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San Francisco Examiner          San Francisco,  CA.

AUGUST 1901  fragments

Bicycle  health   outside-Tot  SF-1  Aug l9, 1901
Oakland, August 18. --While riding in a tandem motor bicycle on Webster street
today E. F. Rose, a machinist residing at 36 Telegraph avenue, caught his shoe in
the wheel chain and before the machine could be caught his foot was drawn
between the cog wheels and the ankle bone was crushed.
     Rose was out riding with Charles Magee. They were going swiftly down
Webster street and when at the corner of Fourteenth street Rose's shoe caught in
the chain. Both men were thrown violently to the ground but Magee escaped
uninjured. Rose was taken to the Receiving Hospital for treatment and later was
removed to his home. He will probably lose his foot. +

Misc-cosmic  outside-locale  ooutside-mining-indir  outside-Srh-indir  
SF-1 Aug 19, 1901
An immense meteor fell in western part of Harqua Hala [as typed] desert near
Colorado river last night, lighting up country for 100's miles, explode w/crash
heard south to Yuma and e. to Wickenberg. [dateline is Phoenix] Scattered
fragments over wide area.  At Phoenix many persons saw the meteor as for a
moment it threw great light after a long fall and when apparently still several
miles from the earth it exploded like a rocket with a shower of fire.
     Passengers on a stmr bound down Colorado river fm Castle Dome say meteor
exploded at point almost opp tt place and some pieces fell in a mining camp 10 mi
away.; followed imm by a heavy storm over wide territory, most unusual
and rapid drop in temp, mercury going down nearly 40 0 near Castle Dome; [even
in Phoenix, temp lower than has been known in 2 mo.]

outside-mining/Tot   SF-1 Aug 19,  1901
a prospector found anthracite coal in the Cascades.  [Wash. state; dateline,
N.Yakima]    [cp]

Srh  disaster  health    SF-1  Aug 20, 1901
lengthy on wreck of the Islander, many could have been saved if lifeboats
properly managed. struck iceberg. fatal mistake drove Capt Foote to suicide.

Transport  condit   SF-1   Aug 20, 1901
draymen strike; teams wait for drivers tt did not come. strike pressing hard on
retailer. [lengthy]

racism  outside-Tot    SF-1   Aug 20, 1901
2 important annual Chinese feasts in Chinatown yesterday, the Sho Yee or
Feeding the Dead and By Tit Dak, Worship of the Seven Sisters.

Health prices  govt  outside-tot   SF-1  Aug 20, 1901
Gave their lives for $15 mo. govt experiments w/fever infected mosquitos bring
death to 2; [dateline havana cuba.]  Antonio Carro and Cumersindo Campo, were
intimate friends.  US Govt experiments.

Bicycle  outside-Tot  interest  SF-1  Aug 20, 1901
Special Dispatch to "The Examiner."
     SAN JOSE, August 19. --County Clerk Pfister [sic] received word from Santa
Cruz today that Lemuel Wyman and Miss Bertha Sweet had applied to the Clerk
of that county for a license to wed. As Miss Sweet, according to the notice
received here, is too young to marry without the consent of her parents, the Santa
Cruz officials refused to issue the license. The young people had then started
toward San Jose on their wheels. It was thought there they intended to attempt to
get a license in San Jose or Oakland. The clerk here was notified not to issue them
a license under any circumstances.
     SANTA CRUZ, August 19. --Lemuel Wyman applied to County Clerk Miller
today for a license to marry Bertha Sweet of San Jose. Mr. Miller, struck by the
applicant's youthful appearance, refused to issue the license without the
permission of parent or guardian.  Woman pleaded with the County Clerk, stating
he [as typed] was absolutely all alone in the world. When he found his plea was in
vain he left, saying the girl and he could elope to Oakland on their wheels and get
married. Miss Sweet's father has become alarmed over the absence of his daughter
and reported the elopement to the Sheriff. No trace has been found of the
runaways. Sweet knows nothing about Wyman. He thinks his daughter must have
met him while spending the summer here.

