1905 Bandon Recorder     Bandon, Or.   Chronological, with keywords
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BR 9 cont.

novelty-woolen  BR 9 January 19,1905
[article abt someone donating ] flag to B. woolen mill.]   /    Eugene woolen
mill to reopen. /   [Article abt] woolen mill machinery. 

Needed  BR 9 Jan 19, 1905 
[Trying to plug for pulp and paper mill in Bandon.  ]

Pursuit  BR 9 Jan 19, 1905  Basketball game 

Expo  BR 9 Jan 19, 1906     [Display (Oregon) for St. Louis Exhibition]

River Srh  mail  BR 9  January 26, 1905.
The steamer Dispatch laid off run yest. for repairs to wheel and rudder.  Stmr
Liberty carried the mail in her place.

BR10  January 26, 1905

Entertain Prices  Tot-Riverton   BR 10 Jan 26, 1905   
A ball at Riverton on Jan 26 Tickets $1 each.

Novelty-woolen  BR 10 Jan 26, 1905 
Furnace at woolen mill ready; more work.

Tot-Parkersburg    health  BR 10 Jan 26, 1905
T.J. Perkins of Parkersburg is stopping in town this week, having placed
himself under the care of Dr. Perkins.  Mr. Perkins' health has not been good
for some time and the physician thought it best that he should have daily care.

Prohibition  BR 10 Jan 26, 1905
Local Option law to decide whether Coos should have open drinking or
prohibition. That the county gave a majority expression for temperance does
not make one borough a dictator to another as the county is a corporation and
has the right to a majority rule. Pros/cons.

County  BR 10 Jan 26, 1905  County court proceedings.


climate  Srh   BR 10  Mar 2, 1905 
storm; several vessels off Bandon bar. schnr Onward wrecked.

Tot-Bandon   mail  BR 10  Mar 2, 1905
Bandon Chamber of Commerce wanting better mail accomodation.  Nq

Parkersburg  Srh   lumber  BR 10 Mar 2, 1905
Ship tt was wrecked was 3-masted schnr belonged to Coq Mill and Tug Co. 
Built at Parkersburg 3 yrs ago. Carried abt 450,000,000 lumber at load. [not
very much loaded when wrecked]         /   
    schnr 0regon caught fire and burned all thru monday night

Prosper  entertain  BR 10 Mar 2, 1905     social dance at Prosper

Road  mail  BR 10 Mar 2, 1905  5ummer and winter mail schedules
(Roseburg stage)


paper  BR 10 April 27 1905.
Coquille Herald has discontinued its semi-weekly service and will appear but
once a week.

Tot-Prosper   entertain  BR 10 Apr 27, 1905  
There will be a grand ball at Prosper.

BR 11Bandon Recorder Apr 27, 1905

Court   name health    BR 11 Apr 27, 1905  
John Preuss.  Payment by co. court for medicine.  Nq at all 

Prohibition  BR 11 Apr 27, 1905 
Prohibition wins out. [Confusing; hard to tell which side it’s on. Local county
problem with prohibition laws.]    [M2004:  see also BR 10, Jan 26, 1905]  

Srh  BR 11 Apr 27, 1905
Schnr Del Norte wrecked; sank in barely more than 10 min.
Srh jetty  BR 11 Apr 27, 1905    Jetty work to start.  

War  BR 11 Apr 27, 1905  War between Russia and Japan has reached a stage
where something decisive must done.

Labor conditions    BR 11 Apr 27, 1905  
Telegram:  [Portland?]  A law prescribing the number of hours that shall
constitute a day’s or week’s work is unconstitutional, according to a decision
rendered by the United States Supreme Court. In the light of this decision
there seems little prospect for the enactment in Oregon of the eight-hour law
which has been so often advocated.   +   [cp]

Outside novelty-woolen    BR 11 Apr 27, 1905 
A woolen mill at Union, Oregon might be moved to Hood River.  

Pursuit  BR 11 Apr 27, 1905    baseball league now assured.

