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Tot-MP    MPE 8 June 1,1900
The bank of MP commenced business Mon. J.R. Benson, pres.  Emerson
Lane, cashier.  Thorough business men and will succeed in new venture. n q.

AHB  Leep politic  character  health   MPE 8 June 1, 1900  
A.H. Black, candidate for representative on the Republican ticket is a man
thoroughly identified with the interests of the county, with the push and ability
to see that they are properly looked after in the legislature.  This is the kind of
a man who will represent the people.  Mr. Black should receive a handsome
majority in this end of the county.   +   /  [similar item to above on Dr. Leep's
candidacy, senator.]

Health  MPE 8 June 1, 1900 
Dr. Roberds Sunday morning took a swallow of poison by mistake, which
came near costing him his life.  He had just returned from church, very much
fatigued, and went into his office to take some port wine as a stimulant, but in
some manner got hold of the wrong bottle and before he noticed it swallowed
an ounce of acinite [sic], enough to kill forty men.  He saw his mistake
immediately and Dr. Leep was summoned and with a stomach pump removed
the poison.  It was a close call for Dr. Roberds, and had it not been for the
timely assistance and skill of Dr. Leep the dose would have soon proven fatal.  

vital-stat politic  MPE9  June 1, 1900. 
The engagement of Miss Isabel Trullinger, of Astoria, to Governor Geer has
been formally announced, the wedding to take place in June.    +

Name transport  Tot  misc-word  blacksmith  MPE 9 June 1 1900
[ad for W.W. Endicott, blacksmith and wagon maker  all kinds of
blacksmithing, wagon making and repairing, promptly and neatly executed. 
Main St. MP.]

RR  name  MPE 9 June 1, 1900  [cp?>]   E A Dodge rr agent.  

Tot transport  RR  Srh-indir  MPE 9 June 1, 1900 
Lehnherr and Spires transfer line, to and from steamboat landing and rr depot  
not q    

paper   MPE 9 June 1, 1900  [MP paper has 2 full pages of outside news. 
Contains all filler types, plus natl news, plus local.]

politic  health  AHB  names  MPE 9 June 1, 1900
 some of candidates running for Joint Senator K A Leep, Regular Demo
nominee. A H Black, Regular Rep. nominee.  County clerk L H Hazard, Reg
Demo nominee.  Representative, J W Mast,  Reg Demo nominee.  Assessor,
M J Krantz Regular Populist nominee.  Co school supt W H Bunch Reg. Rep.
nominee.  Joint Senator C M Dimmick Reg Rep nominee.  Co school supt M
O Hawkins, Reg. Demo nominee.   Prosecuting Atty Geo M Brown, Reg.
Rep. nominee.    Sheriff. Geo. Laingor, Reg Demo nominee.  Prosecuting atty.
S. H Hazard, Union Nominee. Assessor J S Lawrence, Reg. Demo nominee.

Food  Tot-MP   MPE 9 June 1, 1900    Ice cream soda Sunday at Mrs. Toye's. 

 politic school  MPE 9, 1900    
Prof. M O Hawkins, demo nominee school supt. and J S Lawrence, nominee
for assessor in town looking after political interests.

Politic   AHB  names  MPE 9  June 8, 1900.
A big victory for the republicans.  Co.results D A, Brown, rep 1125;  Hazard,
Union, 844; Jackson, regular peoples, 94.     Joint senator, Dimmick,
republican, 1104.  Joint representative Hume 979.  Representative, Black,
republican, 1077; Mast, demo 701;  Sanford, Populist, 359.
Sheriff, Dunham, populist, 638; Gallier, republican, 805; Laingor demo, 721. 
Clerk:  Coke,]
rep., 952; Hazard, demo, 1160. Treasurer, Dully, rep 919; Giles, populist, 415;
Thrift, demo, 767.  Assessor.Lawrence, demo 1130; Nosler, republican, 620; 
Krantz, populist, 304.  School Supt
Bunch, rep. 1182.  Surveyor, Cathcart,rep. 1206.  Coroner, Horsfall,
demo,1156; Toye rep. 833.
Co Commissioners Dement, republican, 1178; Matheny populist, 344; Shull,
demo, 554.

Tot-MP  visiting  MPE 9 June 8, 1900  
 Miss Maud Deyoe returned to her home at this place Thursday after an
extended visit at Albany. +  
Srh  UR?  MPE 9 June 8, 1900  
Capt. McClosky new gasoline boat "Pastime" will prob. run between MP and
Norway; stern wheel boat can run on draught of 10 inches. not q.

AHB  item MPE 9 June 8, 1900 
A H Black & Co has agency for Belasco Harris Co, SF leading tailors. can
show you line of samples. not q.

