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School  Tot-Gravelford  Bunch    MPE(a-a)  Oct 4, 1901
Winter term in Rural Academy at Gravel Ford for yr 1901 will commence
21st Oct; 5 or 6 mo term; F S Bunch, not q.

Utility  Tot-Johnson's-mill      MPE  (a-a) Oct 4, 1901
W.L. Mast, who is putting in the poles for the electric light wire from
Johnson's mill to this place was in town Tuesday. The poles are now set to
within about two miles of town and the wire will be stretched and the lights
put in here as fast as possible.  +

Mill-indir   utility   name visiting   MPE (a-a)  Oct 4, 1901
Stewart Lyons and wife, of Coquille, visited friends at this place Tuesday. 
Lyons informs us that the electric lights, which were turned on for the first
time Monday evening, proved very satisfactory.  He also stated that the
rejection of the water works bonds by Portland bankers was not on account of
a defect in the city charter but in the election.  +

Mill-indir  Tot-Johnson's-mill  health  character  MPE (a-a) Oct 4, 1901
 Charles Noah, the young man injured at Johnson's mill last week died from
the effects of his injuries Monday morning at 4 o'clock.  He was a steady and
industrious young man and leaves a wife and other relatives in this and
Douglas county.  He formerly resided at Camas Valley where he was married
to Miss Davis. not f q

Timber, mill  name  Tot-MP; outside   MPE (a-a) Oct 4, 1901
C. A. Smith and family of Minn spent past wk at hotel Guerin.  He and
Frederick Kribbs looking over interests this section. not q.

Other coal  locale  Isthmus  Allied OC&N   MPE (a-a) Oct 4, 1901
Coos Bay News.  The Curson Coal & Navigation Company have purchased
the Wall coal property on Isthmus slough, and active work in the development
of the mine will be commenced immediately.  Messrs. Curson and Maxwell
are heavy stockholders in the company and have a good market for the output
of the mine.  We are assured that the sinking of the shaft at Coos City will not
be delayed on account of the purchase of the Wall property, but that work will
be pushed as rapidly as possible.  On the land just purchased two veins of coal
have already been opened, which will aid the company considerably in the
rapid development of the mine, and it is reasonable to assume that shipments
will be made in the not far distant future.  Messrs. Maxwell & Curson have
had much previous experience in coal mining in which they have been very
successful, and there is no reason to doubt that their investment here will
prove profitable to them and to this section of the country generally.  +

Utility  name  MPE (a-a) Oct 11, 190l 
Fred Schetter, the Empire telephone man in MP this wk not q.

Other-coal  OC&N   MPE (a-a) Oct 11, 1901
 In mentioning the purchase of the Wall mining property we said it was
bought by Curson Coal & Nav.  It should have been the Crescent Coal &
Navigation Co. 
     The mine will be shipping coal in the near future and the new town which
will be built in that vicinity will be called Crescent City.  + 

Srh  Tot-multi-name   MPE (a-a) oct 11, 1901
Capt Burns of Glasgow and Capt Roberts of Portland in town Fri on their
return from wreckage of British bark Baroda.
Allied  BH   Lhc-coalfields  MPE (a-a)  Oct 11, 1901
o Coos Bay News.  The slope is now down over 1200 feet at the Beaver Hill
mine, with conditions favorable to extending it considerably farther.  The coal
is harder and superior in every way to any coal ever mined in Oregon
heretofore, and the roof and floor are reasonably good.  This will be one of the
largest mines on the Pacific coast when fully developed, and will demonstrate
to the satisfaction of all, that great fields of coal can be worked extensively
and profitably in Coos county, when capable and economical management are
exercised.  +

Misc-tale  animal  locale  wilderness  MPE (a-b) Oct 18, 1901
Mrs Gibbs, an old lady who lives near Eckley, had an experience this week
which no doubt she will not soon forget. She started for her home Monday on
horseback over a trail to what is known as the Jack Sears ranch.  She had got
some distance along the trail when she became lost, wandering aimlessly
about until night.  Not finding her way out at nightfall she dismounted from
her horse and put in the night alone in the mountains without even a fire to
protect her from the cold. When morning arrived she was unable to find her
horse and started out a foot still not knowing in which direction she was
going.  L. W. Deyoe of this place and Seldon Warner who were out hunting
met her on the trail and to them she told her story and informed them where
she thought the horse could be found.  They returned to the place and found
the horse a short distance from where Mrs. Gibbs had spent the night.  Mrs.
Gibbs is about 74 years of age and was nearly exhausted when found. +

School  Locale name   MPE (a-b)  Oct 18, 1901
School reopened Oct 14 with Miss McCracken tchr, West Myrtle Point.  not q 

AHB  agric-fruit  MPE (a-b)  oct 18, 1901
A.J. Black wants a number of experienced apple packers.  Anyone wishing
employment should see him.  +  

Tot-MP  MPE (a-b) Oct 18, 1901
Matt Nystrom has gone to SF to buy furniture for MP hotel which he
preparing to reopen.  not q.

