yellow fever in south of this country

Crop climate name-White food condit  MPE a41 Sept 25, 1897
Henry White saw two large Burbank seedling potatoes in MPE window. 
Offered to plant potatoes and divide yield w/editor.  Yield: 72 lb.  Each got 36
lb.  This in spite of unfavorable season.  Not quote

coal OC&N Tot  MPE a41 Sept 25, 1897  
     Coos Bay News: The Oregon Coal & Navigation Co. has purchased the
Eastport coal property, adjoining the Newport mine, and superintendent
Hennessey has received instructions to commence development work.  +

Agric condit  MPE a41 Sept 25, 1897  
     Coos Bay News.  Idle men are scarce in town at present and farmers find it
difficult to secure extra help when in need of it. +

school Tot-Coq  MPE a42 September 25, 1897 
     County Seat Notes.  Public school will open next Monday.  +

Mill-Lyons novelty-wood Tot-Coq  MPE a42 Sept 25, 1897
     County Seat Notes.   The sawmill and broom handle factory in this city,
formerly operated by James A. Lyons, were again put in working order
Monday morning in charge of Mrs.  Lyons, adminstratrix [as I typed it].+

Crop prices Tot-MP  MPE a42 Sept 25, 1897 
     Onions by the sack only 1 1/2 cents per pound at Machados.  +    

Fruit AHB Tot-MP prices  MPE a 42 Sept 25, 1897  
Sweet apple cider 15 cents per gallon at A. H. B. & Co.

road transport prices-fares Tot-multi other-mining  MPE a42 Sept 25, 1897  
      Ho for the mines!  Hack leaves Myrtle Point for Deer Park via Eckley
every Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  Passenger rates $1.50.  Freight  and
baggage 75 cents per hundred pounds.  Freight or baggage through to Galena
1 1/2 cents per pound.  L.L. Haynes [sp?]  Myrtle Point Oregon.  + [ad.]

school condit Tot-MP foodlabor climate?  MPE a42 September 25, 1897
     The public school is progressing with good attendance.  The select school
will open September 27th with attendance above 60.  People who can't spare
money for tuition, have work or produce to share, and should see the principal
with regard to getting their children in school this winter.  +


Oct 2

Srh Locale-CoquilleRiver  MPE a42 October 2, 1897  Work on the river was
finished this week.  [M. 2009.  Presumably this means dredging, river improvements.]

Disaster Fire Srh  MPE a42 Oct 2, 1897  Gasoline schooner Moro fire.

Crop Tot Locale-CoquilleValley  MPE a42 October 2, 1897
     Grain of all kinds is turning out splendidly in the Coquille Valley.  On fish
trap [as typed;  =  Fishtrap] , wheat is running from 40 to 60 bushels per acre,
oats from 45 to 100, barley from 100 to 135 per acre.  George Wimer had 4
1/2 acres of barley that turned off 552 bushels.  Robinson had a little less than
2 acres in oats, which returned 105 bushels to the acre says the Bandon
Recorder.  +

Mill-Minard Mill-Miniard locale?  MPE a42 October 2, 1897  [M. note.  Minard
mill several times has appeared Miniard.  Which is correct?]

Mill-grist Locale? name-Miniard name-Minard condit-progress  
MPE  a42 Oct 2, 1897
      Dora Notes.  Miniard and Krantz are building an addition to their grist mill
which is running night and day.  +

Locale school paper OT  MPE a42 October 2, 1897
Bald Hill Items.  Isaac LeMahieu will open a private school at the Dean
schoolhouse.  [He was formerly proprietor of Oregon City Courier

Tot-Arago fruit dryer condit-prosperity? name-Schroeder  
MPE a42 Oct 2, 1897
Judge J.  Henry Schroeder, of Arago is at present taking care of his large
crop of fall apples.  His drier is running night and day and turns out about
forty bushels of apples every 24 hours.

Utility  MPE  a42 October 2, 1897
     County Seat Notes.  The Occident Water Co. are [sic] extending their
system to the north part of town, where it will prove of great benefit and
convenience.  +

Fruit Tot-MP  MPE a42 Oct 2, 1897
White grapes and Peck's Pleasant apples, which not a large apple but excellent
in flavor.  Grown in Myrtle Point.  not quote

Oct 9

Needed   school  MPE a42 Oct 9, 1897 
Oregon needs a compulsory school law..  [M. 2009.  Were parents not
required to send their kids to school?}