Other-coal  condit  MPE 9 June 8, 1900 
The Libby coal mine near Marshfield is experiencing trouble in securing the
necessary labor to operate the property and the superintendent has sent to
Portland for men.  +   [cp]

Chandler  BH  Spreckels  MPE 9 June 8, 1900
W. S. Chandler, manager for J D Spreckels & Bros Company, left for Beaver
Hill this morning to start work on sinking the slope-at what is known as the
new mine.  The work will be commenced as soon as the engine, to be used in
connection therewith, is in position.  The old Beaver Hill mine, which is also
the property of the company, will be reopened,  as, under capable
management, considerable coal can pet [print] be taken out.  The resumption
of work at Beaver Hill will materially benefit the business interests of this
section.  The opening of the new mine under the
management of W. S. Chandler, who thoroughly understands the work, and
has gained an enviable reputation during many years of mining experience,
ensures the success of the enterprise.  The opening of the mine also refutes the
statements circulated that the Messrs. Spreckels intended to withdraw from
this section and that they would make no further investments, etc. --Coos Bay
News.    [cp]

AHB visiting RR-pass  MPE 10 June 15, 1900
Mrs.  J A Black of Marshfield, came over on today's train for a visit with the
family of A H Black. 

AHB  Tot  item  holiday-4th  MPE 10 June 15, 1900
Get in line for the 4th. A. H. Black & Co have just received a handsome new
line of lawns, linens, organdies, nainsooks, fancy white dress goods; also
linings, braids, embroideries, insertions, and the prettiest line of laces ever
displayed in Myrtle Point. not f q.

RR  MPE 11 June 15, 1900
 The passenger coach which has been in the car shops for several months past,
undergoing repairs was again put on the road Monday.  It has been reseated
and painted and generally remodied [sic] for the accommodation of the
traveling public.  +

Tot-Name Lyons  MPE 11  June 15, 1900 
Stewart Lyons and wife, Coq, to MP 1st of wk. 

Tot music  MPE 11 June 15, 1900 
 J. Lineback [sic], Marshfield music dealer, looking after his line of business
at this place Wed. 

Tot school  MPE 11 June 15, 1900  
W S Guerin, Co school supt Curry, guest Guerin hotel forepart of week.   n q. 

Srh  MPE 11 June 15, 1900  
Capt 0 R Willard launched his new boat built above Coq, Sat, of light draught.  

Locale Isthmus?  Mail  name   MPE 11 June 15, 1900  
W A King has disposed of his interests in MP-Port Orford mail route to Louis
Knapp,  P. Orford.

Srh name  Alaska-mining?  MPE 11 June 15, 1900
Wd fm schnr Mizpah received this place by S C Giles Sun eve; had called at a
way port Mexico.  Wm Page, writing May 20, reports all well but homesick,
tired of calms and adverse winds.  He says there no other place on ocean tt can
equal the one they just passed over for calms.  Schnr was 34 days making less
than 200 mi.  They will report to SF in less than mo.  Those who intended to
go north on schnr were getting anxious for her return, now hope to get away
within month.  not q.

Srh  name Tot  MPE 11 June 15, 1900  
B C Lehmanowsky returned fm several mo. in S F to buy supplies for schnr
Mizpah; intended to return on her but tired of waiting. not q.

Srh  novelty-wood  MPE 11  June 15, 1900 
River has been cleared of snags as far up as Norway. not q

Name-Giles  organization MPE 11 June15, 1900   
M/M D  Giles returned fm Portland Sun where Mrs. D Giles had went [print]
as delegate grand chapter OES.  

Art name  MPE 11 June 15, 1900   U L Gray, artist, departed for Portland
Tue., where will work at his profession. not q. 

school outside-Tot  MPE 11 June 15, 1900  
Prof. L R Traver was elected to succeed himself as principal Roseburg school.

Hermann  trees  farm?  Name?  MPE 11 June 22, 1900 
Mrs. Carrie Hermann has had 11 acres of myrtle bottom cleared this spring. 
Wm Hartley and Mr.  Rider did work.

Hermann  visiting  outside-Tot  MPE 11 June 22, 1900
Mrs. Carrie Hermann has 2 sisters visiting her, one fm Eastern Oregon Mrs.
Wright whom she had not seen for 20 yrs.  And Mrs. Eubanks, Oakland, Or.

Hermann dairy  MPE 11 June 22, 1900  
Manuel Hermann's family are milking quite a number of cows and have
established separating plant and are making large quantity butter.  

School  name  Tot-MP  MPE 11 June 22, 1900
 public school this district progressing nicely; Miss Kate Braden instructor;
good attendance. Miss Braden giving good satisfaction.

Dairy  Hermann  name  MPE 11 June 22 1900 
Robert Parrish, who assists in MP creamery, up one day assisting in running
separator for Geo Hermann while latter absent. not q.

Health animal?  MPE 11 June 22, 1900  
Dr. Roberds is erecting a new stable on his property on Willow street.  + 

School locale PE 11 June 22, 1900 
A new school house will be built in the Fairview district. + 

PO Tot  prices  MPE 11 June 22, 1900 
The post master's salary at Marshfield has been increased from $1400 to
$1500 a year.  +

Tot-MP  art-indir  MPE 11 June 22, 1900   
Matt Nystrum has moved the building on the Gray [the artist?] property to
Spruce street and is fitting it up for a sample room. 

