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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
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The Corvallis Gazette  Corvallis, Or.
                 or Union=Gazette
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Feb 17

Paper OT-Corvallis Locale-BentonCounty  CG43 [UG] Feb 17, 1899  
Union=[sic]Gazette   Corvallis, Benton Co, Oregon.
[ change in the name of this paper and increased business .]

War world misc-word? Locale  CG43 [UG] Feb 17, 1899 
Capture of Ilo Ilo.  Am. Flag floats over pansy capital. [Manila dateline.]  other war news.

Feb 24

Outside-Srh  govt CG43 [UG] Feb 24, 1899
Nicaragua canal bill, decided to put in the river and harbor bill; comm. commerce. 

State politic bicycle tax road  locale-Coos locale misc-word-crank-hanger
CG43  [UG] Feb 24, 1899 
Oregon legislative assembly; bill introduced Oregon bicycle law. tax, special tax $l.25 1st day March each year by county court or county commissioners each county upon each bicycle except those in hands of dealers not sold, rented, loaned.  tax collector to be appointed, tag bearing words “bicycle tax” and year, name of county, shall be securely fastened to each bicycle upon the seat post within 10” of the crank-hanger. Absence of proper tag: collector shall hold bicycle until the license plus $1 fine pd.  Money collected, less 25 c each for collector, shall be deposited in county treasury for “the path fund” to construct along public hiways paths for bicycles: paths exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists; to separate from a hiway used by teams, horses.  Coos, some others are exempted because they believe paths would be too difficult to warrant a tax.

Issues missing


Mar 24

War world  CG43  [UG]  Mar 24, 1899 
war news continues. Philipines. also: End of war between Spain and US; queen signs treaty. 

transport  outside-Tot  CG43 [UG] Mar 24, 1899 
Corvallis Carriage Factory, Thos Jenkins; incorporated company in Portland to be known as Portland Mfg Co; H H Emmons, others.

Issues missing


Aug [??]

[Date Aug?? 1899   [illegible]  [M. note: early Aug, as dateline says Aug7].  [M 2004  this info is on original, but I don't find a dateline; must have taken reference from an item not typed.]

agric? Condit  CG 43 [UG] Aug [7 Or date?], 1899 
chittem bark becoming very scarce in this section; trees die when peeled; price in a few years will advance much.

Aug 18

RR-other locale  CG43 [UG] Aug 18 1899
company organized to build motor line fm Eugene to Corvallis. [more]   

Aug 25, 1899

World war locale-England locale  CG43 [UG] Aug 25, 1899 
Paul Kruger will not submit to England’s demands.

RR-other locale farm misc-word  CG43-43a [UG] Aug 25, 1899 
Articles of Incorporation of the Corvallis & Southern Railway Company have been filed. It is proposed to build and equip a first-class railway from Eugene to Coos Bay, and also from Corvallis to Eugene.  The capital stock of this company has been placed at $50,000.  The railroad at present is a considerable distance in the air through [sic] there are interested people at the back of it, and it is hoped that the railroad will be a success as it will run through a vast area of rich farming country that is at present. void of a railroad but that is in need of one.  +


Sept 1

Paper  CG44 [UG] Sept 1, 1899  Union=Gazette  Daly & Paul, publishers.

World crime war?  CG44 [UG] Sept 1, 1899  Dreyfus proved  guilty.

RR-other locale  CG44 [UG] Sept 1, 1899
Articles of incorporation of the Corvallis & Southern Railroad Company, which have been recorded in Benton and Lane counties, were filed in the secretary of state’s office Wednesday.  The company’s capital is given at $50,000 and the principle [sic] office will be located at Junction City.  The terminal of the road will be for a time Corvallis and Eugene, but provision is made for the extension of the line hereafter to some point in or near Coos bay and the acquirement of other roads and the construction of branches and establishment of stage lines.  The incorporators are A. Wilhelm, James Steel, C.W. Washburs [sic], R.F. Baker, B. S. Hyland,  M. Allen, F. N. Wilkins, A.G. Woodcock and H. S. Wallace. +

Sept 8, 1899

Bicycle street OT-Corvallis law saying  CG44 [UG] Sept 8, 1899
Mayor vetoed the ordinance regulating the use of unicycles, bicycles, tricycles and velocipedes within city of Corvallis. [so letter to editor says he said] the new ordinance would have repealed old ordinances; but will only repeal any ordinances which conflict; only conflict would be over speed, and that can’t be enforced.  [nq?]
     A large number of the younger wheelers regulate their speed by their muscular [sic] power, in other words they go as fast as they can. +

Sept l5, 1899

Name-Rich  CG44 [UG] Sept 15, 1899  W H Rich estate.