Lhc-combo Srh Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co condit  MPE a42-43 Oct 9, 1897  
Coq river been much improved and business prospects vy favorable.  Fruit
crop is the largest in years, and the fruit already marketed brought fair prices
in most instances. nfq  The same is true of other products, and the tiller of the soil,
as a whole, has no complaint to make.  The outlook for the lumber and coal
industries, which are the leading industries of the county, has seldom seemed
more favorable.  It is true there has    [skip]   
     The Beaver Hill coal companies mines are running on full time, and the
coal mined finds a ready market.  The owners of the Newport mine have
recently purchased a large tract of land adjoining their property, which will be
developed at once, and the management of the Beaver Hill mine contemplates
further development of their property, so as to increase the output, which
tends to show that coal operators have confidence in the future of the coal
trade.    [Skip]
     Take the situation as a whole, the people of Coos County have reason to
feel content, and have cause to look forward to a more prosperous era soon to
dawn.  +

OT RR-other  MPE a43 Oct 9, 1897  
     Portland hopes to be able to send Astoria a “Merry Christmas” by rail.  +

Paper Upton Tot  MPE a43 Oct 9, 1897  
[brief article about J. H. Upton's paper at Langlois, the Southern Oregon

Dairy Tot  MPE  a43 Oct  9, 1897  
     County Seat Notes.  The closing of the Myrtle Point skimming station will
incur quite a loss to the creamery of this place, which is greatly regretted.  +

Other-mining locale  MPE a43 October 9, 1897  
annual meeting MP Mining and Development Co.  A great deal of
development during the year.

Tot-MP  Boomer? Sidewalk  MPE a43 Oct 9, 1897  
      Myrtle Point has more good substantial sidewalks and street crossings than
any other town in the state of the same population.  +

Crop agric  MPE a43 Oct 9, 1897  Potatoes:  White Elephant, Jennie Lind, and
Late Rose varieties.

AHB dairy Tot-MP fruit  MPE a43 Oct 9, 1897  
     A. H. Black & Co. are spreading out all over the upper part of town.  The
recently completed a new warehouse 20 x 46 feet and this week began the
erection of another ware-room 24 x 71 feet, which together with their per
[sic?  M. 2004. check this] store and creamery building adjoining occupies a
considerable area.  The Company are preparing to handle winter apples quite
extensively.  +

Oct 16

Srh condit  MPE a43 Oct 16, 1897  
 river improvements.  Money spent and now boats can get downriver from MP
even at low tide.

RR-CBR RR-right-of-way suit subsidy name-Nosler  MPE a43 Oct 9, 1897  
Circuit court.  In the suit of the railroad company vs J.H. Nosler to compel the
payment of a subsidy.  Verdict in favor of Nosler. Not direct quote.

Crime RR-other  MPE a43 Oct 16, 1897  
Two masked men held up and robbed an Oregon City-Portland electric car 4
miles fm former place. Escaped w/$97 in silver, held up passengers, etc.  not q 

Name-McEwan vital-stat  MPE a43 Oct 16, 1897  
J. S. McEwan vs Emily G. McEwan -- suit for divorce.   Decree.  [Meaning?] 

Fruit Tot-Remote  MPE a43 Oct 16, 1897  Home grown peaches up at Remote.

Fruit locale  MPE a43 Oct 23, 1897 
     A cranberry grower in North Slough, Coos County, states that his crop this
year is about 550 bushels.  (Brief Pacific Coast News.)  +

Agric crop fruit  MPE a43 Oct 23, 1897 
Home grown Coos County sweet potatoes and white grapes.

AHB Tot  fruit Srh  conditions MPE a43 October 23, 1897
     Mr. A. H. Black, the leading merchant of Myrtle Point, was in the city
returning home from a business visit to San Francisco.  He tells us that he has
contracted 10,000 boxes of apples the city, which he will sell from the product
of Coos County orchards.  Business is improving in his section of the state, so
Mr. Black says.  --Roseburg Review.  +

AHB  fruit  price Tot  MPE a44 Oct 23, 1897  
A.H. Black paying 30 c per box for good Baldwin and Spitzenberg apples
delivered at their warehouse.  Boxes furnished.  Nq

Tot-MP  item-apparel  MPE a44 Oct 23, 1897  
Hermann and Brown advertising suits for $5, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Other-mining locale?  MPE a44 Oct 23, 1897  
[more on] Salmon Mtn mines   also South Fork   Sixes  mines

name-Bunch Tot-Dora  MPE a44 Oct 23, 1897  Mrs. W. H. Bunch of Dora

Oct 30

RR-CBR RR-haul fruit Srh-indir  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  
     Car load after car load of fine large, sound red apples –  the kind that gave
Oregon its enviable reputation for the production of the finest apples in the
world – are being shipped from this valley to San Francisco, and the prices
received for the fruit is in the main satisfactory to the producer.  +