Vital-stat   AHB?  Hermann  Tot-MP   name MPE 11 June 22, 1900
M/M Walter Sinclair, M/M Stewart Lyons, Coq, present at Traver-Border
nuptials. [lengthy article on the wedding; held Wed eve.]  Geo L Ferry,  Hattie
Ferry there.  Rev. Horsfall.  Bert Black, usher.  Mr. Traver is one of the
excellent young man of Coos county and is at present engaged as bookkeeper
in S B Hermann's merchandise store.  [last sent. +]

Tot-MP food  MPE 11 June 22, 1900 
Ruby Graham has purchased Ed Schroeder's stock of confectionery.

Hermann Tot-MP  agric?  MPE 11 June 22 1900 
Schiller Hermann sold 7 of the McCormick mowers last wk. 

Agric  name  MPE 11 June 22, 1900  Dan Root bought a harvester. 

Other-mining  MPE 11 June 22, 1900   Wimer Bros made a clean up at their

Food misc-contest  Tot-names  Hermann  MPE 11 June 22, 1900
 Bread baking contest by Sperry Flour; a number of MP bakers to compete. 
Judges: Mesdames L W Deyoe, J A McMickle, and E W Hermann.  Fred
Dow, agent, in town Mon and reports whole county anxious to contest.

School  Tot name  MPE 11a June 22, 1900 
Miss  Flora McClosky is progressing nicely with her school at Gravel Ford. 
Miss McCloskey is one of Coos county's best teachers. +  /  Shiloh school
under management Miss Ora Weekly.

 RAG  MPE 11a June 22, 1900 
[R. A. Graham expected on bay but didn't show up.]  [cp] 

Alaska-mining MPE 11a June 22, 1900
[ lengthy item abt people up in Cape Nome, not local personal.] ]

Paper  MPE 11a June 22, 1900   [Enterprise says Short and Roberts. prop.]

Other-mining  MPE 11a  June 29, 1899
[list of the really big mines (gold, mineral) of West.  Clackamas, Montana,
several others.  Lists Wimer Bros & Co at Waldo as one of the big ones.]

Food  Tot-MP  MPE 11a June 22, 1900 
Ice cream Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. Soda water every day.  Mrs. D R
Tot-MP  Hermann  food  pursuit?  Name?  MPE 11a June 22, 1900 
Billie's Place, Hermann Block, lst St MP; W H Corbin, prop. finest wines,
liquors, cigars, first-class billiard and pool table. 

Mail  livery?  blacksmith Tot-MP   name  MPE 11a June 22, 1900   
King & Bartell,  prop.  MP-POrford mail route and the Mast feed stable next
door to Endicott blacksmith shop.

Health?  Item  Name  Hermann  MPE 11a June 22, 1900   
Chas M Dye has announced he takes the agency for Native Herbs: Native Oil
and Native Balm.  Permission of R C Dement to use his name, who says he
would recommend it as a splendid family medicine.  Others who heartily
recommend it: Darius Gant, J Hayes, C M Hermann, J W Otto.  Stock of herbs
can be found at S B Hermann's store. not q at all.

Vital-stat  Tot-names  Hermann  character  flowers  MPE 11a June 22, 1900
Traver-Border. -At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Border, in this city, Wednesday June 20, 1900, Leonard W. Traver to Miss
Eva A. Border. [a paragraph by itself, indented fm rest of article.  In this case
are periods after the initials.]
     The wedding took place at 8 o'clock and was witnessed by many friends of
the young couple, the house being tastefully decorated with evergreens and
lillies.  As the bride entered on the arm of her cousin, Schiller B. Hermann,
Mrs. Hermann played the wedding march, Mendolsohn's, and when the bride
reached the arch under which the ceremony was performed, she was met by
Leonard W. Traver, who was attended by George L. Ferry.  Preceeding her
were Kattie [print] Border and Hattie Ferry, who acted as flower bearers,
followed by little Florence Hermann, bearing the wedding ring on a silver
tray.  As the young couple stood beneath a floral arch, Rev. W. Horsfall, of
Marshfield, pronounced the beautiful ceremony which made them one, and
during the ceremony Mrs. Hermann softly played the wedding march on the
     The bride was attired in white satin trimmed in white chiffon, which had a
pretty effect, and carried a bunch of orange blossoms.  Her bridesmaid was
Miss Leila Border who was dressed in white organdie.  The groom was
becomingly attired in a conventional black suit.  The ushers were Chat [sp?]
Huling and Bert Black. The bride and groom were the recipients of many
pretty and useful presents.
     Mr. Traver is one of the excellent young men of Coos county, and is at
present engaged as bookkeeper in S. B. Hermann's merchandise store, where
he is gaining for himself a good name.  Miss Eva Border is one of the popular
young ladies of Myrtle Point.  Miss Border, now Mrs. Traver, is worthy the
highest commendation, and Mr. Traver may feel proud that one so worthy has
accepted his hand.
    The happy couple have the best wishes of a host of friends who extend
congratulations and wish them many a happy day.
  Mr. and Mrs. Traver will leave for Portland Monday on their wedding tour
and on their return will reside at this place.        +

