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[M 2004.  I don't seem to have originals of MPE 1900]   [M. 2006. Not sure
this is true.]

Names Tot    MPE1  Sat, Jan13, 1900.
Walter Endicott returned from Grants Pass Thursday where he went to secure
a barber's license.  He passed the required examination and will take charge of 
Page's barbershop in the spring.  

Tot church  [health-indir?]    MPE1 Jan 13, 1900   Miss Kate Roberds going to
be leader of an Epworth League program. 

Lyons Tot-name visiting [Leep  health-indir?]  MPE 1 Jan 13, 1900 
 Mrs. Stewart Lyons and Miss Josie Lyons of Coquille visiting the former's
sister Mrs. K A Leep. 

 AHB Tot  MPE 1 Jan 13, 1900 
 A J Black returned from Marshfield Wednesday where he has been
superintending the work of putting in the shelving and counters for Black &
Sons new grocery store at that place.  Mr. Black informs us that they will open
up their branch business about February lst. +

RR-surveyors  Tot-Empire  condit   MPE1  Jan 20.1900.
o Party of surveyors on the bay with headquarters at Empire.  Rumor states
they in employ of S.P. engaged in running preliminary survey fm Empire out
to the valley. We hope they mean business as fake railroad surveys are a
detriment to any place unfortunate enough to suffer from them. -- Mail.  +

RR  health  climate interest  name  MPE 1  Jan 20, 1900
o Andy Hartman came near being killed last Wednesday on a trestle between
Marshfield and Coquille by being caught by the passenger train.  It was a very
foggy morning, and Mr. Hartman could not see the train until it was almost
upon him.  He ran for a standing platform arranged along side the trestles, and
barely had time to stoop down when the passenger rolled above him.  The
engineer saw him and thinking he was not low enough, stopped the train and
signaled the conductor, both of whom rushed through the train and back over
the trestle looking for the man, but as he could not at first be seen it was
feared he had been knocked off into the water below, but presently he was
found lying quite close to the rail in an almost unconscious state.  The train
was backed up km and the unfortunate man placed on board and taken to
Coquille.  Every attention was given him by the train crew, and we have since
learned that other than a severe cut on top of the head, Andy is all right.   +

AHB  Tot-Marshfield  MPE 1 Jan 20, 1900
Mr. and Mrs. Rome Black went to Marshfield Wednesday where they will
hereafter reside,  Mr. Black being in charge of Black & Sons' new grocery 
store at that place.   + 

Giles  MPE 1 Jan 20, 1900   .John Giles paid the county seat a visit Friday.  +

Tot Long   harness  MPE 1 Sat Jan 27, 1900.
J.A. McMickle will soon begin the construction of a building near his store, 
to be used by F. Long  for a harness shop. Mr. Long was formerly in the
harness business at this place and succeeded in building up a good live trade
and needs no recommendation in again entering into business.    +

Pursuit  enterprise?  Tot-name?  Animal?  Srh    MPE 1 Jan 27, 1900
A young man at Coquille named Chas. Dully has developed a new industry --
capturing frogs and shipping them to city markets.  This week he shipped 23
dozen to the San Francisco market for which he received a fair price.  Frogs
are said to be very numerous in the swamps around Coquille.  +

AHB  Tot organiz  utility   MPE 1 Jan 27, 1900
A.H. Black has force of men working in their hall fitting it up for lodge room. 
Hall 30x38 with banquet room of 14x30  and anteroom of 8xl2.  A platform
and rostrum have been added to main hall, also carpets and stove, making it a
presentable room.  Tables, chairs, cookstove in banquet room, while street
lamp been placed at foot of the stairs.  H B  Steward has charge of work.

Health  name MPE 1 Jan 27, 1900  Mr. Dement in serious accident but resting
easy now.  N q at all.

organize  entertain music  saying  bicycle  MPE2  Jan27.doc 
The Maccabees gave a "smoker" in their hall Tuesday evening.  An
impromptu program was carried out to the enjoyment of a number of invited
guests.  The programe [sic] consisted of songs, clog dances, tightrope-walking
and tricks on a bicycle.
Novelty Tot  name  MPE 2 Jan 27, 1900    H. A. Todd, Arago broom
manufacturer here in interest business last wk.