Novelty-wood RR-CBR RR-haul fruit AHB Tot-multi  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  
     The stave mill shipped 1000 apple boxes over to Myrtle Point yesterday to the
order of A.H. Black & Co., the leading merchants of the Coquille Valley. –
Coast Mail.  +

Srh fruit world price  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  
      More than 26,000 barrels of American apples were shipped to Great Britain
this week.  The price per barrel in Liverpool averaged $3.75.  +

Novelty-woolen OT condit  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  
      The number of woolen mills in the state of Oregon is nine which are running
on full time, some night and day.  +

RR-CBR RR-haul  fruit needed Tot-Multi  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  
     Car loads of apple boxes are being shipped to this city from Marshfield in
which to pack our apples for shipment.  Why could not these boxes be
manufactured here at home?  A box factory and shingle mill, and a sash and
door factory would be paying institutions at this place. +

Fruit  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  
     N. G. W. Perkins' strawberry patch is still producing big fine red berries.  +

Crop  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897   Roasting ears in Coos.

Fruit  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897  Apples:  Ben Davis variety

Other-mining locale  MPE a44 Oct 30, 1897 
[2 articles abt] mining  S. Fork  Sixes and others


Nov 6

Conditions novelty-woolen Srh Tot  MPE a44 Nov 6, 1897  
Not quote.  Fm Bandon Recorder.  May lose woolen mill on account of poor
prospects for transportation and urges building of suitable steamer for route.

Crop food name-Bright  MPE a44 Nov 6, 1897 
     James Bright has obtained 500 sacks of potatoes from "something over an
acre."  Can any section of the country beat this?  Bald Hill Items.  +

name-Graham RR-CBR Tot-multi road  MPE a44 Nov 6, 1897  
     Coos Bay News.  Manager Graham of the C.B.R. & E.R.R., left for the city,
Sunday, via Myrtle Point and Roseburg.  +

Fish cannery locale?  MPE a44 Nov 6, 1897  
     Coos Bay News.  The cannery shut down Monday.  The pack for the season
amounts to 8,500 cases, of which about 7,000 are Chinook.  +

Fruit AHB Srh condit-outlook Tot  MPE a44 Nov 6, 1897 
Not quote.  A. H. Black began with a shipment of 1100 boxes Gravensteins
and since tt time received 500 to 1000 boxes of winter apples a day.  In their
packing houses employing fm 10 to 15 hands in boxing and preparing apples
for shipping.  At present have 7000 boxes choice apples on hand for shipment. 
Price paid ranges fm 20 to 30 cents per box, with company furnishing box. 
Mr. Black, has G. W. Edwards, of the wholesale commission firm of
McDonogh [verified] & Runyon of San Francisco have had many years of
experience in the business, in charge of this apple packing establishment.  The
apple product of this section of the country for quality and size cannot be
excelled anywhere in the United States.  However, not until Mr. Black took
hold of matter has the industry assumed any proportion whatsoever.

Misc history name-Whitman  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897 
opening of Whitman's grave at Whitman Mission in prep. To build
mausoleum.  [Descr. how they recognized Whitman by gold tooth and
tomahawk wound.  Massacred 50 years when article written.]

Tot-BH BH-Coal-Co condit-problems health-accid name-Peart  
MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897  
     County Seat Notes.  Word came to town last Friday of an accident in the
Beaver Hill mines, resulting in the injury of John Peart, Wm. Grande, J.
Thomas, Mr. Morrison.  The first named was quite seriously injured.  +

food Tot-MP  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897 
     The finest super cured hams ever placed on the market, at Machado's.  +

Climate Srh Tot-MP condit  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897  
     Since the recent freshet the boats are able to reach their moorings at this
place.  +

Fish Srh-river Srh-CoquilleRiver Tot  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897  
     It is reported that a school of salmon a mile in length entered the river at
Bandon last week.  Salmon and trout are very plentiful in the river at this
place.  +

Other-mining  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897  [Brief article abt] development of MP
Mining Co.

Boomer Tot-MP town-pride  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897 
     Myrtle Point is not a "rubber stamp town."   [SKIP]   Myrtle Point
businessmen are more enterprising, progressive and up-to-date, and there
are no cebwebs [sic; = cobwebs] and dust on their shelves and counters. 
Show us a "bum" town and we will show you a rubber stamp in every
business in town.  Of five letters recently received from business men of
one of our Coos county towns, three contained the blurred, dim and
unsightly impressions of rubber stamps.  +

