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AHB fruit  MPE (d-c)  Oct 5, 1900
A H Black & Co have furnished their fruit evaporator with wooden trays
which are a great improvement over the wire ones formerly used.  They have
3000 pounds of fine prunes ready for shipment.  +  

Health  AHB  MPE (d-c) Oct 5, 1900    
Miss Addie Black has been quite ill this week, but is now convalescent, we
are glad to report. +

Entertain   name MPE (d-c)  Oct 5, 1900   
On last Friday evening a pleasant party given at the home of M/M L W Deyoe
in honor of their daughter Miss Daisy's 17th birthday. not q. 

Climate  AHB  organiz  MPE (d-c) Oct 5, 1900
During the heavy rain Monday night shavings and debris damned the
waterspout on the roof of A H Black & Co's store causing an overflow which
resulted in considerable damage to goods in the front part of the store, also the
goods belonging to Masonic Lodge in hall above. n q

Tot-MP  Hermann  circus-theatric  dance  prices   MPE (d-c) Oct 3, 1900
vaGodfrey's Vaudeville Co, assisted by Miss Libbie Buzan, will appear at the
opera house one night only Monday, Oct 8th, in the production, "A Night At
The Circus." This will positively be Godfrey's last appearance in Myrtle Point
as he goes direct east after his Coos county engagement.  Tickets can be
secured at Hermann's store, and reserved without extra charge.  Admission 50
and 25 cents.  Free dance after the show.  +

Hermann  govt   outside-Tot  MPE  (d-c) Oct 3, 1900
Binger Hermann left Portland for Tacoma, will go through Idaho.  Combining
business with pleasure of tour of US to visit land offices and offices of the
Surveyors General. not q  

Locale name   MPE (d-c)  Oct 3, 1900
Matthew Ahr --tresspassers at Sugarloaf will be prosecuted. not q at all.

Other-mining  locale?  MPE (d-c) Oct 3, 1900  
Geo. Hall has leased Salmon Mtn mine; in town this wk on business
connected with mines not q.

AHB  Tot-MP   utility    MPE (d-c) Oct 3, 1900
[still lists A H Black as ] chairman of city council which met this wk. 
Following claims allowed: Huling & Lundy, fees for lamp poles. [M note: this
would have been before electric lights.] 

Tot-Coq/outside   name MPE (d-c) Oct 3, 1900 
 CBNews.  Fred SIagle of Medford in town last wk on his way to Coq where
he intends opening a tailor shop. not q 

Srh  MPE (d-c) Oct 3, 1900  
CB News.   Report of Capt WW Harts on Coq R. improvements.

Health   pioneer  locale   MPE (d-c)  Oct 12, 1900
Grandma Krantz died at her home on the East Fork Oct 9, age 63. She was a
pioneer lady of Coos not q

Health civil-war-veteran  MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900   
C D Elliott, old and respected citizen of Coquille died Thur Oct 4 at age 63.
Veteran of Civil War in which he received injuries fm which he has suffered.
not q.  

Alaska-mining   Srh name  conditions  MPE Oct 12, 1900
John Berry and son Horace, who went to Cape Nome on Zenith, returned.
Nome country a rich mining field, but entire country has been located by
powers attorney.  [more if needed, but not in my notes.]  [ie, men have no
choice in the claims they get, and often find they have been allotted something
that can't produce].

Paper  moving MPE (d-c)   Oct 12, 1900   J S McEwen formerly of Coq City
Herald, to Calif to reside.  

Vital stat   church  names   MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900  
W H Lyons and Miss Marvin Lamb Coq, united by Rev C A Hyatt, pastor. 
not q.  

Health  name  MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900
A G Aiken, Marshfield, and his niece Miss Ray Collier, Coq, at the bedside of
their brother and uncle David Aiken who suffered stroke a couple wks ago
and still in helpless condition.  (Review.) not q.

Novelty-wood  MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900 
Coos Bay News.  The match factory started up yesterday, Monday morning. 

Srh other-coal  Coq-R  MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900  
Coos Bay News.  Stmr Arago to take coal fm Timon's mine on Coq.  

