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The following items were selected and transcribed from microfilm by Marilee Miller.
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The Corvallis Gazette    Corvallis, Or.  
                 or UNION=GAZETTE

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ID-line   keywords   abbr. name of paper and editor's reference number   date
Jan 5, 1900

Churchill utility-indir war  CG47 [UG] Jan 5, 1900
Winston Spencer Churchill has cabled to the London Post of his escape from
Boer prison; made his way overland from Delagoa bay and scaled walls while
guards not looking; journeyed 6 day, walking at night, nothing to eat but
chocolate. nq

[??]   CG 47 [UG] Jan 5, 1900  
[a chronological list of events of 1899 by month, lengthy.]

Jan 12, 1900

War  CG47 [UG] Jan 6, 1900  
[Boer war in each issue]   [Also US - Filipino conflict.]

Name war health Tot-Marshfield-name  CG47 [UG] Jan 6, 1900
     Robert Golden, who served with the Washington Volunteers in the Phillipines
has reached his home in Marshfield after long detention in the army hospital
at San Francisco.  +

Outside-health  CG47 [UG] Jan 6, 1900  
[various accounts of small pox cases and small pox scares.]

Jan 19, 1900

Organize literary?  CG47 [UG] Jan 19, 1900
     Knights of the Maccabees will hold semi-annual installation next Wed eve.   /   
     Dennis Stovall is meeting with much success in his lecture tour for the
Maccabees. He is now at Myrtle Point. +   [also in Elkton Jan 26.]

Jan 26, 1900

Entertain organize  CG47 [UG] Jan 26, 1900 
     The Lady Maccabees will give a ball early in February.    +  

Judge  CG47 [UG] Jan 26, 1900  Judge Burnett [mentioned.]

Feb 2, 1900

Tot-MP  CG47 [UG] Feb 2, 1900
     Deputy Supreme Commander, D.H. Stovall added to Myrtle Point Tent, No
35, Knights of the Maccabees,  25 new members as the result of last weeks [sic;
no apostrophe] work.  He expects to be in Corvallis about the middle of
March, as a new territory or field has been assigned for him to work.  +

Feb 9, 1900

Outside-fire  CG47 [UG] Feb 9, 1900  
Great fire in St Louis, 4 blocks retail section burnt.

War Churchill  CG48 [UG] Feb 9, 1900
      Lieutenant Winston Churchill describes the battle of  Spionkop [sic] as the
hardest fight of the South African war. +

Blacksand-mining mill lbr  CG 48 [UG]  Feb 9, 1900  
[Head:]    Mining Near Bandon.
     Messrs. Dixon & Stone, leasees of the Madden mine, have piped off
considerable surface, and are awaiting the arrival of lumber from Adolphsen’s
mill for sluices. When completed they will commence piping in pay sand [sic.]
     Mr. Butler, purchaser of the Zumwalt black sand mine, has six or seven
men employed, and has done considerable work, running night and day when
a good supply of water was on hand.  Mr. Butler says that the pay dirt was
about 10 feet deep, but did not learn as to the amount of dust he was taking
     Just across the river from Newtis [sic], Jim Culver is mining, and has
taken advantage of the bountiful supply of water to pipe off the surface and he
will soon be able to test the richness of his mine.
     Messrs. Page and Tom Kelly, leasees of the Deyve [sic] mine at China
flat, have been busy repairing flumes and ditches and commenced piping. 
They have had considerable trouble with their flume, falling timber having
smashed it at the same place three different times.  [all +]

Outside-county  CG48 [UG] Feb 9, 1900  Sheriff Van Oradel, Polk County.  

Outside-Tot-name  CG48 [UG]  Feb 9, 1900  0 J  Ruble, Alsea. b.

Feb 16 , 1900

Outside-School  outside-Tot-Eugene-name McElroy
 CG48 [UG]  Feb 9, 1900
     The many friends of  Professor E.B. McElroy and his most estimable family
will be sorry to learn that the board of regents has abolished the chair of logic,
held by Professor McElroy, the same to take effect at the end of the University
year. This will necessarily remove Professor McElroy from the University. 
We trust that he will continue to reside in Eugene, however.  -- Guard.  +


Racism war  CG48 [UG] Feb 23, 1900  Yaqui prisoners.  