Other-mining locale road paper paper-feud? needed boomer boomer-anti
people-attitude condit  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897
[P. O Tribune scolding MPE for comment abt Coos County's Klondike good
enough.  Guerin Bros placer mines.]
     "Don't try to claim all the earth for Coos county, Bro. Conner.  The South
Fork of Sixes is altogether within Curry county territory and that Klondike is
Curry county property, although drained of its wealth through an artificial
channel in the shape of a wagon road running to Myrtle Point, which was
constructed through the encouragement and substantial aid of the enterprising
people of that place, for the express purpose of diverting all the trade and gold
of the richest part of Curry county that way, while Port Orford was asleep,
expecting to be awakened by a big boom. "  +

road transport misc-word locale-UR  MPE a45 Oct 30, 1897 
[Editor had gone to Coq City over wagon road.] 
     For a main traveled thoroughfare and the only one leading from the county
seat to the upper Coquille, it is about the poorest excuse for a road that
we have ever seen.  +  Descr steep grades, hills, places where impossible to
pass a team.  not direct quote.

name-Hermann school Tot?  MPE A 45 Oct 30, 1897
 Among new students since last reported are: Henry Hermann, Binger
Hermann.  [M. 2005.  this must have been another generation.  Was this
MP, or outlying?]

RR-CBR RR-sked RR-name-Dodge  MPE a45 Nov 6, 1897  
[ad for Coos Bay Roseburg & Eastern tells when trains depart and come. ] 
E A Dodge, agent.  [all that is in notes.]

Commission-house fruit statistics MPE a45 Nov 6, 1897
     Coos Bay News.  W. G. Hunt, of the firm of Hunt, Hatch & Co., Oakland,
Cal., estimates that the amount of apples contracted for in Coos county this
season, including those already shipped, figures up to 30,000 boxes, and
several thousand more boxes are being held for higher prices.  +

Misc holiday character-anti  MPE a45 Nov 6, 1897  Deviltry carried on on Halloween
even though the day was Sunday.  Not quote.


other-mining locale name  MPE A46-50 Aug 7, 1897  
R. W. Lundy and son in law to Johnson creek mines Sun. on business and
pleasure; will return abt Wed.  not q

photo  name  locale?  organization  MPE A 46-50  Aug 7, 1897 
W. Hunt photographer says will be at home and ready to make pictures for the
GAR encampment.  

Name  home-seekers  MPE A 46-50 Aug 7, 1897  
W. H. Walker and Verner Fetter gave notice of their intentions to make final
proof on their homesteads.  +

crop  misc  name  MPE A 46-50 Aug 7, 1897
Peter Wise presented us with a bottle of cucumber pickles, or rather pickle,
Wednesday.  It was a two ounce bottle into which the cucumber was placed
when very small and allowed to grow until it filled the bottle, which preserved
in alcohol makes quite a novelty.  +

AHB  Tot-MP    MPE A 46-50  Aug 7, 1897  A. H. Black, chairman of town
board [city council]  not q at all

Health  logging BH-surr  [MPE A 46-50  Nov 6, 1897.] 
CB News. O.J. Seeley met with an accident at his logging camp on the
Isthmus last week. He had a narrow escape from being crushed to death
between a log and a stump. His escape with a broken arm may be classed as
fortunate.  N f q  [cp]

AHB  Tot-MP item  silk    MPE A 46-50  Nov 13, 1897
 A. H. Black & Co carry largest stock yarns in town; all colors in Fleisher's
Imported, Spanish, and Bandon yarns.  Imported saxony, zephyr.  [former are
in caps, latter not] and also full lines of colors in knitting and embroidery silk
on spools and skeins.  N q 

BH  accid -health  cemetery-locale?  Outside-Tot.  Organize-indir   [MPE A
46-50 Nov 13, 1897.] 
John Lehty was killed accidentally at Beaver Hill mine on Monday, last week. 
He had finished his days [no apostrophe] work in the mine, and was getting
into the car with four companions at the foot of the slope. Owing to some
misunderstanding of the signals, the car was started up and Lehty was thrown
in front of it, and dragged some 40 feet before the car could be stopped.  He
was killed instantly.  Deceased was 32 years of age and leaves a wife and
three children.  He came to this place from Rock Springs, Wyoming, about
two months ago. The funeral was held in Marshfield, on Wednesday. 
Interment in Odd Fellows cemetery.  – Mail.  +  [cp]

Strahan  Tot-multi  outside-Tot  Names    [MPE A 46-50  Nov 13, 1897.]
P.O. Tribune.   Chas. Strahan of Gold Beach arrived up yesterday enroute for
Alaska via San Francisco.  Will Caughell and Will Strahan are expected to
arrive this evening bound for Seattle overland thence to Alaska.  Nq.    Cp

School  Giles  Tot-MP?    MPE A 46-50  Nov 13, 1897 
Miss Daisy Giles entered school on Monday to take the book keeping course. 