Allied RR   MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900
Another boxcar is being finished at the car shops and another caboose is to be
built immediately.  + 

Allied   Isthmus-locale  other-coal   MPE (d-c) Oct 12, 1900
Wall Bros. have seven men at work, running a rock tunnel in the coal vein on
their property on Isthmus slough.  They found the coal by sinking a shaft, and
they estimate that in three weeks they will strike the vein with the tunnel.  +

Allied RR&  MPE (d-d) Oct 12, 1900
o The necessary material is being obtained and preparations are being made at
the car shops to build an elegant passenger day coach for the C B R & R 0R. 
Manager Chandler is giving employment to home workmen, instead of
purchasing a ready made coach, and several mechanics will soon be employed
at the shops.  +

items  AHB   MPE (d-d) Oct 12, 1900   Pocket knives and scissors, A H
Black's    not q  

Allied  RR  MPE (d-d)  Oct 12, 1900
o  The work of clearing the ground for the new depot, Coquille, commenced
Monday.  The building  will be large and commodious, and will be a
convenience to shippers and the traveling public.

Allied RR locale   MPE (d-d) October 19, 1900  o J C Haynes came over fm
Coos City on today's train.  

Allied BH  visiting  names MPE (d-d) Oct 19, 1900 
o Mrs.  H Pullen, of Beaver Hill, is visiting with Mrs Dan Barklow at this
place.   + 

Allied  health name  paper  pioneer  boomer  MPE (d-d)  Oct 19, 1900
o [indir.  ]   Geo Bennett, native, Bandon Ireland, died at his home short
distance below Bandon, Mon Oct 15, 77 yrs. Got up in morning, started to
town, becoming tired sat down on log by roadside to rest, and suddenly passed
away.  He was pioneer, enthusiastic over the future of Bandon as a summer
and health resort and frequently contributed articles along those lines to
publications.  J W and G A Bennett, his sons, reside at Marshfield; former a
prominent attorney and banker, and the latter the editor of the Coos Bay
News. not q.

other-mining  locale?  MPE (d-d) Oct 19, 1900  
Robt Harrison, Sixes mines, will work the St. Patrick [mine]' this winter. not q

visiting  Tot-name   MPE (d-d) Oct 19, 1900 
George Ferry, Marshfield, visited friends at this place this wk. 

Health? Name   MPE (d-d) Oct 19, 1900   
 Roland Leep has been seriously ill, but condition now improved.  

Pioneer   name  Tot-name  MPE (d-d) Oct 19, 1900 
Capt. W H Harris is quite ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J A Lehnherr,
of this city. +

Other-coal  name MPE (d-d)  Oct 19, 1900
W J Floyd and family moved to Riverton Tue, where Mr. Floyd has secured
employment in the coal mines.

Agric-  name  moving  Tot-Coq    MPE (d-d)  Oct 19, 1900
(Port Orford Tribune) Dave Carey came down fm Coq last wk to settle up his
business and move family to Coq where they will make their home. Mr. Carey
has sold his interest in Curry including sheep, cattle, and lease a large stock
ranch known as the Carey ranch to W D Cook and Ira S Smith. not F q

school  name locale   MPE (d-d)  October 26,1900.
Miss Birdie Walker is home teaching a term of school at Lampey Creek.  

School Tot-Coq   MPE (d-d(  Oct 26, 1900     The Academy at Coq. will open
Nov 5. 

Tot-Dora  name   MPE (d-d)  Oct 26, 1900     J O Stemmler, Dora, in town

Name  MPE (_d-d) Oct 26, 1900   
Miss Minnie McCracken to Marshfield today, where will remain indefinitely. 

Novelty-wood  name  Allied  Srh?  MPE (d-d)  Oct 26, 1900    
Carter Bros shipped three carloads of ship knees to   L  J Simpson at
Marshfield by today's train. + 

Name Allied?  MPE (d-d) Oct 26, 1900  
o? William Chandler has moved his family to town for the winter. [M. doesn't
say WS. Prob is UR name instead of  "the" Chandler]

Vital-stat  Tot-name   MPE (d-d)  Oct 26, 1900  
George L. Ferry and Miss Bertha DeWeese, both Marshfield, married at Coq
Oct. 18.