Lhc   Tot-MP boomer  misc-word environments   MPE 12 June 29, 1900 
One of Coos County's finest towns is Myrtle Point.  It nestles on the bank of
the Coquille River, in the center of the most productive, T prosperous and
beautiful portion of the Coquille valley. It is a distributing point and always
will be for the North, South, East, and Middle Forks of the Coquille river and
the Johnson creek and Sixes mining districts, which embraces a vast era [sic]
of country.  While most towns are entirely dependent on some manufacturing
or other like institution, Myrtle Point continually advances and upbuilds as a
result of its natural advantages and resources, which are the very best backing
a town can have.  Thus favored by geographical location, it is only a question
of a little time, when the chief manufacturing institutions of the county will
also center at this place.  The town already can boast of the most substantial
and modern business houses, churches and school buildings in the county,
while it [sic] residences and homes are well appointed and well kept.
    Our people are progressive and hospitable; in fact Myrtle Point is an
ideal town and its people ought to be, and doubtless are, well satisfied with
their environments.  Our future is secure.   +

AHB  Tot  MPE 12 June 29, 1900   Rome Black, Black & Sons Marshfield
firm doing good business not q at all.    

Name visiting  outside-Tot MPE 12 June 29, 1800 
Dr. J P Easter, formerly a resident this place, now residing near Ashland, arr.
last Sat looking after business matters and renewing old acquaintances. not f q 

Srh name  MPE 12 June 29, 1900 
J  O Carpenter went S. on schnr Mizpah, arr. this place Wed.  Accompanied
Wm Page on entire trip, coming to this place with latter. not q.

Entertain  MPE 12  June 29 1900 
Willson's Australian Aerolites will perform at Myrtle Point in their own tent
this evening.  The performances consist of circus work, such as acrobats,
gymnasts, sinqers [as typed] , thrilling trapeze acts, wire-walking, contortions
dances, Japanese breaking ladder acts, etc.       +

Tot-MP  misc-word-knobby  MPE 12 June29, 1900 
J Machado carries large stock mens knobby suits. 

Health  MPE 12 June 29, 1900    M/M Dr. Roberds visited Coquille Tue.

Novelty-wood  Tot  UR  MPE 12 June 29, 1900 
G W Peek, Bandon broomhandle manufacturer, visited upriver first of wk. 

Paper  vital-stat   MPE 12  June 29, 1900 
E E Johnson, Coq Bulletin, and Miss Julia Drane married Coq Thur.   

Crime MPE 12 June 29, 1900  
C L Moon arrested assault and battery last wk, guilty, fined $50.  

Tot-MP  LR  food MPE 12 June 29, 1900  
W E Pike, MP packing co. made lower river business visit.

Utility  MPE 12 June 29, 1900  
Town board of Marshfield under consideration a sewer system.  

Tot-name visiting MPE 12 June 29, 1900   
Mrs. Andrew Nystrum, Marshfield, visiting relatives at this place, returned
home today.  

Srh Tot?  machine  MPE 12 June 29, 1900 
River Stmr Favorite brought to town last Sat. fm Roy shipyard to receive
machinery which arr. fm the city on Fri.  --Herald. 

RR prices  holiday-4th  MPE 12 June 29, 1900   
special 4th July train; fare $1.50 round trip.

County  MPE  July 6.1900
Steve Gallier, our newly elected sheriff, was in town Thursday. + 

Names  visiting  MPE 12  July  6?, 1900  
Misses Julia and Bertha Braden went to Bandon today for a visit. +

 UR  outing name MPE 12 July 6, 1900  
J J Lewellen will go to the Middle fork tomorrow for an outing. +

Outing  misc-word-rusticating  health  name MPE 12 July 6, 1900   
 C E G Dietz, rusticating in mtns some time, returned home Thur feeling much
improved in health.  Not q

Ranch UR outing MPE 12 July 6, 1900 
M/M L W Deyoe and daughters Daisy and Ora up to Mr. Deyoe's ranch on
Middle fork Thur where will enjoy outing.  

Vital stat  word-saying  MPE 12, July 6, 1900
born MP July 6, Dr. K A Leep, 14 lb boy.  Mother and child doing well and
docs's [as typed] head will probably be reduced to its normal condition in a
few days.  +

utility streets  Tot  climate  MPE 12 July 6, 1900 
MP should have street sprinkler. during summer mo. afternoon breezes blow
up street with cloud of dust.  If each business man would contribute small amt
they could pay for putting in sprinkler. not q at all.

Vital-stat  misc character?  Flowers  MPE 13 July 6, 1900  
On Thursday evening at 9 o'clock, June 28, 1900, a beautiful wedding was
solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P E Drane, in this city.  The
contracting parties were Mr. E E Johnson, our new editor of Coquille City
Bulletin and Miss Julie Drane, the fair young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Drane. 
When the families of the happy couple assembled in the front room, which
was tastefully decorated with ferns, honeysuckles, margareets [sic] and white
lillies, the attendants, Miss Erma Lukens and Mr. Alf Johnson, entered.  Then
Mr. Drane came forward with the bride leaning upon his arm and presented
her to the manly groom, and there under a large fern bell, the happy pair
listened to the solemn and beautiful ceremony which made them man and
wife, which was performed by Rev. E. L. Fitch.  The bride wore an exquisit
[sic] dress of white silk entrain and that enhancer of every womanly charm,
the bridal veil, and carried white roses.  After the ceremony those present
were invited to the dining room where a dainty wedding supper was served.
Between 11 and 12 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Johnson left for their new home,
which was previously furnished for them.  On their departure the happy
assemblage extended to them rice, shoes and good wishes. This event will
long be remembered as being the most charming-and enjoyable one occuring
in our little city this season.  The happy couple have the congratulations of
many friends for a long and happy life.  Mrs. Ida C H Fitch in Coquille
Herald.     +

