Historical Newspapers  OREGON  

compilation copyright (c) 2007 by Marilee Miller

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Items marked with a + are copied verbatim from the papers, and are in the public domain.
Individual items so marked, may be copied by anyone.  However, as part of my compilation copyright, they may not all be extracted from the rest of the material and posted as an entity, in my order.  

For items not so marked, or showing a notation such as     nq    or    not quote    , Miller gave the gist of the newspaper articles but did not copy them verbatim.  Bracketed items represent either additional but not verbatim info from the papers, or Miller's own observations.  Any entries in these categories may not be published in their present form.  You may not rewrite all of the items and publish them in the order Miller has given.  It is best to use the notes as indexing to look up the items in the microfilms.  But if you choose to rewrite from Miller's notes certain necessary parts for publishing in your research, please cite as fol;lows:

Loosely based on article(s) in [name and date(s) of newspaper], indexed by Marilee Miller in "Old News Notes"  Historical Newspapers of Oregon.  http://history.wordforlife.com

Thank you.
Marilee Miller    

These notes from old newspapers were transcribed manually (typed) while viewing copies of the papers with a microfilm reader.