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visiting Tot-name  locale  MPE (c-e)  August 3, 1900.
Mr. and Mrs.  Ben Figg, of near Coquille, are visiting their daughter, Mrs.
Taylor Dement, on the South Fork.  

Tot-MP  MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900
J Machado has moved his family into his building on the corner of Seventh
and Spruce street.  +

Outing  pursuit-fishing  locale name  MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900
C F Huling, Bert Black, H B Steward, Warren Deyoe to upper S. Fork wk
outing, fishing.  

Pursuit-sport animal  name?  MPE (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900
Ralph Thom and Norman Dodge were out hunting Tuesday and when coming
home run [print] cross a large panther, near the Bartell place about a mile and
a half from this place, the panther giving them a surprise by running across the
road about 20 feet ahead of them.  The boys each had large rifles but said they
were not looking for that kind of game, and consequently hurried home
without molesting the animal.  +    

Tot-Bandon    novelty-wood   MPE (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900
G W Peek, the Bandon broom handle manufacturer, was looking after
business in Myrtle Point, Thursday.  +  

Srh  LR  MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900
Stmr Favorite, built by White, Snyder & Moomaw now running on lower
river, trip fm Bandon to Coq and return daily.  Splendid passenger
accommodations and fastest boat tt has ever run on the Coquille.  

Tot-MP silk   MPE (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900    
New line of gents' silk bosom shirts, Machados.

Enntertain Circus  animal   character/taste  MPE (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900
Leondor Bros circus gave two very creditable performances at this place
Saturday.  It is the best show to visit Coos county, and their troupe of trick
dogs, their rope walker, acrobats and tumblers are artists in their line.  The
Leondor brothers' act [print], where one carries his inverted brother on his
head, without the aid of their hands, is one which is duplicated very seldom. 
The performance was a clean one, nothing objectionably [print] entering into
the program, and the whole show was enjoyed by the people.   +

Outing   locale  name  MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900   Miss Maude Deyoe returned
fm outing on Middle Fork Wed. 

Tot-name-MP  locale    MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900 
W E Dietz, who been working on Coos river returned this place Wed. 

Tot-name  MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900   
J C Haynes, Coos City, looking after interests this place this wk.  

Tot-name visiting   Rackleff  MPE (c-e) Aug 3, 1900 
Mrs. J H Roberts visiting her daughter Mrs. Ed Rackleff at Langlois.  

Paper  Tot  visiting  MPE  (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900  
Geo Stewart, working at Coast Mail office Marshfield, visited parents at this

[school?]  bicycle  visiting  misc-word   MPE (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900 
Prof. L R Traver has returned home from a two weeks sojourn in Coos county
where he enjoyed the pleasure of meeting old friends and former associates. 
The trip was made awheel [print] and the Professor returns much pleased with
his vacation and visit. --Plaindealer. +

Alaska-mining  name  MPE (c-e)  Aug 3, 1900       
 Mrs. Aiken received another letter fm A G Aiken last wk. Has struck a good
prospect on Solomon river 40 mi below Cape Nome.  In partnership with Curt
Shaw.  C B News. not q

Allied  RR  "needed"  Lhc?  Boomer?  MPE (c-e)  August 10, 1900. 
The Roseburg [M.  paper name paper accid. omitted] says: "We believe that a
proper show of enterprise would secure the completion of the Roseburg &
Coos Bay railroad.  ...and the completion of this railroad to the coast would
make Roseburg a railroad and shipping center that would increase its
population and enhance the value of all real property.  Furthmose [sic], it
would emancipate our farmers from the bondage of high freight rates and thus
incalculably benefit the entire population of Southern Oregon.  +  [cp??]

Agric-fruit prices   MPE (c-f)  Aug 10, 1900 
Peaches are selling 40 c per basket Ashland. Commission merchants Portland
asking $l per box for choice Oregon gravensteins; they are worth the price. 

School  Lhc pop   MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900    
Population school age children Oregon this year, 133,181.  In 1880 they
numbered 99,543. 

