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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
This is not a comprehensive list of news items.

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Myrtle Point Enterprise   Myrtle Point, Or.
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1898   APRIL -JUNE

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April 2?

[date?]  [M. note]
[A paper dated April 1, 1899 appears here in the bound volume.  But it should
read April 2, 1898.  [No other paper appears for the first week in Apr of 1898. 
A memo on my original news notes says there were no late 1898, or any 1899,
papers.  Sometimes date-typos appeared on one page of a 4-page issue;  it's
likely a typesetter's error.]

war  Srh   {MPE A 68a  Apr 2?, 1898?    
Admiral Dewey has cabled the department at Washington that he wants more
men and ships.  +

Alaska boundary dispute  MPE A 68a Apr 2?, 1898?
The Alaska boundary dispute is causing serious concern in administrative
circles in Washington.  [M.  Evidently they didn't get it settled as had been
announced in Mar 18, 1898 issue.]

BH  name  [MPE A 68a Apr 2?, 1898?
 J. C. Warner who has been employed at Beaver Hill is spending a few days in
town. +

health Misc  Tot-MP item conditions   MPE A 68a Apr 2?, 1898?
If you have cold feet you can get a pair of electric insoles at Huling & Lundy
that will keep them warm.  +  /   Huling and Lundy secured 120 kegs of nails
before the late jump in price. Wire goods have all advanced 25 percent.  Not

Beaverton-mine RR  [MPE A 68a  Apr 2?, 1898?  
Coos Bay News. Saturday was payday at Beaverton and on the Railroad, and
quite a number of checks were cashed in town. +   [M. note.  I didn't know
people were working at Beaverton at that late date.] 

mail-route name prices  MPE A 69  Apr 2?, 1898?
Chas Roberts Sr awarded contract for carrying mail between this place and
Coq Sundays for $76.60 a year. Not q at all

road  locale MPE  A 69  Apr 2?, 1898? 
The Middle Fork road better than the old CB road right now.  [M note.  I
thought the old one was the Middle Fork?]

climate  mail road  locale MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898? 
The Myrtle Point to Roseburg stage road was greatly damaged by the unusual
heavy  storms and freshets of the past winter., the greatest damage resulting
between Bridge postoffice and Camas Valley.  +  [abt 8-10 days still required
to open up rd to travel.]

Music  Paper  Tot-MP   MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?
Pianos and organs sold on easy payment.  Clark Wise & Co, SF, Fine line
banjos, guitars, mandolins, musical merchandise.  W C Conner, local agent.

Tot-MP   AHB  Item MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
 We are now closing out our stock of men's waterproof cork soled shoes at
greatly reduced prices.  5 styles to choose from.  A. H. Black.  Nq 

Tot-MP   item  prices  MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Drinking cups, 20 c, dippers 30 c, sauce pans 30 c, muffin pans 60 c, all in
aluminum.  Mrs. D R Toye.

BH    MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Willard Davenport and family moved to BH last Mon where he has been

BH  RR-passengers   MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Miss Kittie Thom this place went to BH on Mon train.

Church    MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898? 
Rev. L R Woodward, Arago,  MP visitor Thur.
Other-mining   name MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Guy Rose and Walter Endicott start for Eastern Oregon and Idaho mining
district last Mon.  not q at all.    

Srh visiting name outside-Tot  MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?
Capt. Manley Roberts of San Pedro visiting aging mother and relatives this

School  Tot  MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Miss Lillie Wagner will teach the upper Fishtrap school the coming season.  

Giles  School  locale MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Miss Daisy Giles of this city has been engaged to teach public school in the
Brown district, on the South Fork of the Coquille river.   +

Traver-name school-indir  outside-Tot  MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
[Prof. L R Traver now in Roseburg, because says editor enjoyed their
hospitality there.  Not q at all.]  [M. 2004.  But remember there are two L -
Traver (different middle initial).]

AHB   food price  MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898? 
Genuine country buckwheat flour 2 lb pkg only 10 c package, A H Black. n q.