Name-Mulkey  CG44 [UG] Sept 15, 1899  A C Mulkey, b.

Bicycle law OT-Corvallis CG44 [UG] Sept 15, 1899
bicycle law, passed by council, vetoed by mayor, given consideration. voted: bicyclists must take to the road, or walk; they may not ride on sidewalks. 

Srh govt OT-OregonCity  CG44 [UG] Sept 15, 1899 
govt may purchase the locks at Oregon  City.

RR-other  CG44 [UG] Sept 15, 1899
The promoters of the Corvallis & Southern Railroad have elected officers as follows: President, G.C. Millet; Vice President; A Wilhelm, treas. C W Washburne; secy   H S Wallace. bd directors Washburne, J A Rushnell, G C Millet, B S Hyland, H S  Wallace, A Wilhelm, T H Welcher.  nq

Racism/ethnic war  CG44 [UG] Sept 15, 1899  [scene of present Yaqui Indian uprising.  lengthy.]

Sept 22, 1899 --

Sept 29, 1899

War  world Locale  CG44 [UG] Sept 29, 1899 
Navy bombards rebels: works on the bay of Subig [sic] destroyed.

War world OT-England OT-Africa  CG44 [UG] Sept 29, 1899 
England serves notice on the Boers, Transvaal.

RR-other OT Locale Srh prices  CG44 [UG] Sept 29, 1899 
Corvallis & Eastern RR; Albany, Corvallis, Yaquina; Detroit.  service fm Newport and beaches via S P trains for the mountains arr. noon, ample time to reach camping grounds on Breitenbush, and Santiam river same day.   / Corvallis & Eastern RR connecting at Yaquina with Yaquina Bay Steamship co, stmrs Grace Dollar and Navarro; cabin $l0; R. t. $17. fare fm Albany to SF.

Bicycle tax misc-word-wheelmen  CG44 [UG] Sept 29,1899
Long-expected bicycle tags arr; numerous wheelmen pd tax; if will present at sheriff’s office will get tags   nq

Judge  CG44 [UG] Sept 29, 1899  Judge John Burnett.


Oct 6

War world OT-  CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899 
Dewey homecoming celebrated at nation’s capital

Alaska-mining OT-Alaska  CG45 [UG] Oct 6,1899 
big stampede of miners fm Dawson to Cape Nome.  

War world OT-England OT-Africa Title  CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899 
British prepare for war in S.Africa; Lord Salisbury.

Book? Misc  CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899  Bradstreet’s Review [mentioned.]

Misc fish OT-Portland fair-Expo  CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899 
Oregon Industrial Expo, Portland, now full blast, most successful enterprise of its kind in NW. [lengthy.]  In a large illuminated cave is a complete salmon hatchery.   [other.]

OT-Corvallis saying  CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899 
Chuck A Block is the condition of The Exchange...   +

Item-household item-apparel enterprise-laundry OT-Portland 
CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899 
Elegant new and second-hand housefurnishing; no matter what you want, whether it be having a fine shirt laundried [sic] by Union Laundry,  Portland , or steel  range put in kitchen. Nfq     [M. is this part of item above?]

Name OT  CG45 [UG] Oct 6, 1899  Ora F Mulkey, Philomath; J C Looney [mentioned.]

Oct 27

Fish prices superlative  CG45 [UG] Oct 27, 1899 
Price of all chinook salmon, steelheads, silversides reached highest figure ever offered on the Columbia; 4 c  lb, and 2 1/2 c for dog salmon.

Politic? State-pride character name-Lord Locale-Oregon Locale-Argentina 
CG45 [UG] Oct 27, 1899 
appointment of Wm P Lord as minister to Argentine Republic, post of great importance and honor, salary $10,000 yr. Lord is an able jurist, shrewd diplomat, patriotic American, pleasant gentleman; Qregon proud of the recognition by the administration.  [M. 2005: this is former Gov. Lord of Oregon.]