Interest   Srh  names?  Tots?  MPE A 46-50  Nov. 29, 1897
George Griffin and Albert Bright contemplate the construction of a boat to be
propelled [sic] by hand power [print] for navigating the turbulent waters of
the North Fork between Myrtle Point and the numerous farms along the
stream.  The power is to be similar to that used on a hand-car of a railroad
section crew.  This style of "steam-boat" however is not new.  During the
Civil War "waterwhackers" would sally forth from the creeks and bayous
tributary to the Mississippi in light hand-power craft to worry unarmed Union
steamers, with rifle shots.  Whether Messrs. Bright and Griffin will be able to
overcome the strong current of the North Fork with their boat remains to be
seen.  +

paper Tot-MP MPE A 51  Nov 13, 1897
Last week completed our second year of newspaper work in MP.

Tot-MP blacksmith  livery   MPE A 51 Nov 6, 1897
W W Endicott has opened a blacksmith and carpenter shop next door to the
Mast stable and is now ready for business.  [M. note.  Is he the man sued by

Invention  Tot-MP?  Long  harness MPE A 51 Nov 6, 1897
On Thursday, Nov. 4, 1897, F. Long, our harness maker, perfected a new and
original hame-tug that promises to take the place of the old bunglesome
leather hame-tug.  It is manufactured from hickory, and is strong and durable
and greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of this particular part of the
harness.  He invites you to call and inspect it.  +

Health  Tot-names  MPE A 51 Nov 6, 1897 
Dr. Leep  MP   Dr. Tower  Marshfield

Fruit paper  Dr Easter   MPE A 51 Nov 6, 1897 
Dr. J. P. Easter presented us with a bushel box of Blue Winter Pearmain
apples this week from his orchard that are beauties to behold.  The box
contains four layers or 60 apples, which are perfect in every respect.  [going to
give a yrs subscript to Enterprise to anyone who can produce a better box of
the same variety apples; competitor to pay for paper himself if he fails to
produce that finer box.]

Crop  MPE A 51 Nov 6, 1897.  Four pound Snowflake and 3 pound Peerless
potatoes were grown.

Item  Tot-MP   MPE A 51  Nov 6, 1897 
Delft ware.  More durable than any other ware manufactured in the world.  In
fact indestructable.  Beware of imitation.  Huling & Lundy have the only
genuine for sale in the county.  +

Health  BH-allied  racism  MPE A 51 Nov 13, 1897.]
[M.note.   Tucker seems to have been a popular name for a Negro.]  Fatal
shooting of Doe Tucker a colored gambler.  Miss Sadie Thompson also of the
same dark hue and disreputable class doing the shooting.  [more in item; but
all I have in notes.]  [did it say what town?]  [cp]

Fruit  food Dr Easter Tot  MPE A 51 Nov 13, 1897
Bridge Items.  Dr. Easter proposes to try the experiment of making fruit syrup
next week.  He is of the opinion that it will be superior to any syrup in the
market.  He has purchased a cider mill for that purpose, in connection with his
apple butter factory.  +

RR-haul  crop  name animal  [MPE A 51   Nov 13, 1897.] 
A great many car loads of fine stock beets are being shipped from this city.   + 
[Also tells of Dement and Shoemaker shipping cattle.]  [cp]

 Srh  RR- shops [MPE A 51  Nov 13, 1897.]  Coos Bay News.  The “Harrow,”
to be used in deepening the channel across the Hog’s Back, was completed at
the car shop lately, and is ready for business.  +  [cp]

Fruit  pests  MPE A 51  Nov 13, 1897 
Coos Bay News.  Not quote.  Apples shipped from the Willamette were
condemned because of codlin moth but Coos apples free of the pest and in

Misc   MPE A 51 Nov 13, 1897 
The latest thing doing the rounds, repeat it rapidly -- "A noisy noise annoys an
oyster."  +

Tot-MP  Item  MPE A 51 Nov 13, 1897 
We keep 3 grades of giant Queen ware, the best in the market, a middle grade,
and the cheapest grade that can be bought.  [kitchenware.]  [what store?]