Tot-MP photo  MPE A69 Apr 2, 1898? 
J H Leek photographer intends leaving for Montana in near future.  Not q. 

School  Giles outside-Tot   MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898? 
Miss Daisy Giles who been attending Ashland Normal school, returned home
last mon morning. 

Tot  Srh  blacksmith  MPE A 69 Apr 2?, 1898?  
Mr. Sam McAdams who recently disposed of his blacksmith business at
Dairyville has purchased half interest in the steamer Bismark fm James Moore
and last Thur morn 6 men started to work on her.  Stmr will be thoroughly
overhauled and remodeled and ready to launch abt 3 wk.  Peter Loggie is
superintending the work.  (Bandon Recorder.)

Govt  School outside-Tot  MPE A 69  Apr 2, 1898?  
Gov. Geer has named A J Sherwood, Coq, as one of the 9 members of board
of regents for Ashland State Normal.  N q.

April 9

Logging Locale MPE A 69 Apr 9, 1898 
Hall Creek.  The Aasen brothers are preparing to start a logging camp on their
father's place and do a little logging for themselves.  +  

Church? Locale  MPE A 69 Apr 9, 1898
Hall Creek.      A small colony of Dunkards are expected here soon to settle
down on homes and help us improve the country.  The advance agent Rev.
Pullen has been here several days.     [then M note says to cancel; must not
have been from this area after all.]  [M. 2004 but all this is typed on original,
no handwritten later note, and if cancelled, why didn't I just cross it out?]
enterprise  item Todd  Tot-Arago  MPE A 69 Apr 16, 1898
[Lengthy article] H A Todd, enterprising broom manufacturer.  [M. sounds
like item I already have.]

Spreckels  Chadwick  locale  [ah?] MPE A 69 Apr. 16, 1898.
(CBNews).  A.B. Spreckels has purchased the James Aiken estate of the
Chadwick tract amounting to one-twenty-fifth of section.  $15 an acre. N q at
all.   [see also MPE A72]

Tot  blacksand-mining  misc-word   MPE A 69, 69a Apr 16, 1898 
A. B. Seal arr Fri fm Randolph beach mines bringing several nuggets with
him valued at $20; outlook vy promising, everything indicates company will
take out considerable gold this summer.  Seal is raising a ferocious looking
whisker and even it has a golden hue.  Nq

outside-RR  MPE  A 70  Apr 9, 1898  
Last Sunday at 4:30 p.m. construction work was completed on the Astoria and
Portland railroad. Several hundred citizens headed by a band were present to
witness the driving of the last spike.  +

war  MPE A 70 Apr 9 1898
The President asks that troops be sent to stop the Cuban war.  War regarded
inevitable.  Spain's answer unsatisfactory.  Not quote

Novelty-wood  locale   MPE A 70 Apr 9, 1898 
Hall's Creek Items.  Messrs. Baker and Mundy are getting out some fine
match-wood for export.  +

holiday dairy food-eggs  MPE A 70  Apr 9, 1898 
Sunday is Easter and the hens are doing their best to make it a success.  +

Srh  Tot  Alaska-mining-indir  misc-word  MPE A 70 Apr 9, 1898 
The Klondike schooner "Mizpah" was  launched at Prosper last Saturday.  She
is said to be a "daisy."  +

Paper-feud  MPE A 70 Apr 9, 1898 
The Coquille Herald now claims to be an independent journal.  Shades of
Ananias!  It will be posing as a Gospel Messenger [sic; yes, capitals] yet.  +

[some parts missing; illegible]
fruit  commission-house  conditions paper-attitude Srh  Hermann? AHB 
MPE A 70 Apr 9, 1898
The fine apples consigned to Oakland and San Francisco commission men by
Arthur Hermann and John Berry recently, fell far short of bringing the prices
anticipated by the shippers.  By returns submitted to us we note that some 361
boxes of choice apples consigned to Hunt, Hatch & Co., of Oakland, Cal., by
John Berry, he realized the small net sum of $45.17 which after deducting the
cost of picking, packing and other incidental expenses left him several dollars
loser on the transaction.  We understand that your merchant A. H. Black,
offered to furnish boxes and pay Mr. Berry    SKIP   cents per box for his
apples last   SKIP  which would have netted him the   SKIP  little sum of
$108.30 and saved the trouble and expense of pack  SKIP   and shipping.  It
sometimes pays to do business with home merchants   SKIP  businessmen.  +

Blacksand-mining  Tot MPE A 70 Apr 9, 1898  
black sand mines at Randolph

Srh-indir  MPE A 70 Apr 9, 1898 
[M. comment.  Never did see any more to indicate the hand-car powered boat
was in production or use.]