Srh  mill-indir  BR 11  May 4 1905.
The steamer Echo and launch Dixie collided at Coquille last week, just
opposite the mill. The Echo had her stern twisted and the Dixie received some
scratches, but neither vessel received any serious damage.   +

Lhc? Poetry  BR 11 May 4, 1905   
[something : poem reproduced fm Post if needed for local humor. ]


School  Tot-Bandon  music  entertain  BR 11 May 18, 1905.
Bandon School Entertainment at the 0pera House. Lines and lines of
"exercises".  May 20th.  Instrumental solos, instrumental duets, dialogues,
exercises, recitations, character sketches, c1ass history, vocal solos, etc. Class
prophecy for 8th Grade.  Presentation of diplomas.  not quote.

Novelty-woolen  BR 11  May 18, 1905.  Bandon woolen mills to be
completed soon.  Expect to start operating in about a month. Not quote

Expo  other mining other coal BR 11  May 18, 1905 
Descr. of exhibit in Mines and Metallurgy Bldg at Lewis and Clark Exposition
now being constructed. Miniature mountain showing methods of coal mining
in Washington. The mine will be tunneled and a miniature car will be run
around the mountain and through the tunnels.  Mtn is 30 ft long x 20 wide and
15 high. [cp]

Names  BR 11  May 25, 1905.
J. M. Upton of Marshfield.  [M. Curry lawyer was J.H?  or?]  

Srh  BR 11 May 25, 1905 
Tug Triumph has new rudder as old gave out. E. Heuckendorf did work.

Morras  logs  novelty-woolen  BR 11 May 25, 1905
Alfred Morras and George Batten fixed a place to boom logs at the old woolen
mill building.  They are logging on the Company’s land east of town.  +

School entertain  BR 11 May 25, l905.
Reports on what happened at Bandon School entertainment.

Expo  misc  character  BR 11  May 25, 1905
Information for young women who may go to the Lewis and Clark Centennial
Exposition at Portland.
1. See to it that you have money enough for an emergency and for your return
2.  See to it that before leaving home you learn from a reliable source -- [can’t
read] your destination at Portland is a safe one.
3. See to it that you accept no directions from either men or women on trains
if unknown to you and that you report to the conductor any advances made.
You must depend upon yourself and the railfoad officials for information
concerning trains. Any questions will be answered by Traveler’s Aid agents to
be found at the stations on the way. They will be women with badges.
4.  See to it that you have an aothorized Traveler's Aid card of identification.
5.  See to it that you apply for these cards to your organization, society, or
guild.   +
BR12.   Bandon Recorder   5/25/05
6.  See to it that before accepting employment in Portland through
advertisement or otherwise that the Exposition Traveler’s Aid committee
endorses it.
7.  See to it that before going to any lodging or boarding house that the
Exposition Traveler’s Aid Committee recommends it.  + [Gives addr. of
[May 25 issue says women are flocking to Portland in belief tt there would be
work, which not true.  Then they were being taken advantage of.]

Srh  BR 12 May 25, 1905  Work on Coquille Jetty   

Pursuit  BR 12  May 25 1905  Baseball scores   

Misc  BR 12  May 25, 1905  [M.  In each week’s paper are fashion notes. for
most part looks too glamorous and "uncommon" for Coquille area. More like
something a debutante would wear in high society.]

Tot-[Bandon?]   names  BR 12  June l, l905
W. T. Panter and his brother Will will take charge of Sanderson Bros store
about the first of next week, at which time the transfer will take place.  +

Expo  BR 12  June 1, 1905. [Article abt Coos Co exhibit at Lewis-Clark

Holiday  BR 12 June 1, 1905  Decoration Day observed at Bandon.

4th July  BR 12 June 8,1905 Looking forward to Bandon's 4th July celeb.  

Pursuit BR 12 June [M. look for this]  Rebuttal to a heated complaint because
some man was expelled fm Coos ball league.

Misc  health  BR 12 June  [M. look for this ] 
[Complaining because] Americans have learned to hurry so much that they
have exhausted life. [Lengthy] ...wrinkles being stamped on face...making a
business out of recreation. 

Court officials  BR 12 June [M look for this]    Judge Harlocker and Sheriff

Novelty-woolem  BR 12 June 15, l905
Everything now looks favorable for the starting up of the woolen mills the
latter part of this month, or in about two weeks.  