Health?  Word-saying  MPE 13 July 6, 1900
 It's getting the time of the year for the small boy and the green apple to make
an unhappy combination. + 

Health  novelty-quarry  locale   MPE 13 July 6, 1900  
No new cases of smallpox having developed, the quarantine at the
Government  rock quarry on Coos river was raised last Wednesday.  + 

Utility  MPE 13 July 6, 1900
Marshfield Electric Light Co proposition to city council to furnish 16 arc
lights for street lighting for $8.50 per light, providing city grant contract for 5
yrs.  Council, matter under advisement. not q at all

Church?  MPE 13 July 6, 1900  The Coos county Sabbath school Association
will hold its first mtg in Coq July 18-19.  All Sabbath schools in co. asked to
send 2 delegates.  All supts and ministers are members Assn and will be
welcomed.  Good speakers will address various lines of S S work; delegates
made at home with people Coq. not q

School  4th  MPE 13 July 6, 1900 Miss Bertha Prey, teaching school Remote,
4th in MP.  

Paper  MPE 13 July 6, 1900   
Coq Herald: J S McEwen, for past 10 yrs partner and editor of paper, disposed
of his interest to D F Dean. not q

Name Giles outside-Tot  Srh   Alaska-mining  other-mining 
MPE 13 July 6, 1900 
S C Giles has received letter fm his brother J H at Nome City, Thur.  He states
he had met Wm Thompson, who formerly mined in Sixes country and who
had spent winter in Sinrock country, where claims taken by Page, Giles, and
Mullen located, and they are all right.  A G Aiken and others of Marshfield
were camped nearby.  He, with Dan Barklow and others fm this section had
built a boat, and intended starting for Sinrock river as soon as they could get
freight fm stmrs. not q

4th-July  pursuit  RR  excursion  MPE 13 July 6, 1900  
Quite a large delegation from this place went to Marshfield on the excursion
train 4th of July to celebrate and witness the boxing contest. [sentence as in
print].  The rain put a damper on festivities there as at other places, and the
boxing contest between Ben Schuyler, of Marshfield, and Joe Reay, of San
Francisco, was pronounced by all to be a "fake," Reay managing to get a light
tap on the jaw in the second round and going down and "quitting."  It is is not
probable that Schuyler will ever draw another crowd in Marshfield.    +

School  literary   names Bunch   church-indir     MPE 13 July 6, 1900
... closing exercises of public school, held in Meth ch MP.  Graduates, Harry
Strahn [sic?], Oliver Spires, Eckley Guerin, Misses Sarah Rose and Ivy
Garrett.  Hary Strahan [sic] chose for his essay "A Class Prophecy," Oliver
Spires, "The Value of a Reputation," Eckley Guerin, "Toussant L'Overture, "
while Miss Rose recited "The Ride of Mary Ridgely", Miss Garrett, "The
American Flag."  Co Supt Bunch delivered interesting address.  School in
charge Miss Florence Smith, Marshfield, past term.  Proven excellent
instructor.  not q.

Hermann  entertain-outing  names  locale   MPE (c-a) July 6, 1900  
Miss Mabel Hermann and brother Elbert arr. fm Washington Sun eve,  will go
camping in Brewster valley this wk with Flint-Aiken-Milier party. -Review.  

Name animal agric-fruit  MPE (c-a)    July 6, 1900.
CBNews.  Mrs. Thomas Coke and family, while picking blackberries near
Sumner, last week, were startled by the sudden appearance of a large panther. 
Fortunately they were not attacked, but, nevertheless they hunted another
berry patch immediately.  +

Allied  BH  Chandler    MPE (c-a) July 6, 1900
o CBNews. Manager Chandler telegraphed to the city last week for a hoisting
engine, to be used in opening the new mine at Beaver Hill, and the engine will
be here.  A much larger engine has been ordered in the east, to be used when
development work is well advanced.  +

Allied  Tot timber-mill  condit-outlook  MPE (c-a) July  6, 1900
o C B News. J D Spreckels & Bros Co have had timber cruisers examining the
lands of he Porter Mill Co . for the past few days, and have under
consideration the purchase of the mill and property. In case the terms are
unsatisfactory, the Messrs. Spreckels will put in an entire new sawmill plant,
probably on their own land near the depot.  Other improvements, tending to
develop the resources of this section, are also under consideration, and the
outlook is very Encouraging from any point of view.   +

Joaquin-Miller  paper war?  MPE (c-a)   July 13.1900.  
Joaquin Miller has been sent to China as a correspondent of SF Examiner
during present struggles. not q

Vital-stat  locale  MPE (c-a) July 13, 1900   
A son, born to Pete Axe on Big creek, July 9.    

Tot-MP  Hermann  MPE (c-a)  July 13, 1900   
C E Schroeder clerking Hermann's store during Mr. Hermann's absence.  