April 16

 war  MPE A 70 Apr 16, 1898 
Congress has taken positive action in the direction of armed intervention.  The
result will be a great gain for the cause of the oppressed Cubans and a
corresponding victory over the Spaniards.  This is virtually a declaration of
war.  [more]

Invention  utility  misc-word  MPE A 70  Apr 16, 1898 
A new invention has sent the picture of a man two thousand miles by wire. 
Talk of long drawn faces!

Utility condit  MPE A 70 Apr 16, 1898 
Long distance telephone lines.  How crept into whole regions. 
Only been a few years since 1st successful long distance telephone was put in
operation between New York and Philadelphia and now it goes all along the
south and the east, etc.  not quote.    [long  SKIP]
     The New England cotton goods manufacturers and Southern dealers in
cotton are also in the habit of conferring verbally daily, although hundreds of
miles apart; and although the tolls for using the long-distance telephone range
from about $1 to $10 for five minutes' conversation, the cost represents far
less than the expense of personal interviews.  +  [more]

climate  disaster  health-indir [ie local worry abt ]  Alaska-mining  outside-
locale  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898 
snowslide on Chilkoot pass on the Chilkoot trail in Alaska.  Ice-bound
whalers without food.

Disaster  Srh  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898 
The schooner Arago was lost in Alaskan waters.

Tot  dairy  MPE A 71 Apr 16, 1898 
statement of Arago Creamery; prices, output for year, etc.

Tot  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898.  Ad for Guerin Hotel, MP.  

Food  Tot  Mpe A 71 Apr 1, 1898    
Roberts has just received a lot of corn meal, rolled oats and graham flour.

Tot-names Giles MPE A 71 Apr 16, 1898 
Daniel Giles is beautifying his residence property with an artistic new fence.  +

Alaska-mining  disaster health  outside-locale MPE A 71 Apr 16, 1898
Considerable anxiety is felt lest some of the Myrtle Point gold seekers will
caught in the Chilcoot [sic] avalanche.  +

Climate fruit  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898  
A small amount of early blooming fruit has been nipped by recent frosts, but
the outlook is still good for an immense fruit crop in this part of the state.  +

Srh  Alaska-mining Tot-Prosper  MPE A 71.  Apr 16, 1898 
The rigging for the Alaskan schooner arrived by Monday's train from the city
and was transferred to Prosper at Coquille City.  Hence, the schooner will
soon be fully equipped and ready to sail to Alaska.  [M. note.  The Mizpah.]  +

Enterprise  Todd Tot-Arago  paper-attitude  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898
H. A. Todd, the enterprising Arago broom manufacturer, was interviewing our
merchants Wednesday. Mr. Todd has established an industry ere in the county
that promises to become of considerable importance.  He has already
demonstrated the fact that broom corn can be grown with success in the
valley, while all other conditions are favorable for the manufacture of brooms
right here at home.  Our factories have for several years been turning out the
very finest broom handles, which are shipped to San Francisco, where the
manufacture of the broom is completed and then returned to our merchants,
with which the home market is supplied.  Now, Mr. Todd proposes to save
this unnecessary expense in freight to and from San Francisco, by
manufacturing equally as good an article here at home at prices
correspondingly low.  We trust that he will receive all the encouragement and
patronage from the business men and public generally, that he so justly
deserves.  Patronize home industry and thus help build up home institutions. 
Mr. Todd kindly presented this office with a sample broom, which equalled in
every respect the best in the market.  +

War  Cuba  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898 
[long article on Cuba, various things about it]

Invention  photo  item MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898  
A novel use of the kinematograph reported in Germany.  Took series during
launching of vessel; 4000 impressions per minute; when they played back
they could see launch.  German naval officers taking considerable interest. 
Not quote.