Tot mill  BR 12 June 15, 1905  Prosper mill.
Mail  BR 12 June 15, 1905  Roseburg secures better mail service

RR spur  logging  Srh  river   BR 12 June 15, 1905
The steamer Chico, which is due in a couple of days or so, has a large
consignment of railroad iron to lay at the Cody logging camp on Lampa
Creek.   [cp]

Pursuit  BR 12 June 15, 1905    ballgame scores . 

Fruit  BR 12 June 15, 1905 
sample of logan berries fm Mr./Mrs. Amos Coursin [sp?].  The Logan berry is
a hybrid from the blackberry and red raspberry and bears profusely. The
sample was excellent, the first in ripening and much earlier than usual.

Tot-Bandon  BR 12 June 15, 1905  More on Sanderson-Panter exchange.  

Mail BR 12 June 15, 1905  more on mail service

BR13 June 15, 1905   

Lumber timber conditions BR 13  June 15, 1905
reprint fm Toledo Blade. How we have squandered our forests is one of the
many notorious instances of American wastefulness. At the present rate of
burning down and chopping up even tho immense lumber resources of the
United States cannot long meet the reverse demand made upon them. The
greater part of the white pines are gone and serious overdrafts have been made
upon the available supply of other kinds of lumber. +  [M. not a local item. 
Goes on to say after  -skip- ]  In the same way we have also dissipated the
public domain.  +

agric-plants  Expo  BR 13 June 15, 1905
A careful estimate made by a Portland florist places the number of roses now
in bloom in Portland at l0,000,000 while other estimates are twice as high.
The Lewis and Clark Exposition grounds are decked with the fragrant
blossoms, which are found everywhere in great profusion. The magnificence
of Portland roses has been a source of astonishment to early visitors from the
East.  +

Other coal  Tot-[Bandon?]  BR 13 June 15, 1905
Panter bros will handle the Riverton coal. Remember this when you need fuel.

Health  BR 13 June 15, 1905         Dr. S. L. Perkins

Novelty  BR 13 June 22, 1905.  fm article abt T W Clark's Woolen Mills.
prob. be one go in in Portland to replace one tt burned down 2 yrs ago.]  

Health  name  [politic?]  BR 13 June 22, 1905
    [article abt John Blacklock  died. [poss Blacklock point named for him?]

Expo  BR 13  June 22, 1905   [  more on Lewis and Clark Exposition Portland. 

School  BR 13 June 22, 1905     Supt W H Bunch  

4th  Srh  BR 13 June 22, 1905
One of features of 4th at Bandon will be burning of wrecked schnr Onward
which lies on beach near lookout station. Will make pretty bonfire.

Novelty-wood  BR 13 June 22, 1905 
Shingle mi11 is going to be put into operation in Bandon which will have a
capacity of 80,000 shingles a day.
Expo  BR 13  June 22, 1905 
The attendance of the Lewis and Clark Exposition is increasing. [Long article,
tells what prices to get in, other features.] 

4th  BR 13 July 6, 1905 [  What happened at 4th celebration.]
Expo  BR 13 July 6, 1905     [ more on Lewis/ Clark Exposition.]

RR-conditions  climate  BR 13  July 13, 1905
The Coast Mail of July 9th said: "The train was delayed about a half hour
yesterday at Davis’ inlet on account of the heat buckling up the track."  + [cp]

Tot-Empire  enterprise-SO Co  BR 13 July 13, 1905 
S. O. Co. putting in new dock at Empire soon. [  must not have been anything
to deal abt Graham buying that mill.]  [cp]

Novelty-wood  BR 13  July 13, 1905  
The broomhandle mill was closed down the latter part of last week, in order to
give one of the engines a thorough overhauling.  It is again in operation.  +
BR 14 July 13, 1905

Expo BR 14 July 13, 1905  [still talking abt Lewis/Clark Expo. 

Tot-Bandon  BR 14  July 13, 1905   
The Bandon stores agreed to close at 7 o'clock ea. evening except on
Saturdays. [M. doesn't say what former time was.]  

Misc  BR 14 July 13, 1905   [proceedure for making of a U.S. postage stamp.]

Srh  BR 14 July 20, 1905
The canal from Coos Bay to the Lagoon on North Inlet, which has been under
way of construction for several months, was finished last Sunday, and the
event celebrated by about 200 parsons who assembled to see the finish of the
undertaking.  +

Entertain  Tot  organization  BR 14 July 20, 1905 
There will be a huge time at Dairyville on August 5th at which time the
W.0.W. [Woodmen of the World] will give a big log rolling.