Outside-"first" item  CG48 [UG]  Feb 23, 1900
 First aluminum-plated steel range to be seen in Corvallis, received by
Simpson & Bogue; beautiful piece of kitchen ware and permanent silverlike
finish obviates necessity of blacking.  nq.

outside-name  CG 48 [UG] Feb 23, 1900   J  M Porter [mentioned.]

Mar 2, 1900

outside-Srh  CG48 [UG] Mar 2, 1900
Wreck of the big Allan line steamship Californian, Ram Island; passengers
safe.  [Portland, Maine dateline.]

name-Joaquin poet entertain  CG48 [UG] Mar 2, 1900  
Oregon Queen.  [headline]
     At the reception given Joaquin Miller by Cauthorn Hall Club last Saturday
evening, the poet was asked if he met the queen in England, his prompt
answer to the fair inquirer being, "No, I met her in Oregon."  +  [M. referring to
his wife?]

Outside-name  CG48 [UG] Mar 2, 1900  
Susan B Anthony recently celebrated 80th birthday. 

Mar 16,1900

Outside-Srh outside-locale  CG48 [UG] Mar 16, 1900  
scnnr Lila and Mattie wrecked on Tillamook bar, blown ashore while trying to
get out of bay; total wreck.   

Judge literary war health  CG48 [UG] Mar 16, 1900  
 Judge Burnett’s address at funeral Lyman Kelsay,  killed in Phillipines.

Bicycle tax outside-county  CG 48{UG] Mar 16, 1900
 bicycle tax for 1900 now due; Sheriff Rickard; tags different from last year;
latter were circular and represented wheels of bike, now they star shaped and
readily distinguished fm old ones.

Mar 23, 1900

Organize literary-book  CG49 [UG] Mar 23, 1900
     Dennis H. Stovall, B. S., now representing the order of K.0.T.M. as grand
lecturer, is one of Oregon’s rising literary lights, so the critics aver [sic].  He
is author of a neat little book of poems and short stories entitled “Heart of the
Valley” which has attracted wide and favorable notice. The “Willamette,” “An
Oregon Night,” and  "Bub Karaboo," contain some rare poetic gems, and there
is promise of splendid literary fulfillment in “The Spirit of the Haunted House,”
“Cowboy Tom” and other sketches that go to make up the interesting little
volume.  -- Roseburg Review. +

Mar 30,1900

Outside-Srh  CG49 [UG] Mar 30, 1900
court of inquiry on The Charleston disaster; capt. and officers exonerated fm

Outside-politic pursuit entertain?  CG49 [UG] Mar 30, 1900
400 -500 people in Corvallis went fm Corvallis to Albany to see Citizen
Bryan; for 2 hr Bryan talked fm platform ct house square, 1000 - 1500  in
audience, 1/3 were ladies; few heard his entire speech, crowd was
constantly changing; too hard for them to hear, even those who could
hear weren’t attentive.    [M.  this would be Wm Jennings Bryan]

outside-Srh  CG49 [UG] Mar 30, 1900  
Panama Canal hopes to sell its rights to the US,  b. 

Alaska-mining dairy price  CG49 [UG] Mar 23, 1900  
In the Klondike, eggs now selling $120 a case, beef $1.50 lb.

Outside-Tot-Corvallis bicycle price  CG49 [UG] Mar 30, 1900
Dilly also agent for the Thor Hub Co bicycles, $40, fully guaranteed; agent for
famous Imperial, $25.50, 27.50, $28, $35; Imperial wheel for $27.50 is
identical to last yrs for $35. 