Invention  Tot-name  MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900  
Mrs.  Elvina Root, of Coquille, has been granted an inventors [no apostrophe]
patent on a coffee or tea pot. +

School   MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900 
A new school bell will be placed in the school house at Norway.  + 

Tot-multi  character   MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900
K H Hansen, GravelFord, leased MP hotel of Matt Nystrum.  Mr. Hansen is a
genial and accomodating gentleman and will look after the comfort of his
guests.    +

School Nosler names  MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900
public school, Coq. will start Sept 24.  Tchrs Prof Claude Nosler, principal. 
Mrs. Wooten, Laura Wise, Irma Lukens, Marian Hanscomb.  Miss Wooten,
Miss Wise are of MP.  not q

health   name  misc-word binding tree  MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900
C E G Dietz had his right leg broken at the ankle at this place Tuesday.  He
was standing near where his son Will was chopping off a binding tree, which
when released, flew around and struck him.  Dr. Leep reduced the fracture,
which was not a serious one, and Mr. Dietz, who is 70 years old, is getting
along as well as could be expected.  +  

Tot-MP  food  MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900   Spanish olives by the gallon at
Machados. not q.

Hermann   agric   fair   locale    animal  bicycle  entertain  misc-word-
programme  crack horses
MPE (c-f)  Aug 10, 1900
Schiller Hermann. vice president of 2nd Southern Or District Agricultural
Society says will be best fair ever held not q 
     Mr. Hermann informs us a large pavillion is being built in the race track
enclosure, and no pains will be spared by the people of Marshfield to make
the fair a profitable and entertaining affair.  He also says that a number of
crack horses are being brought from southern 0regon, so a speed programme
will be excellent, while a special programme of bicycle races, foot races,
jumping and tug-of-war contests has [sic] been arranged.  The management
will secure a theatrical troupe to play during Fair week which will afford a
[sic] amusement for the evenings.  +

Visiting   name  MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900   Pete Wise visited Coq. Mon.  

Vital-stat  name MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900    died, Bandon, Aug 5; Georina
[sp?] , daughter of M/M C W Majory, age 8 yr.   

Photo fair  salesman  MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900  
photographer A W Erickson, late of Coq., now of Bandon, will be at
Marshfield during fair and afterwards will visit MP.  

Name Giles   other-mining  locale MPE (c-f) Aug 10, 1900
 S C Giles returned Wed. fm Sixes where had been setting up machinery for
running a centrifugal pump to be used for pumping water out of the prospect
holes in the Sixes Canyon, by a party of Calif. miners.  If ground prospects as
well as expected, they will put in extensive machinery for draining the
channel and mine the canyon thoroughly.

Other-coal  locale  MPE  (c-f) Aug 10, 1900
CBNews.  The sinking of the coal shaft at Coos City has been delayed for
several days past, awaiting the arrival of a pump, which has been ordered
from the city.   +

UR  Hermann  health    MPE (c-f) August 17, 1900.
[ S. Fork item.]  Miss Clara Hermann recovering fm attack pneumonia.

UR school  disaster  locale  MPE (c-f) Aug  17, 1900  
[S. Fork item]   School in this district has been continued to a 5 mo. term and
has good attendance of pupils, with Miss Kate Braden as tchr. .  /  Miss Kate
Braden was compelled to close her school in Hermann district this wk on
account of forest fires.

UR  entertain    MPE (c-f) Aug 17. 1900
 Basket Social given by people of Lee to raise funds for a public hall at tt

Fruit  AHB  transport?   prices MPE (c-f)  Aug 17, 1900    
Several wagon loads of peaches from Douglas Co brought to this place this
wk where sold 75 c a box.    /    Farmers are bringing some fine apples to A
H Black Co's packing house. The fruit crop is quite abundant this season.   +

Fair  racism&&  MPE  (c-f) Aug 17,1900.
The management of the fair to be held at Marshfield are [sic] endeavoring to
secure an Indian war dance to take place during the fair.    +

Road  health  animal  disaster  locale  MPE (c-f) Aug 17, 1900
E N Harry, Brewster Valley, on Coos Bay wagon road met with a fearful
accident Monday.  Mr. Harry and some other gentlemen were hunting. While
standing above a deep canyon, started to roll a large rock to frighten out a
deer; he in some manner was caught by the rock and was tumbled down the
almost perpendicular hill abt 40 ft, precipitated over cliff; 15 below.  As he
went over cliff he hit a log, his body bouncing and lodging in crotch of tree. 
His companions scrambled down with difficulty and extricated his body. 3 of
man's ribs torn from the spinal column and body fm shoulders to hips fearfully
bruised, being beat into a massive bloody pulp.  Dr. Leep says chances slim
for Mr. Harry's recovery. not q.

Tot-name  Vital stat  MPE (c-f) Aug 17, 1900    Marriage A F Linegar and
Lou Schroeder, latter of Norway.

Tot-Eckley  other-mining    MPE (c-f) Aug 17, 1900    Eckley. Galena quartz
mill closed down.   