Condit  transport  SF-2  Aug 21, 1901
retail grocers trying to arrange mtg of teamsters and draymen   [cp]

condit   outside-Tot/Enterprise    SF-2  Aug 21, 1901  Paterson,NJ 180000
weavers consider strike.

Bicycle   interest outside-Tot  SF-2  Aug 21, 1901
[sub-head] Father of Bertha Sweet Says Boy Hypnotized Her.
     Oakland, August 20. --Seventeen-year-old Bertha Swett [sic]eloped Saturday
from Santa Cruz with nineteen-year-old Lemuel Wyman. They wanted to marry,
but the "Cupid" in the Courthouse of their native town would not grant a license
because both were under age. They came to Oakland. They were met this morning
by the Chief of Police with a telegraphic order from the girl's father to hold her
until his arrival. Taken to jail, the pretty prisoner vowed she would be true to
Lemuel whatever might betide.
     "I love him," she exclaimed through her tears. "I shall stick to Lemuel. Father
will be here soon to get me out of this horrid place."
    Now for the sequel. To-night in the office of Police Captain Peterson
Bertha Swett [sic] was married to Louis G. Collins, because she loves him. 
Collins and the father of the bride believe that Wyman hypnotized her.
     "I do not care for Mr. Wyman," said the girl after the ceremony. "He induced
me to leave my home Saturday afternoon, and we rode on our wheels to Santa
Cruz. When we reached that place he said I would have to marry him, as my
reputation would be ruined if I did not. I then came with him to Oakland on our
wheels, and he took me at once to his mother's house, at 365 Orchard street. I
never cared for him, but I do love Louis Collins."
     Collins is an employee at the Mare Island Navy Yard, and resides at 311
Virginia street, Vallejo.
     Collins, who had been engaged to the girl for a year, and the elder Swett [sic]
girl arrived during the afternoon and saw the girl in jail. As soon as she had
agreed to an immediate marriage with Collins, Captain Petersen [as typed]
telephoned for Police Judge Smith and Deputy County Clerk Ray Baker. A
license was issued and Judge Smith performed the ceremony. Petersen and T. A.
Swett [sic], the girl's father, acted as witnesses. The father shares Collins' belief
that the girl was hypnotized. [M note, spelling is Sweet throughout 1st article, and
Swett throughout the 2nd.] 

Govt war agric utility misc   SF-2  Aug 21, 1901
Govt leads with wireless telegraphy, War and agric. dept have advanced practical
systems further than any other experts [lengthy article] nq at all

Govt  condit  transport SF-2  Aug 22, 1901  Army has to do its own draying    

Transport? Condit  school  SF-2 Aug 22, 1901
 Students finish stevedoring job; will decorate fraternity houses and have a good
time on their pay.  [cp]

Condit  RR    SF-2 Aug 23, 1901
strike affects the RR, laden cars beginning to block cars on both sides of the bay
nfq   [cp]

War   SF-2 Aug 23, 1901
France Afire to Avenge the Armenian Massacres   [M. doesn't mean literally
afire.]  20 Russian torpedo boats and several dispatch boats arr. at Dneister [as
typed] Delta, Russian troops commencing to mobilize along the Turkish frontier.

condit  coal  Chandler  SF?-3   Thur. Aug. 1, 1901.
10 days will put coal end to coal supply of  SF; 6 importing bunkers compelled to
shut down bunkers under stress of situation [strike].  Only one firm, tt of R. D.
Chandler, which employs non-union labor, is delivering fuel, and tt only after a
fashion, with a big squad of policemen to protect the workers and accompany the

Condit Srh  SF?-3  Aug 1, 1901.
 Strike may tie up Pacific Coast Steamship Company, as cannot guarantee future
sailing dates because of labor troubles.

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