Pioneer  name  health    MPE (d-d) Oct 26, 1900       
Capt W H Harris, who has been quite ill for the past two weeks, was on the
streets again Thursday. +    /  Miss Mary Harris returned to this place fm
Pasadena where she'd been for abt yr not q.  [M.  related to WH Harris?  ]

Allied RR  MPE (d-d) Oct 26,1900
o  Manager Chandler of the C B R R Co came over on Monday's train to look
after business along the line.  +

name  fair  racing  MPE (d-d) Oct 26, 1900
Coos Bay News.  F P Norton has leased C H Merchant's interest in the race
track grounds.   

Allied  RR  MPE (d-d)  Oct 26, 1900
o The construction train has been out for several days cleaning cuts, ditches,
etc, getting road in shape for winter. not q.

Health-indir   visiting  MPE (d-e) Nov 2, 1900   Mrs. K A Leep returned today
fm visit to relatives at Coq.  

Novelty-wood   boomer  road-travel   MPE (d-e) Nov 2, 1900
Elbert Dyer, the enterprising proprietor of the Bandon broomhandle factory,
arrived in Roseburg Friday by private conveyance enroute to San Francisco on
a business trip.  He reported fall business lively in Coos county.  --
Plaindealer. +  

Visiting name Giles   MPE (d-e) Nov 2 1900     S.C. Giles returned Tue fm
visit to Bandon. 

Srh  climate misc word  MPE (d-e) Nov 2, 1900   
Schnr Mizpah has been off the bar for 2 wks waiting opportunity to come into
river and 3 of the barbound schnrs in river have been towed to sea.

Srh  health  visiting  UR   MPE (d-e)  Nov 2, 1900
Alex Snyder, engineer on the steamboat Favorite, had the misfortune to get
the thumb of his left hand caught between the house on the boat and a box of
freight which he was helping to take aboard, last Monday morning with the
result that the bone of the thumb was broken and the flesh torn considerably. 
The injury will lay him off for some time and Alex and his wife have gone to
visit relatives on the upper river.--Recorder.   +

Tot-MP   condit-signs-times  MPE (d-e)  Nov 2, 1900 
The curfew bell is now rung at 8 o'clock, and youths should be required to
seek the parental roof promptly at that time.  + 

Holiday  MPE  (d-e)  Nov 2, 1900
 Thursday morning showed that Halloween night had been properly celebrated
in Myrtle Point.  Signs were torn down, gates taken away, etc., but no damage
was done. +   

real estate   name  locale[near MP]  outside-Tot   MPE (d-e)  Nov  2, 1900
 C H Southmayd, of Humboldt county, Cal., has purchased farm of H
Lewellen abt 1 1/2 miles fm this place for $3000.
not q.

RE name Giles  locale-near-MP  outside-Tot  MPE (d-e)  Nov 2, 1900
D Giles has sold his farm south of this place 366 acres to J A Davenport,
Humboldt Co. Mr. Giles has purchased the Sowash place north of town for
$2400. not q.

Tot-multi visiting   name MPE (d-e)  Nov 2, 1900
W O Corbin, Sixes, visited his son, W H Corbin, in this place this wk. 

Racism??  Conditions?  MPE (d-e) Nov 2, 1900 
Five of our local Chinese, some of whom have long resided in Roseburg, took
their departure for the flowery kingdom Saturday evening where they
contemplate remaining.  Just what prompted them to go in these turbulent
times in China is not known. --Plaindealer.  +

Road  climate transport animal    MPE  (d-e)  Nov 2, 1900
The Roseburg-Marshfield Stage Co have taken off their wagons and are
carrying the mail with packhorses.  The roads are so rough that they cannot
get through on time with vehicles.  +

Locale  other-mining    MPE  (d-e) Nov 2, 1900
T J Green, down fm the Sixes. Has just finished putting in a sawmill for
Guerin Bros who have contract for constructing an 1800 ft flume for the
Thompson-Searles mining Co of Seattle, plume [sic? or was it flume?] to be
built in the canyon of the South Sixes.  Placer grounds have been very rich in
course gold so they expect to realize.   not q at all.  [more if needed; but not in
M's notes.]