Invention  harness  Long  Tot-MP  MPE A 51  Nov 13, 1897
The new hame-tug invented by F. Long, the harness maker, is meeting general
favor.  Mr. Long has applied for a patent on his invention which combines
lightness, strength, simplicity and cheapness in its construction.  The tug is
manufactured from hickory, hence there is no stitches to rip, is lighter,
stronger and will outlast four ordinary hame-tugs, while it can be sold at a
great reduction over the old tug.  It promises to be a great success.  +

[M. 2004  is there a page 52?]
fruit  agric  RR-haul prices  boomer   [MPE A 53  Nov 27, 1897.]
[C.B. News]  The railroad is bringing apples from Myrtle Point and delivered
[sic] them in San Francisco for ten cents a box.  This very low rate makes it
possible for the farmers in that section to market their apples, and bring a
large amount of money into the country which otherwise would not come
here.  People who are prejudiced against railroads in general are beginning to
understand that the C.B.R. & E.R.R. is proving a blessing in more ways than
one, and is doing more to open up the resources of the county than many are
willing to give it credit for.  +  

Invention  Tot-MP Long harness  saying?   MPE A 53  Nov 27, 1897
One-hundred dollars that you can't break Long's patent Hame-tug [sic].  $100
[sic] that you can't wear one out.  $100 that is [as I typed it] will out-wear six
leather hame-tugs.  $100 that it will work easier, smoother and nicer than a
leather hame-tug.  $100 that there isn't an elephant in the state that can pull
one apart.  $100 that there isn't a horse in the state that can break it.   It looks
better on a harness than a leather hame-tug and is easier to put on and take off
of a horse.  It don't [sic] cost as much as the leather hame-tug and there is no
iron to rust or stitches to rip.  If you can pull a stick of hickory in two end-
wise, then you can break this hame-tug, otherwise you cannot.  Bring your old
harness and have new hame-tugs put in.  You can get them cheaper than you
ever can again, at Long's harness shop.  +

Hermann, Binger-bio  Lonaconing-name  govt  MPE  A 53  March 27, 1897
     Washington, D. C., March 22.  -- Ex-Congressman Binger Hermann was
today appointed commissioner of the general land office, vice Silas W.
Lamoreax, resigned.  The appointment of Mr. Hermann was urged by the
United States delegation, as well as many of his old congressional colleagues. 
The office pay a salary of $4500 a year.
    Binger Hermann was born in Lonaconing, Allegany county, Md., February
19, 1843.  He was educated in the rural schools of West Maryland, and at the
Independent academy, afterwards Irving college, (near Baltimore).  He
removed to Oregon, where he taught in country schools, studied law and was
admitted to practice before the supreme court in 1856.  [M. 2004.  Not a
correct date; did I type it wrong?]  He was elected to the lower house of the
state legislator [sic] in 1866, and was state senator in 1868.  From 1868 until
1871 he was deputy collector of internal revenue for Southern Oregon [caps
only as in print].  In 1871 he was appointed by president Grant receiver of
public moneys at the United States land office at Roseburg, serving until
1873.  From 1882 till 1884, he was judge-advocate, with the rank of colonel,
in the state militia.  He was elected to the 49th, 50th, 51st, 52nd, 53rd and
54th congress as a republican.  He sought renomination by the third
congressional district republican convention, which met at Albany last year,
but was defeated by Thomas H. Tongue, who was later elected.
     Mr. Hermann's relatives and many friends at this place are delighted to
learn of the recognition he has received at the hands of the new
administration.  They feel that an honored and faithful servant has only been
amply rewarded for the faithful and valued services rendered in state and
party.  Owing to Mr. Hermann's excellent qualifications and fitness for the
office and his knowledge and experience of this line of official work, his
appointment is generally approved by the press of the state, the Pacific
Northwest, irrespective of their political affiliations.  From his long residence
and public life in the West, Mr. Hermann is posted on the needs of this...  
[end of tape]

other-mining locale?  MPE A 54  Nov 13, 1897  Salmon Mtn mines

Tot-MP RR-haul  item   MPE A 54 Nov 13, 1897  A car load of nails enroute
fm the east for Huling and Lundy.

Accid-BH health  MPE  A 54  Nov 13, 1897[tells of John Lehty being killed
at Beaver Hill. [I think I already have this.]

Fruit  MPE A 54  nov 13, 1897 
Apples: Pippins, Spitzenbergs, Jonathons.  How much the Oregon apples are
being praised in Chicago market.  Not quote

Agric MPE A 54  Nov 13 1897  [Always agric.column in each paper but
general, not local.] 

Srh govt  MPE A 54 Nov 20, 1897  going to be opposition in Congress to
Nicaragua canal.  Not quote

Novelty-wood   fish  locale-Multi   MPE A 54 Nov 20, 1897 
Brief Pacific Coast News. A Curry county man soon expects to begin
manufacturing barrels of which to pack fish [as typed].  A number of such
barrels are used on the Coquille, and some on Sixes and Elk rivers.  +

Tot-MP  misc-word   names  MPE A 54 Nov 20, 1897 [ad:]
E. A. Page and Walter Endicott Tonsorial Artists.  [Ad put together slightly
different.]  [Were apparently several Walter Endicotts.]