Animal  MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898 
Bandon Recorder.  Quite a stir in the cattle business in this county.  Not quote

Dairy locale MPE A 71  Apr 16, 1898 
Coos Bay News.  The Coos Bay creamery is getting 9,292 pounds of milk per
day at present.  +

Klondike-coal  RR  machine  MPE Apr 71  Apr 16, 1898  
Coos Bay News.  A piledriver [sic] is being built at the car shops to be used in
constructing the trestle, for extension of the railroad to the Klondike coal
mine.  +

Spreckels  Chadwick tract  locale real estate MPE A 72   Apr 16, 1898
Coos Bay News.  A. B. Spreckles [sic] has purchased the James Aiken estate
interest in the Chadwick tract, amounting to one-twenth-fourth [sic] .  The
price paid was $15 per acre.  +  [see alsoMPE69]

Blacksand-mining  Tot  MPE A 72 Apr 16, 1898 
[something abt] Randolph beach mines.

[date?] [April 16? 23? or 30?]
Klondike-mine  RR  MPE A 73  Apr 16, 23?, or 30?, 1898
A pile driver is being built at the car shops to be used in construction of the
trestle to the Klondike mine.  +

April 23

War  outside-locale  MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898 
A practical declaration of war with Spain, the army being mobilized.  N q

Alaska  Fish  MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898  Alaska salmon fisheries

End-times-misc  MPE A 72  Apr 23, 1898 
Wars and rumors of war, floods and every sort of unexpected weather make
many shake their heads and declare we are living in the last days.  +

Food  Tot  prices MPE A 72  Apr 23, 1898 
Rolled oats, semola, moving   meal and graham flour.  [as typed.  It doesn't
say which store; is it same as next?]   /   Roberts sells lemons at 12 cents per
dozen.  +

Paper  politic? MPE A 72   Apr 23, 1898  
J. H. Upton has resumed the publication of the semi-occasional campaign
sheet, The Reporter.

Novelty-wood misc-word MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898 
Gus Teutsch, representing the Harry Unna Co., wooden and willow ware
establishment of San Francisco, was interviewing our business men.  Mr.
Teutsch is an old acquaintance and friend of ye editor.  +

RR  MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898  
Bandon Recorder.  It is authentically reported that the Coos Bay-Roseburg
railroad will be built to Douglas county this year.  +

Mill  locale  MPE A 72  Apr 23, 1898  
Coos Bay News.  Collver Bros. will soon have a saw mill running in the South
slough neighborhood.   + 

Disaster Alaska-mining  MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898  
 The Alaska rush is dying out.  The terrible disaster on Chilkoot Pass has had
some effects. Not quote.  
Condit-outlook Crop  MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898    Oregon's crops this year
promise to be larger than in years past.  +

RR  Klondike-spur-coal     MPE A 72 Apr 23, 1898  
Coos Bay News.  The C.B.R. & E. R.R. & N. Co. are busily engaged in
constructing two pile drivers [sic] to be used in driving the piles and extending
the R. R. to the Klondike mine.  When this spur is completed about three
hundred miners will find employment. – Sun.   +  [M. reprinted fm Sun
to CBNews.]

[date?]  [Apr 23? or 30?]
Book  Tot-name character?   MPE A 73 Apr 23? or 30?, 1898 
George T. Moulton  Coq  genial collection agent of the Collier Book Co
looking after interests this place.  Not q

April 30

Commission-house   paper  MPE A 72 Apr 30, 1898 
We wonder why the Herald refused to publish a polite and gentlemanly
communication from Hunt, Hatch & Co., in defense of charges made against
them through its columns recently?  +

Gage  novelty-brick  courthouse  Tot   MPE A 72 Apr 30, 1898
Sheriff W. W. Gage was a pleasant caller at our office Thursday. He reports
the new brick yard at Coquille nearly ready to begin making brick for Coos
county's new court house.  Work of excavating for the foundation of the court
house is also progressing.  +