Tot-Eckley  visiting  AHB  MPE (c-f) Aug 17, 1900  Bert Black, Warren
Deyoe, Henry Steward, Chat Huling at Eckley Sun. 

School  [Eckley.]  MPE (c-f) Aug 17, 1900    Miss Susie McGraw closed
successful 5 mo. term school.

Allied  BH locale  MPE (c-f) Aug 17, 1900
   CBNews.  The slope in the new mine at Beaver Hill is now down 150 feet,
and work is being pushed as fast as possible.  Miners are nearly across the
"cave" in the old mine, and Manager Chandler expects to get coal from there
in November.  At present he is busily engaged on Davis slough, boring with a
diamond drill.  He intends going down 700 feet.  +

Allied  locale  school  MPE (c-f)  Aug 17, 1900
apportionment state school funds.  Coq. $718.  Beaver Hill $122.  Coaledo
$26.  [M. don't see any for Beaver Slough, King's Landing, but they were
prob. listed under Marshfield.]

pioneer reunion   MPE  (c-f)  August 24, 1900
Pioneer Reunion at Bandon at residence Harry Baldwin [lengthy article;
interesting if needed]

Circus  fair  Srh  MPE (c-f) Aug 24, 1900
Leondor Bros circus will be in Marshfield during the fair.  It is expected from
Eureka on the Del Norte.  +

Bicycle   misc-word  interest   MPE  (c-f) Aug 24, 1900
A Seventh Day Adventist, on a very old and unique wheel, passed through
Myrtle Point Thursday evening on his way to his home in Crescent City,
Calif.  He had been to Portland preaching on the way.  His wheel was a
Columbia of 1889 pattern, with wooden wheels and solid frame but ball
bearing [print].  He had extra tires on for protection, and about fifty pounds of
baggage, which constituted his camping outfit.  The man wore a suit that was
once white but is now considerably soiled by its dusty trip, and was of the
crank order, but interesting.  One day on his heavy 59-geared, odd looking [no
hyphen here] machine he had made 56 miles.  +

Harness  Tot-multi    MPE (c-f) Aug 24, 1900
F. Long, the Coquille harness dealer, had charge of his branch store at this
place several days this week.   + 

Tot-name  visiting  MPE (c-f) Aug 24, 1900  
Mrs. Manley Roberts, SF, visiting Mrs. L A Roberts of this place.   

Pursuit  locale  name?  MPE (c-f)   Aug 24, 1900  
Wm Corbin returned from hunting trip to Eden country Tue.   

RR logs  locale  MPE (c-f) Aug 24, 1900
The trainload of logs was brought down the Blue Ridge railroad at Daniels'
creek Wednesday morning.  They were from Noble King & Bradbury camp. --
Coast Mail. 

Tot-Arago  fire   MPE (c-f) Aug 24, 1900
Barn belonging to L R Woodward, Arago, destroyed by fire. [more in paper,
but all I have in notes.] 

Allied  Graham paper  MPE (c-f)  Aug 24, 1900
CB News.  According to latest accounts, R A Graham is about to move to
South Africa.  It is reported that a big Chicago syndicate is backing him, and
that the coupon system is to be introduced among the Basutos and other wild
tribes of the African veldt.   +

Novelty-woolen   MPE (c-f)  August 31, l900.
The woolen mill at Salem employs 100 hands and turns out 515,000 worth of
goods monthly.  +

War  world-news  MPE (c-g) Aug 24  [or 31?], 1900 
[articles about Boxers in China, other world news.]

Lhc    "needed"  other-coal    locale   condit  
MPE (c-g) Aug 24 [or 31?], 1900
Geological survey says coal fields of Oregon all lie west of Cascade range and
north of Rogue.  4 fields will be noticed, upper Nehalem in Columbia County;
lower Nehalem Clatsop County; Yaquina in Lincoln county; Coos Bay coal
fields in Coos. Greatest hindrance to develop Oregon coal fields is lack of
transportation.  nq

School   locale name MPE (c-g)  Aug 24 [or 31?], 1900     
Miss Birdie Walker, who is teaching at Lampey creek school, spent Saturday
and Sunday with parents at this place. + 

Misc    pursuit?  Name?  MPE  (c-g) Aug 24[or 31?], 1900 
V. McCurdy is listed as the hunter and trapper of the Eden country.   Calls
him Mack.  Spent a number of yrs in the mtns, would be a guide if necessary.
nq at all.   