Tot other-mining-indir   MPE (c-a) July 13, 1900     
Jas Guerin to Eckley Tue , will spend remainder of summer in the hills. 

Allied  entertain-visiting    MPE (c-a) July 13, 1900
o Mr and Mrs. H. Pullen of Beaver Hill, who have been visiting friends at this
place, returned to their home Monday.  +

Tot-Coq   name MPE (c-a)  July 13, 1900
Josie Lyons and Della Endicott purchased millinery business of Mrs. M H
Hersey and will continue on their own account.

School  names MPE (c-a) July 13, 1900
All pupils who have been promoted fm one grade to another.
to 8th. Emma Jenkins, Fred Spires, Linnie Garrett, George Black, Belle
Braden, Daisy Deyoe, Ruby Graham, Georgia Bennett.
to 7th. Gracie Black, Ora Deyoe, Florence McCracken, Winnie Spires, Claude
Spires, Geo. McDonald.
to 6th. Florence Bonewitz, Maude Cornelius, Louella Powell, Gussie Dietz,
Innis Rose.
to 5th. Ruby Wilde, Pearl Endicott, Rachael Lehnherr, Harry Lewellen.
to 4th. Malinda A. Hess, Dale Mast, Willie Stevens.
to 3rd. Lillian Endicott, Lucy Huff, Lizzie McMickle, Walter Johnson, Dalton
King, Neta Wise, Vivian Mast, Mildred Billings.
to 2nd. Myrtle Mullen, Olive Wilde, Carl McGraw, Eva Lee, Rachael
Barklow, Leslie Lehmanowsky, Nellie Baker.
Following neither absent nor tardy during term: Lela Johnson, Ellis Dement,
Lester Dement, Beulah Lockwood, Gracie Black, Iris Cornelius, Daisy Deyo,
Florence McCracken, Emma Jenkins, Fitz Snyder, Fred Spires, Ella Wooten.
[M. several of these aren't on "promotions list, does that mean they didn't pass
required "examinations"? ]

Organize  AHB  Tot-MP  MPE (c-a) July 13, 1900
Tent No. 85 K 0 T M gave a spread Tuesday evening in Black's hall.  Sir
Knights J A Black and G P Stewart officiated as chefs. not q at all.

Allied  vital-stat name   MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900      MP, July 9, to wife of W
W Endicott, a son. 

Tot-Name  art MPE (c-b) July  13, 1900    U L Gray returned to this place fm
Roseburg Thur.    

Tot-name utility-indir?  MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900      Fred Schetter, Empire, to
this place lst of wk.

Gage county-indir  Allied  RR    MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900     W W Gage, ex-
sheriff, up fm Coq on Wed train. 

Hermann  outing  locale    MPE (c-b) July 13. 1900     S B Hermann and
family spent week outing Brewster valley. 

Tot-Coq   mill   MPE (c-b)  July 13, 1900   Alf Johnson, mill man, looking
after business in town Tue. 

Entertain  Tot-Arago   MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900     Basket Social at Arago
Thur eve had a good time.

Name  4th-July  literary  MPE (c-b)  July 13, 1900   Atty L A Roberts and
family returned fm P.Orford where Mr. Roberts delivered oration 4th July. 

Fair  Tot-Marhfield   MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900   [article abt preparations for
fair at Marshfield. ] 

Tot-MP, Marshfield   AHB transport   MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900  
A H Black, of the firm of Black & Sons, Marshfield, came over from
Marshfield in a buggy Wednesday, returning Thursday.

Allied  BH  Srh  MPE (c-b)  July 13, 1900    o  A new engine for the Beaver
Hill mine arrived on the Arcata.  CB News. +  

RR  BH  MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900
o C B News.  Locomotives on the railroad were supplied with coal from the
new mine at Beaver Hill, Saturday.

Srh   outside-Tot  MPE (c-b)  July 13, 1900     Chas Aiken returned on last
Arcata, fm N.Mex.(Gallup)  CB News.  Nq. 
Health    Tot-Marshfield?   Coq-river-locale  name   MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900
H W Dunham seriously ill at Central Hotel for several days.  Mrs. Dunham
arr. fm the Coquille last wk and has remained here since. CB News.

Allied   Chandler  Porter-mill     MPE (c-b) July 13, 1900 
o CB News.  W S Chandler, manager for J D Spreckels & Bros Co, visited the
Porter mill on Monday to examine the property with the object of purchasing,
if terms, etc., are satisfactory.  +

other-coal   outside-Tot  MPE (ca-)  July 20, 1900
article on mining in British Columbia.   which had been discovered as far back
as 1835 on Vancouver Island began to be mined in earnest at Nanaimo about
1851.  not q.   