Srh locale  CG 45 [UG] Oct 27, 1899 
Capt Harts, US engineer: jetty entrance Yaquina bay.

Nov 3, 1899 --

Nov 10, 1899

War World  CG45 [UG] Nov 10, 1899   [Manila/   Boer war, news continues.]

Utility name-Marconi Misc invention govt OT-USA OT-England OT-Africa 
CG45 [UG] Nov 10, 1899 
Marconi will not operate with the signal corps of US, but will return to England in connection with the use of wireless system telegraphy in S. Africa.   nfq

Holiday condit-attitude state politic saying?  CG45 [UG] Nov 10, 1899
Governor Geer, Thanksgiving proclamation for Nov30.
"The mandates of spreading civilization are calling upon us as a great nation, to carry forward the banner of progress and enlightenment, and the task is being performed with willingness and enthusiasm that do credit to our recognition of duty that we could not shirk if we would and would not if we could."[he has already had a paragraph about the year been one of happiness and contentment; earth has given forth abundance of products, better compensation than in former yrs; laboring classes more generally employed at wages more nearly satisfactory than any previous time for a generation.  [first part n q at all; last part this section nfq.]

name-Hermann  home-seekers Lhc-land? govt  war-indir 
CG45 [UG] Nov 10, 1899
     Commissioner Hermann of the general land office has decided that jurisdiction by the land office department is not acquired on homestead contests unless the contest affidavit [sic] shall specifically allege that the abandonment is not due to military or naval service during the late war with Spain. Those instituting contests in the United States land offices will be saved much expense by availing themselves of this decision, as many already before the department have been compelled to recommence their cases.  +

Nov 17, 1899
war world OT-Venezuela  CG46 [UG] Nov 17,, 1899  Fierce battle in Venezuela.

Pursuit-sports prices?  CG46 [UG] Nov 17, 1899 
     James B. Corbett has challenged James J. Jeffries, and has posted a $5,000 forfeit.  +

Condit name-Gompers  CG46 [UG] Nov 17, 1899 
Samuel Gompers, pres. Am. Fed. Labor, offered to arbitrate piano workers’ strike in Chicago.

War  world Srh  CG46 [UG] Nov 17, 1899
US cruiser Charleston wrecked off reef on Philipine coast; on patrol. 

Paper name-Daly  CG46 [UG] Nov 17, 1899 
[says- John Daly is not connected with Union Gazette; doesn’t tell who ed. is.]  [M. note.  But there was a Senator John Daly.]

Nov 24, 1899.

utility OT-NY  CG46 [UG] Nov 25, 1899 
a wireless telegraph co organized in New York; capital $12 million. 

[trust] food? sugar condit  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
     A report is current in Wall street that the American Sugar Refining Company may soon absorb all competitors.  +

War world OT-England OT-Africa  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
Hundreds of  Boers killed near Ladysmith; British loss slight.  nfq  

Srh disaster shipwreck misc? Locale-  CG46  [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
wreck of barkentine Jane Falkenburg found off Cape Flattery with nothing on board but a black cat   nfq 

misc-cosmic  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899
shower of Leonids won’t occur till next season; error  in calculation of this meteor shower.

RR-other  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
early morning train Corvallis-Albany discontinued; the time of C & E train west changed: 11:30 am; east, 1:55 pm.


Dec 1, 1899

War world OT-Philipines name-McArthur  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899  
Aguinaldo, Filipino president, surrendered to General McArthur.

Utility  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
Pollak-Virag rapid telegraphy system made over 1600+ miles wire, testing.

Natl govt church OT  CG46  [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
Vice President Garrett A Hobard buried; very impressive religious services ; president, Secy state John Hay, Chief Justice Fuller, ex VP Levi Morton, Secy War Alger, Secy Interior Hitchcock, supreme court judges, members senate and congress, vice pres. personal friends filled beautiful Church of the Redeemer, Paterson, N J.     

utility name-Marconi invention Srh  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
Naval tests of  Marconi  wireless telegraphy at sea were successful up to 30 miles.

name-Hermann  govt  home-seekers Lhc-land? OT-Roseburg OT-BentonCounty prices? superlative  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899 
annual report of Binger Hermann, commissioner of general land office:  total land disposed of by land office:  540,428, which brought $143,390.  [M. note: presume this must mean acres.]  Sales in Roseburg district, which incl Benton co, larger than any district in state.