Name  health   MPE  (d-e) Nov 2, 1900
Hon J H Upton who has been confined to his room for two years or more,
with paralysis, has so far recovered as to be able to walk from one room to
another without assistance. (P 0 Tribune)   +

Politic  Tot-MP  Hermann  AHB  name Allied  music  
MPE (d-e) Nov 2, 1900
Senator Fulton of Astoria addressed the citizens of Coos county in the
Hermann opera hall Wednesday evening from a Republican standpoint.  Hon
A H Black presided at the meeting and the introduction was made by Attorney
J W Bennett of Marshfield.  A special train was run from Marshfield bringing
over 200 persons from there and 100 from Coquille, making it the largest
crowd to ever assemble to hear a political address.  The Myrtle Point,
Marshfield, and North Bend bands furnished music. not q

Srh  utility  other-coal  locale   MPE (d-e) Nov 2, 1900
CBNews.  The roof of the shipyard shed has been completed.  Electric lights
have also been added.  The "sump" in the coal shaft at Coos City, has been
finished, and the work of sinking the shaft has been resumed. +

Fair & racing  name  MPE (d-f)  Nov 2, 1900
CBNews   The Marshfield Racing & Fair Association have made
arrangements for an extension of time and new lease of the race track.  The
directors of the association are E A Anderson, E G Flananan, R C Cordes, L
Clemmensen, John Bear and Levi Heisner.

School  church-indir  name  MPE (d-f)  Nov 2, 1900
The Academy will open November 6th providing a sufficient number of
students enroll themselves. The course of study to be carried out will fit pupils
who enter college to any who desire to do so [quite a long list of what going to
teach, including] Greek, Latin, geometry, advanced algebra, rhetoric,
elocution, etc. Those wishing to attend will communicate at once with Miss
Katherine Maddocks or Reverend Robert Innis, Coquille City, Oregon.  +

AHB  health  obit   saying MPE [d-f]  November 9,1900
Martha Rosalind Black, wife of A H Black, died at her home in this city at 4
o'clock Monday morning after an illness of six weeks.  Earnest and careful
attention on the part of the physicians and nursing by loving parents, a
devoted husband and sympathetic neighbors, were of no avail, and the light of
her life was extinguished, so far as this world is concerned, and her soul took
its flight into the realms of eternity. 
     The deceased was born at Macomb, Ill, on October 17, 1855, and was
therefore 45 years and 18 days of age at the time of her death.  She graduated
from the schools in that city, where she taught for a number of years,
afterwards teaching in the schools of Nebraska until November 4th, 1896,
when she was united in  marriage to A H Black, at her home at Macomb, Ill. 
Mrs. Black was a highly esteemed and honored lady, and her death caused a
general gloom in the community, and the expression of grief and respect was 
     Funeral services were conducted at the family residence Tuesday afternoon
at 4 o'clock by Rev. Robt. Ennis, of the Presbyterian church, of which the
deceased was a life member, and on Wednesday morning Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Maguire started with the remains of their daughter for her old home at
Macomb, Ill, where she will be laid to rest in the family burying ground.   +

Alaska-mining  Srh  name Giles  animal?  MPE (d-f)  Nov 9, 1900
S P Dunlop of Norway who went to Cape Nome on the schooner Zenith arr.
this place this morning.  He informs us Sam Currier and J H Giles have
secured a dog team and will spend the winter in vicinity Nome. nq  [M. quite
an article; but this all I have in notes.] 