AHB  visiting  MPE (c-b)  July 20, 1900      Mrs. A H Black returned from a
visit at Marshfield today.  +

Allied  locale  Isthmus  racism&   MPE (c-b) July 20, 1900
o  Z. T. Siglin while doing some work on the county road last week on the
Isthmus plowed up two skeltons [sic; =
skeletons], which were, without doubt, that of Indians, as could be easily seen
by the abundance of beads and other articles, generally found in the Red man's
burying ground.  In one of the graves he also found a number of U.S. soldier
buttons. --Sun.  +

Tot-MP animal-harness  prices  condit  MPE (c-b) July 20, 1900
[ad fm F Long]
   Most every day we hear some farmer say that we are selling harness too
high, that we are robbing the people.  The prices of our best heavy draft
harness has been, and is now, $35 ...There is not a catalog in Coos county, and
never has been, that can beat the above prices. ... There is not one harness in
50 that is bought through these firm catalogues that is not hemlock tanned.
[M. fm Sears, etc.] There is not one pound of oak tanned leather in them.  This
I know for I've had 20 years experience in eastern factories.  Cheap prices and
cheap harness go together.
  All material in our line has advanced; but that is not our fault.  Before you
buy, elsewhere, give us a call.  F Long & Son.    +

Locale  agric-farm  name  MPE (c-b) July 20, 1900   J J Endicott has moved
fm his farm on the Middle fork to this place.  

AHB  Allied   RR  MPE (c-b) Ju;y 20, 1900    o   A J Black over fm
Marshfield on today's train.  
Utility  Allied   MPE (c-b) July20, 1900
o Telephone poles have been placed on the ground by the R R Co and a line
will be established between this place and Coquille. + 

visiting  travel  name MPE  (C-b) July 20. 1900      Miss Nellie Dement to SF
Mon for month visit; joined at Marshfield by Miss Josie Byers, who will also
stay in city.

AHB   Tot-Marshfield  MPE (c-c)  July 20, 1900 
The grocery firm of A H Black & Sons, Marshfield, has been dissolved, A H
Black retiring from the firm.  The business will be continued under the old
firm name of A H Black & Sons.  +

School  name   MPE (c-c) July 20. 1900
Prof. L R Traver of Roseburg arr. this place Sat and will spend several wks in
MP and other Coos towns.  Prof Traver formerly principal public school this
place.  He accompanied by Arthur P. Johnson, of Portland, who will also
spend a few wks Coos.

Circus  animal  Srh  disaster    MPE  (c-c) July 20, 1900
The Australian Aerolites, the circus which showed at this place two weeks
ago, came to grief while going from Gardiner to Scottsburg last week.  Their
horses, wagons, tent and other paraphernalia were on a scow being towed up
the river, when the scow sank drowning several of their horses and losing their
entire outfit.  +

Tot-MP    art   MPE (c-c) July 20, 1900
Urban Gray, the skilled young stage scenery, landscape and advertising
painter has just finished an ad curtain to the Opera House at this place that is a
marvel of the painter's art.  A scrolled marine view graces the center of the
curtain around which is artistic scrolls painted over a blue background is
contained the beautifully displayed ads of our leading business men [sic]. Mr.
Gray is a Myrtle Point boy, but spends most of his time pursuing his
profession in the coast cities. --Plaindealer.

School  locale  disaster     MPE (c-c) July 20, 1900    school house at Brushes
Creek, Curry Co, destroyed by fire last Fri.

Name  Animal  Srh conditions    MPE (c-c)  July 20, 1900
Messrs. Forty and Strahon after suspending egg gathering, engaged in
slaughtering sea lions at Blanco reef, having killed three or four hundred,
including cows and calves.  They have made a successful season of it. --
P.Orford Tribune.   + 

Srh  outing  MPE (c-c)  July 27,1900.
Capt. McCloskey and family enjoying outing at Bandon this wk.  Capt Alva
Lee is running on stmr Reta during McCloskey's absence. 

music   salesman  MPE (c-c) July 27. 1900
M. O. Warner, the competent and reliable piano tuner of Eugene, Oregon, will
soon be in Myrtle Point on his annual tour in tuning and repairing pianos. 
Those having work to do in his line will do well to bear this in mind.  +      

Name  other-mining  locale  MPE (c-c)  July 27. 1900
Atty Pulford, trip to Sixes mining country, brought back ore fm several mines. 
Thinks good mines among them. St. Patrick, Harrison new mine, is
prospecting well. not q   

Circus   salesman   character/taste   MPE (c-c) July 27, 1900 
Jos Fleming, advance agent of the Leondor Bros big one-ring show was in
town Wednesday making arrangements for the appearance of the show at this
place tomorrow -- Saturday.  The show is said to be very creditable by the
valley papers and is above the standard.  Don't fail to see it.   +

Name Tot-?  MPE (c-c) July 27, 1900   [  ad tt W W Endicott has sold out and
will retire fm business Aug lst, so wants accounts paid.]

Alaska  name    MPE (c-c) July 27, 1900  Chris Long of Bandon has returned
fm trip to Dawson and Cape Nome.

Tot-MP  art-indir  name  MPE (c-c)  July 27, 1900 
 U L Gray is building a neat new cottage residence on his property on the hill
west of town.   + 

AHB  Tot-Marshfield     MPE (c-c) July 27, 1900
A H Black & Sons have sold their grocery business at Marshfield to Campbell
& Eickworth, of that place.     A J Black who had charge of the business will
probably remain on the bay. + 

School  AHB?   Names  MPE (c-c)  July 27, 1900
tchrs institute; who attended: Minnie McCracken, Ines Lusk, Neta Hermann,
Daisv Giles, Lillie Wagner, Mollie Caldwell, Ora Weekly, Alice Hartley, Julia
and Kate Braden, Pearl Fetter, Florence Robbins, Lena Hughes, Addie Black,
Laura Wise, Messrs. H G Harrington, L M Strong.