Names BH?  MPE 2 Jan  27, 1900     Mrs. Charles Lavine  visiting family of
D. Giles, returned home to Coq Mon.

Tot-multi?   RR-haul food  MPE 2 Feb 2,l900
J. Machado, agent for Marshfield Model Bakery by Monday's train will
receive a supply of fancy pastry and bread and will keep a supply on hand. 
Will be prepared to furnish families and hotels at a low figure. 

Tot Srh-indir enterprise?  Name  RR     MPE 2 Feb 2, 1900  
Robt. Ahr has purchased all that part of the old Lehnherr tract lying opposite
of the railroad track and reaching to the river as far up as the bridge.  + 

Novelty-wood  RR   Srh MPE 2 Feb 2, 1900   
Geo Peek, who was to meet our citizens this Friday evening regarding the
establishment of a furniture and broom-handle factory at this place, was
expected on today's train but failed to arrive.  He is expected to come on this
evenings boat. [no apostrophe]

AHB  novelty-brick MPE 2 Feb 2, 1900
  not q at all A,H Black discovered [hole?] in roof , tearing off and placing 
new studding inside brick wall of bldg, making hall doubly strong, or wall
within wall, and other improvements to make hall in perfect and safe
condition and making it cozy and comfortable room.

Animal  pursuit misc-word?  Locale MPE 2 Feb 2, 1900
Ed Orr killed a large panther in Pleasant Valley near this place Monday
evening, and came near to having a hand-to-hand fight with the animal.  He
was out hunting and a small dog which was with him treed the panther, at
which Orr fired twice without effect, but the third shot brought it to the
ground slightly wounded when it pounced upon the dog and would have soon
made mince meat [sic] of him had not Mr. Orr placed his gun to the animals
[no apostrophe] head and blew its brains out.  The last shot fired was a lucky
one for Mr. Orr, too, as it was the last m load he had in his gun.  +

AHB   Tot-names  MP-politic  MPE 2 Feb. 9, 1900.
not q at all  mtg of citizens at S E Johnson’s Hall.  Atty  L A Roberts called
house to order.   A H Black chosen chairman of mtg.  Purpose of mtg: a
    motion in order for election of secy.  L A Roberts chosen secy.  J E
Johnson,  E A Dodge,  tellers.  [ lists a number of] nominations for MP city
ticket.  Black was one of them, nominated to run for councilman.

Visiting  name  Tot  MPE 2 Feb 9, 1900  Mrs. J L. Ferrv and daughter Hattie,
Marshfield, visiting Mrs. W A Border at this place.   

Tot entertain music  artist  MPE 2 Feb 9, 1900
U L Gray,  the artist, and Ed Schroeder  have  just finished painting a new
drop curtain for the band hall at Coquille.  The curtain is a very fine piece of
work and contains advertisements of the leading business firms of Coquille
City.   + 

Racism  name  MPE2 Feb 9, 1900   
not q  Col. R H Rosa has finished his labors at Chippewa Indian Reservation,
now has been assigned new duties in Indian Territory, which will keep him
another mo.  

Hermann  Tot?  MPE 2 Feb 9, 1900     [article abt Schiller Hermann and
family leaving to visit Rsbg. not q    ]

AHB  Tot  MPE 2 Feb 9, 1900 
A H Black & Sons new store in the Rogers building  opened last sat; fitted
with a good deal of taste and large stock. Nq at all.

Tot Srh novelty-brick  mill   MPE2 Feb 9, 1900   
Price Bros of Riverton loading a scow of brick from Walls old mill which will
be placed in their new mill at Riverton.  n f q  

Tot other-mining  Alaska-mining  names   MPE 2 Feb 9, 1900   
B C L.ehmanowskv,  M H Dement, Geo P Mullen, S C Giles formed Coquille
River and Alaska Mining Co.   business is to be at MP.    not q

Tot Parker  health MPE3 Feb 9, 1900
MPE3 Feb 9, 1900    death of Mrs. Captain Parker [M. quote fm Herald;
assume I have it].