Animal food price Misc locale  CG46 [UG] Nov 26, 1899
in S. end Benton co. is a turtle ranch -- prob. only one in entire NW; discovered broth fm huge soft shell back turtle luxury, supply not equal to demand;  SF firm takes all Oregon could furnish; proprietors understood business of fattening turtles, increased facilities until they shipped 200 dozen to Golden Gate markets; price $2 dozen, though a low figure, profitable.


Dec. 8, 1899

Politic govt speech  CG46 [UG] Dec 8, 1899  Text of McKinley annual address.  

Crop prices food OT-Corvallis  CG46  [UG] Dec 8, 1899 
potatoes selling 40 c bushel in Corvallis market, owing to the large yield, market well supplied.

bicycle salesman OT-Corvallis name-Dilly misc-word 
CG46 [UG] Dec 8, 1899 
     Some time ago Dilly "the fixer" completed a bicycle of his own building and laid it away for summer use. Yesterday Thomas Bloomer, a drummer for bicycle supplies, saw and appreciated the machine. Dilly was offered $50 for it, which amount he accepted and Mr. Bloomer rode off on the best wheel in Benton county.  +    /   [M. note.  another item said "Dilly the fixer" fixed broken umbrella ribs.]

Politic govt name-Lord OT-Argentina  CG47 [UG] Dec 8, 1899 
Ex-governor Lord, of Oregon, departed for Argentina to take post as S minister. 

Church music name-Sankey name-Moody  CG47 [UG] Dec 8, 1899 
 Ira Sankey, singer, used to be assoc. Mr. Moody to become evangelist on his own account

Condit coal locale?  CG 47  [UG] Dec 15, 1899 
 200 coal miners on a strike at the Tesla coal mines, Calif, because dispute with supt over wage schedule.

Condit coal locale? Disaster  ethnic/nationality RR-other health-death 
CG47 [UG] Dec 15, 1899 
     Many coal miners killed in gas explosion at Carbonado, 40 mi.  east of Tacoma, Wash; identity dead men imposs; black damp and noxious gases driven back rescuers repeatedly.  Lists names; Finns, Germans.  Total men on shift 76, 44 are alive, having escaped or been rescued; mines owned by Carbon Hill Coal co, give work to 400 men, output 300,000 tons annually; on the Cascade division of the Northern Pacific.  The coal tunnels are so large locomotives are run into them.

Organiz literary? Speech OT-Eugene  CG47 [UG] Dec 15, 1899 
     Dennis Stovall began his lecturing tour for the Maccabees, by delivering a lecture on “Judas Maccabeus” at Eugene last night.  His address was enthusiastically received.  +

Dec 22,1899

Health-contag OT-  CG 47 [UG] Dec 22, 1899 
[smallpox has been in news various places: Salem, Albany, King’s Valley; not mentioned as being in Corvallis. nq at all]

[M. 2004.  The items under Dec 29, 1899 appear in originals on CG 43, but I've moved them here to their proper order on pg CG 47]

Dec 29, 1899

Disaster Earthquake OT-Cali  CG 47 [UG] Dec 29, 1899
earthquake caused havok  S. Cal.; worst in many years; San Jacinto, all S Cal; Hemet; shock heavy at Santa Ana, Anaheim, San Bernardino, Riverside, but not as a heavy as at San Jacinto and Hemet.  [cp]

world disaster rockslide OT- church  CG47 [UG] Dec 29, 1899 
terrible disaster at Amalfi, tourist resort; enormous rock on which stood Cappuccini hotel, slid into sea without warning; 50,000cubic yards; population in state of terror; carried also the old Capuchian monastery, another hotel, and several villas.

Srh utility name-Marconi govt war-indir prices?  CG47 [UG] Dec 29, 1899 
Rear Admiral Bradford asked authority Navy dept to establish bureau at naval training sta. Newport for devel. naval system wireless telegraphy.  project to secure Marconi’s system for navy practically abandoned; range too limited, esp. when vessels rolled at sea; also Marconi wanted $20,000 for 1st year  and $10,000 annually, considered exorbitant; also $500 outright for each set bought and $500 year royalty for sets used.

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