F. Long  harness  Tot  character?  MPE A 72 Apr 30, 1898 
F. Long & Son went to Coquille Wednesday to open up a branch harness store
and shop at that place.  They are enterprising business men and we bespeak
for them a liberal patronage.  +

AHB  dairy  condit-progress  MPE A 72 Apr 30, 1898
Since January 1 A. H. Black & Co. have purchased and shipped 8800 dozen
eggs, an average of about 500 dozen per week.  The Coos county hens are
doing their part toward making good times in this county. +

Disaster Alaska-mining  Fetter Tot-MP  outside-Tot  health 
MPE A 73  Apr 30, 1898 
The Fetter brothers left this place enroute to Klondike only few months ago.
Both strong and rugged young men, not unused to prospecting and mountain
life.  Unmarried and well known this county, and held in highest esteem of all. 
Caught in avalanche.  John L A Verner Fetter.  Chilkoot pass Apr 3.  Relatives
had been informed by letter they all right, but not true.  They arrived with
their goods, sick, and died.

AHB  Srh misc-word tie-pass  MPE A 73 Apr 30, 1898 
Rome and Bert [Black] enjoyed that boat ride to Coq very much last Sun eve but
how abt that tie pass home in the wee small hours?  Not quote

School  Tot-multi  MPE A 73  Apr 30, 1898  
School apportionments  - Coq. $280; Cunningham $74.  Riverton $106. 
Beaver Slough $64.  Beaver Hill $120.  [still King Creek listed, but since that
wrong locale, nothing else listed that sounds like Delmar.]

disaster health Fetter Alaska mining  MPE  A 74 Apr 30, 1898 
death of Fetter Bros in Alaska fm getting too cold before they ever got to Klondike.

Paper-cut  war   MPE A 74 Apr 30, 1898 
[cartoon drawing showing] Maxim and his famous gun.  [M. note.  Looks like sub-machine gun.]

Fruit  commission-house  conditions MPE A 74  Apr 30, 1898 
[Long article by] John Berry explaining the fruit he sold to Hunt, Hatch & Co was good and well packed; he'd been advised by friends that it was safe deal.  Angry because advised to send it to them and then was not pleased.  [M. note.  I didn't find any "polite letter" fm Hunt that Herald refused to print; evidently MPE didn't print it either.]

Crop  W B King MPE A 74   Apr 30, 1898.] 
[article on sugar beet seed here.  A man says if there’s enough success with beets here he may be able to secure necessary capital for sugar beet factory.  Signed by W.B. King,  nq  [long article. The rest not copied in my notes. ]

Alaska-mining.  [MPE a 74  Apr 30, 1898; and other,] [ still items about local people going to Klondike, Alaska. M. 2004.  But evid I didn't copy any to notes.]


May 14

Traver school-indir  bicycle  Tot  paper MPE A 73 May 14, 1898
Prof. L R Traver received fine new Belvidere bicycle thru Enterprise agency. 
Not q.

paper politic-Graham?  BH-indir  MPE A 74 May 14, 1898
 We, as well as many others, are of the opinion that the Beaver Hill
Correspondence in the Herald this week, never saw Beaver Hill.  It was
another Herald fake. +

paper-feud politic Graham  MPE A 74  May 14, 1898
Of course the masses of the people will be entirely satisfied (?) [parens and ?,
sic] with electing Mr. Graham’s man as county judge.  – Coquille Herald.
How about electing Mr. Graham’s man for circuit judge?   We suppose
Brother Whiskers, you will say that is a horse of another color.”  Come, be
consistent and tell us about it.  +

World-news MPE a 74  May 14, 1898  article abt Don Carlos and Carlists of
Spain;  basis of their claims.