Apr  13. 1900

Judge Hermann health saying?  CG49 [UG] Apr 13, 1900
     In a letter from Hon. Binger Herman [sic], commissioner of the general land
office, to Judge Burnett of this city, he says: "1 have read your address over
the body of Lyman Kelsay, the son of an old friend and brother member of the
bar and a pioneer lawyer of the Pacific Coast.  Dear old Kelsay!  How his very
name calls up memeries [sic] of the past, which bring a flood of  life upon
us again which represents the best efforts of our existence.  Now that you, his
old friend and associate in life, should stand over the grave and express the
noble and eloquent sentiments which you have done to the memory of his dear
and patriotic boy [sic].  This life is short, but we must all admit that it
is as marvelous and mysterious as it is short.  [sic; no end quotes.]  +

Outside-Tot-Corvallis  CG49 [UG] Apr 13, 1900  Graham & Wells store.

Apr 20, 1900.

Outside-Politic  CG 49 [UG] Apr  20, 1900 
Repl. ticket: B F Burnett, Corvallis, Justice of Peace.   

Apr 27, 1900

Politic misc-word  CG49 [UG] Apr 27, 1900
[mud-slinging was expression in use for politics; it is put in quotes.]

May 1. 1900

Paper  CG49 [UG] May 1, 1900   [CG is evid now twice a wk paper]

Outside-name outside-health  CG49 [UG] May 1, 1900
A G Mulkey ill, has mental powers but he can’t speak, paralysis.

May 4, 1900

Politic outside-name  CG49 [UG] May 4, 1900  Senator B J Mulkey
May 8, 1900

Outside-name outside-health  CG49 [UG] May 4, 1900  
death of A G  Mulkey; sons are Grant, Virgil, Hamer, Fred;  [M. note:  nothing to
indicate whether related to Coos Mulkeys ]

May 18, 1900 --    May 22--   May 25 --   May 29, 1900 --

June 1, 1900

Hermann  [??]   CG50 [UG] June 1, 1900
     Commissioner Hermann, of the general land office, has issued an order
instructing superintendents of forest reserves throughout the West to plant
suitable saplings and trees where portions of the forests have been destroyed
by fire. He is also making arrangements for the establishment of a telephone
system, which is to connect all the forest stations in certain districts so that in
the future in case of a fire help may be summoned immediately.  +

Utility Coos  CG50 [UG] June 1, 1900
work progressing nicely on water works at N.B., Coos county; water brought
fm Pony slough and reservoir 100,000 gal will be constructed on hills back
town; from this reservoir water will be carried to every residence 36 lb
pressure to the inch.

June 5.

Outside-politic outside-name  CG50 [UG] June 5, 1900  
Burnett was leading Cameron by 140.  [politic]    

Organize-indir Stovall vital-stat  CG50 [UG] June 5, 1900 
Dennis Stovall married Miss Odessa Reed at Grants Pass; they will reside
Baker City   nq

June 8.

Other-coal Tot Srh  CG50 [UG] June 8, 1900 
     E. J. Curson, of Los Angeles, has arranged to open a large coal mine near
Coos City, Ore., says the News of  that city, with water shipping facilities, and if
necessary a shaft will go down 1,000 feet.  +

Outside-coal  outside-mining  CG50 [UG] June 8, 1900 
[much mining news, statewide, both coal and gold, in all these papers.]

literary  CG 50 [UG] June 8, 1900
short story, "Buckskin’s Fight With the Wolves," by Hon G A Waggoner,
appears in May number of  "Native Son."  He most valuable contributor  this
excellent publication.

June 12

School-indir outside name misc-word   CG50 [UG] June 12, 1900
Prof. E B McElroy, of Eugene, son famous cornetist, [mentioned.]

June 15

Srh  CG50 [UG] June 15, 1900
Stmr Bismark, moored at Coq City for several mo, filled with water, sank last
wk; prob snagged; boat built Portland in 1892.

Dilly bicycle misc-word outside-Tot-Corvallis  CG50 [UG] June 15, 1900
T W Dilley’s little son, age 5, mounted on bicycle attracts much attention; Sun
with father rode wheel to Albany in a little over 2 hr, distance 10 miles; good
time.  nq at all


4th of July  CG50  [UG] June 22, 1900  
Corvallis had votes for Goddess of  Liberty, also, for 4th July.

June 26

School church  CG50 [UG] June22, 1900
Early history of OAC, college;  also, b. on conflict between South Meth. church
and state for control of the agric. college.

June 29,  1900 --

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