Entertain  names  MPE 3 Feb 16,1900.
article on how the ladies of the Chatauqua and their friends were entertained
at L A Roberts.residence. Those present   M 0 Hawkins, H B Steward, Maud
Deyoe, Eva Border, Annie Guerin, Kate Roberds,  Nellie Dement, Ruth
Roberts, Lulu Walker,  C E Huling, G M Short, Warren Deyoe, L W Traver,
and Chas. Guerin.   

Entertain  holiday name   MPE 3 Feb 16, 1900      Mrs. Dodge gave Valentine
party. tells who attended.    

RR-name MPE 3 Feb 16, 1900    o [Mr. Elwood was employee of RR but
doesn't say what capacity.  M note.] 

Name    MPE 3 Feb 16, 1900  Mrs. Ferry and family goes to Marshfield.


 Tot visiting  RR-pass   MPE 3 Feb 23, 1900  
Geo Ferry Marshfield, over on Fri train, will remain a few days visiting

Tot-MP  AHB? Srh   MPE 3 Feb 23, 1900   
The new carpet for Black's hall arrived from Portland on the last trip of the
Homer, and will be put down the first of next week. +  

Tot-MP harness  MPE 3 Feb 23, 1900  
F. Long & Sons, harness dealers, have opened up a branch store at this place
in the building recently built for them by J A McMickle.  Messrs.  Long were
formerly engaged in business in this place and are live business men, such as
we are glad to welcome to our town.  +  

Sidewalk Tot? name  MPE 3 Feb 23, 1900     
Matthew Ahr has fenced in his property recently purchased from  John Wall
and has a new side-walk along the same.  +                                                 

Sidewalk-mud  Srh  Tot   MPE3 Feb 23, 1900 
Capt. W. T. McCloskey will continue the side-walk to the steamboat-landing.,
This will prove a great public benefit, as heretofore persons coming from the
boats have been compelled to walk through the mud from the landing to town. 

AHB  Tot  MPE 3 Feb 23, 1900 
A. .J. Black, of the firm of Black & Sons, grocery dealers at Marshfield, was
in our city the first of the week.  He informs us that he is doing well, and
enjoying a large trade.

Tot-Name MPE 3 March 2.1900  Geo Ferry returned to Marshfield Mon. 

Tot-MP    MPE 3 Mar 2, 1900
[ lists J A McMickle, staple and fancy groceries, bakery in connection. 
Furniture, carpet, wallpaper, glass, windows. ]          /    Undertaking. 
Complete stock of caskets, robes, .embalming.  J.L. Lewellen.    /   Chas
Adams, genrl blacksmithing.

above, dissolved
Tot-MP  food  item   MPE 3 Mar 2, 1900  [ lists J A McMickle, staple and
fancy groceries, bakery in connection.  Furniture, carpet, wallpaper, glass,
windows. ]         

Tot-MP  MPE 3  Mar 2, 1900    Undertaking.  Complete stock of caskets,
robes, .embalming.  J.L. Lewellen.   

Blacksmith Tot-MP  MPE 3 Mar 2, 1900   Chas Adams, genrl blacksmithing.

AHB  visiting  Tot-name  MPE 3 Mar 2, 1900  Mrs. A. J Black, of Marshfield,
is visiting the family of A.H. Black in this city.  +  
AHB silk  Tot-MP  item    MPE 3 Mar 2, 1900
New line of silks and velveteens in all the popular shades at A. H. Black’s &
Co.  +

Health  name MPE 3 Mar 2, 1900     [article abt death Mrs. Deyoe;lengthy

Church  MPE 3 Mar 9,1900 25 confirmed conversions during revival at Coq.

Health interest   MPE 3 Mar 9, 1900 
The vaccination craze brought out a good story on a young man in this city
this week.  He called on a young lady and remarked to her that he would be
careful not to touch her vaccination.  The young lady was indignant at the
remark and the young man didn’t know the cause until he found out that she
had been vaccinated, not on her arm, but on her --l-- limb. +
Hermann anti-temperance?  Paper?  MPE 3 Mar 9, 1900 
 S B Hermann, Myrtle Point, who is spending the season with old
acquaintances in this city recuperating says he's having a hard time being
good in this town.  And when a man goes home from the Roseleaf or club at 2
am., and his wife tells him to come straight upstairs to bed, she is simply
impossible.  -- Roseburg Oracle.  not q 
     The above is evidence conclusive that Conner [Conner, ed. Plaindealer]
and S. B. Hermann have been taking evening jaunts together and Conner
while still under the influence of "lemonade?" exposes the two culprits.  With
Hermann it is the oft repeated story of old dog Tray -- "shot" by being in bad
company.  +