Court  crime RR  MPE a 74 May 14, 1898  
Circuit court proceedings. State vs. F. S. Simpson; grand jury find "a true
bill", charging the defendent with arson, by burning building and warehouse
of the C B R & E R R & N Co. [spacing but no periods in CBR].  Defendent
pleads not guilty.  +  [cp]     / State of Oregon vs. F. M. Simpson;  grand jury
found "a true bill" charging larceny by embezzlement of $1062.20.

Panter court  MPE a 74 May 14, 1898 
Alva Lee vs W. R. Panter.  Trial by
jury.  Verdict ws that they found for the plaintiff in the sum of $84.

BH crime misc-word-upon-trial-had  MPE A 74  May 14, 1898 
[M. ah??.]  State of Oregon vs Henry Sublett.  Grand jury presents “a true
bill” against defendant, accusing him of larceny in a store, committed Feb. 3,
1898, by taking, stealing and carrying away $23 from a store building at
Beaver Hill.  Upon trial had, the jury find not guilty and defendant is
discharged from custody.  +

Dora name school  MPE A 74 May 14, 1898
Dora.  Mrs. R A. Easton went to the county seat Monday to be in attendance
at the teachers' examination.  +

May 21  
BH  vital-stat  MPE  A 73 May 21, 1898  
Died, at Beaver  Hill, May 12, 1898, Miss Aimee Wallin, aged 22 years, 6
months 8 days.  The funeral took place at Marshfield on Saturday.  +

politic Harlocker Rackleff   MPE A 75  May 21, 1898 
Harlocker and Rackleff are a winning pair.

Gage crime RR  court  judge  MPE A 75 May 21, 1898
Sheriff Gage passed through town Sunday morning enroute to Salem with
F. M. Simpson of Marshfield, who was sentenced to two years in the
penitentiary by Judge Fullerton last week, the grand jury having found a true
bill charging Simpson with larceny by embezzlement of $1062.20 from the
C.B.E. & R. Railroad.   +

Crop Srh  MPE A 75 May 21, 1898 
Coos Bay News.  About 2500 sacks of potatoes were shipped on the Empire
when sailed Sunday.  +

BH Graham  MPE A 75 May 21, 1898 
R. A. Graham left for the city last week, to attend  a meeting of the stockholders
of the Beaver Hill Coal Co., on the 10th.  +

May 28

Tot  bees  enterprise? Boomer? Coq-Valley  [condit?]
MPE A 73  May 28, 1898
M C Bingham presented us with some delicious honey from his Norway
apiary Thursday, for which he has our thanks.  Our merchants should
patronize Mr. Bingham and thus assist in establishing this valuable industry of
the Coquille valley, where all of the conditions are so favorable.  +

Tot-MP  name   MPE A 73 May 28, 1898
Mrs. Annie E Border has opened millinery store in bldg next door to
Lehmanowsky's store. 

Utility  Tot  MPE A 73 May 28, 1898 
A good many of our citizens have erected windmills and large tanks for
domestic purposes and fire protection.  Mr. Nystrum, prop. MP hotel, informs
us his private water works system has proven most satisfactory in every

Health  name  MPE A 73 May 28, 1898  Death of John Lehnherr. 

Hermann govt  mail-indir  MPE A 73 May 28, 1898     
T Mannell Hermann, postal clerk in U S pension bureau, returned home fm
Wash. last wk for visit.  [more.]

School  locale MPE A 73 May 28, 1898 
Miss Kate Braden opened term public school on Catching Creek last Mon

RR  prices-rates Tot-MP-name   MPE A 73 May 28, 1898 
CBR informs agent E A Dodge arrangements been made to return to old rates
on freight, $4.50 to and from MP to SF and Portland, not q.