Vital-stat  AHB      MPE  (d-f)  Nov 9, 1900 
Born at Marshfield, November 2, 1900 to the wife of A J Black, a son.  + 

Allied  Graham  Srh  MPE (d-f) Nov 9, 1900
o The steamer Eva, which was recently loaded in Portland with merchandise
for the Orient by R A Graham, is reported lost in the China Seas.  + 

AHB  MPE (d-f) Nov 9, 1900
A J Black returned to Marshfield Wednesday.  He will return to this place in
the near future and resume the position he formerly held with A H Black &
Co.   /    Large new stock of canned goods at A H Black. not q

Name  other coal  Srh   Tot    MPE (d-f) Nov 9, 1900
A company that will carry on business in Coos county was recently organized
in San Francisco, the officers of the concern being E T Kruse, of San
Francisco, president; Captain A. Reed, vice-president; and H E Pennell,
secretary.  The company has came [print] into possession of the Liberty mine
at Riverton, which is showing up in first class condition and experts claim, has
the finest vein of coal in the county.  There is already a cargo of coal in the
bunkers and the company has chartered the steamer Mandalay to carry its coal
to market.  The Mandalay has her boilers and engines in position and should
be ready for sea the latter part of the month.  She will have all the modern
passenger conveniences. --Sun.   +

Name  visiting   MPE  (d-g) Nov 9, 1900
Mrs E B Lane and Mrs. Strahon [sic] visited with friends Coq today. 

Name  Tot-Coq mill   MPE (d-g) Nov 9, 1900
 W S Perry who for past 3 yrs has successfully managed the Lyons Estate at
Coq retired fm that position Nov 1 and will go to Calif.  

Alaska-mining  name  MPE (d-g)  Nov 9, 1900   W E Lundy arr Roseburg
enroute fm Cape Nome.  

Allied  Srh  other-coal  MPE (d-g) Nov 9, 1900
o [indir]  Stmr Arago took on 250 tons tons coal at Timon's coal mine at
Riverton last wk. Gives her a draft of 8 ft and will take another 100 tons to
make her draw 9 ft water.  

Srh  MPE  (d-g) Nov 9, 1900 [list of] river improvements between Coq and

Allied  BH MPE  (d-g)  Nov 9, 1900
o Coos Bay News.  Work is being pushed on the new mine at Beaver Hill. 
Manager Chandler has added considerably to the force of miners employed
there.  +

name  novety-wood item    MPE (d-g) Nov. 16, 1900.
Matthew Ahr shipped a large piece of myrtle wood to San Francisco this
morning which is to be used in making musical instruments.   

Health   pioneer  CoqValley  character  MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 1900
 Died, Coq Nov 9, Joseph Collier, 83 yr.  A pioneer of Coq Valley and had
been identified with the growth and upbuilding of Coq for a number of yrs.

Health   MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 1900  Roseburg physicians say epidemic of
typhoid imminent. not q at all.

Entertain-dance  name  MPE (d-g)  Nov 16, 1900
 Masquerade ball given by E A Stauff at this place last Saturdav night vy
enjoyable affair; abt 60 masks and large # of spectators. not 'q. [more; but not
in news notes.]

Utility prices   MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 1900
The gasoline street lamps for this place were put in operation Tuesday night.
500 candlepower each.  The four placed on Spruce street gives the street as
good a light as is found in towns lighted by electric lights and gives a steadier
light.  Cost putting in, incl. poles and wires, amounts abt $20 ea.  Expense of
operating the 4 amounts to abt 30 c a night.  Remainder of old lamps should
he done away with and replaced with new lights. not  q

Allied    Srh  outside-Tot  MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 1900       The steamer Eva,
which was reported lost in the China sea, has safely arrived at Vladivostock. +

AHB   MPE (d-g)  Nov 16, 1900
A J Black came over from Marshfield Monday and has assumed his old
position in A H Black & Co's store. + 

Alaska-mining  name Giles   MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 1900
W E Lundy returned home from Cape Nome.  Went up in company with J H
Giles and Sam Currier not q.   