Srh  locale  name  Interest  MPE A 54 Nov 20, 1897 
Bald Hill Items.  [Article about] George Griffin and Albert Bright's hand car
boat.  [M. If I didn't already get this, I need it.]

Food  Tot-MP  price MPE A 54 Nov 20, 1897  Pearl Tapioca 6 cents a pound
at Machados.

Graham  health  transport animal  [MPE A 54  Nov 27, 1897.] 
Saturday morning Edd [sic] Patterson started to take a team and buggy
belonging to R.A. Graham, to Coos county.  When near Greens [no
apostrophe] he stopped to let the horses drink, when they became frightened,
ran away and completely demolished the buggy.  Fortunately neither Ed [sic]
nor the horses were injured.  – Roseburg Review.  [cp]

Climate   holiday   MPE A 54 Nov 27, 1897  County Seat Notes. The weather
was ideal Thanksgiving day.
climate  Tot-Coq mill  MPE a 54 Nov 27, 1897  County Seat Notes.  ...Lyons'
mill lies idle on account of the high water.

Alaska mining  MPE A 54 Nov 27, 1897  [article abt] the New ElDorado,
gold fields of Alaska and Yukon.

Novelty-wool  flax-mill?    Outside-Tot   MPE A 54  Dec 4, 1897 
possibility of the Scotch Mills of Salem being converted to linen mill with
flax being made up into wares.  Not quote.

Fruit  conditions  MPE A 54 Dec 4, 1897 
A great many of the apples shipped form Coos county are being sold as
Northern California apples, and the choice potatoes sent from here are also put
on the market as a California product, and called Salinas Burbanks.  Well, as
long as our farmers get the top price, the name doesn't cut much of a figure;
but the truth is, that California can no more raise good apples than the coast
counties of Oregon can raise good grapes.  --  News.  +

Tot-Coq Paper  MPE A 54 Dec 4, 1897 
The Coquille Bulletin passed the fourth milestone in its history last week.  It is
one of the brightest, newsiest and most progressive newspapers of the county,
and justly merits the liberal patronage extended to it.  Editor Lawrence is a
rustler and we trust that the ensuing year will reward him even better than the
one just closed.  + [under Pencil and Scissors column but doesn't say what
paper from.  Is it MP editor, or?]

Tot-MP  item  prices  MPE A 54 Dec 4, 1897
 Richardson the jeweler just received a fine line of jewelry.  Watches ranging
from $5 to $40.  +

Xmas  church   MPE A 54 Dec 4, 1897  A Christmas tree and an appropriate
entertainment will be given at the Presbyterian church on Christmas night.  +

Tot-MP  harness    MPE A 55 Dec 4, 1897
A partner wanted in the best paying business in Coos county. Apply to or
address, F. Long, Myrtle Point, Or.  +

Tot-MP  Xmas  MPE A 55 Dec 4, 1897
Are you going to have a Christmas?  Remember for tree ornaments candles
and holders Adam's Bazaar.  +  [no commas]

Health  MPE A 55 Dec 4, 1897 
Dr. Leep applying chemical compound to destroy skin cancer without surgery. 
Not quote

Hermann  govt  MPE A 55 Dec 4, 1897  [article saying hope] Binger
Hermann will run for presidency in 1900.  [more]

/Novelty-woolen  Tot  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897
Bandon Recorder.  The woolen mills will put on an extra force next Monday.   

Lumber Srh condit-outlook  misc-word  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897 
Bandon Recorder.     The lumber trade is looking up and the schooner service
to the river is almost as large as it was in the halcyon days of the past.  There
are ten schooners calling here now.  The greatest number that ran here at any
one time was eleven.  +

RR-suit  name  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897 
W.W. Endicott called to Marshfield on matters pertaining to his right of way
case.  Not quote. [cp]

Tot-MP  photo  church-indir  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897  [ad]
Artistic Photography.  Reed & Leek, Photographers.  Gallery next door to
M.E. church, Myrtle Point, Oregon.  All work guaranteed satisfactory.  +

Food  Xmas  Tot-MP AHB  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897 
Colored cake sugar, raisins, citron, powdered sugar and everything necessary
for Xmas luxuries, at A. H. Black & Co.  +

School  Tot-multi? name   MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897 
Miss Flora McCloskey, of Norway, one of Coos county's most successful
teachers, entered school at this place Monday to take up some of the higher
branches of study.  +

Alaska  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897 
Yukon rush.  How 1000s will reach Alaska.  Only 2 routes advised. 
Difficulties to be overcome.

Misc  natl  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897  [Insert to paper has complete text of
President McKinley's message.]