School  AHB  MPE 4 Mar 9, 1900  
At the annual school meeting held Monday A H Black was elected director to
fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of J C Haynes.  + 

AHB?  MPE 4 Mar 9, 1900      [lists Bert Black who is school boy.  [M. 
anything to do with AHB?]   

AHB  visiting  name  MPE 4 Mar 9, 1900    
Mrs A J Black, Marshfield, visiting this place, returned home Wed
accompanied by Misses Gracie Black and Ellen Wooten  who will enjoy visit
with Mrs. B. nq 

Other-mining locale    MPE 4 Mar 9, 1900  
Ben Harrison, Sixes miner, Rusty Butte.  Mining active tt region. [abt all it
says, but not q.]

Art Tot  entertain  music  MPE 4 Mar 9, 1900
Urban Gray, the artist of Myrtle Point, finished painting five complete sets of
new scenery for the Band hall this week.  This included wings and other
settings which will make by far the most elaborate lot of scenery ever had in
this city.  Mr. Gray is well up in his work and has furnished Coos County with
fine work in that line. --Coquille Bulletin.   +  

Tot-MP   AHB  Mpe 4 Mar 9, 1900  
city council met;  A H Black  listed as chairmen of councilmen. not q

Hermann  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900
S B Hermann and family expected home fm Rsbg tomorrow. 

Mill?   visiting RR-pass    MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900   
 M/M Stewart Lyons visiting this place past few days, returned to Coq by
today's train.   

Entertain Tot  Mpe 4 Mar 16, 1900    
An entertainment was given by ladies of Shamrock Circle at Black’s  Hall.

Alaska-mining name  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900
 D Grant Beale, Alaska for past yr, in town today on his return to Marshfield. 
Beale was at Lake Bennett last summer but in winter prospected at diff.
localities.  Expects to remain in Coos this summer not q at all.  

Mill  Rosa MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900  
[talks abt Col  Rosa coming  to town and renewing acquaintance.]  Going to
start up his mill.  Nq  

Tot-name?  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900   
Wm Russell and wife. who reside below Coq, in city.   

Name-giles     MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900   
D Giles and daughter Miss Daisy  to Bandon Mon for visit.

Health  Tot  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900  
Dr. S L Roberds purchased 2 lots adjoining J A McMickle’s property on
Spruce st of L Gant, and will soon begin  constructing new drug store not q 

 Srh  name  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900    B C Lehmanowsky buying supplies in SF
for schnr Mizpah.   

Music name  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900   Mrs. T W McCloskey received  a new
piano as a birthday present from her husband.  

Hermann  Tot  animal  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900  
C M Hermann and Clay Dement, stockmen of Custer, in town.  

U.R.  animal interest  name  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900 
Allen Pierson and Johnnie Bright, two boys about 14 years of age who reside
on the East Fork furnish a good bear story this week.  They were out for birds
and had with them a 22 calibre rifle and a pistol.  They had been out but a
short time when they evidently ran onto a large black bear and two cubs.   The
boys, probably not knowing the chances they were taking in attempting to
capture the beasts with such small weapons, got at close range and in a few
shots dispatched the large bear and one of the cubs.   They captured the other
cub alive and will raise it.   +

RR-people  Tot  MPE 4  Mar 16, 1900 
o Wm Strahon has moved his family into the Wm Roberts residence on the

Name  vital stat  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900 
Fred Mehl and Mertie Graves got married. 