Tot-Coq  outside-Tot   name   MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 2900
C M Skeels who came here recently with his family from Coquille, and
purchased W H Howard's store, has in turn sold out to Elder George C Carl
who will take charge of the business abt lst of next mo.  Mr. Skeels will return
to Coq.  --Newburg Graphic. not q

AHB   vital-stat  outside-Tot   MPE (d-g) Nov 16, 1900
Mr, and Mrs. Edward Maguire arrived safely at Macomb, Ill, Wednesday,
with the remains of their daughter, Mrs. A H Black, where they took the body
for interment.  Funeral services were conducted Thursday at Macomb where
the deceased had resided a larger portion of her life since childhood, many
relatives and a large concourse of old friends being present to evidence their
high regard of their friend and former associate.  The remains were interred
[sic] in the Oak Hill cemetery at Macomb, Ill.  +

Tot-MP?  Novelty-wood  Srh  MPE (d-g)  Nov 23, 1900.
S E Johnson & Co shipped a lot of ship knees to San Francisco on the
Mandalay.  + 

Tot-Coq  livery  name  MPE (d-g) Nov 23, 1900
W C Benham has bought out the barn and livery business of Col. Harry at

AHB  MPE (d-g) Nov 23, 2900   
A J Black has purchased the residence property of E C Green, on the corner of
Spruce street and Railroad Avenue, and will soon move his family there. +

Name  invention  transport  MPE (d-h) Nov 23, 1900
W W Endicott returned from Portland Saturday where he had been in the
interest of his patent wagon tire adjuster.  He informs us that he could have
sold any amount of territory, but could not get the work necessary to be done
on the device done in Portland. [sic]

AHB  health  travel  MPE (d-h)  Nov 23, 1900
J A Black and sister Addie Black, departed Wednesday for San Francisco. 
Mr. Black will return in about two weeks, and Miss Black will return to
Ashland, at which place she will spend the winter in the hopes of benefitting
her health. Her many friends at this place hope that she will return fully
recovered.  +

Health   Tot-Marshfield?  MPE (d-h) Nov 23, 1900
From the Coos Bay News.  Accident at stave mill.  Albert Wickstrom lost his
right forearm. [more if needed, but not in newspaper notes.]

Vital-stat  name  MPE (d-h)   Nov 30,1900.  Born, Bandon, Nov 21, to M/M J
C Moomaw, son. 

Novelty-wood&  crop Tot-Arago  MPE  (d-h) Nov 30, 1900    H A Todd,
Arago broom manufacturer, in town Tue.  

Name  curry-co  visiting  MPE (d-h) Nov 30, 1900  
County Supt Guerin of Curry Co the guest of his brother G H Guerin this
place Mon. 

Other-mining    locale name     MPE (d-h)  Nov 30, 1900
Wm Page and Johnny MIcCullock to Salmon Mtn to try hand at prospecting. 
[brief abt Salmon Gulch]   

Paper  Name  organize  health-indir   MPE (d-h) Nov 30, 1900
B C Lehmanowsky and C M Short to Marshfield to attend a mtg of Masonic
Lodge;  Dr. K A Leep, over professional business, and S E Johnson went to
take care of rest of crowd. not q.

Allied  RR  Chandler    MPE (d-h) Nov 30, 1900
Chandler came over on Monday's train looking after business connected with
the railroad. +   

church-indir  Tot-coq  disaster   MPE  (d-h) Nov 30, 1900
A house belonging to Lyons Estate Coq, destroyed by fire Tue eve. House
occupied by Rev Robt Ennis.  Clothing, papers, library destroyed. not q

Tot-Eckley  mill  other-mining  name  MPE (d-h) Nov 30, 1900
Eckley Items.  The Guerin Bros have completed their sawmill on Butcher
Gulch, tributary to South Sixes.  Also have constructed 1800 ft flume for
mining company for deep diggings on South Sixes, the Wagner mine,
Thompson and Searles, Hoquiam.

Allied  BH  Chandler   MPE (d-h) Nov 30, 1900
o Coos Bay News.  Manager Chandler is rushing the work as rapidly as
possible in opening the new mine at Beaver Hill, and the old mine is also
being attended to.  +  / o Several cars of Beaver Hill coal were brought down
lately.  There is a great demand for this coal, which is put on the market in
first-class shape. +

 name animal  misc-tale  MPE (d-h)  Nov 30, 1900
[lengthy article in December 1 paper abt Wm Page and McCulloch meeting up
with wild man or bear.  lst part been torn out.  His body was covered with

[M 2004   Dec 1 can't be right date (unless paper changed publication day)]

School  MPE (d-i) Dec 1, 1900.  school enrollment Marshfield,  345.

