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Historical Newspapers   chronological with keywords

Coos Bay News     Marshfield (Coos Bay), Oregon


History  name?  Misc?     News1 Jan 2, 1900 
[article abt] Tom Thumb abroad.  [about an earlier event, not present.]   
School Tot-M  News1 Jan 2, 1900 
The Marshfield graded school reopens tomorrow.  

Animal  BH  News1 Jan 2, 1900 
Wild hogs are numerous in the woods around Beaver Hill. 

Mingus BH RR  News1  Jan 2, 1900
Dr. Mingus has received the appointment of physician and surgeon for the
railroad. +

Srh prices  News1  Jan 2, 1900 
Freight rates between San Francisco and Coos bay have been advanced 50
cents per ton. + 

Srh other coal  News1  Jan 2, 1900
The Empire and the Alice Blanchard sailed yesterday, with cargoes of coal
from the Newport mine. +

RR  News1 Jan 2, 1900
A change in the train schedule went into effect yesterday.  Trains leave
Marshfield on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8 a.m., arriving at
Myrtle Point at 8:45.  Leave Myrtle Point at 10:25, and arrive at Marshfield at
12.  Extra trains will run on daily special orders.  +

New Year item?  paper-attitude   News1  Jan 2, 1900
New Year was ushered in with the usual ringing of bells, shooting of fire
crackers and blowing of steam whistles.  We hope it will be a happy and
prosperous one for all.   +

Novelty-woolen  News1  Jan 2, 1900 
[talking about a revival of the wool industry.]

Condit  other-coal  Lhc-coal  outside-Tot  News1  Jan 2, 1900
San Francisco, Dec. 30.  [M. this no doubt means 1899.]  The coal famine in
this city is becoming serious.  The Roslyn Company refuses to supply the
local trade, as all the coal its boats can bring for the next two months will be
needed to fill contracts already on hand, and the trade must do without.  There
is more coal to be had at the mines, but bottoms [print; means lack of ships?]
cannot be found to bring it here.  A few nights ago a line of coal carts over
two blocks in length waited for coal on the waterfront.  The drivers built huge
fires to protect themselves from the bitter cold.  [expecting to get some from
Sydney and Newcastle later in month.  21 vessels are chartered to load coal in
Australia for SF.]  It is this latter business which has eaten into our colonial
trade, and has carried off our available coal tonnage, with no appearance of an
early cessation.    SKIP  The local outlook for any low-priced coal in 1900 is
very discouraging;  this is proving a material set back to our factories, where
fuel forms the leading article in the monthly expense account.  The coast
collieries are reaping a harvest, and they are pushing their product to a market
where quick sales and fair profit are awaiting them.   +

Mill Tot-Coq  RR  News1  Jan 2, 1900
The output of Lyons' mill at Coquille City, will be brought over on the
railroad and shipped via Coos Bay hereafter.  Johnson's mill will continue its
shipments by this route, as heretofore. +

Fish condit  outside-Tot  News1  Jan2, 1900
Almost daily questions are asked as to what has become of the halibut fishing
project, says the Astoria News.

Prices  RR  locale  News1 January 9, 1900.
The fare on the railroad, between Marshfield and King's Landing, went down. 
They were 60 and are now 40 cents.  Nq

BH RR  News2  Jan 9, 1900
The Beaver Hill Coal Co.'s property, including mining cars, material, etc., is
being shipped from the depot grounds to Beaver hill, and the yard is being
cleared and put in proper order.  +  [cp]

Suit  BH Spreckels  Chandler  Condit  News2 Jan 9, 1900
Receiver appointed by U. S. Court.  J. D. Spreckels & Bros. Co., having
exhausted all amicable means to get the board of directors of the Coos Bay,
Roseburg, & Eastern railroad to call a meeting of directors for the purpose of
accepting the resignation of said board, which they refused to do, were
consequently compelled to resort to more stringent measures, applying to the
U. S. court, Portland, for a receiver.  The court promptly and justly acted by
appointing W. S. Chandler to that position.  This will permit the company to
proceed unmolested by any board of directors, and will facilitate the handling
of the property and inauguration of contemplated improvements.  +  [cp]

RR-pass/phy/name News2  Jan 9, 1900
Engine No. 2 took out the passenger train Monday, and No. 1 was sent to the
car shops for repairs.  No. 2 was thoroughly overhauled and put in excellent
order under the skilled manipulation of John Rolling.  +  [cp]

Crop  News2 Jan 9, 1900   [article on flax growing in Oregon]

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