School  locale?  MPE 4 Mar 16, 1900    
Prof..Hawkins closed his term of school.
AHB politic  MPE 4 Mar 23,1900.  
A. H. Black was a delegate to the republican convention to be held in Coquille
City next Thursday .     not q at all   

Utility MPE 4 Mar 23, 1900
A H McCarty in town in interest of parties who are to put in electric light
plant at Coquille.  Propose if a sufficient number of lights are taken they will
extend the lights to MP. not q

Health  MPE 4 Mar 23, 1900 
Be vaccinated!  Drs. S. L. and Annie E. Roberds are now supplied with fresh
tubes and vaccine points and will serve their customers promptly upon call. 
They also have tubes and points for sale.   Call early while this material is
fresh. +   

Srh  name Giles   MPE 4 Mar 23 1900  
 S G Giles got letter fm Wm Page aboard schnr  Mizpah in Honduras.  They
would only be out of port a few days and then make a quick trip back to SF.

MPE5  Mar 23, 1900.  
                            [at some point paper went from Saturday to Friday
publication:   was fairly early in the year.  M.]

novelty-wood  Tot-MP   MPE 5 Mar 23, 1900 
A fine lot of ship knees has been shipped from Carter Bros MP to GW Peek; 
Peek has contract to  furnish SF parties with 50 a month.  -Bandon Recorder.   

Name  AHB  visiting  MPE 5 Mar 23, 1900  
Misses Gracie Black and Ellen Wooten returned from a visit with Mr. and
Mrs. A.J. Black of Marshfield, Monday.  + 

Name-Giles  visiting  MPE 5 Mar 23, 1900    
Miss Daisy Giles returned from visit to Bandon.

Health Hermann  MPE 5 April 6, 1900. 
[long column abt death of Mrs. Elizabeth Hermann.  see when needed.]

School-indir?  RR  Name RR-pass   MPE 5 Apr 6, 1900 
L W Traver to Marshfield; by today's train on business trip.   

Hermann  Tot  MPE 5 Apr 6, 1900    
S B Hermann purchased residence property of Wm Roberts on the hill.   
$1000.  not q.     

Health  bridge Giles  MPE 5 Apr 5, 1900     
John Giles, while working on the new bridge at this place today fell from the
staging  to the ground, a height of 30 feet.  Fortunately he struck in the sand,
receiving no worse injury than a severe shaking up .      +

Paper  Tot-Coq  mill-indir   character   MPE 5 Apr 5, 1900 
B F Lawrence out of Coq Bulletin; E E Johnson, Johnson’s mill, in.  nq
Mr. Johnson is a young man of sterling qualities and a fine business ability,
and although lacking experience in journalistic work, is thoroughly capable of
keeping the Bulletin in the front rank of Oregon newspapers.   +

Paper  MPE 5 Apr. 13,1900. 
W C Connor has again taken charge Plaindealer.  E D Stratford retiring. not q   

School Tot    MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900 
Gravel Ford News.  The Rural Academy will close Friday and then Gravel
Ford will lose several young ladies.  I am sure someone will be sorry.   + 

School  MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900 
 school apportionments. several districts different than ones I copied  later, but
doesn't give district numbers, only names.  [all that appears in news notes.]

Tot  dairy  AHB  Alaska-mining  Srh  MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900
J A Rupert, Bandon, in town this week packing eggs at A H Black & Co
warehouse for the Nome market.  Eggs are dipped in heated parafin which on
cooling  [prob. spelled parafine] leaves thin coating on eggs which excludes
air, prevents fm becoming stale.  Mr. Rupert will take 30 cases these eggs
with him.  Lehmanowsky and Deyoe also have 500 doz eggs prepared in this
manner to be sent Cape Nome on schnr Mizpah.  not f q

Tot name other-mining MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900 
Judge Schroeder of Arago one of members of MP Mining Co.   not q.

Name MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900  [been several articles in the papers about the

Tot?  novelty-wood  Srh  MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900  
Carter Bros. shipped 60 ship knees to G W Peek to SF.]    

Other-mining locale   MPE 5 Apr 13, 1900   
Harrison Bros have completed their arrastra on Rusty Gulch which will be
used to crush rock fm Mtn Daisy.   Messrs. Harrison report their recent find,
the St Patrick, a well defined 4-ft ledge which assays $100 and upwards per

Tot visiting  MPE 5   Apr 20.1900.    Miss Flora McCloskey. Norway visiting
her sister Mrs. E Morgan, Bandon.    