Enterprise Todd paper-attiitude character?   MPE A 73 May 28, 1898
H A Todd, the enterprising broom manufacturer, was looking after his
business interests in our city Wednesday.  Our businessmen are encouraging
home manufacture and industry by carrying Mr. Todd's brooms in stock.  N q

Enterprise  Tot-Arago  Todd  paper-attitude? character?
MPE A 75 May 28, 1898
H. A. Todd,  the enterprising broom manufacturer of this valley, was looking
after his interests in our city Wednesday.  We are pleased to note that our
business men are encouraging home manufacture and industry by carrying
Mr. Todd's brooms in stock.  They are a first class article.  +  [M Aug 2004 
slight differences from item MPE73]

RR Tot-MP-name  tariff   Srh  prices  MPE A 75  May 28, 1898  
The C.B.R. & E. R.R. and Navigation Co. [sic], inform their agent,  E. A.
Dodge at this place, that arrangements have been made to return to the old
rates on freight to and from San Francisco and Portland, which will be $4.50
to and from Myrtle Point on general merchandise.   Other commodities are
classified according to the tariffs.  The steamer Fulton now makes regular
trips between Marshfield and Portland.  [prices don’t say whether for 100
pounds, or a ton.]  

Health  Srh  name  MPE A 75 May 28, 1898 
W. Hutchison, fireman on Coquille river steamer Dispatch was drowned.

Mail-indir govt Hermann  MPE A 75 May 28, 1898 
T. Mannel Hermann, postal clerk in Pension Bureau.  Going to take vacation. 
Not quote.

Lehnerr  health MPE A 75 May 28, 1898  John Lehnerr died.  [M.  also noted
on MPE 73]

Klondike-mine name  MPE A 75 May 28, 1898
Coos Bay News.  Supt. Hugh McLain, of the Klondike mine, was in town
Sunday.  The slope is now down 800 feet and gangways are being opened.

Crop price farmers  condit  Srh-indir  MPE A 75 May 28, 1898 
Coos Bay News.  Coos Bay potatoes were advanced to 1 cent per pound in the
San Francisco market, and the demand is good; so say letters received
Monday.  Our farmers, however, will reap but little benefit from the advance,
as nearly all the potatoes have been shipped from this section.

Paper? Name? MPE A 75 May 28, 1898
[speaks of Coq Herald editor's wife.]  [M. was this McEwen, who I thought
got divorce?  Or other?  Or maybe he only petitioned for divorce but didn't get
it?  Or I might be wrong on the name.]

Gage politic  BH  MPE A 75  May 28, 1898  
[not clear whether this is sic, or if M. note is included in this.]    Marshfield Sun
 has published a thing saying that The report was in circulation that Sheriff Gage,
candidate for re-election, was on the payroll of a certain corporation and asks
them to tell whether that’s true or false.  Then it says just below its Since our
last issue we have taken the pains to look up the matter in question and find that
the assertion is cold fact.  [M note.  then I add: Both of these items are from
the Marshfield Sun.]

health  locale animal  MPE A 76 May 28, 1898 
Dr. S. L. Roberds while answering a professional call up on South Fork last
Thursday morning, was  thrown from his horse at B. E. Hampton's place and
quite severely shaken up.  Dr. Leep was summoned and soon had the doctor
resting quite comfortably.  The doctor was able to return to his home in this
city this morning.  +

war MPE A 77 May 28, 1898  [full of items abt war.]


June 4

Health animal locale misc-word MPE  A 76  June 4, 1898 
Dr. S. L. Roberds, who was thrown from his horse last week while making a
professional call up on the South Fork, was more severely injured than was at
first reported.  He was brought to his home Friday of last Week, and has
suffered severely this week, though we are pleased to announce, appears to be
on the road to recovery at this writing.  +

Health MPE A 76  June 4, 1898  Mrs. Dr. Roberds, we are sorry to learn, has
been quite ill this wk.

Gage politic BH character MPE A 77  June 4, 1898  
 In this issue of the Enterprise, Sheriff  W.W. Gage fully exonerates himself 
from the charges made against him by the Marshfield Sun.  Sheriff Gage has
made a most efficient, honest and trustworthy individual, and continues to
command the strictest confidence and respect of everybody, regardless of 
their party affiliation.  +  [M note, but there was no such in the paper, or
the following week, either.]