Entertain  BR 14 July 20, 1905  A sleight of hand artist coming to Bandon.  

Fish  BR 14 July 20, 1905     C. Timmons getting out new machinery for
Srh BR 14  July 20, 1905.    Coquille R. improvements

4th  Expo  BR 14  July 20, 1905
The Fourth of July attendance at the Lewis and Clark Exposition was 53,708. 
This is at least thirty per cent more than the most sanguine of the officials
expected.  It beats the Fourth of July attendance at the Omaha Exposition by
nearly 10,000 and is 14,000+ higher than the attendance on the opening day at 
Portland June 1st. Up to July 4th half a million admissions had been reported
in the 34 days of the big fair. Attendance is increasing daily.  The fair will run
until October 15th.  +

RR survey  BR 14  July 27, 1905
fm Crescent City Record: The coast railroad survey crew has again moved
nearer this place. For some time lines have been run in the Wilson Creek
section, but a suitable grade to reach that creek was not found. Another line
will probably be run from on up Smith River and then up Mill Creek. The
country gone over is very rough and steep near Wilson Creek, and the
required grade could not be very well obtained.   +  [cp]

Tot-Bandon  fire  BR 14 July 27, 1905  Bandon had a small blaze last
Thursday.   Wood and washhouse of Tupper house.   

Expo  Lhc-Coos dreams  BR 14 July 27, 1905
Coos County has hitherto attracted but small notice from the metropolis of the
state, but in the erection of a building and maintaince [as I typed it, but doesn't
say as in print] of a county exhibit at the Lewis and Clark Exposition, she has
compelled attention which she could not otherwise have commanded.  +

Novelty-woolen  BR 14 August 3, 1905. brief article on woolen mill NB

Health  invention  BR 14  Aug 3, 1905
A new invention for drilling teeth, cutting down crowns, removing live nerves
without a particle of pain has come on the market. The new invention works
very quickly and does perfectly what is expected. Dread of having dental
work done will soon be thing of past. not quote.

Srh  BR 14 Aug 3, 1905   Jetty work.

Court  Tot  Srh  BR 14  August 10, 1905
Sheriff Stephen Gallier was in town Thursday looking after his interests here.
Gallier Brothers are having the Tupper house repainted and have been
repairing the approach to the wharf and warehouse near the hotel.  +

BR 15 August 10, 1905

Tot-Bandon  BR 15 Aug 10, 1905  Bandon is to have another concrete

RR  BR 15  August 17, 1905.
“Construction of a railroad from Coos bay to the main line of the Southern
Pacific will remove the chief obstacle to the development of that country, by
furnishing adequate transportation facilities. The people of Coos and Curry
counties now feel assured that the road will be built and they are rejoicing that
the hopes that they have so long entertained will end in fruition.”  + [quoted
by Salem correspondent of Oregonian and said by Governor Chamberlain of
Oregon.]  [cp]

Novelty-wood  BR 15  Aug 17, 1905  talking abt using old woolen mill bldg
for shingle mill, remodeling.

other coal  Srh  BR 15  Aug 17, 1905
D.S. Rouse, of Riverton was in town Tuesday. Mr. Rouse is superintendent of
the Riverton coal mine and we understand that the steamer Newport will, on
her next trip, take a sample of the Riverton coal to Portland. The Newport
purposes in carrying coal to Portland, some of which will be taken from the
Coquille and from Coos Bay.  +

Conditions  BR 15 Aug 17, 1905  Curry county poorest co. in Oregon because
of isolation. 

Other enterprise  BR 15 Aug 17, 1905     article by the governor also lists
some of the industries in the area.  [M 2004 Oregon, or S. Coast?]

RR spur  Srh jetty  name  BR 15 August 24, 1905
Mr. Jacobson is rushing work on the construction of the railway from the
wharf to Rock Quarry and will soon have the timbers ready to receive the rails
most of the distance.  +  [M. this would be jetty work.]

Name  R D Hume   BR 15  Aug 24, 1905 
[article abt somebody suing R.D. Hume.  Calls him one of wealthiest men in
whole state    ]

Tot-Norway   dairy  BR 15 Aug 24, 1905    creamery at Norway leased to
Tillamook Cheese Factory for 5 yrs.