AHB? School MPE 5 Apr 20, 1900     
Miss Addie Black who has been attending school at Ashland the past winter,
is expected home tomorrow.    +   

Other-coal condit-outlook  MPE 5 Apr 20, 1900   
o The Libby mine is now one of the liveliest camps on the Coast, says the
Marshfield Sun.  Over 150 men have constant employment, and the output of
coal amounts to 250 tons per day.+

school  names  MPE 5 Apr 20, 1900 
list of tchrs granted certificates at examination. Bertha Barklow, Lily [sp?]
Wagner, Willis Hall, Bertha Braden, Grace Mullen,  Bertha Prey, Ora
Weekly, W B Reedy, Mary C. Quick,  Mabel Lawhorn, O W  Hall, C B (?)
Lamb [or Flam?],  Helena Hughes, Hattie Hill, Florence Walstrom, Winnie
Dement, Pearl Walker, Ida Gamble, Della Endicott, Cleo Rose, Florence
Robbins, G P Harrington, Mark Balch, Libbie Gableer, Andrew Jackson, 
Gertrude James, Mollie Caldwell, Anne Hall, Alice Hartley, Isabel Lamont.

School  Tot  MPE 6 Apr 20, 1900  Bertha Prey to begin summer term school
at Remote. not q. 

BH  name  visiting   MPE 6 Apr 20, 1900   o Mrs. D Barklow returned home
from a visit to Beaver Hill.  

Politic  MPE 6 Apr 20, 1900
[lists state and district nominations Republican party.  Congress lst district T
H Tongue.  [doesn't list anything about Black or anybody fm this area.].   

Srh Alaska-mining  name  MPE 5 Apr 20, 1900    A G Aiken to Cape Nome
on schnr Volante, now in Bay.  not q

AHB  school  MPE 6 Apr 27, 1900. 
Miss Addie Black returned from normal school at Ashland, came home last
Sat. not q at all.

AHB  Tot-MP item  MPE 5 Apr 27, 1900
Mothers call and see .,A H Black & Co’s handsome new line of  infants spring
and summer head wear.  +

Other mining MPE 6 Apr 27, 1900     
more from Rusty Pass, Mtn Daisy area;  Robt Harrison.

Organiz  Tot? MPE 6 May 6,1900.
Maccabees..  Attention Sir Knights.  Every member of the Myrtle Point tent
No. 85  K O T M is requested to be present at our next review May 8th.  H N

Tot  name MPE 6 May 6, 1900
Judge Harlocker,  J J Lamb,  G W White, late arr. of Kansas.have filed
incorporation  for Coq.  Valley Bank. not q at all. 

Hermann  agric  fair  MPE 6 May 6, 1900
[ articles from time to time on Hermanns:  short, don't say much.  Schiller
Hermann member bd of commissioners for Agricultural Dist. talking abt plans
for fair.]

Politic  AHB  MPE 6 May 11, 1900.
people nominated for office.  A H Black among them.  [M.   I've read all these
months and found no references to him running a single item on his

school   AHB  Tot-MP  MPE 6 May 11, 1900 
Owing to the increased attendance of our public school another room has been
fitted up and the services of another teacher has [sic] been engaged.  Miss
Addie Black has been engaged to teach the new department.   +  

Tot-name  MPE 6 May 11, 1900
M/M A Graham and Miss Ruby Graham [M.  assume no connection to RA  ]
Ruby had birthday; [MP entry.]

CBR  name    MPE 6 May 11, 1900
o W E Baines, formerly secretary and manager of the C B R & E R R Co
came in from Roseburg Tuesday on his way to Coquille on legal business.   +
Tot-multi    name  blacksmith  MPE 6 May 11, 1900   
Dan Brack, Middle Fork, opened up a blacksmith shop at Dairyville.

Name MPE 6, May 11, 1900     O R Banning , Coq ,on business here lst part

School locale  name Tot  MPE 6  May 11, 1900     
Miss Laura Wise teaching Bald Hill school.    

Vital stat  Nosler  church   MPE 6 May 11, 1900   
Marriage Chas. Skeels and Miss Birdie Nosler. [doesn't give anything else
except Fitch performed ceremony. ]     

Graham Chandler  Whereat    suit   MPE 6 May 11, 1900  
o suits; R.A. Graham vs Fred Schetter.  W S Chandler vs L A Whereat.