Agric-fruit   MPE (d-i) Dec 1, 1900    
McFarlin cranberries [more  but not in news notes.]

Other coal  Coq-valley?  Srh locale  MPE (d-i) Dec. 7, 1900
Active work progressing in Liberty mine, Riverton, under supervision Supt
Campbell.  10 men at work. Expected output to reach 50 tons per day in few
weeks. Development of Coquille coal mines of vast importance now as
continuance of direct stmr transportation between Coq. R and SF depends on
output of coal fm Riverton. not q. (B.Recorder).

School  visiting  name  MPE (d-i)  Dec 7, 1900  Miss Laura Wise. tchr Coq,
visiting parents MP this wk. 

Xmas Hermann  Tot-MP  MPE (d-i)  Dec 7, 1900
All children of Myrtle Point and vicinity under 10 years of age are invited to
call at Schiller B. Hermann's store on Christmas Eve December 24 from 4 to 5
o'clock bringing a card from their parents giving the date of their birth and
Santa Claus will give them a Christmas present.  + [except punctuation. ]

Allied  Tot-Marshfield   Graham   other coal   organiz-indir  
MPE (d-i) Dec 1, 1900.
Mrs. R. A. Graham was the purchaser of the stock of tools belonging to the
Beaver Coal Co., which has been stored in the Odd Fellow's building for some
time past. They were sold at receiver's sale and the price paid was $2000. +

School-indir  church  moving  MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900. 
J L. Futrell and family of Coquille have gone to Texas to reside.

Fair  name  MPE (d-i) Dec  7, 1900  
L W Deyoe and wife attended mid-winter carnival at Marshfield this wk. 

Tot-Coq  outside-Tot  name MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900 
C M Skeels turned over management of Fair Store to G C Carl Mon. morning. 
He and his family left for Coquille. --Newburg Graphic. 

Dance  music  Xmas  MPE (d-i)   Dec 7, 1900
Masquerade ball given by Crescent band Xmas night happy success. not q   

Health  MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900   chicken pox going the rounds in Coq. not q

AHB   MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900 
The family of A. J. Black came over from Marshfield Tuesday to reside at this
place.  Miss Harris, a cousin of Mrs. Black's, accompanied them.  not f q  

AHB  agric-fruit  MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900. 
A.H. Black fruit evaporator closed its season.  Have abt 12 tons evaporated
fruit for shipment. not q.

Xmas  church entertain poetic-indir  MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900
A large Xmas trees were given [sic] at ME ch and ME ch south, Xmas eve. ;
trees being lighted. [very poetic; more if needed, but not in news notes.]  not q

Tot-MP  item  Giles   MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900
Miss Giles millinery store just received the most complete assortment of
South Sea Island shells and shell novelties ever brought to Coos Co. not q. 

Allied   health  Mingus   MPE (d-i) Dec 7, 1900     o  Dr.  Mingus, of Beaver
Hill, visited MP Wed. not q.    

Orher-mining  MPE (d-i)  Dec 7, 1900   [ list of Rusty Butte Items.]

AHB  visiting  MPE (d-i) Dec 14, 1900.
J. A. Black  returned from a business and pleasure trip to San Francisco, last
Saturday.  His sister, Miss Addie Black, who accompanied him to San
Francisco, is enjoying a visit with friends in Los Angeles.  +

Other-coal  name locale MPE (d-i) Dec 14, 1900
W J Holmes, SF, accompanied by a number of coal miners, arr this place Wed
and will go up to Sixes and commence work on the coal mines. not q [more, if
needed; but not in news notes.] 

School  misc  name  MP  MPE (d-i) Dec 14, 1900
Miss Josie Beyers, tchr public school MP, threw note in bottle. Someone in
Calif found it and wrote to her.

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