Entertain Circus  animal  MPE  (c-d) July 27, 1900
    Leondor Bros' show, which toured the state last year will visit this county
this season, showing in Myrtle Point, Saturday July 28th. 
     They have made many changes in the make-up of the people with them and
the people are assured that no short-change sharks are travelling with them. 
They have 65 people in their employ, including Prof. Hunt, who has charge of
the finest troupe of performing dogs in the world.
     In speaking of Prof. Hunt, the San Francisco Examiner of recent date says:
"Prof. Hunt's troupe of trained dogs at the Orpheum Theater this week are
without doubt the best trained dogs that have ever been seen here.  We think
wonders when we see a man walk a rope.  But this is the first time the people
of San Francisco have ever seen a dog walk a rope.  We must give Prof.  Hunt
much credit as a dog trainer, for the little pets go at their work as if it were
play for them, not like lots of dog acts that have been seen here, where they
were made to do what little they could with a whip.  To see Prof. Hunt's dogs
act is like your [print] seeing children play, and the little fellows do more and
harder tricks than any trained dogs that have visited the amusement-going
public of this city." Two performances daily.  Don't fail to see the grand free
outside exhibition.  +

Logs  Srh  locale  MPE (c-d)  July 20,1900.  
CBNews.  A raft of 400 logs was run out of Mill slough yesterday from Noble
& sons camp, abt 80 logs per day being put in water. 

Allied  BH  timber  other coal   MPE (c-d) July 20, 1900
o The engine used in connection with the sinking of the slope at the new mine
at Beaver Hill was in position yesterday, and work was proceeding day and
night.  +  /
o  W.S Chandler has been in the woods for several days past, surveying and
inspecting timber and coal lands.  He has bonded 3000 acres of land on the
Isthmus for J D Spreckels & Bros Co.
     Experienced loggers who have been on the land claim that it is the finest
body of timber in the county.  It is in the center of the Henryville basin of
coal, and a most desirable piece of property. +    [cp]

School   Tot-Eckley outside-Tot  MPE (c-d) July 20, 1900
Eckley Items.  ...Miss Hattie Haynes, who been attending school Monmouth
has returned and spending summer vacation with parents this place.
Tot-Eckley  Other-mining   MPE (c-d)  July 20, 1900 
Eckley Items.  Galena quartz mill been running continuously for 2 wks.   /   / 
The Guerin bros have returned to South Sixes where expect to engage in
placer mining for remainder season.   /   Messrs Lundy & Huling,
accompanied by Mrs. Lundy and Miss Huling, are camped at Deer Park, from
which place they expect to visit the mines.   

Other-coal  Tot-Eckley  MPE (c-d) July 20, 1900 
Eckley Items.  ...Mrs. Holmes, S F, is spending summer with her husband
Messr W J Holmes who is engaged in looking up the coal propositions of this

Tot-Eckley  entertain  Hermann  MPE (c-d) July 20, 1900   
Eckley Items.  Picnic was given in honor Mrs. Mary Hermann's 44th birthday
on Cass Hermann place Sun. 45 persons present.

War  MPE (c-d) July 27,1900  
Chinese invasion of Amur [sp?] province is equivalent to declaration of war
against Russia.

Locale   entertain food  misc-word light fantastic   MPE (c-d) July 27, 1900
Eckley Items:  Miss Annie Guerin, MP, in attendance at dance Sat eve at Deer
Park.   /   Dance in Deer Park hall Sat eve vy pleasant social event.  Dance
commenced 9:00, continued till 12, when bountiful repast served, after which
the light fantastic again indulged in for short time when happy crowd went
their several ways.

Paper Outing  other-mining  MPE (c-d) July 27, 1900
Eckley items.   Atty S D Pulford enjoying an outing at this place and the
mines past week.  Mr. Pulford had many narrow escapes. 

Srh  pursuit-sport  locale misc  Srh   MPE (c-d)  July 27, 1900    
Eckley items. Whistle of stmr Arcata as she was making a landing at Port
Orford a few days ago was heard by party of hunters Salmon Mtn, distance
over 25 mi.  

Other-mining  locale?  MPE (c-d)  July 27, 1900 
Eckley items.  A company fm Washington purchased Wagner claims, better
known as "deep diggings" to South Sixes, preparing to mine same by steam
engine and pump.  

Alaska-mining  road-stage locale  MPE (c-e) July 27, 1900
CBNews.  Jane Fox,  who conducts the boarding house at the stage station,
received good news from her husband Joseph Fox, and sons, Ernest and Wess,
who are mining on Anvil creek, in the Cape Nome country.  They sold one of
their claims lately for $7000 and sent her a good portion of it, with
instructions to take life easy, as they owned four paying claims and were
making money right along.  Joe Fox is coming home in the fall, with the
intention of again returning to Alaska in the spring.  +

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