Tot-MP  harness  food  MPE (c-g) Aug 24 [or 31?], 1900
 J A McMickle has purchased the MP  F Long & Sons harness shop; he will
discontinue the bakery but wife will still run store and keep groceries, notions,

Vital stat  church   locale   MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900 
Married at Johnson Mill, Aug. 29, Mr. Walter Laird and Miss Mary Hall, Rev.
Robt Ennis performing ceremony.  He son Jas Laird, Sitkum.

Vital stat  MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900
Mr.Leonard Braden and Miss Eunice Dement were married at bride's parents
house, R C Dement.  not q.

Allied  RR  Graham   MPE (c-g)  Aug 31, 1900
o On and after September lst trains on the C B & R R [print] will be run on
standard time.
o  R A Graham, formerly of Roseburg & Coos railroad, passed through town
yesterday enroute to Portland from San Francisco. --Review.   +

AHB  [Tot-MP] fruit    MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900    
Complete new line of groceries just received at  A H Black & Co.     /  A. H.
Black & have been turning out a fine quality of prunes at their evaporator the
last week. They will evaporate a large amount of prunes this year.   /    A H
Black paid Marshfield a business visit the first of the week.   +

Visiting  name  MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900    Stewart Lyons and wife, Coq,
visiting friends this place Tue.  

Allied   RR  utility  MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900
o The Railroad Company's telephone line connecting the depot at this place
with Marshfield, Coquille and Beaver Hill was completed Monday, and is a
great convenience to train men and those having business with the company. 
+  [cp]
other mining  animal locale?  name  MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900
 M G Pohl, Sixes miner, came down fm the mines Wed.  Mr. Pohl informs us
Harrison Bros have been unable to work their mine for some time owing to
scarcity of water.  

Alaska mining  name  MPE (c-g) Aug 31, 1900  
[ lengthy article on Dan Barklow being home fm Cape Nome.]

Animal  locales  other-coal     MPE (d-a)  Aug 31 1900
The Pony slough mud flats, mouth of Haynes slough and the Flats in front of
the Hardy mine, were fairly alive with wild ducks last week.  Usually the big
flights of ducks do not put in an appearance until the first week in October,
and their advent at this time shows that there must have been a very early
spring in Alaska.  +

Agric-crop  outside-locale name  MPE (d-a)  Sept 7, 1900.
Albert Volkmar, John Belieu, and the Huntley boys left Tuesday For the hop
yards in the Umpqua valley.  + 

Hermann  Govt  character  MPE (d-a)  Sept 7, 1900
Hon. Binger Hermann, commissioner of the General land Office, Washington,
D C., arrived in Roseburg last Friday evening, accompanied by his estimable
wife, to enjoy a brief visit with a host of friends in this their old home town. 
Mr. Hermann is a very busy man, the duties of his office being very arduous,
and while on this his annual visit to his Oregon home, a great portion of his
time will be taken up with matters pertaining to his office, such as visiting the
various land offices of this state, Washington and Idaho, and the Inspector
General's Office at Portland.  After a brief visit here, Mr and Mrs Hermann
will visit with their son S B Hermann and other Coos county relatives and
friends for a few days and then proceed on the journey to the other parts of the
state. --Plaindealer.  +

Health  outing  name MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900  
Mrs. Dr. Roberds and her daughter Miss Kate went to Bandon Thur for

Visiting  name MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900   Wm. Page and wife left last Fri for
Idaho to visit Mrs. Page's mother.   /  L W Traver and wife returned Wed fm
visit to Marshfield.  

Paper  name  MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900  
Editor E E Johnson of Coq Bulletin and H A Curren thru town Wed enroute
SF not q   

Health  Tot-MP  MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900  
Dr. Roberds putting in shelving and improving drug store. not q 

School  Tot   prices MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900
Gravel Ford Academy will open to receive students October 15th.  Tuition
$1.50 to $2.50 month; board , $2.00 week.  All non-resident students must see
principal before arranging for boarding place. not q.  

Health   Giles   MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900    
D. Giles confined to his room this wk with severe attack of the grip, but now
much improved.  

Visiting  locale   MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900   
Mrs. B F Figg, who been visiting with their daughter, Mrs. W T Dement,
South Fork, returned to their home near Coq today.

Other-coal  Coq-river  Srh  Tot    MPE (d-a) Sept 7, 1900
Coos Bay News.  It is rumored that the Riverton coal mine, on the Coquille,
has received an order from a San Francisco firm for 2000 tons of coal per
month, the firm to supply vessels for shipment.  +

Lhc-Pop    MPE (d-a)  Sept 14,1900   Population Portland 90,400+;   in 1890
was 46,300+.    