Tot-Johnson-mill  utility MPE (a-b) Oct 18, 1901
Frank Morse, the electric light man, has decided to establish an ice plant in
connection with the electric light plant at Johnson's mill.  +  

Vital-stat   MPE (a-b) Oct 18, 1901  
Miss Bertha Endicott married to Mr. Andy Larkins in SF Tue Oct 8, 1901.  

AHB  Agric-fruit   Tots    MPE (a-b)  Oct 18, 1901
A.J. Black, who is buying apples for an eastern firm, is receiving a large
amount of apples at his two warehouses at this place and the Arago
warehouse.  He informs us that when the apples are all in he will have about
7000 boxes for packing. [skip] This firm has distributed many dollars among
the farmers besides giving employment to a number of people.  +  

Health  Tot-Dairyville     MPE (a-b) Oct 18, 1901
P.O.Tribune. Physician and Surgeon, Dr. Green, has located at Dairyville.

Allied  BH   MPE  (a-b)  October 25, 1901.
o The slope is now down 1300 feet at the Beaver Hill mine and the work is
still progressing. +  (CBNews)

Other coal  Tot-Eckley  MPE (a-b)  Nov 1, 1901
  S H Holmes who been employed in coal mine at Eckley for some time came
down fm the mtns Sun and Mon and went over to Marshfield to spend winter.
not q.

Name  RE  visiting    MPE  (a-b) Nov 1, 1901  
M/M R D Sanford, Coq, in town Sat enroute to Willamette valley to visit
relatives.  Mr. Sanford, real estate dealer. --Review. 

Health  logging  MPE (a-b)  Nov 1, 1901
George Leach of Coquille severely hurt and crippled in logging camp. nq [M
think I already have tt article.] 

AHB  agric-fruit  MPE (a-b) Nov 1, 1901   A.J. Black has about 25 packers
employed. +

AHB  conditions  Allied  name?   MPE (a-b)  Nov 1, 1901
Trustee's Sale in the matter of A.H. Black and Company in Bankruptcy;
selling at auction lots 5, 6 in Block 12, Lehnherr add. to MP, with barn and
fruit drier incl. fixtures of fruit drier to be sold subject to delinquent taxes. 
One warehouse on Lease-hold property.  The undivided 1/2 interest in lot 4
Block 12 extension to MP with store, warehouse, butter room, windmill, tank,
fixtures to be sold subject to mortgage for $1600. The undivided 1/2 interest
in lots 5 and 6 block 29 Border and Bender addition, small house on same,
also water system. To be sold subject of delinquent taxes.  Also to be sold at
same time 3000 gal. vinegar, one cider mill.  C.F. McCullom trustee for A H
Black & Co bankrupt.   Not q

Allied   misc-saying   paper?   MPE (a-b)  July 16, 1901.
o Coos Bay News.  The hot air wave which struck New York has been
accounted for.  R. A. Graham is sojourning in that Vicinity.  +

vital-stat  MPE (a-b)Nov 8, 1901.   Kate Braden married J C Roberts.  Bride
2nd daughter of late F A Braden.

UR  Srh  name    MPE (a-b)  Nov 8, 1901  J. M. Bright, who is preparing a
small steamer to ply on the North Fork during high water received a boiler and
engine from the bay last Saturday -and removed them from the car to the boat
landing Sunday.  Arthur Ellingson will build the hull at once which will be 35
feet in length and 8 feet in beam.  [skip]  This will give the people [M. is
something missing here?] to get all their produce out and their goods return at
all times of the year.  --Herald.

AHB  vital -stat   MPE (a-b) November 15, 1901.  Born this city Nov 9 to
wife of A J Black, a son.

Allied  BH  Chandler  MPE (a-b) December 14, 1901
o At present there is a work force of 60 men employed at Beaver Hill,
employed in the new and old mines.  Three gangways are being driven in the
new mine, and in the old mine a countergangway is being driven above the
water level, to get past the fire to the pillars, which are to be drawn.  Manager
Chandler expects to be ready to ship coal in the near future.  +

gap.  no Dec 21 or 28 issue.

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