Holiday MPE A 77 June 4, 1898  [long article on Decoration Day exercises at

Humor  bees Locale? Name  road-mud  saying  MPE A 77 June 4, 1898 
Bald Hill.  [M. example of local humor at this time period.]  Albert Bright and
George Griffin and William Weekly cut down a large hollow bee tree, left a
stump of average height and got honey out, saved a swarm of bees   not quote 
     Who says Coos County doesn't flow with cream and wild honey -- and
mud?  +

Locale name other-mining  mail-indir  MPE A 77 June 4, 1898 
Bridge Items.  Powell & Brack have opened a gold mine just below the mouth
of Big Creek on the Middle Fork and are putting in sluice boxes.  They have
some fine specimens at the Bridge Post Office.  + 

June 11

Giles Tot-MP MPE A 77 June 11, 1898 
D. Giles made some valuable improvements on Main street, fronting his lots
this week.  It is an example that other property holders would do well to
follow.  +

Giles school NB  RR-pass  MPE A 77 June 11, 1898 
Miss Daisy Giles closed a most successful term of school at North Bend last
week and returned home by Friday's train.  +

AHB  travel MPE A 77 June 11, 1898 
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Black made a trip to Bandon, by private [ M 2004 
something left out] Wednesday.  From Bandon they went to Empire City and
expect to return home today via Marshfield and Coquille City, thus making a
circuit of the Coos county towns.  +

Gage Rackleff  politic health names MPE A 77 June 11, 1898
Winners in local election.  Sheriff Gage,  Clerk Rackleff, Judge Harlocker,  
representative Topping got 117 and Stitt 115,  Assessor Endicott, School Supt
Bunch, surveyor Cathcart,  coroner Horsefall,  commissioner Coke, justice
Orvil Dodge.  Not quote

June 18

4th-July Tot-GF  misc-word MPE A 77 June 18, 1898
The glorious fourth will be celebrated in royal style at Gravel Ford this year.  

Tot-MP  lbr MPE a 77 June 18, 1898  Lumber is on the ground to build a
large addition to the Guerin Hotel.
Entertain food organize MPE a 77 June 18, 1898
A very pleasant time was reported at the Strawberry Festival given by the W.
R. C.  [Women's Relief Corps??] last Saturday evening.  +

Animal law MPE A 77 June 18, 1898
The vote on hogs running at large in Coos county was against the liberty of
the hog by a large majority.  

Entertain Tot-MP Hermann  MPE a 77 June 18, 1898
There will be a grand ball in the Hermann opera house this Saturday June 18,
1898.  +

locale other-mining  MPE A 78  June 18, 1898   [article abt Salmon Mtn
mines near Eckley]

name BH Graham-suit  RR  MPE A 78  June 18,  1898  
Coos Bay News.  J.B. Hassett was appointed receiver last Wednesday, and
took charge of the property of the Beaver Hill Coal Co.  +

June 25

World-news  MPE A 78  June 25, 1898 
[article on some of Liberators of South America.  Bolivar, Hidalgo, DeSuere,

war  agric MPE a 78 June 25, 1898 
Insect foes to contend with in fight at Cuba.

4th-July Tot-GF  MPE A  78  June 25, 1898  
    [lengthy article abt Gravel Ford
4th celebration.]

Graham-suit  locale RR  MPE A 78  June 25, 1898  [same item as CCH?]  
suit against Graham, dateline San Francisco.  Total of suit is $723,000;
securities for debt held by several companies incl Spreckels Co. comprise
several thousand shares of CBR stock and lots in RR Addition Marshfield.  

Graham-suit  MPE A 78  June 25, 1898.
Coos Bay News.  San Francisco papers give detailed statements of a hot legal
battle between J.D. Spreckels Bros. & Co. and R. A. Graham.  +

Tot-MP  MPE A 78 June 25, 1898    [Facts abt MP;  lengthy]

Health  MPE A 78  Dr. Darrin the specialist will visit Marshfield again.   [lengthy]

Traver school outside-Tot entertain  MPE A 78  June 25, 1898
Professor Traver now going to be employed as principal the public school in
Roseburg.  Had farewell party for them with patriotic theme.  Not quote. 
[very lengthy]

[Pgs A 79-100 are open]

[M  There are no MPE news notes for 2nd half of 1898, or any for 1899.]

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