Srh  racism  fish  other coal  BR 15 August 31,  1905
The steamer Newport which is due today will bring down 170 tons of freight
and the Chinamen necessary to run the Prosper cannery. She will take a load
of coal to Portland from the Riverton coal mines.  +

Road  timber  fire-hazards  BR 15  Aug 31, 1905  Fire in weeds between here
and MP making travel by road diff. fire been burning in timber a couple miles
E of town [M: Bandon] a wk past. 

Animal  name  BR 15  Aug 31, 1905     M. Langlois is bringing in blooded

Srh  RR-spur   BR 15  Sept. 7. 1905   more about rr being built to jetty.

Tot-Coq  BR 15 Sept 7, 1895     [ A.J. Sherwood still listed as Lawyer in

Misc  Health  BR  15 Sept 7, 1895 
[ad:] Engaged people should remember, that, after marriage, many quarrels
can be avoided, by keeping their digestions in good condition with e1ectric
bitters. [more].

Novelty-wood BR 15 September 14, 1905
The broom Handle mill will close down Saturday night, for two weeks, for
repairs.   +

Srh  BR 15  Sept 14, 1905  Steamer F.A. Kilburn had narrow escape while
trying to cross bar. Okay.

Black sand mining  Tot  BR 15  Sept 14, 1905   C. B. Zeek, the black sands
miner of the Randolph beach was in town yesterday  having had business
which called him this way. 

 Crop  Srh  prices  BR 15 Sept 14, 1905  [ad:]  Peter Axe of Bridge Oregon
will fill orders for tomatoes and deliver on the boat at Myrtle Point for 2 cents
a pound. [M.  Doesn’t say what it would cost at Coq. or Bandon.]
September 28, 1905

Fruit BR 16 Sept 28, 1905
The strawberry crop came into market this summer about May 15th, and
lasted up till the middle of the present month, making the season full four
months long. +

Novelty-woolen   names  BR 16  Sept 28, 1905
The N.B. woolen mill will in all probability be running in a few days.  We
expect Bandon mill to get a move on.  Not quote.  [lists names connected with
Bandon mill.  Bedellion.  Matt Smith.]

Prosper   Srh  mill  BR 16  Sept 28, 1905
New shipyard and mill of E. Heuckendorff at Prosper.  Busiest mill on the

Natl RR; SP;  Harriman.  coast RR fm Drain to CB
BR 16 Sept 28, 1905
The Oregonian is authority for the following:  Steel rails have been ordered
for the Coos Bay line of the Southern Pacific which is to be known as the
Oregon [actually spelled in print Oregen] Western Railroad.  The contract was
let yesterday in New York for 10,000 tons of 75-pound rails to be delivered in
December and January.  This is evidence of the determination of the
management of the Harriman lines in Oregon to push from Drain to Coos Bay
to connect that rich district of Western Oregon with Portland and the outside
world by railroad.   +  [cp]

Tot -NB  fire    BR 16 Sept 28, 1905   Fire at NB.

Prohibition   conditions  BR 16 Sept 28, 1905
Although the saloons have been closed for some time there have been several
cases of drunkenness very noticeable showing that some person or persons are
violating the law.  [M. since they had local option, was county dry or just

Tot-Bandon  music  BR 16  October 5, 1905
The Bandon Cornet Band was out Saturday evening as usual giving a street
concert.  +

RR  SP  Tot-Empire  other enterprise- Elijah Smith. 
BR 16 Oct 5, 1905
Coast Mail.  A rumor is current to the effect that a strip of water front one
thousand feet deep, extending from Empire to Tarheel Point, a distance of
three miles, has been granted to the Southern Pacific by Elijah Smith, with the
understanding that Empire be made the terminus of the road.  +  [cp]

Fruit  BR 16 October 5, 1905
A number of Bandon residents have visited fruit growers, on the lower
Coquille valley, during the past week or two and laid in a supply of apples for
the winter.

Entertain  BR 16 Oct 5, 1905
The great Raymond Co. about the best troup that has yet been seen in Bandon. 
There is an escape artist, a contortionist, acrobat, hypnotist, etc.

Music  Tot-Bandon  BR 16  Oct 5, 1905  The Bandon Concert Band.
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