Tot-Eckley  other-coal  condit-outlook MPE May 11, 1900
Eckley Items.  Coal expert expected here fm SF abt June 1; there’s better coal
for coking in this district than any other in S. Oregon. Hopes for future being

Other-mining  MPE 6 May 11, 1900    
Galena quartz mill tt was built by Divilbiss Mining and Milling Co which has
been laying idle so long rapidly being put in running order, will crush rock 1st
of next wk.

Tot Alaska-mining   name  MPE 6 May 18, 1900. Chris Long, the Bandon
capitalist, has gone to Alaska.   

Tot organization  MPE 6 May 18, 1900
 Judge Schroeder and wife of Arago were in attendance at the meeting of the
local Grange Saturday. 

Hermann  Tot  machine  MPE 6 May 18, 1900    
S B Hermann carries large stock farm machinery all kinds. not q at all.   

AHB  food   MPE 6 May 18, 1900   
A H Black sells Peerless Mocha and Java Blend, “the finest coffee we've
used" is what other people have said.      

Tot  politic  county  character   MPE 6 May 18, 1900 
Steve Gallier, genial host of the Gallier house at Bandon and republican
candidate for sheriff, was shaking hands with his many friends and voters at
this place this week. 

Graham suit  Nosler  CBR  health  road  MPE7  May 18, 1900.
o At Coquille Monday the jury in the case of J T Nosler, admr vs the C B R &
E R R & N Co, returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for $3300.  The
claim was for $5000 damages for the death of plaintiff's mother, who was
killed in October 1897 by the wagon in which she was riding being backed
over a narrow grade on the county road near Norway, where the grading of the
railroad bed had left the county road unsafe.

Tot-name MPE 7 May 18, 1900  Mrs. Stanlev Graham, Coq. not q      

AHB name  MPE 7 May 18, 1900  
Mrs. T Wooten,  now resident SF, returned this place Wed for visit relative
and friend.  Guest of sister Mrs. A H Black not q

Tot-name  Endicott  invention  transport  MPE 7 May 18, 1900
o W W Endicott, of this place, has invented and applied for a patent on an
ingenious device for taking up the shrinkage in wagon wheels.  It consists of a
bolt and nut and plate.  It can be put into any wheel by cutting out about three
inches of the rim, making a square hole in one end of the rim, into which the
square end of the bolt is inserted, the end of the bolt bearing on the plate on
the other end of the rim.  By turning the nut the rim is expanded or contracted
as desired.  A top plate makes a face for the tire to rest on and also forms a
lock for the nut.  This is enclosed in a sheet iron case which protects it from
mud, etc.  The case can be removed and the nut loosened so that the tire can
be removed and put back and made perfectly tight in a few minutes.  It is
believed by all mechanics who have seen the invention that Mr. Endicott has a
bonanza.  +

name Simpson locales Srh  MPE 7 May 18, 1900 
Coos Bay News.  L J Simpson purchased the stmr Yarrow last wk. We
understand her route to be between Empire and Marshfield, making
occasional trips to Daniels Crk. 

Climate BH Misc  MPE 7 May 18, 1900 
o The weather bureau at Beaver Hill has made the discovery that we have
thirty different kinds of rain in Coos County, and that all kinds are represented
nearly every month.  +

Politic  Name  MPE 7 May 18, 1900 
 general directory of officer.  U S Senators, Geo McBride, Joseph Simon. 
Congressman lst dist,  T. H Tongue.  Congressman 2nd:  W R Ellis.  
Governor, T T Geer.     Secy State, F I Dunbar.  St Treas.  C S Moore.  Supt
Public  School, J H Ackerman.  St Printer, J H Leeds.     Atty General D N R
Blackburn.   Supreme Judges, R S Bean, F S Moore, C E Wolverton.    2nd
Judicial Dist.    J A Hamilton, Judge.  Geo M Brown, .Prosecuting Attty.   U S
Land Office,Rsbg.  J H Booth, receiver, TJ .,Bridges, register.
Coos Co; Joint Senator, C E Harmon.  Joint Representative,  E  S Platts.  Rep. 
Geo P Topping.    Judge,  L Harlocker.              Sheriff, Gage.   Clerk, L H
Hazard.  Treas. W W Hayes.  Assessor, J S Lawrence.    School Supt. W H
Bunch.   I T Weekly, Donald McIntosh,  commissioners.  S B Cathcart, 
surveyor.  Dr. Horsfall, coroner.
Precinct.  S. L. Roberts, Justice Peace.  J J Baker, Constable [MP].   City of
MP  A H Black, chairman.  Chas Adam, R C Dement, L W Deyoe,  N G W
Perkins, councilmen.   L A Roberts, recorder.    D A Huling, treas.    Ed
Carter, Marshal.

