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Coos Bay News    Marshfield (Coos Bay), OR.
MAY -SEPT 1901   fragments

Gage  Gallier  News5  May 28, 1901  
   ...The sheriff [sic] has offered a reward of $350 {M. not sure whether it says
$250 or $350] for the arrest of Landis, and several parties are out in h  hope
[print] of securing it. W. W. Gage, ex-sheriff, was in town yesterday, and on
learning of the reward, rushed for Empire, to take a hand in the chase.
   It has now developed that Landis, Daily [sic], and a man employed at Gage's
camp, left Marshfield together on Sunday morning, May 19. They kept in
company as far as the Junction, where the logger turned off for the camp, and
Daily and Landis continued along the railroad track towards Coquille City. 
Cedar Point is a little over a mile on this side of Coquille City, and it was
probably after dark when they reached there.

Crime Landis  News3  May 28, 1901; June 4, 1901.  (Landis).


Landis  Gage  Gallier  locales  News3 June 19, 1901 
We mentioned last week that W.W. Gage was after a man on Coos river,
whom, it was thought, might be Landis; but it turned out to be a wild goose
chase.  The last authentic information regarding Landis is that he was seen at
Arlington, Or., on June 7th, by a lawyer from Eugene, who recognized him
and talked to him.  The lawyer had not heard anything about the murder at that
time; but on returning to Eugene and learning of it, he at once notified the
authorities, who telegraphed to Sheriff Gallier.  The deputy sheriff, Ed.
Gallier, was at Roseburg at the time, on his return from Salem, and he
proceeded at once to Arlington.  Several days had then elapsed since Landis
had been seen, and it is very probable that he is well into the British
possessions by this time.


RAG  Srh News3 July 2, 1901. 
[contains R A Graham, the hot air in NY, sucker crop in England, his
steamship lines; but seems to me it contains some new info I don’t have.]  [all
tt in news notes.]

AHB  Srh  News3  July 2, 1901. 
Miss Mary Black, pasenger on outgoing Arcata, at Mfd agency.  [all tt in

Isthmus  name  fruit  climate  News3  July 9, 1901.
Z  T Siglin of the Isthmus, t. [Marshfield].  Says blackberry crop his
neighborhood will be small this season, though promised well before the June

Silk natl  News3  July 9, 1901  Coos Bay News random July 16, 1901.
Natl filler, Silk and silk trade.

BH condit  name  News4   Aug 13, 1901. 
[article on Beaver Coal Company bankrupt; mostly same as I already had,
except tt is lengthy on A.;H. Kerr who took judgement against the company; I
don’t remember having that.  M note.] 


BH name health  News4  Sept 10, 1901. 
Patsy Gaffey, an old and well known resident of the bay, died yesterday at
Beaver Hill.  +

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