Interest  MPE A 55 Dec 11, 1897
[Insert filler tells of] man who was lost for 23 days in the crater of Mauna
Loa.  Confused in efforts to reach camp. At last clouds lifted and he could get
his bearings and return to camp.

Disaster National conditions  outside-Tot  MPE A 55 Dec 18, 1897 
suspect arson in fire at Ellis Island a few months ago, reasons why.  People
had taken out insurance, etc.

Lhc   boomer?  Tot-MP  MPE A 55 Dec 18, 1897 
[a long article by outsider] who came to Coos county; favorable impression of

Hermann   politic MPE A 55 Dec 18, 1897 
One of Binger Hermann's closest political friends says Hermann wants to
succeed Governor Lord to make stepping stone to US Senate.  Not quote

Geology Lhc  road name locales  MPE A 55 Dec 18, 1897 
[huge landslide on Bandon-Empire City road.  ]
     The whole "Seven Devils", an immense mountain, took a slide into the
ocean, carrying with it a house and barn, unoccupied, belonging to A. Hansen,
and about ten acres of fertile ranch of Dr. J. G. Cook.  +

Other mining  MPE A 55 Dec 18, 1897  [article on] MP Mining Develop co

Food  Tot-MP  MPE A 55 Dec 18, 1897
[ad:]  Cracknel biscuits and all kinds of fancy crackers just received at
Machados.  +   [also fine evaporated peaches.]

AHB  RR-haul  fruit  price  boomer?  Tot MPE A 55, 56 Dec 18, 1897
Another car load [sic] of 800 boxes of fine winter apples was shipped to San
Francisco Wednesday by A. H. Black & Co., making a total of seven carloads
[sic] shipped already this season and we learn that they have about as many
more that will soon be ready for shipment.  It is estimated that fully 40,000
boxes of apples were purchased in the Coquille valley [sic] for shipment this
fall, the price ranging from 20 to40 cents per box.  A. H. Black & Co. have
done much toward establishing a good market for Coos county apples.  +

Xmas  entertain  music-etc   MPE A 56 Dec 18, 1898 
lengthy article abt Xmas] entertainment of Echo Octet and Imperial Dramatic

Alaska mining  govt  outside-Tot  MPE A 56  Dec 25, 1897 
Congress, Washington DC have voted relief for starving miners in Alaska.

School  Locale Bunch  MPE A 56  Dec 25, 1897 
Bald Hill Items.  Prof. Bunch is making a decided success of his private
school at Gravel Ford.  Several young ladies from this section are attending it. 

Misc  politic  misc-word  outside-locale  MPE A 56 Dec 25, 1897 
Not one-tenth as many men are opposed to the annexation of Hawaii as were
opposed to the purchase of Alaska, and it took 40 years' coaxing before
United States statesmen would acknowledge the Oregon territory, with its
300,000 square miles, of any value to the nation. Statesmen are queer animals. 

Fruit  name Tot MPE A 56  Dec 25, 1897
     Of interest to fruit growers. Capt. S. T. Malehorn Olive Park Fruit Farm
and nursery at Langlois has 30,000 saleable trees on hand.  My Tragedy,
Silver, Golden, Italian and Petite prune trees.  +
     There is as much or more money in a good prune orchard as an apple
orchard.  If you buy 1000 at a time, he will sell for $9.00.  2000, $15.00.  [M.
this price for a whole thousand?]
     Such prunes as the Silver and Golden sell readily at 7 cents per pound
when evaporated, thus netting the grower from $400 to $500 per acre annually
as they grow and produce here.  When our people more thoroughly understand
the business they will realize a great deal of money from prunes as well as
winter apples. 

Tot-MP  Boomer  RR-extension  [MPE A 56  Dec 25, 1897.] 
Myrtle Point will no doubt witness some lively times in the spring.  Several
good substantial buildings will be erected and there is every assurance of work
commencing on the railroad to Roseburg.  +   [cp]

Tot-MP harness Long   MPE a 56 Dec 25, 1897 
After January 1st the firm F. Long will be F. Long and Son, wholesale and
retail harness.  Not quote.

RR-right-of-way extension   govt name locale   misc-word?  
[MPE A 56  Dec 25, 1897.]
 U.S. Commissioner Orvil Dodge and W.W. Endicott went up the Middle
Fork the first of the week to secure titles for contracts for right-of-way for the
C.B.R. & E. railroad.  They returned home Tuesday evening and report the
right-of-way now practically clear all the way to the county line.  Now let our
Douglas county neighbors bestir themselves a little and thus hasten the
construction and completion of the railroad.  +

Xmas poetry  stories  MPE A 56 Dec 25, 1897  several Xmas stories, articles,

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