Fire locale-name  MPE 7  Fri May 26, 1900.
Coos Bay News.  The house occupied by J. M. Stock on the Dunham place on
Catching slough was destroyed by fire Saturday.   +      

Srh Alaska-mining  name Giles   MPE 7 May 25, 1900
Stmr City of Nome, on which Dan Barklow, John Rensier, W W Phillips,
Allen Collier, and J H Giles., who are now in Portland, were to sail for Nome
on the 24th, will be delayed 10 days. 

Tot?  Alaska-mining  Srh  Giles MPE 7 May 25, 1900 
John Giles left last Saturday for Portland, where he will take passage on the
steamer City of Nome for Cape Nome.  The rest of the party at this place to
which Mr.  Giles belongs, and who have some valuable claims at Nome, will
go north on the schooner Mizpah as soon as she arrives from her southern trip. 
He's going in advance to look after their interests until their arrival.  A town is
being built on one of their claims.    + 

AHB politic  character MPE8  May 25,1900.
In the nomination of A. H. Black, the enterprising merchant and creamery
man, Myrtle Point, for representative of Coos county, the republicans made a
most wise selection.  Mr. Black is a man of great executive ability, a thorough
business man, enthusiastic in the progress and advancement of this county,
and a man thoroughly awake to the best interests of our state and nation.  His
character is without blemish and not a more worthy, conscientious and able
representative could be desired by any county.  He should be elected, and will
no doubt, by an overwhelming majority. --Roseburg Plaindealer.   +

Name  animal MPE8  May 25,1900
Chas. Dodge, extensive stock rancher of the sheep ranch.

Health  politic MPE8  May 25,1900
[article abt Dr. Leep running for senator, who he is.  ]

Vital stat  name MPE8  May 25,1900   Born to wife of John Root, May 17, a

Tot-MP  food  MPE8  May 25,1900 
Mrs . D. R. Toye has received new soda fountain. 

Alaska-mining  name   MPE8  May 25,1900
Geo Divilbiss of Curry Co in town Tue enroute to Cape Nome.

AHB politic  character  Tot MPE8  May 25,1900 
The election of A H Black, the candidate for representative on the republican
ticket, will be a fitting acknowledgment of Mr. Black's worth and ability to
serve the people of Coos county at the next legislature.  He is competent,
honest and economical and there is no man more interested in the
development of our county, hence his interests are ours and our county would
be ably represented.  Mr. Black is a practical business man and is widely
known throughout southwestern Oregon.  He established himself in the
general merchandise business at this place about six years ago which he has
successfully conducted, building up a large business, and has done much for
the farmers of this section.  He has a keen appreciation of the needs of the
county and will be our next representative.  +

Name  Tot  logging MPE8  May 25,1900 
A A Jamieson will spend the summer driving logging team at Randolph, Coos
county. --Port Orford Tribune

Gage county visiting MPE8  May 25,1900 
Mrs. W W Gage and family passed through this place Tuesday on their way to
Douglas county for a visit, Sheriff Gage accompanying them this far.  

Music Tot   MPE8  May 25,1900  
A Linback,  of Marshfield, was in town this week.  Mr. Linback [sic] has
recently opened up a music store in Marshfield and was here looking after that
line of business.  +.  

Hermann  Tot  transport  misc-word  MPE8  May 25,1900 
Schiller B Hermann has his carriage depository completed and invites the
public to call and examine the vehicles in stock. +  [ he has Studebaker and

Health  MPE8  May 25,1900  Death Mrs. Guerin's mother [Mrs. E H Guerin].


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