AHB   prices  MPE (d-a)  Sept 14, 1900
A H Black suits and overcoats fm $11 up; exquisite styles in dress with choice
and elegant imported fabrics and our superior fit  not f q 

Health  name   MPE (d-a)  Sept 14. 1900   Dr. Leep has so far recovered as to
be able to be on the streets again.  +  

Visiting name  MPE (d-a) Sept 14, 1900    Miss Maud DeNeveu, Marshfield,
visiting this place as guest Mrs A. Short.  

Tot-MP  lbr MPE (_d-a) Sept 14, 1900    
W E Dietz has placed lumber on the ground and will soon begin a new

Joaquin-Miller??   Paper  poem   MPE (d-a) Sept 14, 1900   
Maud Muller -- the same old Maud once more -- was still engaged in her
oldtime chore.  But as she raked at the meadow hay, she was all togged out in
a scrumptious way, and all could see as that  way they trod, that there was
nothing special the matter with Maud.  And she had such a saucy quirk to her
eye, that the old judge stopped as he rode by;  but when through the gate he
fain would pass,  Maud cried, "Say, Whiskers, keep off the grass."   +

AHB visiting  MPE (d-b) Sept 14, 1900 
Mrs. A H Black and her parents Mr and Mrs Edward Maguire, went to
Bandon today for a weeks visit.

Health Srh  locale MPE (d-b)  Sept 14, 1900
Anna, 15 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Thompson, drowned in the
river near her home opposite Johnson's mill, Mon.    [M is this head, or not f
q?]  She, with a young brother aged about 10 or 12 years, was in bathing and
she fell from a log into deep water and sank before assistance could reach her. 
The body was recovered in a short time but resuscitation [sic] was impossible. 
The funeral took place at Coquille City Wednesday.  +

Hermann  visiting   MPE (d-b) Sept 14, 1900  
Schiller Hermann and family arrived in this city last Thursday from Myrtle
Point by private conveyance.  Mr. Hermann and family are enjoying a
pleasant visit with his father and mother who are lately arrived in this city
from Washington.  For the first time in many years every member in the
immediate family of Hon. Binger Hermann have assembled at the old home in
this city, hence the visit is rendered the more enjoyable and interesting. --
Plaindealer. not f q.

Tot-Name MPE (d-b) Sept 14, 1900  
W J Buttler [sp?], Marshfield, looking after business here Tue.

Tot-Marshfield   Music   MPE (d-b) Sept 14, 1900     
J. Lineback, Marshfield music dealer, looking after business interests at this
place. + 

Health Tot-MP  school?  MPE (d-b) Sept 14. 1900    
All the latest and most improved materials used by Dr. Strange in all dental
work.  He has recently taken a post graduate course and is full up to date in all
kinds of work.  +   

 Name  other-mining  locale?  MPE (d-b) Sept 14, 1900    
DeWitt Clinton has some valuable mining claims in Sixes.  He returned to this
place this wk. not q at all.

Allied   Srh   Graham  character  MPE (d-b)   Sept 14, 1900
o [same article in MPE as I already have fm Plaindealer, verbatim, of Graham
activities in Portland with shipping and being an energetic man.

Srh disaster  climate  MPE (d-b)  September 21, l900.
[lengthy article abt people of Galveston being caught like rats.  Hurricane.
Dead number nearly 1000.  Nearly all the soldiers at the fort drowned. 
Terrible thing.]

Allied  Chandler RR MPE (d-b) Sept 21,1900.
Manager Chandler has under consideration the acceptance of a new site for
the railroad depot at Coquille City, in the Collier field, adjoining town.  It is
the intention to have a survey made this week, after which other matters will
be decided upon.  +

AHB  agric-fruit    MPE (d-b)  Sept 21, 1900
A H Black & Co have started the fall run of their fruit evaporator and are
turning off an excellent grade of evaporated apples.  They will have several
months run and will turn out a large quantity of fruit for shipment.  The
evaporator is in operation both day and night and in a 24 hours run turns off
about 800 pounds and gives employment to 10 or 12 persons.  Such an
enterprise is a great value to the town and surrounding country as it gives
employment to several hands and also affords the farmers a market for their
fruit.   +

Hermann road   govt   MPE (d-b) Sept 21, 1900
[Binger Hermann arr this place Wed eve.]  He spent the day Thursday in
renewing old acquaintances and today went to Marshfield, returning to this
place tomorrow, and will leave for Roseburg by Tuesday's stage.  Mr.
Hermann very much regrets that his visit to this place, his old home, should be
such a hurried one, but his official duties require his immediate presence in
Washington and Idaho.  +

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